Exposed! PKR Leader wanking away in office

Source: PapaGomo


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37 Responses to Exposed! PKR Leader wanking away in office

  1. Shirly says:

    Birds of the same feather flock together

  2. Anonymas says:

    Stroking the wonder weasel, in a den of weasels (PKR office). And look at that flag in the back, holy crap. What’s he doing in the office, overtime? And where’s his shirt? Does he go facebooking topless everytime?

    Looks like someone set him up (the woman) and baited him to turn on his webcam. This trolling style is so 2004, haha

  3. true penang says:

    Really crack me up big time…. Go PKR….. main belakang, ice cream, wanking etc……

  4. RD. says:

    That’s how stupid these PKR politician can get to be when sexually aroused. How can they be so stupid, wanking away, in front of a webcam some more. I heard he is also a womanizer. He doesn’t care whether the lady is someone’s wife or mother. This fits the traits of his Rear Admiral, exactly.

    You are right Shirley, “Birds of the same feather flock together”.
    What a bunch of sex craze politicians they are, flocking in this PKR (Parti Kongkek Rakyat) party.

  5. AnonKL says:


  6. hahahaha says:

    Hahahahah his serious face is so funnyyyyyy

    what a wanker

    Malaysia needs to have its own Datelline:To Catch A Predator show

  7. Servant of God says:

    Haiyaaaa… sapa laa sanggup tengok mamat nih buat. Mungkin ketua satu parti politik tuh stim laa tengok kan, tapi aku tengok sekelibat jek misai tu terus off giler…

  8. Datuk Aku punya Party says:

    PKR=Pakatan mata KeRanjang. In Malay it means, a group of sex pervetic peoples. 🙂

  9. Uncle Chuck says:

    And they say “Ingat UMNO ingat seks”. ha ha ha

  10. Kopi boy 3 says:

    kote kecik. lmao

  11. linpehkong says:

    Most Malaysians will understand and say that what happens in the privacy of the room is nobody’s business. I agree. By this expose it is hope that Pacartoon supporters understand that these so called Pacartoon so called leaders are no different from the men on the street or other party leaders. They will be corrupt, they will cheat, they will lie and they will do other disgusting things.
    They are not angels like they want you their supporters and followers to believe. Voting for them will mean voting for a bunch of inexperienced and similarly dis positioned characters. They do not have the experience to lead the country and they will still cleat, lie, be corrupt like some before them and will come after them.

    Example Low Gore Born – what has he done for his constituency? Even Lim Kitty Sang, what has he done for Ipoh Timor. And the minute they are in control, they lie, cheat, steal and rob you blind.

  12. I miss futsal, but I can’t play yet. Don’t want to aggravate my injury further.

    gonna write off my Writing Techniques assignment now.

    Note to self: Remember to only post aesthetically beautiful pictures on Instagram so as not to incur the wrath of @cheeChingy

    @JessicaChaw @hildamilda haha! I also want try do! We 3 do and see who’s cuter! On? XD

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  15. Tan Xue Ren says:

    Woke up too early, ended up too tired now. Can I date with Anwar Ibrahim, his is gorges!!

    Morning world! Collected my 1 Msia book vouchers without waiting for a long queue! #lucky #morning…

    I support Najib Razak, but scared of Rosmah. Her boobs so big, if I go have sex with Najib Razak, sure she will kick and molest me. haiz.

    Maybe I go to Khairy Jamaludin, the Rembau cow taikor. But he sure got cow smell. Yucks.

    At last, I will choose Chua Tee Yong. He very rich one, always get bird nests from China. He very rich also, sure good bapa ayam. Not his father, the disgusting white hair uncle.

  16. linpehkong says:

    By the way the cocky Tokong just said that he will challenge Teng in Padang Kota. What a cocky bastard. He thinks that he is so popular that he can walk over everybody and the residents and voters/worshipers will be stupid enough to vote for him. Padang Kota – Make sure you put him in his place. Vote against him.

    • Tan Xue Ren says:

      He so popular, sure Penangites will vote FOR him, not Gerakan. The Mr. Teng can just sit at one corner diam diam.

      DAP is the best party to run Malaysia. BN can just go to Thailand or Indonesia.

      • anonynomous says:

        sure or not…..

      • Datuk Aku punya Party says:

        Xue Ren so rude. Because of u badmouthing about other country’s. Confirm Thailand and Indonesia won’t like your kind of people. The DAP arrogant kind of people. Then when they search about DAP, will come to STL website.

        Thanks Xue Ren for making your very own and DAP’s downfall. In the next few hours a Thai or Indonesian will confirm read your post and will damn u and DAP.

      • whateverlah says:

        Watch out guys we have a cocky one here…only say good things about his tokong now!…he’s very good with Excel. Also he’s very good at counting billions, make no typos whatsoever.

      • Anonymous says:

        Waaaa, school girl Xue Ren wants DAP to take this country ah?

        Tatak boleh lah, my dear, lanti galoh lagi like race riots of 13 May 1969. The evidence that DAP caused the race riots are all in the White Paper entitled “13 May 1969: A Tragedy, by The National Operations Council, October 1969.” Just google those words and you’ll get there.

        Read history lah. But don’t rely on Wikipedia history coz any Ahmad, Chong and Thamby can write there and they write nonsense sometimes, the Editors always asking for proof, authority or sources of information they write in.

        Good that History is made compulsory in schools now. Everybody who claims to be Malaysian must know the history of this country, the circumstances of drafting the Constitution etc. So that people like you will not talk the way you talk.

      • Anonymas says:

        Does ‘popular’ mean arrogant too

      • Servant of God says:

        “DAP is the best party to run Malaysia.”

        Oh really? Sorry, but I don’t trust people who cannot even use Excel properly.

      • Servant of God says:

        Naik basikal depan tokong,
        Tokong berpelaster dahinya,
        Kalau betul nak orang sokong,
        Janganlah arrogant ngan manusia.

      • Lisa says:

        Since you are so for Developers Assn. Penang, please tell me what is T. Talk Kok, doing as an MP, when she does nothing for Seputah District.

        • Anonymas says:

          All she did was beg for money from the Fed Govt because “It’s the govt’s responsibility to help its people….taxes? Allowances? No, that’s mine, for my….projects”

  17. anonynomous says:

    ini semua conspirasi……
    adakah ini SOP defense?

    or throwing a non related baseless accusation
    adakah ini SOP distraction?

    • Anonymas says:

      nah, I’m thinking the internal struggle between PKR members who are jealous of each other’s nomination for PRU causing them to expose each other.

  18. Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

    PKR = Parti Kelibat Ranjang

  19. Anonymas says:

    So this bloke has been sacked from PKR by Wan Azizah. This is what he had to say:

    “Apa salah saya sehingga dipecat dari parti tanpa memberikan saya peluang untuk mempertahankan diri? Adakah salah saya melancap didalam pejabat saya sehingga menyebabkan pihak parti PKR memecat saya?

    Saya hanya melancap dan bukan saya melakukan kesalahan merogol ataupun meliwat. Ada pucuk pimpinan parti lebih teruk dari saya dengan melakukan seks luar tabii beserta bukti video adengan seks tetapi tidak dikenakan apa apa tindakan dari pihak parti PKR.

    Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim, YB Azmin Ali dan Yb Elizebeth Wong semuanya terbukti jelas melakukan kesalahan dengan bukti video dan gambar namun tidak dikenakan apa apa tindakan oleh pihak parti PKR. Apakah melancap merupakan satu kesalahan jenayah?

    Adakah kerana saya hanya berjawatan Ketua Penerangan PKR Cabang maka saya dijatuhi hukuman bersalah sedangkan pucuk pimpinan parti sendiri lebih teruk dari saya yang hanya melancap bersendirian. Yang duduk diatas kebal dari sebarang tindakan, tapi kita yang dibawah ini yang akan menjadi korban.”

    Welp. There ya have it!

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