PR and the ‘Murtad’ Facebook Group

An Email in Circulation (authorless)


If you did not willingly join the Facebook group, “Murtads in Malaysia and Singapore”, why did you not remove yourself from the group earlier? Come on! We are Facebook users too.

Whenever you are added to a group, you get an email alerting you of your new affiliation. It’s the same with friends adding you. You know everything that happens to your Facebook account because the site will generate an email to let you know!! Why didn’t you remove or withdraw from the group before your name was publicized?

When a TV station highlighted this, you all hide behind the walls and got Tony Pua to call for the sacking of station staff responsible for the story. Not to mention the sob story about being a victim of malicious campaign. What a farce!! Unless of course, you don’t manage your own account or you disabled the notification function to stop knowing what happens to your Facebook page.

That’s even a bigger joke, because some of you are really efficient in removing / blocking Malaysians who asked you policy questions – which seemed too hard for you to answer.

Guess, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng learnt the hard way, as he can’t “remove” a dinner guest at a fund raising dinner who asked him a logical question. Lim could not even outline

Pakatan Rakyat’s policy and action plan if the coalition forms the next federal government. Shame, shame, shame! The so-called mainstream media didn’t publish that embarrassing episode and no one raised a single finger to accuse these dailies of unfair reporting / coverage?

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8 Responses to PR and the ‘Murtad’ Facebook Group

  1. ge5undhe17 says:

    “When I make a mistake, it’s always your fault not mine.” – any PR leader

  2. ML says:

    “It’s a conspiracy by UMNO” – any PR leaders

  3. CS says:

    First they were gagged, now their balls are withheld too…

  4. CHCh Group says:

    Who the hell is playing this issue up again?? What are the politicians using religion as a TOOL?? God forbid!!

    I’d rather Tony Pua does his job in Petaling Jaya Utara.

    • Politicalamity9 says:

      its not issue playing, just an issue of ‘why you can do it, but not others’ thingy.

      yes, ‘elected’ (i stress elected because by right they are suppose to respect us not the other way around) persons should do the job in making their constituencies a better place, not politicking all around. If like this my daughter also can be and ADUN/MP.. anything just say ‘conspiracy and what naught’.

      • Ubah & ReUbah says:


        I think constituents should write or email to their elected reps to let them know how disgusted we are with their political wayang. Some of these reps don’t even attend to complaints from their constituencies nor visit their electorates – until election!!

        I wrote to Tony Pua at!!!

        • Politicalamity9 says:

          honestly.. i dont even know or heard of Tony Pua’s name prior to 2008. well, maybe my cant be bothered attitude.

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