To Our Men in Blue

To our fallen heroes, Al Fatihah. To those who are still fighting for our nation's well-being and upholding the laws of our land, May God give you the strength to continue and may God bless you always. (Photo by Hussein Shaharuddin/The Mole)

To our fallen heroes, Al Fatihah. To those who are still fighting for our nation’s well-being and upholding the laws of our land, May God give you the strength to continue and may God bless you always. (Photo by Hussein Shaharuddin/The Mole)

Source: BigCat

These are tough times for our men in blue.  Their mettle had been well and truly tested these days, what with the yellow and green stupidities, not to mention the constant harassment from idiots of the political persuasion, and now the Tausug terrorists.

I guess it is fitting that my first posting as the new tenant at BigCat is about the much-maligned boys in blue, eight of whom died this week in the line of duty protecting our sovereignty from foreign terrorists.  My heart goes out to their families, wives and children.

To think that even with the recent sacrifices of our heroes in Lahad Datu, there are those who are still at it with their political crap and unpatriotic stance.  It is astounding reading some of the articles/stories in Malaysiakini and Malaysian Chronicles that I can only term as anti-government propaganda at its best, unpatriotic to its core.  Especially the chronic Chronicles.

I know that they are part of the opposition apparatus, but what I cannot comprehend is their complete lack of patriotism and support for our security forces, its like reading stuff from the Philippines perspective, the anti-Malaysian one at that, using unverified Manila-based rumors and such.  I will not link to them as a matter of policy, as I do not want to be responsible for directing any traffic to their trash.

After all the bullshit that they have been subjected to by the so-called citizens of this country who have been constantly deriding them, I can just imagine the kind of motivation the VAT69 and Special Branch boys have in making sure that everyone involved in the Lahad Datu incident is identified and justice meted.

For those who might have forgotten, or too young to know, these are the very same Special Branch unit which painstakingly tracked, profiled and then eliminated the communists way back then, and the very same VAT69 who did their jungle-warfare thing to completely shred the communists to pieces.  They are well and truly blooded.  To those Tausug terrorists and their supporters and abettors, you think you are gonna get away with the murder of their comrades this time around?

To our fallen heroes, Al Fatihah.  To those who are still fighting for our nation’s well-being and upholding the laws of our land, May God give you the strength to continue and may God bless you always.

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66 Responses to To Our Men in Blue

  1. Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

    Whatever our misgivings about the police force playing the lead role in the standoff should be set aside.

    VAT 69 was formed based on the British SAS model. They’ve earned their spurs in jungle warfare during the Emergency.

    As for the GOF, they were responsible for the large scale operations against CT in the 70s in Borneo. In the 80s, men from the GOF or Police Field Force as they were known then defended Sabah’s coastlines & islands from the pirates.

    Based on their operational history alone, they’ve earned the right to lead the operations in Sabah.

    I really really feel sad to see how some Malaysians slagged off our security forces. A number had even equated them with dogs.

    Where are those Malaysians who marched the streets for electoral reforms, the environment, Felda settler & a myriad of other causes? Where are those who claim to fight for their children & for generations to come?

    How many bothered to turn up at the airport to pay their last respects? Or at the funeral service? Or at the grave? And yet we are boastful of the fact “we were there at Bersih” where we wear the fact that we were tear gassed like a badge of honor. Badge of honor MY FOOT!!!!!

    Those men in blue whom you vilified, they stand in harm’s way not just for their children or loved ones. They sure as hell didn’t do that just because they were paid to do so. They did it for you & for me even if we don’t appreciate it. Even if the only thing we have to say to them are curses.

    It is time that Malaysians, especially those ignorant & ungrateful ones wake up & realize that all the comfort, all the peace & all the wealth a lot of them enjoy today was paid for in blood. It was paid by scores in the past & will continue to be paid by our women & men in uniform. A bit of gratitude would be welcome, if nothing else.

    They were never paid enough to put their lives on the line, but they did it anyway. And now, we as a nation can never pay them for having lost it.

    May Allah/God bless the souls of these heroes & protect all our nation’s heroes wherever they may be.

    • Calvin Sankaran says:

      So, did you turn up at the airport to pay last respects? ? Or at the funeral service? Or at the grave?
      If none then shut up la. Don’t talk cock!

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        I was at Subang airport on Saturday. And I attended the funeral service of ASP Michael Padel who’s a family friend. Were you anywhere?

      • Servant of God says:

        Who’s talking cock now, impostor?

      • Anonymas says:

        lol ownedddddddd

      • ExDAP says:

        Dear CS,
        Please dont stop opening your big mouth and keep putting your foot in it.

        Your constant harping of anti establishment is getting you no sympathy nor any new friends. In fact I think it has a very negative effects on all civil minded Malaysian.

        You are actually now helping BN.

        Thanks alot.

      • bourne identity says:

        Calvin Sankaran…i dont know if your mother realised that you were born with your cock jutting out your ass and your balls hanging from your cheeks but if you do not have anything to say good – just shut the fuck out.
        Or maybe you dont even have a mother or do not know who your motehr was or you cannot decide your mother is a pig or a goat…
        One thing is for sure…I knew the late Cpl Sabarudin..he was my junior in vat69.
        I wished that this was indeed a sandiwara…cos in a sandiwara, the dead will wipe out the make up and live.
        REAL men do not display their cocks or balls ….sick men display their cock jutting out their asses and their balls hanging from their cheeks.
        As far as Im concerned…anyone who fights for their country are the truest form of humans.
        Anything that is opposite…can only mean one thing….they do not even know or cannot decide how they born in this world.
        Majulah Negaraku…jika Kamu perlukan lelaki sejati untuk berhadapan dengan musuh…I will grab my old sand colour vat69 beret….and report to the nearest police station for duty.
        Anyone who harms my Malaysia and my fellow Malaysians will have to answer from me…
        but only malaysians who have their cocks and balls in the right position!

    • Equalizer says:

      To simply put it. These are the doings of Anuwari the arse digger and his stooges.

      Knowing his dirty style and evil connivances with foreign devils, I had said earlier that this is going to be a very dirty GE using all his resourses with the sole intention of grabbing power.

      From the comments of his stooges, the aligned portals, NGOs etc.. etc.. and especially the scum snake the Chua fellow, you can clearly see they were all planned to instigate the feelings of the people to hate and distrust the government and its armed forces.

      Why are their Pakatan leaders like Tokong Lim, Karpal Sick, LKS , Nik Najis, Hadi, Azimin etc…etc.. kept very quiet and never come out to support the morale of our fighting forces? Any good words from them? Shit, yes.

      Well, they can’t because they have colluded with the AlJuburi aka Arse-digger to create all these scenarios of disturbances.

      To the good people of Malaysia, wake up, kick them out this coming GE.

      As to the scums and the bad who had been receiving funds from AlJuburi, it is no use to ask you to wake up as you can sell your mother for 5 cents.

      • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

        simply rejecting The Butt Man and his gang of political frauds is not enough. we must also make sure that his butt f****** in the form of the NGOs and the alternative media are totally, I mean totally liquidated from our society. only than can we save our country Malaysia.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        James Bond, I mean Ngeh tweeted over the weekend to ask his Twitter followers to pray for the folks of Teluk Intan to be safe from “BN gangsters”.

        Check out his Twitter account. Not one tweet to ask his followers to pray for our security forces or for Sabahans or for Sabah. They either just don’t care or they just don’t give enough recognition or credit to the state, its’ people & our uniformed personnel.

        And going by how the cadres of vigilante hooligans act with impunity under the auspices of Great Leader Kim Guan Eng in Pyongyang, I mean Penang, Malaysians have a lot to lose if we put these ungrateful, arrogant & conniving lowlifes in power.

        • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

          and this James better pray that the voters in Beruas and Setiawan will give him one more chance to “serve” them. otherwise the voters in Beruas and Setiawan should “save” themselves from this James by ejecting him from their constituencies.

          • Hantu Pokok says:

            Don’t worry la. This James bought over the shares in Upayapadu Plantation Sdn Bhd in RM31.5 million CASH. And he was also alleged to owned 99.99% of the shares.
            A few months EXCO can buy RM31.5 million in cash already. DAP you talk cock only

    • Lisa says:

      As my brother who was in the US Army, says, “Freedom is not Free.” Someone has to pay the ultimate price for the freedoms that we enjoy.

    • Kamil says:

      Hisham must resign for the death of our policemen!

      He is useless!

    • The Real Rakyat says:


      My condolences to your family friend ASP Michael. I give my salute to tue brave men.fighting in Sabah and to those 8 men who have given the ultimate sacrifice that your sacrifice will never be forgotten and we the rakyat of Malaysia will stand firm behind you and we will never give even an inch of this land to anyone!

      Al-Fatihah and Rest in Peace to all our brave men who has passed on. Semoga Allah menempatkan mereka disisi org yg beriman.

  2. Calvin Sankaran says:

    No. I was in Miri.

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      Real classy mate. Bravo! Bravo!

      Accusing others of talking cock on presumptions & merely adding filth, bile, venom with nary a thought or conscience.

      An apt personality profile of PR supporters. In fact they should anoint you their official mascot. Hell, they should even make a soft toy of you to peddle the word “change”. Change to be an uncouth, ungrateful, unthinking, vituperating society whose only concerns are self possessed ones.

      • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

        he can say he was there and there and there’s no way of knowing if he was telling the truth. after all, if he can impersonate somebody else, chances are what he told you just now was also a lie, a big lie.

    • Anonymous says:

      You son of a gun I don’t think you were in Miri at all. Nobody will believe you. You are the anarchistic, communist type who masquerades as others, cheats, lies and makes wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations endlessly.

      You have the profile of a criminal. Not just a member of the political opposition but a criminal who not only breaks the rules of decency and decorum but also the laws on sedition and subversion. The ISA has been repealed but its replacement empowers the authorities to detain you without trial for 28 days. And I do wish you get that one of these days.

      You have not uttered one word of condolence to the families of the fallen heroes, have you. Not here, not anywhere. When the post talks about praise for those who defend the country, the first thing you did here was to question people’s sincerity in asking the wayward buggers to show some regard for those who died defending the country. Then out came the rude and vulgar words from your mouth. You are a scoundrel, a bastard, an ungrateful ingrate, useless and unwanted, inhuman, senseless, unpatriotic scum of the earth to the highest degree.

    • Anonymas says:

      hahaha tuduh orang lain tapi diri sendiri tu…

  3. Servant of God says:

    I could not hold my tears when I saw the photo of Mohd Akmaruddin Zulkifli, son of VAT 69 Commando Insp Zulkifli Mamat, one of our fallen heroes. He doesn’t understand what had happened, and he will never get to feel his father’s love again.

    Really, I wished that this is all something that is exclusively the fault of Kiram III, the false Sultan of Sulu, and his people. Yet, this Kiram could not even afford his own dialysis treatments. How could he have sent about 200 people in two big boats and a smaller one. President Aquino said that it would take about 100,000 pesos. That’s not even counting the weaponry they brought over. So where did he get the money?

    And then, I saw that, since 3 months ago, in his ceramahs, Anwar Ibrahim has been singing,

    “Tanya sama Najib,
    Kenapa ada goyang,
    Nanti jawab Najib,
    Sabah dah hilang.”

    For three months, in many locations across the country, Anwar Ibrahim has been singing that little tune of his, even asking the audience to sing with him.

    Does this mean that since 3 months ago, Anwar knew these intruders would be coming with their weapons and intent to kill? Did Anwar Ibrahim know three months ago that some children across Malaysia would become orphans?

    Did he know? Did he cause this?

    I am really heartbroken for the orphaned children. But, even more, I am filled with new hatred for those responsible for this tragedy. Ya Allah, give me strength and patience.

    • Anonymas says:

      Hahaha, yep I’ve seen the video. He has been saying that in ceramahs. What does hilang mean, ‘hilang’ to Pakatan? ‘Hilang’ to Autonomy? ‘Hilang’ to Philippine?

      Anyways, this fake Huguon Siou has an evil plan regarding Sabah. That video is enough as evidence against him. I hope it reaches the mainstream media and played at every news source, hahaha

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      The Chapel of St Mary where the funeral mass was held was packed with barely standing room available. In fact, the crowd overflowed outside. And this was at 7am, a full hour before it started.

      There was barely a dry eye in the crowd @ the Heroes Grave when the hearse bearing DSP Michael was brought in & the 2 bagpipers played Amazing Grace. You could hear some in the crowd singing along in choked voices.

      And when the Last Post was played by the bugler, many just lost control & cried openly. Even the Deputy IGP & the Armed Forces Brigade Commander were shedding tears. I sincerely doubt that either men knew the deceased personally yet their obvious despair & sorrow.

      And if there are Malaysians who cannot even feel a shred of compassion for these brave men, in spite of my anger, I feel a lot of pity for them.

      Their heart & conscience is so enthralled by their hatred, suspicions & preconceived notions that they’ve lost the ability to be human. At the end of road, all that hatred will eventually consume them & their loved ones.

    • PGayR says:

      Can you arrange a session when all of us can fuck his ass hole. Not my kote la but dildo

    • Lisa says:

      Please tell me why we got rid of ISA? I think that now would be the time to use it.

  4. Matahari says:

    Calvin Sankaran, if you don’t have anything nice or respectful to write or say, then just keep your mouth shut and your hands and fingers in your pocket, where they could have better use. In time of grief, especially when our national security is at stake, the least a citizen could do is to pray and not bicker and fight on the net like 5-year olds…Shame on you Calvin Sankaran! As a Malaysian I’m devastated to have breeds like you in our community. Just wonder what’s your problem and from what set of upbringing you came from? However, if you came from the Bersih fraternity, then I rest my case.

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      he is not the person he claims to be. he is an imposter. and he’s paid to be an imposter. speaking of Malaysian, I doubt he is a true blue Malaysian. he’s not a real man either. if he is a real man, he has no reason to impersonate as so and so. he’s a transvestite, a transgender. after all, his bosses are the patrons of the L G B T movement.

  5. ray says:

    May Allah place the fallen heroes with the faithful. May their wives, children, parents, relatives have the strength to find closure and carry on. They must know that rakyat are truly indebted for their sacrifice in the name of Malaysia’s defence.

    Let’s hope that the ‘hikmah’ behind this episode is that the rakyat sees the hypocrisy and the unpatriotic attitude of those treasonous apostates.

    • Servant of God says:

      I pray for the same.

      But, I am deeply troubled. I fear there will be more new orphans before this matter is resolved. Why do I say so?

      See, the mastermind behind this must’ve known that the Malaysian government would’ve exercised extreme prejudice in ultimately dealing with the intruders. So it would’ve been pointless to send intruders in, only to have them disappear after one assault. The government would be praised for its initial patience and later its decisiveness.

      The mastermind wouldn’t want the government to get praised. He would want people to accuse the government of being unable to handle the matter. That would be his opportunity to implore voters that the BN govt needs to be replaced.

      So, what will the follow up actions by the intruders be? I think it will be more bloodshed.

      I hope I am wrong in this. May Allah SWT protect us all.

      • ray says:

        I watched TV1 last night when Tan Sri Musa Hassan, ex-Malaysia’s Inspector-General of Police gave very good suggestions for continuous defence strategies.

        Let’s hope the defence ministry takes up all his suggestions. They should also recruit him for assistance and put aside all personal considerations.

        • A says:

          Missed that one, ray. Cd you pls give some idea on what he proposed?

          • ray says:

            I hope I can quote accurately. He mentioned a strengthening of coastal defence as he predicted that this episode will not end early as the two countries are just 30 minutes away.

            He also said that news for dissemination to the rakyat must be precisely sieved. Necessary news for safety purpose must be given immediately while sensitive news that may jeopardise military operations must be canned.

            He also agreed with another panelist that the psywar amongst the rakyat has to be carefully monitored.

        • A says:

          I hope this piece of news (below) is true.

          If so, I’ll go by whatever decision the authorities make on the ceasefire order. Note that they have broken our laws, very serious ones affecting our national sovereignty and territorial integrity. (High sounding words that I read somewhere but I think they mean hell of a lot).

          MANILA, Philippines – The Sultanate of Sulu on Thursday declared a unilateral ceasefire on the hostilities in Sabah where its followers are engaged in a standoff with the Malaysian security forces.

          In a statement read by the Sultan spokesman Abraham Idjirani, Jamalul Kiram III said his decision was made after the statement of United Nations secretary general Ban Ki Moon, urging an end to the violence in Sabah.

          “The Sultan is calling for a unilateral ceasefire of the Sultanate of Sulu effective this hour, 12: 30, in order to reciprocate the call of the United Nations to preserve lives.

          • Servant of God says:

            Waa… this guy trying to sound like hero, being the first one to lay down arms ahh?

            Pegi mampus laaa… if he really wanted peace in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened.

            Now he drags UN into this, as if Malaysia is the one that saja2 oppressing them.

            I don’t trust this fler. His tactics smell so much like that bontot man’s.

          • ray says:

            Based on his previous arrogance, I surmised that he KNEW his men were defeated. Which is why he now humbly requests for ceasefire.

            To help save his face, he credits Ban Ki Moon.

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            After all the grandstanding, arrogance & bravado, now offering the olive branch? And in the next breath said he isn’t giving up on his claim on Sabah.

            Well, them aliens are just criminals as far as our forces are concerned. Now that they are flushed out & cornered like rats they “offer” a compromise? Shove it!!! I hope our boys are gonna hunt them down like the gutter rats that they are.

            Anyway, didn’t the not-so-lovely “princess” Jacel claim to have spoken to uncle Aggy yesterday? Uncle Aggy must have had his phone service disconnected as he ran out of credit. Or maybe he just can’t find a power point to charge it.

            Ceasefire & be in defensive stance? Dream on along with your dreams of being a real Sultan!

          • Anon says:

            Malaysian Insider CLARA CHOOI
            ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR say it better –

            KUALA LUMPUR, March 7 — The Sulu Sultanate today called for a ceasefire as more of its soldiers fall from gunfights in Sabah, promising that its army will lay down arms and take on a defensive stance if Malaysia’s security forces agree to do the same.

            According to a series of postings on Philippine news network ABN-CBS’s Twitter page this afternoon, the Sultanate’s spokesman Abraham Idjirani told a press conference in the Philippines that the call for a ceasefire was to avoid more bloodshed and “crimes against Filipinos” in the conflict zone.

            “The call for ceasefire is in view of deaths of followers in Sabah,” Idjirani said, adding that the call was effective as at 12.30pm today.

            Idjirani said the Kiram clan, who this morning said they have not heard from their army in Sabah since yesterday morning, hopes Malaysia will heed their call for a ceasefire.

            On this rare case, I want to give some credit to MI lah.

          • ray says:

            Anon March 7, 2013 at 4:26 pm says:
            On this rare case, I want to give some credit to MI lah.

            MI is not the first and only news bearer, why give them credit??

          • Anon says:

            Because MI angle is better – ceasefire not because of UN advice, but because the Suluks ramai mati, the brader not heard on the phone since yesterday.

            Clara Chooi surfed on Philippine web sites and found those reasons. Nicer to hear those reasons as Malaysians – dia orang Suluk intruders sudah terkentut and longgar lutut kena bom from the air.

          • bourne identity says:

            so sorry you sultan scumbag….the bad news is that my old unit is doing the ” tapping ” approach now…. tap..tap..tap on the left chest and youre history.

  6. Jamal says:

    Has Jakim issue fatwa for Malaysian police and soldier to kill muslim terrorists?

    • Servant of God says:

      Now you’re just being stupid. Your idea is idiotic in so many ways, I don’t even know to begin.

      Suffice to say that as the authority in this country, the government is free to have its armed forces to deal with intruders how it sees fit – Muslim or otherwise.

    • Aj says:

      …Why is this Jamal fellow so BLOODY STUPID to asks such a BLOODY STUPID question….if an intruder enter your house with a gun to kill you…. would you ask him did Jakim issue any fatwa…ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha….BLOODY STUPID Jamal….

    • Anonymous says:

      No, and neither has Jakim issue any fatwas for Malaysian judges/polices/prison wardens etc. to execute Muslim criminals.

      • Servant of God says:

        Because it is not necessary. As far as Islam is concerned, it is the prerogative of the government how criminals should be dealt with.

  7. HardCore says:

    In Honour of Our Fallen Heroes

    Arise ! Arise ! Arise !
    My fellow country men and women
    Unite ! Unite ! Unite !
    All ye Malays, Bumiputras, Chinese, Indians and all
    All ye Muslims and non-Muslims
    To sweep these murderous intruders in jungle green or
    Tuxedos armed with AK 47s or paper arrows
    From our beloved shores !
    We must repay in kind !
    Were they the victims of unbridled greed for power
    Or a quirk of historical fate ?
    Let no barnacles grow in our hearts !
    Let our compassion flow in a flood !
    Let loose our heart strings !
    Let our tears flow freely !
    From our hearts and minds
    In their honour !
    Arise ! Arise ! Arise !
    My fellow country men and women
    All ye Malays, Bumiputras, Chinese, Indians and all
    All ye Muslims and non-Muslims
    Unite ! Unite ! Unite !
    For our fallen heroes
    We all salute you !

  8. Aj says:

    This bloody bastard sultan TIRAM III suku……who he think he is to called the shot…..when M’sia govt want to negotiate……he insist to fight….. now when get cornered he want a ceasefire after killing 8 of our warrior ….our great warrior should keep fighting them till none of the tiram III suku is in our land…..May ALLAH Bless Our Great Warrior….

    • ProBN says:

      I have just watched a video by YB Zulkifli Nordin where he said that he was given the opportunity to see pictures of the VAT 69 heroes who were killed. The dead bodies were mutilated….their eyes were dug out, bodies slashed and one was even decapitated….all this AFTER they were dead. The Sulu “lanuns” are the lowest scums on this earth. They do not deserve any mercy. I urge the government to ignore their call for a ceasefire (that Sulu bloke has no moral grounds to negotiate, after all he rejected the govt’s earlier offer). Blast them to smithereens!!!!

  9. ray says:

    Well, this unfortunate episode is being CLOSELY watched by many quarters:

    1 Is Malaysia really pro-peace at all costs?
    2 Is her battle-readiness up to par?
    3 Is her defence ministry capability matched to her neighbour?
    4 Is her rakyat solidly behind the ruling govt in spirit and actions?
    5 Will the heroic deaths of 8 security personnel divide or unite the rakyat?

    This may prove to be DS Najib’s greatest challenge. Prayers for him to have the intelligence, wisdom and strength to do the best for Malaysia.

    • A says:

      Txs for the info at 3:10 pm, ray. Also concerning your comment at 5:20 pm above, here are my views:

      1. The Sabah Claim issue will not end for a long, long time. In fact, I cannot see if it could ever end at all.

      2. The Sulu heirs will multiply over time, scores if not hundreds will want to claim being the rightful heir and declare themselves Sultan – aren’t there some one dozen or so “Sultans” already, the last one being a Sabahan installed as “Sultan” and now living in one of the Sulu islands?

      3. The heirs will want money, the mothly RM5,300 “cessation money” is pittance, and Jamalul Kiram III, who claimed to have sent his brother and loyal followers to Lahad Datu, describes himself as “the poorest Sultan in the world”, is living in an old 2-storey house in a poor area in Manila. If not him, some others would want to go on an “adventure”, trying their luck at getting financed for a “land reclamation” project in Sabah. Piracy and cigarette smuggling into the Philippines using fast boats called “kumpits”(?) have been a long-time occupation for the Suluks, many of whom have also been pirates even before American rule, their present-day descendants are not averse to promises of land etc in Sabah.

      4. There are always vested interests who would fiddle with the Sulu or the Sabah Claim affair for one kind of gain or another. Remember, Nur Misuari, the founder of the MNLF, has been living in some comfort, funds from Libya etc in the past – and nobody is saying if he is paid either by one or both countries for the peace achieved during President Fidel Ramos’ time.

      5. Philippines politics are such that turn coats, changing sides, shifting positions have been rampant since over 50 years ago. Foreigners have described the Filipinos as having been corrupted by 400 years of Spanish colonization and 50 years of American Coca Cola-ization. Even now, there are politicians in the Philippine Congress who speak for the Government to pursue the Philippine Claim to Sabah, for one reason or another, not the least of which is for political capital.

      6. Geopolitics now are such that even the US is just “browsing around” for a “pivot” in this Asian region, China is flexing its muscles over the islands that Japan, the Philippines and others have been claimin. We the small states in Asean are not in the calculation at all as far as military strength is concerned, either vis a vis China or relative to one another. A scramble to arm ourselves will get the US, Britain and other arms suppliers restrict our purchases even of spare parts. So, strengthening ourselves militarily will be a futile exercise. No deterrent factor, only the ability to hold on against foreign invasion long enough until the US or UN can come to our rescue.

      7. Therefore, the only logical stand Malaysia should take is the maintenance of friendly relations at all times – through Asean, which DS Najib is doing quite well. The “cessation money”, “rental in perpetuity”, “selagi ada bulan dan bintang” and such terms may even be resolved at the International Court of Justice but would it be any worth taking the risk of going to ICJ? We got palat-ed even on Pulau Batu Putih which went to Singapore during Abdullah Badawi’s time. Our Constitution does not have any provision for the dismemberment of the Federation or the cessation of any state, and unless it is in the context of Tengku A Rahman’s “kicking off Singapore”, the Government tabling a resolution in Parliament, it is a dangerous precedent to allow Sabah or any other state to leave the Federation.

      8. So, do the best we can, be friendly to the neighbours like the Philippines and Indonesia (damn nasty Singapore having Jewish military advisers and don’t know what else). But whack the Filipino intruders sampai keluar tahi kuning, especially when we have had excellent consultations and the Filipino President understands our position on the matter well.

      • Servant of God says:


      • A says:

        And any other PM wanting to do a stupid Tengku A Rahman “kicking off Singapore” must immediately be kicked on the arse until he is out of the PM’s post.

        • Calvin Sankaran says:

          Better to kick your arse first. Without Tunku and the independence heroes you will probably be living on stilts in your kampung and be calling ‘Sir ‘ here and there.
          No sense of appreciation for what they had contributed. Without them, you can dream about your Ketuanan this and that.

          • Anon says:

            Your arse to be kick harder. You dont even know how to spell the fellow’s name.

            Heard the call for the issue of 1 million citizenship not following rules, until now also got fellows carrying Mykad but cannot speak BM? All started during Tengku A Rahman’s time.

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            Did you manage to squeeze in an evening excursion to Luak Bay?

          • Servant of God says:

            Wow. All of a sudden someone is full of respect for the fallen.

            If only he didn’t need to have his face rubbed in shit first.

  10. ray says:

    Hey STL

    I like your new header!

  11. HardCore says:

    Servant of God, do you mean your face is already rubbed in shit ! If you are not referring to me, I apologise first !

  12. HardCore says:

    Servant of God, are you a shit man ?

  13. LowYat Forum says:

    Hot Topics Forum Debating + Discussion here ==>> Give more inputs and suggestions..
    Many pro-PR supporters ..

  14. Frightening now i’ll by no means buy a single once again

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