Papa Homo Attacks Gay Partner!

Source: PapaGomo

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24 Responses to Papa Homo Attacks Gay Partner!

  1. Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

    The Office Boys and Girls of The Butt Man. who are they ? how should we address them ? since to qualify as the office boys and girls of The Butt Man is to flash their backsides and do the moon dance, we shall call them The Moonies. yes, that’s right. they are Moonies. mooning for The Butt Man. mooning is part of the job interview.

  2. Anon says:

    For fark sake, this exconvict@papa gomo is idolised by so many umno goons.
    Real disgrace to the blue uniform people and Malay.
    But that’s BN culture, cheat, rob and lie, in the of god at times.

  3. Mangkuk says:

    Whatever. The video is him no doubt about it. Don’t vote for leaders whose hunger for boys, girls, man and women. He is fox actually. If he is PM under him first is not DPM but Gay Politburo.

    Furthermore he is a man of no party he is only proxy for his wife. How could we vote irresponsible guy when his identity in politics is blur. He is a man of no address.

  4. Anonymas says:

    “Kerjakan I”


  5. linpehkong says:

    Disregard those Pacartoon fools. No need to respond, they will not be able to make money and die a natural death.
    This Butt man is so good and natural in using his connections to lure the boy. And he dares to deny it is not him. I thought they say you cannot fool people all the time – but it looks like Pacartoon goons can, want to and will be fooled all the time.
    We would want to show some sympathy to those who are fooled and cheated by swindlers – but then again, these people can only be fooled if they are greedy – thinking that they are going to gain a lot if they invest their time in supporting Pacartoon. There is not need to sympathize with these people – these idiots deserve what they get.

  6. Brie says:

    Now we just need PapaGomo to keep pumping out all these photos and videos, so much that even Anwar’s wife regrets she married him………….or did she already.

  7. bronco says:


    I saw this vid. I don’t get why some say he ‘terkam’. At the end to this vid I saw him leave(as he said he as leaving) & the hph flipped to off (I think). No I am not a fan but curious whether ppl make stories out of nothin. Let me know.

  8. Joe Blow says:

    Anwar is a sex maniac, plain and simple. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot. You can have an HD movie of him screwing a donkey but Pakatan fools will still say it’s a “trumped up” charge by the Government and that his real stomach looks different.

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