These are Excerpts of the Interview Anwar Ibrahim had with BFM 89.9 – Are You Homosexual or Bisexual?

During the interview Anwar seemed to be perplexed and uncomfortable when asked if he was as homo or bisexual. He was also non committal and evasive.

No less than four times he was asked if he is a homosexual or bisexual. Please observe his body movements and his facial expression.

Reporter is BFM’s Noelle Lim (BFM)

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI)

BFM: There are liberal voters among us who can accept a Prime Minister that is homosexual or bisexual. But this is not acceptable among conservative Muslims. Are you a homosexual or bisexual?

DSAI: (shifts uncomfortably) Well…you see. They have tried and attempted, and they actually charged me twice. And there is not a set of evidence to support the argument. I am a happily married man with six children. So, the question is completely irrelevant.

BFM: Is it a yes or a no?

DSAI: Of course, when I said irrelevant it’s not. I mean, it should not be raised, look at the family. What is the basis? The basis is incessant Umno propaganda. And therefore I have to endure this question. It’s not fair.

BFM: So you are not a bisexual?

DSAI: No…you see…the..the…(stuttered) er…question raised is because I have been a victim of this malicious (unclear) attack for decades. All right.

Whether the person is bisexual or homosexual firstly is a personal matter, number one. Number two, you have to charge him or her, you have to portray evidence.

Ok, in my case, it’s… (stuttered) it’s absolute lie. and they are trying just to portray and they fail. And they expect me, I mean, I..I..I… (stuttered again) I am not also prepared to come for statement, you know, to condemn and castigate people for their orientation…

And this was attacked by Utusan, for example, per se and therefore I condone? NO. But I cannot take a position to condemn things that I don’t know. Unless, it is the public domain.

BFM: So the answer is no?

DSAI: Of course I made it pretty clear. (watch his expression when he said this…tongue sticking out and he seems uncomfortable)

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78 Responses to These are Excerpts of the Interview Anwar Ibrahim had with BFM 89.9 – Are You Homosexual or Bisexual?

  1. Ahmad Fadzil says:

    Confirmed dia ni bisexual….U tengok jer riak muka dia ni and gerak gerinya cuba mengelak daripada menjawab. Kalau bukan, jawab saja “NO” bila orang tanya 1st time jer. Buat apa cakap banyak banyak, cuba pusing pusing jer.

    • Zuki says:

      Pusing sini sana kerana tak tahu jawap.

      • Ular Sawa says:

        He is lying through his teeth. Once may be a fluke. Twice may be a case of bad luck. But over and over again?

        The reporter forgot to ask him if Wan Azizah is still keeping his missing watch. Wonder what his answer would be. Perhaps he will say Wan Azizah has been paid by UMNO to hide the watch at Bukit Aman for safe keeping.

        Funny but Karpal, Nik and Kit Siang will believe all these.

        • AnonKL says:

          I think Anwar would have gone ballistic if she had asked him where his Omega watch was. Actually I was hoping she asked him that question. But I guess she was told in advance what not to ask Anwar.

    • Equalizer says:

      He is father of all putar belit. Never will he answer a question directly, always try to twist around and hit back with sarcasm. Can’t even answer yes or no.

      A person with this type of personality is a very cynical, wry fox. He trust nobody and neither can he be trusted. He is ready to stab you from behind.

      Typical of most of his Pakatoon leaders, had been recruited and trained to be just like him.

      Good examples are Tokong Lim, Azimin, Tian ChuAh and the Ngeh cousins.

  2. Anon says:

    Patut tanya Hisapmudin. Dengaq cite dia biseks. Malam kerja hisap kat Jln Tar kot.

    • A says:

      Yang hisap tu kamu. Tahu “kerja hisap kat Jln Tar”. Jaga jaga, Mat, nanti kudis di bibir. Nak cakap pun tak boleh, lagikan hisap.

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      ah awak datang lagi ya. kenapa pakai nama Anon ? kan awak selalu guna nama Zendra Bangsat ? dah lupa ? atau dah keliru sebab dah terlalu banyak guna nama samaran ?

    • Anonymas says:

      No video, no talk. ‘Dengar cerita’ is not enough…I dengar cerita about your mom last night

  3. JasOne says:

    No. He should answer like the Apek – “Gua Tak Tau; Gua Nampak Lubang Gua Masuk”

  4. AnonKL says:

    He might have gotten some acting lessons from some third-rate Bollywood actor.

  5. A says:

    Oooooo, he stutters or gagap like Khalid Ibrahim, too. Always doing so many things wrong, so, jadi gagap lah.

    Yang “shifts uncomfortably” tu, sebab ada ayaq keluaq dari his “rear receptacle”. He probably had just had a session before the interview. He had a “quickie”, so, no time to drain the pus out before rushing to the interview.

    I hear he is the “you do, I do” kind. Taking turns. Depan belakang, offensive and receives. Dangerous bloke. Even his driver pun dia sapu. Two Sodomy I Appeal Court Judges had it recorded that he did sodomise, though his Appeal was allowed “on technical ground”.

  6. ED says:

    In this interview, Anwar is clearly not seen as the ‘Mr. Cool’ character that he so-famously portrays. Probably he didn’t see this question coming. But kudos to the interviewer coz she mean business, and she demanded answers..

  7. Don Qiuxote says:

    As most doctors will tell you, a homosexual has certain mannerisms, behaviour or body language which are inescapable to the trained eye !

    • Surrhead says:

      hi don, looks like i can’t comment much here as i am not a eye trained doctor on body language as all of you here….but i understand the agenda is concluding Anwar to be a hard core gay….and in this era, every man may have his say…..cheers…..

      • Anonymous says:

        Why are you cheering here? I tot you wanted to scram yesterday?

        • Surrhead says:

          Anonymous says:
          March 22, 2013 at 12:35 pm nameless……my cheers were meant to wish Don a good day…wow, didn’t except wishes to be replied discourteously….this shows bad upbringing BUT i shall not conclude as you just might have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today….

      • Servant of God says:

        Opinions are just that… opinions.

        That is until you provide evidence. When that happens, opinions become facts.

        Facts produced in this way will remain facts, even if there are people who refuse to acknowledge the evidences. How pitiful it must be to have to ignore evidence so that you could continue to support your leader.

  8. linpehkong says:

    He is clearly lying. I hope every Malaysian can see this character for what he is a deceiving snake. I cringe to hear him speak. STOP LYING. He said that he was a happily married man with 6 children. He is happy – but his long suffering wife is not.

  9. Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

    come on Butt Man. simple question. just answer yes or no. not difficult. why the turn here and there ?

    • Anon says:

      Dia takut nak jawab. Nanti orang PAS langsung tak undi dia.

      Sekarang pun dia dah gobar. Dah sana sini bertempiar. Nak tanding di Perak pulak aku dengar.

      Kalau tanding di Simpang Pauh, dia takut kena seliuh.

  10. Fak U PR says:

    I.. I.. err.. err… u knw.. heterosexual…

    look at my family lah.. zizah is happy.. nurul izzah is happy..!


  11. Anonymas says:

    “They have tried and attempted, and they actually charged me twice. And there is not a set of evidence to support the argument.”

    What the heck? There are tons of evidence and witnesses willing to testify. All of his closest friends know about his homosexuality and have been saying so since the 90s. Heck, Karpal and Mat Sabu knows, and the former even keeps the videotape of it. Not to mention that mattress in Tivoli Villa, the CCTVs, the recorded testimonies in the Islamic Council (watch them on AnwarTube blogspot)

    “What is the basis? The basis is incessant Umno propaganda. ”

    You’re wrong to think that your enemy is solely in UMNO, DSAI. UMNO stopped giving a shit about your homosexuality long ago, and the greatest enemies you have are within your own circle of friends, family, and party coalition members. Not to mention your former friends whom you betrayed and now are out for your blood.

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      someone should identify the guy in the pic of The Butt Man’s latest indiscretion. who’s the guy ? what’s his name ? that guy is not the first Jambu Boy of The Butt Man.

      • Anonymas says:

        Like what PapaGomo said:

        – The boy is 19, from Sabah, and is a uni student
        – Sex was consensual
        – boy was virgin, he screamed due to pain
        – after finishing, Anwar gave 300 ringgit “Nah, ini duit belanja untuk tampung pengajian you”

    • Servant of God says:

      Actually, MCOBA people are among those who know the truth.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not saying whether I’m MCOBA memba – this is Friday! (Pssst, have I said I am, in the past, hehe).

        But I know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – that sodokking and jambu-ing and wawa-ing is done at MCKK.

        Pengkhianat MCKK? No, this is a much bigger issue – PENGKHIANAT NEGARA issue. A National Issue, bradah.

        Must get rid of him from Malaysian politics, make him retire and does sodokking in US or elsewhere.

  12. Kopi boy 3 says:

    u ulang i saman

  13. RD. says:

    I heard The Rear Admiral had HIV already. He is on a medication on an expensive drug, imported from the USA. I hope that uni-student from Sabah had insist on using a condom.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was told of one MCOBA memba who died well before his time, his illness not clearly identified, like Sudirman the singer.

      He was the receiving kind. In a boarding school where they sleep in dormitories, sometimes two stealthily in one bed at night, it was said that boys did unto him in the toilet even during recess, consensual, apparently addictive, the poor fella.

      Are only the receiving kind afflicted with the disease? Is Anwar the receiving kind? Or both ways, as said above?

      God, have mercy on him if he has AIDS. But, politically speaking, let him kiok before PRU13. Niat jahat? Polictics, man, just ask Nik Aziz, Hadi, Dr Haron Din etc. Syurga pun di janji kpd orang depa, Neraka di syur depa kpd kita!

      • Equalizer says:

        Common, if he had Aids, he will blame UMNO and the police for infecting him during his time in the lockup. As usual, blame others for his misdeeds.

        Best is when he called an expert from oversea to give evidence that he can’t f..k like what Saiful alleged, as he got very bad back injury. Joke of the century. Can’t f..k properly? He can go around dancing when on his rounds of campaigning. What very bad back injury!!! ha..ha..haaa

  14. homophobic says:

    wow. that question came straight at his face! bam!

  15. Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

    Dia biseks atau homo ke yang penting apa dia buat nie adalah akhlak yang tak baik dan dimurkai Allah kerana dia telah berbuat seks dgn bukan muhrim, seks luar tabiah, seks sesama lelaki dan ini semuanya sangat dimurkai Allah!!

    Yang aku hairan sangat, Tok Guru N.ajis boleh tetap membela dan melindungi dia dgn berkata bahawa itu semua “hal peribadi dia, yang penting dia tu cerdik”. Aik??

    Gini macam kalau aku jadi wakil rakyat ataupun menteri, aku bolehlah main dgn perempuan lain, main dubur lelaki dan kemudian orang tak boleh mengkritik saya kerana itu semua hal peribadi saya, biarlah saya buat sedemikian. Yang penting saya nie cerdik dan menjalankan tugas dgn baik.

    Terperanjat aku dgr seorang Tok Guru, berprinsip sebegitu. Mmg harus DSAI dan Tok Guru N.ajis mengundur diri dari politik kerana kali ini, kita semua sudah tahu bahawa mereka nie adalah seseorang ketua yang tak bermoral dan berprinsip. Tak sesuai dan amat memalukan negara Malaysia nie kalau mereka jadi seseorang ketua negara.

    Vote BN!!

    Terima kasih dan tolong maklum. 🙂

  16. Duck says:

    Is he homo or bisexual ? I am confuse and I think he is confused too.

    • Gangnam says:

      He is not confused. He just not dare to admit.

    • Kopi boy 3 says:

      transsexual maybe? omg

      • Anonymous says:

        Excuse the ignorance –

        homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, transsexual, gay, LBGT –

        can someone explain what is what. Or which is which. Please.

        • Anonymas says:

          homo – you like people of same gender
          bisexual – you can go either way same or different gender from you
          heterosexual – normal people, who like ppl of different gender
          transsexual – acting or identifying yourself as the member of the opposite gender of yours
          gay – the male version of homosexuality
          LGBT – The promotion of the acceptance and lifestyle
          of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgenders

          • Anonymous says:

            Thanks, bro.

            So Anwar is all of the above except being a transsexual.

            But we don’t know if he has dressed himself as a female when alone, do we? Hehehe.

  17. Jack Lim says:

    I cannot accept him as Prime Minister. No gut to tell the truth.

  18. Lousan says:

    His body language speaks the truth.

  19. Tepung says:

    Can’t he just say no if the answer is NO. He is trying to hide.

    • Leon Sim says:

      Very obvious.

    • ani says:

      …..Its becos the answer is not NO….thus to answer NO its a Broad Daylight LIAR….and to answer YES its a Broad Daylight SUICIDE… better BLEK here BLEK there loh….pusing sini pusing sana…..sampai Kapal pun jadi Pusing dengan Si dia…..

  20. Strong Man says:

    Round and round and round and round and round. Still no answer from him. Can’t he answer a simple Yes or No question>?

  21. Sardin says:

    kudos to the deejay!

  22. akazukiichacha says:

    A simply answer will do – yes or no.

    As always Anwar beating around the bush when cornered for an answer. Typical.

    It’s not incessant UMNO’s propaganda, it’s incessant Anwar lies.

    Another give away is this > Whether the person is bisexual or homosexual firstly is a personal matter, number one….<

    Just come out of the closet Anwar, own it if you're gay. Own if your bisex. People would appreciate bravery and honesty more than cowardice closet gay/bisex politician like you.

    What is annoying about his sexual preferences is the fact the political image he's portraying – all sleek, clean, pious Muslim , Pak Sheikh leader yet hiding many skeletons in the closet.

    Just come out and say it for once, we (Malaysians) can handle the truth cos we have always known the truth. Face the music Anwar, for once.

  23. Cerdik BAng says:

    Papa Bisexual

  24. Datuk Aku punya Parti says:


    Tok Guru N.ajis have already said it clearly that its Anwar’s personal private life. What is important is that “he is a smart person”. Hence people have no right to attack his private life.

    So even if he is gay, homo, bisexual, nobody has the right to question him. As long as can can execute his job properly, leave his private life to himself.

    Tak sedar diri punya orang tua.

    • Khong Khek Khuat says:

      I agreed that its is his personal rights but he got 2 person who is accusing of sodomy. So why not give the 2 person their right also.
      If you’re a homo or bisexsual no one want to know. but if you Whacked someone ass hole without permission then thats criminal.

    • ani says:

      “Tok Guru N.ajis have already said it clearly that its Anu’s personal private life.”

      …..from your sentences it CLEARLY shows Tok bukan guru N.ajis knows who this so called guys is…..and all muslim and Tok bukan guru N.ajis follower should know what to do in GE13…..Selamatkan Islam… Selamatkan Malaysia….

  25. Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

    But in Islamic law, it is considered a sin to be doing all of it!!

    And we have an Islamic leader like Tok Guru N.ajis who said nothing to discourage it. Remember Tok Guru, he is a MUSLIM!! And you have to tegur him as a responsible MUSLIM leader not say it is ok as it is his private life as long as he is a smart leader and execute his role properly.

    • Equalizer says:

      That’s why I called Tok Guru.. NIK NAJIS. Why PAS people are not ashamed of such leader, I wonder?

      As a Malaysian, I felt so ashamed when Tok Guru, being a muslim religious leader can come out to support Annuwar with those words, and always sumpah sini sumpah sana on UMNO.

    • ani says:

      ….itu sebab ada video kat Sabah sana ada orang kata si tua itu sekarang sudah talak faham Islam….

  26. irfankhalid says:

    i like the straight forward question – bisexual or homosexual? this question itself put him into corner already..imagine if the question is ” are u straight, bisexual or homosexual?” what do you think he will say? — im sure he will say “am i straight” – so he can escape without denying that he also homo and bisex …i think BFM well prepared with the question knowing the type of anwar – the kaki kelentong..

  27. ExDAP says:

    As the song say….
    “You say it best when you say nothing at all”
    So its actually an admission that he is!

    First GAY Prime minister in malaysia.
    Malaysia Boleh!

    All this because those dumb fools in DAP and PAS only wanted to use him for his money connection and foreign mass media.

    • Aj says:

      ‘First GAY Prime minister in malaysia.
      Malaysia Boleh!’

      ……no…no…he didn’t deserve to be the Prime minister of Malaysia…..Malaysia don’t need such a gay to be PM…..he can be the President of Gay Club anywhere in US or Israel….

  28. anon says:

    his sexual orientation apart ,
    one thing that reflects his capacity and conscience to be PM – the 1997 economy crisis where the policies made were antithesis to development and business as well as rakyat.

    that’s why tak mau dia jadi PM

    choose wisely

    choose Malaysia

  29. Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

    Sorry to say this but if Malaysia chooses Anwar to be PM then Malaysia will have the first GAY PM in its history books. Then Singaporeans will mock Malaysia. Why? Coz Anwar first gay PM. Hence Malaysia boleh!! Semua pun boleh.

    Choose wisely Malaysians. Its not a very proud moment if foreigners were to know your leaders are an immoral type of person.

  30. Jijan Mali says:

    Dey A@@h@@e, just answer a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ lah. Why is that all the grandfather cock & bull story????
    Yes, I am a bonafide ass screwer bisexual. If the tree wear skirt, i will screw that tree!!
    No, I am a good husband and happy with my wife. No ‘kici-kici’ behind her back.

    Susah ke nak cakap macam kat atas tu, boloh punya olang….

  31. Anonymous says:

    Anwar: tonight? Mmmmm…. Homo.

  32. anon says:

    reminds of people whom would ask another question once being asked a question.

  33. linpehkong says:

    How come this Rear Admiral sues everybody for 100 Million. 100 Million from PapaGomo. 100 million from Utusan. Idiotic fella think that he can tikam. Kena one time he will be rich – the pacartoon lawyers are free anyway. However he has a better chance to be struck by lightning twice on the same day than to win any of the suits.
    Is his name in any sex offender registry in Malaysia?? In the US they have to advice all the neighbors if a sex offender live in the neighborhood.

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      he needs the money to pay for the GE13 and for his own personal use. speaking of personal use, personal expenses, you know what I mean………………..

  34. Anonymas says:

    Isn’t it ironic that this interview was posted on the PR’s official election blog

    Still no comments, though. LET’S GO, FELLAS!

  35. anon says:

    apa punya soalan… kenapa tanya home ke bi… cuba tanya homo dgn straight…. homo dgn bi tu dua dua pegi jawap ye ke tidak, dia jadi homo laa…

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  37. Joe says:

    He don’t have to answer that question. The question wast posed to him because of the accusation. So why he need to answer….

  38. Joe says:

    Why bother about his answer? He didn’t kill anybody. Let’s ask why Altantuya was murdered. Who gave the orders to kill her…

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