Priest gets Ticked Off for Political Sermon


Rev Father Jean-Claude

For the first time in Malaysian church history, a member of the congregation stood up and told the preacher to stop his sermon.

This happened during the 11.30 am mass last Sunday at the Assumption Catholic Church in Petaling Jaya.

There was the usual silence when assistant Parish Priest, Rev. Father Jean-Claude took his place at the pulpit and started his usual Sunday sermon.  As in previous Sundays, the sermon was punctured with anti-establishment political messages. Seven minutes into his address, one member of the congregation stood up. Clearly agitated, the 65-year-old man waved his hands and shouted: “Enough. Please, no more political sermons on Church grounds“.

Taken aback, Father Jean-Claude paused, and then continued with his sermon, minus any more reference to politics.

After the service, there was a mixed reaction from the regular worshipers to the sermon interruption.

Said a 59-year-old housewife who declined to be named: “Politics should not enter the Church.  This is a place to worship God“.

Some felt that if politics was to be discussed, it should not be done during mass, but at a non-religious function.  Some others felt it was the duty of Christians to be active in politics, but to be fair, the congregation must be allowed to hear the views of both sides.

A one-sided sermon does injustice just as Jesus refused to take sides,” said another.

Traditionally, the Church frowns on attempts to interrupt a pastor’s sermon.  But the priests do face criticism, after the service.

Said a regular church-goer:”I have never heard of another case where a priest was told off in mid-sermon.  Let this be a reminder to other priests who are also politically motivated“.

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  1. A says:


    Thanks STL for this very insightful and eye-opening post.

    Kudos to the person willing to put a stop to the political nonsense done at places of worship. And those others supporting the move.

    The same should be done at mosques, temples etc.

    • RCZ says:

      “The same should be done at mosques, temples etc.”

      Agreed. It is time we stop dirtying God’s name in our quest for personal glory.

      • Anonymous says:

        It would be good if more people speak out against such hatred tactics on religious premises.

        Which party would advocate hate spinning tactics?
        Instead of love and peace and prosperity for all rakyat at all levels.

    • Anonymous says:

      In their contemptuous opinion of Najib, many hold that he does not possess the mental capacity to lead anyone, let alone a nation, and that the real power behind the throne is his ambitious wife. That is not so.

      Najib is as evil and cunning as they come, a most apt disciple of former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Not a single of the numerous promises lavishly made at gatherings of the naive, like the Christians kneeling in faith or the miserable Indians exuding ‘nambikei’, has this man honoured.

      In fact, he seems to relish that every pledge is to be callously broken with no fear of being held to account.

      The making of the May 13 movie was not an unwise move by someone lacking in business acumen. Rather, it was a devious plot hatched long ago to spring on wavering Malays, when all else failed, a combustible fusion of race, religion and violence.

      The subtle intent is to drive home the message that “to protect our race we must turn to killing and burning”. The student now matches the master.

      • funniman says:

        Churches and other religious places are for people to worship and seek guidance to be a better person. It is not a place for instigating hatred or taking sides in the political process. Even the Pope do not take side in any political parties throughout the world.

        We go temples and churches to give thanksgivings, to repent and to ask for divine help in our hopes. God bless….

      • layman says:

        Are you talking our PM Najib? For a second there I had the impression that you are talking about some monsters out of the bible. Boy, you sure know your words when describing bad people. You are spending too much time thinking about bad things my friend.
        Try writing a scrip for a Hollywood movie. Its more productive.

      • funniman says:

        Good try to deviate….try harder.

      • Anonymous says:

        we pay you 50 sen per comment and all you could come up with is this. you think this is easy money ? you are a disgrace. we pay you to write rational comments and all you can come up with are one liners. this is shocking. no wonder the pro government guys here are having a field day whacking PR. you obviously are not doing your work properly. I hate to say this, since we’re running out of good troopers to do our job, but to borrow Donald Trump’s famous catchphrase, you’re fired. and we would like to remind you that all those amount that we’ve paid you thus far, you have a 30 day grace period to return the money to us, or you’re going to hear from our lawyers. as our dear leader loves to say “I will sue you”. we will take legal proceedings if you still failed to return the money to us.

    • Equalizer says:

      Bravo to the man who knew God do not take sides.

      This is what I called the scums of politics using the scums of the churches. If I were there, I would show him the middle finger and ask him to go and lick the arses of those Pakatan scums.

      How can he be a priest when he goes around spreading the words of human as in politic instead of the words of God as in religion ???. It only clearly shows what a “corrupted ” person he had become. Shame to the church concerend.

  2. Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

    Catholics have reached the limits of their patience over the political plays by the clergy. Sermons tinged with political messages are the norm in a lot of Catholic churches in Klang Valley.

    The PJ trio of churches, The Church of the Assumption, St Francis Xavier & St Ignatius are well known for doing this. Other notables would be Our Lady of Guadalupe Puchong, Church of Divine Mercy Shah Alam & Our Lady of Fatima Brickfields.

    A few priests would regularly replace the word “God” in liturgical prayers with “Allah” in a blatant attempt to play up the issue revolving around the usage of the word. In some churches, the Selangor Times awaits parishioners at the entrance when they arrive. And when they leave, Harakah, Rocket & other pro opposition publications are sold openly. In fact, in one church they even have a proper table to sell them when The Herald is instead sold by the ushers cradling a few copies at a time to the departing parishioners.

    The clergy need to ask themselves if their actions are in accordance to the teachings of the church. Clearly, they are driven by personal motives when preaching the evil that is BN. Where is the love & forgiveness that Christ demands of them?

    They are emboldened further by the titular head of the church in Malaysia, Paul Tan. Tan has stated previously that “the hottest places in hell” are reserved for certain groups of people, presumably those who don’t support the opposition. Again, this is in direct contradiction to Jesus’s instruction to not judge others.

    Tan’s hypocrisy is laid bare when he called Mat Sabu “a friend of the church” for the latter’s support to the church over the usage of the term Allah. When Mat Sabu made an about turn following the Syura council decision, Tan had not responded to questions about whether Mat Sabu is still “a friend of the church.”

    As I had asserted before in my comments, I do not pretend to be a Catholic that my faith wants me to be. But at the same time, I do not hide behind grandiose words or the office of the clergy to make one sided statements that betray my supposed neutrality.

    Again, I throw the challenge to the Diocesan Bishop of Melaka & Johor. A lay parishioner versus a theologically trained, Jesuit priest to an open discourse over matters affecting Catholics in Malaysia. Tan can name the place & we can agree on the date & time.

    It has to be live & in full view of Catholics, both lay persons & the clergy. Since Tan is fond of the attention, we can invite politicians, Christians of other denominations & members of the public as well. Just two men on a stage with the microphone on.

    If Tan is truly guided by the Holy Spirit in his pronouncements, he should hold no fear of facing a layperson without theological training, never read the bible cover to cover, lapsed Catholic 3 times & quite frankly, the kind of lost soul Jesus died on the cross to save.

    What say you “Your Grace”?

    • Anonymas says:

      Tan called Mat Sabu “a friend of the church”

      Wow, before 2008 that would sound as an insult used by a PAS member to a moderate Muslim esp UMNO guys

    • Aj says:

      Good one FFC,
      This Paul guy does not respect his position in the house of God so why should we respect him, if he wants to be the holy politician than he should accept your challenge together with his Mat Bond friend of Hotel Perdana in Kota Bharu (a friend of his church but not The House Of God). He also got balls like us but his BALLS are TOO SMALL to accept your challenge….

      • Anonymous says:

        Congratulations Umno, you have started it (allowing illegal immigrants into Sabah and making them instant citizens), now finished it.

        In fact by now, the Sulu army should have stormed the area where the militants are hold out but instead the government decided to play footsie with them for more than a week, while an Australian senator was put in a holding cell and deported back to Australia the same day.

        Nick Xenophon should have come armed to the teeth and maybe Umno would have allowed him to stay. At least, Xenophon has a returned ticket and checked in through the proper channel. The militants ‘bought’ a one-way ticket and are hell-bent on staying put.

        As for the people of Sabah, this is the thanks you get for voting in the BN, a government of great incompetence. In a nutshell, our security has been compromised.

        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          Totally unrelated, totally irrelevant. Not exactly the brightest bulb around are you?

        • funniman says:

          Try Blackshot topics next time…maybe that would be more entertaining.

        • Anonymous says:

          we pay you 50 sen per comment and all you could come up with is this. you think this is easy money ? you are a disgrace. we pay you to write rational comments and all you can come up with are things not related to the said topic. this is shocking. no wonder the pro government guys here are having a field day whacking PR. you obviously are not doing your work properly. I hate to say this, since we’re running out of good troopers to do our job, but to borrow Donald Trump’s famous catchphrase, you’re fired. and we would like to remind you that all those amount that we’ve paid you thus far, you have a 30 day grace period to return the money to us, or you’re going to hear from our lawyers. as our dear leader loves to say “I will sue you”. we will take legal proceedings if you still failed to return the money to us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well done, FFC. I admire your daringness (the spelling prompter suggests no such word, but you know what I mean) to take on the Bishops to a debate. I presume you have sufficient religious knowledge to tackle them verbally.

      I don’t know if Christianity is complicated in its doctrines as applied to/by the various denominations. I understand the Protestants alone have some 140 sects and the Evangelicals may be more numerous still. I don’t know if the 4 Gospels vary in interpretation among the various denominations. And if much of your prayers and sermons are done in Latin. But of course you are Catholic and would l presume be limiting your debate(s), if any, to Catholic practices.

      I wish I can do so to what I see are the erring Muslim religious leaders. But at the outset I’ll be handicapped by no knowledge of Arabic language. The Qur’an is in ancient Arabic, many translators, interpreters and commentators have provided some varying interpretations over the thousand plus years. I imagine there’ll be problems even agreeing on which interpretation to use as a reference point in any debates. And of course, many of the PAS fellas speak Arabic.

      And the Hadith (the sayings, acts and omissions of Prophet Muhammad) – another important basis of Islam – are so numerous (Bukhari alone collected some 600,000 Hadiths, memorized only 200,000 of them, yet Muslim, Sayuti etc must have altogether collected over a million Hadiths) that while no one can remember them all, there would be those who will quote all sorts of Hadiths, leaving the less knowledgeable debater askance.

      Other Muslims here may want to comment if there is any usefulness in engaging the erring Muslim leaders to debates on such things as not to use the mosques for political purposes. The fact that for a long time there has been two imams or even mosques/ suraus catering to differing political groups in the same kampongs suggests possible futility in debates. Perhaps the answer is in administrative action. By the authorities in PM’s Dept, the various Jabatan Agama headed by he Rulers, the Fatwa Council etc. Which should also address the inter-faith problems in the country. More on these perhaps another time.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        I studied in depth two books of the bible. The first being the Gospel of St Luke as it was compulsory reading during my secondary school years in catechism class. The second was 1st Letter of St Paul to the Corinthians which I took up as a matter of interest after graduation as the once weekly session spread out over 3 months was conducted by an accomplished speaker who’s theologically trained & is a lay parishioner.

        As for Latin, I cringe whenever the liturgical & Eucharistic rites are said in Latin. I’m pretty much at sea there.

        Catholics are encouraged to pray for the priests. In fact, it is the believe of a few that those who condemn priests will be condemned in the afterlife. I don’t subscribe to that school of taught because if anything, priests are still humans of flesh & blood. They are not & will never be perfect in their mortality.

        Growing up, Catholics (in my parish at least) are “judged” by their church attendance records, participation in lay organizations & church activities. Basically, we are judged by our physical actions that others see us do.

        And yet, we can find in the bible parables & teachings about not putting your “religious devotion” for show. Two that come to mind would be the parable about the Pharisee & the tax collector & about the Pharisee who stands in the street corner to pray.

        A piece of wisdom from a bishop in a confessional stuck with me over the years. Allow me to capture the essence of it below;

        Your faith is not measured by your church attendance. Nor is it diminished by questioning societal norms & traditions. When you ask questions of your clergy, your religion & your God, it is then that your faith is strengthened. To follow blindly is to build your faith on a foundation of sand. The flood will come & sweep it away.

        As such I believe that the layperson in church must speak out if they feel that there are wrongs being committed in the name of God. After all, the commandments did state that we should not use God’s name in vain.

        Finally, Catholics believe in the “intervention” of the Holy Spirit. We normally pray to the Holy Spirit to guide us in our actions, words & deeds. I’m sure Paul Tan subscribes to that as well. As such if we are both led by the same spirit, it would be interesting to see how that will turn out no?

        Let’s hope Paul Tan will play his part in making that wish a reality.

        • mekyam says:

          hi FFC, when i first read abt this on the OutSyedTheBox blog, for a sec there i thought the conscientious parishner was you. until i read the age, of course. 🙂

          i commend him and you for the courage to do the right thing.

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            Would I do that? I don’t think I would, honestly. I would probably just walked out.

            That said, hats off to my Catholic brother for daring to do what he did. That must have taken a lot of courage. The clergy must be sent a message that the congregation are no longer a submissive flock that will willingly accept everything & anything you say.

    • Your Grace says:

      Paul Tan is the biggest politician in the catholic church. Also the biggest mouth unfortunately. When the High Court ruled on the Allah issue, the bigmouth bishop mengamuk and slam the government. He opposed the ruling. He insisted Christians have the right to use the term.

      But now that PAS make u turn and say cannot, the Bishop kowtow. He said the Allah thing is actually a non issue. If you don’t believe me, just google Herald, the propaganda mouthpiece for the catholic church whose editor Netto is a Dap supporter. Netoo+Paul Tan = Dap branch of Catholic church.

      • Anonymous says:

        this Paul fella is a disgrace to the Catholic Church. instead of tending to his flock, he’s busy dabbling in politics.

        • Aj says:

          This Paul guy should resign gracefully from his position in the Holy Church and don’t disgrace all the Church in M’sia. with his brain in his ‘kepala lutut’…Lets live peacefully in this beloved NATION…God say there is no 100% perfect in this world whenever there is a perfect the are always some defect… so lets live this life peacefully and with good health provided free of charge by Government hospital…Lets forgive and forgive and forgive for all wrongs done and let PM Najid lead us forward with his Transformation Idea for the goods of all MALAYSIAN… Thank you….

    • Penangite says:

      “..A few priests would regularly replace the word “God” in liturgical prayers with “Allah” in a blatant attempt to play up the issue revolving around the usage of the word. ..”

      Thank you FFC for revealing this. I’m a muslim living in Tg Tokong.
      Yesterday, a neighbour – an old Chinese lady- came to ‘mengadu hal’ about her son. Her son is a pastor but like to scold her even over small matters. She had made a mistake, she gave the son’s phone number to the Apartment management office as they wanted him to pay for his parents’ maintenance fees. She said her son really doesn’t like people to call him. Then she said, “…aiyoo… may Allah save me”.

      I was shocked and speechless! I’m very sure she meant her God- Jesus Christ, didn’t she?

      If she is not a fragile old lady, believe me, I would have scolded her for misusing the name of Allah.

    • The Real Rakyat says:


      I agree with you here…Even though I am not a good Catholic but I still hold the teachings of the Bible well….Jesus did not take sides nor did he condemn anyone as even He had no right to judge…That is the decision of God and God alone…..But on SIC part no worries as I am going there and I have already sounded the priests on such things and so far I have not heard anymore to date yet….although I maybe wrong…but the priests there know me and my family well….CDM on the other hand under Father Paulino…all I can say is God help us all….

  3. Guan Chen says:

    The Committee on the Rights of the Child wrote this month that it was “deeply concerned” to find widespread sexual abuse by clerics and staff of religious institutions and “a lack of measures … to properly investigate cases and prosecute them”.

    Britain’s National Secular Society, which drew attention on Monday to the little-noticed report, said it hoped the Catholic pope to be elected next month would open Church files to help prosecute as yet undiscovered cases of clerical sexual abuse.


    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      History is littered with numerous incidents where the Catholic clergy had manipulated their supposed “infallibility” to commit wrong. A few that stood out will be the prosecution of the Knight’s Templar grandmaster Jacques de Molay & the selling of indulgences which led to the breakaway movement led by Martin Luther.

      A priest is not accorded the “infallibility” power by the church. However, bishops up until the pope are considered “infallible” ex cathedra (from the (bishop’s) throne). As such, any pronouncements ex cathedra are supposedly infallible & is the truth. For right minded Catholics, they would analyze the pronouncements & use their own wisdom to decide over the infallibility of the statement. What about those who accepts everything lock, stock & barrel?

      As part of the clergy, they have a responsibility to God & to the people. It is when they are clouded & driven by their personal wants & desires that they fall out of line with the faith they’re supposed to profess.

      And the numerous abuses are testament to that sad as it may be for Catholics like me.

  4. Anonymas says:

    No, please, no politicking in places of worship. Let mosques, temples and churches be places of peace and serenity.

    If this is not checked upon, it can get worse. Please take us Malay Muslims for example, in certain places there are even 2 imams for prayer because the PAS supporter imam calls the govt-anointed imam a heretic (just because he is a government man). Suraus and mosque grounds became a place to sow hatred, from ceramahs. A ‘tabung’ is passed from hand to hand in ceramahs and at the end it’s heavy – but people don’t know where the money goes?

    • Aj says:

      ‘No, please, no politicking in places of worship’

      This are the people, so called holy politician but actually are a Demon in disguise. They don’t ready understand the teaching of the religion. Got one self claimed holy man says ‘Allah pun mencarut dan nabi kalau di kampung orang pangil (beh mat saja)’ and they taught they are hell of great…what human did… God see…so don’t think you can escaped this world but you can’t escaped the God in here after.

  5. seksi LGE says:

    This is tokong talking!

    who dares to stop me from talking? dare lah I sue you!!

    • Zendra Bangsat says:

      It’s ok if you are Tokong. Go to hell if you are just impersonator 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        we pay you 50 sen per comment and all you could come up with is this. you think this is easy money ? you are a disgrace. we pay you to write rational comments and all you can come up with are one liners. this is shocking. no wonder the pro government guys here are having a field day whacking PR. you obviously are not doing your work properly. I hate to say this, since we’re running out of good troopers to do our job, but to borrow Donald Trump’s famous catchphrase, you’re fired. and we would like to remind you that all those amount that we’ve paid you thus far, you have a 30 day grace period to return the money to us, or you’re going to hear from our lawyers. as our dear leader loves to say “I will sue you”. we will take legal proceedings if you still failed to return the money to us.

        • Anon from Korea says:

          Yes i agree with you. Bangsat punya Zendra. Don’t you have anything better to present?
          What did you learn in your religious class? Asking people to go to hell?

  6. Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

    the world has turned. a walking, talking coconut giving sermons at the church. this walking, talking coconut even has a white man’s name. is he too ashamed of his Indian ancestry that he had to adopt a white man’s name ? I noticed that the Indians of PR, especially those that are English educated and Christian, they tend to have a white man’s name. the same goes for those the Chinese of PR too. we should not call these people Malaysians at all. there’s nothing Malaysian about them. they are white wannabes. sadly for them, they don’t have white skin. they are yellow and brown. no wonder skin whitening products sell like hot cakes in urban areas, as these people tend to live in these urban centers. in their rush to become white, they throw away everything that’s real about themselves i.e their native names, their natural skin colors, even their familial linage. pity these people.

  7. booyah says:

    jean-claude? hahahahahah

  8. Guan Chen says:

    we need to check also the madrassah and sekolah pondoks… their teachers keep reading all the ubat kuat ads in their holy newspaper..

    • Anonymous says:

      yes and we should also check who’s the local newspaper vendors. I wonder what brand they are consuming. anyone care to tell us ? or are they consuming those counterfeits ? taking counterfeit pills are hazardous to health.

    • Anonymas says:

      PAS’ kindergarten PASTI is one, they teach lil kids to hate the govt and the prime minister at an early age. Like 5 year olds, who were taught to say ‘Jahat’ at pictures of Najib and Mahathir (I was in Mahathir’s era, my friends were like that)

  9. al-zarqawi says:

    Its time that muslims show courage to khawarij ularmaks and ustods too. They go around giving manipulated interpretation of scriptures to suit their political objective. Remember the angel’s in our grave ( Barzakh period) during the after life don’t ask which political party you come from.

    • Guan Chen says:

      According to PAS, they do…

    • Anonymas says:

      Simple yet polite, if you see an ustad doing that in Kuliahs or ceramahs, just walk out. For khutbah….hmmm that’s hard. But I’ve been to a masjid in Kelantan which gave political khutbah after Raya prayer, a lot of people walked out muttering “..tak habis-habis politik”

  10. Anonymous says:

    Kerajaan Umni/Bn sudah tidak relevan lagi kepada seluruh umat Melayu. Sejarah telah membuktikan bahawa terlalu banyak tanah-tanah Melayu telah digadai oleh Umno/Bn.

    Tanah KTM Tanjung Pagar tergadai kepada Singapura. Seluas 217 hektar tanah milik KTMB di Tanjung Pagar yang dikekalkan ketika pemisahan Singapura dari Malaysia telah diserahkan oleh pihak kerajaan Umno-Bn kepada Singapura pada tahun 2011 sehingga menyebabkan seluruh rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin mengalir airmata memikirkannya sehingga kini.

    Lesapnya Pulau Batu Puteh Mei 2008. Kerajaan Umno-Bn tidak bertanggungjawab dalam isu tuntutan bertindih melawan Singapura terhadap Pulau Batu Puteh. Setelah Singapura dibenarkan membina rumah api, isu tersebut terus terbiar selama 40 tahun tanpa berlaku rundingan serius mengenainya.

    Apabila isu itu dibawa ke Mahkamah Keadilan Antarabangsa (ICJ), gambar lokasi pulau itu yang telah diubahsuai berjaya dibuktikan oleh pihak Singapura, manakala peguam Malaysia gagal berhujah dengan baik.

    Akhirnya Malaysia diisytiharkan kalah pada Mei 2008. Namun, pihak kerajaan Umno/Bn melalui Menteri Luar bodohnya pada waktu itu, berusaha memperbodohkan pula rakyat Malaysia terutama orang Melayu dengan mengatakan keputusan itu “menang-menang”.

    Kini, kerana kerajaan Umno/Bn, Malaysia telah kehilangan 1 batu, cuma yang tinggal hanya sebelah sahaja lagi, itu pun hanya batu kecil yang kadang-kadang tidak kelihatan, macam tidak ada batu!

    Iskandar Malaysia pula telah menelan 16,997 hektar Tanah Rizab Melayu. Iskandar Malaysia yang meniru konsep kemasukan modal dari Hong Kong ke China untuk membangunkan ekonomi Tanah Besar dibina di atas sekurang-kurangnya 16,997 hektar Tanah Rizab Melayu (TRM) pada tahun 2006, ketika Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menjadi Perdana Menteri.

    Pembinaannya diharap mengalirkan modal Singapura ke Malaysia, tetapi sehingga hari ini tidak kelihatan modal Singapura benar-benar menyeberangi ke Malaysia. Sebaliknya ia menjadi tempat Singapura memajak tanah dan membina industri menggunakan tenaga buruh Malaysia dengan upah yang murah. Hartanah di Johor banyak dibeli warga Singapura. Pemilik asal TRM di kawasan itu terpaksa keluar dengan pampasan yang tidak seberapa di negeri totok Umno itu.

    Tanah Rizab Melayu (TRM) adalah harta milik bangsa Melayu yang perlu dipertahankan. Ia selaras dengan undang-undang TRM yang diperkenalkan pada Januari 1914 apabila Enakmen Rizab melayu 1913 (ERM 1913) diperkenalkan.

    Sejak merdeka pada tahun 1957, TRM yang diwartakan seluas 3 juta hektar. bagaimana pun pada tahun 1995 aia merosot kepada 1.7 juta hektar ankara kerajaan Umno/Bn. Pindaan Kanun Tanah Negara pada tahun 1992 memberi peluang mudah kepada kerajaan Umno/Bn mengambil TRM.

    Pada tahun 1990, seluas 930 hektar TRM di Kampng Mambau, Negeri Sembilan diambil oleh kerajaan UBn untuk projek seremban 2.

    Pada tahun 1993, 1000 hektar TRM (tanah sawah) di Kerpan, Kedah diserahkan Kerajaan Umno/Bn untuk projek Udang Harimau yang tidak menjadi.

    Selain itu, 273 ekar TRM di Kampung Chubadak, Sentul (Kampung tradisi Melayu) turut diambil oleh Umno/Bn.

    Setiap yang diambil itu melibatkan pengusiran keluar ratusan keluarga berbangsa Melayu yang telah tinggal di kawasan itu sejak puluhan tahun lamanya.

    Dan kini tanah-tanah Rancangan Felda antara ‘harta’ bangsa Melayu kian terancam kerana kerakusan kerajaan Melayu Umno/Bn yang bagaikan Yahudi Israel merampas tanah Palestin di bumi bangsa Arab!

    Oleh yang demikian, yang masih setia dan terus mahu menyokong Umno, cukuplah menjadi bodoh dan diperbodohkan Umno/Bn!

    • funniman says:

      Churches are for praying…Say NO to Politics.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        You had me yawning at the first sentence.

        The irony is you talk about the non relevance of the BN government when your comment is irrelevant too. Nope, I didn’t read your whole drivel, the first sentence was already too much to take.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        Sorry funniman, the comment was meant for the Anonymous fella you replied to, not you.

    • Anonymous says:

      we pay you 50 sen per comment and all you could come up with is this. you think this is easy money ? you are a disgrace. we pay you to write rational comments and all you can come up with are things not related to the said topic. this is shocking. no wonder the pro government guys here are having a field day whacking PR. you obviously are not doing your work properly. I hate to say this, since we’re running out of good troopers to do our job, but to borrow Donald Trump’s famous catchphrase, you’re fired. and we would like to remind you that all those amount that we’ve paid you thus far, you have a 30 day grace period to return the money to us, or you’re going to hear from our lawyers. as our dear leader loves to say “I will sue you”. we will take legal proceedings if you still failed to return the money to us.

    • Jamal says:

      Ironinya aktiviti ‘Gadai tanah’ kepada orang asing dan kepada kaum Cina melibatkan tanah kerajaan termasuk banyak tanah ‘rezab Melayu’ adalah jenayah kerajaan UMNO/BN selama berpuluh-puluh tahun. Singapura adalah tragedi gadaian terhebat oleh UMNO yang berlarutan hingga terpadamnya Pulau Batu Putih daripada peta Malaysia. Kehilangan tanah KTM ratusan hektar yang menimbulkan kontroversi di dalam hubungan kedua-dua negara ialah isu tanah milik Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB) di Republik Singapura. Tanah pajakan kekal 999 tahun itu diperoleh melalui perjanjian di antara Kerajaan Negeri-negeri Selat dan Kerajaan Melayu Bersekutu yang dikenali sebagai Perjanjian Tahun 1918. Perjanjian ini telah digazetkan dalam The Singapore Railway Transfer Ordinance (Chapter 380) pada tahun 1918 kini telah terlepas kepada Singapura dalam bentuk perjanjian yang tidak menguntungkan bangsa dan tanahair pada masa akan datang.

      • funniman says:

        Churches are for praying…Say NO to Politics.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        Orang cakap pasal agama, dia cakap pasal tanah. Ada sekolah ke? Kalau kita kata dia “stupid”, dia dakwa kita rasis pula. Sekolah tinggi sampai ke syurga tapi itam anugerah tuhan tak nak pakai pun tak guna juga kan? Kan? Kan? Kanasai!!!

      • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

        awak mabuk ke ? siapa kata tanah KTM tergadai ? sekarang ni tanah KTM dibawah syarikat M-S Pte Ltd dimana Kerajaan Malaysia melalui Khazanah Nasional Bhd memilki hak milik ekuiti 60%. secara teknikal dan dari sudut perundangan, tanah KTM masih lagi milik Malaysia.
        awak dah kehabisan modal ke ?
        siapa kata tanah rizab Melayu tergadai kepada kaum Cina dan orang asing ? awak tak ke tahu tanah rizab Melayu tak boleh dipindah milik kepada kaum bukan Melayu ?
        dah terbukti awak ni nama saja Melayu tapi sebenarnya bukan Melayu. orang Melayu berpendidikan rendah dan yang tinggal kat kampung pun tahu yang tanah rizab Melayu ni tidak boleh dipindah milik kepada kaum bukan Melayu. dah habis kelentong ke Jamal ?

      • Anonymas says:

        “Ironinya aktiviti ‘Gadai tanah’ kepada orang asing dan kepada kaum Cina…

        Tanah pajakan kekal 999 tahun…”

        Just like Perak govt post election, eh? That sore loser Nizar? You’re trying to bring up Batu Puteh but PR itself sold a lot of land to others.

    • Anonymas says:

      “Lesapnya Pulau Batu Puteh Mei 2008. Kerajaan Umno-Bn tidak bertanggungjawab”

      Hey, screw you dude! Our govt officials fought to the teeth and had sleepless nights preparing for the ICJ court battle. They even had ancient Johor’s map of the seas where the island was historically shown as part of Johor! A lot of preparation was made in research, planning, information and field work. Lots of time and money were spent, a lot of archive officials did not sleep!

      What the hell do you know other than blaming UMNO-BN for that? Why didn’t you blame the biased ICJ who favored the pro-US Singapore? What about MB of Selangor who sells sand and land DIRECTLY to rich Singaporeans (Jelatek), isn’t that treachery?

      You copy pasters ire me. Your leaders do the exact thing you’re blaming BN for and they are still worshipped as emperors. Stupid!

    • sapa yg bengong sangat ni! says:

      Awat bodo sangat???

    • Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

      Blablabla… Tak habis dengan teori tanah KTM kau yang bullshit tu. Orang PKR selalu memang gini. Spreading 100% lies!!

      Tanah KTM tu is demolished because dorang mau buat itu tanah menjadi joint venture between Malaysia dan Singapura buat business besar besar then share profitnya. Tu kan bagus kalau mcm tu?

      Instead lets look at tanah Kelantan yang hilang 10,000 acre kepada dua orang tokoh DAP bangsat. Dengan penuh gelojohnya ini dua orang sedara Ngah-Ngeh telah membeli tanah yang amat besar sekali dengan harga yang bawah harga pasaran dan hak miliknya dijamain bukan dengan biasa iatu 99 years but 999 years!!! Itu macam, almost 200 generation pun masih own that piece of land. Kamu cuba mempertimbangkan tanah seluas 217 dengan 10,000 mana lagi besar dan ianya untuk dua orang sahaja.

      Bagus PKR, continue to spread the lies. Korang memang membunuh diri sendiri. Carry on PKR idiots 🙂

    • bourne identity says:

      ada apa2 lagi ke? jika tak ada…terima kasut!

  11. hanana bt abdulla says:



    Historically,the Catholic church

    is playing dirty politics all over the

    world. During the reign of Elizabeth 1

    we have the Pope in Rome trying to

    get Elizabeth 1 to marry their stooge

    from france or Spain.Luckily for

    Mother England , lord Chancellor Walsingham

    was able to exterminate practically

    all the Catholic enemies of the State !

    Interestingly the headline of the Daily Mail

    19 February 2013 reads:

    “Ireland finally says sorry to the

    10 000 ‘Magdalene Sister Slaves’of its

    Catholic workhouseswho were locked up and

    (sexually) brutalised by nuns”

    In Malaysia, the RCC through Pakiam and Andrew

    try to sell these ideas to the people:

    >championing lgbt rights

    > fighting for the use of Allah as

    God in their bibles

    the Rcc has proven to be slick

    in politics and business. The

    Church owns vast tracts of properties

    all over the world including Malaysia.

    What is alarming , itappears to share some

    philosophies with PR on LGBT and

    the Allah issues!

    The church has a poor human rights record globally.

    Past treatment of the Catholic church

    of its workers, the laundry ladies of ireland

    had been disgraceful. And its silence on the

    cruelty meted by the US -based multinationals

    on South American natives were disgraceful .

    Mistreatment of mine workers in Catholic .

    Its silence on extra-judicial killing that

    takes place in predominantly catholic Phillipines

    have been raised in the blogsphere.

    Pakiam, Andrews must realise that without muslim-malay

    support not a single Indian can be voted

    into the government. And Samy and ungrateful Indian

    politicians and clergy ought to be mindful of this fact!




    • funniman says:

      I think it is unfair to say that about Indians. For the record, Indians played an important part in the history of Malaysia. This community were kinda left out but not all due to lack of BN’s efforts. A lot of blame goes to themselves as well on their social networking and business acumen skills. Having said that, Indians are known for their prowess in legal and medical fields. There are some very successful Indians around. Hindraf was then born to highlight their grouses. Unfortunately, they went on the wrong platform.

      Anwar saw the weakness in them and the Indians were conned to vote for Pakatan and they thought these PKR is an alternative solution to their problems. The rest is history.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        The church should not deny that they’ve been crimes committed in the name of God by the clergy. However to accuse archbishop Murphy & father Lawrence Andrew as championing LGBT is way off the mark. Murphy had been a picture of diplomacy, restraint & grace throughout the entire drama surrounding the usage of the term Allah.

        Call a spade a spade but perpetuate a lie to advance your own agenda

      • Anonymas says:

        Also, Malaysian Indians are world-class Karate champs


  12. linpehkong says:

    Great observation. Each community has strengths and weaknesses and it does not take much for a cunning person like the guy who loves to do the back-end to latch onto that weakness and take advantage of it.

  13. linpehkong says:

    To comment on a different subject – The shameless Tokong of Penang commenting on the refusal of Malaysia to admit that Xylophony guy.
    What right does that stupid CM has to make a comment when he himself ban accredited news reporter from covering his functions.
    Shameless double standard. Does he not remember what he himself does when he takes the opportunity to politicize everything.

  14. Mangkuk says:

    The sermon is to cater the general public, means you speak to reach the widest listener you can.

    You can’t force what your preferences or liking to others because those are not sins. If the priest try to convince or force listener about the goodness of Durian some may not like it. It’s not a sin whether you like Durian or not. Same goes to politics. It’s up to your liking. Otherwise church are the one who are sinners because they split Christians society due to Christians preferences which are not a sins.

    • Aj says:


      What you say at 2.53pm
      Is so far the best rational thinking
      It’s simple and straight forward
      That Paul guy should learn one or two treat from you

  15. ExDAP says:

    For far too long the silent majority has their composure and avoid direct confrontation but the opposition kept up with their own virus political agendas. It good that some brave souls dare to stop these rogue pastors from using the holy grounds for their political agendas and masters.


  16. Anwar Kontol Bengkok says:

    Siapa yang komen nakal-nakal akan saya datangi dari belakang malam ini

  17. igauan sial says:

    This is a bit off topic but could STL publish this article about the Oz asshole senator?

  18. Mr Fakhir says:

    A brainwashed priest ! OMG !

  19. Venetia says:

    Fr Jean Claude was not being political in his sermon. In fact, Fr Jean Claude was saying that the church should be apolitical. I was at mass that day and I do NOT recall hearing that man say what you have printed. He actually said: Stop Father. You are going out of point.

    • A says:

      With so many people saying otherwise, not just here but elsewhere, too, you think people are going to believe you? Denial syndrome, eh? Selective remembering possibly?

      Strange that you did not mention even of your conversation with others after the event. Surely the priest being told (as you remembered), “Stop Father. You are going out of point” would have attracted curiosity and be conversed upon.

      And that politicized sermons happening not just at the church stated in the post. Also in other churches mentioned by Christian participants of this blog.

      Admission of such things happening in churches, as they also happen in mosques and temples, would be a starting point in finding a solution to the problem.

      You denying what are vouched by others as facts makes your motive in doing so appear hideous.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        Let’s not be too defensive when the failings of the church is highlighted. When you develop a siege mentality over criticism, especially when it is justified, you end up straying even further.

        Case in point, the myriad of child abuse cases. Those higher up the authority ladder decided “in the best interests of the church” to cover up & see how things have exploded in their faces now.

        If what is reported is indeed untrue, especially with the quote marks, the church, Fr Jean Claude & the parishioner concerned should make a statement to refute it no?

    • linpehkong says:

      You will always hear what you want to hear. Why did you even think the so called priest was discussing about being apolitical. And that person in the congregation asked the priest to stop because he was going out of point by asking that the church to be apolitical. Are you still wet behind the ears? Not everybody is.

  20. Mangkuk says:

    N.ajis have same intention. He once said, “Koran is all about politics”. Same goes to 4-digit gambler, 4 nombor ekor crazy guys. What they saw in this world, in bible or in Koran is 4 digits number no more than that.

    The facts in Koran didn’t even mention the governing structure of so call Islam government. That means Muslim can freely choose what the best available concept of governing on their time. For now is democracy.

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      Since they’re obsessed with 13th GE with the view of taking over Putrajaya this year, DAP’s punters would probably be betting on 1313 in the run-up… Better enjoy their roll of the dice while they still can before it is outlawed for everyone.

  21. Cry for Penang says:

    In prayers at Buddhist temples, chief monks pray for the leaders, peace and prosperity for the country and the people.

  22. The Holy Grail says:

    Defrock the b…………….d !

  23. The Real Rakyat says:

    I, The Real Rakyat hereby salute a fellow Malaysian who was brave enough to stand up and condemn an unGodly act. Jesus did not take sides He only advocates the search for Truth, Justice and Equality and nowhere in The Holy Bible or in any Holy Text in any religion for that matter is it stated that Pakatan Rakyat is the God’s choice.

    My hats off to him on his act and I am saddened to know that the very church that I spent my early years in and even had my First Holy Communion in has been reduced to this level….Anyone who has been in this church during the days of Father Volle will know how he will slam anyone who tries to defile the House of God in such a way to disgrace the Altar for material gain…..

    I hope that concerned readers of STL will let our displeasure known to the also equally “Wonderful” Bishop Paul Tan on this matter…That Malaysians irresepective of race and religion equally condemn such shameless behaviour in ANY House of God…In fact let’s tell any imam, sami, priest and holy men that the House of God is ONLY for God….If you wish to pursue politics…Please leave the church and your robes and be a candidate for GE13 under PAS banner….since you fellas talk so highly of them….

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      Maybe I should send him an official invite to have a discourse over matters affecting the Catholic church in Malaysia. All he does is hide behind grandiose statements it seems. It would be nice if STL would highlight the challenge. Paul Tan is led by the Holy Spirit after all isn’t he? So he shouldn’t have any worries on a face off, live, no keyboards & monitor to hide behind.

      I feel sad whenever I look at the state of the church today in Malaysia.

      • The Real Rakyat says:


        Don’t even.bother although I would very much like to do it! this talk a big game.but when push comes to shove they.just shrivel up and blame evrything under the sun except themselves or in this case he will probably blame BN for his lack.of balls really!! I’ve seen many like these species my cousin is one of these species as well but!

      • Anon says:

        I support the suggestion STL highlight the challenge to Bishop Tan.

        If not for anonness, meybe STL can even offer to be moderator.

  24. Das Gupta says:

    Rev Jean-Paul may he a hero of his faith but is a zero in politics. He should therefore steer clear of matters he does not fully understand. Shepherding a flock of like-minded people within a Church is not the same as running a country that has a complex mix of religions, cultures and traditions. He should stick to looking after his congregation for which task he has been ordained, and he should leave it to the Government leaders to lead the nation for which they have been elected.

  25. C.Kuttapan says:

    Fakin’ Fake Calvin is right. Rev Paul Tan should be invited to participate in a discourse over matters affecting the Church. That will mark his journey from darkness to light, and he can then claim to be enlightened.

    • Anon says:

      Very bad condition world is in now when even the Pope resign due to hypocrisy in the Churches.

      Now we have Bishop Tan. And Nik Aziz, Mat Sabu, etc, etc.

      Did anyone say we are near end of the world? Armageddon they say? Kiamat the Muslims say?

  26. Suzanne Lazaroo says:

    For a webite supposedly based on the truth, you sure play fast and loose with it. And yes, you are really brave to name and target a priest – but your own name, the names of the people you quoted – those are all conveniently missing. What ‘courage’ is this when you hide behind anonymity so you can attack anyone you like? You have also reported the incident but misquoted what he actually said, according to one of the parishioners who was actually there. So much for the truth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Didn’t you read the reply to that woman parishioner’s comment, Missy? The reply disputed the accuracy of the woman’s statements, possible mishearing, possible not hearing all that were said, possible selective remembering etc.

      As for us here not giving our names, aiyyo, yo dunno ah this thing about blogging? This thing called the alternative media.

      Why don’t you go to the Opposition blogs like Malaysia Kini, Malaysia Insider, Malaysia Chronicle. See the kind of talk they engage in there, the kind of language used etc.

      Don’t you think that we are, by and large, people with decorum and decency here?

      Btw, what truth are you imparting in your comment there, pray tell.

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      Suzanne Lazaroo,

      Look I’m not sure whether this is really your name or not…..but all I can say is IF you really are a Lazaroo as claimed then sadly I am ashamed to call you my relative….My family is also from the Settlement till today so question is are you who you say you are?…now anyone here online can be whoever they want to be…We choose the names we use online and we do so for various reasons…For me is because due to my outspokenness against PR I have had my personal email and FB accounts hacked before and it happened again today!!…personal pictures of my family posted all over and ridiculed…having Pakatan troopers asking me whether my young daughters would offer sexual services or whether I’m managing a brothel where I’m the pimp to my primary schoolgoing kids…..

      Is this the choice we want to make for Malaysia?? Is this the kind of behaviour we accept?? Is this the Ubah PR so champion?? Is this the kind of Malaysians you so adore??

      If this is the kind of Ubah you wish for…..Then please leave Malaysia bcoz as long we sensible, peace loving, decent Malaysian majority still live…..We will NEVER EVER vote or even think of choosing Pakatan Rakyat…..

      Reject PR
      Vote BN
      Save Malaysia

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        Brother, if uncle Colin & uncle Percy are a part of your family, I have nothing but good things to say about them both.

        • The Real Rakyat says:


          I have so many relatives that I haven’t even fully met yet….But Lazaroo’s are a part of my family though…My father would know them better since he spent a lot of time with them…..which is why I NEVER date any Eurasian esp of Portuguese descent…you might end up dating a cousin!!…hahahaha

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            That would be one hell of a bummer of a situation. For someone who have yet to visit St Thomas Moore SJ, I happen to have a load of friends there including uncle Colin & uncle Percy.

            Btw, wonder what happened to Ms Suzanne? I truly believe that if we wanna whack someone, we must be ready to accept the whack back & defend our earlier opinions. To make some throwaway remarks & leave it at that is irresponsible, to say the least.

  27. Suzanne Lazaroo says:

    And as for all you so-called Christians who are saluting a man who stood up in the middle of Mass to tell a priest off … awesome respect for the Church, well done. Noone is saying you have to agree with everything the Church is saying, but if you can’t have enough decency or respect to wait until Mass is over and then speak to the priest, or even write a letter expressing your displeasure, if you can disrespect the sanctity of Mass that much – what the hell are you even doing there?

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      Care to share your thoughts about Fr Paulino & Bishop Tan with low lifes like us? It is indecent to interrupt a Mass if it strays beyond the liturgical context but it is okay to spew hatred from the pulpit with immunity provided by the stole & chasuble?

      Please, don’t patronize us with your intelligence & holiness. The Blessed Sacrament is present in the Tabernacle in the church. If you turn God’s sanctuary into a political market place, you deserve what’s coming. Typically convenient that you zero in on this but yet you choose to say zilch about what’s happening in other churches such as OLOG & CDM.

      And don’t draw any bullshit about being Catholic & Christ like in my actions. God knows how much rubbish, injustice & discrimination I’ve seen dished out in the that name.

      3 days & a bit has passed since the supposed incident happened. And yet, we have yet to hear of any clarification over what was said. Why so?

      And for slagging others off for their anonymity, that’s called “choice” in case you’re unaware. And if you choose to train your “holy” guns on me, hey, I’m the guy who challenged Paul Tan to a public discourse. I remain faceless & nameless for now until he accepts it. Think I’llchicken out? Think again. In fact, here’s an invite. If Paul Tan has so much conviction about his stance so far, and accepts my challenge, Suzanne Lazaroo, you’re an invited guest of honor. Front row seats for you. And I don’t know if he’s related to you, but uncle Colin Lazaroo is way much nicer & humbled than you.

      Oh, by the way, what the hell are you scouring these sewers for anyway?

    • Anonymous says:

      Waaa, I tot you are one person with decorum and decency, Missy, but you hell us one time, didn’t you? And it’s appropriate that I see you have been helled back.

      I confess not being at the Mass but can I not presume that the old man (not sounding angry young man, mind you) must have seen that happening before, and too much for him to bear if he was to wait for end of mass.

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      Surprised to see that you’ve yet to respond. Let me share something with you. I was tickled pink when I read your comment “you so-called Christians” aimed at us who are Christians by name but not by deed. That’s an assumption I would naturally make having read your comment which dripped with contempt & for lack of an appropriate word in my mind at this time, somewhat “so-called Christian” in nature.

      You see, I’m amused by how there are those out there who adopts a holier-than-thou attitude, in direct contrast with Christian teachings mind you, in making then biggest fuss imaginable out of the smallest of peccadilloes. At the same time,in their predilection with their idols, they turn a blind eye to the most blatant of wrongs committed.

      Just wondering, in your opinion, does the end justifies the means?

      We are currently in the season of Lent no? Is abstinence, fasting & formulaic prayers sufficient as a means of penance & reflection? Go ahead, an honest examination of conscience may yield an answer.

      In parting, allow me to share a passage from the Gospel of St Luke 18: 9 – 14:

      To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable: “Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’

      “But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’

      “I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

      • The Real Rakyat says:


        I so agree on this part….

        “But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’

        “I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

        I too am a sinner and feel that I too am unworthy of the Lord’s grace…

        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          Heck, some parts of hell probably has my name on the reservation’s list considering my long rap sheet. Among the notables would be 3 lapses of which the longest was almost 3 years. The one that would probably take the cake was when I told my parish priest to eff off over his underhanded tactics in some church matter.

          Suzanne may not cast the first stone TRR, but Paul Tan probably would.

          Btw, I belatedly apologized to the priest a few years later. He played dumb initially feigning forgetfulness but later acknowledged he was wrong to do what he did & he deserved the telling off from a kid young enough to be his son.

          • The Real Rakyat says:


            We all make mistakes in life but God is always ever willing to forgive and He is always there…Eventhough myself have never really been an examplary Catholic I still believe after all I had done in my life that He still forgives me and all I can do and hope is that I will have still have His Grace and Forgiveness when my time comes to stand before Him….

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            Never doubted that TRR. At times, we do feel unworthy but we know deep down that we are loved no matter how sinful we are.

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      Suzanne Lazaroo,

      I am always tickled by supposedly religious characters like yourselves…I have seen quite a few and heck even my own auntie is the same type too….You know the type that prays religiously, goes to every church meeting, house prayers and joins just about every ministry and shows to the world how “holy” they are……but yet despite all this supposedly Godly works and supposedly holy heart…it is filled with hatred, jealousy, and anger….I admit I am no angel or saint nor am I a good Catholic either….considering my dismal Cathechism school attendances as a kid ( I only ever attended about 3 or so years of Sunday School only), or the fact i don’t know all my prayers or even that I hardly even join any ministry…..But thing is that I try to live as good a life as possible following the commandments…I make sure that every Sunday my kids go to Sunday School with mass and I also make sure that any Sunday School activity I will join..bcoz I want them to know religious life is just as important as social life……but what really turns me off is people with a holier than thou attitude like yourself here who come and condemn those who in their eyes are less Godlike….

      Everytime I see people like you with this kind of attitude…Only one saying comes to mind……Only those who have not sinned may cast the first stone…But then again I wouldn’t be surprised really if you do throw the first stone bcoz in your mind you are always innocent even if your heart is filled with anger, jealousy and hatred…….But then again I am reminded that God above is always watching us and when the day comes to meet Him when our sins will be weighed and counted…you will know where you will stand..

    • Just an old timer says:

      HISTORY 101:
      Maaf ye, me thought Noone was an Englishman who married an original lady (Orang Asal) in the days of yonder and begotten a son. There is nothing about him saying anything in a church. Correct me if I’m confused.

    • Angela says:

      Have you ever given thought to the fact that congregation is made up of all types of political background. Yes, we all want justice and human right but not all believe that it will come from PAS mullahs or the likes of Nurul Izzah and Anwar Ibrahim. A priest who preaches partisan politics from the pulpit will end up dividinh the flock and that is travesty.

      I don’t agree with people humiliating a priest in church but the clergy has gone out of hand. Just read the Herald. Parts of it sound like the Rocket, all politics, condening the prime minister and making fun of BN parties. Is this what religion is about. They should do something aout the editorial staff in Herald. They are not doing juctice to the faith and they are dividing the believers.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m proud to have a fellow Malaysian like you who speak up against those who make use of places of worship for political purposes.

        And against those who support such deviants.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        Go to the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. They have a manned table to sell Rocket, Harakah, Keadilan & a cornucopia of opposition literature. Is that acceptable? Would the parish priest extend the same invitation to BN to have a similar set up?

  28. Komtar says:

    Angela, you wanna know why Herald is the Catholic version of Rocket? The editor Anil Netto is a hardcore DAP supporter. He cannot decide whether he is editing The Herald or the Rocket. You don’t believe. Read his blog. All pro PR stuff. His dream is an Arab Spring in Malaysia and his aim is to overthrow the BN. Lots of priests are uncomfortable about it but they dare not speak out because they are not as eloquent as those who are preaching politics in church. But why are we wasting our breath on them? They are not afraid of anything or anyone, not even God.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good answer, Komtar.

      The problem actually lies in a small number of errant blokes. Using religious places and the official organ of the Catholic religion in this country, the Herald, to talk politics. And also a small number doing that in mosques.

      Terrible blokes. We must continue hitting them. Verbally and anything else legal and not seditious.

  29. bourne identity says:

    So…decide christians…you also want to give Lim Guan Eng, Nik Aziz, Karal Singh and Anwar Al Juburi the same status as Jesus? Well….hell….its you church….give these bastards the same status if you have the balls.
    Since you now share thesame radical mentality of that Parti Ajaran Sesat…. where politics is part of the mosque routine and Nik Aziz as their prophet….. go n…just do it. Let’s make you and your churces as the laughing stock of the christian world.
    I forgot…put Teresa Cock as one of your saints too….
    Macamana lah you can e so freaking low like a cockroach???

  30. Horse's mouth says:

    This is what happened. Instead of taking his place at the pulpit for the homily, he sat on an armchair in front of the altar. He started by saying that now the Pope has resigned he can sit on this chair. Then he turned his guns on the Archbishop saying that although he is 75 years of age he does not want to resign; he wants to hang on to power. He proceeded to say how the Archbishop is in (big time)with the (BN) politicians, and to stress the point he used the expression ‘he is in bed with the politicians’ and he repeated the phrase. At this point, this horse thought the homily is no time for a priest to bashing a superior. The horse got up from his pew and said, “I command you to stop.” The priest replied, “I will not stop”, and seemed to want to continue his attack on the archbishop. This horse got up once again and said, “By the authority of the vicar of Christ, I command you to stop.” After that his attack stopped. At the end of the Mass, the horse went to the priest to say, “I am sorry for my action but I felt no choice other than to tell you to stop. He replied, “But the truth must be spoken.”

  31. Horse's mouth says:

    To administrator: Sorry some corrections needed for the earlier post; pls delete it, and this one, too. Thanks.

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