Revealed: The corporate cronies of DAP in Penang – Part 4

1Source: DAP Insider

Dato Loh Geok Beng @ Ooi Gan @ Loh Gan gets the Kampung Pala development project

Very little is known about this man who now goes by the name Dato’ Loh Geok Beng – this is because for more than 30 years, he went by the name of Ooi Gan @ Loh Gan. He is part of the notorious Penang triad gang known as the Pheh gang – same triad gang as Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping. For a long time, Ooi Gan @ Loh Gan was a fearsome gangster capable of terrible violence. He was involved in a murder case but there was insufficient evidence to charge him and so he was detained under the Emergency Ordinance and was banished under the Restricted Residents Act. After he completed the term of his banishment, he came back to his roots and gang base in Penang in 1988 and started life afresh as a small time contractor known as Wah Bee Construction Engineering. He also changed his name to a more respectable Loh Geok Beng and dropped the other two aliases associated with his dark and criminal past. Soon he managed to get a Datoship award grew his business and ventured into property development and construction and incorporated Wabina Construction & Engineering Sdn.Bhd. (See website: www.

He is also an Advisor to the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce together with his fellow triad gang leader Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping of the Pheh gang. He was also once the Deputy President of the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce as well as a member of the Penang Joint Chambers of Commerce. Dato’ Loh also sits on the board of Heng Ee High School as Chairman and also as a director in the Penang Han Chiang Associated Chinese School. In addition, he is also a member of the ACCCIM Construction & Property Committee, as well as a committee member of the Penang Master Builders & Building Materials Association.

He was instrumental in rallying support for the DAP during the campaigns in Penang in GE12 in 2008 and was involved in facilitating the organising of the DAP Ceramah in the Han Chiang School field in 2008 which later saw the DAP being swept into power as the new State Government of Penang with Lim Guan Eng as the new Chief Minister.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo goodwill was sowed and favours were owed by Guan Eng and Kit Siang to Loh Geok Beng and Tan Kok Ping, also on the Board of the Han Chiang School and these favours have to be repaid.

That is how Dato’ Loh Geok Beng became the beneficiary of the Kampung Pala land saga and scandal which has tainted DAP’s rule in Penang. Immediately after their March 8, 2008 election victory, on March 27, 2008, Lim Guan Eng issued a new land title document to the Kampung Pala land to the developer after accepting RM 2.24 million in special premium and consequently the developer appointed Loh’s company Wabina to be the main contractor for the project and the residents of Kampung Pala were forcibly evicted without adequate compensation.

Today this is the man with a criminal past and goes by the name of Dato’ Loh Geok Beng together with his equally dubious leader Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping are both very close to Lim Guan Eng in Penang. He has a direct line to the Chief Minister to the office and also to the handphone of Guan Eng. Together with Tan Kok Ping, they provided the initial funding for the Pasukan Peronda Sukarela (PPS) – roaming squad in Penang whose members are actually recruited from the triad gangs but now legitimized like licensed gangsters. No wonder one of the PPS Squad leader assaulted a journalist and was charged and fined in court. Initially, Guan Eng felt that that was punishment enough and retained the man for duty in the PPS but as public outcry grew and the media stood up against Guan Eng in loud protest, Guan Eng had no choice but to sack the guilty man from the PPS.

Who was responsible for the initial poor and mistaken decision by Guan Eng? It was none other than Loh Geok Beng who was trying to influence the Chief Minister to protect his own triad gang member who is now in the PPS.

This is a dangerous development because this man is bad news and Guan Eng should stay well away from such characters so that his reputation is not tainted by them. It is a matter of time before they influence Guan Eng to do some other stupid things and wrong decisions which may destroy the career of Guan Eng and even cause DAP’s its power in Penang.

There must be integrity and ethics with good moral values in Penang – only then can DAP rule forever. Again this is written as a warning for Guan Eng to stay away from such negative and dangerous people. The short term gains are simply not worth it.

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39 Responses to Revealed: The corporate cronies of DAP in Penang – Part 4

  1. Anonymous says:

    Aren’t there too many triads, thugs and gangsters getting Datoships and Tan Sriships around?

    How the hell did they get the titles? Threaten or force some people to recommend them, send bullets in envelopes to those who do the award or what?

    • ProBN says:

      Agree with you. Isn’t there any vetting to flush out unsavoury characters? Datuks are already a dime a dozen….nowadays, if you get Datukship, people wonder what you did to deserve the title.

    • 12344 says:

      My guess is the ones giving the award are ignorant of underworld matters.
      That and spending money to politicians. Politicians in turn influence the ones giving the award.
      These people are businessmen too, won’t be surprised if they play all sides.
      Any politician involved no matter who BN or Pakatan should be investigated.

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      Someone I know helped out a cancer society in their fund raising rice to raise funds for a new van. When everything was done, they were short of approx 20k. He decided to make up the difference seeing that everyone worked so hard for 2 month only to fall short. A year later, he got a letter informing him he was awarded a Datukship for “services rendered to society”. Apparently some Datuks on the society’s board saw what he did & forwarded his name with their recommendation to the governor.

      Fair enough but don’t the ruler or governor has a mechanism in place to vet those to be awarded? Too many Datuks are in the spotlight recently for alleged wrongdoing.

    • Anonymas says:

      I heard that they get their datuks from Achenese / Indonesian Kraton royalties. They’re technically Malay kings, but they don’t have power nowadays. But they still can award Datukships.

      • 12344 says:

        I heard about that, they’re paid datukships.
        Kraton Solo is notorious for doing this. You can get one for 20-30 thousand I think.
        Never thought about the foreign datuk angle.

        • Anonymas says:

          Yah, that’s the one. Kraton Solo…I remember reading an article written by a local journalist, he saw a lot of Malaysian businessmen in the datukship-giving ceremony. And yes, they paid 20k and up for a datuk

    • Anonymous says:

      Good write up. Just what I was wondering all these while. Where did the Chinese gangster triad go? They become smarter and buy into political parties like DAP I guess.

      So instead of business men controlling politics its the Chinese triad controlling politics in Malaysia.

      You can just see this by the illogical policies maintained by UMNO/MCA. Diesel subsidies. Only 10 % of vehicles in Malaysia are diesel. But diesel subsidy at 32 billion over 10 years is more than subsidy for petrol!!!!

      Where did all the diesel go? To the non transportation sector like construction of which this triad guy is involved. That is how Chinese construction become millionaires, they used subisdised diesel.

      You can just imagine some triad nudging MCA who nudge UMNO, help the poor fishermen gives 32 billion diesel subisdy lah.

      Another suspicious sector is human trafficking. Why must employers pay Chinese middle men to hire Indonesians maid? Why. Because these are triads and they scare Immigration/Home Ministry/ Human Resource into giving them big time money.

      Thanks for the illuminations.

      • Anonymous says:


        Those among us here who are in the know should respond to the diesel subsidies, where the diesel went etc.

        I certainly would like to have a clearer picture than that presented by Anon above.

      • The Real Rakyat says:

        anon 2:29,

        how did you get your figure of only 10% of vehicles in Malaysia are diesel?? if you are talking cars only then i will believe you but any vehicle used in trade is almost 99.9% diesel with the exception of small traders using those small trucks. any large vehicle used actually has lousy consumption in relation to cars. those prime movers are only doing 2km per litre of diesel only my friend! this kind of diesel smuggling you will see in the border towns south of thailand usually as thai trucks are all.diesel run.

  2. Mangkuk says:

    It seem some Chinese breeding old China gangsterism, thugs, pimping, protection money, etc. After Hong Kong under China where else the best fertile breeding bed for China or Hong Kong style gangster organisation if not Malaysia. Singapore is out of question.

    DAP is the top of iceberg of gangsterism underground network in Malaysia. If we allow them to power they’ll surface even more.

    Pasukan Peronda Sukarela (PPS) is kind of introduce public on their friendly gangsterism and to show they’re semi legal.

    When you living in wronged until you feel the wrong things are right. You try to feed people the right of ‘wronged’ that you living in. Dangerous

  3. bourne identity says:

    seems to me that Tokong Lim is turning Penang…or rather shall I call it Chinang…a revived bastion for the Hai San secret society that was first established in Penang around 1820 to 1825….
    and when there is a powerful bastion for these chinese secret societies…there will be no room for any other races.
    Penang is indeed a new fortress for powerful corrupted racists chinese….CHINANG.

  4. Servant of God says:

    Gangster lagi?

    Haiyaa, now I want to go holiday in Penang also takut laahh..

  5. Anonymas says:

    A gangster turned real estate man? What a classic Hollywood villain. How the blazes did he get a ‘Datuk’? By fathering 500 grandchildren?

    After winning the election, the land title was sold straight to this guy. It was the worst day to be a Kg Buah Pala resident, even after Anwar Ibrahim went there pre-election and promised them they’ll remain in their land. What a kick in the dick.

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      For making that promise, he should be castrated no?

      Anyways once bitten, twice shy. We now know that PR’s election promises are “not agreements”. Thankfully the courts think otherwise.

      • Anonymas says:

        I remember the post-election Kg Buah Pala re-visit by TV3. All of the residents interviewed blamed Anwar Ibrahim. “Dia cakap manyak tipu”

  6. m.ghandi says:

    Two points to note :-

    1. No wonder the Oppostion wanted the ISA abolished. It is still there in Singapore but not in Pulau Pinang anymore.

    2. The perfect ingredients are now in Pulau Pinang for very serious trouble.

  7. Datuk Aku punya Parti says:

    Why is this guy still even roaming freely in Malaysia? The Secret Society Bureu of the Police force shoukd arrest him already. Thats if the Pasukan Peronda allowed the police to do so. Oh yah I forgot, PKR supporters hates the Police Force but loves Gangsterism to thrive.

    • Anonymas says:

      Selangor nearly had a ‘secret police force’ like Penang too, but didn’t come through. Was objected by PDRM

      • Anonymous says:

        Why the hell did Penang Police allow it in Penang then. Anybody knows?

        • funniman says:

          Penang want to be seen as an independent autonomy state. This is the first step towards that direction. Long long after that we will soon have our own version “Little Tiger Bao Xi Lai” of Chongqing in China.
          But it won’t last very long as the Federal Government will one day purge this Tiger when it get enough evidence of corruption and misgivings. Just wait and be patient.

          • Anonymous says:

            But Police is a Federal matter. In the final analysis, the State Police takes orders from Bukit Aman.

            The State Police may think they can cope with the marauding PIS or whatever the name of bodyguard army which whacked one newsman photographer some weeks ago – this country has become like the Philippines.

            I hope the situation doesn’t worsen over time.

  8. Anonymas says:

    One question, who holds the tender for Seberang Jaya expressway? Before election ’08 they promised to do away with the expressway’s toll.

  9. anonymous says:

    Thanks STL

    That certainly clears the point why Penang is as what it is now

    UBAH di Penang

  10. anonymous says:


    Saw one lady in supermarket digging into stacks of green beans packets in the open freezer. Why ahh?
    Ohh she just wanted to take the bottomest packet.

    Same reason why people dig beneath and choose the newspaper at the 2nd or 3rd level down after paying.

    so kiasu nowadays

    save Malaysia

    • Funniman says:

      Things on the surface may not be as good a it looked. Why? The top packets are not so cold ma…the bottom ones are the deeply frozen.
      Same like Pakatan…all roses on the surfaces…but deep inside all rotten. When we choose Government, we choose those with deep fundamentals. Not just talk on surface only.

  11. linpehkong says:

    What – you people talking rubbish ah?
    Penang and DAP got gangster man?? Where got such thing.
    DAP only have good kindly Christians and Buddhist who do not value material goods.

  12. FourDee says:

    Once the PR is in power, new gambling casino licences will be issued for Pulau Pinang .The site will be Pulau Jerejak and other off-shore islands. World-wide on-line betting like squeaky clean Singapore’s world’s best football rigging and fixing will emanate from here and all sorts of on-line gambling activities. If squeaky clean Singapore can do it but caught by the Interp0l and put the world community in an up-roar, why not Pulau Pinang ? Who cares ? Who is interested in bricks and mortar ? A State must have revenue and revenue for development of infrastructure !

  13. Chariot of Fire says:

    The PR has ear-marked Pulau Pinang, Sabah and Sarawak for the 10 casino licences and all other on-line gaming will be through this conduit like squeaky clean Singapore’s world biggest football match fixing and rigging agency located in squeaky clean Singapore which was caught by the Interpol to the consternation of the World Community ! Hence, the tycoons now flicker like moths around a lamp ! Money makes money ! No money makes money !

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