A Review of Pakatan Rakyat’s Manifesto

Buku-Manifesto-Pakatan-RakyatBy: Joshua Phua Pei Xing

Section 1: The People’s Economy
One Million New Job Opportunities for the People

Pakatan Rakyat’s promise of a comprehensive package is an oxymoron because their “comprehensive package” is vague as they promise one million new job opportunities but do not tell which sectors are going to have the increase in demand.

Moreover, the most fundamental flaw in this promise of one million new job opportunities is that Pakatan Rakyat promised to slash Malaysia’s civil servant workforce by more than half, immediately putting a million civil servants out of job.

Equitable Productivity Sharing Through Minimum Wage

Raising minimum wage to RM 1,100 is a populist move and is not feasible as it will be tough to be implemented by all small and medium enterprises because not all businesses have sufficient revenue to cover the immediate jump in overhead costs.

More critically, if implemented, the butterfly effect of this will increase the production costs of goods and also services, directly contributing to overall price increase of goods and also services.

This will result in skyrocketing inflation rates and the middle-wage earners in the economy will be directly affected because their wages are not impacted positively by the implementation of the minimum wage.

Small Medium Enterprises will be affected and those which cannot sustain will be forced to close down.

This minimum wage policy also will not be extended to include foreign workers and will force local employers to fire and stop hiring local workers and go for foreign workers. This will cause massive unemployment among local workers and will push production cost to a new peak.

Foreign Direct Investments will decrease drastically because foreign investors will shy away from Malaysia when labour and production costs skyrocket, taking away Malaysia’s competitiveness among her counterparts.

Promise of 1 million, 5 Technical Universities and 25 Vocational Schools

Despite all that have been promised in the Pakatan Rakyat manifesto to enable better education, they have overlooked Chinese and Tamil vernacular education by not having a single allocation for them in this manifesto or the one in 2008.

Not only that, all those schools and promise of free education have yet to be implemented in their five years of rule in the four states governed by them, no wonder they have surplus in Penang as they fail to use the money to benefit the Rakyat.

Pakatan Rakyat’s promise of free education for all will cost the rakyat RM45 Billion per annum and will fund everyone including undeserving students.

It is unfair to taxpayers that such a huge amount will have to be used to fund not only the deserving students but also the underserving, mediocre and downright lazy students.

This will encourage students to do badly as free things will often be taken for granted.

A country’s education policy has to be in tandem with the country’s economic development stage. At early stages of development, if parental human capital levels are low, free access to basic education may provide the only chance to leave poverty.

In contrast, at advanced stages of development, if parental human capital is high, the availability of free public education crowds out private educational investments, increases fertility and may be detrimental for growth.

We must ask ourselves, at which stage of development do we want Malaysia to be in? Malaysia being a developing nation, in order to become a developed nation must never go back to using economic models fit for third world countries.

In a developing nation like Malaysia, once the necessarily high level of our society’s human capital is achieved, an appropriate public education policy should substitute away from free public education regime and concentrate on improvements in the productivity of private educational investments. The failure of which will result in a society that is dependent on free education and certainly bankrupt the country’s finances.

Sustainable Economy

In this section, Pakatan Rakyat promises to halt operations of the LYNAS rare earth processing plant in Gebeng, Pahang but they seem to be ignorant of the actual reason why LYNAS decided to set-up its processing plant here.

The fact is this, the reason LYNAS decided to have its processing plant here is the same reason why Apple products are manufactured in China- for Economic reasons. Besides, the latest update is that LYNAS has publicly declared that they will send the waste/by-products of their plant elsewhere if there are no viable places to dispose them in Malaysia. LYNAS is the only rare earth processing plant out of China. China has more than 95% of the world’s rare earth’s processing plants apart, with only the United States of America and Australia as the other partakers in this lucrative business.

The LYNAS processing plant in Gebeng is the first of its kind outside of China because USA and Australia realise that China have been having an iron-grip on the world market’s prices of microchips due to the aforementioned phenomena and therefore LYNAS is their first attempt to break China’s monopoly on rare earth processing plants.

The economic viability of LYNAS far outweighs the cons as the waste from the plant will be transported out as agreed in the terms of the Temporary Operating Licence.

Not only that, Pakatan Rakyat is being a hypocrite as the Penang state government recently approved the BOSCH solar panel plant in the island state. The said solar panel plant has more dangerous toxic wastes as compared to the LYNAS plant.

Besides that, scaring away foreign investors like LYNAS in which plants like these will be the forerunners of the technology-age will only result in Malaysia being less competitive in the world economy.

Pakatan Rakyat “promises” to reform all existing legislation related to logging and will regulate logging activities but they themselves are hypocrites. DAP’s Ngeh Koo Ham had obtained 10,000 acres of logging land from the Kelantan government in exchange for the Menteri Besar’s post for PAS.

R&D Investments to Reach 5% of GDP

To a layman, all this may look tantalizing but to the economically-sound intellectual, Pakatan Rakyat’s “promises” are sacrificing inflation (skyrocketing) for growth while China did the total opposite just last year.

Growth is not wrong but the kind of unregulated growth promised by Pakatan Rakyat will have its cost and by compromising growth just for the sake of looking good on paper, Pakatan Rakyat has overlooked the danger of uncontrolled and uncalculated inflation rates. Skyrocketing inflation rates caused by this unmitigated risk will only devalue our Ringgit.

Looking back at the China’s example of curbing inflation last year, the People’s Republic sacrificed a negligible percentage of growth. Pakatan on the other hand are going for “growth” at the expense of MORE inflation.

PR’s “promises” to abolish tolls and tax on cars will not justify the growth on paper because as long as they continue to cut FDI (by chasing away foreign investors), they will only be able to trade internally and continue to devalue our Ringgit further.

By reducing or abolishing additional car tax, they are not increasing the value of our Ringgit because they are just merely cutting off a crucial source of GDP.

Not only that, by the sudden increase of Ringgit available to the Rakyat as a result of abolishing car tax will only cause Bank Negara Malaysia to increase its fractional reserve and drive loan interest rates higher than ever before because of the additional money in circulation.

Those higher interest rates will have a butterfly effect on the economy as prices of other goods and services will increase to a new peak as an indirect result.

Inflation is the surest way to ignite social unrest given that the poor spends almost every penny of their income on basic essentials.

At the end of the day, PR may reduce the price of cars but with a weaker Ringgit caused by skyrocketing inflation, we still will be buying more expensive foreign cars than ever before.

Tax Adjustment to Promote Equity

Pakatan Rakyat says that the super rich in Malaysia pay the same tax bracket as the rest of the taxpayers and plan to revamp the tax bracket but at the same time, it is ironic and contradictory that they increase the 26% tax rate from the RM250k bracket to RM400K.

They claim that this move is to make allowance for actual living expenses incurred by the people but this is their own claim after increasing the tax bracket from RM250k to RM400k. This only means they are not taxing those earning in excess of RM250k enough (26%) when they promise to tax the rich more.

Breaking Monopolies, Encouraging Competition

Pakatan Rakyat promises to break monopolies and encourage competition but what about their plan to dissolve 1MDB so that Khazanah Nasional remains the only state investment body? Is that not a contradiction?

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63 Responses to A Review of Pakatan Rakyat’s Manifesto

  1. Anon says:

    ” By reducing or abolishing additional car tax, they are not increasing the value of our Ringgit because they are just merely cutting off a crucial source of GDP. ”

    Hey Joshua Phua,

    Can you explain what does ” source of GDP ” means?
    And how you relate cutting taxes to ” increase the value of Ringgit “?

    What cock you are talking actually?
    Stop teling the whole world that you and BN people are stupid ok?
    Jangan buat malu Malaysians.

    • Servant of God says:

      Did you really read the article?

      Inflation. It’s all about inflation. When inflation goes up, the extra money we get from abolishing the taxes would be meaningless because the value of the ringgit would have gone down.

      Do you understand? Having money alone is pointless, if the value of the money is low. Remember when the USSR was collapsing, people had to bring along a bundle of rubles just to buy bread?

      And if you have to ask what the source of GDP means, you seriously have no business pretending to be upset about a discussion of the economy.

      • Anon says:

        Hey servant,

        check wikipedia or any economics text books for definition of GDP before making statement ok?
        Or rather you are another half past trying to be Milton Friedman?

        and also,
        i did touch anything on ” inflation ” on my previous comment.
        however, talking about inflation, how sure is this Joshua that inflation will be caused by higher interest rates?
        does he / you understand the difference between fiscal and monetary policy?

        stop talking cock please if you know nuts.

        • Servant of God says:

          You tell me to check wikipedia, but it seems you ignored the very first sentence in “GDP”. “Value” was addressed there, but yet you failed to see how value was really addressed in the article.

          Did you touch on inflation? I see that you did not. But really, you should have. That’s why you’re so confused right now.

          If you are so clever, then please clarify how the difference between fiscal and monetary policies renders null the author’s points.

          Seriously, pakatoon. If you really have points, why not just share them up front, instead of insulting people? You might have knowledge, but as an intellectual you fail.

          But I digress. I will await your explanations on why the difference between fiscal and monetary policies renders null the author’s points.

          • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

            he’s up to his old tricks again. he will later come up with stuff not related to the discussion and then he will tell you to look them up at wikipedia. his tactic is similar to that of a Ponzi scheme.

          • Anon says:

            hey servant,

            pls be informed that it is not my duty to explain to you the difference between fiscal and monetary policy.

            however, since you are so stupid, i can give you a tip.
            just google ‘ the difference of monetary and fiscal policy ‘ and there you go. ok dumb ass? 🙂

          • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

            Anon 10.56am

            you’re tired as zam so now you came back as Anon ?


            see what I mean when I posted at 10.54am. that’s all this Anon does. he will tell you to go to wikipedia, Google etc. he can’t explain them to you. he’s one big fraud. after he got found out, he will return as zam, Calvin Sankaran fake, Joe Black etc. but that’s okay. we will hack him when he comes in.

          • Servant of God says:

            You make a claim, and I am the one responsible to find proof to back up that claim?

            I wonder which judge on the planet would allow for such a thing.

            Wow. No wonder you signed yourself off as “dumbass”.

          • Servant of God says:


            What to do bro. We are not like him, throwing insults like confetti. So have to handle point by point laa.

          • A says:

            Actually he’s a cracko. He’s been doing that at other places, too. Make wild accusations, then ask readers to find proofs.

            Sure readers will find him bastardly doing that. Sure he won’t get any points doing that. But serves his purpose of distracting attention from the blog post discussion. He should be shot – if only there is such a thing as UAV in the Internet!

            But we’ll continue to shoot him down every time he comes out. Show the public he is a stupid fool.

          • anon says:

            support for SOG.

            these pakatoons twist and turn their entries
            to confuse


        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          And you trying to be John Maynard Keynes supposedly?

          If the Santa Claus manifesto is executed, where would funding come from? Would they raise more funding by selling junk government bonds? Is that responsible fiscal policy making?

          And what happens when the government raises funds this way? Inevitably, interest rates go up would it not? So regardless of how sound a monetary policy is devised by BNM, it will be rendered useless by an incompetent fiscal policy would you not agree?

          And guess which countries are now in shit due to poor fiscal policies of the administration?

          • Anon says:

            ” If the Santa Claus manifesto is executed, where would funding come from? ”

            GOOD question! since you are so stupid, i will give you the answer 🙂

            The answer is, get rid of UMNO and the thieves,
            especially people like mamak jalil who stole rm250 mil from the people, 540mil ‘ commission ‘ for submarine deal, oh, was that Perimekar?, 40 mil political fund, multi billion PKFZ scandal…..
            and most importantly, stop funding all the brainless NGOs like Perkasa / Pekida who sucks the taxpayers’ money but contribute zero.

          • Servant of God says:

            “i will give you the answer 🙂

            The answer is, get rid of UMNO and the thieves,
            especially people like mamak jalil who stole rm250 mil from the people, 540mil ‘ commission […]”

            I thought you were going to be serious and finally give concrete details, but it turned out you’re no better than your PR leaders. Distract, go off on a tangent, raise emotions.

            Seriously, what is your purpose here? Are you here to win over the fence sitters reading quietly in the background? But they need facts to make their decisions, and you’re not giving any.

            Are you here just to insult us? But your insults are nothing new and definitely not creative, and we’re so inured to them we don’t feel anything anymore.

            So, why are you here, really?

          • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

            Anon 11.03

            all you do is call people names. I m not surprised at all. you yourself use so many names here.

            speaking of getting rid of people, I agree. we must get rid of people, undesirable people like traitors and racists. we start with getting rid of people like you from this site. but I second that you will come back again with new names. that’s okay. no big deal. you can come in with newer names. keep coming. we will be waiting for you. please come here regularly. we need to hack some people. you are fair game. please do us all a big favor. please come here regularly. we want to spank you. isn’t that what The Butt Man does to you everytime before he cucuk your ass ?

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            Ah yes, falling back on the stupidity argument yet again.

            The thing is this. The current government tables an annual budget of approximately 200billion. Of course this figure includes all the gates you care to mention. Just like PR saying they wann be plumbers plugging leaks.

            But assuming PR will be whiter-than-oxygen-bleached-white & not a single sen is lost to “leakages”, how much will Santa’s list cost? I don’t need to be an economic analyst to know this goodie heavy budget would be a record breaker in terms of money spent.

            In fact a number of forums online estimated it to cost anywhere upwards of 280b to around 300+b which is about 50% more than our current budget. So how do we fund the excess expenditure? Borrow externally? Borrow internally from EPF or PNB perhaps?

            After all even if the allegations of graft against BN are proven, that would only add a couple of billion at most to the budget. Just enough to “facilitate” the soft landing of 1 million workers’ minimum wage for 5 months.

            Btw, Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information. So to refer to Wikipedia in an intellectual discourse brings no credence whatsoever to your arguments.

          • Sandy Leong says:

            Janji janji kosong from Pakatan.

          • anon says:

            kick off pakatoons

    • Anonymas says:


      That’s all.

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      Anon 8:37

      Actually you are wrong Joshua Phua WAS a Pakatoon loyalist for many years and even campaigned in GE12 for many of Pakatoon candidates. He too turned after GE12 when the party he supported and helped turned to what it is now. . . . A greedy and corrupt alliance of thieves who now has a thirst for power. . . .

    • Nabil says:

      Stop The Lies is funded by Gerakan Penang to spread lies.

  2. funniman says:

    I received an anonymous sms last night. I supposed this sms is now being circulated. The exact sms as follows:
    Vanakam. Refer PR manifesto pg 9. PR to cut down funding for partially-aided SJKTs to RM 17m a year but BN NOW gives RM 100m a year! Enne kodumei saar ithu.

    Any Indian forummers can tell me what this is all about?

  3. linpehkong says:

    Did the Rat feces guy not say that is is need based so if they were elected they say there was no need and it is only a manifesto not a promise to do anything.

  4. MacDavid says:

    That 1 million job must related to the foot/body massage parlours, and sex trade run by gangster and crime syndicate. Mushrooming of gay bars, gambling dens, pubs, karaoke centers and pirate VCD/DVD business. More job opportunity for scantly clad wriggling pole dancers. Taxes on alcoholic beverages will be reduced, drastically. Money lenders or ‘Along’ will be a norm. Then there will be vacancies for bouncers and debt collectors.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Aaaaaaaaa, funny this thing called human beings. Like me. When no comments from the Oppo hippos, not so spirited to post comments.

    I’ll rest lah. Until blokes like the so-called zam and his many names appear – maybe after the gaduh big time with his wife has settled down. Poor fellow, 50 plus years old claiming to be waiting to do his PhD, having 5 kids, the one in his FB photo is still small, he does the housework, his wife working in an office, yet he blogged all the time that day here in STL. Funny thinking, shifting stands, sometimes neither here nor there, that bloke.

    Maybe the bloke last masquerading as Calvin Sankaran will turn up as Freddie Kelvin or whatever today. Meanwhile, have a good day, guys.

  6. A.B.A.I says:

    i’ve been met some of the SME’s customer and ask them regarding about minimum wages that was implemented by gomen by this year. The implementation have give them a major impact on their overhead expenses and at the same time they cant increase the price of their products and services or they will lose customer/market. It will kill SME’s business and customer/market will go to big company which can afford in offering low prices.

  7. Anonymas says:

    “5 Technical Universities and 25 Vocational Schools”

    Look at KUIN and Unisel. Such ‘great’ management amirite

    I bet PR leaders get to give lectures once in a while on things they don’t know about e.g. Faekah giving talk about water to Hydrology students…oh wait, it already happened

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      “5 Technical Universities and 25 Vocational Schools”

      I wonder what subjects are they going to offer ? maybe how to massage, how to sell pirated goods like DVD, fake bags etc, how to beat up people, how to sue people etc. after all, they need these type of people since, quite frankly, so many of their supporters are of the unemployable types.

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      And Fuziah guest lectured on nuclear sciences.

      • Servant of God says:

        Mahfuz as Dean of Nuclear Sciences!

        • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

          who’s going to be in charge of human reproductive studies a.k.a sex education ?

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            That one the indisputable head honcho would be Anwar. He will be ably assisted by Azmin, Mat Sabu, Eli Wong amongst others as lecturers

          • Servant of God says:

            For that one so many people would offer themselves, a by-election would have to be held.

        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          Ronnie would be academic head for school of body rejuvenation & muscular therapy

          • A says:

            If “body rejuvenation & muscular therapy” means the kind of activities secret societies, thugs and gangsters engage in, I might be interested.

            As a spectator, not as a participant.

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            Think more along the lines of spa & massage therapists…:-D

  8. A.B.A.I says:

    i think PR can implemented all the menifesto… as long as AI got funds from Rotschilds and the gang….

  9. Aj says:

    …INGAT JANGAN TAK INGAT !!!!!!!!!!!!






  10. Ali says:

    Manifesto bukan janji, Selangor MB Khalid kata.

  11. Boo says:

    Pakatan Rakyat tipu Rakyat.

  12. JasOne says:

    Anwar kutuk kerajaan Malaysia kerana lambat bertindak tapi Presiden Aquino salahkan Penganas Sulu ceroboh Malaysia. Nampak perbezaannya. Al Juburi bukan kutuk Penganas Sulu tapi Kerajaan Malaysia siap dengan bekas General masuk PKR.
    Potong Kote Lah kata orang kampung kalau dia bukan dalang. Celaka punya manusia

    • Aj says:

      Rakyat Malaysia tak kira dari parti mana wajib menyokong Kerajaan dalam isu penganas sulu di Sabah…..

      Aljuburi bukan rakyat Malaysia…..dia rakyat zionis sebab itu dia kutut kerajaan Malaysia

  13. linpehkong says:

    Those Pacartoon cowards all gone into hiding or left Malaysia already.
    Malaysia is such a bad country under the current administration and also so dangerous – they all packed their bags and left already. Good riddance to rubbish.

  14. anakmelayu says:

    heran kan..kalau dah benci kat Malaysia…awat la puak puaka ni tak pindah je dari Malaysia???? Pastu beriya iya nak Putrajaya…huhu…Sejak puak puaka ni rasa mereka ada power..macam macam huru hara berlaku kat Malaysia ni…ni yang mau perintah Malaysia??? KIRIM SALAM!!!

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  16. anoy says:

    U guys so scared when people today start to turn down BN because of many rich people will go down when PKR win GE13. Pemcacai BN

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