The Corrupt Saga of Lim Guan Eng’s RM8 billion Mega Project in the secret PowerPoint files – Exposing the Mega Cronies behind the scenes (Part 7)

Source: DAP Insider

Leslie & Company – the second component – The Red Rock connection

Lim Guan Eng first became the de facto Chief Minister of Penang on the night of March 8, 2008 when the DAP gathered in a hotel room in the Red Rock Hotel in Jalan Macalister, Penang to discuss what to do now that they have won the majority of the ADUN seats in Penang.

Red Rock Hotel was DAP’s operational headquarters and where the DAP war room was situated in GE12 in 2008.

It was in Red Rock Hotel that Lim Guan Eng “nominated” himself as the new Chief Minister of Penang and poor Chow Kon Yeow, the most senior Penang DAP leader was blindsided and caught unprepared for that shock and awe moment so much so that he could not voice any objection to Lim Guan Eng’s self-nomination and along with it the Chow was robbed of his Chief Ministership in Penang.

The owners of Red Rock Hotel are a couple of gangsters who have decided to go “legit” – be involved in business so as to gain respectability. And what kind of business do gangsters pick when they wanna go “legit’?

The construction business of course – Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping had his own construction company. So has his eternal gang rival – Tan Sri Lim Gaik Tong with his Farlim Construction. Goh Choon Lye had Penas Construction. Heck, even that criminal who changed his name to Dato’ Loh Gan has his own construction company. So of course, there was born the company called Red Rock Construction Sdn Bhd in Penang owned and headed by Penang’s very own yakuza gang – Loh Lam Peng and Loh Nam Seng. They are from the “Hung Mun Triad Society” – “Hung Mun” means “Red Door” in Chinese , all taking their influence from the fallen Ming Emperor.

They have done well and they have even established the Red Rock Group of Companies – many companies of diversified businesses – drugs, smuggling, gambling, bookies, extortion, black mailing, prostitution, vices, loan sharking, money laundering and now property development. Their hotel is actually situated at the junction of Jalan Macalister and Abu Sittee Lane where old timers would remember is the gangster haunt and territory in Penang and was even known in Hokkien as “Sam Seng Hung”. These guys Loh Lam Peng and Loh Nam Seng who own the Red Rock Hotel also runs the huge disco and entertainment centre in Abu Sittee Lane where the music pulsates from late night into morning hours.

They are also the top supplier of Ecstasy and Ketamine pills or also known as Happy 5 pills for those who want to “feng tau” and booze themselves crazy.

Then there are the girls and PROs and prostitutes that will conveniently snag their clients and adjourn to the nearby Red Rock Hotel for a “one shot” or overnight service. In the Red Rock Hotel, there are certain rooms available for “hourly” stay which comes in useful for such vice activities.

11These guys are now building their own condominium project in Penang – in respectable Logan Road, land and approval, courtesy of Lim Guan Eng, of course they are one of the original funders of the DAP in Penang and especially in 2008 in their successful assault and so now, it is payback time for them.

So certainly the payback this time will even be bigger with their involvement together with Low Eng Hock of Ivory Property to undertak the massive construction contracts in the mega-infrastructure and undersea tunnel project worth RM 8 billion.

No wonder, Lim Guan Eng is saying it is raining money in Penang – yes, it is indeed, for the Red Rock Group.


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26 Responses to The Corrupt Saga of Lim Guan Eng’s RM8 billion Mega Project in the secret PowerPoint files – Exposing the Mega Cronies behind the scenes (Part 7)

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  2. Zendra Bangsat says:

    Hahaha, anything newer than this?
    You seem to be writing the autobiography for Ong Ka Ting.
    Mistaken Lim Guan Eng as Ong Ka Ting kah?

    Come on lah, nobody will believe your fiction except your few idiots followers.

    • Impostor Bangsat says:

      No, only you are the idiot in here. And nobody believes whatever you say anyway. Dastardly act of masquerading endlessly. The worst form of being who masquerades and act as an impostor. In wars, you’ll be shot dead. On the spot.

      • Zendra Bangsat says:

        Masquerading? So you are the true Bangsat? The true Zendra, the Bangsat?

        Hahaha…. you can take back your Zendra, Bangsat!!!

  3. Zendra Bangsat says:

    actually BN is self imploding now. The sabotage actions from within BN are more damaging than anything, and that’s for real.
    Better take care of your own arse before worrying about others.

    • Impostor Bangsat says:

      Pkatan Rakyat has been imploding since long before this. It’s already in disarray. Lim Kit Siang ran to Gelang Patah, messed up and worsened the DAP and PKR endless fighting here.

      You need not take care of your arse. Anwar does. That’s the only thing he does.

      How you like my comment following your style? Nice issit?

      • Abda Barua says:

        Lim Kit Siang ‘ ran ‘ to Gelang Patah?
        hahaha.. what a joke!
        If that is the case, why mamak kutty afraid of the challenge?

        • Anonymous says:

          and why do you keep changing your names ? are you afraid that we will find out your real identity ?

        • Anonymous says:

          Eh, Anwar Ibrahim is also a Mamak lar. Mamak kutty mamak kutty.. Eh, Mamak are also malaysians ok! Racist bangsats! And you ppl wanna run the country?! Racial bastards.. Lim Kit Siang should have retire ler. How old oredi?? My wish is that the ppl of Gelang Patah will send him to retirement!

      • Anonymous says:

        his ass is for Anwar’s pleasure.

    • Da Vinci says:

      Who is self imploding lar? Out of 35 original founders of PKR, only 2 actually remain. So you are right, better take care of YOUR own arse before worrying about others. From the rate it is going, you wont even have an arse left. Please embrace reality. Barisan unwanted, stale leaders, if they want to go to PR- likes of Chua Jui Ming, Mike Tyson, Zaid or Kadir Bowtie.. they can all go lar. Because that is what PR is all about. Misfits, rejects, wannabees and irrelevant leaders. For those who wanna vote for the stale leaders, and listen to their grumble, go ahead lar.. birds of the same feathers flocks together. But you cant say the same for 35 of your founding members lar. If your vice presidents, secretary generals, political secretaries, aids etc were to run out in droves, how could you say they are stale and corrupted? If truly they are, then your whole party is a stale and corrupted party. The one that is not only imploding in within but has long imploded!

  4. AMLajim says:

    It may sound fiction to some, but Penangites will know better.
    It is no strange fiction that Triads thrive in Penang. In fact, Singapore, Penang and Melaka were very much under triad control from the influx of chinese traders and labour triads.
    Over the years, evolution has brought them to construction, but the hardcore ones cannot turn their backs on easy money via drugs.

    What Pakatan supporters fail to realise is that their ‘win’ in 2008 was fueled by support from within BN, where a lot of party members themselves voted the other way to send a strong message to Pak Lah.

    Pakatan wrongly construed it as ‘real’ support.

    • DAP CORRUPT says:

      True, Pakatan stupidly believed those fedap with Tun Dol at PRU12 genuinely supported them. Until noow, they have no clue about protest votes. Which could take the form of voting the Oppo hippos, deliberately spoiling their votes, or didn’t go to vote. They are living in a delusion of their own. Let them.

      But we know that many of those who were fedap with Tun Dol in 2008 have said that now that Tun Dol are no longer in power, they are coming back to the BN fold. Many have openly stated they would get back to voting BN at PRU13.

      Others, the ordinary voters – many have seen that PR is not an alternative in Malaysia. Just 1 year into power they already showed they were corrupt. Soon after that they showed having all the weaknesses they accuse others of. Cakap tak serupa bikin, janji tak di tepati. Those ordinary voters will not give their votes to PR at PRU13.

  5. Anonymas says:

    Red Rock Hotel would have been in a Gerak Khas episode, it’s a real gangster den. Wow

  6. Anonymous says:

    Who needs tunnel? Definitely not the rakyat of Penang. Must be the cronies for monies?!

    • DAP CORRUPT says:

      Agree with you. We need one set of secret societies, thugs and gangsters that will throw off those who protect the cronies etc from threatening others not to blow the whistle.

      Good that the DAP Insider is providing the leads.

  7. Abda Barua says:

    Semoga DAP pakai logo PAS untuk berkempen dan bertarung.
    Kasi hancurkan itu UMNO dan BN.

    • Anon says:

      Tak, BN hancurkan itu gerombolan Pakatan yang daftar pun tidak. Asyik tak setuju, mana nak boleh daftar.

      DAP pemimpin nak tipu ahli, ahli komplen kat RoS, sekarang pedas, bontot panas, gaduh tak habis habis sampai bontot melelas.

      • anonymous says:


        1) siapa jadi PM, kalau menang pun kita tak tau
        2) takada formal gabungan(yang memerlukan persetujuan undang undang gabungan)
        3) satu logo gabungan pun takada

        adakah ini
        agree to disagree?

        • Anonymous says:

          dah lama agree to dis agree – 2 kali meeting on hudud anwar pengerusikan pun agree to disagree.

          now nak tengok vast majority of rakyat agree to disagree with them. majority dah, rasanya, nak tengok vast majority pulak.

          • anonymous says:

            tengoklah nanti how they agree to disagree on the seats allocation

            ke disagree to agree

            whichever way

            save Malaysia
            ubah to BN

  8. anonymous says:

    its seems like a fad to support oppo for the sake of supporting oppo

    someone said its good to have two party system
    but somehow
    they missed the fact that the oppo is not of one party or for that matter even a legal coalition – just a bunch of different heads and minds or get together group for the main aim of removing the govt. And hence mind you, the purpose of them getting together is not for serving rakyat

    lets change for the better

    ubah to BN

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