Guan Eng cakap tak serupa bikin

The March 2008 general elections is over. A lot of pledges were made to the people during that time.

It has been more than three years since and we still have yet to see the Penang State Executive Councillors declaring their assets as promised.

Election promises are meant to be kept and not for purposes of showcasing it to the rakyat. Come election time, don’t promise this and that, then forget.

I still remember vividly in 2008 what Guan Eng said after the Pakatan government took over the administration of the Penang state government.

After the swearing-in ceremony as Chief Minister on March 11, 2008, Guan Eng said this:

“… the Chief Minister, State EXCO members, Speaker and Deputy Speaker together with the respective heads of Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang and Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai will be required to publicly declare their personal assets.”

Hello Mr Guan Eng, we are still waiting. How long does it take you to calculate your assets. So much that until today you “tak dapat kira”.

We want to vote in a government that is Competent, Accountable and Transparent like the famous CAT slogan your government has been mentioning countless of times.

I think you better live up with your promises. Don’t play play and Don’t tell lies.

If you have Alzheimers, let me tell you one by one, from the day you were sworn in until today. Promise after promise but you don’t deliver.

On March 6, 2009, you told a press conference at the first anniversary of governing Penang that the state government would initiate the formulation of guideline for all PR-elected representatives to publicly declare their assets, which was in line with your CAT (competency, accountability and transparency) philosophy.

Then again on March 14, 2009, when asked why the Penang state exco members had yet to declare their assets, Guan Eng said:

“We are waiting for a standardised form format from the Federal Government to ensure uniformity.”

He later announced that instead of waiting, Penang would emulate Selangor state government’s move in declaring their assets and posting them online.
Then on March 16, 2009, we instead read about Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and his local state exco members declaring their assets via online on the Selangor government’s website.

However not all state excos uploaded their asset declaration forms on the website. There were several who were too shy, for reasons unknown or for obvious reasons. No prize for guessing it right.

It was reported that time that Teresa Kok was the highest earner with RM32,830 per month of which RM19,722 came from her position as state exco member, and RM13,108 as MP.

We Penang Kia are counting. Then in June 2009, lagi best. Soon lagi you cakap would declare.

I quote : “I and the rest of the state excos will soon declare our assets. We had agreed on a time frame to do so and were looking at a format to ensure it fulfils the CAT principles.”

Just to declare their assets, so “susah susah”. Must have time frame lah, must fulfil CAT. Apa kuching itu takut apa.?

Then interestingly in September 2010 (ini sudah 2 tahun after Guan Eng promise nak declare asset) , Penang Gerakan Youth chief Oh Tong Keong urged Guan Eng and others to expedite their asset declaration in line with their CAT principles.

At that time, Oh was responding to reports that two state exco members — Chow Kon Yeow (Local Government and Traffic Management Committee chairman) and Wong Hon Wai (Town and Country Planning, Housing and Arts chairman) — had allegedly bought “luxury houses” costing RM590,000 and RM600,000.

Lagi saya baca suratkhabar baru baru ini. In May 2011, Permatang Berangan assemblyman Shabudin Yahaya bombarded Guan Eng in the State Assembly that his pledge for him and his exco members to declare their assets does not seem to see the light of it.

Shabudin said Guan  Eng’s promise of declaring free parking during weekends and public holidays has also yet to materialise.

Please la Guan Eng, we are tired of reminding you again. Do the needful please. Don’t think you Malaccans can treat Penangites like suckers.

Penang Ah Beng Kia

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