Harga Terowong Naik Kerana Salah Taip


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  1. AnonKL says:

    Why do I get this feeling that Penang voters will kick him out of the state seat, and only send him to Dewan Negara?

    • Anonymous says:

      Even sending him to Dewan Negara will not be by Penang voters. It’ll be by his party – using the allocation made available for the Opposition party in the Dewan Negara.

      Many would like to send him to mainland China. Permanently. He’ll learn how to count there. Otherwise, boom, the firing squad.

    • Gwiyomi says:

      Penang does not need a BN puppet like Teng as we already have a sincere and honest CM in Lim Guan Eng who is leading Penang in the right direction. Penangites will have to distance themselves from BN Teng as he will have to work alongside with the extremist group Perkasa. Both Perkasa’s president and deputy president are also candidates in the GE, done with the instructions of Mahathir and approval of Najib. A vote for Teng is a vote for extremist Perkasa.

      • Anonymous says:

        your name is a Korean Doll. are you here to sell your services ?

      • JustTwo says:

        Putting both Perkasa ultra extremists i.e Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin as candidates for BN is such a such no no in this election that BN is no doubt heading for a wipeout among the Hindu voters. I wonder whether BN has any sense of what the voters really want other than to hand out government money and goodies recently and promising to do the same if they win. These two candidates will definitely put off a lot of the fence sitters and they will likely vote for Pakatan Rakyat. The more generous Hindu might forgave but they will never forget what he has done. Truly a big strategic mistake of BN.

        • Anonymous says:

          you coming here again to sell snake oil goes to show that PR has absolutely no chance whatsoever of winning this GE. truly a big strategic mistake by PR to send a cyber trooper like you here.

        • Jim says:

          Madman Zulkifli and Ibrahim Ali have been disgracing other religions and race every night in their small malay crowd in the kampongs.They are financed by SCUMNO.Both are snakes just like their boss Mahapenipu and Najis and cannot be trusted.

          • Anonymous says:

            and you are financed by the thieves of PR. its funny really that you have to come here everyday knowing that your comments will be repudiated by the other readers of this blog. but I guess as long as you are being paid, you will stomach all the insults thrown at you. after all its the money you are after. correct ?

          • A says:

            The bloke Jim is financed by thugs and gangsters.

          • Aiya says:

            Jim says:
            April 29, 2013 at 11:33 am

            WHAT you call this…….

            Demolishing Hindu temple……

            Destroying Hindu altar…..

            Stop Hindu bell ringing…..

            Stop Hindu praying after 6pm……

            Is THIS not disgracing to other religions ???????

            Use your conscience….not your heart….

        • A says:

          He “wonders whether BN has any sense of what the voters really want”. And he senses it by just putting his finger in the air, like checking which way the wind blows. And his finger is crooked, so how for him to know?

          He has no clue that the wind is blowing in BN’s favour now. Zul has been using Indian words when addressing the Indian audience all over the place. And the crowds are there wherever he went, impressed with him endearing himself with the Indian community.

          He has apologized again and again for what he said during his days with PAS and PKR, which promoted racism and extremism, he said. ‘Mannipom marappom’ (forgive and forget),” Zulkifli told the crowd, again and again … They come in numbers to hear him talk.

          The fler doesn’t even have to promise. The MIC leader with him told the crowd that he spoke with DS Najib and after 20 minutes the PM approved his request for funds for a Tamil school in the area. They are in the winning team la, Mister.

          • Anonymous says:

            and mind you, PR, whether through DAP, Pas or PKR, they have never apologized for any of their mistakes. this says a lot about the people in PR.

      • Jim says:

        Penang voters need to consider what is happening in Johor. The spectre of May 13 race riots is being raised yet again to scare the Malays into supporting BN. Voters in Penang and elsewhere in the country can teach Umno-BN a lesson not to ever manipulate May 13 again simply by totally rejecting Umno-BN. Penang has the best odds for making this happen as both MIC, Gerakan and MCA are already totally rejected. Now, only Umno is left to be rejected. Will our Malay brethren rise to the occasion and deal this death blow to Umno-BN to drive home the rakyat’s message not to ever again threaten the rakyat with racial violence? We can only bury May 13 once and for all if we bury Umno-BN. Penang can lead the way for all of us in Msia.

        • Anonymous says:

          and its really funny, hilarious that you continue to talk about May 13. we have all moved on. and you shout what ? Malaysian First yet you keep talking about May 13. now where’s your so called Malaysian First ? oh I get it. your Malaysian First is getting votes first right ? as I have said, we have moved on. you too need to move on. oh wait ! you can’t ! because if you were to abandon race based politics, your Chinese constituents will also abandon you too. after all the DAP is a Chinese party.

          • Aiya says:

            To BN it is Malaysian First….

            To PR it is Putrajaya First…..

            So Vote BN when come 5th May 2013

        • A says:

          It’s DAP that started the hate and scare campaign for this election. They have been doing it since the 1969 election campaign. That which caused the race riots of 13 May.

          Now the bloke talks about it again. When the post subject is about Lim Guan Eng tipu harga terowong Penang.

          I agree with the opinion that Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang are now losing confidence in winning Penang and Putrajaya. Anwar even spoke about being a teacher in France after 5 May. He said it a few days ago in Johore. He saw how difficult it is to win. They all are demoralized, to say the least.

        • Aiya says:

          We have been living in Malaysia under Barisan Nasional all these while in Peace and Harmony without Fear….

          Accept a few days before 13th May 1969…and there after for a few month….

          Malaysia was bless with having the forgiven Rakyat….So we are back to Peace and Harmony without Fear…..

          But in 2007 and peak in 2008 we are beginning to slowly living in Fear as the forgiven Rakyat slowly becomes unforgiving…..

          This is due to the hatred that is been implant into the mind and heart of the Rakyat by certain irresponsible leader who only dream of Putrajaya….

          The country now looks more like going to chaos….

          Now who is to be blame….definitely not BN, because BN never use violent in their approach….

          We must rewind back to 13th May 1969….to understand which party is having violent tenancy….

      • A says:


        You must have a blinkered eye to be saying you “have a sincere and honest CM in Lim Guan Eng who is leading Penang in the right direction.”

        You can’t read what STL put out in the post above? You never read posts – just read comments and start wanking away?

        Well, I got news for you man, or woman. You get wanked back for doing that.

        • Anonymous says:

          as I mentioned earlier, these wanks are too obsessed with Korean Pop culture that they are living on another planet. the named by him/her speaks volume of the person’s intellect.

        • AnonKL says:

          I tergelak besar when Gwiyomi said that LGE was sincere and honest.

          This fella must be blind, really really blind and stupid. Even blind people will not accept him to be in their circles.

          • Lim Lynn says:

            True about that he/she possible believe Lim Guan Eng best actor role too blind to see what’s behind the stage.

      • Dr. Rumah says:

        Whatever Gwiyomi! I think it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. You won’t be getting free UMNO protest votes this time. Nuff said!

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  3. linpehkong says:

    Love to see that day. It will come sooner or later – just leave it to that idiot, he will screw it up.
    Let the Chinese in Penang learn what he really is. They still think that his shit smells good

    • Anonymous says:

      They want to oppose simply for the sake of opposing. DAP has been like that on many instances. They’ll blame others even if the sun rises from the East.

      But the table has been overturned now. A few days ago Anwar became defensive. Saying in Johor people blame him even if Manchester loses a match. He is gobar. And gentar.

      Lim Guan Eng has been losing confidence in winning even Penang. He was over-awed by BN’s 3M – Money (donated by big businesses), Machinery for the elections and Manpower. He said so during his walk about at the wet market in Penang.

      Lim Kit Siang was losing confidence in getting to Putrajaya. He talked in Gelang Patah about a week ago of a new target for Pakatan Rakyat to be in Putrajaya in 2050 – “establishment of a Pakatan Rakyat federal government in Putrajaya Vision 2050”.

      Yes, it’d be only Senator Lim Guan Eng after 5 May.

    • Anonymous says:

      I urge everyone who are tired of the MCA print advertisements to boycott Rapp Malaysia for their fear-mongering ads from BN/MCA on mainstream newspapers. These racial fear campaigns are the biggest insult to the intelligence of today’s voters. It reflects the mentality and quality of the BN leaders. It has been exposed by Campaign Asia-Pacific that Rapp Malaysia is responsible for these advertisements. Rapp Malaysia is a part of Naga DDB Malaysia.

      Please sign your petition here:

      • Anonymous says:

        people must wake up to the dangers posed by PR, especially by the DAP. read this article below.


        come election day, we as responsible, peace loving Malaysians must :

        reject PR, vote BN and save Malaysia.

      • Aiya says:

        Why you FEAR if you didn’t do anything WRONG…..

        Unless you are the REAL culprit…..

        And the Advertisements speaks the TRUTH….

        VOTE Barisan National (BN) to ease your FEAR….

      • Bagan Ajam Kid says:

        The MCA print advertisements play on Chinese fears of PAS’ Islamist influence on the one hand, and Malay fears of DAP influence on the other, with the slogan: “A vote for DAP is a vote for PAS,” and vice versa.

        “The ads look like they are designed to cause anxiety and fear that the Chinese would lose their culture and education if they vote for DAP,” Masjaliza Hamzah, from the Centre of Independent Journalism (CIJ), told The Malaysian Insider.

        “There’s zero concept. Just accusations with no tact or respect. The ads are very patronising, an insult to the people’s intelligence,” said 32-year-old copywriter Kevin, who declined to give his last name. “They forgot the golden rule of advertising. No advertising can save a bad product,” he added.

        These racial fear campaigns are the biggest insult to the intelligence of today’s voters. It reflects the mentality and quality of the BN leaders.

        It has been exposed by Campaign Asia-Pacific that Rapp Malaysia is responsible for these advertisements. Rapp Malaysia is a part of Naga DDB Malaysia.

        Let’s ensure the clients from Rapp Malaysia and Naga DDB are aware of their agency’s irresponsible and fear-mongering ads for Barisan Nasional.

        • Anonymous says:

          the DAP’s silence regarding Hudud is proof that they accept Pas’ agenda. after all silence is admission. the same goes for Anwar and by extension PKR. they too are silent on this issue. again silence is admission.

          come election day, Malaysians will do the following :

          reject PR, vote BN and save Malaysia.

          • A says:

            DAP Johore Deputy Chief even asked non-Muslims NOT TO VOTE PAS. The Sundaily published it yesterday or so.

        • Aiya says:

          To ALL Malaysian NON muslim….

          When you are out of the mainstream government….

          You are out in the cold……

          Vote Barisan Nasional ( BN )….

          And you will be instreamed…..

          Think wisely for your future generation before you vote…

          The mistake you make this GE13 will have no return…

          You and your future generation will suffer for the rest of their live….

          Always bear in mind we are the minority we can’t revert the Constitution only the majority can….

          And once the HUDUD is implemented there will be no return becos the Muslim Malay are the majority….

          No Muslim Malay dare to revert HUDUD Law as it is against Islamic principle and doctrine

  4. Xiao Hoong says:

    Greatest Liar you can find anywhere in the world …trained by that Taiwan nincompoop now in jail for corruption and yet he accused the Kuomintang of corruption . Reading from Ah Bian’s script he’s also singing BN corruption and he will end up same as Ah Bian ko!

    • Anonymous says:

      Any proof of the Taiwan connection? Or just your wild imagination? Or the usual Oppo hippo wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegation?

      Aiseh, learn from STL lorr. He puts out the proof up here – don’t you see? Learn to do something like that, man.

      Wild accusations bo main here. Only Anwar Al Juburi (pangkat Mat Sabu beri) main. In the rear. And they call him the Rear Admiral (no offence to the Navy).

      • Aiya says:

        Anonymous says:
        April 29, 2013 at 9:40 am

        “Any proof of the Taiwan connection? Or just your wild imagination?”

        WHAT prove do you want ???????

        Video prove…..you say BESI…..

        3am in the hotel room with people’s wife….you say councelling….

        Big spender….you say sakit lutut

        Hentam peoples wife in the train….you say Allah forgiven them….

        So DON’t talk about PROOF……

        It’s HARAM for YOU to talk about Proof……

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      yes where is Rainbow by the way ? the election campaign is in full swing and she is like “where ?”. I thought she was supposed to be PR’s secret weapon ?

  5. Aiya says:

    I am so called accountant…..

    When come to accounting….

    I am number one……

    My finger is my assistant…..

    Whenever I type…..

    I always type wrongly…

    So don’t blame me for my error….

    Blame my finger…..

  6. Anonymous says:

    We, Malaysians should not allow Najib from diverting our attention. The ruling party have been in power for 56 years. In the last 30 over years, in fact since Dr M came to power, corruptions & abuse of power by UMNOputras led BN have become worse siphoning off Billions of Ringgits through their cronies. MIC, MCA & Gerakan leaders are also their cronies. Trillions of Riggits have been left the counrty, too. It is our duty to put an end to these abuses now. This can only be done through change of Government. Come what may on 5th May, let us vote PR to power to establish a 2 party Parliamentary system which provides the much needed checks & blances to minmize abuse of power & corruption. Forget about other matters brought up to divert our attention now including the so called independents who actually will be helping BN by spliting votes. From now on Malaysians should not allow any party to stay in power for more than 2 terms to prevent corruption and abuse of power from striking root.

    • Anonymous says:

      and yes. we Malaysians should not let a scum like you from distracting us. come election day, we must reject PR, vote BN and save Malaysia.

    • funniman says:

      Pleading for another term?? 2 Party system will work ONLY if you have a CREDIBLE Opposition. In this case, the Opposition is full of shit…they themselves cannot put their own house in order, full of infghting, etc. They made up phrases like “agree to disagree, disagree but not opposed” to hoodwink the people, what the heck is that?? Do they know what they are talking? Brain no engage yet?
      We do not need to run down the Opposition. They themselves are running down each another. Do you know how many PKRs are defecting? Do you know it is the DAP members themselves asking the Raayat not to vote for Pakatan?
      Enough is enough…I am just sick of all these wayang and promises. What we want is walk the talk. Tell the Pakatan supporters, if they do not know how to work, try copying Najib. At least that might help them to contribute to the people of Malaysia.

    • Aiya says:

      Anonymous says:
      April 29, 2013 at 10:56 am

      Can you tell me WHICH country in this WORLD got no CORRUPTION ????????

      It doesn’t matter which party or who rules the country……there bounces to be corruption…

      With the look of the composition in the Barisan Nasional and those leaders in Pengkhianat Rakyat…..BN is a cleaner party

      Write with your conscience…..not with your heart….

  7. Anonymous says:

    umno/bn claimed that malaysian are living harmoniously together but it is okay for terrorist group like perkasa spilling racist remarks on other communities on the pretext of defending malay rights. Sowing racial hatreds and go unpunished!!!. These racist policies have been so deep down that the roots are getting to rot. Their version of living harmoniously is that umno/bn can put down the minorities and the minorities should just take it. They still dont understand and get it. You heard non on this matter in their election pledges.

    • funniman says:

      Every party had racists. Those racists are gunning for political points. Why is PAS so adamant on HUDUD? Why is DAP so Chinese centered at the top? Why is Anwar having his favorites and family at the leadership core? Do you think Lim Guan Eng ever cared about the minorities like Indians? Do you think Ngeh ever bothered about the poor fishermen?
      Pakatan has only 3 component parties. BN has 13 component parties. Which one you think has a wider racial representation and consultation? Pakatan is only a cluster of bushes in the jungle. It will take time to grow and only when it become a tree, then you can say you have equal rights. For now, be happy there’s a shade provided by those giant trees.

    • Aiya says:

      When you talk about Racial……

      You talk about skin……

      When you talk about skin….

      You can only live with you own kin….

      We talk about Multiracial…..

      We call ourself 1 Malaysian…

      Vote BN to retained our 1 Malaysian….

  8. Ketuanan Rakyat says:

    We, Malaysians should come out of our racial outlook and look at real issues with open heart. The ruling party have been in power for 56 years. In the last 30 over years, corruptions & abuse of power by UMNOputras led BN have become worse siphoning off Billions of Ringgits through their cronies. MIC leaders are also their cronies. Trillions of Riggits have been left the counrty. It is our duty to put an end to these abuses now. This can only be done through change of Government. Let us vote PR to power to establish a 2 party Parliamentary system which provides the much needed checks & blances to minmize abuse of power & corruption. Forget about other things now including the so called independents who actually will be helping BN by spliting votes. From now on Malaysians should not allow any party to stay in power for more than 2 terms to prevent corruption and abuse of power from striking root.

    • funniman says:

      Is Singapore a good Government? It has been a PAP Government since 1965, do you think it should be changed? The Communist Party of China had been around since 1945. Do you think it should also be change so that it can become better?
      Think broad, think beyond and learn how to adapt.

    • Aiya says:

      Ketuanan Rakyat says:
      April 29, 2013 at 11:17 am

      Can you tell me WHICH country in this WORLD got no CORRUPTION and some abuse of power ????????

      It doesn’t matter which party or who rules the country……there bounces to be corruption and some abuse of power…

      With the look of the composition in the Barisan Nasional and those leaders in Pengkhianat Rakyat…..BN is a CLEANER party…..

      Write with your conscience…..not with your heart….

  9. Astro Awani says:

    With only six days to go before the ‘judgment day’ on May 5, it is believed that Johor Pakatan Rakyat has set a solid foothold in almost half of its 11 targeted parliamentary constituencies in the southern state and is moving aggressively in another five.

    According to DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, Pakatan needs to secure another 10 seats from Johor, Sabah and Sarawak each to pave its way to Putrajaya.

    The five seats are Gelang Patah, Bakri, Kluang, Kulai and Segamat, where Chinese voters form the majority of the voter base, ranging from 46 to 56 percent.

    Besides Bakri, which is the only parliamentary constituency won by the opposition in 2008, the other four constituencies share other several factors:

    High percentage of Chinese voters;
    Large population of urban middle class;
    Unprecedented mammoth opposition rallies in the past two weeks;
    Contested by heavyweight leaders who brought with them formidable campaign machineries.
    The formula is an open secret – that is to boost Chinese support to over 75 percent and retain 25 to 30 percent of Malay support.

    Should the current trend persists in the final week, MCA would be the biggest losers as it would lose three seats – Kulai, Bakri and Kluang – out of the seven seats contested, while DAP would be the biggest opposition party in Johor with four parliamentary seats followed by PKR with one.

    With Chinese Johoreans showing unprecedented support towards the opposition in the past two weeks, not only DAP campaigners, but their PAS counterpart too are also confident they will secure more votes from the Chinese, as many have openly shown acceptance of the Islamic party.

    Even Umno incumbent Pulai MP Nur Jazlan Mohamed (left) admitted that BN may face problems in maintaining its Chinese support.

    “The strategy of Pakatan is to weaken MCA, that’s why they have a very targeted strategy to send their big-name leaders to contest here in Johor and all of them contest in Chinese-majority areas.

    “We (Johor) will remain as BN stronghold but maybe with some worries in the Chinese-majority constituencies,” he told KiniTV last Friday.

    Even so, the ultimate battlefield in the final lap of this campaign is undoubtedly in wooing the Malay electorate.

    The Malay voters in Johor are not homogeneous. Their political inclination largely depends on three factors – the urban and rural divide, the opposition’s groundwork in the constituency, and age.

    From the various Pakatan ceramah held in Malay areas, it was clear that those located at urban towns received better attendance compared to those in rural Malay villages, and the participants were mostly youths.

    Most rural Malays met by Malaysiakini were comfortable with status quo and have little understanding about the opposition, especially DAP, while the urbanites and youths were more open to alternative information mainly due to the fast-growing Internet and social media.

    Wooing the Malays

    In some areas where the opposition has strong presence coupled with long-time service, such as the two state seats of Sungai Abong and Maharani held by PAS, the party managed to secure up to 40 percent of Malay votes, compared to the statewide average of 20 percent.

    Such areas are not that many in southern Johor where Pakatan is aiming to build a bridgehead based on the brewing ‘Chinese storm’.

    However, the anti-establishment momentum is quickly building up in urban Malay areas as observed in last night’s ceramah at Bandar Baru Uda.

    A crowd of 1,00 animated Malays had attended to follow the speeches of former Selangor menteri besar Muhammad Muhammad Taib, who now joined PAS.

    The modern residential area located in Johor Bahru is home to many middle-class Malays working in the city.

    PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub told Malaysiakini last Friday that his party is confident they have secured 33 to 35 percent of Malay support, close to their target of 38 to 40 percent.

    “We have seen the change. In the past we could not enter these traditional Malay villages and residential areas but now we can hold activities inside,” he said after being invited by a surau in Nusa Jaya to give a sermon.

    He said the party is eyeing three parliamentary seats – Pulai, Ayer Hitam and Simpang Renggam.

    Should the urban Malay electorate swing towards Pakatan, the coalition could bag another five seats – Pasir Gudang, Johor Bahru, Pulai, and Tebrau in the greater Johor Bahru area, and Muar in central Johor, making the total seats to 10.

    Although BN’s Johor Bahru candidate Shahrir Samad (left) is a well-known veteran, the individual candidate factor could be overshadowed by national issues should urban voters decide to follow the national trend.

    Muar makes it into the list as PAS has already built a strong foundation in the marginal seat which BN only retained with small majority of 4,661 and a vote split was observed in the 2008 general election.

    In the case that significant rural Malays also accept Pakatan, another three seats would fall – Tanjong Piai, Batu Pahat and Labis, giving Pakatan 13 seats, exactly half of the 26 parliamentary seats in Johor.

    Indian factor

    Labis stands out from the other two constituencies as Indians make up 15 percent of the voter base.

    Contested by an Indian candidate from DAP, ex-senator S Ramakrishnan (below, standing in photo), a swing in the Indian votes coupled with strong Chinese support would win him the seat which was held by MCA’s Chua Tee Yong with only a 4,094-vote majority in the last general polls.

    From the response of electorate towards candidates observed since the nomination, there is still a large portion of Malay voters who have yet to make up their mind.

    Hence political parties that can adopt the most effective approaches to engage and convince these fence-sitters would be the winners.

    Perhaps in view of this, Pakatan has been using different tactics in areas of different ethnicity.

    Daily mega ceramah featuring prominent Pakatan leaders or ‘political celebrities’ were a hit among Chinese Johoreans who even traveled far to watch their favourite leaders in Malay villages, crowding out the local Malay audience.

    A combination of different approaches was used in Malay areas that blended both national and local issues as well as personal touch.

    Besides walkabout, door-to-door visits and nightly small-group ceramah, candidates have been attending kenduri (Malay feast) and weddings during weekends where they can meet with many voters.

    However, some campaigners have started to question the effectiveness of the small-group ceramah approach as it has failed to attract non-supporters.

    “It does not make sense to do the same thing (small-group ceramah) repeatedly but hope to get different result.

    “Instead they should visit the warong (stalls) in Malay villages where residents gather and give short speech there,” a DAP campaigner in Tanjong Piai told Malaysiakini.

    Whether Pakatan will use more innovative and effective approaches to penetrate Malay areas remains to be seen.

    Meanwhile, the opposition coalition has also started efforts to call on outstation voters, especially those working in Singapore, to come home to voter, including buying newspaper advertisements.

    Not only returning to cast their ballots, Pakatan has asked these young voters to convince their parents to vote against BN.

    BN relying on tested methods

    On the other hand, BN has been banking on its tested method of organising free meals, cultural performances and community activities through local organisations, as well as giving out financial aides to consolidate its supporters from being converted by Pakatan.

    MCA candidates also held dialogues with local Chinese associations to convey their messages but such associations have lost their influence within the Chinese community in cities, particularly among the youths.

    Efforts were put in to emulate Pakatan mega rallies by holding ceramah but the response so far have been lukewarm.

    Pasir Gudang MCA division deputy organising secretary Tan Tuan Ping told Chinese daily China Press that the time of a mega dinner slated for Tuesday will be capped at two hours and the maximum number of speakers is five, to avoid the embarrassing scene of attendants leaving before the programme ends.

    Nevertheless, free meals and goodies did help BN to reach out to more fence-sitters.

    With the final leg of the race at hand, many wonder whether BN will use its old tactic of throwing in more financial incentives and raise racial elements to guard its ground.

    Umno has started to distribute leaflets accusing DAP and Gelang Patah candidate Lim of causing the May 13 incident while MCA has been warning Chinese voters against hudud laws and Islamic state through its daily advertisements in Chinese dailies.

    With all the uncertainties and the high number of fence-sitters among Malay voters, it is still too early to determine whether the political tsunami will sweep Johor, just like what transpired in Selangor and Perak in 2008.

    • Anonymous says:

      another cut and paste again ? what are these PR troopers doing ? they are so lazy. all they do is cut and paste. no wonder they are losing the plot.

    • A says:

      This is utterly stupid wholesale copy pasting of skewed reports and so-called analysis not based on reliable facts and information.

      Astro Awani is pro-Opposition, is it? Are they a part of Ananda Krishnan Astro Empire? The tongkat he got from BN. Like Robert Kuok sugar monopoly, Vincent Tan lottery license? And Syed Mokhtar too? But they are all appreciative of what they got and even reciprocated in several instances, don’t day.

      But does Astro Awani even have qualified and experienced analysts? Or just kedai kopi kind of thinking going into their so-called analysis.

    • Aiya says:

      Astro Awani says:
      April 29, 2013 at 11:39 am

      Do you think 100% of the chinese vote will go to Pengkhianat Rakyat ( PR ) ????

      Don’t be MORON….there are still quite a percentages of chinese vote that goes to BN….

      Do you think PR will retained all the seat they won in 2008 ?????

      Don’t be MORON….they will lost a big number of those seat….

      Be realistic….don’t be a MORON….

  10. Mangkuk says:

    Gave whatever fantasy arguments for the sake of to feel it better inside.

    You’re trying to push water going uphill. 2008 is vote swing when people disgusted with Dolah Badawi Tidur. Now that Najib take over the vote move back to BN.

    Never the majority vote on the blur collation which look unsettle and unregistered!

    First of all can we vote ex convict on abuse of power, Anuwar to be PM?. Not until we’re drunk or on drugs.

  11. true penang says:

    Kalau nak ubah, do it for something better…. If for Pakatan Rakyat, gosh, why the hell we bother to ubah cos the results gonna be disastrous….
    As i’ve said before, BN is not perfect but they are a lot better than the current alternative ie Pakatan Rakyat….

  12. Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

    Kalau gini macam, kalau cucu datuk ada kira salah atau tulis jawapan salah dalam exam, can I blame DAP or PAP for my cucu’s mistake? Ermmm, actually I can. Who taught me? Lim Guan Eng did after making a counting and typo error, he blamed MCA.

    So by all means I could blame DAP or even PAP? How about if those kedai satay or runcit salah kira? Oh yes, they can even blame DAP and PAP. Why? Coz Lim Guan Eng taught us to do so.

    • Aiya says:


      We don’t follow him….jahanan….

      We must follow our PM Najib….for kesejahteraan…….

    • Lim Lynn says:

      It’s better to have a government who have ethics, consulted rakyat for ideas, informed by what rakyat thinks, transparent decision making and accountability for the decision made.

  13. Anonymas says:

    Price rising due to typo? Oh wow. I can’t imagine if LGE runs a sundry shop. How to buy bok choy from him? When you turn around the price rises.

    • Aiya says:

      Price rising….

      Untung lebih loh….

      Accountant maaaah……

    • Lim Lynn says:

      In real business terms high price will prevent the customers from spending money there. Only if the customers were that dumb to pay that price…they will end up over their salary limit having to living from pay check to the next pay check.
      Higher taxes while Traitor in Chief didn’t care about for the citizens of America but he keep on play 120 round of golf and vacation around the world that’s what we expected future Anwar Ibrahim or other DAP PKR PAS President and Prime Minister using republic system. Just look at America Traitor in Chief Labor/Union/Democrat/Socialist/Communist/Anarchism. When Hostess in America who manufacture Twinkles were out of business because a single Union on strike stop the manufacture of bakery goods.

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