Electoral Fraud, Swearing-in and Moving on

It is time for the 222 elected MPs to serve the mandate given to them (Photo by Hussein Shaharuddin/ The Mole)

Source: The Mole

The swearing in of MPs at the Dewan Rakyat yesterday should somehow bring a closure to issues surrounding the 13th General Election.

After all, despite all the allegations of fraud during the polls and threats of boycotting the parliament, all 89 MPs from the Opposition took their oath of office.

In many ways than not, the swearing in marked the start of a new episode post GE-13.

While some may argue otherwise, the fact that the Opposition MPs had joined 133 of their counterparts from Barisan Nasional for the swearing in, it is an “acceptance” of the election results.

Prior to the swearing-in, Selangor BN leader Datuk Datuk Seri Noh Omar had challenged Pakatan leaders to proceed with their plan of boycotting the ceremony.

He succinctly summed up the issue: “If they are really unhappy with the election results, do not take the oath. Do not use the political immunity.”

He then added: “You cannot accept the election results selectively,” when commenting on a statement earlier from Selangor Pas deputy commissioner Khalid Samad who said that the coalition “recognised its victory but not the defeat“.

Khalid had said: “Of course we recognised our victory, but not our defeat.”

He said this when asked whether by attending the swearing-in would mean that Pakatan is recognising the election results.

In the national polls on May 5, Barisan Nasional (BN) had won 133 seats while Pakatan pact had managed to win 89 seats.

Despite being able to secure better results than the 2008 general election, the Opposition led by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim continued to accuse the polls was laced with cheating and fraud so much so that they had almost immediately after the election was concluded embarked on protests and rallies.

Most “popular” of their accusations were the presence of some 40,000 Bangladeshi phantom voters and blackouts during the polling process in several election centres.

While the protests were held to pressure the resignation of the panel members of the Election Commission, the Opposition did not leave their efforts merely through the political activism but also turned to the Courts.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat strategic director Rafizi Ramli had said in a statement that the opposition pact had collectively filed 25 election petitions for parliamentary seats and 10 state seats.

For parliamentary seats’ petitions, PKR filed the most number with 19, while Pas filed four and DAP with two.

On June 12, The Star reported Pakatan had also managed to file an additional three petitions which are Kudat, Tawau and Libaran.

BN itself had filed 21 election petitions following the 13th General Elections.

In series of post conferences after the general elections, Rafizi had alleged that there were extra ballot papers, irregular serial numbers and switching of polls results in Balik Pulau, alleged blackout incident in Kulim-Bandar Baru parliamentary seat and allegation that some votes were counted earlier in Alor Gajah and Grik parliamentary seats.

However, despite all the “revelations” by the Opposition of election fraud, it is interesting to note that none of the petitions filed by the Opposition mentioned anything about the presence of “Bangladeshi phantoms“.

And against his normal practice in the past and on other issues, Rafizi did not publish any of the police reports in relation to the allegations about the Bangladeshi phantoms.

Allegations of the presence of 40,000 Bangladeshi phantom voters was dismissed by Bangladesh’s High Commissioner to Malaysia A.K.M. Atiqur Rahman who repudiated Rafizi’s contention, saying until now there is no evidence or report lodged to back the allegations.

In turn, DAP MP for Serdang Ong Kian Ming had reportedly apologised for mistaking a registered Malaysian voter as a “Bangladeshi” phantom voter and even PKR news organ Suara Keadilan had to apologise for making similar accusation on one of its own supporters.

On the allegations of blackout incidents at polling centres, the Election Commission deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar had said that there were no police reports being lodged on the polling day or within 24 hours later.

“We are talking based on facts. No police report was lodged on the incident on May 5 and no EC officers or party agents complained to us about it.”

“TNB (Tenaga Nasional Berhad) had also issued a statement to clarify that there were no blackouts or power shortage incidents within 24 hours on the day,” Wan Ahmad reportedly said.

Wan Ahmad said this in response to a police report lodged several days after polling by Pas’ Seri Serdang assemblyman Noor Hanim Ismail who claimed that said the incident did happen at Sekolah Kebangsaan Serdang, and Pas candidate’s agent had taken photographs before and after the incident happened.

He pointed that it is the same photo which had been used to claim that a blackout incident had occurred in other places including in Bentong.

What is baffling is how did Pakatan managed to convince some of the protesters in the much-hyped “Black 505” rallies despite not being able to furnish any evidence of its allegations over the electoral fraud?

After holding nine-rallies nationwide, the poor turnout at the “finale” on Saturday at Padang Merbok, just a kilometre away from the Parliament, could be very telling.

Maybe, most of the protesters have wised up to the electoral fraud allegations and that the Opposition leaders were going to take their oath in less than 48 hours.

And maybe, they too sense that the GE13 needs a closure and it was time to move on.

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78 Responses to Electoral Fraud, Swearing-in and Moving on

  1. Anon says:

    The “electoral fraud” was done by Pakatan Rakyat. DAP secret societies, thugs and gangsters went round election centres threatening even preventing voters from voting. Yet accused BN of bringing 40,000 Bangla voters. Even the Bangladeshi High Commissioner/Ambasador found it amusing and had to deny that publicly. What utter rubbish those Pakatoon blokes.

    Then the biggest joker of them all went to the streets. So-called Black demo. Should have been called Shit Demo. Got the election petition courts but still demo. Got the Peaceful Assembly Act, still demo illegally – not following requirements of the Act. Shit fellows. Thank God they did not reach Putrajaya. Don’t let them reach Putrajaya ever.

    • Bunch of Clowns says:

      Khalid, Anwar are just bunch of clowns.

      It is so easy to make money. Perform some action on the stage, whipped up the ignorant populace and gain control of the country.

      That is how simple it is to run Malaysia. If it was not because of the ease of information Anwar would have hoodwinked all Malays.

      But with the internet and his penis waving on youtube, his gay advances to a male student, his telephone conversations it is really horrific how a sociapathological liar like this Keling Anwar Ibrahim could have control Malaysia.

      Nothing is beyond him. Just say the right thing to the right group…

      Mat Sabu and his pussy licking antics and Tok Pa being ridden by a naked woman showed that PAS are really dumbos out to enoy the gullibiilty of the masses.

      Pictures of Nurul Izzah giving blow job to her lecturer in UNITEN shows the hypocrisy of the wannabe contoh..

      It is so funny if not for the serious ramifications for the Malays. But thank god we are all here supporting UMNO and the Malay cause.

      Keep it up bro. These buggers must exposed, penis, pussy and all.

      • . says:

        Ooooo, you mean Stopa Spenda, not Tok Pa the BN leader in Kelantan.

        The bloke who was on video before the election campaigning and said, “Bukan aku”, and Hadi Awang said the Spenda fella has sick knees praying sitting on the chair, when actually he had weak knees, after getting full value for the wad of cash he took out from his bag and handed to the woman.

        But “pictures of Nurul Izzah giving blow job to her lecturer in UNITEN” I haven’t seen. You lucky fellas – we are all born lucky, but some are luckier than others!

      • Roon says:

        Successive BN governments have continued the practice of cheating and instead of the government of the day looking after our interests, Malaysian governance is like a lopsided game, where a handful of individuals fight for their own interests.

        Rural and conservative voters are swayed by traditional values and stability. They are not convinced by personal freedom and liberal thoughts.

        Democracy is dead in Malaysia. Umno-Baru leaders only use the concept of democracy as a tool to swindle the rakyat. Individuals in BN use democracy to increase their personal profit and enhance the party’s dominance, which is not unlike the politburo of the Chinese Communist Party who enjoyed benefits which were denied to the rest of the country.

    • CTL says:

      People called them Berok demo

    • Aiya says:


    • . says:

      “In turn, DAP MP for Serdang Ong Kian Ming had reportedly apologised for mistaking a registered Malaysian voter as a “Bangladeshi” phantom voter and even PKR news organ Suara Keadilan had to apologise for making similar accusation on one of its own supporters.” – The Mole.

      Hahaha, hohoho, hihihihi …..

      They shit a lot. They should be made to eat their own shit more often.

      Now the Tony Pua fler talks about closing the Ramadhan Pasar Malam in Melaka. He should be made to eat the shit that comes out from his mouth.

    • Gajuk says:

      We have tons of proof including Taib Mahmud being registered as co owners in some companies which were awarded state lands, contracts and concessions. His children were already millionaires and owned assets worth tens of millions even while they were still in college. Taib Mahmud’s late wife Laila was a major shareholder of CMS together with his children. The thief minister’s siblings and cousins were multi millionaires and owners of few hundred thousands acres of oil palm plantation in Sarawak. Sarawakians will be more than willing to furnish with a fresh lists of all the companies and assets in Malaysia and overseas owned by the thief minister and his family members. The question is will the useless and hopeless MACC take another 50 years to go through the evidences?

  2. linpehkong says:

    Selective memory, selective acceptance of election results, selective acceptance of truth – so what else is new. If they are so sure that there was election fraud they should not attend the ceremony and get disqualified. They can win the seat back on a by election then. Now they can ask for each voter – yes the entire person — to be dipped in the same ink — we shall see how many seat they win back once the Chinese find out that they have been lied to and cheated

  3. Equalizer says:

    Congratulations to all those who had voted for AlJuburi and his Pakatoons. You have been stupidly and badly screwed. The laughing stocks of Malaysians. Hope you can look yourself in the mirror and still can recognize your backside.

    If you still don’t understand what hit you, let me remind you. You had been screwed by the dirtiest political manoeuvre of Pakatoons in the history of Malaysia. Now you know what racial disharmony is all about and it is getting worst.





    • . says:


      The race riots of 13 May 1969, now over 40 years on, people have not forgotten. Every time DAP is mentioned, the image of the race riots automatically appears in many people’s minds.

      • tebing tinggi says:

        Dont worry , “Melayu mudah lupa” and selalu lupa ,the Chinese brothers will gave them sebatang rokok everything will be forgotten , then the Malay will declare that the Chinese are their brothers .

        • . says:

          If you give your backside, Anwar will never forget you. And if you just do whatever he says, bend here a little, bend there a little to suit his sodomizing desires, dia mesti tak lupa lu.

          Aiyya, buat macam tak tahu plak. Kan lu punya pantat (that which means backside) siutak melelas pasat lu tatak bawa ghee itu hali lia hantam lu.

    • . says:


      Hahaha, now the bugger cannot promise Heaven olely. He no longer MB.

      • Hadi says:

        Heaven already full. All the ticket issue by PAS now is considered null and void. Even Nik Aziz need to squad outside heaven already. Too many Christian also going to heaven.
        Sorry for all the inconviniences caused.

        • Anonymous says:

          Are you sure they will go to heaven….

          With the way they behave in this world….

          They are on their way to the HELL…..

          Especially those so call pastor and the tok lebai palsu……

        • . says:

          Sometimes I wonder what Nik Aziz will be thinking on his death bed. Maybe something like:

          Ambo dah fatwa semua orang undi PAS masuk Suyrga
          Siapa undi UMNO masuk Neraka. Tapi demo kato Suyrga dah penuh. Nati ore PAS maroh ambo.
          Nate demo.

          Ambo potong kek ghoyyak kat Karpal Selamat Hari Jadi
          Tapi dalam hati ambo, mu cepat mapuh lah hoi Baiii
          Dok caketing agenda Hudud ambo baik mu mapuh
          Mu mapuh dulu la, guano ambo pulok

  4. Donna says:

    Anwar, wait for another five years. Stop tarnishing the image of the country.

    • Anon says:

      Even 20 tears he cannot. Until he dies he cannot. How you have a leader like him. All the shit you can think of is in him. He doesn’t even respect laws.

      • Fadli says:

        I don’t want Najib to be my Prime Minister and Rosmah to be my First Lady
        I don’t want corruption
        I don’t want Mathathir, he should retire completely from politics
        I don’t want racial discrimination, I want peace, harmony and equality
        I don’t want debts, stop spending our taxpayers money unnecessarily
        I don’t want dirty politics, stop the sex videos, sodomy charges
        I don’t want bias press and radio and TV stations
        I don’t want toll charges
        I don’t want scandals
        I don’t want phantom voters
        I don’t want violents
        Last but not least, I don’t want BN, enough is enough!!!

  5. Joe cool says:

    Scrap meritocracy calls – part of the Muhyiddin-Najib chess game ahead of Umno polls?

    Who can make the decision whether to have to have meritocracy in Malaysia – UMNO/ Malays

    Does meritocracy help the Malays in its objective of controlling and subjucating the Chinese? – No.

    Look like meritocracy will not last very long in Malaysia

    • Anon says:

      Meritocracy to them means no NEP, no Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. They want equality without acknowledging that Special Position. Nonsense.

      No such thing as meritocracy so long as there is the Special Position. And that Special Position is enshrined under Article 153 of the Constitution. It’s protected by the Sedition Act. It’s protected by the parang panjang and the many types of parang of the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

      Don’t try to question or encroach that Special Position. Attempts at that by the DAP had led to the race riots of 13 May 1969.

      Questioning the Malay and Bumiputeras Special Position will attract counter- questioning of the citizenship right of the pendatangs. Because recording the Special Position in the Constitution (it was there since day one, said the British) was the consideration for the Malays agreeing to the citizenship right of the pendatangs. So, questioning it and counter-questioning the quid pro quo is not good for anybody. Just don’t do it. Period.

      • Anon says:


        It’s protected by the parang panjang and the many types of parang of the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak =

        It’s extremely jealously and very seriously protected by the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

  6. anon says:

    Anwar buat lapuran polis kata dakwat kekal ditangannya tak kekal lama, katanya lepas buang undi dia pergi basuh tangan dan dakwat dijarinya sudah hilang. Tapi Allah maha berkuasa nak tunjukkan pembohongan anwar, selepas hari mengundi dia pergi jumpa yusuf kalla, yusuf kalla kata dijari anwar masih ada lagi kesan dakwat kekal itu. Jadi jelas anwar telah berbohong. Minta polis buat siasatan keatas anwar kerana buat lapuran palsu kepada polis.

    • Anon says:

      Yeah, kalau mintak Bapak Jusuf Kalla, bekas Naib Presiden Indonesia itu datang jadi saksi pun, saya fikir dia akan datang.

      Dia orang jujur dan ikhlas nampaknya.

      • acb says:

        … tak perlu ada saksi… Anwar Aljuburi ni pada hakikatnya adalah pembohong besar-besaran… segala kata2 siGay tua ni adalah jelas BOHONG!

        Anwar Aljuburi is a clinically certified pathological liar.


    • Big Dog says:

      With only 47% votes, Najib has failed as a leader and BN as a government .

      He is not only a failed leader , but the most useless leader who has raped the little bit of respact that we malaysians had.

      The worst leader in Malaysian history , in-fact he is not even fit to be compared for a leadership quality. Just because the other sucker Mahatahi chose an Idiot , that doesn’t mean all is well .

      The mother of all fucking leader has never one time chose a leader perfectly , and is confirmed by this fucker himself.

      If one or two leaders cannot get along with him is understandable , but not even one can get along with him means something is wrong with this fucking bastard .

      And today he is asking the Malaysians to vote out PAS to save Islam.

      To our best knowledge this bloody moron got no right to even mention the holy name Islam. He has raped the entire Islamic rules for his personal gain .

      Now you Malaysians know why we need the PAS main agenda the HUDUD law . This idiot mamaks latest statement – PAS must be defeated to save Muslims, urges Dr M . The truth is PAS must be defeated so as to save my own ass.
      Frankly speaking this moron should be stoned to death by everyone single Malaysian .

  7. Anonymous says:

    The famous blogger Helen Ang is accuses you of being a secret pro DAP agent called the Scissorati.


    Stop the Lies, MCA

    Rebranding wajah The Star Online adalah sebahagian daripada daya usaha baru Kumpulan Media Star di alam maya atas suntikan dana baru RM30 juta.
    Selain The Star Online, puak Scissorati juga bergiat di blog di sebalik nama samaran. Bak kata The Unspinners, “kita tahu apa yang Chun Wai buat di belakang-belakang dalam dunia siber“.

    Blog politik Stop The Lies nyata sekali ialah belaaan MCA yang dijalankan Scissorati.
    Adakah anda masih ingat sudah berapa kali akhbar The Star memetik daripada Stop The Lies? Takkan lah sebuah suratkhabar besar akan mahu memetik daripada blog kecil Anon yang tidak diketahuipun, konon, siapa tuan blognya dan dengan itu kurang kredibiliti.

    Akan tetapi blogger-blogger otai sebenarnya kenal identiti Stop The Lies.
    MCA mesti dipertanggungjawabkan atas tindak-tanduk blog-blog black ops yang dinaungi parti tersebut yang menyebarkan fitnah — sila baca sini tentang Stop The Lies memfitnah P. Gunasegaram.

    • . says:

      1. Who says she is famous? What yardstick you use? If it is inchstick, how many inches?
      2. I don’t know who is right but am going merely by the impressions I get. I see no reason to think STL is paid by The Star. If STL wallops Gunasegaram, is that enough reason to think so?
      3. I thought Helen Ang was well disposed towards the Star. In fact I thought she was an MCA woman. No doubt she said she once wrote columns for Malaysia Kini. But her lines of thought in the past was anti-DAP, certainly not harmful to MCA. Is it because of the allegations of DAP moles in the Star and the MCA not taking action?
      4. If she is very supportive of Gunasegaram, has she put out all the defence on behalf of Guna? She very close with Guna? What is the basis of her relationship with Guna?
      5. Menuduh STL belaaan MCA berdasarkan “The Star memetik daripada Stop The Lies” itu mengarut. Jeles ke dia sebuah suratkhabar besar mahu memetik daripada blog kecil Anon? Siapa kata kurang kredibiliti?
      6. blogger-blogger otai kenal identiti Stop The Lies? Kalau gitu, ngapa diamkan saja? Keluarkan lah fakta fakta. Dan jaga jangan kena saman ke Mahkamah.
      7. MCA mesti dipertanggungjawabkan … blog-blog black ops yang dinaungi parti tersebut yang menyebarkan fitnah? Awat tak habaq apa faedahnya Star nakkan Guna di fitnahkan?

      Amacam, anda atau Helen mahu jawab so’al so’alan di atas? I have no financial or whatever interest in STL beyond it allowing non-moderated comments that appear automatically as I submit them. I got little a ego you see, seeing my comments published immediately and without moderation, haha. Also a little complex in takut sakit hati not published if submitted to the usual moderated blogs, hehe.

      • . says:

        Bad experience comments rejected by Malaysian Outsider, Malaysua Kuno etc lah.

        Now am joining others asking the gomen to license the so-called news portals – those claiming to be publishing news but actually a lot of opinions favouring the Opposition, using lies, deceits, half truths, twists and spins.

        Also asking UMNO Perwakilan to replace Najib who has not taken firm measures resulting in such fellows being emboldened.

        I read a lot about that at http://jebatmustdie.wordpress.com/

        • AnonKL says:

          STL is a STAR covert operation laaaa. It’s as obvious as Amwar’s covert sick backside activities.

          Until today, no one knows who run STL Do you? STL has never commented on the comments posted in here. You know why, because a few of the commenters are STL operatives themselves.

          It’s a scheme by STAR to deflect suspicion of its covert activities since GE12 against their owner, MCA and the govt.

          Have an open mind. You want an insight of the secret operations by STAR against its owner and its subtle support of the oppostion particularly DAP, follow Helen’s blog closely. Her analysis on every topic discussed is incisive. She backs up her claims with facts, and at times with credible innuendoes and circumstantial evidences.

          Her blog has hit more than 2 million hits. That’s a clear evidence of her growing popularity and credibility amongst the netizens. She’s among the rare few 5% Chinese Malaysian who is able to see the true colours of DAP and STAR. But don’t take my word for it. Go read her blog. Decide for yourself.

          But I hope you are not one of the STAR operatives who covertly operates in STL by posting comments in STL.

          • AnonKL says:

            Just in case STL remove my comments above, I have taken a photo of my comments above.

            I am prepared to email the photo to all top bloggers if such thing happens.

          • . says:

            I have an open mind, amigo. I have read quite a bit Helen’s blog, quite a number of past posts and comments as well. Am not convinced by your statements and claims. My 7 points above have not been answered convincingly. I’m afraid innuendos and circumstantial evidence don’t help.

            1. The 2 mill visitors – since when? The are other blogs with nearly that figure operating since several years ago but not considered famous.

            2. STL walloping Gunasegaram is still not enough reason to think STL is working for The Star faction supporting DAP.

            3. No answer to this set of questions – If she is very supportive of Gunasegaram, has she put out all the defence on behalf of Guna? (If there is, do provide the link, pls). She very close with Guna? What is the basis of her relationship with Guna?

            4. Agree she has a good take on what DAP has been doing. But not knowing who runs STL, STL never responding on the comments posted do not prove anything. No proof of “a few of the commenters are STL operatives themselves.” I certainly am not. And my words are as good as yours as I can’t prove it, simply know it – and I have always been walloping the Opposition.

            5. No facts or revelation on the claim “blogger-blogger otai kenal identiti Stop The Lies”?

            6. The matter of motive – “Awat tak habaq apa faedahnya Star nakkan Guna di fitnahkan?” Care to comment?

            7. Has STL removed comments in the past? I’m relatively new here but have not seen any evidence of such.

            You might want to try and convince me of the above. I’ll join you all walloping STL if I’m satisfied STL is one of the tools used to project the Opposition image. I strongly detest the Opposition, especially Anwar and DAP (note I don’t use names for DAP – all DAP, I mean.

          • . says:

            Can you show me other instances of STL promoting the Opposition? Even on Guna, I’m not convinced that walloping Guna helps the Oppo.

          • Anonymous says:

            Man, I think yuo have confused STL and Helen Ang’s number of visits. STL has much more views than Helen Ang’s blog (2 million vs 1 million).

            Why Helen Ang is accusing STL and Bujai of being a secret DAPster agent is very very strange. We know STL has been printing nothing but negative articles about the opposition.

            Is it because of jalousy that STL has more visit than her mosquito blog?

            Or is it because she is a covert DAP agent with the goal to (i) infiltrate the Unit Media Baru and gain their trusts and believes, (ii) sow disunity and infighting between the ranks of the government and BN component partys ?

            She actually defends Gunasegaram of Malaysiakini and attacks the largest BN owned newspaper. This is very suspicious.

            STL, you need to investigate this link. A red bean army on the outside we can fight it. But a red bean army in our ranks is very very dangerous.

          • Anon says:

            What is Helen Ang’s current occupation? Does anyone know?

            She appears to moderate her blog very frequently, even giving impression she is full time on her blog.

            Where does her bread and butter come from?

            Btw, are the Anonymous June 29, 2013 at 1:15 pm and the AnonKL June 30, 2013 at 12:40 am one and the same person and possibly the bloke who came here masquerading as others in the past? Trying to sow discord among BN supporters?

          • Anon says:

            It’s confirmed Anonymous June 29, 2013 at 1:15 pm and the AnonKL June 30, 2013 at 12:40 am are one and the same person, the bloke who came here masquerading as others in the past, now trying to sow discord among BN supporters, bringing up the Helen Ang’s issue.

            He has turned up in the name of “Helen Ang Abdullah Yahudi Laknatullah” etc also down below. He sure is angry at Helen Ang because she exposed a lot about DAP, PKR etc in the past.

          • Simon says:

            At least Helen Ang is upfront about her views. She is not afraid to speak frankly. She is right about one thing. Nobody knew about STL until Star started quoting it every other day. For all we know STL is the unofficial online arm of Star. But anyway STL is a good read. Don’t be oversensitive about critics and you will be ok.

          • Anonymous says:

            I agree with the opinion that Star quoting STL every other day is no proof of STL having covert link with the Star.

            Also agree on the possibility of a chap trying to drive a wedge among pro-BN bloggers.

            Nobody has explained how bashing Guna is bad for BN.

          • . says:

            No denial or rebuttal to the comment that “Anonymous June 29, 2013 at 1:15 pm and the AnonKL June 30, 2013 at 12:40 am are one and the same person, the bloke who came here masquerading as others in the past, now trying to sow discord among BN supporters, bringing up the Helen Ang’s issue”?

            So, it’s confirmed, innit?

            Many of my questions not answered even.

  8. Big Joe says:

    The Opposition seems to try to close the stable door after the horse has bolted instead of taking the following JUST ONE EASY STEP to POWER.

    1997. If the DPM had taken a holiday in Disneyland with his family, he would have returned as the Honourable Prme Minister of Malaysia. JUST ONE EASY STEP.

    2008. If the Opposition had sorted out the 32 BN candidates BEFORE THE 12TH GENERAL ELECTIONS AND NOT AFTER, they would be in POWER. JUST ONE EASY STEP.

    2013. If the Opposition had declared a 100 day hunger strike against the EC and the their 51% popular votes had boycotted the 13th General Elections. The BN would have won 100% of the seats with just 49% of the votes and faced world-wide condemnation. The Opposition would be in Power by now. JUST ONE EASY STEP.

    Those 3 JUST ONE EASY STEPS had an exit strategy which is to win POWER. Rallies, demonstrations, etc before and after General Elections have no effect and no meaning. Worst of all these will wear down the supporters and the foreign financiers.


    • . says:

      “1997. If the DPM had taken a holiday in Disneyland with his family, he would have returned as the Honourable Prme Minister of Malaysia.”

      No, he would not have returned at all. Because the stubborn, timing, memandai and membising little daughter Nurul would have shown tantrums in Disneyland, excited with the children entertainment there, refusing to return in Malaysia, and asked the papa to be a teacher there.

      How good if that had happened.

  9. Joe cool says:

    Just because of not wanting to accept and be ashamed of Anuar screwing girls and guys all over the place, Anuar wife and daughter are willing to divide the Malays and work with the Chinese/ DAP toward losing the special rights of the Malays.

    Denial and avoiding malu taken to the extreme.

  10. Joe cool says:

    Apabila Idris Harun Terasa Dirinya Harun Idris – Malaysian Insider


    Well trained and developed by DS Ali Rastam. Semangat Datuk Ali dan Datuk Idris

  11. Joe cool says:

    ‘Act like a leader and not a petty, cowardly politician’ – Tony tells new Malacca MB

    Kurang ajar punya Cina

    • Anon says:

      Hw was not “telling”. He was just airing his shit opinion. Nobody bothers with what he said. Except those of his kind. Who are really not that many. So, to hell with him and his kind.

    • Helen Ang Abdullah Yahudi Laknatullah says:

      Pukimak dan pantat punya umnoputera.

      • Anonymous says:

        Masalahnya mak kau dah takda puxi – dah jadi buntu, penuh VD, HIV, macam macam lagi, di sental dek Anwar Al Juburi.

        • Abda says:

          Masalahnya bini dan anak perempuan kau dah takda puxi – dah jadi buntu, penuh VD, HIV, macam macam lagi, di sental dek Najib Razak dan Rais Yatim, masa gang bang dua ekor itu dulu.

  12. Big Joe says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, do you see any poor man or woman mucking around with time, energy and money without working for a LIVELIHOOD unlike us. ONLY VERY RICH PEOPLE COULD DO SO. They are called ‘playboys’ or ‘playgirls’. Their money must come from somewhere, from somewhere. But where ?

    • Anonymous says:

      From Anwar’s Al Juburi. You Opposition fellows get it thru his jubur, to be exact. Shoved into there by the Yahudi.

      Suaram, Malaysiakini, Ambiga etc have admitted it, what.

  13. Anonymous says:

    We can console ourselves having stupid Anwar, racist and chauvinist DAP, divisive PAS and uncompromising Nik Aziz, by knowing that even the Americans realize they, too, are stupid.

    The Washington Post staff writer wrote the following, commemorating the 150th anniversary of their Civil War:

    “In a nation that frets about historical illiteracy, we congratulate ourselves on our passion for the Civil War, even as politicians and self-appointed cultural defenders regularly obfuscate its causes and allow essential chapters to be distorted or discarded.
    We are not much better off today.

    “And so some of the most powerful lessons of the war years .. The Civil War taught us, as a nation, our patterns of argument, our impatience with hypocrisy, our sense that every election is an apocalypse. It taught us how to be stupid, how to provoke our enemies, how to resist modernity, how to fight on after logic and argument have failed.”

    In Malaysia, it’s Anwar that’s stupid. Went Black505. He deserves another Black Eye.

    Of course the racist anti-Malay and anti-Islam DAP that caused the race riots of 1965. Lucky the Military came out and, together with the Police, prevented it from turning into a civil war. Anybody learnt any lessons?

  14. Joe cool says:

    UMNO should revert to the Mahathir’s way i.e. making Chinese vote for BN because of fear of repercussions if they don’t.

    Trying to entice them in term of national stability, economic growth etc will not work

  15. Joe cool says:

    Are the Chinese in a better position now than before the GE13? Is the reaction of the Malays (to the Chinese en bloc voting of DAP) in becoming more extreme racists unexpected? If it was unexpected, were the Chinese a bit stupid before the last GE not to have projected it?

    The Chinese can bitch all they want but this more extreme racist Malays is the new reality.I don’t think this new reality is such a bad situation for us Malays. Maybe we got our mojo back. At least lot more Malays got their semagat melayu back

    Talking about bitch, wander how’s the new MP for Pandan doing these days?

  16. Big Joe says:

    If the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, had followed their real thoughts and traditions, especially those long-time MCA supporters, they would not be in the dog house created by the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and founded by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore, today.
    They were too smart and clever as always and fell into a cess-pit of no return and now being cursed and ridiculed from all sides.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not just “cursed and ridiculed” but no longer trusted and watched suspiciously all the time from now on, and told to migrate the moment they are seen as not respecting and not living by the Constitution of the country. No longer “wa caya lu tokeh” but “wa selalu mau tengok apa lu bikin, ahpek”.

      Here’s a c&p along that line:

      Chinese Tsunami & Those Descended from Southern China

      Practically all Chinese in Malaysia are descended from southern China. Many are law-abiding and Constitution-respecting and they deserve to be called and may be treated as fellow citizens.

      But a sizable number does not respect the Constitution and have been anti-Establishment all along. This is perhaps traceable to the fact that their ancestors in southern China have always been the anti-Establishment kind. They resented being ruled by foreigners for hundreds of years – the Manchu Emperors were foreigners from Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II. They, like the Mongols in the 13th Century, invaded, conquered and ruled China from the 17th until the 20th Century.

      The Manchu invasion of China was helped by the treachery of one Chinese General. During the rebellion against the Ming Dynasty Emperor, a Chinese General, Li Tzu-cheng, had captured Peking and proclaimed himself Emperor in 1644. But Li took the concubine of another rebel General, Wu San-kuei, into his harem. Because of the girl, the embittered Wu refused to recognize the new Emperor Li, opened the gates of the Great Wall at Shan Hai Kuan and let the Manchu Army in, conquered it and the Manchus started ruling China – Professor C.P Fitzgerald, History of China, pg 542-3.

      In this context, watch out the guy with a Rainbow in Penang who has been glorifying Sun Yat Sen of China and trying to get other Chinese in this country to his politics. And note that the British first entered Perak due to the treachery of the Kapitan Cina in Larut who, together with 44 gangsters, signed a petition for the British in Penang to assist them recover tin mines lost to rival gangs that have been fighting incessantly under the Ghee Hin and the Hai San banners, and those led to the British sending troops under Capt Speedy etc, ending in the Pangkor Treaty of 1874 and the bloody British ruling Malaya as colonizers. How treacherous they were.

      Here‘s Professor Fitzgerald’s account of the Manchus’ attitude towards the Chinese (he stayed in China for 5 years to study the language and dig the records in the Chinese archives):

      “The north was loyal, and was trusted – up to a point. The south, embittered and rebellious, was … mistrusted, and oppressed … the ever hostile south. “ – pg 545.

      Disloyalty, rebellions, treachery, then foreign wars and more rebellions (Chinese secret societies, thugs and gangsters originated from south China), suffering and misery in the 19th Century, many absconded China and found their way to the shores of Semenanjung Tanah Melayu.

      Those who don’t respect and refuse to live by the Constitution of this country carry a hangover of the mental attitude of the southern Chinese. They need to be brought into mainstream Malaysiana, but those who persistently refuse to respect and live by the Constitution, including the sensitive Articles, need to be told to migrate elsewhere, like has been said even by well-known personalities in this country. Especially the tsunami Chinese.

      • Joe cool says:


        I foresee also that they will be ignored and not consulted on any national/ economic policies or directions. By voting en bloc for DAP, the Chinese are signalling to UMNO that they don’t need UMNO leadership and goodwill. That they can be totally independent of the consensus building within BN. They will thus be outcast to fend for themselves.

        They will I am sure survive and blossom but definitely outside/ and politically the community of Malays and Indian that are led by BN.

        • Anonymous says:

          I hope Najib will realize the need to make amends and reward the Malays who gave UMNO 88 seats and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak who gave an additional about 30 seats. Bring back the NEP fully and implement it with vigour.

          Clearly, the Malays and the Bumis don’t have a culture of doing business, like the Chinese have. They need the playing field be leveled in order to compete successfully.
          Even the Chinese in China were given affirmative treatment by the Manchu Emperors – the southerners got allocated 25% of the civil service posts in the country.

          Here in Malaysia, the Chinese were given all sorts of tongkat. By the British in Penang, by Menteri Larut in Perak, by the Malay-led Government after Merdeka until now. Robert Kuok got the sugar monopoly and Vincent Tan got the lottery license – and all sorts to others, too – that had helped made them millionaires and billionaires.

          If Najib doesn’t now show proof that he is concentrating on promoting the economic and other development of the Malays, the UMNO General Assembly and party elections in November should change him.

  17. Joe cool says:

    Whatever shortcomings and weaknesses of UMNO, at least they have never put an effeminate Mat Lembut to stand as MP or ADUN.

  18. Big Joe says:

    The Malays should now unite and have a normal complex, neither superior or inferior. Then, you fellows will go places. The Siren calls of the Opposition should be ignored because these are just Siren calls which are empty and hollow. Have confidence and respect in yourselves who are actually quite OK. All Malaysians have been insidiously brainwashed by Singapore since 1965. So beware of Greeks bearing gifts !

  19. Joe cool says:

    Tony Pua now demand that Malacca close Pasar Ramadan if Jonker Street night market is closed

    • Anonymous says:

      Can some one tell him to jump into the Straits of Malacca. Without a life jacket.

      • Anonymous says:

        Awang Selamat told Tony Pua to migrate

        Malaysian Insider JUNE 30, 2013

        Awang Selamat, the pseudonym used by Mingguan Malaysia editors in their weekly editorial, weighed in on the Jonker Walk controversy in Malacca.

        The newspaper – the most rabid and right-wing in Malaysia – accused the Chinese media and non-governmental organisations of misrepresenting Malacca Chief Minister Idris Haron.

        It said that Idris never ordered the popular tourist street closed to traffic.

        The Malacca CM also denied that businesses along Jonker Walk had been ordered to stop operations.

        DAP and MCA politicians reacted adversely to the move to close the street and stop hawkers from setting up stalls there, believing that it was a tit-for-tat by the state government against Chinese for voting for the Opposition.

        The writer noted that the DAP MP had been vociferous on the Jonker Walk and had upset Muslims by suggesting that Ramadan stalls be closed in the heat of the debate on the tourist belt in Malacca.

        “He suggested that the Ramadan market also be closed because he claimed it caused traffic congestion… Tony is testing the patience of Muslims which has its limit.

        Awang’s advice is that if he really does not like the environment and existence of the Ramadan market, it is best that he migrate to Taiwan or Hong Kong,” said the writer.

        Note: The Ramadan market is once a year. The Jonker Walk market is every day. Stupid rabbit-faced Pua cannot even see the difference. Anti-Malay and anti-Islam DAP blokes and Chinese tsunami buggers voted stupid bums like the rabid bastak all the same.

  20. Joe cool says:

    The recent GE also led to the political demise of the MCA and Gerakan leaders like Dr Chua, Datuk Chor, Datuk Wee, Donald Lim, Datuk Toh in Terengganu, Datuk Kong, Datuk Koh Tsu Koon etc.

    The Chinese don’t want them because none of these guys care for the Chinese. They have never done anything to help the Chinese and in their hearts they don’t care at all for the Chinese.

    • Anonymous says:

      More like they have no balls to shit the DAP onslaught of spreading lies and hate against UMNO, MCA and Gerakan. One even got the impression that Tsu Koon was trying to be a gentleman. Shit gentleman with the kind of politics DAP has been doing.

      I have always been looking for Chua and Tsu Koon whacking the DAP and their leaders in strong and uncertain terms. They didn’t do it.

      I had looked for them sending teams of full-time and fully-paid dedicated people going out all over the country to identify, persuade, plead and convince the fence sitters to support them. They have tons of money to do so. At least a year before PRU13. But they didn’t.

      Instead they continued to embroil in factional fights. Resulting even in the Pandan constituency going to PKR. What a shame. And there was the stand of not participating in government, a stand that was interpreted as arrogance. Which now everybody is saying serves them right.

    • linpehkong says:

      Any of the MCA and Gerakan leaders do more in a week than what Karpala PuSingh and or Lim Kitty Sial does for the Chinese and or the Indians in their entire tenure as MP of the area they represent. Tell me one thing Lim Kitty Sial has done for the Chinese. My area is represented by Dato Kong, he is a local boy but yet the Majority Chinese areas he stood in voted for a unknown – whom they have not even seen since election day.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you, my friend, that DAP has not done much for the Chinese but merely exploiting and claiming that they have done so, always appearing to champion the rights of the average fellow, the Pua fellow and Kitty Siang quickly appearing in Malacca and making shit noise on the Jonker Walk etc at the very premises.

        Politics is perception and they seem to win in giving whatever perception, in words and deeds that even caused the race riots of 1969. Now the Pua bloke touching the religious sensitivity of the Muslims by proposing banning the Muslim night market done only once a year during fasting month, stupidly equating that with the Jonker Walk market that takes place every night for the full year.

        I’m really interested to know why MCA and Gerakan have not “gone on the road” seeking voters’ views – like Chua Soi Lek proposed to do, but only after PRU13. And why they didn’t feel the need for teams of campaigners to go all over the country, at least soon after PRK Hulu Selangor, when Chua saw clearly and grumbled about the lack of support for MCA already at that time.

        Would be glad if you can offer some views on those.

  21. Joe cool says:

    What are the expectations from the Chinese of LKS and LGE after the Chinese have given them all the votes at the last GE?

    An end to the NEP, corruption, UMNO domineering, fair election etc. i.e. all the things that the spineless MCA and Gerakan cannot deliver before this.

    LKS and LGE better get started on kicking UMNO ass to get those Chinese expectations to come together because I don’t think UMNO is really bothered to listen to the father and son or the DAP as a whole

    • Anon says:

      NEP cannot end. Anybody doing it will themeslves end. Including Najib. He only muted it. Now so many shouts to him to reactivate it fully and vigorously. The Malays have given 88 seats to UMNO and the Bumupiteras of Sabah and Sarawak produced some 30 seats. If Najib doesn’t listen, he will be ended at UMNO General Assembly and party elections in November.

      LKS and LGE cannot be kicking UMNO ass without them being kicked in the ass and in the teeth as well. Anybody noticed them already wearing false teeth? False brains, too. Borrowed from Maha Chauvinist Lee Kuan Tew and Dear Leader Kim Chong now not so Ill.

  22. Anonymous says:

    This blog post title is Electoral Fraud, Swearing-in and Moving on. MD Mutalib @ Abdul Mutalib Mohd Daud who gained notoriety for all sorts of unsubstantiated allegations on the Sabah IC issue in Sabahkini blog etc has died, heart attack, aged 51.

    Opposition bloke Jeffery Kitingan said it’s a loss. My sympathies to his wife and children, but I say it’s not a loss at all. God has been kind. He produced tons of accusations but not a single credible list of those IC receipients all these years. He down played the role of the syndicate producing hundreds of thousands of fake ICs, as has been testified at the RCI. He was part of the fraud for the elections, he has gone, we now move on.

    Again, my sympathies to his wife and children and I pray that they can manage well without him.

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