Calculative Liew Chin Tong Prediction

predictionsSource: Freddie Kevin

We all know the DAP party is so chauvinistically Chinese.

It took a technical error for a Malay to be eventually “elected” into the CEC in their national party elections.

At the same time, you could count the fingers on one hand or even less, among the members of parliament elected into the CEC, there is anyone worthy of being a member in the august house of parliament.

The most unworthy and preposterous must be the MP for Bukit Bendera, Liew Chin Tong.

In fact, Free Malaysia Today is most wanting to report the MP’s farcical, I had a first hand experience hearing Liew’s political gibberish at a SUARAM forum in Penang, and “hopeful” calculations and prediction, ‘BN’s Johor fortress can be broken’.

Nobody needs any reminding that 8/3/2008 was the worst election result in the history of Barisan Nasional.

It was so bad that the election was termed a “tsunami” for the opposition.

And yet, and yet, the score for parliamentary seats in the Johore state was – BN: 25, PR: 1.

Here is the breakdown of seats won by BN with a majority in excess of 10,000 votes:

  1. P143 – PAGOH Maj: 12581
  2. P147 – PARIT SULONG Maj: 13599
  3. P148 – AYER HITAM Maj: 13909
  4. P149 – SRI GADING Maj: 10874
  5. P150 – BATU PAHAT Maj: 12704
  6. P153 – SEMBRONG Maj: 11570
  7. P154 – MERSING Maj: 13736
  8. P155 – TENGGARA Maj: 14049
  9. P156 – KOTA TINGGI Maj: 18961
  10. P158 – TEBRAU Maj: 14658
  11. P159 – PASIR GUDANG Maj: 17281
  12. P160 – JOHOR BAHRU Maj: 25349
  13. P161 – PULAI Maj: 20449
  14. P163 – KULAI Maj: 11744
  15. P164 – PONTIAN Maj: 14444
  16. P165 – TANJONG PIAI Maj: 12371

*Source: The Star

Of the other 9 seats won by BN, one was uncontested, 6 had the margin of majority from 4,000 to 9,000 votes and only 2 by 2,900 and 3,800 votes respectively.

Remember, this was the “tsunami“, caused in no small part by the ineffective Pak Lah, when there was a substantial swing of votes to the opposition, notably from the Chinese and Indian voters.

In the week, during which Datuk Seri Najib had just taken over the post of prime minister in 3rd April 2009, BN could only capture 1 of 3 by-elections.

Opposition euphoria continued in July and August that same year with PR winning 2 more by-elections.

Back to the present time and the FMT report, Liew believes greater cooperation among Pakatan partners can improve all-round support from various communities.

As election approaches, I believe the gaps will narrow if PAS and DAP, with the help of PKR, manage to convince supporters to vote for each other in the context of the coalition,” he said.

From purely mathematics simulations, Liew listed several possible post-election scenarios in Johor, assuming Indian support for Pakatan is constant:

  • Malay support at 25%, Chinese support at 65%, Pakatan will win just one parliamentary seat in Johor;
  • Malay support at 30%, Chinese support at 70%, Pakatan will win six seats;
  • Malay support at 30%, Chinese support at 75%, Pakatan will win 12 seats;
  • Malay support at 35%, Chinese support at 75%, Pakatan will win 16 seats;
  • Malay support at 35%, Chinese support at 80%, Pakatan will win 20 seats.

Although his forecast was just simulations on paper, Liew said it showed optimism that BN’s Johor fortress can crumble in a perfect storm.

Now, it is the turn of the DAP MP to be reminded, by the tailend of 2009, the leadership of Datuk Seri Najib showed acceptance by the rakyat voting for BN in the last by-election that year.

Liew Chin Tong, may have conveniently forgotten, Datuk Seri Najib had revived BN fortunes, leading the governing coalition in 2010 to 3 of 4 by-election victories.

By 2011, the prime minister had weathered the “tsunami” and turned the tide with BN winning all 3 by-elections that year.

What it all means is since assuming position as PM and under Datuk Seri Najib’s effective leadership and administration of the country, BN has become stronger as the days go by, up till the present time.

Perusing the 2008 Johore election results where BN thumped PR 25 to 1, measures into Liew Chin Tong’s calculation of PR winning only 1 seat, “assuming Indian support for Pakatan is constant“(??).

He is also saying with an increase of 10%(??) Malay support (Look at the wide margin of BN wins above) and 80% Chinese support, Pakatan Rakyat will carry Johore with a score of 20 to 6.

Liew’s calculation, with 35% Malay support and 80% Chinese support for PR the score will be 20 to 6, is wrong and should be 25 to 1, but in favour of Barisan Nasional! Because isn’t that the 2008 Johore election result in the worst of BN times.

In fact, DAP must be concerned and Liew should be hopeful, that there is a 100% Chinese support for the DAP in the only seat it won in 2008.

A 1% swing of Chinese support to BN and “assuming Indian support for Pakatan is constant” (whatever it means), would cause the DAP seat to fall.

The DAP candidate won the Bakri seat, with a 722 vote margin, in the best of their time.

It is also moot the 1,561 spoilt votes would have gone to the BN candidate.

There was an unprecedented high number of spoilt votes nationwide as a sign of protest against the ineffective Pak Lah by BN supporters and the DAP candidate would have lost had it not been the case.

As recent events have unfolded, borrowing Liew’s words “PAS and DAP, with the help of PKR“, in a “word“, belies his optimism and for that reason there is no snowball chance in hell, of a swing in Malay votes for the fast dismantling opposition coalition.

It will come as no surprise, with the help of PKR, Liew Chin Tong had his calculations based solely on the other similar election calculation, that of a chief economist and PKR member, Encik AAA.

My advise to the DAP MP for Bukit Bendera, don’t attempt complicated calculations, your party cannot even manage simple mathematical addition and subtraction but excellent, however, in magical addition, for a particular Malay in your party polls.

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137 Responses to Calculative Liew Chin Tong Prediction

  1. ray says:

    DAP the twin soul of PAP must present a positive spin on capturing Johor.

    PAP needs vast land to house a future 6.9 million population. So where else if not Johor? Penang is too far away – incurring high transport costs.

    UMNO/BN must retain Johor with the help of true blue Johoreans.

    Beware – greater red dot in the making, as it is, now they have done away with white immigration cards ……

    • Anonymous says:

      Ha Ha!

      Rich Singaproeans and Malaysian working in Singapore (Spore PRs) are now so cah rich to buy up properties in Singapore. Just look at the Setia Sky 88!

      Melayu will be driven to the outskirt kampung all because of Umno Iskandar project!

      • The Real Rakyat says:

        does this joker even know where Iskandar is or not first??

        • Agnes says:

          Young chinese already abandoned MCA.
          MCA tried to scare the old chinese with its ‘stability’ card to remind them of May 13. Ha Ha Ha!

          • The Real Rakyat says:

            Agnes aka DAP cyberpooper,

            Really ha?? MCA die alredi??

            Ok lor if like tat so we see Pakatan go bye2 in GE13 lor coz PAS alredi die with PKR mah….ok??

            Ha Ha Ha!

          • Engeng says:

            Agnes, soon you will have to tutup aurat and welcome Prime Minister Hadi Awang. Am sure you will look very pretty beside Ustaza Hannah Yeoh

        • R-Truth says:

          Just look at Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, the New Straits Times,The Star and the Najib-friendly Sinchew Daily, and read for yourself their coverage on the fiasco at the Chinese New Year celebration in Penang, at which the crowd shouted “No!” loud and clear – not once, but three times – to Najib early this week. There is no better way to put Najib’s sincerity to test, and it is found utterly wanting.

          Najib also admits that “the era when the government knows best is over”. Still, his party and coalition partners continue to exercise a tight grip on the mainstream media, with Utusan arguing flagrantly and atrociously that there is no need to verify negative news concerning the opposition parties.

          And my sources told me that with Chinese support almost bottoming out with no hope of being revived before the upcoming general election, there is now a team of people at the Prime Minister’s Department directly monitoring all the Mandarin news on TV to ensure that ‘undesirable’ elements are edited out before they are aired.

          Even the Malay elite are beginning to feel the heat of Umno’s hegemony, and Azrul Azwar, the chief economist at the Islamic Bank suspended from duty over his ‘politically incorrect’ predictions, is a case in point.

      • Anonymous says:

        You got facts or cogent arguments to support your opinion on the Malays?

        No residential units in that project and no Malays will buy any?

        You want Iskandar kind of project in Gua Musang?

    • Anonymous says:

      OMG!要稳定 不要乱!
      外劳 外劳 外劳!!!
      真的是1 Malaysia,谁都可以來!
      柔佛州古来马华新春团拜现场,国阵的1 Malaysia团拜!他们的支持者!看看那些外劳,多到恐怖!

      • Anonymous says:


        Oh My God, I still cannot change my attitude of respecting others when blogging, I keep on wanting to speak in a language that is not acceptable in this blog.

        But what to do, I’m the DAP kind, descended from secret societies, thugs and gangsters, used to “biadap” ways that DAP Vice President Tengku Aziz said of Lim Guan Eng as he stormed out of the party last year.

        It’s impulsive for me to do this time and again but I’ll try and behave next time.

        • Servant of God says:

          Wah, excellent contribution. Thank you for your har work.

          This is to Anonymous translater lah. The DAP fler can go whack himself.

        • Anon says:

          Only shows your stupidity for not willing to learn other languages.
          Even Najib’s son speak and learn mandarin. You are a disgrace to the generally peace loving Malays.

        • R-Truth says:

          My advice is for everyone to stay calm even if voices of ‘Chinese in Penang showing disrespect to Malay leaders’ are heard in the days to come, for this is just one of the remaining antics that they can employ to divert the public’s attention from unbridled corruption, alarming crime rates, and rising costs of living.

          As for Najib, I would not shed a tear for him should he turn out to be the only prime minister without a mandate. After all, his probation would have been terminated long ago in light of his disastrous performance had there been a more democratic mechanism of checks and balances in Malaysia.

    • DAPInsider says:

      From purely mathematics simulations, Liew has listed several possible post-election scenarios in Johor, assuming Indian support for Pakatan is constant:

      •Malay support at 25%, Chinese support at 65%, Pakatan will win just one parliamentary seat in Johor;
      •Malay support at 30%, Chinese support at 70%, Pakatan will win six seats;
      •Malay support at 30%, Chinese support at 75%, Pakatan will win 12 seats;
      •Malay support at 35%, Chinese support at 75%, Pakatan will win 16 seats;
      •Malay support at 35%, Chinese support at 80%, Pakatan will win 20 seats.

      Although his forecast was just simulations on paper, Liew said it showed optimism that BN’s Johor fortress can crumble in a perfect storm.

      • Servant of God says:

        Indians still support pakatan?

        • The Real Rakyat says:


          Indians like Tomanathan a/l Thomas Lingam does!! You know the Indians who overnight thru a change of original Indian names to Anglophile sounding names suddenly become Eurasians WITHOUT a single drop of actual European blood!!!

          But then some might call me racist for saying this but this fellas are huge jokes to actual Eurasians like myself. Imagine calling yourself Eurasians minus the Euro part only the Asian part.

          Either that or Indians like these LOVE PAS to death??

    • Azmin says:

      BN is selling out Johor land to Singapore!

      According to The Star, a plot of land, measuring 5.9 ha, in Medini Iskandar which forms part of Iskandar Malaysia was sold to a Singaporean developer, who plans to turn it into a mixed development hub in five years. The gross development value (GDV) is estimated at RM2.5bil.

      Like that malays will lose their kampung!!!

      • funniman says:

        Like that the Malays will have enough money to buy condos in KLCC area… is only people like you would want the Malays to forever stay in the kampung and no progress in society.

  2. Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

    Mind you STL, these are economic geniuses you’re writing about. They work magic with numbers. In fact, they perform magic when copying & pasting on Microsoft Excel as well.

    So don’t you go round slagging off these intellectually superior specimens of homo sapiens. Their unparalleled & god given ability to count should not & must not be questioned by low life like you. Doing so is “kerja bodoh”.

    Oooops…. My bad. I forgot that questioning one’s intellect is now considered as racist behavior. I hereby unsincerely apologize to all stupid people who think that the word “stupid” conveys racial undertones.

    • Anonymas says:

      “I forgot that questioning one’s intellect is now considered as racist behavior”

      In that area, they (PR) are double standard. Najib going to Gaza is called ‘kurang bijak’ but a LGE using federal grant to fund state expenses is ‘brilliant’

  3. EA says:

    Correction: ‘Malay’ not Malay.

  4. linpehkong says:

    Mr Liew Chin Tong may need to take 3 years to verify and correct the mischief that Microsoft Excel created to make his computation look so good for the opposition. By that time he will know what the truth is.
    BiaDAP is full of such people, failed accountant, failed analysts etc etc.

    • Anonymas says:

      Need to use SPSS, Excel is for noobs hehe.

    • Anonymous says:

      The wave of tsunami is hitting Johor at last, from the ripple of NO NO NO to BN at han chiang the birthplace of 308 tsunami politik, will soon become a big wave to engulf the MCA in Johor!

      • The Real Rakyat says:

        Anon 1:45,

        by ripple of No No No you mean the 20 fellas out of 79,980 others is the voice of the majority?? Really ah?? You also mean after the tsunami of 308 where in Johor BN won 25 out 26 seats DAP boleh menang ke??

        WOW!! what a sense of great denial……

      • Servant of God says:

        It’s really hurting my head, seeing this stupidity by Pakatoons.

  5. funniman says:

    There are many Chinese Johoreans who are working in Singapore coming back to vote during elections. And most of them are for Oppositions or so they are reported to be. PAP would be discreetly supporting them. PM Lee of Spore would be visiting Johore next week and that would send a signal to them. Vote BN, Spore would benefit as they are cosy with Najib while vote PR, they have this DAP for support. Both ways, they win.

    However, Spore are not supportive of PR overall as they are highly suspicious of PAS and PKR. Spore is only supportive of DAP. More so, Spore through Temasek and Capitaland had so much at stake in Iskandar area. If PR wins Johore state, the MRT link would be KIV and Spore will wait and see how the state government takes shape.

    My take is Spore will still support BN and the Johore Sultan will also support BN as the son of the present Sultan is having some JV with Spore in medical hubs and race track projects. They would not want to derail BN / UEM Land / Khazanah effort in developing Johore Iskandar. DAP alone will not win Johore state. They need the support of Malays and Johore Malays are unlike Malays from other states.

    • Anonymous says:

      Najib has carried this trend of affirmative action further, by giving malays cash. When will the Malay become independent of government handouts?
      Soon they need more BR1M to buy properties in JB!

      • The Real Rakyat says:

        Anon 1:09

        Please do explain how RM 500 a year can buy a house??…I’m really awaiting your keen insight into how with only RM 500 we can buy a house……coz the cheapest houses I can find are in rawang costing at least RM 2,500 each BUT the houses have nothing at all…….

        Besides from your posting it can be safe to assume that you are not a Malay just another DAP trooper here….

      • Servant of God says:

        Wake up la. People are not as stupid as you pakatoons make them out to be.

    • Farhan says:

      KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 15 — The Malay Chamber of Commerce (DPMM) claimed today Johor Malays are currently the country’s poorest community, a problem it blamed on Iskandar Malaysia.

      Its president Datuk Syed Ali Alattas (picture) said Putrajaya’s land privatisation programme and large-scale land sale to foreigners under the project had triggered massive inflation in the state.

      This had made it more difficult for the state’s Malay majority, which he described as poor, to cope with the higher cost of living.

      “During the 1800s, the Johor Malays were the richest in the country but they are now the poorest. This is caused by foreigners buying up land here (and caused inflation). We can no longer cope with the high cost of living,” he told a press conference here.

      “The development of Iskandar is pushing the Malays backwards, making them more marginalised economically,” he said, adding that the economic disparity between the Johor Malays and the non-Malays was one of the key issues raised at its recent congress.

      The Iskandar Malaysia project, situated in Nusajaya at the southern tip of Johor, was conceived during the Abdullah administration. It covers 2,217 sq km and is thrice the size of Singapore

      Initially seen as competition, a Singapore paper had reported that the Iskandar project had swayed more expatriates into opting to live on this side of the Causeway, drawn by cheaper and bigger homes in Johor, while Malaysians are grappling to find affordable housing.

      While Singapore’s expatriates eye the relatively cheaper houses in Malaysia, Malaysians, especially those who have just joined the workforce, complain that they cannot afford to buy houses. The Singapore dollar is worth about 2.5 times more than the Malaysian ringgit.

      In the past, conservative Malay leaders had expressed fear that Johor would be swamped by Singaporeans.

      Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, was also reported to have said that Iskandar would help Singapore expand its sovereignty and “drive” Malays into the “forest”.

      But a landmark resolution to the long-standing dispute over Malaysian-owned railway land in Singapore 2010 had led not only to a new era of more cordial relations between the two countries but also several landmark deals including a RM3 billion jointly-developed iconic wellness resort in Iskandar.

      Singapore is currently the largest source of investment in Iskandar this year.

      According to the Chamber, Malays only own 24,000 from the 500,000 acres land accorded for Iskandar.

      Syed Ali said the group is calling on the Najib administration to “revise” its policies on Iskandar by reserving “30 per cent of Nusajaya” for the Malays.

      The Chamber also wanted Putrajaya to reserve the land in Iskandar for the Malays instead of “foreigners”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Can any one verify the accuracy of what are claimed up there?

        Anything in the plans or implementation policies that will answer the charges made?

        Have all the Iskandar development plans been finalized?

      • The Real Rakyat says:

        Farhan aka DAP cyberpooper,

        Singaporeans have been living and buying properties in JB for decades la kawan……looooong before Iskandar was even developed…They have been buying houses in areas as far as Masai or even Penang Island for that matter for years……You sure ah it’s because of Iskandar that Singaporeans been buying up properties ah?? not before since long ago??….

        You mau tipu pun jangan lah tipu org duduk JB for years la kawan…My Singaporean citizen frens all pretty much live in and some even work in JB bcoz they can’t afford a proper house in Singapore……

        • Anonymous says:

          Still in denial mode.
          A clear sign of …. mampus BN!

          • The Real Rakyat says:

            Anon 1:46 aka DAP cyberpooper,

            I’m in denial or you leh?? Last time also BN won 25 out of 26 seats….Last I checked that is a landslide victory with so many seats with more than 10k majority……

            You sure BN mampus or is it PR will mampus? hehehe

          • anon says:

            also deferment of loan payment to federal govt called save money
            PR balik kampung…

      • Kamarul says:

        Pemimpin Umno dan kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) didakwa telah menggadai sejumlah tanah di negeri Johor kepada kerajaan Singapura pada awal tahun 1980-an lagi.

        Pemimpin Umno pada waktu itu telah menyerahkan tanah seluas 51,170 hektar kepada Singapura dengan bayaran RM350 juta, kata Pengerusi Majlis Tindakan Rakyat Kelantan, Datuk Paduka Ibrahim Ali.

        Beliau mendakwa Menteri Petanian dan Asas Tani yang juga bekas Menteri Besar Johor, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin bertanggungjawab menggadai tanah-tanah orang Melayu kepada Singapura.

        Saya terkejut, rupa-rupanya pada tahun 1980 sewaktu Muhyiddin Yassin jadi Menteri Besar dan waktu itu Musa Hitam jadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri tiada siapa pun tahu didedahkan bahawa pada tahun 1981, kerajaan Johor di bawah Muhyiddin telah menyerahkan tanah di kawasan Sungai Lingu iaitu di Bandar Tenggara Johor sebanyak 51,170 hektar kepada kerajaan Singapura, jelasnya.

        Beliau berkata demikian ketika berucap pada majlis Ceramah Perdana Menentang Penghinaan Terhadap Islam di perkarangan Maahad Tahfiz Wa-Tarbiyyah Darul Iman, Tok Jiring, baru-baru ini.

        Katanya, kawasan tersebut tidak jauh dengan Kota Tinggi yang merupakan kawasan hamparan air seluas 51,170 hektar.

        Menurutnya, kawasan berkenaan dipajak kepada kerajaan Singapura selama 60 tahun dengan kadar bayaran RM350 juta dan tidak dibenarkan sesiapa pun memasukinya sekarang ini.

        Beliau mendapat maklumat tersebut ketika menghadiri suatu Majlis Dailog Kepentingan Bangsa Peringkat Negeri Johor pada 7 Mei lalu bersama Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

        Menurutnya, taklimat tertutup itu dikendalikan oleh bekas Setiausaha Kerja Umno Johor, Encik Hamzah Othman yang juga bekas pengerusi guru-guru besar bersara.

        Sebelum itu, ada satu taklimat tertutup yang diberi oleh Encik Hamzah Othman, bekas pengerusi guru-guru besar bersara yang pernah jadi Setiausaha Kerja Umno Johor dahulu sewaktu Muhyiddin Yassin jadi Menteri Besar. Dia bagi taklimat dengan tayangan slide, cukup dari segi maklumat, dengan petanya, pelan toponya, jelasnya di hadapan lebih 10,000 orang hadirin.

        Sehubungan itu, beliau turut melahirkan rasa kesal dan dukacita setelah enam tahun menganggotai Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno dan 13 tahun menjadi Ketua Bahagian Umno tidak mengetahui isu tersebut.

        Katanya, empangan tersebut dibuat setinggi 193 meter dan jika pecah atau dipecahkan seluruh Kota Tinggi termasuk Bandar Tenggara boleh tenggelam.

  6. linpehkong says:

    And the double standard that PR adopts.
    Today Narul — the daughter of that rear admiral challenged Raja Nong Chik to a debate – saying that if Raja Nong Chik has the guts he should accept her challenge. Why does she not tell her father that when her father was challenged to debate others.
    Such blatant 2 faced, forked tongue talk.

    • ray says:

      No Role to debate?? She can’t even stick to what she said, and even backtrack on her own utterance.

      Real leaders do not boast about having guts, the genuine leaders busy themselves with carrying out work to benefit the rakyat.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        I remembered how a road bully knocked into the back of my other half’s car after which he tried to intimidate her to compensate him instead. When I spoke to him in the phone he was aggressive & kept saying “You datang lah. Saya laki. Saya tidak takut. You berani you datanglah.”

        He was about 1.70m weighing about 80kgs. When I arrived he shriveled noticeably when confronted by a 1.90m guy weighing 100kgs. He meekly agreed to let the police handle the issue.

        So much for bravado. Anyway, Nurul should be more concerned about her father’s gut shouldn’t she?

        • Anonymas says:

          Wow, my sister was intimidated by such a fellow. He repeatedly siphoned money from her, making up injuries and reasons as he goes. Kept begging through the phone.
          But then it changed when my sister gave the phone to the police sergeant.

      • irfankhalid says:

        u dont want to debate with person who believe in totally lie stories like the cincin rosmah, altantuya but instead refused to admit that the real admiral was caught in clear 4 angles video tape, the same who fails to show his own omega watch to prove its not guilty..

    • Anonymous says:

      Nong Chik’s daughter Raja Farhana (26 years old) with her ali-baba crony company Istijuara Sdn Bhd got RM30 million contract from Kementerian Belia dan Sukan in August 2010. This is a scandal as no transparency at all. That’s why Raja Nong Chik dare not debate and scared for this matter to be blown up!

      • The Real Rakyat says:

        Anon 1:11 aka DAP cyberpooper,

        This issue died loooong time ago la kawan…….The contract was given way before Raja Nong Chik even bought the company and the company in existence far longer than that………He already shown all the documents to show that he wasn’t the owner till way after that and alredi did the presscon on this ages ago la kawan…..That’s why Nurul is quiet till now bcoz slapped sampai ternganga alredi mah!! except during ceramah la then she repeat her lies again….hahahahaha

        By the way since we are on this topic…what about Upaya Padu Sdn Bhd and how the 2 cousins in Perak can afford to pay RM 30 mil to log in Kelantan?? And their threat that if reveal to watch out??

        PLEASE do rebut and not hide yeah!!…..

      • Bkan Cina says:

        Melayu kaya + Stinky Cibai ( with tudung , sweet lies et al all props to psyche up the small dickhead)= Bangsatkui!!

  7. Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

    Off topic for a moment while we pekena our teh tarik & roti canai breakfast.

    “I would like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Maksiat.”

    – A community service message from your friendly (during campaigning) neighborhood PAS rep.

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      “Express your love to your sweetheart, parents, siblings & beloved with flowers, chocolates or by dining out. Alternatively, for free of charge, show them the middle finger.”

      – A community service message from your conniving, avaricious & hypocritical DAP rep.

      • Aj says:

        Today all men and women, all boys and girls and all male and female animals should not communicate to each other becos today is the valentine day…..a day full of ‘maksiat’, as say so by the PASTI lebai… please add this as another community massage.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        “I would like to wish you all Happy Valentine’s Day. In commemoration of this day you should your . To ensure a more enjoyable experience, you can . Of course this can be done with your spouse, your right hand man’s spouse, your adopted brother, your driver or your coffee boy.”

        – A community message from the exalted Rear Admiral of Malaysia.

        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:


          “I would like to wish you all Happy Valentine’s Day. In commemoration of this day you should your censored censored censored censored. To ensure a more enjoyable experience, you can censored censored censored or censored censored censored.

          Of course this can be done with your spouse, your right hand man’s spouse, your adopted brother, your driver or your coffee boy.”

          – A community message from the exalted Rear Admiral of Malaysia.

          • The Real Rakyat says:

            “Hari ini adalah diumumkan bahawa sesiapa yang didapati berkhalwat samada dengan manusia ataupun haiwan dan juga yang bukan mahram atau muhrim akan dikenakan tindakan keras oleh parti PAS. Ini kerana pada hari yang penuh dosa dan haram ini kami menjangkakan bahawa akan terdapat banyak rakyat Malaysia samada Muslim ataupun Bukan Muslim akan berkhalwat secara beramai-ramai di mana-mana saja yang boleh samada dalam kereta, dalam tandas, dalam bilik ataupun dalam tren adalah haram…Dan jika pihak PAS dapat menjumpai mana-mana orang yang berkhalwat kami tidak akan teragak-agak untuk berskodeng sebelum kami tangkap basah.

            Kami pihak PAS akan sentiasa memantau pergerakan semua rakyat Malaysia tidak kira kaum untuk mengelakkan khalwat sebagai parti paling paling berkuasa dalam Pakatan Rakyat. Hukum Hudud adalah untuk semua kecuali ahli dan penyokong parti PAS sahaja. Cuma ahli dan penyokong kami boleh bantai bini orang, bantai jubur manusia atau haiwan sebab kami ada direct line berserta SMS, FB, Twitter, Email ke Allah melalui Mursyidul Am parti.”

            Yang Berskodeng,
            Nikki Ajis
            Presiden Parti Ajaran Sesat

            Anwar bin Ibrahim Punaisihat Parti Kongkek Rakyat

            Le God Eng Setiatakusaha Am Daddy & Anak Party

    • Anonymas says:

      They’re one step below FPI in Indonesia. FPI beats the crap out of anyone dating on Valentines.

      PAS just celebrate Valentine’s by making ceramahs. And in all of the ceramahs they will blame Christians and St Valentine of being guilty of this travesty* (History? what’s that?). And at the end of the ceramah would be BN at fault because it ‘controls the media’. Our dramas have been censored to the balls, are they still adulterous??

      *True story. I have been in one.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        Yeah, I made the comment after reading it in NST.

        What’s with PAS anyway? They are obsessed with sex apparently. No cinemas because it will lead to sex. Separate lines at the checkout counter as interaction between female & male will lead to sex. Even hair dressing salons will lead to sex.

        Strangely though, they don’t seem to condemn massage parlors especially in Selangor. I suppose they swear by the health benefits you get by visiting those outlets.

        • M Daud says:

          Sex? Are you refering to the Chua SL sex CD?

          • Anonymas says:

            Mat Sabu + Normah, Badrul Amin + 3am counselling, Butt Man, Ice Cream man, LGE + Rainbow Brite

            All fair game

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            CSL had the balls to admit it was him & took responsibility by resigning & apologizing publicly including to his family.

            What did Mat Sabu do? What did Anwar do? What did Guan Eng do?

  8. Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

    Please do not lose Johore, City Square is already full of Singaporean Chinese. And they are a bunch of ungrateful people. Everytime I go to Malaysia, this idiots will always complain everything Malaysian. Only a small number are ok people. From the bus being jammed along the causeway, to the Malaysian immigration right to ordering also demanding a Chinese speaker!!

    Now i will explain fully. The jams along the causeway, if this idiots were to even noticed, much of the jams were caused by Singaporeans plated cars taking up the lanes meant for buses. Everytime a Singapore complained, I will always tell them to look out of the window and check out the number plates. And its always a ‘SFE’, ‘SGH’, ‘SKA’ or a ‘SKE’ plate number,rarely a Malaysian plate number. And I know they are still fuming about it. Idiots right?

    As for the immigration on the Malaysian side, many idiots complain about how slow Malaysian immigration is. They are wrong. Malaysian customs if they were to count properly has alot more men manning the counter to ‘chop’ the passports. The counter, if they were to see, brings them to as far as the eyes can see, and almost all of them were manned. On the Singaporean side however, there are many counters available but almost 1/4 of them are empty or maybe waiting for the sky to fall then would they be manned. Also, the bag security checks is an irritant and will create unnecessary long queues and waiting time. As for the Malaysian sides, security are abit laxed and thats great.

    Then here I come to the point of idiot ordering KFC and demanding Chinese speaking staffs. Idiots!! This is Malaysia, NOT CHINA!! In Singapore, we have MALAYS serving too and even PINOYS!!!I dont see anybody complaining about them. Besides, whats so difficult about ordering a 2 pc chicken or a 3 pcs chicken? Only an idiot would have a hard time ordering!! And the ones complaining are a young couple not old people.

    The truth is, many Singaporean Chinese who went there to indulge in lesiure and dining are ok at first. But when faced with weaker currency advantage, their ego takes over them. Hence they will always think so highly about themselves and becomes arrogant and even RACIST. My take is if you dont like MALAYSIA, then dont go to Malaysia lah. It is a cowboytown indeed I must say but we as Singaporeans have to respect that.

    Point to take note, I went to Malaysia with an old collegue of time, his name is ‘Uncle Tommy’ he is about 70 years old and he loves Johore, it actually reminds us of Old Singapore or how Singapore used to be last time. Hence my theory is the young Singaporeans are the spoilt brat. Seriously when I was way much younger to now, I see alot of changes taking place. That also not enough meh? And yes many of you are right, JB is fast becoming like Singapore and I’m just afraid if it falls to DAP, it will be a safe and luxurious heaven for ARROGANT SINGAPOREANS via the PAP.

    Lastly, ever wondered why JB now have alot of SINGAPOREANS LIVING THERE?

    • Anonymas says:

      “Then here I come to the point of idiot ordering KFC and demanding Chinese speaking staffs. Idiots!! ”


      here you go, Singaporeans at their best.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t forget Umno already gadai Kampung Majidee and Medini City in Iskandar to singaporeans!

      Singapore expatriates now living like king in the bangalows in Gelang Patah!

    • Syukur says:

      Orang Melayu di Johor adalah orang Melayu paling miskin di Malaysia, kerana kos hidup meningkat kerana orang asing yang semakin ramai datang ke Iskandar Malaysia, kata presiden Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia (DPMM), Datuk Syed Ali Alattas.

      Menurut Syed Ali, 80 peratus dari tanah di Iskandar Malaysia dimiliki orang asing menyebabkan Melayu di Johor kian terpinggir.

      “Pada tahun 1800, Melayu Johor adalah paling kaya di negara ini, tetapi kini yang paling miskin, kerana kedatangan orang asing yang membeli tanah di sini, kita tidak lagi mampu untuk menampung kos hidup, terutamanya di Johor Bahru.

      “Pembangunan Iskandar ini memundurkan dan meminggirkan orang Melayu dari segi ekonomi, dalam kes tanah dipunyai oleh bukan Melayu, terutamanya bangsa asing,” kata Syed Ali dalam sidang media di ibu pejabat DPMM hari ini.

      Syed Ali berkata kos hidup di Johor yang semakin meningkat adalah punca orang Melayu di negeri tersebut paling miskin.

      DPMM juga menggesa kerajaan Malaysia untuk mengkaji semula projek Iskandar Malaysia, dengan memperuntukkan 30 peratus projek di Nusajaya kepada orang Melayu.

      “Dalam resolusi Kongres Ekonomi Melayu Zon Selatan yang berlangsung pada 6 Januari lalu, kedudukan orang Melayu di Johor jauh ketinggalan dari segi perbezaan ekonomi.

      “Orang Melayu di Kelantan lebih kaya dari Melayu di Johor kerana setiap ringgitnya lebih bernilai, umpamanya mereka boleh beli rumah banglo RM200,000 sedangkan di Johor RM1.5 juta,” katanya lagi.

      Iskandar Malaysia, berkeluasan 221,634 hektar, meliputi keseluruhan daerah Johor Baharu, Mukim Jeram Batu, Mukim Sungai Karang, Mukim Serdat dan Pulau Kukup di dalam Mukim Ayer Masin, yang kesemuanya terletak dalam daerah Pontian.

      Sejak pelancarannya pada November 2006, koridor ekonomi itu telah menerima banyak kepentingan asing, bukan sahaja dari Singapura yang berjiran, malah dari Timur Tengah dan United Kingdom.

      Kerajaan telah menyenaraikan enam sektor yang disasarkan yang berasaskan perkhidmatan di dalam industri kreatif, pendidikan, khidmat nasihat kewangan dan perundingan, penjagaan kesihatan, logistik dan pelancongan bagi Iskandar Malaysia.

      Baru-baru ini, Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berkata beliau gembira bahawa pelaburan di Iskandar Malaysia telah melepasi sasaran RM100 bilion dalam tempoh enam tahun dan sebahagian besar daripada jumlah itu diperolehi baru-baru ini

      • Servant of God says:

        You think Iskandar takes up the whole of Johor?

        Weh, moron, of course laa the Malays of Johor are poor compared to the investors who came there. Even people in KL can look like beggars compared to those people, understand? But Johor Malays can still work there, can still live there. Can you say the same for the Malays in Penang?

        Screw you. PR is nothing but a nest of liars.

        Reject PR.

    • ray says:


      They complain all the time but they actually LOVE Johor and Malaysia. The proof – they will brave 4 hour jams to enjoy Malaysia, every CNY and National Day holidays and other long weekends.

      They need to ESCAPE the PAP pressure cooker. Complaining is in their kiasu-kiasi DNA.

    • Ziman says:

      Siapa gadai Pulau Batu Putih?Siapa gadai Singpura?Siapa gadai tanah Keretapi Tanah Melayu di Singapura?Melayu mana jual tanah rezab Melayu?Kalau bukan Melayu takkan orang Cina yang gadai hak bangsa Melayu?Takkan tak rasa dukacita bila tengok Melayu gadai hak Melayu?Takkan la Melayu tegur no plate nak jatuhkan Raja?Takkan tak rasa dukacita tengok orang Melayu mau buang perkataan Islam pada pertubuhan Islam?

  9. Anonymas says:


    With inept Dictator Jui Meng as Johor’s PKR head, PR has no chance at all. Plus, Johoreans are loyal to their king, and by disrespecting the king like one DAP MP, it was seen as an insult by PR as a whole. The sad stories of the Malay community from across the Causeway has also influenced the votes of Malays in Johor. They won’t even vote PAS because they’re guilty by association.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “I believe the gaps will narrow if PAS and DAP, with the help of PKR, manage to convince supporters to vote for each other in the context of the coalition,” the bloke said.

    Where got “manage to convince”?

    PR members and supporters have been confused by the diverging views put out by the PR component parties. Often fully contradictory views, and on fundamental issues. DAP and PAS on Hudud, on kalimah Allah. PKR and PAS on relations with Zionist Israel, the defence of the security of Israel, heck, even on who is to be PM if they ever reach Putrajaya. DAP wants Anwar, PAS wants Hadi.

    PAS itself has diverging and contradictory views even on the core party stand – Hudud. Been wanting Hudud, but PAS Muktamar 2011 threw out Negara Islam which incorporates Hudud, then PAS Muktamar 2012, picked up Hudud again. And on the kalimah Allah – no to use by non Muslims, then Mat Sabu said yes, Nik Aziz said something to mean support, then Hadi announced after top-level PR meeting yes with qualification, finally PAS Syura Council put out a 7 paragraph statement saying no to non-Muslims using kalimah Allah.

    PAS members and supporters got confused and fedap, DAP members and supporters got furious and Karpal short of kena heart attack, PKR members and supporters could not say much but only smell Anwar’s fart, Anwar having tried twice but failed to resolve the Hudud issue at top-level PR meetings that lasted late into the nights.

    And, as STL pointed out, Johore voters are certainly different from Kelantan voters. They are the well-informed and thinking kind. The PAS candidate at the Tenang PRK refusing to shake hands with the Chinese got snubbed, vote-wise, and lost the by-election heavily.

    So, where got “manage to convince”? Where got possible? Where got “the gaps will narrow”? More likely will widen.

  11. Klone says:

    Bro, the beginning part of your blog….”for a malay to be eventually elected into the cec..” that guy is a malay meh? thot he is a convert?

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      He claims to be la bro. With the seal of approval from Lé God, Emperor of Penang, he can be anything he wants to be or is asked to be. Can even be Italian, French, English or African if that means winning more votes.

    • Anonymas says:

      Malay as in ‘malay’ (by name only)

  12. The Real Rakyat says:


    Whatever happened to that Anonymous fella with list of so-called achievements and bonus questions??…..Probably couldn’t answer and accept the actual facts can he??…..So typical of Pakatan troopers….When caught lying twist turn or disappear…..

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      Lé God, Emperor of Church of Monyets, Penang decided to rescind payment by the lines, OT, PH allowance etc maaaaa…. So now back to 50 sen per comment so not motivated liao….

    • Servant of God says:


      Alah, itu normal laa. Now that Calvin Sankaran impostor is claiming in the previous article that anwar is actually a renaissance man. First, asian renaissance, then Malaysian renaissance.

      I’ve asked what qualifies anwar to be given that title, let’s see what he answers.

      • The Real Rakyat says:


        Renaissance man indeed!! he revolutionised the political system in malaysia. never in our history have we seen a pm wannabe become such a great actor and have superpowers to cheat death after a broken back, neck, arsenic poisoning assanisination etc. he even has superpowers given to him thru a nuclear disaster at lynas gebeng where his omega was hit by thoron rays and shrunk and went into his chest and gave him the powers of prof x, beast, wolverine, iron man and even incredible hulk!!


        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          All that’s missing is a magical staff or hammer. Then he can claim to also possess the power of Gandalf & the lightning god Thor. I wonder who’s the Black Widow then? An unknown, unidentified China doll? Or someone’s wife?

  13. The Real Rakyat says:

    Dear fellow STL bloggers,

    Just a lil update on the Open house fiasco in Penang….
    I checked with my buddies in Penang and this is what they have told me what happened that day….

    1) Yes there were paid hecklers there dressed in Bersih 3.0 and 1 or 2 fellas in HH shirts in one corner of the field. In total about 20 or so fellas standing there somewhere in between as they couldn’t get in front.

    2) My buddies have received a tip off from someone within KOMTAR that they were gonna try something when PSY comes on just didn’t know what as it would depend based on what happens…and they did a security blockade just in case they were to try to storm the stage….I don’t know whether got any pictures online on this but this is from my buddy who was part of the blockade team told me…..

    Just a lil update as to what I said the other day…as I said before this fellas are the trouble type and again I ask my fellow Malaysians…”Ini macam ada hati mau perintah Malaysia kah??”

    Please think wisely and choose stability….If we elect monkeys who have no qualms to incite hate and riots to suit their purpose then how are we going to go forward into being a developed nation by 2020?

    Choose stability
    Reject stupidity and violence
    Vote BN
    Save Malaysia

    • Servant of God says:

      C’mon laa… LGE, you’re Chinese. CNY in your own backyard also you want to sabo haa? What kind of Chinese are you?

      • Anonymous says:

        The kind that are descended from secret societies, thugs and gangsters, of the Ghee Hin and Hai San clans.

        That’s why can’t even talk polite also. No decency, sense of respect for joyous occasions. Imagine, on Xmas eve, raised the issue of kalimah Allah which has simmered down somewhat as the matter has reached the Appeal Court and is still pending hearing. Politicized the kalimah Allah issue on the very eve of a joyous occasion of a religion he is said to believe in.

        Fiddled with figures on own party’s election also. OK lah, Excel fiddled it but he condoned it. Found some excuses to make the non Malay Zairil elected and can claim to have a Malay “elected” to the DAP CEC!

        The whole range of his words and deeds, actions and omissions – like his father’s – are a lot like those of the triads, thugs and gangsters. Read his father’s rhetorics during the election campaign of 1969 that contributed to the race riots of 13 May. LKS was ISA-ed in Kamunting. LGE was imprisoned for sedition and so nothing strange really in his behaviour towards a CNY function in Penang.

        He must be got rid of, DAP thrown out of Penang and the states ruled by PR.

    • Anon says:

      Your buddy? I think it is more of a case of hallucinating. Stop dreaming! And stop the lies. Malaysians are not as stupid as you and your bunch of BN idiots.

  14. jollygreengiant says:

    How can the Malaysian Chinese vote for DAP which is linked with Singapore’s PAP ?
    And this applies to all Malaysians too.

    • M Daud says:

      Umno has ‘killed’ the Malays who voted them into power for the last half a century.

      Blink! And perhaps you will no longer see Najib Tun Razak as Prime Minister when you open your eyes. That is how much time Najib has left to lord over all that he now surveys in Putrajaya. I say Putrajaya because Malaysia is no longer his to govern.
      Penang, Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor are ours. He has as much hold over Johor as Assad has over Syria. Muhyiddin Yassin is king there! Everywhere else it is the electorate that holds sway over who shall get to form government after the 13th general election and, by all credible accounts, it is anybody’s guess.

      Decades of incompetence, and entrenched corruption compounded by hypocritical politicians who no longer even pretend to care for the nation and the people they are robbing blind… they all now await their fall from grace with a finality that they know has to come.

      All that they had done to our country and to our people is now in the public domain to be perused at our leisure before our votes are cast.

      We have seen from the time of the Bank Bumiputra debacle right up to the more recent NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) scandal that those to whom Umno had given the goose that laid the golden eggs do not understand that when they kill the goose, they kill themselves.

      What these people – for whom “kebendaan” (materialism) is the be all and end all of their existence – do is to collect the golden eggs day in and day out without feeding the goose. They take without giving anything back until there is nothing to take anymore.

      They did that to Bank Bumiputra. To PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone). To Renong. Just see what Tajudin Ramli did to MAS! What Amin Shah Omar Shah, Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda and a host of other cronies did to their Ministry of Defence (Mindef) business opportunities. How Halim Saad and Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary mired themselves in mortal debts. How Khairy Jamaluddin, through his arrogance, managed to sour the relationship the people had with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. What Shahrizat Abdul Jalil and family did to NFC.

      To the privatisation opportunities given to them. To every Mindef tender. To Felda and to every money-grabbing opportunity that political power had accorded them. Now all they have left to take from are EPF and Petronas. And then what? No more golden goose? No more golden eggs?

      The parasite had literally killed the host. They killed the goose that laid the golden eggs and in doing so, killed themselves. They, together with their insane wealth, would spiral in tandem into the abyss of election defeat once this 13th general election is over.

      This Umno-led Barisan Nasional coalition runs our nation as a criminal enterprise. Our only comfort from this would be that when Pakatan Rakyat is in government, then Najib and his Cabinet would spend quality time in prison together and then the decline, decay and corruption of our government would cease.

      Killing the mother goose

      Today, Umno had killed the mother of all golden geese – the Malays who voted the party into power for the last half a century.

      Umno killed the Malays through neglect, through willfully ignoring the Malay need for sustenance in the Malay struggle to shake off years of apathy and Umno-imposed negativity in their own self- worth, through a callous disregard and dismissal of the need to ensure that Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) works not only for Umno but, more critically, for the Malays at large.

      And that inability to see Ketuanan Melayu as anything more then an insidious opportunity to enrich itself is what dammed Umno to what it is today: Irrelevance.

      Umno is irrelevant to the needs of the Malays as the Malays now accept that to rise above their present circumstances, they need to rid themselves of the parasite called Umno. And like all parasites, Umno gorges itself on all that the Malays can give it, if not more.

      Umno is irrelevant to the needs of the Malays because after 12th general election the Malays understand that Umno is the cause, and not the solution, to their problems.

      Umno is irrelevant to the needs of the Malays because there exists for the Malays proven and capable national leaders and national political entities as viable alternatives.

      Umno is irrelevant to the Malays because race and religion no longer define the political psyche of the Malays. National reconciliation, law and order, personal and civil liberties, the spectre of bankruptcy because of our increasing national debt, the plight of the poor, the aged and the disadvantaged – these are the issues that concern not only the Malays but everyone.

      Any political entity, any national leader and any person that does not understand this deserves the fate that now awaits Umno and BN.

      No more blind obedience

      We Malays must recall how the legend of two of our greatest heroes Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat – not only for the Malays but for all Malaysians – had unfolded throughout our history.

      Our early memories are of two warriors fighting a duel to the death because Hang Jebat transgressed Malay tradition when he “menderhaka” to his Sultan. Over the years the telling of this legendary confrontation had been adjusted to reflect the prevailing ideology of the time that we lived in.

      Today we understand and even support Hang Jebat’s defiant stand against the authority of the Sultan and question Hang Tuah’s blind obedience to that authority and ask ourselves if that justified Hang Tuah killing his brother warrior… just as we now support Bersih and the movement against Lynas in Kuantan.

      Today blind obedience to authority – be it to Umno or to the Sultans – is no longer the norm because no longer would it lead to “kiamat zaman dan berakhirlah zaman Melayu kita!”

      Today the Malaysia we want, the Malaysia we aspire to and the Malaysia we need for the future of our children is not yet ours. For the Malays must understand and accept that our loyalty to any political entity must come with more than just the promise of Ketuanan Melayu or the need to have a Malay prime minister. We need to go beyond that.

      We, and by “we” I mean all of us that call Malaysia our home, must go beyond what this Umno-led government had given us in its half-a-century of misrule and mismanagement of our nation’s resources, the plundering of our nation’s wealth and its attempts to destroy our nation’s inner strength and core values of a real 1Malaysia.

      “You eat pork. I do not eat pork. So let us not eat pork together.” I came across that line in one of the blogs that I read yesterday, but for the life of me I could not recall where and in what context it was written and by whom. That thought had not left my head. It is the image of two good friends trying to find an opportune time to sit down and talk on matters of mutual interest.

      Yes, they might not sit down and eat pork together but they could do many other things together. Is that not the story of our people? We understand each other’s sensitivities and work towards overcoming everything that divides us. We do this with the good grace of those who seek out unity in diversity.

      Like sticks in a bundle, together we are unbreakable. Malaysia does not belong to me. I belong to Malaysia. You all belong to Malaysia. Let no one tell us otherwise. Let no one attempt to take you away from Malaysia. Now let us all together go onwards towards Putrajaya!

      • Anonymas says:

        Stop copypasting stuff, brother.

        It just gives you the ease of fast posting without ever checking the truth of the facts nor the plausibility

      • Anonymous says:


        All Pakatan Rakyat propaganda, especially of the PKR leader who is known as menderhaka kapada negara bad-mouthing the country abroad, and menderhaka kapada bangsa questioning the Ketuanan Melayu, a concept that is enshrined in the Articles of the Constitution that spell out the functions, roles and responsibilities of the Malay Rulers, etc.

        Know you not that even when the Manchus conquered and ruled China for several hundred years until the early 20th Century, the Chinese kept their Chineseness until even the Manchus identified themselves as Chinese, and Manchuria, a foreign country, became a part of China after World War II?

        And why the hell are you sneering at Ketuanan Melayu which is enshrined in the Constitution of the country under the various Articles stated above? Just to get votes, to taste Putrajaya you blokes are prepared even to sell your bangsa? Nothing wrong in having a Malaysian identity with the Malay identity intact. This land has been called Semenanjong Tanah Melayu, Sabah and Sarawak have been in the Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu for over 6,000 years – read the books “The Malay Civilization” and “Tamadun Alam Melayu” published by and available at the Historical Society of Malaysia building opposite IJN, Jalan Tun Razak, KL.

        And you want the Malays to vote for you having that kind of stand? No sireee , they won’t. Tell Anwar he can even try to sell his mother to get votes, he won’t get the Malays to agree to any idea of amending the sensitive Articles of the Constitution pertaining to the functions, roles and responsibilities of the Malay Rulers and the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak under Article 153. Those sensitive Articles that are protected under the Sedition Act.

        More to come to shit the nonsense in what you wrote.

        • Anon says:

          Hidup Pas. Hidup PR.
          Insya Allah, sama sama kita hancurkan Umno. Sama sama kita hancurkan benda Allah seperti Anon 1.50pm.

          • Funniman says:

            Hidup Umno. Hidup BN
            Insya Allah, sama sama kita hancurkan PAS. Sama sama kita hancurkan benda Allah atau kalimah Allah??

      • Anonymous says:

        Whether this bugger is a Malay or a masquerader or an impostor like the Clavin Sankaran impostor, using so many names to show Opposition numbers, and whether the bugger(s) is copy pasting (which is likely) or his own writing, he deserves to bludgeoned for the stupidity he has shown here.

        1. Saying “Umno has ‘killed’ the Malays who voted them into power for the last half a century” is utter nonsense and smacks of total ignorance of the realities of the Malayan/sian political scenarios all this while since Merdeka.

        The Malays are now able to come out here and, together with the non-Malays who see the nonsense of Opposition politics, whacking the Oppo hippo goons day in and day out. The goons are no longer able to say whatever they like, whenever they like, without being challenged – like they used to be able to do before. Plain stupid to say UMNO has killed the Malays who are now generally better educated with the opportunities made available to them by the UMNO/BN government.

        Saying “Malaysia is no longer his (Najib’s) to govern is another glaring syupidity of the highest order. No further explanation is necessary beyond pointing out the fact that all the other states are BN-run and BN rules at the Federal level.

        Saying “who shall get to form government after the 13th general election … is anybody’s guess” is an attempt to try and bring in a few votes from those who may be persuaded to go with PR, not realizing that there has been many PR people abandoning ship here and there, even from the so-called hard-headed, never swerving DAP members.

        Apart from those who even asked the Registrar of Societies to investigate and punish DAP for the CEC election fiasco, there were those who actually left the party. PAS and PKR, too. The last I read was one women PKR group in Sabah, drawing scoldings from the PKR Women Chief what’s the name.

      • Anonymous says:

        Saying “Decades of incompetence” is being irresponsible as there is no measure of competency mentioned and no agreed criteria for determining competency. The usual loose gun, shooting from the hip, wild and unsubstantiated allegation of the Oppo hippos.

        “entrenched corruption compounded by hypocritical politicians” – by Golly, as the Filipinos are wont to say, Pakatan Rakyat blokes have shown their corruption even just a year into power. Now 4+ years, the list of corrupt practices is a long one, ranging from Selangor Talamgate, Perak DAP Nga & Ngeh Kelantan landgate, Penang Bayan Mutiara land sale commissiongate, Taman Manggis land sold at well below market pricegate, the Turn-Key RM1 billion sPICE Projectgate, bla, bla, bla. And if they are longer in power, the list would surely be miles long.

        Yes, when they cakap tak serupa bikin, they sure are hypocrites, nothing less. Aisehman, even the promis of RM100 each to single mothers was not paid a sen now over 4 years and the single mothers have even sued the Sleangor PR gomen.

        “who no longer even pretend to care for the nation” – PR Selangor doesn’t even care about the endless garbage problem, the uncleaned and clogged drain problem that resulted in flash floods in Klang, the Indian temples problem, etc, etc. But the most heart wrenching is the Selangor water problem. Imagine, no water in many parts of the state. Housewives have to carry pails of water up 3-4 stairs of walk-up, no-lift flats, day in and day out to bathe their children, cook, wash clothes etc. They have been cursing the Selangor PR government every day for many months now.

        Yes, the Selangor gomen now awaits their fall with disgrace, a finality that they now cannot avoid.

      • anon says:

        UMNO has brought Malaysia to the current stead.
        Respected country in South East Asia.
        Many foreigner flocking in to find work

        Also many rich people all over, from vast economic opportunities.
        Rojak races, live and eat together, celebrating many festivals

        Yet there are people who still spit….

  15. Anonymous says:

    We can reveal that Najib Razak is still paying mega-bucks to Tony Blair’s PR people to try to make him look ‘cool’.

    The same team which was previously employed through the controversial agencies APCO and FBC Media are now secretly consulting on BN’s election campaign, to prolong the party’s controversial half century in government.
    Meanwhile, the former UK prime minister himself continues to be closely linked to Razak and was recently engaged to make a speech at CIMB Bank’s launch of the ‘Asean Business Club’ in KL.

    Tony’s minimum fee for such occasions is believed to be UK£300,000, so it is fortunate that the Chairman of the government-linkedbank happens to be Razak’s own brother.

    • Anonymas says:

      DSAI also paid the people on CNN to make him look ‘cool’ as a ‘conservative Muslim’ with ‘views aligned with American foreign policy’

      Gay rights = OKAY
      Israeli occupation = OKAY
      Corruption = OKAY
      Nepotism = OKAY
      Street Anarchy = OKAY
      Delaying Justice = OKAY

      Wow, so cool! Even Al Gore and Wolfowitz was fooled to think that he is THE prime minister of Malaysia!

    • Servant of God says:

      WTF? Show proof, or GTFO.

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      On behalf of a lot of readers here, allow me to address your comments above.

      First & foremost, please identify who “we” is. Is “we” a group or just an individual masquerading as a group? Is “we” even a Malaysian or a tax payer? In fact is “we” even registered to vote?

      Next, in relation to APCO, the issue is mainly due to APCO’s Israeli connection right? Would you care to clarify which Malaysian political figure was on record stating that Israel’s security must be guaranteed? And while you’re at it, can you also check which Malaysian politician acknowledged & confirmed his widely rumored meetings with Jewish businessmen in NY?

      You mentioned former British PM’s speaking engagement recently with his minimum fee said to be £300k. I wonder if you’re away of the term “speaker’s fee”? If you’re qualified by education, experience and/or intelligence, you can command a high fee too. If you don’t qualify on any counts, no one will even listen to you if you pay them. Savvy?

      BTW, my other half pockets RM15k per speaking engagement on her field of expertise. Shouldn’t you check her credentials too to ensure that monies paid to her by local companies commensurate with content & information she delivers at the sessions?

  16. The Real Rakyat says:

    Wow!!! DAP cyberpoopers in overdrive today it seems posting under all kinds of names everywhere in every commentors comments………….

    Good to know that STL post above is making this fellas hot under the collar as they try to divert attention elsewhere……..

    Keep up the good fight STL!! We will support you all the way…..

  17. Mangkuk says:

    Malaysian can think over on whatever DAP propaganda except on anything to do with calculations and numbers. They failed! Even with the help of Excel.

    As we all knew Chinese is excellent with numbers because many of them doing business. So who are in DAP then? If they’re not descent from business family.

    They’re from Hai San and Ghee Hin descendent as mention by STL friend who are surface at DAP. That’s why DAP is gangsters, thugs and pimping party. When come to a bit serious calculation they gone blur.

  18. ray says:

    Who believes in DAP prediction? They can’t even conduct a proper and BERSIH election. Then they conveniently blame on the spreadsheet.

    Perhaps they pronounced it as “splatshit”??

  19. Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

    AIYOYO DAP, apa u semua sudah jadi nie? Semua buat pun salah. Haiz!! Itu CNY open house pun u all mau sabo, u all apa punya orang nie? Tak mungkin u all orang Cina tulen yang beradab. Aku tau, orang Cina mesti mau celebrate CNY celebration tapi u all tak mau ckp ini semua permainan kotor BN. Apadah!!

  20. Moonie says:

    Would you vote this person to be your Prime Minister ?

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      Not even if he promises the moon. In fact, he’d probably get mooned by some.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        I’m referring to a certain individual named Anwar Ibrahim btw. As for PM Najib, I probably won’t cross a million oceans or climb a thousand mountains for him, but he got my vote locked in

  21. little joe says:

    The DAP is not the twin soul of the PAP. It is its poodle !

  22. Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

    Mau tau apakah agenda Anwar? Ia terletak di dalam namanya sendiri.



    Jadinya DSAI!!

    Terima kasih dan tolong maklumkan kesemua rakan-rakan anda. 🙂

  23. Anon says:


    Duduk! Saya Akan Isap!

  24. Engeng says:

    I am predicting that the loudmouth Catholic Bishop Paul Tan will be campaigning in Johor for his BBFs Pas and Dap. The pope has resigned. When will Paul Tan also resign. We are tired of clerics mixing religion with politics. It leaves a bad taste in our mouth because Christians are made of all kinds of political colours. Not everyone likes green like the shitty bishop with the lancheow face.

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      As a Catholic, I agree with you on the part about Paul Tan resigning. He’s a disgrace to the church with his statements & rabid support for the opposition.

      As for your last line, I agree the part on the part about him being a shitty bishop. As for the face, I think you’re being kind to him, too kind in fact

    • The Real Rakyat says:


      As another Catholic myself my stance has always been religion and politics don’t mix. I don’t mince my words on matters like these and 2 churches priests have known what I have said on this. I’m not too aware on Bishop Paul Tan’s stance but from what I’ve heard about him I would like to suggest he resigns soon and contest in any constituency under PAS banner perhaps??

      Maybe he is too blind to see that this PAS fellas don’t like us non-Muslims for our supposed pagan beliefs in their eyes.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        Since taking the chairmanship of the Bishop’s Conference he has been extremely vocal & critical of the government. His statements will be littered with bombastic words & be full of accusations & insinuations.

        If you’re a regular at churches around KL, you’ll see OLOG Puchong, OLOF Brickfields, SFX PJ as the more “radical churches”. The undisputed numero uno is of course CDM Shah Alam under Fr Paulino.

        I’d very much like to see the Archbishop of Kuching or Bishop of Sibu taking over the chairmanship. I believe they’d be more diplomatic & Christian like in their dealings like Archbishop Murphy

  25. Huguan Siou cartoon says:

    Is true that reporter from malaysiakini susan Loon will be replacing Cheu in Tanjung Bungah? She is the rocket’s favourite from Penang, obedient to report all their nonsence. Sad to know the new media has also comprimise their principles.

  26. Big John says:

    If cannot be Prime Minister, anything is OK !

    • Small John says:

      Kee Thuan Chye has had enough of Barisan Nasional, and he wants people to know it. The veteran journalist-turned-political commentator has come up with another book, “Ask For No Bullshit, Get Some More”, documenting the government’s shenanigans.

      It is as exhaustive, humorous and scathing as his previous volume, “No More Bullshit, Please, We’re All Malaysians”. And now, far from losing steam over Barisan Nasional’s apparently unceasing ineptitude throughout its decades in power, Kee, 58, quipped that he was currently mulling turning bullshit into his very own brand.

      “I get angry with bullshit, with the government’s corruption, leakages, wastage, so I write it out. This is what keeps me going – the need to speak up as a concerned citizen who cares for his country and would like to see a better Malaysia,” Kee said in a recent interview with FMT.

      “So while I can’t say yet that I’ll churn out another book on bullshit, there’s still a chance for me to keep going, to turn bullshit into my own brand,” he grinned, his eyes twinkling behind his spectacles.

      “Ask For No Bullshit, Get Some More” is a compilation of Kee’s recent opinion pieces published in independent news portals such as FMT, Malaysian Digest and Malaysiakini. Articles are organised under seven different categories ranging from “What’s the government doing?” to “Race and Rant”.

      But Kee bestows the highest honour on the self-proclaimed First Lady of Malaysia, Rosmah Mansor. She is the only individual to be awarded a category all to herself under the hilariously titled “Flom flop”.

      Those familiar with Kee’s work will rejoice that he hasn’t lost his withering sarcasm, frankness nor his trademark cynical humour, while those who have thus far relied only on the mainstream media for information will have an eye-opening and belly-tickling experience.

      “Lament of a Stressed Out Minister”, in particular, would have readers in stitches over Kee’s depictions of the thoughts that would keep a typical BN minister tossing and turning in his luxurious, one-thousand-thread-count bed covers at night.

      “We are all not bad laa,” writes Kee in his uncanny impression of a BN minister. “They still think Tiong Lai is a liar after his bad experience handling the hoo-ha at Tung Shin Hospital during Bersih 2.0, but we’re not always liars. Wait!…that didn’t come out right. We don’t lie. We don’t lie. PM Najib said it best when he said, ‘The government doesn’t know how to cheat the people’.”

      Kee was, of course, referring to the boo-boo Liow Tiong Lai, who is Health Minister, made after he said that the police had not fired any tear gas at the hospital during the Bersih 2.0 protest in 2011.

      Pakatan spared for now

      Liow’s statement courted mass ridicule since photographic and video evidence, as well as the testimony of protesters and several other eye-witnesses, plainly stated otherwise.

      And Liow’s humiliation conga is certainly not the only BN blunder to receive a much-deserved tongue-lashing in this book. Kee also reminds readers of numerous other BN bloopers, such as the Independence-turned-Barisan Nasional Day, disgraced ex-minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s bovine legacy, and the comedy that was the Umno general assembly.
      All are no doubt incidents that the Najib administration would rather we forget as we approach the 13th general election. But while Kee relentlessly pounds BN throughout the 276-page paperback, fence-sitters or those with pro-BN leanings will be left wondering: What about Pakatan’s bullshit?

      Are they truly the angels we don’t know? Or is Kee just another opposition fanboy – the type of dredge who spam news portals with off-topic, anti-BN comments and believe Pakatan is god’s gift to mankind?

      Not so. Far from being biased towards the opposition, Kee revealed that his loyalties lay with the rakyat rather than with any party – during his book launch, the outspoken journalist couldn’t resist taking a shot at the opposition’s alternative budget when an audience member asked him about it.

      “We have to understand, as the opposition they can promise a lot of things, and many of it can be unrealistic. Doing away with higher education loans and giving free education might be difficult to sustain… doing away with tolls, whatever it is, will rebound on us one way or another,” Kee had pointed out.

      But Kee explained to FMT later that despite Pakatan’s failings, he believed now was not the time to knock it down.

      “Let them [Pakatan] form the government first. My point is to get BN out, because BN won’t reform without being in the opposition,” he stressed.

      Lending credence to his statement was, of course, the fact that he was able to write this book in the first place.

      “There is no hope for BN to get better without losing,” Kee said emphatically. “They have too many warlords in Umno, do you think they would ever want to change when, even as division heads, they are getting so much money?”

      Government must be made accountable

      He pointed out how “crazy” it was that Najib had to resort to pleading with Umno members during the general assembly to not sabotage others should they be passed over for candidacy.

      “Umno members go out to sabotage party members who supplant them. This is crazy, and it just shows how greedy they are, and where their priorities lie.”

      But Kee is not exactly banking on Pakatan to be Malaysia’s saviour, either. He said the best outcome of the general election, which must be held by June this year, would be for Pakatan to win by a simple majority.

      “I think it’s always risky to give any coalition two-thirds majority. It can make them arrogant, and they can amend the constitution however they want,” said Kee, shuddering visibly at the thought.

      And should Pakatan take over the government and stink up Putrajaya with its own male cow manure, he wouldn’t hesitate to train his hose on them, either.

      “If Pakatan takes over the government and comes out with bullshit, then of course I would criticise it as well. The only reason I come down hard on BN in this book is because it is the ruling party.

      “Any government, whether it is Pakatan or BN, must be accountable to the rakyat. We always have to keep them on their toes, as we are the people who hired them,” he pointed out in his characteristic bluntness.

      But the anti-bullshit crusader said that, for now, change was only something he could hope for.

      “The great thing I see now is that people are no longer afraid. Civil society has never been this brave before. They know they can make a change, and they are supporting one another,” said Kee, his eyes lighting up.

      “And this is what keeps me going, to create awareness among people, to show we don’t have to be afraid, and that it is our right to speak up. So if I speak up, other people will realise they can speak up, too.”

      And speak up, they most certainly have. But whether the rumbles of dissatisfaction and, more recently, the thrice-repeated “No” to BN will culminate in a change of government is anyone’s guess. Regardless, Kee’s work, for one, shows BN has every reason to be afraid

  27. Engenb says:

    Just today, shitty bishop Tan made more shitty remarks about Tun Mahathir. But why so quiet about his BFF Mat Sabu U-turn on kalimah allah. He praise Mat Sabu for saying okay. Then when Mat Sabu U-turn and say its not okay, shitty Bishop diam diam aje. He is so double standard. Bring down the standing of the church with such bias. Betcha if you tell him that you gonna vote BN in PRU13 he will condemn you to hell.

  28. Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

    We got ‘religious’ teachers like Nik Aziz, Bishop Tan and who else is next?

    Oh yah, we also have Hadi Awang who thought that the Malaysian stock exchange is a CASINO!!! F**king Idiot!!

    Then now we also have Mat Sabu (AKA Mat ‘Syiah’boo) whose religion is not running to the majority Sunni Muslims here but instead going to the practises of Syiah Muslims. Not only that, he is previously just a tukang masak, loves Mr Chin Peng the communists, and also loves having phone sex with a fellow PAS member’s wife.

    Then we also have Bob Lokman who claims his heart was opened by Allah to play politics and not for religion purpose. He also blamed BN for his son’s failure in school and also for not respecting mak bapak sendiri. He is also known for call Johorians are murtads as they work in Singapore and cant sembayang subuh. What this idiot doesnt knows is that Singapore is full of Mesjids and any Muslims is free to pray in it.

    But let me show you on what common ground do these psychopath often perverse reading of the holy scripture believes in. They all believed in PKR as the only party capable of governing Malaysia. And if we allow sick men like them to run the country, very soon, Malaysia would be running out of medical supplies to treat this sick people and the potential sick people that they might teach with

  29. Man from Mars says:

    This guy thinks he is Lee Kuan Yew of the failed state of Singapore !

  30. Man from Mars says:

    Read the New Straits Times. Saturday 16 February 2013. Page 29. ‘ Protests put S’pore at political risk. The Star. Saturday 16 February 2013. Page 25. Seah Chiang Nee. Column.

    5,000 people attended the protest against the Singapore Population White Paper. Do not support the DAP which has not got the academic credentials of Lee Kuan Yew or his intellect. Lee Kuan Yew’s one man 55 year rule over Singapore produced failed policies which the DAP will copy and Malaysia will be ten times worse off. Go home DAP !

    • Anon says:

      Failed policy? I would rather to have the ” failed ” policy ala Singapore than the ” successful ” policy of Malaysia.
      At least 1 Sgd = rm2.50.
      SIngapore has nothing except $ and Malaysia has everything except $.

  31. Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

    Singapore has nothing except $?

    Wrong!! Singapore has nothing but FOREIGN TALENTS EVERYWHERE!!! Ask any Singaporeans and they will laugh at you. And Singaporeans will even equate those “Foreign talents” as “Foreign Thrash”. Soon population of born Singaporeans to that of ‘new citizen Singaporeans will be 50% 50% respectively. And this is what angers many TRUE BLUE, PINK BORN SINGAPOREANS!! We true Singaporeans are losing our importance to exist in Singapore as the PAP(DAP HQ) would rather emphasize more for foreign thrash than on Singaporeans.

    Now may I know the percentage of Malaysians to that of its ‘new citizen Malaysians’? Maybe it would be 90%: 10% respectively.


    Thank you, harap maklum 🙂

  32. T-Beng says:

    With the 13th general election just weeks away, Pakatan Rakyat has already claimed a psychological political victory over Barisan Nasional.

    Penang DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow said the scare tactics employed by BN was an admission of Pakatan’s growing strength.

    He added that Pakatan needed to win at least 130-odd parliamentary seats to form a stable federal government.

    His said BN’s repeated attempts to instil fear of possible chaos if the people voted for change is a psychological boost to Pakatan.

    This terror tactic is actually a confession of BN’s own anxiety over Pakatan’s growing political strength, support and ability to take over the federal reins, he said.

    “BN leaders actually fear and acknowledge that Pakatan can capture the government although we ourselves are sceptical about it.

    “This has given Pakatan a psychological edge over BN,” said Chow, who is also a DAP central executive committee member, when launching the Jelutong parliamentary constituency election operation centre here today.

    Present were DAP Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi Chuan Aun and the constituency’s three assemblymen – Jagdeep Singh Deo (Datuk Keramat), Koid Teng Guan (Sungai Pinang) and Danny Law Heng Kiang (Batu Lanchang).

    Also in attendance were state DAP secretary and Komtar assemblyman Ng Wei Aik and PKR Jelutong division secretary Khairil Annuar.

    Chow, however, admitted that Pakatan’s goal of toppling BN was not easy given that BN is not a pushover but a formidable opponent.

    He said Pakatan comprising of DAP, PKR and PAS must increase its current parliamentary tally to between 40 and 50 seats in the polls.

    “If Pakatan can win at least some 130 seats, we can have a stable and comfortable government.

    “More seats won, the better it is,” said Chow, a state executive councillor, and also the Tanjung MP and Padang Kota assemblyman.

    However, he said Pakatan must work hard to retain all its current seats, while planning to capture BN-held constituencies.

    In Penang, he said Pakatan needed to win two BN-held federal seats, Tasek Gelugor and Kepala Batas, besides retaining all the 11 Pakatan-held seats.

    Chow said Pakatan’s campaign strategy was to win the minds and hearts of the people who are yearning for good governance.

    Unlike previous elections, he said promises to build hospitals, roads, schools and markets would not influence voters this time around.

    He said people have realised that such projects, although important, were the responsibility of any government of the day, adding that they now wanted a corrupt-free government that would be fair to all.

    “Human development, human rights and good governance mattered more now than development issues.

    • anon says:

      sure or not….

    • Anonymous says:

      This T-Beng is the same fellow masquerading as Calvin Sankaran, also using the name R-Truth, B-Balls, etc.

      Copying statements on claims of “a psychological political victory over Barisan Nasional” simply because Penang DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow said “the scare tactics employed by BN was an admission of Pakatan’s growing strength.”

      What warped thinking and demented mind to accuse BN of scare tactics without giving details and to say that they are “an admission of Pakatan’s growing strength.” The trademark DAP mentality.

      It’s the ultra kiasu characteristic of exploiting each and every situation like done by the DAP Chairman wildly claiming that “BN leaders actually fear and acknowledge that Pakatan can capture the government”, but what is clear is that part of his statement that says “we ourselves are sceptical about it.”

      Actually, it’s not scepticism. It’s their recognition that the hard yet plain reality of their 3 component parties often diametrically opposed to one another in political views and party stand on so many unresolved issues simply cannot get the confidence and the votes of the majority of the population.

  33. Mr Smiley says:

    Of all the Opposition political parties, the DAP which was founded and inspired by Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore whose policies have now seen to be wanting, does not deserve our votes especially the Malaysian Chinese. Why two Malay political parties prop-up the DAP, is a grave disadvantage to themselves ?

  34. m.ghandi says:

    All Malaysians including the PKR and the PAS should reject the DAP as a foreign entity. Its bulwark in Singapore Lee Kuan Yew ruled Singapore 1959 to 2013. During this period, Lee Kuan Yew built a cluster of hollow modern buildings but 40% of its indigenious Singaporean population disappeared and had to be replaced by rich Indiamen and Chinamen. That’s nearly 50% of the population. The PAP obviously did not have the true Singaporean at heart. In 2 generations, all indigenious Singaporeans would be working as servants to the rich newcomers !
    During the same period, 1959 to 2013, the BN as led by the UMNO and 14 component parties created the Malaysian middle income group in which each family is truly Malaysian and is a real or potential RM 1 Millionaire. This group has a population of approximately 7.5 Millions.
    Lee Kuan Yew has impeccable starred Double First in Law from Cambridge and probably a Third Class in the Bar Finals London. And yet, you can see the failure of his policies forcing the Singaporean into extinction. They could not think out of the box !
    The DAP leadership is only a tiny dot in Lee Kuan Yew’s intellect. All Malaysians take note that if Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore failed, what do you expect the DAP to do ? Only at least 10 times worse. Ask the DAP to go home to Singapore. We do not need them !

  35. Man from Mars says:

    Go home to Daddy, DAP – Daddy’s Action Party !

  36. Abdullah 37 says:

    What is the secret DAP plan for Pulau Pinang and the hinterland ? Exactly like Lee Kuan Yew’s failed state of Singapore. The natural Pearl of the Orient will be turned into a concrete Pearl in the name of growth and revenue. The escalation of property prices, the cost of living, the lack of jobs, etc will force the 99% Rakyat to live on the hinterland. Those poor Malaysians who remain, will work as servants for the foreigners augmented by the new rich Singaporean Indiamen and Chinamen. This will lead to more than 50% of the Pulau Pinang population to be foreign. And the newly founded Praetorian Guard of 5,000 will increase to a division of 25,000. In 1972, Singapore had 4,000 registered gangsters. Now, they check into Malaysia 9 am to 5 pm leaving Singapore crime free. Maybe the hinterland can serve the same purpose or maybe not ! Anything is possible from hereon. Please go home to Daddy, Daddy’s Action Party !

  37. Mr 2 Sens worth says:

    The icing in the cake for these Daddy’s Action Party fellas is the expectation of the 10 casino licences and on-line gambling licences to be issued and channeled through Pulau Pinang because of the need for revenue and demand. For example, there is the Penang Hill, a couple of islands, and land reclamation etc. Maybe that’s why tycoons are now like moths fluttering around the lamp. Acheh!

  38. Encik Abdullah says:

    Mr 2 Sens Worth. You do not need a rocket scientist from Singapore (India) to work this one out ! Stupid !

  39. Godfather says:

    One casino licence for you and two for me !

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