Opposition Not Committed in Ensuring Fair Election – Tunku Aziz

1-2308-300x243Source: The Malaysian Times

The opposition’s refusal to sign the pledge for integrity and commitment to ensure a clean and fair general election shows that it is not committed to the cause and is afraid of its own shadow, said former Transparency International (TI)-Malaysia president Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim.

Ironically, he said, they were the ones who were overzealous in fighting for a clean and fair general election.

Commending Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for his willingness to sign the pledge, he said it showed that the government was transparent and opened the eyes of the public and the world that the Barisan Nasional government was committed in shouldering the responsibility entrusted.

Even a simple pledge they cannot sign, what more to rule a country? This shows that the opposition is not prepared to walk the talk like what the government did. Can we trust them?” he said when contacted.

Tunku Abdul Aziz, who was also a former DAP vice-chairman, said the opposition should not politicise the integrity pledge for it was part and parcel of efforts to promote a clean and fair general election that it had been pursuing.

It is shocking that the opposition is not prepared to ensure the election would be free and democratic because the general election is a democratic process and not to be engaged in anything prohibited. They just want to create chaos,” he said.

Najib and other BN component party leaders signed the General Election Integrity Pledge with TI-Malaysia as a public declaration to defend integrity and of their commitment to combating corruption, in particular in the run-up to the 13th general election.

However, the opposition leaders refused to sign the pledge and criticised those who did, including the prime minister.

Political analyst Prof Datuk Zainal Abidin Borhan said the opposition should translate its resolve into reality.

Commenting on PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s statement that resolve was more important than signing the pledge, Zainal Abdidin said it was not convincing enough.

Anyone can make the resolve, but will they actually do it?

What’s more, they people are wiser now in making evaluations and they want to see the resolve pursued by a party in the form of a pledge, only then they will be satisfied,” he said.

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115 Responses to Opposition Not Committed in Ensuring Fair Election – Tunku Aziz

  1. linpehkong says:

    Those Pacartoon so called leaders are just what they are — Cheats, liars and clowns.
    What happened to their CAT. When they started the tooted their horn now they are very quiet about that term.
    To Pacartoon jerks CAT stands for
    I wonder what the Ambigauos bitch has to say about Pacartoon goons refusing to sign the pledge for a clean election – Who is Bersih and who is Kotor now.

    • Surrhead says:

      yo, bro…..after signing the pledge, what’s the next course of action….please define….because from what i am getting from your rant, signing the pledge seems to be covering all loopholes, please define what’s being covered and what measures will be taken to support the pledge….please be realistic….

      • ray says:

        blurhead, even doctors and teachers pledge when they start their professions. The next step is to honour the pledge lah blur sotong.

        When you refuse to sign the pledge there is obviously a LACK of commitment. Simple as that.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not “LACK of” but simply “WON’T DARE/ TAK BERANI” to make a commitment.

          Showing no belief in clean and fair general election – just hoo haa so-called wanting it to pull wool over voters’ eyes.

          Come election time, watch out, they are the ones making it unclean and unfair elections. Watch out the indelible ink. They might have some American secret formula to erase the ink from their fingers. Or such dirty tricks up their sleeves.

          • zam says:

            They might have some American secret formula to erase the ink from their fingers. Or such dirty tricks up their sleeves.
            This is what we called “buat cerita”……….”bikin cerita”. just put your points..tak payah nak lebih2…

          • zam says:

            Not “LACK of” but simply “WON’T DARE/ TAK BERANI” to make a commitment.
            Lack is sufficient but the rest like wont dare or tak berani is speculation. Buat cerita…lebih2…..Say whatever is necessary cukup lah…we understand oledi….

        • ffd says:

          Can someone pledge not to use c4 on mongolian women?

          • linpehkong says:

            Shows how stupid you are. What proof do you have that it was the establishment used C4 on anybody. If one or 2 biaDAP goons decide on their own to sell drugs, do you then also say that biaDAP is a party of drug lords. I guess you ran out of topics to bash the government.

      • linpehkong says:

        Hey Idiot, you first show your commitment, then you act to honor your commitment. Not like Pacartoon manifesto Janji Bohong or Janji Kosong. . The government of the day have done many things to make GE13 more transparent. You must be blind not to be able to see what was done. If the establishment ever conduct and election like BiaDAP recent election, Malaysia will be the laugh of the world. After promising transparency what did Penang and Selangor do – bar established and accredited reporters from their function. Now you know why they refuse to sign the commitment. You being the blind bat you are will never be able to see.

      • The Real Rakyat says:


        i’m guessing you don’t know what a pledge is do you?? Like marriage vows it is a COMMITMENT now spell it with me
        C O M M I T M E N T it means you will uphold and swear to do whatever it takes to achieve the set goals and desires. If you are afraid to even just symbolically sign a integrity pact like these that only shows that you are not willing or even committed to it now isn’t it??

        Says alot about the parties involved doesn’t it?? After all the 2010 PKR elections fiasco and the 2013 DAP elections also says alot about their integrity doesn’t it?? Hihihihi hohohoho hahahaha

  2. Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

    Digressing from the topic as I was just reading the full PR Manifesto which can be downloaded from their websites.

    A few observations;

    – Lower oil prices via extra profits of oil revenue (Petronas will get a lower cut & nothing mentioned about AI’s RM1.20 per liter promise)
    – Lower electricity & water charges (pretty vague)
    – Abolish tolls & using 5b compensation to manage the highways (No mention of settlement of concessions)
    – Lower car prices by eliminating 70% excise duty gradually within 5 years & making cars be priced below 25k (No devaluation safety net for current purchasers)
    – Free education & PTPTN abolishment (No explanation given on past payers nor how to accomodate up to 4m tertiary education students at any one time)
    – Justice for Felda settlers as the palm oil profits will be used to increase their income & well being (and robbing off more of the government’s revenue)
    – Free ward service for all in class 2 & 3 (in turn allows no preference or benefits to civil servants & pensioners)
    – Husbands obliged to provide to a women’s contribution fund of between RM10-RM100 of which RM50 will be contributed by government (What about for single women? 50 a month a wife equals 100m a month on the basis of 2m wives or 1.2b a year)
    – Senior citizens bonus scheme of 1k annually. (On basis of 2m citizens above 60, that’s 2b in chicken feed waiting to distributed)
    – Minimum wage 1.1k with 2b facilitation fund (at 100 per worker per month, for 4m workers the fund will last for exactly 5 months. What comes next? Economy artificially inflated by rising costs?)
    – Tax band adjustment. 26% for those earning 400k & above instead of 250k. (Further lowering revenues)
    – 400m for non pensionable veterans @ 2k per annum (Wonder if Mat Sabu & LGE agrees)

    From this few points we can tell a few things. The government’s revenue will be lower due to redistribution of revenues. Also, a lot of money thrown at recurring expenses. More money will be spent to accomodate the implementation of the promises. Unless compensation is paid, the government will be exposed to lawsuits or if by executive power, this is nullified, all contracts in Malaysia is open to challenge.

    To sum up, our economy is gonna be down in the dumps with corporate unfriendly policies. Also, with government revenues down, funds in Khazanah, Petronas & EPF may be used to finance the promises. At a glance, the government’s budget will far exceed the current budget of approx 200b annually thus increasing the budget deficit & external debts.

    And to top it all, PR screwed everyone who downloaded the 38 page manifesto as 5 were blank pages.

    • linpehkong says:

      They are so full of shit that it is not even funny anymore. Read Star Newspaper Analysis by Jocelin Tan today. Says that The Rear End Admiral is so busy running around trying to be the next PM that one time he was wearing a shoe on one foot and a sandal on the other. Do you not suspect that he just rush there from a whore house – too bad he was not wearing a towel Then people will see how big his stomach is.

      • Anon says:

        You believe what Joceline, the political whore wrote?

        Joceline, as a whore, was try to woo customers but got snubbed for being too old a whore.

        Hence she wrote something to retaliate the snub.

        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          If she’s a whore, then what does that make the likes of Susan Loone, Tricia Yeoh etc? It works both ways in case you’re unaware.

          • Anon says:

            How to compare ,Joceline, an old whore to the innocence young ones?

            It’s not possible to compare since it’s a case of expired yogurt and fresh yogurt.

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            Basically anyone critical of PR are the worst of their kinds is it? OK, OK, I get a clearer picture of the inner workings of your mind now. Basically use insults, half truths & throwaway remarks to argue your case. No facts, no figures.

            That figures.

          • Servant of God says:

            “How to compare ,Joceline, an old whore to the innocence young ones?”

            A whore is a whore. Young or old, is there an issue? Will you say that Susan Loone and Tricia Yeoh are writing against their wishes?

            Don’t be such a hypocrite. Joceline has been consistent in providing substantiated articles. And, she is far from being a whore. If anyone is getting paid to take a poke in a bodily crevice, it’s you.

          • Anonymous says:

            Tricia Y is what we normally call A class whore. just look at her face. she’s the type that would get the attention of The Caliph and The Butt Man. after all, she’s well paid. so naturally, a well paid journalistic professional is made of A class stuff.

          • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

            Servant of God,

            the thing with Tricia Y is that she’s good in sensationalism. and most of the stuff she writes cannot be substantiated. that’s the thing with PR goons. they love unsubstantiated stuff. we cannot blame them because essentially, unsubstantiated stuff can only be found in fantasy land. PR goons live in fantasy land remember ?

        • A says:

          Anon at 9:21 am is very childish, isn’t it?

          No substance at all in what the bloke said, merely being abusive, reflecting a demented and warped mind.

          And this is the quality of Pakatan troopers. Sad, very sad. And he is alone in here, the rest get scared of being bamboozled by pro-BN comments in here.

          Ooops, I forgot … he’ll next come out under all sorts of names to show numbers … and accuse others here of being one and the same person.

          Me, Anonymous, Pakatan Puak Pembakang are all the same person, he said in the previous post’s comments. Pathetic bloke.

          • Servant of God says:

            not bamboozled.. but bombarded.

          • linpehkong says:

            Correct, A whore like that Ambigaous bitch spins unsubstantiated stuff and accusations. Jocelyn thing about one shoe one sandal can be substantiated. She is too experienced to spin stuff — especially about sue happy Rear Admiral and or Pacartoon clowns.

          • Servant of God says:

            “She is too experienced to spin stuff”

            Plus, for stuff like the one-shoe-one-sandal , it’s even funnier when it’s real.

          • zam says:

            A says:
            February 26, 2013 at 11:17 am
            Anon at 9:21 am is very childish, isn’t it?

            No substance at all in what the bloke said,
            As if what you commented have substance! Even if there are “some’ you repeated everywhere….

        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          SoG, if you ask me, a prostitute is a whore by another name. You can call them what you like, night butterflies, chicks, bitch etc etc. Your meaning is clear.

          Which brings us to the point that if Joceline’s a whore, so must be Tricia. And as for the paid commenters, they’re for sale too, gigolos or whores, whichever gender they fall into.

        • linpehkong says:

          You think Jocelyn is so stupid as to write stuff that is not actually true about the Rear Admiral? He is so sue happy that he will sue you even if it is true (like the truth about Azmin’s wife). After the spineless sotong shoots it’s ink blur people like you can never see.
          It is published in the papers and I am sure she will not say that she was misquoted like the failed accountant and all other pacartoon clowns always do.

    • Anon says:

      With fewer scandals like cowgate, pkfz gate, cronies enrichment program like Mrt and elimination of Super corrupted chief ministers and cabinet ministers, everything is possible.
      A simple removal of vehicle APs will benefits thousands and thousands of people.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        Give figures. Don’t pluck numbers from the skies. Always talking about plugging leakages but never giving the figures accurately.

        Removing AP? Read Rafizi’s past comments on the matter. AP to be sold on open tender to make up the loss in revenue due to the abolishment of excise duties. So, we will end up like Singapore where a certificate of entitlement change hands for between $45k to $60k.

        • Anon says:

          Auction for 45 to 60k? Not that bad after all.
          At least the money goes to the government. Not the cronies who pay Rm2 for the AP and sells for 40k each.

          Now, is the picture clear?

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            How does that make cars more affordable? So the duties abolishment is a smokescreen of sorts lah? Bear in mind COE in Singapore cannot be financed thus it has to be paid for in cash. Thus, foreign cars will be even further out of reach for the average household with debts to pay.

            Auto policy is not merely defined by car prices. There are a myriad of intertwining factors to consider. What becomes of existing loans of which the devalued car is no longer greater or equal in value to the outstanding loan amount? Will there be an auto scrapping policy to ensure the market is not flooded with vehicles? What becomes of second hand car dealers? What are steps taken to ensure that national auto companies are competitive? What about the spare parts market? Questions galore but still no light shed.

            To come up with ad hoc plans without proper thought is irresponsible. How do you reconcile the fact that Rafizi immediately announced interstate rail services the day after the KL-SG train project was announced? Give us the details that he thought up overnight.

            And in answer to your question, the picture still aint clear.

          • Aj says:

            Auction for 45 to 60k? Not that bad after all.
            At least the money goes to the government….

            I WONDER where the money will ends up….with those LEADERS who dare not committed themselve and refuse to sign the PLEDGE for INTEGRITY…..

            DO YOU TRUST THIS TYPE OF SO CALLED LEADER ?????????????????

      • Servant of God says:

        And the simple addition of a lineup of incompetent PR leaders who cannot even agree with each other will destroy millions of livelihoods in Malaysia.

        • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

          and you must also take into account the fact that among their so called leaders, one was actually an accountant before he went into politics, hence his moniker of “the failed accountant”.
          they cannot do simple accounting. so how do you expect them to come out with anything good or logical ?
          one thing I must give them credit though, is that when things go wrong, they will say “this is a conspiracy”, “they are enemy agents”.
          those staff of Kolej Universiti Insaniah for instance. they made complains to the Menteri Besar and instantly they got labelled as UMNO agents. so what I mean ?

          • A says:

            Is a diploma or degree in commerce from the likes of Curtin University in Perth an accountant?

            Not without articleship or sufficient experience in an accounting firm, I don’t think.

            But the Guangg Engg bloke worked at a bank straight after returning from Australia, didn’t he? Or did not work in an accounting firm, even if he did, not long enough – did he get an ACCA or CPA membership?

            I doubt if he did. And those under him couldn’t even count 1,800 votes at the DAP CEC election.

          • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

            he worked for the Big 8 accounting firms in 1984 if I m not mistaken but was later “dismissed” because of his father’s standing as a politician in our country. he then went on a rampage, alleging that he was “dismissed” because of pressure from our government, that the accounting firm he worked for wanted to win some contracts from our government and thus the firm did the government’s alleged bidding. this man, he will say anything, do anything to cover his backside.
            as for his academic qualification, he graduated from Monash University in Bachelor of Economics and subsequently by 1983, he became a qualified professional accountant.

    • Surrhead says:

      Calvin, this generally means that the current gov ministers will be facing a major cut in their monthly incomes, where it will be re-routed back to the rakyat….simple as that, plus the smart rakyats will make sure the ruling gov “toe the line” because, if they don’t, they will answer to the rakyat when the next GE comes …..why do you think BN wants to hold on to power….serve the people to the fullest?? it’s always for the money which they have been generating with the current system…just like Zakaria Deros – a railroad gatekeeper turned politician (now RIP…the moment selangor was taken by PR) and Khir Toyo (a dentist cum politician who made millions)….

      • ray says:


        read this:
        Simpanan di Bank Israel: Lebih 2 tahun Anwar tak jawab Wikileak


      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        Sources? Proof? Whatever that has been dealt with by the court remain thus. You can rehash & rehash but the outcome remains the same.

        Assuming there are no leakages, how do you reconcile the shortfall between Petronas’ contribution to the government’s revenues since profits are to he used to prop up the fuel subsidy further? And we haven’t even scratched the surface in terms of oil royalties which affects Petronas’ profitability & in turn affects its’ prospecting abilities in future.

        What about government agreements? Tear them up? So will Malaysia be known as a country that is no linger safe to do business in since there’s no sacredness in the signed contracts? Will the government write off medium & long term bonds as well then?

        Again, the line of response remains the same. Even when the questions are different. I’m asking for details on implementation. On how revenue shortfalls can be made up. On the possibility that external debts will exceed the GDP. On how cash rich social & government agencies may end up having their resources tapped. On how is such a budget sustainable since Petronas contributes some 60% of the federal revenue.

        Give us a clear picture & if it is all proper & implementable, maybe, just maybe PR will get my vote. Until then, the manifesto is not an agreement & without details, not worth even the paper it is printed on.

        Btw, why on earth are Selangor’s residents, single mothers & parents suing the state government anyways? Has it got anything to do with manifesto promises? Oh, it would be a remiss of me to ask how Hadi & Nik Aziz feels about them chickens above 60 & non pensionable vets given annual bonus like spreading feed fertilizer?

      • Servant of God says:

        “why do you think BN wants to hold on to power….serve the people to the fullest?? it’s always for the money which they have been generating with the current system”

        And why does PR wants to come in power? You want to serve the rakyat the best you can?

        In Penang the land earmarked for low-cost housing was sold off to developers. Is that how you want to serve the rakyat?

        In Selangor, where is the affordable housing? PKNS has become a high-end developer. Is that what you call serving the rakyat? And these two things are just the very tip of a huge unseen iceberg of dubious behaviour.

        Pakatan Rakyat is full of shit. You want people to vote for you? Dream on.

        Reject PR. Vote BN.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good one, FCC, giving us some idea what they pretend to promise. The 5 “missing pages” are interesting. They’ll probably add in as they go along – whatever may be convenient to them, going by where the wind blows.

      Anwar is not know to be a man of principles. Anything for the sake of votes and a chance to be PM. If the wind blows towards Hukum Hudud or kalimah Allah, he’ll try to put in additional so-called pledges into the blank 5 pages.

      After all, why should they bother about honouring such pledges – they might get lucky like Anwar was on his Sodomy II court case, never mind the Appeal which will be heard only after PRU13. They don’t even care about PR Selangor government being sued by single mothers for not honouring their monthly payments pledge at PRU12.

  3. MacDavid says:

    PR are hypocrites. They are worst thieves than BN, and that’s is just 5 years in power. At least with BN, we can complaint and voice our disapproval. In PR, we cannot even have dissenting view. With gag orders and threatening to sue the press, Democracy will surely die in Malaysia, if PR gets to rule as Federal Govt..

    Vote BN, at least we can speak-up if we see something that is not right. There is no worries of being dragged to court or censored. In-fact we can even fabricate lies against BN’s politician and their agencies, then get away with it.

    • Aj says:

      …..so the rakyat had to choose between being a ZOMBIE under PR where you have street demonstration, memaki-hamun, menceca dan merendahkan martabat orang lain or a CIVILIZE democratic good manner rakyat under BN….

      ….renung – redungkan…….and make the RIGHT CHOICE when you VOTE in PRU13……

      THINK for your FUTURE generation……..


  4. funniman says:

    So happened to talk with a friend of mine whose husband is a die hard fan of Pakatan Raayat. He is so extreme that he just refuse to use toll roads cos it is linked to PLUS.

    So I asked her, who are you supporting? To my surprised she replied BN. Why? Simply cos she think those PR slogans and protests are just empty talk. She went on to say she visited some of her relatives in the hospitals and they got free medical treatment. That how BN showed that they care. Try comparing that to Singapore hospitals or private clinics. That’s why she choose to remain silent while her husband rants about the present government. Deep in her heart, she already had her decision made.

    I was in Popular book store in Sunway last week. Many students were lining up to buy books using the Government subsidy vouchers. I was a poor student when I was young and there’s no such thing as having your own set of books. This is what BN give and it showed it care. It makes a lot of difference to poor people like me.

    Somehow, PR supporters choose to ignore the good of BN and they practise selective complaints. All they wanted is to protests for the sake of protesting. They do not want to know what happens after that. They do not evaluate how bad Kedah, Selangor or even parts of Penang is being governed.

    For BN, it is action talks.
    For Pakatan, talk but no action.

    • Anon says:

      Why not mention about Pahang, a state governs by BN that is on the verge of bankruptcy?
      Pahang is a classic example of what Malaysia will become if continue to be under Bn regime.
      Pahang darul muflis!

      • Servant of God says:

        Please provide your source for that. Better, provide a link to an official report that we can analyse in depth.

        If you want us to analyse objectively, please provide a link that is unbiased. A report from the state treasury, or statistics department, etc., is most welcome. Links from MKini and such need not be included.

        Thank you.

        • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

          when we ask them to provide the source, mind you, they will divert the topic by calling this person that person names. asking them for clarification is like telling a bandit to owe up to his banditry.

          • Servant of God says:

            “they will divert the topic by calling this person that person names.”

            That’s why I’m asking him as politely – or as neutrally – as I can. I held and checked every impulse to get sarcastic.

            Thing is, I’ve always said that I will go with the proof. Whoever can prove to me they can do a better job, then they will have my support. But the proof must be real, and it must be for the important things.

            So I’m not so much just trying to kick them in the nuts, I’m really looking for proof. So far, PR and Pakatoons have been giving us nothing but farts.

            Farts from their mouths pulak tuh.

            Reject PR. Vote BN.

        • Anon says:

          Google it yourself since you are so smart and selective in source of info. Not my duty to provide info.
          See it for yourself.

          • Servant of God says:


            YOU make the claim, and _*I*_ am the one who has to look for the proof?

            Someone go check the missing persons’ file. Somewhere, a village is missing its Idiot.

            Then so proud to declare “Not my duty to provide info” some more.

            “since you are so smart”

            I am not so smart. It’s just that you’re acting so bloody stupid. If you make a claim, onus is on you to provide the arguments and proof laaa.. haiya. Such basic thing pun you fail ka?

            No wonder PR Menteri Besar said “Manifesto Bukan Janji.” Idiots from the grassroots all the way to the top.

          • Anonymous says:

            Hahaha, the Village Idiot. Good one, SOG.

            Pssst, I might be said to also be you – one and the same person, supporting my own ccomment, which is actually yours.

            I like that Village Idiot label on the bugger. Though he may be a Komtar idiot. Or a PKR idiot. Or a PAS idiot without the jubah and serban bolot.

      • funniman says:

        Dear sir,

        Have you gone to Pahang to see the industrial estates in Gebeng, Bentong? Have you seen the Pekan car assembly plant?
        Do you know it is the geographical landscape and climatic reasons why industries prefer to have them in the west coast of Malaysia? Do you know it is quite impossible to have ports on the east coasts with the monsoon and non sheltered sea ports?

        Everything thing that happen must have a reason. Who do not want their own state to be develop. If if really cannot, what can you do?

        By the way, do you have the figures to say Pahang is going to bankrupt? Again, please include everything , good and bad.

        • Anon says:

          Check Auditor General’s report.
          I didn’t pluck the figure from the sky.
          Just wanted to see the response from blind BN supporters.

          • Anonymous says:

            now in your desperation, you even lied about the auditor general’s report. that report didn’t say anything about the state government going bankrupt. you are a liar.

          • Servant of God says:

            Why are you so reluctant to provide the link to us busy people? Are you afraid?

            See, FFC wanted to blast the new PR manifesto, and he listed down the points he has problems with and he tells us why he wants to stomp them into the dirt.

            Anyone of us can then see the manifesto for ourselves and see whether we want to believe FFC or not.

            So why cannot you build you case the same way? Are you too lazy to make a solid case for the party you support?

            Or are you just here for the RM1 per comment?

          • bourne identity says:

            Thank god for BN for creating, developing and extending the ” industrialised ” and rich states including Penang and Selangor….and yet… fuckatan rakyat pigheads tumpang sekaki for all the glory.
            At least Pahang has LOTS of land…cheap land for the normal rakyats to buy and build houses whereas in Penang – only cheat land.
            I heard in Pahang….. the rubbish collection in every towns is good – dunno about Selangor.
            Simple description….a BN farmer plants the durian seed, helps it grow and year in and year out… he reaps the durian harvest.
            Then he goes away for a short 5 years holiday.. someone takes over and this someone has always seen how good this farmer is and tries this and that…and the durian tree still provides a good harvest.
            So this chap claims he has done a good thing… Id say…in the real world, let;s see if this chap has the brains and patience to plant a durian seed, watch and help it grow and wait for the harvest.
            How long will it take then?
            So… for fuckatan leaders and pig faced supporters to say they have done a good job in enriching Penang and Selangor… muka tak malu betul. Credit must be given to the BN for creating and developing these 2 states to become what it is now…
            If fuckatan rakyat is so freaking good – apa sudah jadi dengan Kedah and Kelantan? I forgot… these two states are DAP’s anak harams.
            Better for DAPigs to enrich the chinese controlled Penang and Selangor… no need to enrich the malay controlled Kedah and Kelantan.
            Itu pun…fuckatan rakyat supporters are still blinded NOT to see and realied these.
            No wonder many filthy rich chinese have moved from Seberang Prai and moved into Penang.
            Penang…Truly Chinese…

      • Anonymas says:

        If you call Pahang ‘Darul Muflis’, then by your standards, Selangor is a village in Zimbabwe.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        Just like how NS is supposedly bankrupt & having difficulties paying civil servants salary? Yet the MB showed the treasury’s accounts showing that the state can pay salaries for the next 42 months if there’s no revenue collected until then. How now the lies?

        • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

          in Selangor, Khalid raves about savings of billions of ringgit. for once I believe him. in Penang, when LGE raves that Penang has savings of billions of ringgit, I too believe him.
          how did they do that ? because they are cutting expenditure that’s supposed to be spent for the good of the people. by selling off state assets to their cronies.
          why are they doing this ? the GE13 is just around the corner. they need the savings so when GE13 comes, they can dip into the coffers of the states to fund their election campaigns.
          these people, they are not men. they are bandits.
          reject PR vote BN save Malaysia.

          • Surrhead says:


            The link above should give a better picture than rants on the state gov is “banging the rakyat”…

            If at all your rants are true, then bn will take back selangor and penang…as the saying goes, it’s the people’s choice….

          • ray says:

            blurhead those figures are for end 2010.

            2010 is a followed on momentum from pre-2008.
            End 2012 or mid 2013 will really show how badly states are managed under pakatan rule.

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            I don’t see the relevance of the statistics. Selangor, WP & Penang are the major contributors to the economy anyway due to their infrastructure such as airports & port plus well laid foundation for manufacturing such as FTZs.

            Just because they bring the lion share of FDI & contribute the most to the GDP, it does not equate to proper management of the states per se. For example, the MNCs such as WD, Dell, Phillips, Intel etc had their manufacturing facilities there long before PR took over the state.

            Even the FDI are a result of collaboration between the state government & MITI. For either party to take sole credit for FDI influx is wrong.

            Anyways, a lot if MNCs & local manufacturers avoid setting up base in the East Coast due to the tear end monsoon which lasts anything between 3-5 months. As the coastline is afforded very little protection unlike the Straits of Malacca, they are exposed to the elements thus making it an unattractive option for businesses.

            At the end of it, if you wanna point your guns at Pahang, why don’t we put Kedah in the firing line as well? After all, they’ve just been in power for less than 5 years & God knows how they screwed up so badly way up north.

      • Mangkuk says:

        Anon 9.47 am

        You say, “Pahang darul muflis!”. Without a facts you simply call pig are cow!

        Tell us why you call pig are cow! Give us facts to believe pig are actually are cow.

        • Anon says:

          Hey Pig, you want facts? Now i give you.
          Not from me. from NST and your pig head Adnan Yakob.
          Eat this shit!

          “PAHANG IS BANKRUPT,” says MB

          Pahang Bankrupted

          Pahang on brink of Bankruptcy
          20th October 2004, NST

          The Pahang Government is on the brink of bankruptcy and looking for new sources of revenue, Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob said today.

          Adnan was commenting on a statement by Auditor-General Tan Sri Dr Hadenan A Jalil in the NST yesterday that some States were on the verge of bankruptcy.

          “This is an accurate statement because our income has been static and to some extent, shrinking, while our commitments have increased. Hadenan had also said that several State Governments were not efficiently managed and were spending more than they could earn.

          Pahang is brave enough to acknowledge publicly their plight. Auditor-General said there are SOME States who are on the verge of bankruptcy – would the MBs of those States be as brave as Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob to inform the public of their plights??? The situation is not something unknown to the public except that, previously, there is a carpet thick enough to hide beneath; now, the carpets are worn-off and torn, and worms are creeping out from down under, surfacing and blemishing the skin and flesh. Lets hope, it is not too late to act and more hopefully, the public will not be made to pay for the mismanagement.

          • Anon says:

            BN pigs and cows, is that sufficient? IDIOTS? 😀
            Now, who is spreading the lies?

            PPP, god is watching you! Stop your lies!

          • Servant of God says:


            You’re quoting an article from 2004???

            From the year two thousand and fucking four?

            If you’re going to quote something out of date, why not just paste something from 1997 or 1998, when anwar got injected with cyanide?

            Haiiyaaaaa… you PR buggers fail so hard laaa.

          • Anonymous says:

            I like that hearty laugh, SOG.

            And I agree, it’s so damn stupid of that Anon that it’s so damn funny.

            It’s a matter of small brains, very shallow thinking lah. How are they going to argue with us quoting 2004 figures like that. Cakap stupid, dia marah. But what else if not stupid.

        • Anon says:

          hahaha… 2004 almost bankrupt.
          now worst.
          no wonder Pahang so desperate to push thru Lynas and Langat 2 and the pig head MB mentioned that they need to sell water to other states to supplement pahang’s income.

          You expect the Selangor people to finance Pahang’s BN cronies?
          Go to hell la.

      • A says:

        To my mind, there is not much point in responding in the usual civil manner on comments by this bloke Anon. He’ll just come out endlessly with the usual Pakatan goons’ wild and unsubstantiated accusations, no justifications, not even explanations, often out of topic and simply make dunno and not saying excuse me and such.

        Can’t expect any figures, authoritative sources of information or source details from the bugger. He would simply rattle out from his blasted head.

        But you guys “kerumun” him and telling him off in a polite manner do show the civility among us BN supporters. However, others like me may just wallop him prim and proper – with quotation marks on the word proper.

        • funniman says:

          There’s nothing sweeter than winning over a PR supporter. We must remain firm and polite.
          We are afterall educated, logical and rational who were brought up under the rule of BN all these years.

          • linpehkong says:

            I try, but how to keep cool when thy do not even understand what they write? But most Pacartoon characters who will come here are hardcore. They will commit suicide first before admitting they were so wrong (die of shame)

          • anon says:

            their intention is to distract.

            just like their political masters

        • Servant of God says:

          I think that I’m not as ascerbic or as sarcastic as I used to be.

          It’s just that I don’t want to be a blind supporter to BN or anyone else. Pak Lah has proven to us that bad people can appear anywhere.

          So I’m keeping an open mind, and I can only get good feedback from PR supporters if I ask them civilly and honestly.

          But, so far we’ve only been getting Pakatoons. None of the PR supporters here actually gives a shit about the country, despite their accusing BN of being corrupt. They cannot give proof, they cannot argue logically, and they always “taichi” to other topics. It’s disgusting.

          So, currently my support is for DS Najib. He’s proven that he’s got vision, and he’s willing to work to make the visions a reality. I really hope he and BN will continue to do good for the country.

          Reject PR. Vote BN.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why don’t you back up your accusations with fact, figures, empirical records, proper surveys, statistics. Any cock can crow and empty vessels make the most noise. If you are just plucking figures from thin air {quite typical of pakatan goons} may I suggest you offer your bottom to fucked by the buttman and so called Ketua Umum….that’s what PR does best instead of running the country and prospering its citizens

        And if you truly are a supporter of pakatan, I am very sure our beloved country will be ruined. Please make use of the brain God has given you and not waste it making wld and unsubstantiated accusations…..sheeeeesssshhh

      • A says:

        Good to hear those, funniman.

        Hope to hear more of such.

        From any one here.

        But not from the Anon 9:47 am bloke. He talks shit only.

    • linpehkong says:

      There are millions more quiet supporters like this great lady friend of yours. Today if you openly support BN you are not politically correct because Pacartoon goons like this brave lady’s husband is so extreme that they will spew hatred against you in public. The majority of self respecting, gainfully employed people of good character like your lady friend do not want a show down in public. There is no need for it

  5. Anonymas says:

    CEC and the debacle in the PKR internal election are still fresh in our ears, heh. PAS doesn’t have a democratic election, they have Syura so they’re off the hook in this one (but yeah, favouritism in that too)

  6. A says:

    The news people did the right thing in contacting Tengku Aziz for comments and he has every right in saying what he did about those who refuse to sign the pledge for integrity and commitment to ensure a clean and fair general election because he was himself the boss of Transparency International not long before he joined DAP.

    He has said he thought that DAP was serious in their anti-corruption and transparency stand but at the time of bolting out of DAP (calling Lim Guan Eng biadap), he said he was misled into thinking DAP was so, and found that DAP is not what they claim to be.

    Now more and more voters should see that DAP is not trustworthy, like their other “rakan seperjuangan” who also refuse to sign that pledge. With such statements by Tengku Aziz, Ambiga should now eat her hearts out.

    Never mind about Anwar – he has lost his bearing, nyanyuk, confused, running helter skelter, even wearing a shoe on one foot and a slipper on the other. Imagine that. And said by no other than Jocyline Tan. You can disagree with her on opinions but you cannot dispute the plain simple facts she reported.

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      even if they sign the pledge, so what ? these people are not known for keeping their promises. after 5 years, have they fulfilled their GE12 promises ? don’t waste time on these people. the more we demand that they sign the pledge, the more publicity they get.

      • A says:

        A little observation, PPP – you came out only 5 minutes after my comment above. The Anon bloke will surely say you and I are the same person, each trying to enhance what the other says.

        Blokes like him don’t bother to read the details of what we write, the difference in language style, syntax, nuance etc. They don’t even have the capacity to analyse – small, shallow minds.

        But agree with you, generally we should not be bothered with this kind of buggers. Only periodically I want to whack them.

        • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

          okay I m here again. so what ? but these people, actually only 1 person posting comments using many names. I know them. go to outsyed the box. go to rocky bru. go to Helen Ang. we see them regularly. they even go to Ridhuan Tee’s blog. after they got whacked, they go somewhere else. after a while they come back using other names. I asked them once “what school did you go to” and they failed to response. that’s okay. I know what schools they went to. certainly not our national schools.

      • Servant of God says:


        Manifesto Bukan Janji, remember?

        • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

          yeah but in the case of PR, same thing what ? everywhere they go they say yes ! yes ! yes ! we will give you this. we will give you that. but when the govt rolled out BR1M and things like that, they say “buying votes”. they called the recipients “animals”. funny what ? their supporters also received the money from the govt.

      • linpehkong says:

        That is why they dare not put that last coffin nail in their coffin. The Rear Admiral want the chance to create havoc after they lose GE13 – how to create chaos after they participate in a clean election? They want the election to be dirty and they will be the one who will be dirty, create one incident that they can use as an “example” and then shout wolf. But then again, they have been known to be dirty liars so WTF.

  7. Ahmad Fadzil says:

    Anon is the typical Pakatan lies. Simply makes accusation without proof. When we questioned back, will simply keep silent and maybe they are looking lawyer to sue to us…..

    • Anon says:

      Hey Pig, you want facts? Now i give you.
      Not from me. from NST and your pig head Adnan Yakob.
      Eat this shit!


      Pahang Bankrupted

      Pahang on brink of Bankruptcy
      20th October 2004, NST

      The Pahang Government is on the brink of bankruptcy and looking for new sources of revenue, Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob said today.

      Adnan was commenting on a statement by Auditor-General Tan Sri Dr Hadenan A Jalil in the NST yesterday that some States were on the verge of bankruptcy.

      “This is an accurate statement because our income has been static and to some extent, shrinking, while our commitments have increased. Hadenan had also said that several State Governments were not efficiently managed and were spending more than they could earn.

      Pahang is brave enough to acknowledge publicly their plight. Auditor-General said there are SOME States who are on the verge of bankruptcy – would the MBs of those States be as brave as Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob to inform the public of their plights??? The situation is not something unknown to the public except that, previously, there is a carpet thick enough to hide beneath; now, the carpets are worn-off and torn, and worms are creeping out from down under, surfacing and blemishing the skin and flesh. Lets hope, it is not too late to act and more hopefully, the public will not be made to pay for the mismanagement.

      • funniman says:

        20th October 2004, NST?????

        You are soooooooooooo blooooooody stupid to quote 2004 article. Today is 2013…that is 9 years ago….hello..is there anything in there????

        PADAM MUKA!!!!

        • Anon says:

          Hahahhah, padan muka, Selangor state reject Langat 2.
          Hidup Khalid Ibrahim.
          Hancurkan Adnan Yakop.

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            Btw, I thought you guys all consider NST & Utusan are printing lies? Now since you quote them, you are acknowledging they are printing truths is it? So, we can accept everything Azmi Anshar & co as the truth lah?

          • Funniman says:

            Who is Khalid??? The flip flop MB who is not even the Head of PKR Selangor?

            Please……he is history!!!

        • Anon says:

          you better sort things out with your comrades here.
          they only accept utusan and pro bn media.
          we can post or quote from other sites. but your comrade, PPP, will not accept and will blame and accuse us instead.
          So, sort your own house.

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            How does a bankrupt state table a surplus budget? In case you didn’t know, Pahang’s budget for 2013 shows a surplus of 20+ million.

            I don’t think PPP owe me any explanation at all. Pro opposition commentors seem to think MSM are biased & print lies in their daily rag. So for you to quote NST is a wee bit out of place no?

            As for news published 8 years 4 months ago surely cannot be accepted as fait accompli can it? Especially when the subject matter is dynamic in nature & is not stationary nor constant.

        • linpehkong says:

          Funniman — sorry nobody’s home today. They were home in 2004, But not today. Out visiting relatives in Tampoi or Tanjong Rambutan

  8. Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

    I want to say that I was the first in this site to use the term The Butt Man, and it got caught on and the other readers of this site started to use the term. but PR troopers think that whenever the term The Butt Man appears here, posted by different people, they said I was the one posting all the comments. this is silly and absurd. the term The Butt Man is not under copyright protection so people are free to use it. yet these PR troopers, they cannot think straight. hey I even came up with other terms like Elizabeth Sarong Party Girl Wong, Tony The Pony Pua, The Toilet Man Ass Mint, 50 Cent Brigade etc. people are free to use these terms. but PR troopers, they cannot think.

  9. Tanpa Nama says:

    Ingatkan Anwar sorangje takut angkat sumpah, rupa-rupanya satu Pakatan ikut takut ye?
    Jangkit dengan Anwar ke?
    Padahal bising sangat anti rasuah, cakap tak serupa bikin.

  10. Orang Melayu says:

    Free K-Y gel for the man to be carried all time. Karipap franchise will be given a special SME development fund.

  11. Penyokong BN says:

    sokongan rakyat dah pulang ke pangkuan BN….
    tapi tak ada keyakinan adakan pilihanraya..
    apa lojik ini ?
    asyik kata ada sokongan tapi tak nak bubarkan parlimen….
    tunggu apa lagi ?
    tunggu sehingga sokongan jadi pudar baru nak adakan pilihanraya..
    Penasihat BN sepatutnya di pecat kalau BN kalah teruk akibat penanguhan ini…
    Trooper BN apa pendapat kamu ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Pernah dengor cerita arnab lumba lari dengan kura kura? Yang memecut dulu akhirnya tewas. Tapi PR tak boleh di katakan kura kura. Hanya demam kura kura selepas PRU13.

      Sebab sebenor nya – nak tunggu PR keluar dengan kata kata dan tindak tandok yang mengarut, membosankan dan di bencikan rakyat dan pengundi lah, kawan.

      Terutamanya fasal asyik tak setuju, bertentangan dan bergaduh tak habis habis. PAS tak mahu Anwar jadi PM. Kot DAP pun nanti kata tak mahu Anwar sebab PKR tak setuju DAP nak tanding lebih kerusi daripada di 2008. Dah gaduh Mansor-Lim Guan Eng di Penang, Chua Jui Meng-Dr Boo di Johor, dll.

      Entah entah, PAS alih alih keluar dari Pakatan. Hadi dah kata boleh keluar bila bila masa. Hopeful thinking? Betul. Tak rugi apa mikir macam tu. Dalam pada tu, boleh masuk jarum sikit.

      • Penyokong BN says:

        Jadi apa nak tunggu lagi…..tak masuk akal ni…

        kata Pakatan porak peranda tapi tak nak ambil kesempatan dan peluang ni..

        • Anon says:

          Betul betul betul….. serang PR!!!!

        • Servant of God says:

          Mengaku Penyokong BN,

          Tapi kata-kata macam orang yang tak berfikiran jauh, iaitu penyokong PR.

          Nak serang macam mana? Nak jadi anjing macam PR, serang tak tentu hala tak peduli cakap betul atau bohong?

          Sedar2lah sikit, kalau betul sedara ni penyokong BN, yang BN bukanlah parti dijangkiti sawan babi. Janganlah kita berperangai macam PR.

          Kalau betul sedara ni penyokong BN, harap saudara boleh bersabar dengan teguran ini. Terima kasih.

  12. Jump the gun says:

    10 Reasons Why Ong Tee Keat is Not a Winnable Candidate

    Posted on February 25, 2013 by editor

    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 26 — Barisan Nasional (BN) will field former MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat as a direct candidate for the Pandan federal constituency, an “elections war room” meeting chaired by Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak decided yesterday.

    So now how….

    Stop the lies …please be frank…are you or are you not supporting OTK now..

    Dont bullshit ok….the whole world knows about it now…

    • Anon says:

      A smack on the face. Padan Muka!!!!


      • JasOne says:

        Just go to the bungalows area beside Taman Midah and ask OTK neighbour about his character. You won’t like what you heard. When he was the MCA President, lots of people notice that he has turn MCA as the Hainan Association. Just look at the Hainanese Clan he built around him. That’s why he lost in the Presidency election.

    • linpehkong says:

      The fact remains that OTK is a loner and not an easy person to work with. If he is a win-able candidate and is required to hold the off Pacartoon then it is the lesser of 2 evils. CSL said that he was not on the list of candidates submitted by MCA and that is a fact too. If he is or if he is not a candidate is up to BN to decide. So what is your problem.
      Kula is much hated by the Nga/Ngeh cousins in Perak but was still elected into the CEC during the recent fiasco of an election. Is that election real — or did biaDAP HQ scripted the election results before the election was even conducted. They forgot to include a Malay – and had to do a shameful re-script after 3 weeks. That for you is transparency.

      • 10 Reasons = 10 Dahlil says:

        Voters should listen to SYA and Stop The Lies and not vote for Ong Tee Keat even though endorse by BN as a winnable candidate in Pandan….

        I did not say so……..Bukan saya yang cakap ok….

        SYA and STL say so…

    • A says:

      Why didn’t you state the source of that news bit, stupid “Jump the gun”? Because the source, Malaysian Insider, is of questionable reliability?

      Googling the subject shows only reports from the Opposition blogs Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Chronicle, and Yahoo News both quoting Malaysian Insider’s report.

      Remember that Malaysian Insider was sued a bomb of money for wrong reporting by former MAS boss Tajuddin Ramli until the Editor Jabbar Sadiq gigil lutut, MI became silent for a few days, and then came out with prolific apologies to Tajuddin, repeatedly published in MI and in mainstream newspapers.

      I will not believe the report until corroborated by other, i.e reliable, news sources.

  13. anon says:

    whats new?

    always say fight for transparency blah lah but won’t sign integrity promise.

    switch to welfare state ideology etc but when the govt really does welfare(and also correspondingly pump up the economy viz a viz the multiplier effect) , it goes on attack mode instead.

    say fight for rakyat, but when rakyat’s safety is advocated via AES, it goes on an attack mode.
    Worse when lost in court, it goes on to adopt “look, I can stop other things, if not that one ” mode and while doing that rakyat’s benefit is negatively affected.

    save Malaysia

    • linpehkong says:

      Well put.
      They say transparent but forgot the meaning of the word after they won in Penang and Selangor. All other states must be transparent except Penang and Selangor because these are now my playground.

      LePAS wanted welfare state instead of Islamic state – then call the populace cows and chicken when the not so privileged receive welfare from the government. Lets see if Cows and Chickens vote for Pacartoon or not.

      They prefer the police to be setting up roadblocks instead of AES (which are clearly marked with warning) AES once properly and fully implemented will save lives. If police set up roadblocks then there will be opportunity to accuse the establishment because these cops will have chance to be tempted by corruption.

      • anon says:

        yeah also say transparency etc but gag order happy

        Free media etc but certain reporters barred

        Like to bersih sana bersih sini but integrity pact tak mau sentuh

        banyak zig zag
        mana satu pun tak tau

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