Anwar Ibrahim has a Hand in the Lahad Datu Invasion

malikmnlfListen, listen, listen …..Stopthelies has information that Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has a hand in the invasion of Lahad Datu by heavily armed Sulu terrorists recently.

Apparently the pro-Jewish leader and China doll expert had gone to Philippines a week before the armed intruders stormed Kampung Tandau, Lahad Datu, east of Sabah on Feb 9.

The sources said that Anwar was said to have held secret talks at an undisclosed place with the head of the terrorists on the plot to invade Lahad Datu.

Calling themselves the Royal Sulu Sultanate Army, the 100 over armed terrorists are reportedly headed by Raja Muda Azzimudie Kiram, a descendent of the Sultan of Sulu.

It has been almost two weeks since they landed in Kampung Tandau and the stand off does not seem to see any signs of the terrorists backing off.

What is interesting here is that the armed invasion was under a foreign flag. It is somewhat unusual for the insurgents to use a Philippine flag.

Coincidentally when Anwar was walking the corridors of power in Putrajaya, he enjoys close rapport with Southern Philippines. And he has played a vital part in negotiations with insurgent groups there.

The timing of the invasion, with the general election around the corner, is too close for comfort and arouses great suspicion on who is all behind it.

Well the information given to Stopthelies would connect the dots now.

Apparently Anwar is also under pressure to come up with campaign funds for the elections.

Although he has a war chest of RM3 billion, Anwar aint sharing any of his well stocked up wealth.

To those who have short memory, former Bank Negara assistant governor Datuk Abdul Murad Khalid  had made a statutory declaration that Anwar was involved in the handling of several master accounts totaling RM3 bil.

23Abdul Murad revealed that Anwar had under his control as many as 20 master accounts involving assets, shares and money worth that whopping amount.

Story is that Anwar had been telling Pakatan leaders that he has been unable to come up with campaign money as his money has somewhat been held up.

The conniving Anwar then concocted an interesting story that he was supposed to get funding from Sultan Jamalul Kiram, the Sultan of Sulu who has US$ 137 billion in New York banks, and that a major portion of it has been transferred to Malaysia but frozen by Bank Negara.

One of the Sultan’s key aides which goes by the purported title, Datuk Seri Panglima Darjah Sulu, had been going around town the past three months offering a hefty US$ 3 billion commission to anyone who can convince the Prime Minister to “unlock” the money.

Apparently this conman has been approaching every Member of Parliament in town with the hope of “unleashing” the war chest which has been disguised as investments coming from the United States.

This conman used to roam the streets in Kota Kinabalu as a nobody. But today he dresses up in expensive designer suits, wears a Rolex, stays in posh hotels such as Hyatt when he is in town.

He also rents a Rolls Royce complete with a chauffeur when he comes to Kota Kinabalu.

Sources said that Anwar is closely linked to him and that he had made the arrangement of the meeting with the leader of the insurgents in the Philippines.

But Anwar is blaming the government for “freezing” the money and as such had got the insurgents to invade Lahad Datu to make demands.

Unwittingly duped “dong goi” (stupid asshole) Lim Guan Eng who probably did not know head or tail  had called for the resignation of Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein over the handling of the Lahad Datu standoff.

He should instead bark at Anwar now and find out the truth.

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148 Responses to Anwar Ibrahim has a Hand in the Lahad Datu Invasion

  1. Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

    If this is true, why am I not surprised? It seems someone’s hands has been everywhere nowadays, even up someone’s anal crevice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahaha, “anal crevice”. Another one is “rear receptacle”.

      And quite a few receipients, too.

      (Damn, the auto spelling prompter comes out again – no such word?)

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        The spellchecker needs a software upgrade to reflect Malaysian Political Terms. They’d make a tidy sum if they give it an “Anwar Ibrahim Descriptive Words v.1.0 upgrade

        • A says:

          Without intending to offend our gallant Naval Officers, that Upgrade should allow the title Rear Admiral be used “against” Anwar. And Omega-man.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe in the information given on the following grounds:

    1. Anwar is really desperate. His so-called coalition (a loose, unregistered one) appears to be tottering with a huge PKR-DAP fight in Johore (previously a huge PKR-DAP “arrogant, cocky and Tokong” fight in Penang), and Hadi has just said in Trengganu that PAS will walk out of Pakatan Rakyat anytime PR injures the interests of the Malays and Islam.

    2. That former Bank Negara Assistant Governor Murad said Anwar was involved in the handling of several master accounts totaling RM3 billion and dared make a statutory declaration on it shows Anwar is a fund arranger and has been used to big money.

    3. It is highly probable that he has used up a lot of funds, travelling with chartered aircraft and special aircond buses. And is now desperate money-wise, too.

    4. The stirring of the Sabah RCI issue had not brought significant damage to BN and it is logical to assume that Anwar has been looking for some other political gimmick to bring the name of the BN government down. Only that he is entering very dangerous waters dealing with a foreign group engaged in a foreign incursion into Malaysia’s territory. That’s a very serious matter – a violation of our national sovereignty.

    • Aj says:

      ‘He has just said in Terengganu that PAS will walkout of PR anytime PR injures the interest of the Malay and Islam’

      How about himself and his stooges in PASTI will they walk out of PASTI…..

      They had insult and injures the interest of the Islam by allowing the USAGE OF KALIMAH ALLAH by other religion before making a 360 DEGREES U-TURN….

    • Anonymous says:

      The Kiram family member said to be leading the 100 or so Muslim Filipinos infultrating Lahad Datu is a doubtful heir to the Sulu Sultanate. There has been so many claimants to the Sultanate since the death of the last recognized Sultan of Sulu – Mohammad Amirul Ombra Amilbangsa over 40 years ago.

      The following Zamboanga link says:

      With so many self-proclaimed Sultans and those claiming legitimacy to the throne of Sultanate of Sulu, the issue of its restoration is negated because every Hassan, Hussin and Abdul claims to be the legitimate Sultan. The opposing power against the restoration of the Sultanate of Sulu and those who don”t want the Muslims to be united are rejoicing because their effort to block the unification process gains momentum. A divided and disunited Sultanate of Sulu negates any effort toward its full restoration.

      Since the death of the last reigning and sovereign Sultan of Sulu, Sultan Mohammad Amirul Ombra Amilbangsa in February 1968 where he was buried in Simunul, Tawi-Tawi, the vacuum was filled by various self-proclaimed “sultans” with their respective Rumah Bichara (cabinet members) and self-political agenda. As a result, it unduly created factions that brought about enmity rather than unity amongst the once united Muslims in Sulu and Muslim Mindanao area. Instead of working together for their own good, they were warring against each other.

      Divisiveness rather than the need for unity prevailed and weakened, if not totally destroyed the Muslims in Sulu and Mindanao. Further aggravated by covert foreign agents backing each different “sultanate protégés” with hidden agenda to further weaken and ultimately annihilate the Muslims from their own motherland. This is the sad state of the Sultanate of Sulu as it continues to assert its sovereignty as an independent state but with no direction as to how it can achieve its goal. With each and every claimant trying to undermine the other, each with its selfish interest …

      Is Anwar one of the “covert foreign agents backing each different “sultanate protégés”?

  3. funniman says:

    If I were Hisamuddin, I would drag the issue until the cows come home. I would let them sit tight and encircle them, starve and weaken them. Afterall Malaysians have got the time and food…the intruders do not have.

    If this Anwar story is true, then let see how PKR is going to fund their election machinery. DAP is not worried as they already got plenty of “forced donations” through property developments. Then you have PAS who I think would be contented in Kelantan. So where does that leave Anwar & Co?

    • MacDavid says:

      The police should the same during that Memali incident, 1985. Till the cows come home!
      Just my thought, though.
      I am from Baling, I support a ‘janji di tepati’ government.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well done, MacDavid.

        If the Baling people still grumbling about the some RM30,000 Tabung Mamali funds donated by the public to the Mamali victims, do give us a howler, will ya?

        They say PAS Deputy President Mat Sabu was in charge of the Tabung. Entah entah Tabung Mamali pun dia kebas, macam bini kawan dia pun dia kebas di Hotel Perdana.

        Kebas punya kebas, satu hari nanti barang dia jadi kebas tak boleh pakai, baru mencari Viagara dari Jimmy Chua Jui Meng.

        • Anonymas says:

          Um, correction. The Memali funds are reported to be more than RM1mil. That’s a whole lot! The PAS officials who collected the money lived like kings while the children and wives of Memali lived and died in squalor.

          PAS supporters would say “Mana bukti? Tunjukkan?” There you have it, Memali residents didn’t get any cent of the tabung. In Islam, taking money from orphans is a great sin, it’s an injustice to innocents. PAS should know that.

        • MacDavid says:

          I don’t think, it’s RM30k. It is said to amount, millions.
          Tabung (Balu) Memali collection or derma, has no official closing date. It presumably lasted 10 years, not taking into account, the rusty milo tin being passed around mosques during prayers, in the northern states, including Yala & Patani, Narathiwat.

          Those widows, 14 of them, was occasionally given about RM50~100 duit-raya, or during the early period of that incident, whenever there is a ceramah around Memali or staged photo session during a political campaign.

          At that time, 1985, there was racial tension due to the assignment of Malay teachers in SRJKC. The Memali incident, as some say, is a golden opportunity to divert attention and to subdue that racial tension which is about to explode. Production interruption in Sg.Way FTZ. (No Banglas or foreign workers yet.) Operators are already afraid to go to work. Racial sentiment played by print media. Some were banned. The day after Memali incident, RTM aired patriotic songs, don’t listen to rumours, etc., (rekindle aftermath memories of May 69). No internet & H/phone yet. Tun M was in China. Musa Hitam as DPM and KDN. Some says that incident cause him his job.

          Some says the BN govt. is not afraid of the Malays except during GE. That is why the police is not afraid to shoot dead a Malay amok or criminal. If Indian or Chinese criminal, watch out for the lawyers’ wrath. What a black sheep, we tends to be.

          The BN govt., feeling guilty of the harsh treatment towards poor villagers, gave a token of RM20K for kins of the deceased. The worst deeds that Mat Sapu Bini Orang & his gang did, was to levy RM1500 from each family, as lawyers or legal fees. That is why I am against religion being associated with politics, power, then come wealth. Were money is involved, it will only brings bad image to Islam.

          I hope DAP will stop doing the same with Christianity. I am Muslim and I love Jesus Christ Jesus too. To me, he is Nabi Ibrahim, my prophet.

          For Christ’s sake, stop preaching politics in Church.

        • zam says:

          Hah…..kebas bini kawan wuuuuuuuuu kes berat ni…

    • The Real Rakyat says:


      I do agree with this idea!! We can do like what we did to the communists back then…starve them out!!

  4. momoktomok says:

    huh. anwar ibrahim should make this type of mistakes and hopefully sonmeday the authority will have enough reasons to throw him into jail.

  5. funniman says:

    Hey guys, here’s an intersting article written by the Steven Choong Shiau Yoon, PKR National Deputy Secretary General cum Johor Election Director

    The extent of the fight is beyond belief when you read the reviews of the readers.
    Btw, STOP THE LIES is the title of this article…hahahaha…

  6. MacDavid says:

    These Pakatan leaders are not fit to be leader of this nation. They only think of their political gains, without thinking of the safety & well-being of the people in Sabah.

    When it involved the citizen from other nation, you have to tread very carefully, you bastard politicians. We need to consider the recent peace agreement between MILF and the Philippine govt. too.

    That armed Pinoy’s Suluk intruders in Lahat Datu Sabah have close relatives with our citizens in Sabah. We could easily run them down, for sure. But what about the feeling of those relatives, who are Malaysian citizens? Will the death of this Pinoys’ flag hoisting intruders, not cause a war with Philippine? They have refused to drop the claim on Sabah, remember. Do the people of Sabah like the idea of war with Philippine?

    Or the Pinoys Suluk are worried that their brethren in Sabah are in danger of deportation due to the RCI. Hence the invasion to revive their claims on Sabah,
    Or, was it an invitation from Malaysian opposition leaders, who promised them Land, in the first place?

    Or the ‘Rear Admiral’ is planning a war with Philippines so that GE13 is postpone. Maybe during war and chaos, he can easily instigate people to topple the govt.. If he succeed, as PM he can easily stop the war by giving away Sabah, or part of it, to the Philippines.

    • Servant of God says:

      You’re right.

      I can’t believe that I’m praising Hishamuddin – no matter how backhandedly I’m doing it – but the government is showing incredible foresight and restraint in handling the matter.

      I have no doubt that if PR people were in charge of the situation, cowboy behaviour would’ve been the order of the day and there would be a bloodbath by now.

      No matter what the cause of the issue is, it needs to be dealt with very carefully. Like you said, these intruders have family too. Since they haven’t harmed any Malaysians (or have they? someone correct me if I’m wrong on this), we should make full use of our upper hand. Starve them out if we have to. Just as long as everyone goes home safe.

      • MacDavid says:

        Yes, give them time but not make them hungry. Hungry people with adequate arms and with internal & external political backing, will not act rationally.
        Only time will solve this impasse. Maybe we need the English, Spaniard and Americans to help sort out the historical event that lead to their claims or at least pay for the Pinoys food or clothing.

    • Anonymous says:

      If war with Philippines, martial law declared, Anwar would be the first one to be arrested and put behind bars. On grounds that he’d give his backside to the Filipinos!

      • funniman says:

        This guy is trying to derail Najib’s peace deal with Southern Phillippines, hoping on the Malaysian soldiers will take strong actions. Al Jazeera reporters and SAPP guys also there, hoping to report this to the world. On one hand SAPP says no to PKR cooperation, on the other have their people taking these reporters covering the event using a small boat trying to pass through a naval blockade.

        Then you have this Xenelope fella also trying to sneak into Malaysia. I bet it would be raising this issue as part of the tarnishing Malaysia in the eyes of the world.

        PKR just could take it when one good news after another was dished out these days so much so that Rafizi countered that high speed interstate train be built connecting all states instead of High Speed Rail. Don’t he know that there’s is something called main mountain range in the center of Peninsula Malaysia?

        • A says:

          He would call Tony Fernandez bring mosquito planes and the like, ferry the pax from Gombak over the mountains, then continue by rail from Karak to Kuantan!

          Rafizi is not known as PKR Strategic Manipulator for nothing. Saying PKR got it in their Election Manifesto after DS Najib announced the Malaysia-Singapore highspeed rail sounds very convenient. Very stupid, too.

        • Anonymous says:

          His credibility has gone with the cows.

  7. linpehkong says:

    Does not take much imagination to realize that the butt man is crafty enough to cook up cocked up ideas like this. Look like he cannot wait until after GE13 to create chaos, he is starting the chaos now because he realize that F%$^tan cannot win GE13.

  8. Anonymas says:

    “Itulah aku cakap, aku akan jadi raja Sabah. Bapak Anwar yang janji sama aku bah. Dia udah janji aku wang banyak!” (referring to a story told by a commenter here)

    In another news, all three of his closest bodyguards are also Fililpino (ex-FSAS). Coincidence?

  9. ray says:

    Surely there are enough evidence to arrest that buttman for all that he had done to Malaysia? Amazing that he is still free to cause damage to his own country.

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      That will make him a martyr in the eyes of his supporters. I suppose at the moment, the lesser of two evils is to let him roam free to spew his lies & to spurt his seeds.

      • ray says:

        “spurt his seeds” – ish ish ish, the whole world will be contaminated.

        Please protect us from this toxic individual.

        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          As an un-honorable rear admiral, his spurts are confined to rear body crevices. Thank god for that since it should not result on population spurts of little Anwar in future.

          • linpehkong says:

            He did managed to do it in the right hole and out came that Narul kid. Same character as father – lie and double speak.

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            Bro, that one legal spurting. The illegal spurts cannot yield life… On the like father, like daughter, I agree unequivocally

    • A says:

      But DS Najib scored a lot of marks locally and internationally, too, by playing to the tune of the power-crazy Anwar wherever he can. Stole the thunder from the Buttman. Reduced the impact of Anwar’s propaganda despite the oiling by Neocons, Jews and Zionists in US etc.

      Imagine: so much breaking of the laws, often with impunity, by the Bersih buggers, that so many more would have to be arrested, so much water spraying and gas canister shooting, that might heighten sentiments and made more people attend subsequent Bersih Rally in retaliation. But Najib had the Peaceful Assembly Act passed, and the Stadium Merdeka Rally had only 45,000 participants instead of the even 1 million expected by some of them.

    • RX7 says:

      Well, all that depends if Stop The Lies will write more lies or not… : )

  10. Zendra Bangsat says:

    dulu2 BN dok kempen undilah parti dan jangan melihat calun! Maka ramailah bodoh2 melayu yang ikut cakap pemimpin2 ni. Si “apanama” tu kata, bila parti kuat BN akan kuat.

    Saya amat mengharap skrg anak2 muda yang rata2 sudah celik politik akan membuat perubahan besar. Pilihlah calun Islam. Kalau bukan calun Islam, baik dok rumah tengok bini je ataupun masuk bilik dan tak yah susah payah pi beratur mengundi.

    • Metro Blue says:

      Calon Islam ala PAS? Di lahirkan sebagai orang Islam tapi…..oh tidak!!!!

    • Servant of God says:

      Kalau calon tu mengaku Islam, tapi kalimah nama Pencipta dia pun dia gadai, dia kata Rasulullah bila lahir dikatakan sama dengan mamat-mamat kampung lain, dia kata Tuhan pun samseng dan sama taraf dengan berhala2 yang dibuat oleh manusia, apakah orang itu wajar kita terima sebagai insan Islam yang layak kita percayai?

      Pencacai pakatan memang sudah makan taik LKS laa. Tak kira apa pun kebodohan yang tuan mereka suruh ulang, mereka akan buat dengan bersungguh2. Sampai tak sedar memilih Bangsat sebagai nama.

      • Aj says:

        Kalau calon itu mengaku Islam di depan tetapi di belakang hantam Islam……ISLAM ke dia? haram jawabnya undi calon sebegini….gadailah KALIMAH ALLAH dan masuk NERAKA tak payahlah buat U-TURN…pakaian saja lebai tapi hati c*bai…

    • Anon says:

      Jaga jaga kalau pilih calon Islam. Nanti jenis yang bersekongkol dengan puaka DAP dan Anwar Al Juburi, kena jubor kita.

      Nik Aziz pernah kata, “Ambo buke’ Melayu, Isle je.” Hah, tak tentu arah pendirian dia. Main ikut sedap aje. Tengok lah ding dong dan flip flop mereka fasal Hudud, kalimah Allah, haramkan hiburan di bulan puasa, saman salon rambut Cina, dsbnya.

  11. Telur dua says:

    Darn! This buttman, Anwar, sounds like a a super-assistant of god. He’s US / Isreal / Russian agent. He’s with shadowy global triad. He causes so much problem everywhere. Now he sents a bunch of farts from Philippines to Sabah. Man! Can’t just leave us alone!

    The other day, my pet cat couldn’t poo. My neighbour’s dog was barking all night. It must be Anwar’s doing too. The mamak at the teh tarik stall burnt the roti canai i ordered. Must be Anwar too!!!

    He is worse than anyone and anything you can think off.

  12. The Real Rakyat says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was involved in this…..He needs to divert afterall….since the whole DAP & PKR spat in Johor and whatnot….

  13. zam says:

    Wise Men Say Only Fool Rush In…..

    A lot of bloke out there were criticizing the government on the way they handle the Lahad Datu situation as if they are themselves experts of such situation. It appears that criticizing the government is fashionable nowadays.

    Yes, criticize you may since I will defend your rights to give opinion but be yet wiser. Give a constructive opinion. There is a saying; if you don’t have a solution, don’t criticize. The least you could do is pray and hope it ends well and learn from it together as Malaysian. That too if you are sincere enough and not criticize for the sake of it…it isn’t cute! It’s a situation that may spark a long war.

    Remember the movie Pearl Harbor, when the top rank Japanese Army congratulate the General for the success of the attack on Pearl Harbor: “Congratulation General, you are the smartest general in Japanese History!”
    The general replied: A smart General is the one who can figure out how to avoid war!

    And some think they are fashionable enough to compare the Memali incident, the Al Maunah incident and the way the police handle the protesters in KL.
    Hello! The magnitude of the issue in Lahad Datu if not delicately handled is calling for disaster. Are you guys suggesting we handle it Memali style? Possibilities are that you were among most Malaysian that criticized the way Memali was handled. And we should learn from it and give better advice instead of telling the government to do two wrongs to be seen right? Come on, comparing with Memali itself display the insincerity of those who criticize isn’t it? Caught you, for being hypocrite!

    The situation in Lahad Datu is way much different. The implication can spread to the whole archipelago, start a long civil war and lead to thousands of lost lives, do you know that, or you don’t care much to ignore it. Do we want to end up like the Philippine government fighting the Moro for decades? What is the amount of resources are we willing to put up to manage that compared to some patience that we can easily afford now? We don’t even have to waste a bullet. It takes just a bullet to change the history of Sabah not to our wish, can’t you see that? Logic dictates.

    Did you watch the movie “The Rock”? The stand off at the Al Catraz? Just one fallen rubble and almost everyone shooting each other….Look at China on how patience they were, waited 100 years for Hong Kong and the way they deal with Taiwan? Do you think China hesitate to attack? They could easily march over Taiwan if they wanted to.

    And worst still, the “conspiracy theory” accusing BN were the one plotting….my god, again I said here, you guys must have been watching too much American movies la dey….why don’t you go and watch the Rock again and you may understand what I mean….not the Rock the wrestler but by Sean Connery, 1996 movie.

    As I said before, it takes just an idiot in Penang to divide the nation and perhaps if we are not careful just a bullet to start a long civil war…..

    • Aj says:

      Those guy only known how to KOPITIAM talk only…. if they are the govt, …they just say ambil lah SABAH kalau tak cukup dengan Sabah ambil lah M’sia… itu dia orang punya pasal…. say mahu jadi PM saja

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed. US Gen Colin Powell also said war must always be only as a last resort. Must avoid it as far as possible.

      Except that Jewish US VIce President Dick Cheney, the Neocons and Zionists in US were goaded by the Israelis and pressured the stupid George Bush to believe that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction and Powell finally bought it, and US bombed Iraq. Powell repeatedly said he had to live with that folly till he dies.

      Yes, indeed, the Sabah incident must be handled patiently. We need not rush. The Philippines government are also sympathetic, have declared that they have nothing to do with the group entering Sabah and even advised the group to return to the Philippines.

      So, don’t let Anwar Al Juburi and his goons provoke by words and deeds the situation to get out of hand. If he wants to provoke by offering his backside, that may be considered! Son of a gun.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Star reported:

        In Manila, Philippines media reported that President Benigno Aquino’s officials had been dispatched to convince Jamallul Kiram to recall his followers from Sabah.

        Cabinet officials were quoted as saying that Jamallul Kiram, now undergoing dialysis treatment at a Manila hospital, and his other brother, Bantilan Esmail Kiram II, must make a decision by Friday.

    • Servant of God says:


      You’re right. Completely.

      It costs us nothing to be patient now, though we might earn the insult of stupid people.

      The bullets that would take out all the invaders might not be so expensive, but we might be paying for that act even decades from now.

    • The Real Rakyat says:


      Your logic is sound….we do need to avoid war at all costs….If a peaceful solution can be found then it would be better…Although I would very much like to propose that we send Buttman and his generals LKS, LGE, Nurul, Nik Aziz to nego for peace….at least if they are captured and ransomed….The rest of Malaysia can tell them to keep them as souvenirs of their time in Malaysia as we do not wish to keep them here…..Plus Buttman will have all the baclas (tagalog for pondan) for himself…and they can be extremely pretty boys indeed ala Thailand!!…hahahhaha

  14. Zendra Bangsat says:

    Sebagai seorang ummat Islam, pilihan pertama sebagai seorang pemimpin adalah beragama islam. Sekiranya anda islam dan calonnya adalah dari pembangkang beragama islam, dan parti anda bukan islam utamakan islam kerana islam itu lebih mulia… berbanding parti anda itu…semua ini untuk menjamin hak keistimewaan kaum melayu dapat diteruskan turun temurun lagi. Kaum cina memang sudah kaya raya, sampaikan sumbangan 30juta untuk kolej TAR pun ditolak oleh pihak tertentu.
    Bilakah kaum melayu akan setanding dengan kaum cina belum kita tahu lagi.
    Hak keistimewaan melayu MESTI diteruskan dan hanya UMNO mampu kekalkan hak ini

    • Anonymous says:

      Kamu kepala bingong ke? Orang bincang fasal si Nuor Berahim nak buat hal dengan perusuh dari Philippines, apasal kau merayon cakap fasal lain?

      Aku setuju dengan kau “Hak keistimewaan melayu MESTI diteruskan” dan tidak ada so’al UMNO tidak mengekalkan hak ini. Tapi kita bincang di pos yang berkenaan le, boleh?

      • Zendra Bangsat says:

        Hak kesitimewaan orang melayu memang agenda UMNO kian lama. Apa salahnya kita berkongsi dengan masyarakat cina dan lain lain visi dan agenda parti kesayangan kita?
        Patut kerajaan naikkan peruntukkan untuk bumiputera dari 30% ke 45% ataupun 50%. Mungkin dengan ini taraf hidup kaum melayu akan mencapai taraf hidup kaum cina dalam masa yang lebih dekat.

        • Servant of God says:

          Kamu bodoh.

          • Zendra Bangsat says:

            Saya tak sepandai kau. Tapi tak bodoh juga. Sebab saya faham yang UMNO akan menegakkan hak kaum melayu selagi UMNO menjadi kerajaan persekutuan. Itulah harapan kita sebagai umat dan penyokong UMNO.
            Patut naik ke 50% peruntukkan itu.

          • Servant of God says:

            Kamu? Penyokong UMNO?


            Wei dol. Kalau kau betul nak tegakkan hak orang Melayu, banyak cara lain laa dol. Ini, kau perangai sama dengan LGE semasa Krismas 2012, tatkala dia mahu kalimah Allah diboleh pakai oleh orang bukan Islam.

            Makin porak peranda negara sebab dia. Hinggakan orang Kristian pun dah berpecah belah sebab dia.

            Macam mana laa aku nak percaya kau.

        • Servant of God says:

          Memandangkan ko bantai cakap off-topic sesuka hati,

          Apa kata LGE bertanding kat Pekan, Pahang?

        • X says:

          Agak pelik. Tutur kata bunyi macam Cina yang cuba kedengaran seperti Melayu; terlalu fasih.

    • Servant of God says:

      Sebagai seorang umat Islam, apa kata kamu berenti jadi pencacai PR?

      Pencacai PR bagaikan hidup untuk menipu dan menyebarkan penipuan. Siap kata, waktu dulu-dulu Putrajaya baru buka, yang Perdana Putra penuh tikus.

      Sekarang? Pun masih buat gak. Baru dua-tiga hari ni aku nampak pencacai PR kata kat blog yang highway kat Thailand beribu batu panjang, tapi takde tol.

      Kepala hotak kamu takde tol. Dari airport ke bandar pun dah jumpa tol. Korang memang tak guna!

      Tu tak kira penipuan yang lain lagi tuh. Yang fitnah DS Rais Yatim laa, yang fitnah DS Rosmah laa, yang buat gambar palsu laa… dan yang paling bangsat ialah 16 September. Tu bapak segala penipuan.

      So sebagai orang Islam, apa kata kamu bertaubat dan berenti menipu? Ke, sedap sangat air kencing pemimpin kamu tuh sampai kamu tak boleh berenti?

    • Metro Blue says:

      Ni lah padah orang tak mandi junub.

  15. jinman says:

    wow anuar got 3billion RM or USD, better get Taxman to visit him and get this fellow bankrupted before he put this country to hell.

  16. Anonymas says:

    Okay friends, here is a blog post from a Sulu Sultanate blogger:

    According to him:

    – this Kiram guy is kind of a lunatic, he claims Sabah and Sulu belongs to his family when the real ruler of Sulu is the Islamic king Sultan Basilan of Kesultanan Sulu Darul Islam
    – Kiram had no subjects. Sultan basilan has, and is accepted as a rightful ruler. Sultan Basilan has repeatedly warned Kiram “Not to do anything stupid”. Even the people of Sulu did not want Kiram as a King.
    – The people who joined him were promised to get land, food, money and riches if they accompany him to sabah “Because I am the king” he said
    – Raja Muda Kiram resides in Manila by the way, faaaaar away from his subjects in Sulu Island. He also had no ties with MILF or Abu Sayyaf.
    – Kiram felt threatened by the just and moderate Islamic King. He thinks that he has the ultimate right as the TRUE, TOTAL king of Sulu.
    – In July 2012, he gathered an army of 10k and conducted some training exercises with the US Military. Sultan Basilan II decreed a warning “Not to resort to violence or trigger a war with Malaysia” and “Please do not repeat your past mistakes.”
    – When he set off to Sabah, the local Sulu people and the royals in Jolo laughed at them (Kiram and his men) for being stupid. “Those clowns are going to die in a suicide mission, Malaysian army is armed to the teeth”
    – Kiram boasted that he represents the Sulu Sultanate to reclaim Sabah when he’s actually a fake king. But the Filipino govt backed him, and reiterated the imperative to reclaim Sabah from Malaysia using the ICJ.

    The moral of the story is, Megalomaniacs tend to attract each other

  17. Surrhead says:

    Oh my god…..what a bunch of losers we have here…..
    my dear Malaysians, if anwar were to have a hand in this, and seeing that the info is out as you have it, don’t you think the current gov would have this information too?
    And if the current gov does have this information and let’s say. it’s really true and valid, don’t you guys think that immediate and drastic measure will be taken since this involves anwar??

    What you guys fail to see is that the current gov is dragging it’s feet in solving this matter. Najib has not commented, and the KDN minister, left for Sabah 6-7 days after Sulu’s touchdown…is this how a gov acts when a group of foreigners with guns are claiming for a piece of land??

    anyway, it’s interesting to know that types of Malaysians we have here…nice story, by the way….it’s action+thriller+mystery….a “mission impossible” thingy….

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      Yeah, just like the predilection some Malaysians have with their infallible idols of political superstardom.

    • Anonymous says:

      You should change your name to Blurhead.

      So many here have explained why there must be cautious and patient approach to avoid a small incident escalating to be a major one, you are instigating tough action.

      Thug and gangster mentality aren’t you?

    • Servant of God says:

      So what do you want the govt to do? Kill them all? Shoot them dead on camera?

      You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You and your ass-loving leaders must be praying for that kinda shit to hit the fan. Then you guys would have a field day denouncing the government for being “crude, impatient and bloodthirsty”.

      Macam tak kenal korang.

    • Surrhead says:

      so, what’s on menu today for these guys with guns claiming our land?? KFC…guess they should have got tired of it….

      i just find it a bit disturbing when the gov shoots teargas and water cannons, plus gangbang the rakyat…..but tends to be delicate with these insurgents….

      SoG…the cameras don’t have to be there when the shooting starts…our pdrm and gov has escaped from a lot of times, uncharged, from these kind of acts…but usually, it is applied on the rakyat…

      The gov should be getting verifications from the Philippines gov and start chasing these buggers out…simple as that….unless the current ruling gov has a hand in this…

    • The Real Rakyat says:


      Ever heard of the saying….”When slapped on one cheek, offer the other cheek?”…..This is pretty much what is going on now…..why need to fight and get killed when the alternative is to just nego a solution??…..Ever heard of Ghandi or even Tunku Abdul Rahman’s peaceful nego ways??…..If you haven’t then it’s high time you go back to school man!!

    • zam says:

      What you guys fail to see is that the current gov is dragging it’s feet in solving this matter. Najib has not commented, and the KDN minister, left for Sabah 6-7 days after Sulu’s touchdown…is this how a gov acts when a group of foreigners with guns are claiming for a piece of land??
      And what do you suggest the Gov to do, smart ass?

      • Surrhead says:

        State a dateline and start acting after the dateline….fools….what is there to negotiate….unless somebody is having an idea to, let say….maybe offer them a piece of land of Lahad Datu, and start giving them blue IC…

        BTW, read this

        Losers….bet you dumbfucks were happy when the cops were harassing the rakyat for gathering with mineral bottles and salt…wait… i kinda of see the logic here, it is ok to attack the rakyat since they don’t carry guns, but these insurgents are with guns, better to negotiate than getting killed……..Losers….

        • Anon says:

          You so stupid, man. You think like katak bawah tempurung.

          This involve relations of two countries, dumbass. Malaysia and Philippines have good relations. We don;t want to make the relations bad if hasty and shots are fired.

          Th name Blurhead is good for you Slurrhead.

          • Surrhead says:

            anon….pls reply with the link that says the Philippines gov does support the insurgents at LD…if not, means you are talking rooster, some call it cock….

        • The Real Rakyat says:


          the language sounds familiar please dun tell me you are that loser computer technician in KL last time?? OMG if really you are aiyoyo.please la kill.yourself man!! Your daytime delusions are getting worse amd worse as time goes on. Why you can quote MKini a known PR site but we cannot quote official papers or portals? Double standards or you don’t have standards?? Who was harrassing?? Oh I see you didn’t see Tian Chua do a Geronimo charge!! Ok no problem just like how Malaysians also aw Buttman’s hand signals to Aiskrim man!! Hahahahaha

          ever heard of kantoi??? Hahahaha

          • Surrhead says:

            real rakyat….i am taking a lot of time just to understand your post, and sometimes i don’t have the time….can you please be more specific? you seem to be smoking something really2 good, i guess, as i see gibberish in your post…

        • jack robert says:

          again…. not rakyat… pr supportter and voter only.. if you mention ‘rakyat’ .. thats include me and the rest of the citizen who are not supporting the ideas..

    • NEUTRAL PARTY says:


  18. Gorgon says:

    Story blum confirm lagi dah nak kecohx2.. lari tajuk pulak tu.. Kalau betul ada bukti DSAI adalah punca RAS masuk ke Sabah, mesti dah lama Kerajaan Tangkap dia dan campak dlm penjara. Memang bodoh la kerajaan kalau tak buat macam tu. So conclusion is, tarak bukti..

    • zam says:

      No point producing “bukti” against Anwar. Wasting public money for the court hearing. Ada video terang terang pun Is that you in the video?: It wasn’t me! Isn’t that your husband in the video?: It wasn’t him! Isn’t that your Omega watch on the table? : It wasn’t mine! Macam Shaggy!
      But Shaggy surely made millions with all those It Wasn’t Me!

      • Surrhead says:

        We are in an era where a five year old takes a coloured video…and there are retards who still goes around believing black and white videos…

        • Anon says:

          How stupid to say just because black and white therefore cannot believe?

          You must be very retard.

          • Surrhead says:

            wow…there’s a said video of the next running PM with a chinadoll, and it’s colourless…and yes, the man in the video sure looks like the said character, but never been proven….same as all the ridiculous charges that were thrown at him, yet he was never convicted….now, even if anwar was with a chinadoll, this is clearly a setup to get him, right…and, put yourself in the person who set up the whole thing, what kind of a person would that be?? now, now, stop sweating, i know you guys don’t think that far….anyway, i still don’t buy that black&white video…too far fetched in this era…

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      How ugly & disgusting do you look anyway mate? The nick may sound cool but it sure as hell don’t mean that, literally…

      • zam says:

        How ugly & disgusting do you look anyway mate? The nick may sound cool but it sure as hell don’t mean that, literally…
        Yes bro i am ugly with BIG ears and BIG nose but I am no LIAR unlike the BIG LIAR. it was tru that this is wghat Anwar said: “Well, it surely looks like me, but it wasn’t me! and when Wan Azizah was asked this is what she replied: I know my husband inside out, it wasn’t him though it may look like him!

        And this is what Anwar replied when asked about the Omega: “What Omega watch?”

        And besides the Big Ears anf Big Nose i also have Big Mount but not a LIAR…..

        • The Real Rakyat says:


          FFC was not referring to you. He was referring to Gorgon above. Gorgon is a french word of not mistaken for those gargoyles actually. What he meant was whether Gorgon was ugly since he was using that nick.

        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          Chill dude. No one’s picking on ya. TRR got it spot on

        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          You should ask the regulars what I wrote about the Omega before. We had a field day talking about how the Omega was like the arc reactor Tony Stark used to power the Ironman suit.

        • NEUTRAL PARTY says:



    • Surrhead says:

      Gorgon…….bunch of retards here….try not to argue with retards, just state you points…GOOD LUCK…

      • The Real Rakyat says:


        do you have any points to discuss here or are you just going to be mentally retarded here again??

        • Surrhead says:

          Well, guess this worked like i suggested….set a dateline and chase those buggers off….as usual, there’s no anwar’s hand or dick involved….may i suggest that you start a new blog calling it it suits better for disillusioned retards…

          • Surrhead says:

            aiyah….looks like i gotta retract back earlier post….
            the insurgents rather die fighting than leave LD…so, smart guys, what shall our gov do now?? looks like back to the rational answer given by a lot of rational Malaysians….set the dateline and start shooting the daylight out of these buggers, then the other neighboring regions knows that Malaysians are not someone you mess with blindly……BTW, i still can’t link this to anwar…….

          • Anonymous says:

            Sure there’s no anwar’s hand or dick involved…. it’s gone into your asshole.

          • Anonymous says:

            This Surrhead is not only retarded. He has gone bonkers. Over the hill in his thinking and his blabbering. No argument or point at all. Time for him to see the Psychiatrist.

      • X says:

        Yeah, right. Start shooting and suffer:
        1. An unnecessary diplomatic standoff with the Phillipines government;
        2. A war with at least the MNLF, if not the entire Sulu Sultanate;
        3. An uprising by the 500,000 – READ: half a million – Sulu estimated to be residing in Sabah.

        Shoot and fall straight into the trap that a little someone had set for us when he invited these colourful characters over. Have you not read Reuters and the two Filipino newspapers yet? You must think we’re as dumb as you.

  19. phet says:

    ATM profesional dalam handle hal2 mcm ni.. Kerjaan Malaysia ckup power dlam hal diplomasi, diberitakan pejuang sulu tu siap diberi makan minum dan tmpt tinggal.. pergh, ingt adaker negara buat camtu kat penceroboh lain? aku x risau malah yakin hal ni najib n army will settle it carefully.. sbb pejuang tu islam jugak, ramai sedara mara kat sabah.. n aku rasa, dorg dtg sabah bukan apa, saja bagi havoc n create attention diversion. tu jer tujuan dorg dtg setelah diberi arahan. pejuang tu takkanlah bongok nk serang sabah yg besar tu, or amnya nak serang maalysia sebuah negara islam yg mana kerajaan kite cukup serius bantu mindanau dapatkan taraf autonomi dari filipina n letakkan askar pengaman kat sana dimana bangsa moro ni ckup hormati askar2 kite di sana. better dorg serang kerajaan filipina n tuntut mindanau bebas dan merdeka dari filipina sbb kerajaan sulu lagi laam wujud dari filipina. kalau fight kat court confirm bole menang. tp nak serang sabah?? nmpk ada mcm fishy2 tujuan sebenar mereka ke sana. persoalan lagi, dah masuk ceroboh, pastu diam,?? kalau dorg sure nk srang dorg pasti terus bikin havoc lepaskan peluru sana sini. ni dah dtg ramai2 pastu sekadar nak discuss nk jumpa org itu ini di sabah then baru nak balik…?? sbb tu teori aku, aku rasa mereka ni sekadar nk bikin gempak jer, buat diversion views media di malaysia, plotting propaganda kata malaysia x selamat, senang kena ceroboh, wellsaid, singapore pun pedatang tanpa izin pernah berjaya masuk, n us brg power2 canggih manggih siap cia n fbi ada pun nytc leh kena bom.. so, x terkejut la lepas sbb keluasan sabah luas. tp, beringt la, dpat masuk ingt senang kua?? kes lahad datu ni byk sgt persoalan fishy2… n kenapa sekarang nk serang masuk?? bukan tahun lepas or 2 tahun lepas? now gov media machinery kena power to counter back propaganda PR. rakyat pun, pls..pls.. pls.. think twise. jgn risau.. ATM among the best army in the world.. INSYALLAH, sebijak mana perancangan manusia itu nk hancurkan bumi Malaysia, pERANCANGAN Allah tu lebih berjaya. KWN SYA DAH BUAT SOLAT ISTIKHARAH MINTA PETUNJUK TGK ANWAR IBRAHIM. JAWAPANYA, mohon DIJAUHKAN ANWAR DARI MENJADI PM.

  20. Mikhail Gobachev says:

    Слушайте, слушайте, слушайте ….. Stopthelies есть информация, что лидер оппозиции Анвар Ибрагим, есть рука во вторжении в Lahad Datu до зубов вооруженных террористов Сулу в последнее время.
    Видимо, про-еврейских лидеров и Китай кукла эксперт уехал в Филиппинах за неделю до вооруженных злоумышленников ворвались Kampung Tandau, Lahad Datu, к востоку от Сабах на 9 февраля.
    Источники сказали, что Анвар, как сообщается, провел секретные переговоры в неустановленном месте с главой террористов на участке вторгнуться в Lahad Datu.
    Называя себя королевской Сулу султаната армии, 100 над вооруженными террористами, как сообщается, во главе с Раджа Muda Azzimudie Kiram, потомок султана Сулу.
    Прошло уже почти две недели, так как они приземлились в Kampung Tandau и стенд с, кажется, не вижу никаких признаков террористов отступать.
    Что интересно здесь то, что вооруженное вторжение под иностранным флагом. Это несколько необычно для повстанцев использовать филиппинского флага.
    Кстати, когда Анвар шел по коридорам власти в Путраджайе, он поддерживает тесные отношения с южной части Филиппин. И он сыграл важную роль в переговорах с повстанческими группами нет.
    Сроки вторжения, с всеобщих выборов за углом, находится слишком близко для комфорта и вызывает большие подозрения о том, кто это все позади него.
    Ну информации, предоставленной Stopthelies бы соединить точки сейчас.
    Видимо Анвар также находится под давлением, чтобы придумать кампанию средства на выборы.
    Несмотря на то, что у него есть война груди RM3 млрд, Анвар не разделяет любой из его хорошо запаслись богатства.
    Для тех, у кого короткая память, бывший Банк Негара помощник губернатора Датук Абдул Халид Мурат сделал официальное заявление, что Анвар был вовлечен в обращении с несколькими учетными записями мастер общую RM3 млрд. руб.
    Мурад Абдул показал, что Анвар был под его контролем целых 20 мастер счетов с участием активов, акций и денег стоит, что колоссальные суммы.
    История в том, что Анвар рассказывал Pakatan лидеров, что он был не в состоянии придумать кампанию деньги, как и его деньги несколько задерживается.
    Попустительство Анвар то придумали интересную историю, которую он должен был получить финансирование от султана Jamalul Kiram, султан Сулу, кто имеет США 137 миллиардов долларов в нью-йоркских банков, и что большая часть его была передана Малайзии, но заморожены Банк Негара.
    Одним из ключевых помощников султана, который идет по предполагаемым названием, Датук Сери Panglima Darjah Сулу, что происходило вокруг города за последние три месяца предлагают здоровенный 3 млрд. долл. США комиссия для тех, кто может убедить премьер-министра “разблокировать” деньги .
    Видимо, это аферист был приближаются каждого члена парламента в город в надежде “развязывании” войны груди, которая была под видом инвестиций, поступающих из Соединенных Штатов.
    Этот аферист использовал, чтобы бродить по улицам в Кота-Кинабалу, как никто. Но сегодня он одевается в дорогих костюмах дизайнера, носит Rolex, остается в шикарных отелей, таких как Hyatt, когда он находится в городе.
    Он также арендует Rolls Royce в комплекте с шофером, когда он приходит к Кота-Кинабалу.
    Источники сообщили, что Анвар тесно связаны с ним, и что он сделал договоренность о встрече с лидером повстанцев на Филиппинах.
    Но Анвар обвиняет правительство для “замораживания” денег и как таковой получил повстанцами вторгнуться в Lahad Datu, чтобы сделать требования.
    Сам того не желая обмануть “дон гои” (глупый мудак) Lim Guan Eng которые, вероятно, не знали, голову или хвост призвал к отставке министра внутренних дел Hishammuddin Тун Хусейн за обращением Лахад Дату противостояние.
    Он должен, а не лаять на Анвара сейчас и узнаем правду

    • Anonymous says:

      I fail to understand this kind of buggers who, out of the blue, when everybody else is talking in English and BM, come out with other languages, like this bastard calling himself Gorbachev.

      Despite being told in so many ways, including making fun of them by us copying other languages as replies, they still doggedly come out with their mindless stupidity.

      Anyone here knows profiling, like they do of criminals in the US? It’d be good to do a profile on the bugger so that we can understand the kind of thinking or non-thinking of such buggers. It might help in shooing them away when we know the kind of blasted heads they have.

      • funniman says:

        Their tactics is very simple. All they want is to comment to divert attention on any current topics. However, whatever they post, it will be rebutted. Therefore they resort to Mandarin, Thai, Russian, Korean….so that no one can rebut them.
        After a while, the focus would not be on the current topic at the recent comments section. However STL supporters will keep posting and dig in on the latest topic rendering their effort useless. Then as a last resort, they will post one liners with nonsensical barbaric uncouth language.

      • zam says:

        I fail to understand this kind of buggers who, out of the blue, when everybody else is talking in English and BM, come out with other languages, like this bastard calling himself Gorbachev.
        ha ha hah served him rite!

        • A says:

          This is school boy thinking. Not funny at all.

          This boy recently joined the discussion here and has been walloped a few times.

          Let’s see if he will write adult comments in the future.

      • jack robert says:

        i thinks .. he is praying…

    • Servant of God says:

      Nama Gorbachev pun kau salah eja laa… apa punya samdol laa engkau nih…

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      Wah even Gorbachev can understand and read Malay and Manglish!!…you sure you the former Russian President ah??

    • Jijan Mali says:

      Dey Rascal, kalau hang nak cakap Russia, hang pi lah masok blog Rusia kat sana tu. Ini blog pasal Malaysia. Boloh punya olang.

    • Anonymas says:

      I drink vodka with babushka. Dasvidanya comrade

  21. Anonymous says:

    This incident should remind us that even while we are fighting each other foreign elements can always take advantage of it.
    Especially when our own citizens invite those foreign elements.
    If it’s just one annoying arrogant white guy I suppose it’s too easy to kick him out.
    Funny how the same folks who complain about handling the Philippines people want that white guy to come here.
    It’s the same deal.
    Maybe Anwar plan for some Thai and Indonesian intrusion as well.

    • zam says:

      Funny how the same folks who complain about handling the Philippines people want that white guy to come here.
      They are hypocrites from day one. Caught them red handed!!

  22. Oh RLY? says:

    So, honestly speaking, how many of these comments did you write yourself?

    Must be tiring right, coming up with different ideas day after day.

    Come on, let’s face it. i understand how it feels. being a BN cybertrooper is taxing to the mind. you can only expand your writing style this much. the same trait/pattern always persist. stop hiding behind so many facade and stop being an asshole by stepping the opposition party. how much did they pay you?

    or are you doing this because it’s your job in a pr firm?

    pathetic. meh.

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      Are you speaking from experience mate? To be able to understand & emphatize must mean you are/were doing it no? And pray tell how much are/were you paid?

    • jack robert says:

      Oh RLY? >>> and how about you? pathetic…? like it was refering to you

  23. zam says:

    Najib’s declared support for Taib Mahmud, a blow to BN – How disappointing

    Taib Mahmud is corrupt. Almost every business in Sarawak is owned by Cahaya Mata Sarawak (CMS) in one way or another. There is no need to elaborate further, the information is almost everywhere the last 15 years. Full stop. To hide Taib’s corrupt practice is like “menutup bangkai gajah dengan daun pisang” for those who still cannot understand Malay idiom after this long years, it means like “covering the carcass of an elephant with banana leafs”. I would like to put it my own way which I always do; The whole town smells shit and yet some people denied and says : Mana ada? Mana ada? Mana ada? Tak bau apa apa pun?
    I would like to reply this way; Kentot!

    Well, at least that’s what I heard and everyone heard everywhere including people from Sarawak and that includes people from UMNO and the wider BN people. I condemn Anwar for initiating the pack with Taib Mahmud in my posting last month and term it as “political fornication’ for the reason that PR is shouting on corruption issues and yet Anwar is trying to pact with Taib Mahmud when he knows that Najib and BN wanted to dump Taib Mahmud by putting their own choice of candidates that is not on Taib’s camp in Sarawak. Taib was smart to gesture a possible pact with Anwar then but it does not materialize for the reason I don’t know yet. But it’s not important though.

    What is important or rather “ignored importance” is that Najib or even Anwar neglected the very choice of the Sarawak people. Whoever pact with Taib is deemed ignoring the plight of Sarawak people. And now they are toying with the warlords of SUPP, dividing seats and counting the chicken before it hatch. Election in reality is won by every vote from the people of Sarawak and not by number of seats leaders toying around. At the end of the day the voters decide, not the warlords. Remember 2008 election? BN was so confident of winning and busy distributing seats and the division leaders busy fighting as candidate and ignored the very needs of the voters. What happen then, I don’t have to mention. A lot of PR candidates or reluctant candidates were highly surprised when they won!

    So Sarawak people, learning from what happen in West Malaysia should cry for ABT or anything but Taib Mahmud the way ABU succeeded in West Malaysia.

    Najib shouldn’t have done that. By declaring support to Taib Mahmud, Najib sent clear message that was in line with his motto “winnable candidate”. I would like to recall a remark by one young UMNO delegate during the previous UMNO assembly who amidst the slogan of “winnable candidate” being spoken the whole assembly, he said I am a winnable supporter!
    The issue here is not the candidate but the people of Sarawak as a whole. Again I reiterate, the message sent by Najib is “It’s okay if we continue with corrupt leader as long as BN wins”. This clearly put the interest of the people of Sarawak after the interest of BN.

    If the Sarawak people in remote areas can be reached in numbers by PR, BN will lose badly in Sarawak. At the end of the day or any fairy tale, the good one always emerge winner and the bad guys always lose when truth prevail. And Najib’s support for Taib is akin to working with the bad guys. Bad move.

    But on a second thought to be back to reality instead of being an idealist, I still believe that money talks and bullshit walks… least in Sarawak for the past 30 years and it still is now perhaps. Surely justice must be done, said a lawyer but justice must be paid to be done (on reminding his client to pay first upon engaging for his service). In this case, the price may not be money this time around. I hope.

    • A says:

      What rubbish is this fellow talking? And childish too when saying, “I would like to reply this way; Kentot!”

      Then he said “at least that’s what I heard ..” Yet trying to say that’s the gospel truth. And implies that what “everyone heard everywhere including people from Sarawak” is also the gospel truth. This must be the jaguh kampung from somewhere. Surely not from Sarawak. Because the kampung folks/ those in the interior of Sarawak vote BN every general elections. Only the town folks of Miri and Bintulu, the DAP kind, voted the Opposition. This fellow must be talking form his asshole.

      Granted, corruption exists, but it does everywhere. Even in Pakatan Rakyat ruled states. A lot has been said about that. No doubt corruption cannot be condoned. But why hasn’t he said anything about PR corruption, too? He got gagged by Lim Guan Eng? Or no balls to do so.

      Talking high and mighty “I condemn Anwar for initiating the pack (t) with Taib Mahmud in my posting last month” – was he here last month? Glib talker is he? Using the words “political fornication” as if he is a renown political commentator or political analyst of any standing. He probably stands in front or at the back of Anwar at Anwar’s choice when on heat.

      Talking about Anwar-Taib Mahmud pact and “Najib wanting to dump Taib Mahmud” when he knows next to nothing about Sarawak politics. He is not from Sarawak and is not resident in Sarawak, merely visited the State and reads Opposition comments in blogs that usually make wild claims and unsubstantiated allegations. He is nuts, this fella.

    • A says:

      Ain’t that bloody stupid of this fella calling himself “zam” to say “Najib or even Anwar neglected the very choice of the Sarawak people”? Doesn’t he know that BN won in Sarawak except for the DAP held seats?

      And now making wild statements again saying “they are toying with the warlords of SUPP, dividing seats and counting the chicken before it hatch.” Yet he can’t even be clear in what he means by saying “Election in reality is won by every vote from the people of Sarawak”. And what is he talking when saying “.. 2008 election .. BN was so confident of winning .. What happen then, I don’t have to mention.” Didn’t BN win and formed the Government there? Gila ka this fella?

      The rest of what he said is also crap. Not worth to comment any more. Sheer waste of time, except to show that he is nuts, as done above.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        Wonder if the person has even been to Sarawak before. He should read up my previous comments on religious acceptance as well as the government’s assistance in myriad of things for Sarawakians. PR wanna win in Sarawak? Pigs will fly before then mate.

      • zam says:

        it doesn’t matter whether what i said has not been properly composed but my point is do you agree that it was a WRONG MOVE by Najib? My point is, if Anwar or even Najib want to make a change or reforms as they have been shouting, both of them should abandon Taib. Don’t look at the trivial wrong spelling or wrong grammar or wrong sentences, look at my point will you? Don’t defend for the sake of defending. We Rakyat should reject corrupt leaders. So, don’t waste your time correcting sentences but look at the bigger picture will you instead of being a KATAK BAWAH TEMPURUNG AGAIN….

  24. zam says:

    The rest of what he said is also crap. Not worth to comment any more. Sheer waste of time, except to show that he is nuts, as done above.
    This statement is a typical denial syndrome…..

  25. zam says:

    Didn’t BN win and formed the Government there? Gila ka this fella?
    Any one who enters political blog would easily digest this term as “BN lost” which means lost their dominance of 2/3 majority la bahalol!

  26. zam says:

    Ain’t that bloody stupid of this fella calling himself “zam” to say “Najib or even Anwar neglected the very choice of the Sarawak people”? Doesn’t he know that BN won in Sarawak except for the DAP held seats?
    You must have been sleeping la dey! That choice made was 3 years ago and a lot have changed since then you moron! Yes, i have travelled to a lot of areas in Sarawak before and i can tell you how much the boat fare also because i go to remote areas on government project somewhere 2005 of “digital divide problem” on the installation of phone reception in the remote areas using VSAT. that’s why i mention about if PR could reach the remote Sarawak voter in numbers…which means it’s difficult and expensive to make a trip inside. Those in sarawak or those who have travelled the remote areas in sarawak using small boats and bot panjang trough the river will know what I mean.

  27. zam says:

    The rest of what he said is also crap. Not worth to comment any more.
    Any you Anon, go and have fun with your likes of Gurbuk at MT will you?

  28. zam says:

    PR wanna win in Sarawak? Pigs will fly before then mate.
    I agree with you and i was aware about the programme you mentioned and yes pigs will fly first berofe BN can lose in sarawak. That’s my point at the end of my post. Being realistic instead of an idealist, the reality is it very difficult for PR to win there hence winning more seats can be considered a moral victory. As much as I too wants BN to win I reject corrup leaders and Najib’s move is not good for BN. See my point?

  29. zam says:

    And having said that, anything can happen in politics nowadays. Things has changed a lot. The digital divide narrow day by day now which mean people in Sarawak are well informed. Say what you like about Anwar but this toungue twister guy damm can speak man, and given time and space in remote areas of Sarawak he may have the chance to turn the table. If you guys want BN to win as much as I do, we must condemn any association with Taib. Ask anyone in Sarawak and to be fair ask the BN people about Taib, thats all I could say. it’s not about me rejecting Bn but I reject Taib. So, you want sarawak people to be fooled again?…and again..and again…? Come on, be sincere and not for the sake of “Saya Sokong BN”

  30. zam says:

    Ain’t that bloody stupid of this fella calling himself “zam” to say
    And it’s very typical of you and so predictable of you to give such remark, dey! criticise the issue la dey not the person. U want to have argument on personality, go back to MT where you can use vulgar words as you like there with your friends!
    Ta ta..

  31. bourne identity says:

    wah…. al juburi used Phillipines exSF operators ke? Hmmmm…. kalau nak dapatkan bodyguardpun, ngapa lah dari Phillipines…. theyre the laughing stock in the world of SF.
    1985, ni tak patut aku tulis but since al juburi has insulted the intelligence of malaysians…
    1985…. kami snatched one of the world’s top 10 terrorist leaders IN southern phiilipines, bawa mangkuk ni balik for the SB to deal with…and weeks later sent him back TO southern phillipines.
    Infact, banyak kali kita intercept so called sulu pirated way in the 80s whom were actually phillipines marines disguised as pirates!!!
    Lancau punya al juburi…but nampak mangkuk2 exSF phiilipines ni jambu thats whylah Al Juburi chosed them.
    Memali….memang sepatutnya tak ada violence but what can we do when people come and rushed at us with parangs? And when we moved in, rupa2 nya ada shotgun while we only had rotan and rattan shields.
    Even we ran when an old berserked makcik wielding a penyapu chased us and we were the vat69ers….
    U see…. if you come in peace, talk to us and dont point anything sharp or explosive to us, we wont turn from a smiling operative into something a little bit worst than the hulk.
    Anyway….al juburi meang NEVER trust anything Malaysian…. al juburi’s favoutite song is DESPERADO…

  32. zam says:

    A says:
    February 23, 2013 at 7:42 am
    This must be the jaguh kampung from somewhere. Surely not from Sarawak.
    And there you go moron, where i came from is not relevant, it’s the issue you dick head!
    Because the kampung folks/ those in the interior of Sarawak vote BN every general elections. Only the town folks of Miri and Bintulu,
    And perhaps you can figure out yourself why the urban people vote against Taib? relating to digital divide if you understand what it means….
    and don’t bring racial issue to sarawak, they are unlike Semenanjung

    corruption exists, but it does everywhere. Even in Pakatan Rakyat ruled states. A lot has been said about that. No doubt corruption cannot be condoned. But why hasn’t he said anything about PR corruption, too? He got gagged by Lim Guan Eng? Or no balls to do so.
    And you moron! who is talking about PR or even LGE here? Can’t you read well? Or you are reading while digging the tooth of your patient?

    Talking high and mighty “I condemn Anwar for initiating the pack (t) with Taib Mahmud in my posting last month” – was he here last month? Glib talker is he? Using the words “political fornication” as if he is a renown political commentator or political analyst of any standing. He probably stands in front or at the back of Anwar at Anwar’s choice when on heat.
    This is of issue i brought up, you got no modal oledi?

    Talking about Anwar-Taib Mahmud pact and “Najib wanting to dump Taib Mahmud” when he knows next to nothing about Sarawak politics. He is not from Sarawak and is not resident in Sarawak, merely visited the State and reads Opposition comments in blogs that usually make wild claims and unsubstantiated allegations. He is nuts, this fella.
    There you again speculating on my integrity. the whole world knows that Najib was trying to abandon Taib by making his own choice of candidates and the whole world know that Taib indicated a talk with Anwar…..wake up will you or you want to “MENEGAKKAN BENANG BASAH” i AM NOT TALKING ABOUT bn AGAINST pr HERE AND YOU FAILED TO UNDERSTAND YOU DICK HEAD!

    • Anonymas says:

      zam’s status

      [ ] Calm
      [ ] Mad
      [ ] So mad
      [X] Really mad


      He nearly broke his keyboard due to angry typing, and subconsciously thinks about the banana in his pants, hence the usage of insult ‘dick head’.

      • jack robert says:

        wow…bet you see yours in-pants 1st before reffering to zams… do you grow bananas in your pants.. can it be lethal? note this: bananas cannot re-produced human with brain except copycat labelled as anon. anon what?? they have serial numbers… guess what ..Oh RLY? .. u have found your men…
        btw they’re just F**king numbers .. they gotta to do what they gotta do..

  33. zam says:

    Anonymas says:
    February 23, 2013 at 11:53 pm

    zam’s status

    [ ] Calm
    [ ] Mad
    [ ] So mad
    [X] Really mad
    If you want to have a personal argument go back to MT, we just want to discuss political issues and facts here. Get it? Shame on you.

  34. Surrhead says:

    Guess this blows all the allegations that anwar had a dick, oops, sorry, hand in this drama, and anwar’s bodyguards kinda had their dick….oops, sorry again, hand in this drama too…
    anyway, I would like to apologize on saying that the gov might have had a hand, as they dragged their feet on this matter….and i had this crazy idea of getting the ATM to shoot the daylight out of these insurgents, as they breached our territory, and they must never do it again…good to know all’s turning out well….all should be over in 72 hours….and we can go back to politicking…

  35. Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

    As news filter in on the siege with the death toll now at 11 for the invaders & 3 for our security forces, I can’t help but notice the harsh words & accusations throw around.

    3 men gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in the line of duty & we get sarcastic, acerbic & catty comments on how this is a sandiwara, how specially trained commandos can’t handle amateurs, how this is an attempt to avoid the GE by declaring emergency etc etc.

    Have Malaysia & Malaysians gone so low that we equate anything & everything with politics? Have we retained any shred of humanity, any bit of conscience within our hearts? Have we grown so selfish that instead of a prayer, we curse those who swore an oath to protect this nation?

    It is fine if you don’t wanna offer a prayer for the deceased. It is fine if you don’t wanna express any gratitude for all their sacrifices. But to insult them & their family?

    God bless the souls of Inspector Zulkifli Mamat, Corporal Sabarudin Daud & Corporal Azman Ampong of the RCMP. The nation is forever in your debt.

  36. jjj says:

    i say gave it back what sultanate of truly owns. let them rule the these lands (sabah) because they historically owns it “let them organize a sultanate of sabah”. not just tome british spanish agreement, they didnt own this lands. i dont what to be said some that im living from sabah “the stolen land from sultanate of sulu”.

  37. jjj says:

    i say gave it back what sultanate of sulu truly owns. let them rule the these lands (sabah) because they historically owns it “let them organize a sultanate of sabah”. not just some british spanish agreement, they didnt own this lands. i dont what to be branded someday that im live from sabah “the stolen land from sultanate of sulu”.

  38. Azim Yusof says:

    i don’t trust anwar ibrahim, but i do not believe any malaysian will go to the length of supporting an armed foreign invasion. Not even anwar will go to such lengths. It wouldn’t surprise me that the source we got for those information comes from the philippines intelligence and ews sources, as they have a good reason to want to divide malaysians over the sabah issue, which they have a dormant claim to.

    This is a national issue, regardless of which political divide you support. Get rid of these invaders first, politics later. If there are traitors amongst our midst, then investigate and prosecute. But solve this issue first.

    The Suluks, and the Philippines can claim Sabah all they want. But the UN and the ICT back Malaysia’s claim over Sabah and North Borneo. The time of kings, clan leaders and warlords claiming ownership over lands their ancestors owned hundreds of years ago is gone with the arrival of modern international law. It is a relic of a bygone era of feudal systems and colonialism that has no place in civilized society today. If there is any territorial dispute, then you should go through civilised channels, not through armed invasion.

    But most of all, the two commisssions of enquiry held in 1962 (Cobbold Commission) and the UN Mission to Borneo yielded the same results: North Borneo favored joining the Malaya Federation, not the Philippines, not Indonesia, not stay under British rule, not even self-rule. The right of the people of self-determination in regards to their fate superseed any claim of sovereignty. They CHOSE to be part of Malaysia, just like Singapore chose to part with Malaysia afterwards. That wish of the people should be respected. That is how a civilised society should work.

    What do you think will happen if the Sulu King or the Philippines actually manage to get Sabah despite the people’s expressed objections? Another civil war and insurgency will happen, just like in Mindanao. Or is it that the Philippines just love their militant uprisings so much that when the MILF signs a peace deal with their government recently (after fighting for so long), now they want a NEW civil war to erupt, because that’s all they are accustomed to. It’s not enough that they have for years subjugated the Muslim-majority Mindanao islands despite their obvious desire to want to form their own country, now they want ANOTHER Muslim-dominated state (65% of sabahans are muslim) to control. How is that a good thing for any nation, Malaysia, Philippines or the Suluks? Or is it just a pride thing, the people be damned.

    • A says:


      Nobody is really talking about “supporting an armed foreign invasion.” People are just talking about instigating, planting the seeds of, encouraging landing on our shores to create a scene, some trouble, and the like.

      True, Anwar will never be supporting foreign invasions – he is enough of a crafty devil not to go to such lengths. But, as the photograph in the subsequent post shows him talking with Nur Misuari, the MNLF leader, it is clear that they have known each other, been in contact with each other, and it certainly doesn’t preclude him saying a few things that’ll make Misuari want to create some problems in Sabah.

      It’s called motives. Both of them have the motives for doing so. Anwar, the motive of creating alarm and despondency so that he can accuse the Government all sorts during the PRU13 political campaign. Like the bloody PKR Vice President Tian Chua said, and he has been whacked by no less than the PM himself. And Misuari’s motive may be telling the Philippines and the world that he is still around and should have been invited to participate in discussions leading to the Bangsamoro peace deal achieved recently.

      But I agree with you that the Government solve this issue first. That’s precisely what they have been doing. With some loss of lives already. So let’s allow them the time. The issue must be solved with as low a loss of lives as possible.

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