Selamat Hari Raya !!!

Selamat Hari Raya - StoptheLies will be taking a short break during this festive period.

Selamat Hari Raya – StoptheLies will be taking a short break during this festive period. We will be back next week.

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  1. Selamat says:

    The good thing about STL is that while they take a break, they allow others to “Leave A Comment” as usual.

    Selamat Hari Raya, folks. I may want to submit comments to the previous post(s) when free in the course of the holidays.

    Be safe when travelling, guys.

  2. Aiya says:





  3. Joe cool says:

    Pak Lah just cannot except that of al the PM that Malaysia have had, he is the only one deem a failure. ESP by the Malays. Tunku at least had the achievement of bring merdeka to Malaysia. But Pak Lah, zilch.

    Only Tunku and Pak Lah are the only two UMNO presidents who were forced out of office

    • Anonymous says:

      One for giving away Singapore FOC to LKY (though not declared so), the other for not doing anything for Malaysia (“auto-piloting and sleeping”).

  4. IT.Sheiss says:

    Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims

  5. Joe cool says:

    IS IT REALLY? Kuan Yew’s overly-pessimistic assessment on M’sia
    Written by Douglas Teoh

    Apart from this overly-pessimistic view on Malaysia, Lee Kuan Yew remain a super clever stateman

    • Anonymous says:

      A Maha Chauvinist and Maha Racist “Little Emperor” of the “Southern Kingdom”, an island state, a city state, a Red Dot. He was a trouble maker when in Malaysia.

      His biography said he was scared stiff of being arrested when the stupid Tengku A Rahman declared the so-called kicking of Singapore and him from Malaysia – he should have been arrested for being seditious with the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan etc – wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, a sensitive Article 153 of the Constitution that was and is protected under the Sedition Act.

      Malaysia had one Brigade of troops stationed in Singapore at that time. Heck, the Royal Malaysian Navy headquarters was in Woodlands, Singapore at that time, too. Yet when politicians in Kelantan tried to be funny later, the Government sent troops, declared Emergency and ruled Kelantan via a Director of Operations.

      Tengku A Rahman must be shitted in Malaysian history for giving away Singapore FOC. Throughout history nations went to war to protect and preserve their national sovereignty and territorial integrity, but the stupid Tengku gave away one prized part of this country’s territory. That was a gross betrayal of the nation.

      History must show that, so that no other leader will even think, let alone do, such a damn stupid act.

  6. Joe cool says:

    “In a chapter in the 400-page volume, Lee said that unlike Singapore, Malaysia is prepared to lose homegrown talent to keep one race dominant.

    Lee’s own view is that the demographic changes in Malaysia will lead to a further entrenchment of Malay privileges and that this was more important to Malaysia than retaining talent.

    He wrote that in the last 10 years, since the enactment of the New Economic Policy, the proportion of Malaysian Chinese and Indians to the total population has fallen dramatically.

    Giving figures in his book, he said, “The Chinese made up 35.6 percent of the population in 1970. They were down to 24.6 percent at the last census in 2010.”

    – One of the success story of the NEP. Getting rid of obnoxious Chinese

    • Anonymous says:

      The son of a gun talking about Malaysia losing home grown talent? Not admitting the home grown talent Singapore loses every year? Would he dare publish the figures of migrated Singaporeans who can’t stand LKY’s rule by the iron hand, “Big Brother on the wall” watching and hearing what they do even in their bedrooms?

      Where he could not get at them through the criminal laws, LKY used the civil laws, sued the Opposition to bankruptcy until at one time there were only 2 Opposition MPs in Singapore. And Tun Dr Mahathir said in his blog that Singapore enacted anti-public gathering laws such that the Police could accost even 2 persons walking together in the park.

      And the chauvinist and racist bugger took in Chinese from Malaysia, brought in Chinese from Taiwan and mainland China until Singapore became 72% Chinese. And now regretting that the communist Chinese very quickly started to demand this and that when in China they hardly had rights of any sort.

      Heard people say his eyes are so slitted that he always sees things from slitted angles? Look at his photo and see how slitted they are. The chauvinist and racist bloke.

      • Anonymous says:

        Singapore losing home talent? Can provide some figures? Or you plucked the figures from your arse?
        Hahaha….. You bloody sore loser.
        How fail can Singapore be when the exchange rate is 1 Sgd = 2.5 ringgit?
        Wake up la wei

        • Anonymous says:

          Aiyya you stupid fella never read about Singapore government grumbling about blokes running away from Lee Kuan Yew’s iron hand rule arr?

          Where you put our head and your eyes? In your arse hole arr?

  7. Joe cool says:

    OMG, WHAT WILL DR M SAY? NURUL to launch Pak Lah’s book in S’pore

    Has Dr.M ever commented anything on Nurul? I doubt it. Because she is too inconsequential. A triviality

    • Anonymous says:

      Some people call her “budak masih berhinguih”, got to be MP simply because of the anti-Malay Chinese tsunami.

  8. Aiya says:

    Sometimes back a CM says Johore is the most dangerous state to go……

    Today we must ask the same CM which is the most dangerous state to go ???????……

    We can read from the newspapers that Penang is like a cowboy town…..

    There shooting here shooting everyday…..

    I think we must elect Ronald Reagan to be the next CM of Penang in GE14……

    He had the experience in handling all those cowboy……

    APA SUDAH JADI dengan PENANG under DAPiss…..

    • Aiya says:

      Don’t worry about, Ronald Reagan he has already declared his ASSETS…….

      He only got an old rusty cowboy gun inherited from his great grand father…..

      Cos’ his other ASSETS had already been transferred to his wife, son, daughter, RELATIVE, CRONIES and MA CHAI……

      So he is a poor man, OK……..

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t mind the Police letting them kill one another. Maybe Najib and his brilliant advisors had planned that. If so, that’s about the only good hing he did. That’s why many have been calling for him to be replaced at the coming UMNO party elections.

      And the stupid Lim Guan Eng offered the Federal government help to solve crimes, eh? Doesn’t he know that as CM he is also responsible for the control of crime rates in Penang? However stupid he is, he must know that. Or get told time and again until it sinks into his small head.

      And DAP has many secret societies, thugs and gangsters as members and supporters. Surely he can exercise some “influence”. He probably is one, judging from his many words and actions in the past. Blaming UMNO for everything, etc. Let’s challenge him to control crime in Penang and not try to be clever by offering the Federal Government help to reduce crime overall.

  9. Joe cool says:

    Has the Chinese Tsunami benefited the Chinese?

  10. Nicky says:

    Hey what happened to Penang. I thought it is so safe, security 100%, no crime blah blah ever since Lim Guang Eng took over? But now bang bang mati mati! Lim Guang Eng please stop sleeping like Pak Lah, do something NOW.

  11. Jow cool says:

    It is all UMNO’s fault, Nick

    • Aiya says:

      ‘Jow cool’

      You are DAMN correct correct correct……

      Its becos’ UMNO didn’t RULE Penang……

      The tsunami cina DESERVED it…..

      And NOW they are living in FEAR……

  12. Joe cool says:

    All those who DISLIKE Dr M tell Pak Lah: Keep up the WHACKING! – Malaysian Chronicle

    Yeah, it must really tickle him

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha, that woman Brigit Welsh and that bloke James Chin, terribly biased Anwar Al Juburi-supporting so-called academics of the chauvinistic and racist Lee Kuan Yew’s National University of Singapore, who said they are editors responsible for the production of the book, emailed Anwar Al Juburi-supporting Free Malaysia Today yesterday.

      They were languishing the “erroneous reporting” by the media, some of which even went personal and blamed the individual writers (some 30 of them) of articles in the book.

      Served them right. Their names have been synonymous with bias, non-academic but political writing. So I guess, the moment people see their names on a book containing parts where Tun Dol was spewing unacceptable views
      against Tun Dr Mahathir, which the Chinese quickly cheered, the media went to town about it and the Malays hit back.

      Some of the explanations given by the Brigit woman and the Chin bloke were balderdash.

  13. Joe cool says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, — Malaysia is deluding itself into thinking it can become a developed nation with the existence of race-based preferential policies, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said today

    Majority of the Malays don’t give two hoots if Malaysia become a developed nation or not. As long as they can continue to keep on kicking the Chinese ar**s

    • Aiya says:

      Please lah bro’ kick ONLY the STUPID IDIOT tsunami cina’s assssssss….

      Not all the chinese….ok…..

    • Anonymous says:

      The stupid, arrogant, ungrateful ingrate Zaid Ibrahim is a born loser and now behaving very much like one, isn’t he?

      Yeah, yeah, he became rich, the largest Malay law firm etc, but wasn’t he benefiting from the “race-based preferential policies” – those that were valid based on the Article 153 of the Constitution on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, and considering the historical background of the country.

      He got huge chunks of the UMNO and government legal business during Tun Dr Mahathir’ time. Did he ever say thank you, the son of a gun? No wonder he was not accepted even in PKR, then formed KITA, and his own party people threw him out.

      He said he was going back to business but why has he not shut up? Is he also no longer accepted in the business circle? Sad. Very sad.

      • Anonymous says:

        A liberal, “intellectual” Kelantanese. Thus an oxymoron

        • Anon says:

          Who said he is intellectual? Yes, intellectual in inverted commas.

          More of kacang lupakan kulit. He doesn’t have much of a kulit, anyway.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why article 153 only? How about article 152? Forgotten ?

        • Anonymous says:

          You the bloke who doesn’t like being reminded about Article 152 and 153 arr?

          Also Article 3 about Islam being “the religion of the Federation”, stupid.

          You no like? Those Articles cannot be amended, lorr. You vamoose lah. China may not accept you but Canada, any time larr.

  14. Joe cool says:

    Din Merican said that of the two Tuns, history will be kinder to Tan Abdullah (Din Merican Blog)

    Dr Mahathir says, F*** history.

    The aim dear Din, is how to get your way. Be listened to by UMNO and the Malays. On that count, Pak Lah is no where close to Tun Mahathir.

    • Anonymous says:

      But what does Dino know? Really. About the Malays, UMNO and all. He has been all over the place, hasn’t he?

      I read that he was made a Lecturer somewhere in Cambodia some years ago, I wondered how, but it was such a short time that I could not find the answer until he no longer was one.

      I shudder at the thought of this ex-Lecturer doing research on UMNO and the Malays. Like Anwarul Al Juburi Merdeka Centre so-called research, I guess.

  15. Joe cool says:

    Do you think the Police is going to be very highly motivated to solve all the recent killing sif the Police feel that the population esp Chinese DAP from Penanag are persistently and unfairly picking on them

  16. pips says:

    Has the Chinese Tsunami hurt the Malays?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure it has. Seeing their backsides whacked by Anwar. Lim Kit Siang and Guan Eng.

      Ungrateful creatures. Going to ungrateful ingrates DAP. 150 years stateless in this country, got citizenship but don’t honour the Social Contract, questioned the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak until causing the race riots of 1969.

    • Aiya says:

      The Malays feel hurt when they saw the STUPID IDIOT tsunami cina been used inside out, back and front by Aljubury…….

      And now Aljubury is laughing his heart out at the STUPID IDIOT tsunami cina for eating his shit and letting him used their asssss…..


  17. Joe cool says:

    Main article: Demographics of Singapore

    As of 2012, the population of Singapore is 5.312 million people, of whom 3.285 million (62%) are citizens while the rest (38%) are permanent residents or foreign workers/students. Twenty-three percent of Singaporean citizens were born outside Singapore (i.e. foreign born citizens). There are half a million permanent residents in Singapore in 2012. The resident population does not take into account the 11 million transient visitors who visit Singapore annually.[4][134][135]

    The median age of Singaporeans is 37 years old and the average household size is 3.5 persons. Due to scarcity of land, four out of five Singaporeans live in subsidised, high-rise, public housing apartments known as Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats, after the board responsible for public housing in the country.[136] Singaporeans generally take off their shoes before entering their homes.[137] Live-in domestic helpers are quite common in Singapore and there are nearly 200,000 domestic helpers there.[138]

    In 2010, three quarters of Singaporean residents live in properties that are equal to or larger than a four-room HDB flat or in private housing. Home ownership rate is at 87.2%.[139][140] Mobile phone penetration rate is extremely high at 1,400 mobile phone subscribers per 1000 people. Around 1 in 10 residents owns a car.[135]

    The total fertility rate is estimated to be .78 children per woman in 2012, the lowest in the world and well below the 2.1 needed to replace the population.[7] To overcome this problem, the Singapore government has been encouraging foreigners to immigrate to Singapore for the past few decades. The large number of immigrants has kept Singapore’s population from declining.[141] Singapore traditionally has one of the lowest unemployment rates among developed countries. The Singaporean unemployment rate has not exceeded 4% in the past decade, hitting a high of 3% during the 2009 global financial crisis and falling to 1.9% in 2011.[142][143]

    As of 2009, about 40% of Singapore’s residents were foreigners, one of the highest percentage in the world.[144] The government is considering capping these workers, although it has been recognised that they are crucial to the country’s economy,[145] as foreign workers make up 80% of the construction industry and up to 50% of the service industry.[146][147] – Extract from Singapore – Wikipedia

    40% foreigners and birth rate of 0.78. – What a “great” country? How sustainable is this situation?

    • Kok Siang says:

      birth rate of 0.78 –

      Where got Singaporeans want to copulate. They say Big Brother is always on the Wall, listening and watching what you do, even in the bedroom.

      I can’t even do anything whenever I take Mama Foo to Spore. (Hish, don’t talk whether I can do or not – I’ll do your backside like my friend Anwar, then you know.)

      But the above data from Wikipedia arr? Correctness and accuracy not sure with Wiki lorr. They may quote references to unknown blogs. If they quote mine, that’s OK, I never lie kind, only twist and spin a bit.

  18. Joe cool says:

    And such happy people, the Singaporean. A laugh a minute.

  19. Joe cool says:

    Malaysia’s largest interfaith group warns it’ll take lawsuits to United Nations if need be – Malaysian Chronicle

    And what pray tell can the United Nations do about it? And what also pray tell, do you anticipate the United Nations will do about it?

    A bunch of idiots.

    • Kok Siang says:

      The Singh lawyer fella doesn’t even know the law of this country, especially the highest set of laws, the Constitution. What shit he wants to talk about UN.

      But I don’t mind it, so long as they say something against UMNO and the gomen, it’s good for DAP. And blardy, now RoS wants to try the law on us. UMNO punya pasal. Hope my son Guan Eng can get to see the RoS. (Why you people want to know what he wants to talk? You dunno what transparency mean arr?)

  20. Anonymous says:

    You all tidak ada hari raya spirit langsung. Hemtam orang saja

    • Anon says:

      And you tak hentam orang? JC and me included. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

      Btw, you letting Anwar Al Juburi, DAP etc hantam your backside?

  21. Anonymous says:

    And the worse is JC

  22. Anonymous says:

    Padan muka DAP dan depa yang undi DAP di Penang –

    Gangster contractors

    GEORGE TOWN: Contractors, some with links to triads, are forcing buyers of high-rise property here to carry out renovation works. Many of them charge a premium, sometimes up to 20% more than normal contractors.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The Chinese started to come to this country when the British Francis Light got permission from Sultan Kedah and started a “trading post” on Penang island in the 18th Century.

    After that secret societies, thugs and gangsters started coming from China. Penang became the hotbed of secret societies, thugs and gangsters until to day. Many of them became DAP members or supporters. They helped DAP win and scared whistle blowers from revealing DAP dirty linen.

    Now there are fears of gangland war in Penang. I wish more and more of them will shoot one another dead.

    Shooting incidents spark fears of gangland war

    10 August 2013 GEORGE TOWN: The three shooting incidents, including the assassination of a 37-year-old scrap dealer believed to be associated with Gang 36, which occurred over a span of 24 hours, has spawned speculation of a gangland war.

    • Anonymous says:

      Some news headlines in recent days:

      Most shootings tied to gangland turf war
      10 August 2013

      Former EO detainees back to reclaim old neighbourhoods, say police sources
      10 August 2013

      Is there a ferocious gang war going on? The spate of recent shootings in the country are mostly linked to revenge and turf wars by gangs to control drugs and illegal activities, according to police sources.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hah, Lee Kuan Yew got a whacking from Karpal Singh. He “should put his own house in order first, before commenting on others,” said Karpal.

    He wallopped old man Lee some more, saying while Lee had the right to give his views, he should also first look at his own party, People’s Action Party. He pointed out that the PAP had lost six seats in the last general election, and also lost in the two recent by-elections.

    That’s a tit for tit old man Karpal gave old man Lee who said in his new book ‘One Man’s View of the World’ that Pakatan Rakyat would not be able to run Malaysia.

    Old man Karpal told old man Lee “the time has come for him to leave the leadership for the others and quietly ride into the sunset.” Anybody thinks Karpal has a sunrise?

    It’s called cakap tak serupa bikin. Or tak serupa diri sendiri. Or panas hati kena hantam by old man Lee who old man Kit Siang one time aped like nobody’s business. Including copying the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan. Which DAP has been shameful to use nowadays.

  25. Joe cool says:

    Najib and Kuan Yew are BOTH obsolete – Anwar

    At least they got to be leaders of their countries. Lu apa ada, Anuar. Habuk

  26. Joe cool says:

    How exactly has Malaysia and particularly the Malays lose out by having all these Chinese moving to Singapore?

    Has Malaysia not been able to fill any positions in the government or industry? Has the industrial growth in Malaysia been slow down because of this migration? Is the quality of life in Malaysia worse off?

    Has there not been more senior positions for the Malays to fill up in both the private and public sectors because of the migration? More opportunities in setting up small, medium and large businesses? Has not the migration make the Malays stronger politically i.e. in term of percentage of the voters?

    The Chinese migration to Singapore is good for the Malays. UMNO must implement policies to expedite this migration; greater affirmative actions for all the East and West Malaysian Bumiputera and Indians, close Chinese schools, pig abattoirs etc.

    Let all the Malaysian Chinese, PRC Chinese and the Singapore Chinese pack up like sardines in Singapore

    • . says:

      Bravo. Well said, JC.

      Setuju. Sokong. Every bit of what you said.

      More, please.

      I’ll join in when free.

      • Joe cool says:


        What piss me off is the way the Chinese try to tell us that the NEP is bad for us, Chinese migration is bad for us, housing subsidy is bad for us, quota for university entry is bad for us.

        That they are wanting the NEP, housing subsidy, university quota to be stopped so as to help us Malays.

        As if we are too dumb to assess it ourselves. The day that we start believing to the Chinese about what will be good for us instead of all these things being good for them, is when we will be in free fall

        • . says:

          We know all those, bro. We should whack them like during Tun Dr Mahathir’s time. But Tun Dol started allowing them to be seditious etc. Flip flopping, auto piloting, sleepy etc until lost 2/3 majority in 2008.

          Then Najib got jittery. Understandable. Bent backwards trying to get Chinese votes. Understandable. But even adter Chinese tsunami also continuing the same. Now wants to repeal Sedition Act. NEP continues to be on the back burner. That’s not understandable. And not acceptable.

          He must be replaced at the coming UMNO party elections. If not, next party elections in 3 years time, too late to do anything as PRU14 will be 2 years after that.

          But I suspect money politics will play its part. And he’ll continue as party President after the party elections. So, what can be done now? Any suggestions?

          • . says:

            We know all those but they must be repeated again and again. And whacked again and again. Till kingdom come. Or till they vamoose from this country.

            Many have said those who do not respect the Constitution and the laws that emanate from that highest set of laws in the country should scram.

            They flagrantly disregard the Social Contract that came into being when, after 150 years of being stateless in this country, the Malays agreed that they be given citizenship right and, in consideration for that, the Ketuanan Melayu and the Special Position of the Malays (extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia) were enshrined in the Constitution of the country.

            Now they want the Sedition Act, that protects the sensitive clauses of the Constitution – including the citizenship right – be thrown out. But let it be known that any questioning of the sensitive Articles like the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak will lead to counter-questioning of their citizenship right.

            The Malays an Bumiputeras are no longer mostly lacking in education like prior to the race riots of 1969, may still be polite and accomodating, but have no longer been taking things lying down. In fact they did not even in 1969, that’s why the race riots erupted.

            Let’s avoid a repeat of such and try to nip in the bud any attempt to raise seditious issues by whacking them back – to let them know they are not tolerated.

  27. Joe cool says:

    REALLY? Race-based policies a fact – MB Khalid

    But Khalid, Anuar, Nurul, DAP, Guan Eng, PKR, semua kata race based politic can be phased out. Don’t tell me that you don’t believe what these PR top dogs are advocating.

    Jangan tersasul Lid. Dah lah gagap

  28. Semut Merah says:

    Parah lah kalau semua Cinabeng biaDAP migrate ke semua. Nasib penduduk Melayu kat sana akan lagi tersekat. Kerana kaum Cinabeng biaDAP nie memang pelahap dan tamak perangai mereka apalagi Ultra-Kiasu.

    Sikap Ultra-Kiasu Cinabeng biaDAP nie membuatkan mereka hendakkan kesemua benda di dunia ini. Tapi yang hairannya MATI TAK NAK.

    Chibai kia betul lah dengan Cinabeng yang amat biaDAP nie.

    • . says:

      Nasib Melayu di Spore kita serah kapada Tuhan saja le. Dan kapada roh Tengku A Rahman yang yang bertanggong jawab kasikan Spore kpd Lee Kuan Yew FOC di tahun 1965.

      Tapi lega le sikit kita di Malaysia kalau banyak depa berambus ke sana. DAP dan yang Cina tsunami saja. Yang lain kita anggap sebagai fellow citizens di negara ini. Yang tahu beterima kasih dan hormatkan Kontrak Sosial dan patuhi Perlembagaan negara sepenuh nya.

      • Semut Merah says:

        Janganlah macam tu bro. Kita mesti tolong orang Melayu Singapura juga di mana kita mampu. Trust me, most of them are actually ok people. Orang Melayu, Jawa, Bugis sana semua memang pejuang Melayu yang tulen.

        Cuma orang Boyan Singapura sahaja yang selalu membelot dan menyokong PAP menyekat orang-orang Melayu di sana. Itu pasal orang selalu kurang faham dan ingatkan orang Melayu Singapura nie semua bodoh sokong PAP.

        Yang sebenarnya orang Boyan yang menyokong PAP dengan kuat. Dan kalau kita tgk orang Cina, di mana ada Cina, di sana mereka tolong sama menolong. Kita tak boleh biarkan orang Melayu Singapura macam ini sahaja.

        UMNO patut masuk dalam hal politik Singapura jugak sebagai mana PAP masuk campur dalam wal hal politik Malaysia thtu DAP. Next Singapore General Election, UMNO boleh bertanding dengan PAP dimana ramai penduduk Melayu Singapura seperti Chua Chu Kang, Bukit Batok, Admiralty, Sembawang, Woodlands, Geylang (Kallang), Tampines dan juga Bedok.

        Guaranty UMNO menang besar kerana ramai orang Melayu Singapura pun dan muak dengan pemerintahan jijik PAP ini yang selalu menyekat nasib Orang Melayy dan Islam di Singapura ini.

        • . says:

          Tak tau apa Melayu Malaysia boleh buat sekarang, bro. UMNO tak boleh masuk Spore. Gomen Malaysia boleh ambil tindakan tapi senyap senyap.

          LKY dah panggil penasihat Zionisit Israel dlm tentera Spore, jugak dlm risikan agaknya. Tapi gomen Malaysia masih boleh lagi subvert dsbnya. Tinggal nak taknak saja. Tapi Najib ni aku tak boleh harap jaga Melayu Malaysia pun.

          Pening kepala mikirkan. Aku harapkan jalan yang depa buat di Afrika dsbnya saja. Tapi tak boleh cakap terang apa dia, takut salah di sisi undang undang.

          Sementara waktu, kita buat lah mana yang boleh. Yang di Spore dan yang di Malaysia. Do’akan timbul di Malaysia pemimpin yang kuat semangat Melayu, ada bola dan berani ambil tindakan tegas lanyak DAP dan halau depa yang tak ta’at setia di sini, tak hormatkan Perlembagaan dsbnya. Dah ada pemimpin mcm tu nanti, boleh lah ambil tindakan senyap itu.

        • Anonymous says:

          Untuk mengtahui suku suku kaum yang ada dalam “Keluarga Besar” bangs Melayu, asal usul dan sejarahnya, sila baca buku buku

          1. Tamadun Alam Melayu
          2. The Malay Civilization

          yang di terbitkan oleh Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia, boleh di beli di Wisma Sejarah, depan IJN, Jalan Tun A Razak, KL.

          Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia telah di tubuhkan sejak zaman British kolonial lagi, ahli ahlinya termasuk ramai Professor dalam berbagai bidang, terutamanga bidang sejarah, kaji bahasa (linguists), kaji maanusia (anthropologists), kaji bahan purba (archaeologists).

          Buku buku itu menerangkan berpuluh puluh kajian yang di buat sejak abad 18, di teruskan di abad 19, di pertingkatkan di pertengahan kedua abad 20, oleh pakar pakar antara bangsa, termasuk pakar pakar tempatan terutamanya di penghujung abad 20.

  29. Joe cool says:

    Don’t make M’sia a LACKEY of the US by rushing to enter TPPA when Obama visits – Anwar warns Najib – Malaysia Chronicle

    I bet if there is no agreement to discuss and finalise when Obama visit, Anuar will also be knocking DS Najib

    • . says:

      Cakap lidah bercabang le si Anwar Al Juburi tuh. Dia banyak perkara bercabang. Anu dia pun bercabang – ada yang masuk depan ada yang masuk belakang. Banyak busuk punya warang.

      But if he becomes PM (God forbid), the fist country he will tenggek will be US. Because that’s what the Neocons, Jews and Zionists will want him to do. After all, the “Israeli Lobby” in the US is very powerful and has “unmatched power”, says one Harvard Professor in an essay jointly written with a Chicago University Professor, touching on the decision to bomb Iraq starting the Iraq War.

      Many have said Anwar has no scruples and no principles. Some even say he’d sell his mother if guaranteed the post of PM. A lot of the mess in the country now has been due to his doing.

  30. Joe cool says:

    S’pore govt to pay compensation to family of inmate who died in prison cell – Malaysian Chroncle

    Impossible. How can a superbly effiicent, kind, meritocrasy, run by fantastically clever, smart, brilliant, kind, benevolent leaders have these kind of incidents?

    Come on Singapore. Pull your sock up. You are not Malaysia where all the leaders are Malays thus stupid, lazy and corrupt. Dont start acting like Malaysia

    • Anon says:

      Send the DAP blokes there … ooops DAP and PR just got walloped by Lee Kuan Yew saying incapable of ruling Malaysia, Kapal Sink menyinga, hentam balik Kuan Yew.

      Quite a circus those blokes, eh?

      • Joe cool says:


        Lee Kuan Yew knows, Singaporean know, the US, UK, Aust, China, know. CIA, MI5, ASIS, Mossad know. Even many in DAP such as Karpal Singh know.

        Everybody but the Chinese in the street know that UMNO/ BN cannot be kicked out. UMNO has got the backing of the majority of the bumiputera, the army, the police, the Malays Raja Raja.

        But how can us stupid Malays ever be able to tell the super clever float like a butterfly, sting like a beee Malaysian Chinese
        anything? We Malays are too inferior to them “pay all the tax in Malaysia” Chinese

        • Anon says:

          The Chinese in the street might not know you are sarcastic about “us stupid Malays … too inferior to them “pay all the tax in Malaysia” Chinese” etc. And the DAP Red Beans etc might be clapping hands hearing those. Hope they would not naik kepala reading what you wrote. Sarcasm is not even for the tsunami Chinese – they will use it to put the Malays down like the DAP Chinese have always been doing.

          I think the Malays would be able to tell the Chinese that they are not superior, they must conform, they must respect and live by the Constitution of the country fully by:

          1. Have a leader who is strongly Malay in character, in objectives, hopes and aspirations, courageous, bold and firm, and willing to pursue the objectives, hopes and aspirations of UMNO and of the Malays no matter what.

          2. Develop the country based strictly on the Constitution of the country – stick to the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, activate NEP fully, start single stream schooling, merge the vernacular schools with the national schools, bring back ISA, EO, RRA and retain Sedition Act, etc.

          3. Look after the Police and the Military well – they are the ones who keep law and order and who must be depended on in case another race riots of 13 May proportions break out.

          How to get that kind of leader? The 150,000 UMNO members with voting rights at the coming party elections can search and decide.

          Can find or not? Sure can. But looks like Najib cannot fit the bill – many want him out and money politics might play prominently at the party elections.

          Who will fit the bill? Those who are not afraid to speak up endlessly for everybody to respect the Constitution, for NEP, single stream schooling, disregard the calls for throwing away what they call ancient laws that prevent them from doing as they please.

          And those who are not in a hurry to get developed nation status but want to re-structure Malaysian society so that economy and business are not identified only with the Chinese. Want to see Malays and Bumiputeras also identified as taking part in the economy and in business as much as the Chinese. Then we can have long term unity.

  31. Anonymous says:

    You are very sarcastic Jc

  32. Anonymous says:

    I wanna see Kapal Sink’s reaction to

    Declare assets or quit posts, Karpal urged

    KUALA LUMPUR: DAP national chairman Karpal Singh has been urged to relinquish all his political positions should he fail to declare his assets and bank accounts in and outside the country as soon as possible.

    Emphasis: outside the country.

  33. Anonymous says:

    The Anwar group must be so desperate as to suggest that Najib will offer the DPM and 4 Cabinet posts if Anwar joins UMNO/BN –

    DPM, 4 CABINET POSTS OFFERED? Anwar warns Najib: Umno in turmoil …
    Malaysia Chronicle – ‎1 hour ago‎

    KUALA LUMPUR – A frenzy is building up over news that Prime Najib Razak had offered the deputy premier’s post to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in a bid to unite the disenchanted country, especially the fragmented Malay community.


    They should be backing up Najib so that he can retain the UMNO Presidency coz Najib will continue giving what they want, like repealing the Sedition Act. If Najib goes, even ISA and EO might be brought back.

  34. Anonymous says:

    DPM, 4 CABINET POSTS OFFERED? Anwar warns Najib: Umno in turmoil & about to IMPLODE – Malaysian Chronicle

    Anuar promising something big again

    • . says:

      Like he promised Katak Lompat coup d’etat in September 2008? Maybe the rakyat once bitten, twice shy.

      Now even Lee Kuan Yew is biting his backside – Pakatan Rakyat an “opportunistic ad-hoc group not held together by even vaguely coherent set of ideas but by a common desire to unseat the government”, said LKY in his new book.

  35. Joe cool says:

    Are hardliners trying to scare us into MIGRATING?
    Written by Nathanial Tan

    You have not seen anything yet, babe. Just wait till we really get into gear just before and after the UMNO AGM

    • . says:

      Wish the new speakers at UMNO General Assembly are as hard, caustic and lambasting at the disloyal Malaysians as those of a few PAUs ago.

      Not so much shooing in the past. But this time even big names have said that those who don’t like the system in the country should migrate to countries whose system they like. I want to see it repeated at the coming PAU.

      True, those not respecting and abiding by the Constitution should be shooed off. Loud and clear.

    • Anonymous says:

      After Chinese tsunami, so many appear going DAP way – not respecting the Constitution way, so why scare them, just tell them to scram.

  36. Anonymous says:

    How stupid this Nazri bloke is appointing his son as his “Special Officer” and presumably occpying space in his office premises –

    My son is not on government payroll, says Nazri
    The Star Online – 4 minutes ago

    If the son is given a desk and facilities at the Torurism Minister’s office, that’s not his kepala bapak-owned office. That’s a government office. Even the government paid office cleaner is not entitled to it. What more a bapak-paid employee.

    No wonder they call him the man with a foot in his mouth. Now a son accomodated in his office.

  37. Joe cool says:

    SO WHAT? My son will remain as my special officer – Nazri

    Everytime a Chinese ask a Malay esp. Malay minister, Exco, politicians, government servant something, they should answer “So What”.

    Because there is F*** All that the Chinese can do. They have tried their damdest to kick us majority Malays party out of the government and they fail. By 44 seats right.

    So screw them Chinese. Don’t give them an inch from now on

  38. Anonymous says:

    Now the DAP Tony Pua is stupid.

    Accusing Umno of having a hand in RoS order for fresh party elections, singling out Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for the his “direct political interference” in the decision by the RoS. Doesn’t he know that the RoS department is under the Home Minister, the RoS reports to and is responsible to the Home Minister?

    This is the kind of stupid DAP fellas that Lee Kuan Yew said would not be able to rule Malaysia even under a coalition of PR.

    Stupid bloke doesn’t even know that the RoS doesn’t even have to be told by the Home Minister – he simply uses the Societies Act to decide on actions to be taken against DAP, including telling them to hold a re-election of its central executive committee.

    Stupid fellows criticizing for the sake of criticism. Now the rakyat can see how stupid they are.

    • Anonymous says:

      So stupid of Tony Pua! But what to do, he has got better talent than the umno pigs who only have talent in getting 3rd or 4th wife.

      • Anonymous says:

        But Anwar Al Juburi has many arse holes he can go into. They say even Azmin Ali’s wife he also sapu.

        Lim Kit Siang has Mama Foo, Guan Eng has Rainbow, too. PAS Mustapha has Stopa Spenda.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anon 8.09 not a Muslim.

          If got four wife also not a moral issue as long as he can afford it, it’s permissible in Islam but if you super rich you can’t have even single mistress, it’s a huge moral issue.

          Think before you write. Use your brain rather than your hatred to Malays.

  39. Semut Merah says:

    Eh fuck you lah lahanat punya kafir. You fikir agama Islam main-main ke apa bopeh ada 4 bini? Kalau ikut undang-undang Islam, kalau kita mampu dan memang sebab intention yang baik, boleh kahwin 4.

    Yang u punya puak lahanat kafir harbi tu ada 1 Isteri tapi ada banyak scandal China, Vietnam, Thailand tu apa? Itu lu punya lanchiau DAP kah? Bodoh punya Kafir lahanat!! You all boleh join Datuk Sodomite Anal Ibrahim dan juga Azmin Ali Baba dan juga Stopa Spender Roti Prata. Hahahahaha!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Fuck you and your family. Kau nak kahwin 10 pun boleh. Asalkan jangan harap kerajaan biayai anak2 bangsat kau.
      Jangan jadikan anak2 bangsat kau tu satu beban kepada kerajaan dan masyarakat.
      Biasanya orang umno macam kau ni otak terletak di lanchiau dan bukan di kepala. Itu pasal asyik gatal dan suka kongkek.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hello Anon 3.52 am. Ko ni PAS ke. Apa ko terangkan kat UMNO tu sebijik orang PAS Syiah.

        Syiah boleh kahwin 10. Kata ayat Quran bermaksud: ” Kamu boleh nikah 4, 3, 2, 1 tetapi kalau kamu rasa tidak boleh berlaku adil cukuplah hanya satu”. Orang syiah siok punya pasal 4+3+2+1=10. Sapu 10 bini.

        Cakap pun pakai otak la sikit kawan. Tak ramai orang beristeri banyak ni. Macam mana pulak boleh membebankan kerajaan.

        Cuba ko semak Harakah iklan ubat kuat anu.. kuat seks bersepah.

        Dah jadi wakil rakyat pun tapi tak buat kerja termasuk si N.ajis. Otak kalau tak aktif ke kongkek la perginya.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anonymous 3:52 am tu bukan Muslim. Sebab tu dia cakap kalau nak kawin 10 pun boleh. Dia keturunan yang kawin satu simpan gundek berbelas.

        Atau kawin cara minum teh depan mak bapak saja, tak payah ikut adat resam panjang lebar. Kalau tak, dia jenis kongkek rambang punya. Pastu ketuk kepala pompuan dengan tukul besi. Baca le cerita pompuan pemunya gerai makanan yang dah 10 tahun di sondol dek bofrengnya, tak kahwin pun, gaduh, tark seluar lelaki tu yang ketuk kepala gufreng dia dengan tutkul besi. Laporan di akhbar tu siap dengan gambar si jantan kehilangan seluar!

        Anonymous 3:52 am jenis lanciau letak di kepala. Bentuk kepala dia pun nampak macam kepala xutuh. Bila jalan ke sana sini, cuba lah lihat orang yang kepalanya mcm tu. Ramai di Penang.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Tak payah ikut adat resam? Bagus juga macam tu. Kurang kurangnya tak payah kahwin lari macam babi-babi Umno di selatan Thailand bila tak dapat restu bini untuk kahwin lagi.

    Itu ” intention yang baik ” ke?
    Ataupun intention to kongkek?

    • Anonymous says:

      Awak selalu main dengan Anwar ke?

      Bahasa tinggi tu mcm geng Anwar. aka DAP. Ada 1-2 yang pandai cakap Melayu. Kebanyakan nya tak. Jernis tak hormatkan Perlembagaan.

      Dah banyak kali di halau keluar, di suruh berambus ke negara yang sistem dan Perlembagaan nya depa suka. Terutama nya selepas tsunami Cina. Berambus lah.

    • Anon says:

      Anonymous at 9:34 am,

      Selalu di hujung minggu siapa yang ramai cross ke Thailand gi Golok dok menjolok tuh?

      Booodaaah lah kamu.

  41. Semut Merah says:

    Anon 9.34am,

    Kau nak cakap orang UMNO kahwin lari kat Selatan Thailand? Kau bagi aku email address kau, aku boleh kasi kau datu gambar baik punya siapa yang kahwin lari di Selatan Thailand.

    Cuma kau jangan terperanjat aja orang itu adalah Datuk Sodomite Anal Ibrahim kau tu yang kahwin lari dengan Wan Aziziah pada masa dulu. Bang Non kau bawak lari anak dara orang lalu kahwin lari oleh kerana bapak Wan Azizah tak duka dengan Anal Ibrahim. Ini bukan satu fitnah, ini adalah benar.

    Dan aku cabar kau berikan aku email address kau dan aku boleh buktikan gambar mereka setelah kahwin lari. Kalau kau berani lah nak menghadap cabaran aku. Hahahaha, kalau tidak kau tu memang kafir harbi lahanat ataupun kau tu PAS PIS PUS!!!

  42. Joe cool says:

    WHAT A MISS! A defining moment if Najib had succeeded in wooing Anwar
    Written by Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

    If DS Najib was to approach Anuar to join the government, would he do so in such a clumsy manner that was bound to get into the news and not be advantageous to DS Najib?

    Similar to Anuar and PR contention of 40,000 Bangladeshi voter. Illogical and pathetic

  43. Joe cool says:

    Why is UMNO Baru holding 28 million people at ransom? Written by J. D. Lovrenciear – Malaysian Chronicle

    Why is UMNO Baru holding 28million Malaysian at ransom? BECAUSE WE CAN

    • Anon says:

      Because DAP Baru been holding their members to ransom. Lost their balls and now want to hold another CEC election. Frantically trying to devise means and trickery formula to ensure the same fellas get about the same votes as under the sham CEC election last time. Maybe this time the computer won’t glitch – it’ll simply explode!

      Bloody dirty tactics, lying, deceiving and twisting buggers those ultra kiasu Chinese. And the tsunami Chinese still don’t realize they got hoodwinked.

      • . says:

        Why DAP sets November for fresh polls?Party chairman Karpal Singh announced this yesterday.

        He said the fresh polls should be held by November as the party constitution stated that the polls should be held within 10 weeks from the emergency CEC meeting held on Wednesday. Why wait 10 weeks? Wanna have sufficient time to do arm twisting, cajoling, money politicking etc?

        Who said DAP no money politics? Remember what former DAP Selangor DAP Chief and Selangor Exco Ronnie Liu said before the last Selangor DAP convention and party election? Lim Kit Siang and Guan Eng saw to it that Ronnie got voted out and the stinking Teresa Kok became the Selangor Chief.

        Karpal said the decision to comply with the ROS’ directive was to ensure the party was not de-registered. Now they know they should behave. But up to a few days ago, stupid Lim Guan Eng still “demanding” to see the RoS “for an explanation”. Stupid bloke doesn’t even care that it is them who should be giving the explanations that the the earlier ones the RoS found unacceptable, anyway. Now they know where their balls lie.

        And the gangsterish Guan Eng still saying “the party was being forced to conduct fresh polls “despite not doing anything wrong”.
        Talked about getting an international accounting firm to verify their election. Get a truly independent and will-not-be-doubted international accounting firm, stupid.

        • Kok Siang says:

          You dunno arr, the matter was not just the vote counting, it was also over 500 members not invited to attend the convention, lorr.

          Aiyyo, my son Guan Eng said the notices were sent but the members complained they did not receive lorr. Those trouble makers. This time we will have our goons deliver the notices to their houses, you know.

          Pssst, if any of the goons ask for transport money and the like, don’t blame DAP, ok? Only UMNO can be blamed, DAP never blameable. You dun believe, ask Karpol.

  44. Aiya says:

    Ada khabar angin lePAS mahu keluar PR, maka Anu Berahim buat cerita PM Najib mahu ambil dia jadi TPM……

    Supaya lePAS fikir dua kali sebelum buat keputusan untuk keluar PR…..

    Anu Berahim jagan harap dapat perbodohkan lePAS…..

    Tsunami cina kamu boleh lah perbodohkan……

    Kerana mereka adalah Stupid Idiot……

  45. Anonymous says:

    This woman Ambigaga feeling lonely again? Needing to be in the limelight? Endlessly targeting the EC. But the stupid woman mixed up her EC issues with Anwar Al Juburi political issues. The irresponsible lawyer holding illegal rallies since Bersih started.

    Ambiga: There will definitely be a Bersih 4.0 rally if EC does not respond
    The Star Online – 14 minutes ago

    Let’s shout out and shit her endlessly, too. But allow her to speak up if she raises only EC issues.

    • Anonymous says:

      Look at her photo provided under that link given above. Focus on her mouth. It speaks louder than the words she utters. Don’t fault me if you imagine something else.

  46. Joe cool says:

    I hope Ambiga does organise Bersih 4. Because in the current climate and mood of UMNO, the organisers probably will have to spend a few years in Kamunting and some PR MP and ADUN will probably get sacked for breaking the law.

    • Anon says:

      Many of the Rally organizers have been arrested and charged in court. Including Anwar, Ambiga, Rafizi and others. They are out on bail and the trial/s have not taken place as there are so many cases of crimes at the various courts.

      The Police should continue arresting and charging those breaking the law on peaceful assemblies. No matter how many times they are arrested and charged.

      The public must be told time and again that it doesn’t pay to break laws.

  47. Joe cool says:

    BUT DID IT HAVE MUCH IQ IN THE 1ST PLACE? Dr M laments Umno’s ‘brain drain’ – Malaysian Chronicle

    Dai, Malaysian Chronicle. Not all UMNO Malays are stupid or of low IQ la.

    • Anon says:

      The Malaysia Chronicle blokes are the ones not having IQs. Including PKR Tian Chua who belittled the efforts of our security forces ten of whom lost their lives defending the country at Lahad Datu. Good that the bugger was arrested and charged. The trial has not begun.

      Malaysia Chronicle writing all sorts of rubbish and nonsense. Instigating the public, publishing half truths, lies, deceits, twists and spins. Tian Chua is one of those associate with the so-called news portals that don’t publish news but only views that are often shit stuff.

  48. linpehkong says:

    All the recent gangsterism activities and killings can easily be attributed to the defiant acts of Parcartoon leaders. They were before and after GE13 sending message to the public that illegal activities is OK. The government and the police will be cowed if you dare act.
    If elected representative of the people and lawmakers can flaunt the law – so can everybody.

    • . says:

      Therefore, let’s shoot them. Verbally, that is. And in any other way that is not against the law.

      We must also keep shouting for the gomen to put back the laws that were repealed – ISA, EO, RRA, and demand that the Sedition Act be not repealed.

      Najib has said, “I have made a public commitment that if existing laws are not sufficient, we will strengthen the existing laws but with sufficient provisions to safeguard against possible abuses.” No, we want the repealed laws be brought back. They have been effective in maintaining law and order. New ones will have the effect of the old ones lost in the drafting. Like ISA – the new one, SOSMA, allows detention without trial only for 28 days, whereas the old one allows it indefinitely.

      Many have called for Najib be replaced. We, non-members of UMNO, can also ask for the 150,000 members with powers to vote at the coming party elections to replace Najib. To choose a leader who is firm and takes a no-nonsense stand against all kinds of law beakers in this country.

      • linpehkong says:

        I agree unequivocally – leaders must be strong and not be afraid of criticism. They must do what is right for the country. The vocal critics are mostly the voice that are heard is typically the vocal and “have nothing to lose” minority.
        You tell me how many people support GLBT – you do not hear their voices – the only ones heard are those from their supporters.

        If the leaders of China had allowed critics to win the day almost 20 years ago China will be 30 years behind what it is today. The leaders are brave people – willing to make not necessarily popular – but correct things for the country.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Look at these bastards –

    PENANG SHOOTOUT: Were the police right to shoot to kill?
    Malaysia Chronicle – ‎1 hour ago‎

    KUALA LUMPUR – There are some quarters accusing the Penang police of acting without mercy with reference to the case of the five youths who were gunned down in a hail of fire.

    Why not ask those bastards to go face the thugs and gangsters and tell them to surrender. Stupid sons of bitches.

    • linpehkong says:

      The police did the right thing.
      No need to waste money to bring to trial the trash of our society.
      The parents of those killed never even bothered to know what their kids are up to – now they blame everybody for their incompetence as parents.
      Yes those who criticize should be asked to go face and arrest these people.
      I dont have a gun – why does these people have guns with them???

  50. Anonymous says:

    Now why do the CFM insists on kalimah ‘Allah’ despite failure in their strike-out bid?

    Fresh after the Catholic Church’s failure to strike out a government appeal over the banning of the usage of the word ‘Allah’ by Christians, the Christians are inviting Malaysians to see their point of view through a fact sheet on the matter.

    Released to media by the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) yesterday, the 4-page fact sheet first released for distribution to churches last May was appended to a press statement on the court decision today.

    They talked about events since the 17th century. Can’t the Muslims claim that they have been practising Islam since the 13th Century? But had not protested on the use of kalimah Allah because the usage was not widespread at that time?

    Now that in recent times the Internet etc have exposed Muslims to a more comprehensive knowledge of current affairs and objected to the use of the kalimah Allah, why can’t the Christians use the term Tuhan, which after all, describes the Christian God which takes the form of God, The Son and The Holy Ghost.

    And doing what the CFM did even after the Court rules that the Appeal is to be heard. Isn’t that subjudice to the court case?

    Is this promoting peace and harmony that the Christians often speak about?

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