Anwar Ibrahim’s Lawyer Yuktes Vijay Spills More Beans

sodomy IISource: OutSyed the Box

Yuktes Vijay: The real story behind Sodomy 2 – Part 2

This article is in response to the claims of Dato Omar Abu Bakar in a video that was shared by Anwar Ibrahim on Facebook.

Why Anwar was in the apartment?

Anwar at various times claimed that he was in the apartment to meet some economists. However, none of these claims was ever substantiated. Not even one of the economist were brought to court to verify their presence with Anwar in court.

The truth is the defence council did interview 2 of the economists but they declined to take stand to support Anwar. Why? Were they really present there? Ask Anwar. This was indeed baffling as their evidence would have given Anwar a chance to prove to the general public that it was INDEED A BN CONSPIRACY.

Anwar claims he was set up but the question is what was he doing in the apartment? Typical Anwar. He puts the blame on one and all but fails to provide the sufficient and relevant evidence to come clean when he has the chance to do so.

Remember China Doll-Omega saga? If only he had shown his Omega watch or denied having one, he would not have the need to flash his tummy in every ceramah or press conferences to prove his innocence. Well, the truth is at that point of time, he did have a tummy which was carefully concealed by a bullet vest which made him look not having a tummy. How I know this? I should thank Anwar for the wonderful tea he served in his house on March 21 2011. What happened on this day? Google it up!

The landlord of the apartment

The landlord, his wife and 2 maids were brought as defence witness’ for interview in KL High Court. Even he declined to be a witness. Imagine this. I have a friend. He gives me his house to have interviews, talks and even negotiations with people but hesitates to take the stand for you. I overheard a lot of disturbing things during this course of interview. For the record, the interview with the landlord was the longest and yet he did not take the stand.

What was spoken here and discussed here? I am privy to the information but I am declining to reveal much for now as I fear for my safety. Not wanting to sound dramatic but I do know the amount of harassing calls I am getting every single day.

All information that I know with regards to the issues that I have highlighted here will be out in my final part. Part 3. I promise to release it on nomination day. Part 3 will include the real story of why the house owner hesitated, alibi list, Anwar’s flip-flop game with the defence counsels, and PM Najib’s name was brought in to smear his credibility.

Cukuplah Anwar. Stop lying. Please.

Yuktes Vijay

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62 Responses to Anwar Ibrahim’s Lawyer Yuktes Vijay Spills More Beans

  1. Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

    Wonderful!! Great job!! You are a good citizen of Malaysia. You should be awarded for bravery!! (Clap hands!!) Now, I hope u are fine and you must be careful of your surroundings as I fear for your life. May god protect you and bless you. We must together show Anwar that he is an immoral person and he is not fit to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have been hoping that Sodomy II Appeal Court would have sat before the elections. Don’t know how Appeal Courts hearings are scheduled by the Registrar of Courts. Does anyone here know?

      Maybe now too late to have any effect on votes running away from the Bontot man. But any reliable info from anybody would help widen our knowledge.

  2. linpehkong says:

    He (amoral butt man) is a lying SOB. How much more can one say. The thing that makes it hard to believe is how his supporters believe his lies. Lets wait for the spill on nomination day.

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      well, there is a reason why he’s called The Butt Man. now you know why. ha ha ha !

    • Equalizer says:


      His supporters did not believe his lies.
      They need his money to survive.
      The more he bullshitted, the more they ‘joget’.
      What’s important, they have money in their pocket.

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  4. AnonKL says:

    NST online reported that nomination day would be on 20-April and polling day 5-May.

    So, Mr Vijay. Pls publish the 3rd episode on 20-April as your said.

  5. Anonymas says:

    “a bullet vest”

    How…how paranoid is Anwar actually? Is he concerned of being shot/sniped?

    • Anonymous says:

      he is not paranoid. he is making up stories again. he will say this is yet another conspiracy by BN. last time, he went to the Turkish Embassy to hide his backside. maybe this time he will hide in the Australian High Commission. after all, his BFF is a certain Australian Senator, if you know what I mean.

  6. linpehkong says:

    His back was so bad that he could have died — Allah must have visited him in the night and healed him.
    He is traveling around the country and flying back and forth every place — like to the Philippines. Never hear anymore about his back after his release from jail. Bullet proof vest no use against cyanide poisoning — that is what he said they were doing to him in jail. With what he is doing he has to be afraid that the wide might poison him

    • Anonymous says:

      next he will say that Umno agents are everywhere. he has reasons to be concerned. the sex tapes. they could be the works of his own people. look at it this way. who will stand to benefit the most once Anwar and his family are out of the way ? speak of the devil. its the ice cream guy.

    • Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

      Talking about his “back injuries”, I’m a former cop, and I can say a bullet vest is extremely heavy and will put a strain on the back and shoulders alot. It is not advisable for people with back injuries to prolong usage. Even when I was in the Police Force, we do alot of exercise with the Vest and each time, our instructors will ask if any of us have any history of back injuries or not. If we have, we will be out!!

      But in this case, Anwar Al Juburi looks as if he is fit and strong. Unlike what he claims. Maybe you are right, he might had divine intervention from god hence his wife said it best. Anwar adalah “Anugerah Tuhan”. Hahahaha!!! Funny as hell!!

      • Anonymous says:

        who knows ? maybe he has a double. after all, he has said it many times that the man in the videos is not him. maybe the guy with the back problem is his double. maybe he has more than a double. maybe he has multiple men as his stand in. remember Agent Smith from The Matrix Trilogy ?

      • Khong Khek Khuat says:

        What type of back surgery did he do. He was seen wearing collar neck protection so i assume that he got Cervical Spine problems which can be simplifide as neck bone problem.So whick part of it C1-C7. What type of surgery done on him. Was it Minimal Invasive Surgery or Open Surgery. Laminoplasty or Laminectomy?.Any scars after surgery? If not go and ask him to fcuk himself.

  7. ExDAP says:

    This con man has been lying to malaysian ever since he got sacked. Remember his fake neck support and wheel chair drama, he removed them upon reaching his hopital room.

    This liar wants to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia! Oh! God forbids.

  8. International Jew says:

    this Yucks-tes is a SOB. Just like PPP & the Barisan Najis bastards here.
    For all of BN’s stealing, still insist of voting to the thieves.
    the real coolies of BN. a real born defect specie.

    BN specialize in creating stupid breed and hence much easier to abuse public funds and amenities. a classic example of the stupid breed is Perkasa’s members. To be a member of Perkasa, the minimum requirement is stupid and brainless, good for nothing except shouting.

    Dacing dah Rosak. JOM TUKAR !!!

    • AnonKL says:

      Is this what a comission of RM5.00/post yield?

      Tell your KOMTAR bossess, you need higher comission.

    • Cina Pandai says:

      After 5 years administrating Penang; Selangor and Kedah, may i ask you how many case of corruption or abuse of power expose by the Pakatan government. None. Did LGE manage to find file that implicate Koh Su Khoon of any corruption or abuse of power? None. Tan Sri Khalid in Selangor, did he manage to prove any Dr Khir Toyo corruption or abuse of power or even Azizan in Kedah for Mahadzir Khalid.
      Nope, so what the fuck are you talking about here. Why there is no single case find by them after 5 years to implicate them so that Pakatan can tarnish BN leaders badly.
      Jom TUKAR is actually used by UMNO Kelantan in their campaign there. Its not only Tukar but also Tua referring to Nik Aziz statement to lead until last breath.

      Go and ask LGE why he gave contract of 4 highway and under sea tunnel to one company only? Is the Bumiputra requirement fulfill? See who is smart now. lol. Even your Anwar is dumber than LGE.

    • Kuntakinte says:


    • kingston says:

      Are you an International Jew or JUST a kampung juices……your MENTALITY . is more like a LONGKANG juices fit for the DOG…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Nanti PAS pulas telinga kau, pedih melisat, International Jew.

      Nak cakap shalom pun dah tak larat nanti.

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      Hello Faker International Jew

      Regular readers of Helen’s blog will instantly know the real mccoy that is The Int’l Jew. . You on the other hand is a poor imposter with your weak command of English here. . . Plus your comments here unlike the real deal lacks oomph and pizazz.

      So DAP is this the kind of quality troopers you can afford is it?? May I offer my services instead?? My salary demands is not high only RM 25k a mth and I will gladly do trooping for you and quietly stab you in the back everytime. . Hehehe

    • anon says:


      Ubah untuk lagi buruk ke.?
      Ubah sendiri first lah

      Go higher with BN
      Achieve more

  9. Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

    Wow pakai nama International Jew?!! Nie DAP cybertrooper boleh tahan bongok!! The real ‘International Jew’ is known as ‘The International Jew’. And ‘The International Jew’ sokong BN!!

    Nie mesti sama orang yang pakai nama Helen Ang Abdullah. Pasal kalau korang type both name ‘Helen And Abdullah’ dan juga ‘The International Jew’ kat Google, tadaaa!! Keluar semuanya bocor rahsia DAP cybertrooper. My guess nie sama orang yang tak suka Helen Ang then pakai nama dia dan nama orang orang lain yang sokong BN.

    And Dacing tak akan rosak. Kau cubalah rosakkan dia. Dia tetap akan menimbang dgn effective. Bukan mcm Pakatan Rakyat yang ROSAK AKHLAK. 🙂

    • I.D.A says:

      Datuk kau belum mampus ke?

      • Orang Kampung says:

        Tak dia sedang sibuk tibai puk_mak ko

      • Kuntakinte says:


      • Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

        Kalau aku belum mampus macam mana aku tengah type apa yang aku type nie kan? Gila punya orang!! Checkmate diri sendiri!! This shows how stupid PR cybertroopers like I.D.A is. Just now, datuk pun dah pecah kan pasal modus operandi DAP cybertroopers that is a single person using very famous pro BN names to spread LIES!!

        Datuk tak terkejut if ada cybertroopers nak pakai nama datuk. Tapi style saya tetap unique dan selalu kepada kebenaran 🙂

      • The Real Rakyat says:

        Hello Faker I.D.A

        You are another failed trooper in another miserable pooping event. . Btw the real I.D.A is spelt I.D.A. Notice the dot at the end?

        In place of intellect replace with stupidity??
        Hello DAP can employ me or not?? I am very cheap only RM25K a mth and very effective too!! But I will stab you in the back all the time but not like Anwar style la. . Hehehe

      • Servant of God says:

        Seriously, they pay you to be kurang ajar and stupid?

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      Siapalah Helen Ang Abdullah ni yang nak bagi nasihat kat orang beragama Islam?

      Mungkin UMNO ke, BN ke, RTM ke, TV3 ke, IKIM ke, Utusan ke, Sinar ke, yang mengagungkan tulisan dan bicara Helen Ang Abdullah, namun kalau baca seluruh artikal beliau dari sejak bermula blognya yang dulunya Pro PR, hati masih berkata Helen Ang Abdullah ini seumpama beruk betina yang nak ajar kita politik dan agama. Belum sampai tahap lagi kot.

      Yang peminat setia Helen Ang Abdullah, berwaspalah sikit terhadap orang kiasu macam Helen Ang Abdullah ni. Dia kan masih DNA komunis Cina yang selalu diperkatakan orang UMNO? Apakah muslihat sebenarnya?
      Nama Helen Ang Abdullah tapi agama dia ” Buddhist “. Benda Allah jenis apa ni?

      Berpolitik? Jawatan? Pangkat? Habuan? Inginkan harta dunia?

      Fikirlah sikit Tok Guru tu pulak nak apa?

      Bandingkan dan jawapan tertera di depan mata.

      • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

        Once a Pas supporter, Always a Pas supporter.
        Ya Allah hancurkanlah benda Allah sebegini demi kebaikan umat, agama dan negara.

        Hidup PAS!

        • duluPas says:

          Tidak juga bro.

          Dah semakin ramai ahli tegar Pas keluar parti atau tidak lagi percaya dengan parti sesat ini sejak akhir2 ini.

          Saya sendiri tidak hairan apabila 2 orang sepupu yang saya jumpa kenduri ahad lepas, hanya beberapa bulan dulu sangat marah dengan Kerajaan, tiba2 beralih angin tidak lagi menyokong Pas.

        • Servant of God says:

          Parti Amat Sesat.

          Bila masa manusia boleh tahu Allah SWT terima sembahyang manusia lain atau tidak?

          Bila masa manusia boleh nak paksa Allah SWT melalui doa untuk hancurkan manusia lain?

          Bila masa manusia boleh tahu Allah SWT sudah ampunkan dosa penzina dalam gerabak tidur keretapi atau tidak?

          Sedarlah. PAS itu Parti Amat Sesat.

      • Equalizer says:

        Wah, sudah hidup balik kah ini Komtar troopers? Guna nama PPP lagi..ha.ha.ha dapat RM5/-saja. Minta boss bagi lebihlah, sudah dekat PRU, boss sudah dapat banyak wang dari luar negara.

      • The Real Rakyat says:

        Hello Faker PPP,

        We all know the real PPP’s style. . .And sadly you lack his style, presence and pizazz. . You are like the movie “Zoolander”. At first you think hey it’s a Ben Stiller movie so shud be funny but yet after watching it you realized why on earth did you waste an hour of your life watching that gaadawful movie. . . You are like tat movie

  10. 1 Malaysian says:

    In the past 4 years since PM Najib take over as the Prime Minister he had brought so many changes to the country. He is the Prime Minister for all Malaysian regardless of race as he put it we are 1 Malaysia.

    He fully understand that regardless of race in Malaysia, there are upper, middle, middle lower and the unfortunate as Malaysian citizen. He had put in place a policy whereby he cater for all the citizen’s need regardless of race and where their standing are as a citizen.

    Under him we the peace loving and right minded citizen were care for, from the very basic such as sundry, health care, education, transportation, employment, small business and international business.

    Within just 4 years he had done so much for us, I think we Malaysian regardless of race as PM Najib put it as 1 Malaysian should have a confident in him to lead us for another term.

    Trust him as he had proven to us that he can be trusted. He had prove it in his ‘Janji ditepati’. He had unveil his ‘ Aku Janji’ which means ‘I Promise’ instead of a (manifesto as a leader in Selangor put it as not a promise, manifesto bukan janji) to prove his sincerity and trustworthy.

    May God opens up our minds and heart.

    Lets us vote for him and his team in the Barisan National in this GE13 for our generation and our future generation.

  11. uStAz OrI pOnDoK says:

    SEMBAHYANG orang lePaS tidak mendapat PAHALA kerana mereka itu menolak dasar ISLAM…..

    …..lePaS menolak ALLAH SWT dengan SETUJU agama kafir boleh guna Kalimah ALLAH, mengatakan TUHAN pun menCARUT, dan memperlekehkan Nabi Muhammad SAW dengan mengatakan kalau di kampung orang pangil Nabi Muhammad SAW ‘budak MAMAT sahaja’…..tolak ALLAH SWT MAKNAnya tolak ISLAM….. dan kalau sembahyang tidak dapat PAHALA…..kerana mereka sendiri pun tidak tahu Allah yang mana satu mereka hendak sembayangkan….Allah yang satu satuNya ALLAH SWT ISLAM atau Allah yang mereka setuju boleh di gunakan oleh agama kafir….

    …..Boleh PAHALA apa kalau tolak ISLAM…..nak dapat PAHALA ikhlas ini bukannya senang…..

    …..Mereka itu sudah MURTAD kerana menolak dan memperlekehkan ISLAM…..MAKA kita boleh mempersoalkan sama ada mereka itu kini menganut agama Kristian, YAHUDI, atau tidak mempunyai agama……

    …..Dengan muka yang tak tahu MALU mereka berani menggelar diri Tok guru Agama …hakikatnya mereka ini cetek AGAMA….

    …..Mereka tidak boleh lagi DIHARAPKAN untuk menjaga agama ISLAM selepas TAHALUL SIYASI dengan biaDaP dan memperlekehkan ISLAM…..

    …..MARI lah KITA semua berdoa kepada ALLAH SWT supaya membuka HATI dan MINDA rakyat Malaysia dan TOLAK lePaS dalam PRU13…..


    ….Merenung renung lah sebelum kita menunaikan tanggungjawab kita di peti UNDI….

  12. Big Joe says:

    A Tan Sri once told me when I was young that if I told a lie and continued doing it, I would never be able to remember which I lie I told. And I would be easily caught lying.

    • Edwards says:

      The Tan Sri forget to advise that Datuk Seri about the same thing. That’s why this Datuk Seri always forgot when he lied about Saiful, Datuk Eskay, Omega and many more lies.

      We should honour him with the title Datuk Sering Lie Anwar.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have been wondering where did he got the Datuk Seri ,
        I know his wife got the Datuk Seri title for humanitarian work.
        did he got the tittle from his wife or else where.
        please anyone can tell when did he got ‘Datuk Seri’

  13. ExDAP says:

    The main contention of the coming GE is whether Malaysia is willing to have a butt-man as a Prime Minister and his cabinet filled with greedy, arrogant, power hungry men and women who are willing to lie and manipulate.

    These men and women willing to lie that the person in the controversial video is not their de facto leader and even lie to defend him with great loyalty.

    Because of this, these lying politicians will never have my vote.

    • linpehkong says:

      They are already doing that to try to win the election.

  14. AS I SEE IT says:

    All these are recycling of stale news.
    We all know the lies . Let’s move on.

  15. Big Joe says:

    You don’t ‘as I see it’. My late lawyer brother-in-law once told me, ‘ Lawyers can lie on either side.’

  16. Zendra Bangsat says:

    ” Kalau aku belum mampus macam mana aku tengah type apa yang aku type nie kan?Gila punya orang!! Checkmate diri sendiri! ”

    Siapa yang bodoh dan check mate sendiri ni?
    Wakakaka…… Bodoh…… betoi……

  17. Mangkuk says:

    I feel real funny on the sodomy 2 case judgement. It take too long with so many delay by Anwar and at the end the judgement it base solely on DNA but nothing on alibi. The question is what happen in the time when DNA is not available for example 1960? Case dismiss?

    Anyone who is lawyer here could explain why?

    • Anonymous says:

      What to me was haprak was the DPP who lost the case and not long later appeared as a defence counsel for the Bontot man in another case.

      Very much Anwar type, musuh dalam selimut masa dalam gomen, patut di sula.

  18. nahr says:

    Why does this Yuktes guy say he is Anwars lawyer?Sankaran & Nair have released statements that was only an intern/attachment student
    He is just boasting and lying to get publicity. What is saying is just gossip. In fact its nothing new Umno bloggers have been writing the same thing for along time
    Johari Abdul in his video explains Anwar’s alibi. See it for yourself in You tube.
    Have you seen photo of this yuktes guy he looks like a creep totally unreliable.
    Why waste time on this old case. What would be interesting is the AG opening Altantuya s case. Satu Malaysia wants to know why she was killed.
    Oh wait, we need a Pakatan govt in power for that to happen

    • Anonymous says:

      Naaaah, Pakatan will not be in power. The kind of traitors as leaders, endless quarreling within parties and inter-parties, so many issue unresolved, Hudud not even in the so-called manifesto, shit kind of manifesto, cakap tak serupa bikin, janji tak di tepati …….. the list is miles long.

    • Edwards says:

      “Have you seen photo of this yuktes guy he looks like a creep totally unreliable.”

      This is the typical dumb argument the Pakatan would offer. Go to court and then tell the judge, that guy looks like turtle, he is lying, this fella looks like omega, he is innocent. Did your grandma teach you like this mr nahr? Sheer stupidity.

      • Edwards says:

        “Johari Abdul in his video explains Anwar’s alibi”

        Well, that about sum up how naive you are. Anwar in his own china doll explains nothing eh?

    • Servant of God says:

      “Have you seen photo of this yuktes guy he looks like a creep totally unreliable.”

      I can say the same of Anwar Ibrahim, LGE, LKS, Nik Aziz.

  19. linpehkong says:

    The original Sankaran and Nair at the law firm – if they are still alive, have no time for the Ah Chi and Ah Chor personalities. They will only talk to the big shot culprit themselves if they are at all involved. They get the junior lawyer to interview the bit players. While Sankaran/Nair and the culprit themselves are plotting how to sleaze their way out of the crime, the junior lawyers are supposed to only collect evidence that supports their side of the story and DISREGARD evidence that is against the criminal. That is why you hire a lawyer for.
    This Yuktes fella never said he had evidence from the butt man — but he said that he interviewed the other bit players and has the juicy stuff that was supposed to be secreted and disregarded. If they were to offer these people as witness of if these people were called as witness by the prosecution, the lawyers will coach these witness what to say and what beans not to spill.
    Do have some common sense and use logic if you want to discuss with big boys. You are not in a kindergarten where just because you say it, you must be right.

  20. Big Joe says:

    A lawyer once told me that the backside type is addictive. Maybe someone can confirm this.

    • linpehkong says:

      Big Joe,
      How come always lawyers telling you stuff. You are mixing with the wrong crowd. But this one is true. Any taxidriver in Singapore can tell you that – just ask to be taken to Johore Road.

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