DAP Miscasts Free Speech and Ideas as Racism

racistdapSource: News Straits Times

Two unyielding issues gibbering away post-GE13 are now causing great national distress that seems to be breaking away like a runaway train.

First, the systemic fibbing of electoral fraud fabricated by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who can’t stand the idea of not landing Putrajaya and will not stop his specious campaign until he is made prime minister; and,

Second, the so-called “Chinese swing” that expertly exploited Chinese disenchantment to steer Chinese votes away from the ruling coalition on the illusion that it would catapult Anwar, and with him the DAP, to rule Malaysia.

This swing had assumed that if Anwar and his axis take over Putrajaya, everything will be just and ideal, that all wrongs would be made right: that’s the Kool Aid that Anwar keeps serving and what the gullible and naïve want to drink in order to believe.

But the swing didn’t even begin to force a changeover in government, merely the realisation that the old realpolitik, underpinned by Malaysian-styled race relations, has transformed into an unwieldy beast.

These first and second issues are symbiotically interconnected to achieve a long, cherished goal — the ultimate downfall of Barisan Nasional arrayed on three false flags:

COERCIVE urban protest rallies, like the illegal one held on Wednesday night in Kelana Jaya, exhorting Arab Spring-like rebellion underscored by incredulous accusations by PKR’s de facto leader;

INFLAMMATORY anti-national dissent over social media, the most disturbing example being the inverted Jalur Gemilang protest; and,

DAP’S “indignant hypocrisy” vilifying a Malay national daily for publishing racism when the DAP itself is guiltier of undercutting non-Chinese representations in their party and general elections.

This “pot calling the kettle black” mechanism has been a typical DAP-bullying style institutionalised over decades of confrontationist, in-your-face challenges.

Check out their venomous cyber-troopers’ assaults on discourse against the DAP. Of course, when the DAP does it, its sanctimonious free speech anchored on democratic principles. But when rivals pull the same number on the DAP, it is racism, pure and simple.

Which makes every DAP leaders’ whinging against opponents — you can tell that they have lost the argument or can’t articulate it — as opportunely moored on racism and more racism.

Even people who should know better are inveigled by the DAP’s sly strategy: they fall in cue to the DAP’s miscasting of free speech as racism, like the attack against Utusan Malaysia for their temerity to pose a simple query in reference to major government concessions rewarded to the Chinese community but unreciprocated in votes for the BN on May 5.

The DAP’s hackneyed remonstrations against Utusan’s “racism” were heightened by police reports against the newspaper for sedition but the prime minister defended Utusan’s query while urging critics to examine similar, if not worse, provocations against Malays in the Chinese press.

Anwar, of course, jumped into the fray, ironic when he was part of BN years ago who routinely vilified the DAP’s racist nature and overtures. This time, he simulated it to bolster his indefatigable desire to become PM.

But reading the Utusan report in its proper context, the daily is no more racist than the DAP who have demonstrated its mulish unwillingness to boost Malay leadership in its jealously-guarded hierarchy, contested only in Chinese-dominated seats and defend Chinese rights in education and culture but slam other outfits if they stand up for their own community.

Anwar’s fibbing is so extensive that he could issue allegations of “unprecedented electoral fraud” either without concrete proof or with flimsy evidence snarling virulently in popular social media sites.

But here’s a novelty to stave off Anwar: he lobs flash grenades into people’s consciousness without evidence so we can dismiss those mind bombs, also without evidence so as to counteract his perception wager.

Anwar is conveniently selective in politicising his fibbing: it is confined to parliamentary seats when balloting was also for state seats. For the sake of constancy, Anwar and the colluding DAP must also claim fraud in Penang, Kelantan and Selangor, states where the ragtag opposition won handsomely.

What? It’s free and fair in these three states you say? Lim Guan Eng and Datuk Ahmad Yakob were sworn-in in Penang and Kelantan as chief minister and menteri besar respectively without incident but how could they when you claimed electoral fraud? Selangor must then withhold the swearing in of Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim as the probable menteri besar because Anwar’s fraud con taints Khalid’s swearing-in.

And what about Karpal Singh’s revelation that the DAP is happy with its polls performance, a direct denunciation of Anwar’s prattling about fraud. Let’s not get started with their bogus logic that fraud occurred just because they won the national popular votes and, by that twisted thinking, they must have won Putrajaya.

There lies the sickening hypocrisy of Anwar and the DAP but then, this is their world — we all have to stomach its insufferable yarn.

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79 Responses to DAP Miscasts Free Speech and Ideas as Racism

  1. linpehkong says:

    DAPrick, insisted that it was not because of a Chinese tsunami that they won so many seats. They have hypnotized, bluffed and cheated the Chinese and still want continue to cheat the Chinese. Now we know why DAPrick insists that it was not a Chinese tsunami.
    DAPrick have to answer to their Chinese supporters why they agreed to marginalize the Chinese community re the Selangor government executive committee composition.
    How did a 14:14:13 — DAPrick/LePAS/PuK@R seat won translate to a 3 : 3+MB : 4 distribution of the Exco seat???
    DAPrick have been telling the Chinese community that MCA have short sold the Chinese by not getting the Chinese what is their fair share. Now where is the fair share promised ???
    Every Chinese in Malaysia must demand to know where is their fair share for the Chinese with the deal DAPrick cut to form the Selangor government.

    • linpehkong says:

      Correcting mistake in the number of seats won.
      It should read
      How did a 15:15:14 — DAPrick/LePAS/PuK@R seat won translate to a 3 : 3+MB : 4 distribution of the Exco seat???

      • linpehkong says:

        Oops…pardon my counting. Me MCA prick can also make mistakes.

        Final tally DAP:PAS:PKR:MCA —:15:14:TELOK

        • linpehkong says:

          Oops mistake again (copy paste issue)

          Final tally DAP:PAS:PKR:MCA —:15:15:14:TELOK

          • Anonymas says:

            I bet there’s a backdoor negotiation for them to forfeit to PKR…just like in Perak (2008). Ngeh and Nga got land deals from Nick Aziz to pacify them.
            In Selangor, I think there’ll be more projects to give as ‘pacifier’.

            But you know, Azmin Ali is very unhappy with Khalid’s re-assignment as MB because he follows Selangor DAP’s orders like a peon.

          • anonymous says:

            like a peon….?


    • What Malays really want! says:

      What the Malays want is simple. Their land back that was colonised by the Christian Portugues then Dutch then Britain. So what do the Malays really want from the DAP Chinese.

      The Malays want the DAP chinese to leave the country. There is no two ways about it. For a better race relations we must reduce communist chinese people in Malaya.

      There are simply too many chinese in Malaya. In Singapore there are more chinese than anywhereelse beside China!

      That is simple what the Malays want. Chinese who voted DAP to leave. They should vote with feet, their money and their hearts.

      The DAP Chinese should leave the malays in peace to decide their future now that we are independent of the british.

      Read my lips. We dont DAP Chinese corrupt, greedy and dirty in Malaya.! Which part you dont understand?

      • Ramayana says:

        The part which contradicts your Indon or Kerala heritage…simple stupid.

        want to talk about rightful owners, give it back to the ORANG ASLI. You are also a pendatang like everyone else.

        the sooner your bean brain understands that, the better.

        • Ramayana says:

          Man, these cyberbeans are getting dumber by the day.

        • Ramayana says:

          How do you know it’s a donkey trooper wearing someone else’s nick? Easy: they just can’t help but use the words “mamak”, kutty” and other such racist terms that their mothers taught them.

          • Ramayana says:

            Pls ignore Ramayana 1.35 & 1.36…desperados Trying to throw a gauntlet…read my past comments on different articles and you will know how racist I really am.

          • Ramayana says:

            Hell yeah I am an ultra racist and loving it! Thanks, Cina.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good one my friend .

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the views given in the above post. Have only one comment to make for now:

    Regarding INFLAMMATORY anti-national dissent over social media –

    Until and unless the problems caused by the Opposition cyber troopers in the social media is effectively handled, the situation is not likely to get any better come PRU14.

    The wild and unsubstantiated allegations, the lies, deceits, slants and spins, as well as the slanders, threats and character assassinations – action must be taken on these. Both in terms of organizing effective counter-attacks, call it response in kind if you like, by forming an army of paid cyber troopers to deal with them day in and day out, explaining, blunting their accusations, guiding them into the right directions etc, as well as resorting to the laws now available to ensure the opposition cyber troopers play by the rules.

    I hope the new Minister of Communication and Multi Media will be pro-active on these. Merely reacting to what they do is not good enough. Think out tactics and strategies that’ll make us 1-2 steps ahead of them. True, it’s easier said than done. But the Minister and his staff are paid well and given big titles and all sorts of resources to do the job – TV, Radio, the Information departments, Bernama the national news agency, etc.

    They may begin with trying to get all Malaysians respect and abide by the Constitution of the country fully. It’s the highest set of laws in the country, all other laws emanate from it. Loyalty and patriotism to the country must be based on the Constitution. Start programs designed to raise the loyalty and patriotic consciousness of all Malaysians.

    • linpehkong says:

      Agree with comment.
      The government however have been soft in handling the issue for fear that the butt man will create chaos. If anything the government should
      a) Arrest all leaders involved in the recent rallies – they have no permit and they are inciting tension.
      b) Arrest the many Pacartoon supporters who were out there checking ID at the polling stations. Nobody other than the authorities have the right to ask for and check anybody’s ID. That bastard Ductor Ong Boh Kean Seow even accused that poor guy and is not apologizing. How did he check the guy’s ID?? The government must find out how they did it.
      c) This internet thing can come later – they have been given enough space to spread falsehood – let us have a turn at them first.

      • nizam says:

        The butt man ? …lol … that’s funny…

        You chinese?!? How am I suppose to generalise now … all chinese are ungrateful a-holes :

        Thanks. I think we have a future.

    • Ju says:

      Basically, not only the PR cyber troopers have to be reigned in but also the BN cyber troopers. I have not seen so much hatred and anti-Malay and anti-Chinese sentiments floating around in the past. The pro-UMNO bloggers e.g Outsyedthebox do have their points and a lot of these are valid; but they let their followers spew very vile racists comments that it makes anyone uncomfortable. I don’t believe for a moment that rationale people will think like that so I’ve concluded that the bulk of these are cyber troopers (presumably UMNOs & BNs) who are trying to inflame more racists sentiments.

      Government needs to take action and do it across the board.

      Before your followers jump in and accuse me of being a Pakatoon let me state that I am not a follower of either party. I voted for the MP I think was serving our community to his best ability; unfortunately he lost. I don’t hate my neighbors who voted for the PKR candidate. I accepted that this is a democracy and in a democracy everyone has a right to vote for the party they think best serves their interest. But all this post GE13 stuff i.e. the unnecessary rallies, the race baiting etc needs to stop or our country will never move forward. I foresee there will be another 5 years of campaigning and nothing else will be done whilst the rest of the world marches on.

      I’m not sure if you will let this comment through but I dhope so before sane minds need to prevail. In other pro-UMNO blogs they do censor the rationale comments (like mine) as these never get published.

      • Anonymous says:

        “I’m not sure if you will let this comment through but I dhope so before sane minds need to prevail. In other pro-UMNO blogs they do censor the rationale comments (like mine) as these never get published.”

        you’ve just revealed yourself as a covert Red Bean Army Trooper. you are becoming increasingly sophisticated. to the unsuspecting reader, you may sound convincing but as far as I m concerned, you are just another paid trooper of PR, but you are smarter than the uncouth one trolling this site.

      • A says:

        Giving some benefit of the doubt, I’d say you are new here, Ju. I don’t know how long you have been in cyber sphere. You don’t seem to know the action and reaction sequence, who started the vile language, rude and vulgar words, the wild unsubstantiated allegations.

        I’ll let it go for now, but if your next comments suggest that you are a DAP cyber trooper masquerading as an ordinary person (masqueraders and impostors often happen in here), I’d like to unload some vituperatives as well. You see, battle hardened fellows like us here all began with mild comments but switch to like-sounding mode to give the other side “a taste of their own medicine”. All the tested suggestions didn’t work for these DAP cyber troopers. You heard of the DAP Red Bean Army? We are not even behaving half as bad as them.

        Btw, have you tried submitting comments like yours above to the pro-Opposition blogs like Malaysia Kini, Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Chronicle and were they published? If so, some proofs like dates, time, subject matter etc?

        • Ju says:

          I like the way everyone who is not pro BN is labelled a ‘covert Red Bean Army” . To answer A’s question – no I have not submitted comments to Malaysiakini (don’t subscribe to them); I did try to make some comments on Malaysian insider (but did not get published) and I’m not familiar with Malaysia Chronicle.

          I’m sorry Anon of 10:57 am but not everyone is a hate filled cyber trooper. I commented on the pro-UMNO bloggers censoring my comments because this did happen to me when I tried to make some comments at Outsyedthebox recently and once or twice at the Unspinners. Probably, my comments were just not in line with what they were trying to get at.

          Oh well, but I’m grateful that Stopthelies let my comments through. Like I said I wrote because I am uncomfortable with what is happening and the filth that is being spewed all over the place. I do agree that the Government needs to come down on everyone (and not selectively). And if being a normal person who feels this way is deemed a red bean? green bean? or whatever bean than all this means is that each of the blogs is just preaching to their own gallery.

          • Anonymas says:

            I kind of believe you. Just like the first cybertrooper political blog Mahafiraun.com, attacking race and religion is kind of a cheap shot. Some blog admins don’t supervise their comment section.

            Among the examples:

            Pro Umno blogs: “destroy kafirs, down with chinese, down with america” etc
            Pro PKR blogs: “destroy najib, destroy rosmah” etc
            Pro PAS blogs: “najib is an infidel, we must jihad against him” “rosmah doesn’t wear tudung, she is unislamic”
            Pro DAP blogs: “Malays/UMNO are idiot kampung folk” “mamak kutty mahathir”
            Malaysia-today: “RPK you’re paid by UMNO-BN” “RPK you’re paid by PR”

            But yes, these people are trolls rather than people who post constructive comments.

      • Ramayana says:

        You got it the other way around, honey buns. Try and post dissenting comments on any of the pro PR blogs and see if any of them get through. Freedom of speech? Indah di mulut saja, uols. Even that high and mighty loony Haris Ibrahim, self-proclaimed champion of half boiled eggs, practices censorship.

        Pro BN blogs by and large are more adept at practising free speech: they just let dumb comments through so that it can be shat upon by the Rakyat. As it should be.

        • Ramayana says:

          And oh yeah, why do you think pro BN people first became racist? Tit for tat, it’s the basic laws of physics. They started pushing, and then they started elbowing, so we knee them in the groin. Looking for love in the wrong places, hey.

          • Ramayana says:

            And honey buns, did I tell you I am a not only a BN racist, but am a porno freak as well. Had you come here yesterday, I was posting all kinds of butt man jokes, making vile and vulgar connotations.

          • Ramayana says:

            Heheheh. Is it just me or is it kind of cool to have an evil twin? You know you’re making headway when cybertoons start to take on your nick. Barely out of kindergarten, these toons… dia ingat dia buat lawak bodo dia tu orang sakit hati. Heheheh. Dumb ass DAP father muckers.

      • A says:

        Ju at 10:43 am,

        Your 12:02 pm comment shows you are reasonable in your views and on my own behalf I’d like to welcome you here. But I would like to convince you with what I’d call “mainstream views” and set the record straight on a few points regarding the comments in here, in the hope of a more fruitful discussion for all of us.

        I maintain that the DAP cyber troopers started the unfair, wild and unsubstantiated accusations, rude words etc. They have in fact done that since several decades ago. Google “13 May 1969: A Tragedy, National Operations Council, October 1969” and you’ll find details of the kind of words and provocations they uttered and gesticulated that led to race riots of 13 May 1969. They have not changed much until to day. Until action is taken on them, it is difficult to fault the others who are often merely reacting to their acts and utterances.

        Yes, the hatred is there. Hence the more reason they must be reigned in. I’m pretty sure a reduction on their unacceptable words and deeds would bring a corresponding decrease – even voluntarily – on the part of others who have been largely reacting to them in the past.

        Good that you see the pro-UMNO bloggers do have their points and a lot of these are valid; but I wonder if you’d complain of “their followers spew very vile racists comments” if you have gone through sufficiently the comments in Malaysia Kini (I also don’t subscribe but the Google News headlines already give enough indications), Malaysia Insider, Malaysia Chronicle, Free Malaysia Today, Malaysia Today.com (the one without dotcom belongs to Raja Petra Kamarudin).

        It must be noted that the difference between DAP cyber troopers like the Red Bean Army and the others is that the DAP ones are organized, monthly paid (ranging from MR3,000 to MR8,000) and housed at the DAP HQ, Komtar Building 28th Floor Penang and at the Hotel Concorde, KL, according to a former DAP Youth activist – read what the guy writes in his own blog “SYA – The One And Only” (you can get there simply by clicking the name that’s listed on the right hand side of this blog home page.

        We should note that, throughout history, rational people did react to such nonsense as done by Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong. The world may not have been a democracy if they hadn’t. So, I would urge caution in putting “equal blame” on so-called UMNOs & BNs cyber troopers – none that I know of are organized and paid, and I wish UMNO/BN do organize and pay them to counter, legally, the DAP cyber troopers’ constant and never ending attacks). And doing so may be on the quiet, needs not be with the usual fanfare.

        Many of us in here share your views on voting rights. But we also have the right to denounce what is seen as an unacceptable voting trend – the Chinese abandoning the moderate MCA and Gerakan, and going for DAP, the party usually referred to as extremists, racists and chauvinists. In doing so, racism is further enhanced.

        I also like your statement on “all this post GE13 stuff i.e. the unnecessary rallies”, but, until and unless the Government takes stern and firm action, the race baiting etc will not stop. Our country will move forward but rather haphazardly, or at a speed handicapped by racism and the fear – however mute it may be – of racial flare ups and instability. Of course, with political instability, investment mood – both local and foreign – will dampen, the economy stagnates and we, as a nation, rugi tremendously.

        I think there is no question of your comment not being allowed through in here, as blogs like this one are non-moderated, will automatically publish all comments except perhaps the extremely rude, vulgar and provocative few caught by the automatic censor. There used to be more of such non-moderated blogs, including the pro-opposition Free Malaysia Today, but they ceased that due to frequent abuses. As far as Outsidethebox is concerned, one comment of mine about the definition of Arabs by one Professor was also not published during the kalimah Allah controversy, and I have ceased visiting there since then. It looks like such pro-UMNO/BN blogs not publishing certain comments may not be due to the political nature of the content but whether what is said touches the sensitivity of the blog owners – and it may have nothing to do with pro-UMNO or BN stance.

        I hope we would have an interesting discourse in due course. And of course, you might already have noticed the attempts by 1 or 2 who constantly try to distract readers from discussing the blog post, which are usually anti-Opposition. They often hijack the post discussions by throwing red herrings, putting in comments totally not relevant to the blog post, use vile language, rude and vulgar words, and/or masquerade or become impostors by using the names of other bloggers in here or elsewhere. There again, irked parties will naturally react and the blokes responsible (usually referred to as monthly paid DAP Red Bean cyber troopers) would have succeeded in distracting readers and participants of this blog. Of course a few like Lin Peh Kong has adamantly refused to be distracted, but I must confess being attracted to the “whacking of the DAP fellows” under such circumstances. Mankind would not have flourished these past thousands of years if such ills of society are not trashed prim and proper.

        I write the above in the hope of contributing in a small way to the creation of a better understanding and a more conducive atmosphere in which we blog in here.

        • A says:

          irrespective of the above, I still hate chinaman.

          • +++ says:

            In case you did not read my 3 pages of cocktalk, my real message was how in 1969, the DAP red army started posting all kinds of profanity on the blogs. When I was 2 years old then, it turned me into a racist.

            btw, the other reason I wrote 3 pages is because I get paid by the number of words I post. Cari makan.

          • Anonymous says:

            This impostor/ masquerader of blogger A wants to create friction among the races. He could be a small boy or an adult with childish mentality.

        • Ju says:

          Hi A, thanks for your response. Yes, I do hope that we can all discuss the issues in a sane and matured fashion. I’m not sure if the following A (@10.26pm) is you or just a clone; but if it’s you, then I guess you have your reasons. But for myself I try not to hate anyone else (although it is sometimes kind of difficult, cos we are all human).

      • TNG says:

        You could also try lowyat forum which is PR-friendly. If you happen to expose some wrong doing of PR, see what would happen and see which side the moderator takes.

        • Lim Lynn says:

          Low Yat Forum famous for Malaysian computer geek and online gamers. It’s a common knowledge they disagree with BN idea. So don’t waste too much time them later you being banned after getting into argument there DAP PKR PAS mistaken you say the truth to them.

  3. funniman says:

    DAP is a party who would want to win at all cost irregardless of consequences.
    They schemed by hook or by crook to win. They are not bothered if your mother kill your father type as long as they win. They started long term poisoning of Chinese minds that everything they earned belong to them and them only. They do not know anything about sharing and caring. Rather they couldn’t give a damn. They only see what is today and not bothered with what is coming tomorrow.

    How do they go about achieving it? How do they spread the lies or distrusts racialism? How do they create fictions between Malaysian Chinese and the Government? They capitalize on the NEP, the “unfairness” of policies, the education system, the corruption issues. But you need a mean of channeling these strategies.
    So far we have Cybertroopers – Red Beans on internet, facebook, blogs/ NGOs – Bersih, Suaram /Religious Groups – Churches /Media – Malaysia kini, Malaysia Insider.

    What I really despise is DAP pitted Chinese against Chinese, in this case DAP supporters versus Gerakan and MCA supporters. They went to such an extent that any Chinese supporting BN are running dogs to the Chinese society. It is racialism not only against other races but within its own race. That is what I call Ultimate Racialism.

  4. linpehkong says:

    That Karpala PuSingh guy is either getting senile or he thinks laws are crafted so that he as a lawyer can abuse with impunity.
    a) He is not threatening to sue Tunku Aziz for speaking the truth about the way DAPrick have been plotting to gain power. He figures if he threatens then everybody will wet their pants. I will like to see him sue Tunku Aziz.
    b) He also says that Tunku Aziz has no right to enjoy the pension due a retired senator because DAPrick made a mistake appointing Tunku as a senator. How stupid can he get. The pension is for a person who has serviced the nation – not for a person who served DAPrick.
    c) He also says that PM Najib must now deliver to Penang what was promised. As a lawyer he does not even understand the fundamentals of contract law. if one party does not deliver on their end – how or why should the other party deliver their end. How absurd can he get. If Penang is under BN, then every promise made will be delivered. Otherwise like the water problem in Selangor – the federal government will be fighting with the state administration on what it is allowed or not allowed to do.

    Mr Kapala PuSingh — you may be Chairman of a party who have managed to bluff a certain portion of the Malaysian community — but you cannot bluff everybody all the time.

    • A says:

      I like your point about contract law.

      Must be crazy these PR buggers. On the one hand Selangor MB Khalid etc says election manifesto is not a promise, but here Karpala Pusingh says DS Najib’s election promises must be honoured though Penangites don’t put BN into power in Penang.

      And right now I want the Sedition law taken against him bring results. I wanna see him taught some lessons. He won for Anwar on Sodomy II, it went into his head, I think. I’m also awaiting the Sodomy II Appeal hearing. And the gomen bring the case up to the highest court of the land. Anwar should be put behind bars again. He’s such a nuisance.

    • Ramayana says:

      Touche. It’s what happens when you put old goats in the seats of your political parties. UMNO dah reform. Pakatan is still talking and yapping and scratching their anus and sniffing it.

    • TNG says:

      From what I read on PR friendly Malaysia Insider, Karpal told Tunku Aziz not to expose party secret. Karpal did not tell Tunku Aziz to stop telling lies. Now that’s interesting because it indirectly told us what Tunku Aziz said are not lies. So in the interest of transparency, shouldn’t Karpal be encouraging Tunku Aziz to tell all? After all, DAP did shout about their CAT.

    • Lim Lynn says:

      Karpal Singh is not a graduate any famous Law University since he took law in jail. Possible he knows certain loop holes found in Law.
      1. Before Karpal Singh successfully sue Tunku Aziz; he needed to prepare emergency money to pay in case he lose the court case after the court in favor of Tunku Aziz.
      2. I remember Senators were picked by Yang Di Pertuan Agong through Prime Minister counsel. Pension is given for the amount of service done by Senator.
      3. How can central government deliver to state government which has chosen by DAP PKR PAS supporters that’s the core issue Karpal Singh has forgotten about his Malaysia’s History.

    • Aiya says:

      Not ALL lawyer know all the LAW…..

      Some lawyer know some law and he think he know all the law…

      When he open his big mouth….

      You know he is a LAWYAR BURUK…..

      • Aiya says:

        As of now I am not going to use “Aiya”…..

        Some idiot out there is using my NAME to confuse others…..

    • Biya says:

      I think linpehkong should be his GURU and teach HIM the fundamentals of contract law……

      Otherwise if he take up a case in the fundamentals of contract law in the court……

      He might turn the court into a CIRCUS…..

      • Lim Lynn says:

        If only honest and trustworthy Judge can realize Karpal Singh didn’t know the whole library about law; he should have kick Karpal Singh out of court since he learn law from prison.

  5. funniman says:

    The pressure is starting to pile on DAP. Suddenly the Chinese baby is entirely on their hands. The Ultra Umno are calling for boycott of Chinese goods and DAP is extremely silent on this issue. Then you have MCA subtly taking a breather from national politics by closing down its service centers and other coordination roles. DAP is going to have problems in filling up the vacumn to service the people. Adding to this fire, Tunku Aziz is spilling the beans and this is going to inflame everyone.

    • Anonymas says:

      About boycotting Chinese goods, it all started even before the GE – but from the DAP side. They shared and liked all these infographics saying DO NOT BUY UMNO-BN PRODUCTS saying that ‘buying these stuff feeds UMNO-BN’ which coincidentally are local made Malay companies’ products like bread, noodles etc. Back in 2008 there’s also a campaign in Penang saying “don’t go to mamak restaurant” as a reaction to the Indian Muslim community’s backlash against LGE’s arrogance (that time when they made a cake shaped like a human turd).

      An eye for an eye…

    • Lim Lynn says:

      Well, don’t worry about DAP since they have been doing this for umpteen years. Of course DAP PKR PAS doesn’t care 100% about Chinese business men. Thus, thanks to Michael Chong and MCA service centers actually they should take a break and allow DAP show their true colors. Nothing new under the Sun where DAP PKR PAS supporters have already been angry if you expose their fault.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This one is cut and paste from Helen Ang’s blog.

    The International Jew | Mei 19, 2013 at 1:02 pm

    the Chinese voting for the DAP in the recently concluded GE13 are not real Chinese. these Chinese are Cina Celop. they are not the real deal. as I have said so many times, on numerous occasions, these Chinese are the descendants of collies brought by the British to work for the white men. or another way to put it, the white man’s slave labor.

    in other words, these Chinese are not “proper Chinese”. they are Cina Celop. ask them what Chinese culture is, and if for instance, if they cannot name the titles of the 4 Books and 5 Classics of China, then its confirmation that they are indeed Cina Celop or Chinese wannabes.

    The International Jew | Mei 19, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    The Four Books 四書

    大學, 中庸, 論語, 孟子

    Great Learning, Doctrine of the Mean, Analects, Mencius

    The Five Classics 五经

    詩經, 尚書, 禮記, 易經, 春秋

    Classic of Poetry, Book of Documents, Book of Rites, Classics of Changes, Spring and Autumn Annals

    you want to know who is Cina Celop ? ask them what the above are about and if they can’t answer then they are Cina Celop. or in other words fake Chinese.

    have a nice day.

    • Aiya says:

      Oi you stupid or what?

      I am a Malay but also the celup type. You see, once we leave our motherland (you China, me Indon or Kerala for the mamaks), we have to blend in.

      now, its easy to test. Ask Mamak Kutty, our ultra, to speak a few words of Keralan or ask him about some Indian history, and he will say ” sudah lupa le”….

      Me to, sudah lupa ma…eh got benefit being bumi mah…got diskaun etc.

      So, similarly, the Chinese here also adapted ma

      • A says:

        Now the DAP cyber trooper tasked to cover his blog is masquerading as Aiya. The first few words alerady accusing people stupid. The damn bastard.

        When free I’d like to knock his head some more. For now let him roam a bit and face other members of STL community here.

        • Biya says:

          Let this IDIOT masquerading as Aiya…..

          The real Aiya is no longer interested in that name…..

          He is using a new name…..

      • Anonymous says:

        yet another red bean trooper masquerading as the real Aiya. how did I know you’re masquerading as the real Aiya ? here :

        “now, its easy to test. Ask Mamak Kutty, our ultra, to speak a few words of Keralan or ask him about some Indian history, and he will say ” sudah lupa le”….”

        see ? try as you may, but still, you can’t fool all of us all the time.

      • Anonymas says:

        Adapted? hahahahaha. You watch chinese TV show, listen to chinese radio, go to chinese school, befriend and hang out with fellow chinese people all the time in study and work, act and dress like mainlanders…what do you mean ‘adapted’? You DAPsters still think ‘dark skin’ = bangla, and you always use Western name after your family name. Why not use local name like ‘Kesturi’ or ‘Cempaka’ instead of ‘John’ or ‘Edward’?

        Shame on you guys

        • Anonymous says:

          that’s why The International Jew called these people Cina Celop.

          • Anonymas says:

            Peranakans are the example of Chinese community adapting to the locals. they’ve been in the straits since before the fall of Malacca. Compare that with urban Chinese nowadays, do they mix up and mingle? They are more likely to adapt the culture of their own original country instead. They choose to speak Mandarin even if their ancestors didn’t (hokkien, teochew lineage) isn’t that weird? Why? Are they still hoping that they can get back home and re-integrate with their motherland?

        • Ariadne says:


    • The Real Rakyat says:

      Anon 10:36

      Nice comment there. . Yours i believe in Helen’s blog if i am not mistaken la. . .

    • Ramayana says:

      Yawn. Cina celop as an excuse ey? What, 95% of the Chinese in Malaysia are Cina celop? Are there any non celop ones, or did Malaysia just luck out with the draw for international Chinese?

  7. linpehkong says:

    Now there is a DAPrick supporter faking me. But everybody know it is not the one and original Lin Peh Kong. No worries I never respond to pricks.

    • Ramayana says:

      The DAP kindies are getting desperate, dah tak de idea lagi how to counter. So they can only resort to what they know in kindergarten and what their mummy taught them. Good racists born and bred.

    • Lim Lynn says:

      Don’t worry limpehkong I can see through their comments when they masquerading as our real identity different email address can be seen by owner of Stopthelies.

  8. Anonymas says:

    Do you still remember that time when Ngeh Koo Ham called MB Zambry “Hitam Metalik” referring to his dark skin color (MB Zambry was raised in a fisherman’s family)

    He never apologized

  9. Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

    In Singapore, PAP closed Utusan papers.

    Now happening in Malaysia, DAP die die wanting to close Utusan papers too.

    So what can we infer here?

    What we can infer is:



    Nie dua-dua parti memang parti busuk hati. Sama pattern dorang pakai. I hope Malaysians wake up on time now.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The Chinese who supported DAPrick must demand to know why the Selangor Exco post is shared 3:3:4 with PuK@R also having the MB post.
    The state election was won by Pacartoon with DAPrick winning 15 seats. LePAS winning 15 seats and PuK@R only 14 seats.
    Why are the Chinese and DAPrick being cheated and the Exco position being shared so unequally in Selangor?
    Did DAPrick not promised the Chinese that they will be able to share equally?? Why does DAPrick not then also get 4 exco post like LePAS.
    This is a clear case where the Chinese are marginalized with DAPrick blessings. Every Chinese must be made aware of this.
    DAPrick have cheated the Chinese after telling them that as Malaysians if they voted for the opposition and DAPrick in particular they will get to share power equally.

    The Chinese are being sold out by DAPrick just so they can be in power.

    Every Chinese must be know and be reminded that they have been cheated by DAPrick.

    • Biya says:

      PuKi R got 3 + MB……

      lePAS got 4 poen……

      DAPig got 3 + Rumah urut + along + prostitute den + judi haram + arak haram den ++++++++………

      Tsunami cina got WHAT ????????…………

      PAKAI baju HITAM saja lah…… BODOH……

  11. Big Joe says:

    I would have thought that the home of the World’s biggest democracy, India, has more politicised issues than anywhere else. However, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is doing catch-up with India by doing nothing for the Malays, the Bumiputras, the Chinese, the Indians and all for 47 long years but only contemplated their navels, and now talk, talk, talk everyday. There will be a lot of talking till 2018 !

    • Biya says:

      They are the party of political salesman……

      They only talk..talk..and talk….

      And NO service rendered…..

      But the tsunami cina buy all their talk teresa cock….

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