The Corrupt Saga of Lim Guan Eng’s RM8 billion Mega Project in the secret PowerPoint files – Exposing the Mega Cronies behind the scenes (Part 6)

Source: DAP Insider

Who is Leslie & Company?

Many readers have been writing in to ask about the continuation of the expose on the Mega Tunnel project in Penang and so it is time for us to return to the PowerPoint files which we have exposed recently.

Remember this Powerpoint slide that is in one of Guan Eng’s most highly guarded pen drive?


So who is Leslie & Company? They have a 5% stake in the RM8 billion project and they are one of Lim Guan Eng’s favourite developers in Penang.

The first component of Leslie & Company is none other than Ivory Properties Low Eng Hock. Remember the man with the karaoke girls on his payroll to entertain government figures and politicians.


Low Eng Hock has a Datukship and through his honey trap of karaoke girls who double up as PRO, social escorts and prostitutes, he has a thick dossier on many DAP leaders and State EXCO members in Penang. Lim Guan Eng, Phee Boon Hock, Lim Hock Seng, Ng Wei Aik, Jeff Ooi and many others are all in that dossier.

Low knows which politician has screwed which karaoke girl on his payroll – who has kept the girls as their mistresses and who has just a simple fling – hoping to forget that occasional lapses of virtue ….but never forgotten by Low. Some of them, he has got videos and photos – all incriminating and useful and handy one day…


This is Low’s weapon of mass destruction against the DAP State government and he will use them to blackmail and keep the politicians in rein and ensure his continued prosperity. That is why Low has got the Bayan Bay property cheap and made him millions if not billions for Ivory as well as his own personal pockets – some of which of course went to Lim Guan Eng’s secret bank accounts in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Guan Eng has chosen the wrong partner to trust and this devil Low Eng Hock will surely haunt Guan Eng in the not too far away future when they fall out.

Meanwhile, of course, Guan Eng had to explain to the people of Penang to justify the tunnel project and the massive infrastructure project even though renowned town planners have already criticised the projects as not beneficial and utterly flawed.


But Guan Eng in his typical tokong arrogance style has dismissed such objections by the people of Penang as petty and stupid ranting which he will pretend to hear and engage but will actually ignore anyway since his mind is already made up and the “wealth creation and distribution scheme” already in place.

Guan Eng has justified it by rationalising that in any event, since the BN government is so corrupt, therefore it is not wrong for him to be corrupt as well. After all, we need the money to fight the BN and corruption is the only way – how else can we raise millions and billions to fight an election and win the seats for DAP?

Who’s gonna pay for all those DAP banners, flags, posters, UBAH toys, the UBAH lorries and buses, allowances for campaign workers, the food and subsistence and the travelling expenses in going round the country?


Election is always an expensive affair and we need to do this.

So who cares about corruption anyway?

Coming up next: The second component of Leslie & Company.

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25 Responses to The Corrupt Saga of Lim Guan Eng’s RM8 billion Mega Project in the secret PowerPoint files – Exposing the Mega Cronies behind the scenes (Part 6)

  1. ha ha ha says:

    Talk no use lah…let’s see videos and pictures

  2. ffd says:

    Has anything come of this series of exposes? Or is it just another wankfest for you assholes?

    • Anon says:

      They have made about 10 million Malaysians decide not to vote Pakatan you dunno ha?

      Btw, we certainly want to wank your asshole. Bole ka?

    • Anonymous says:

      That is the problem with Malaysians these days especially supporters of PKR. NO matter what sort of exposes revealed about the opposition. No matter what their leaders do, sexual acts, corruption and on this case a powerpoint indicating the corruption of Lim Guan Eng, they dont seems to care. They act as if it is ok if PKR does it. But when it has to do with BN, they will blow up in the online media like there’s no tomorrow! Come on , Malaysians, lets be fair and do what is right for the nation. Dont just support for the sake of supporting. If PKR and DAP claim to be on the higher moral ground than BN, then do not be double standard in your judgement. Be critical even to yourself! Else, dont preach what you have been preaching all these while. CAT my a**.

      • Anonymous says:

        this is what is known as being brainwashed. no point talking to these people. what we must do come May 5 is vote for BN to save Malaysia.

      • Anonymous says:

        sometimes those comments are not coming from the real person….if you know what i mean……their main mission is to tumble down BN gov..not because they are corrupted as the main reason but because the malays lead the BN as a whole…thats why when everyone reveal on how kotor they are..they cannot take it..

    • Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

      Al Juburi would love to wank your asshole. And I’m sure you would even give it to him as you love your asshole to be wanked by guys like him.

      • Anonymous says:

        you must tell him who Al Juburi is. apparently the cybertroopers employed by the DAP have no idea who this Al Juburi is.

  3. linpehkong says:

    Not in the least surprised. They preach that they are the only ones who are clean when they are just as dirty if not dirtier than the politicians who has been. Said it before and say it again, Just dont lie and preach that others are dirty and you are clean. Show the public that you can be trusted and that you can get things done. So far the opposition has done nothing for the public except moan, protest and oppose everything.

    • biaDAP says:

      linpehkong, you forgot one more point. Banging around with prostitutes, China dolls, undergrads, just to name a few.

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      of course they preach that they are clean. because when they say they are clean, very clean, they are telling us that they will “clean” everything they can get their hands on. that’s why we have Tailor Gate, Talam Gate, the land transfer in Kelantan, sand mining scandal etc. they “makan” everything.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So, it’s confirmed now that DAP is corrupt. Cakap tak serupa bikin, janji tak di tepati.

    No low cost houses built for the low income group in Penang. Lim Guan Eng doesn’t care about the lower income people. DS Najib promised 20,000 low cost units in Penang within 5 years if Penang voters return BN to power in the state.

    Wyjamoorthy of Hindraf said in the 4 states concerned, the Indians didn’t get even kacang putih.

    • Ivory Low says:

      Can UMNO still deny that they are Racist and Anti-Christian?

      Since UMNO de-facto Campaigner Dr. M has publicly declared that Malaysia need more of the idiot Ibrahim Ali, who is a racist through and through and an anti-Christian (he is the one who called to burn the Bible).

      Wake Up Malaysians ! We have had a traitor Mamak running this country and is now trying to make a come back.

      To continue his divide and ruin this country at the rakyat’s expense, especially the non-bumi and non Muslim Malaysians!

      Would the BN government dare to do anything ?

      Najib has no guts, BN have no balls.

      Wake up Malaysians if you want this country to progress and call it home!

      • Anonymous says:

        anti-christians? if the gov ever do that, there will be no church in malaysia at the first place..for god sake…pegi cari negara yg boleh jaga minority sama macam malaysia..go and find one

    • Lisa says:

      AGREE AGREE! Let UBAH Penang to BN. Save Penang ! Save our Penangites by giving them more job opportunities, rescue our free trade zone and affordable housing.

  5. Big Joe says:

    It is the same old Singapore story which is now replicated in Pulau Pinang. The more money you spend, the more money you make – to hell with the interests of the Rakyat !

  6. Anonymous says:

    guys you have to read this article, and watch the video. decide for yourselves what you must do on May 5. we must save Malaysia from the DAP !

  7. Anonymas says:

    Wow, Leslie has so many dark secrets…I wonder if he can turn against LGE one day, when he’s betrayed? A weasel entrusting a mongoose, in the end they will bite each other.

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