Voting for the Future

FEATURE_Tommy02_TommyI refer to ‘Tommy Thomas: Felled by his flawed arguments‘ (Stop The Lies, 23 January 2013), which was in response to his article ‘Voting for the future’ (Malaysian Insider,  15 January 2013 ).

In his article Tommy Thomas made so many unfavourable comments about Malaysia. I cannot understand what he finds so objectionable in this country.

  • Tommy Thomas had once migrated to Canada.  But then he came back. Did he come back to an oppressive Malaysia?
  • When his father completed his Government service as a technical assistant, he retired as a wealthy person, thanks to his astute financial skills.  Would he have managed to do so if Malaysia had an oppressive government?
  • Tommy Thomas owns two Porsches.  Malaysia was indeed good for him.
  • All three of Tommy Thomas’s children study overseas. He must have a reasonably good income to be able to afford to do so. Malaysia can’t be all bad.
  • Tommy Thomas’s  mother was an assistant professor in University Malaya.  Her skills were given due recognition.
  • Tommy Thomas owns two thoroughbred horses.  That’s like being in the elitist league.
  • Tommy Thomas was convicted on a contempt of court charge in 2001, but his six-month jail term was reduced to a fine.  The judiciary has been kind to him.

With all of theses strikes, Tommy Thomas does not look like a man who has been deprived of much in Malaysia, if at all. All this happened during the regime of the present government which he calls corrupt.

Now he wants to vote for change. A change to his lifestyle?

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58 Responses to Voting for the Future

  1. Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

    He’s an UNGRATEFUL BASTARD period

    Anybody disagrees? Please state your case for disagreeing instead of spouting one line nonsense.

  2. linpehkong says:

    Agreed an ingrate — a dog that bites the master’s hand.
    People like that have no place in the country. If it were so bad why did he not just pick up his bags and leave again like he did before.
    But no that hypocritical running dog wants to come back to a country that has been bad for him. And now he wants to vote to make the country worse so that he can have even more fun.
    It is ironical that people like that can be given a voice and any form of recognition in a country he hates so much

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think all that the bloke did and said has been out of frustration at not getting what he wants. Whatever it may be. Or, already having wealth and comfort, maybe he doesn’t know what he wants. Or he is just the never-satisfied kind.

    The British philosopher Bertrand Russel spoke of the “insatiability of man’s desires.” But in a different context. Of mankind always wanting to improve themselves, think out new inventions and discover the unknown. But the Thomas bloke does not seem to know what he wants. Maybe what he discovered in Canada was shitty to him. Or maybe he is afflicted with a mental ailment with symptoms that include impulsiveness, restlessness and short attention span.

    His impulsiveness has taken him to abscond to Canada, his family uprooted. Then cabut from Canada, back to Malaysia, his family uprooted again. That, of course, is his bloody business. It becomes our business when he writes nuts against this country. So, we’ll have to whack him time again. Every time we see him do so. Thanks to STL for bringing the nonsense he writes into here. The Opposition blogs don’t print our counter-comments. But we sure can shit him here.

    • Anonymas says:

      The Opposition blogs don’t print our counter-comments because when their arguments are shattered by ours, they collectively shat bricks. Or like LGE, diarrhea by standing up. PLLBBBT

      • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

        which is why the trash from PR have been missing from this site for the past few days. after being repeatedly rebuked by us, they have gone into hiding to nurse their wounds.

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      If he thinks his race or religion led to his marginalization in Malaysia, he thinks the Canadians are gonna welcome him with open arms is it? The immigration dept should have been imposed strict terms & conditions before allowing him back in. He bailed on Malaysia once, so why should we accord him with the dignity accorded to a true Malaysian? In medieval times, a change of loyalty & allegiance were reasons enough for execution

      • Anonymous says:

        This country doesn’t allow dual citizenship. The moment there is evidence of anyone having that, or exercising voting right in a foreign country, he or she can be deprived of Malaysian citizenship.

        Wonder if this Thomas fler has been long enough in Canada to have acquired citizenship. If so, we can write to Immigration/ National Registration Department to institute citizenship revocation proceedings. They can begin by checking with the Canadian High Commission in KL which can write to the Canadian authorities in Canada.

        We cannot allow people making cheap the citizenship of this country. Enough of the Si Kitol and potential Fifth Columnists in our midst.

        How about we send our comments against him in this blog to his email or law office address? To let him know the views of “concerned citizens” on such disrespect to Malaysian citizenship shown by him? Maybe he’ll vamoose to Canada again. And permanently this time. What do you think, guys?

        • A says:

          Immigration can call for and check his passport, and his passport application records, to know how long he has been in Canada.

          But without “reasons to believe” that he has acquired Canadian citizenship, Immigration won’t act.

          A spy operation on Thomas to learn if he has Canadian citizenship, any one?

  4. Anonymas says:



    …one for fun, the other for work? Buy 1 free 1? Kalau rosak, ada spare?

    Fulamak, our govt is so oppressive. The govt should have given him THREE porsches.

  5. Mangkuk says:

    We can’t treat him fair. He once turn his back on Malaysia, a traitor. His arguments don’t carry any weight base on this. He ie enemy within.

    We suspects his honesty?

    What he wants? Be a sultan?

  6. Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

    Our tax rates makes a compelling reason for professionals to return after trying out their fortune elsewhere. Based on experience, UK charges a whopping 40% tax on those earning between STG250-499k annually. Factor in the VAT which ranges between 5-20% for most items, the effective tax rate can be as high as 50% or more.

    Australia on the otherhand charges those earning more than AU$180k annually a tax rate of between 30-43%. Again this is excluding their GST which was 10%. As such the effective tax rate in Australia can also hit as high as >50%.

    Consider Malaysia where the highest bracket pays 26% in one tax with no GST. On top of that, you can buy a Porsche if you can afford it, and assuming you pump in RON95 fuel, you still get a portion of your taxback via the fuel subsidy. In fact even the food you eat is partly subsidized as rice, flour, sugar etc falls under essential food subsidies. On top of that,if you are returning from a Commonwealth country (of which Canada is a member) you are not liable to double taxation. As such income of which taxes has been paid can be brought back into Malaysia without being taxed again.

    So that leads us to this question, if life is so bad in Malaysia, then why on earth doesn’t TT take his Porsche, spouse & their offsprings to a better spot in the planet, say Timbuktu? If life is bad here, it surely can’t get worse there can it?

    • Anonymous says:

      If he wants lower tax, he should ask for citizenship from Russia.

      Vladimir Putin recently personally handed over a Russian passport and citizenship to French film star Gerard Papardieu (sp) who wanted to run away from a whopping 70% tax the French gomen is proposing in France. In Russia only 30%.

      Putin wanted to rub it on the French gomen for supporting the NATO anti-ICBMs “defence shield” placed against Russia in the borders of Europe. But because Malaysia is friendly with Russia, maybe Thomas can get a fart from Putin if he applies for citizenship there.

      • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

        this Thomas fella will not seek Russian citizenship. he knows that Putin will not tolerate flies like him. Putin will put people like this Thomas straight to the gulag in Siberia the moment he knows people like this Thomas are plotting against him.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        Malaysia’s tax rate on highest income earners is 26%. Putin charges 30%. Try criticizing the Russian government the way he is criticizing the Malaysian one now. He’d be thrown in jail, sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor. So much for greener pastures.

    • Jun says:

      Really good points there Fake Calvin

      Things are good in Malaysia

      Even the hospitals are close to free, and anybody can go to govt hospitals or klinik (even the loaded ones)
      Likewise, schools are free and varsity are close to free(if students are serious about studying/score well). Transportation (LRT/komuter/fuel) are subsidised cheap since as long as anybody can remember.

      Thats the problem, when life is so good and close to free, people may take things for granted and poh pohh this and that, all for some empty no substance hate politickings.

      We need to be grateful.
      Teach this to our children as well, as they will take care of us and the next generation


      Choose wisely.

    • tiggerkayu says:

      F F C

      Why didn’t you quote the corporate and top personal tax rates in Singapore, eh?

      It’s par for the course for these wannabes to compare Malaysia with those countries lower down the totem pole but never, ever with those counties that rank higher than it in any international ranking that you care to name.

      That’s spurious, to say the least, and devoid of commonsense.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        I wrote based on experience, if you care to read what I wrote carefully.

        I’ve not been taxed in Singapore before, so writing about it would be “spurious” as you put it no? While we’re at it in comparing, why not compare the mean property prices psf in the island republic as opposed to Malaysia? Also, you seem to forget that Singapore imposes GST as a taxation vehicle to increase revenue collection based on one’s consumption.

        And while you’re at it, why not question how discriminatory & cruel the nation has been to the subject of the article above? Surely if I could afford Porsches & thoroughbreds in my stables I should be more thankful for the blessings received no? More so when the subject concerned seems to be doing business with the very ones he’s spouting all vitriolic abuse on.

        • Anonymous says:

          These fellows don’t read carefully. Typical pakatan flers who just come in and say what they like.

          This kayu fler wants to promote Singapore. He should be blogging in Singapore blogs. But afraid he’d be marked by the Singapore Government which has placed Big Brother on the wall listening and watching what they do even in their bedroom.

          So he comes into Malaysian blogs. It’s OK as he provides fodder for us to whack.

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            It’s their SOP. Whack when they can but when confronted with a whack back they go scampering off like a dog with a tail between the legs.

            Since UK & Oz is “lower down the totem pole” I find it laughable that a lot of PR leaders & supporters send their kids to these two countries for further studies. Lets not forget how these two countries are also favoured holiday destinations. Shall we also mention how many are “die hard” fans of English football teams. And it would be a remiss of me how the Supreme Leader of PR approached Aussie MPs to lobby their support to pressure the Malaysian government to conduct free & fair elections that was so corrupted that they won some 80+ parliamentary seats & 5 states last time out?

  7. Danny Lau says:

    Dog… Anjing makan taik…ufff…uuufffff….uuuufffffff…..

  8. Mangkuk says:

    Tommy Thomas. Any people elsewhere in the world voting for their past? It’s comment senses that we vote for our future. Otherwise what election is for?

    Still struggling with comment sense and yet have a guts to preach for the masses.

    Settle your self internal conflict first before do anything to others.

  9. Anon says:

    Two Porsches!!! OH MY GOD! can somebody run him down with a truck and shut him up. This guy is TOO MUCH! what is he complaining? I need affordable housing and he got two Porsches.

    That is the kind of people in Bar Council. Children wanna go for rally, OK. People wanna march in street OK. Carpet seller say weird things OK. Overthrow the government OK OK OK OK!!!

    All OK as long as I can drive my Porsches on the highway built by the government that I wanna overthrow. Sickos!

  10. Anon says:

    I heard that one of his big clients is actually the government. He represents government agencies on a number of cases. This luxury car loving dog eats from both hands.

  11. Lisa says:

    He has had his fill of being rich thus he wants to change, so he can be poor

  12. IT.Sheiss says:

    Canadian professional bodies (non-governmental) have rather stringent requirements of foreign qualified professionals to obtain accreditation to practice on par with their Canada qualified counterparts. This is so in fields of engineering, medicine, etc and I believe law as well.

    I can’t find Tommy’s original article on The Malaysian Insider.

    However, I would agree that race-based politics is archaic, though both sides of the political divide in Malaysia are into it and into religion-based politics too big time.

    If politicians in Canada tried the kind of race and religious politics we have in Malaysia now, they would most probably end up behind bars.

    Still, despite laws keeping the lid on race politics, it exists under the surface in Canada, the U.S. and many Western European liberal democracies, and racial tensions have been growing there too, as can be seen in the rise in votes of far right, anti-immigrant parties, such as Marine Le Pen’s Front Nationale in France.

    In the U.K. the far right British National Party not only wants to stop immigration but also to repatriate all non-white immigrants, including those born there, while the more moderate UK Independence Party wants to pull the U.K. out of the EU, have a moratorium in immigration, after which it will allow tightly regulated immigration based upon a merit-based points system. On teh far left, the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) also opposes mass immigration on the grounds that it a capitalist ploy to undermine the wages of British workers and their collective bargaining power. Also, that mass immigration deprives many of the former colonies of skilled labour which could help them develop.

    As for media freedom, well let any newspaper in Canada publish an article expressing any doubt that 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust and see what happens to the publication, its editor and author. In “free” countries such as Germany, it’s a jail term.

    Still, people in these countries still discuss such issues between themselves quietly and on the Internet, while racial discrimination in employment, etc. still exists.

    Malaysian politics right now is a battle between different bourgeois and petty-bourgeois factions battling for control, much like office politics in a large corporation and this happens between political parties and within political parties.

    We the rakyat don’t benefit from it.

  13. linpehkong says:

    Yes, find his company site and email address and each of us can send him a letter telling this stray dog to go anywhere he wants except the country he thinks is so very bad.
    Strays are not welcomed to our country where they feed and shelter well — and then bite the hands that feeds him.
    Find out which government agency uses his company and make sure they take his company name card and burn it.

  14. blackholeofCalcutta says:

    What is his real name ?

  15. bourne identity says:

    Ini would be mat salleh Thomas betul2 buat darah saya naik.
    2 porshes vs my proton saga generasi 1
    His children sent overseas vs my 2 sons and 2 daughter in local uni
    He must have many property vs my cheap 3 rooms flat near Puchong.
    He has horses while I have 2 cats and aquarium with fish
    His father did very well vs my father fought with the resistance against the japanese in WW2. My father died @ 83 yrs old
    My mother died @ 79 years old and spent her life jual kuih and also make preparations for malay wedding such as the tapak sireh etc etc
    Thomas fought with words in courts while charging enormous sums of money to his clients while people like me fought in the dark shadowy, hot, humid and hostile jungles but it was a FREE service for every Malaysian!!!!
    So why the hell is this pukimak mat salleh celup is complaining????

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      If this country is oppressive & cruel, what’s keeping him here?

    • Anon says:

      Bourne Identity, that is why u are supporting BN and he supporting PR. he can pack his bags and go if he don’t like what happen after PR winning the election. Drive off in his Porsche.

    • Calvin Sankaran says:

      Just admit you are hopeless and useless. You are a disgrace to all the ex servicemen. Your waste is flowing out thru your mouth rather than your arse.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        AND YOU ARE A FUCKING DISGRACE TO YOUR FAMILY NAME, WHATEVER THAT IS & THE MOTHER THAN BORE YOU IN HER WOMB FOR 9 MONTHS!!!! Or were you prematurely born causing brain damage???!!!!

        • Calvin Sankaran says:

          Oh boy, there goes you Dumno idiots, Ibrahim pendek ali’s comrades.
          Stupid, lazy and useless. But certainly good at cursing and vulgar.
          Poor guys.
          But then again, it’s easy to make some pocket monies these days. Just set up some stupid 1Malaysia NGos and get funding from Dumno.
          May be, barisan bangsat 1 Malaysia?
          Alternatively, join sharifah jebon.

          • Anonymous says:

            There he goes, calling Malays lazy – UMNO is Malays. Same like he does in other blogs, using all sorts of other names.

            He should be impaled on the public square, via the anus, by Anwar.

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            I find it rich coming from you condemning others about the industrial language used against you. One only has to scour your comments on other articles to see how liberally you dose them with such language.

            On another note, your parents, who I’m sure are not Mr & Mrs Sankaran would be aghast at the rubbish you spout at others, regardless their political affiliation, race or faith professed. I’m certain they did not bring you up to be an uncouth & disrespectful prick that you are. Then again, perhaps you’re an orphan that was dumped by your biological parents thus depriving you of love & affection during those vital growing up years causing you to be an attention seeker that you are. If that’s the case, my bad.

            Also, considering that a lot of the commentors here argue their cases passionately but with a lot of logic & reason thrown in, your incendiary one liners appears out of place. Now we could blame it on a failed education system, which I’m sure you would given a choice, but I’m certain most if not all of us are taught with the very system you criticize. That leads me to conclude that you are an end to two possible scenarios;

            1) You were too thick in the head so much so that the most formidable of educators are unable to penetrate that thick skull of yours


            2) You thought too highly of yourself & too lowly of others that you end up with a mental deficiency where you consider yourself all right & all knowing when in reality, you’re just, let’s try to be politically correct here, intellectually challenged by choice.

            Moving forward, do you pay taxes or otherwise? You chastised a contributor for his comment by asking him the same. As such I would like to throw the question back at you. If you are not a taxpayer, then you should shut up by your own deliberations. If you are a taxpayer, then your voice is still limited by the amount of tax you pay, again by your logic. Unless you pay tax at the highest bracket like I do, it would make sense for you then to keep your gob firmly zipped shut no?

            Next up, based on your fondness of describing others anatomy, I came to the conclusion that you’re either a doer or a fantasizer. Let me explain. Your detailed description & in-depth knowledge of the intimate relations of men-on-men masks your practical experience in the subject OR your as yet unrevealed fascination/inclination towards the same. Your knowledge of the going ons in the back alleys of Chow Kit where transvestites do their thing betrays your sexual inclination as well as a possible fetishism which you may or may not readily acknowledge.

            So all in all, we can conclude that you’re not only uncouth & disrespectful towards other but you are deprived of parental & family love with an intellectual block coupled with a narcissistic tendency and possibly sexual repressed with homosexual tendencies.

          • Anonymous says:

            Bloody well said, FFC.

      • mfk says:

        Typical pakatoon comment. No substance. Only insult.

      • bourne identity says:

        disgrace…disgracelah as you say…but at least almost 30 million malaysians are enjoying peace now because of disgraceful people like me who, like every servicemen and women including the supporting government agencies, do not complain – we just do our job quietly until communist, trouble and anarchy loving idiots you are rid off this much loved country.
        Weak & small dickheads love complaining about the country and just about everything and anything – if they ever have or had a dick!

        • Jun says:

          A salute to you, sir

          Just ignore the small politicians and troopers who copy cats other people names, who are only for themselves, selfishly

        • Calvin Sankaran says:

          So wtf are were complaining just now at 8.35pm, si pukimak bourne identity?
          What a waste of tax payers’ money when all you learn thru out the years being a civil serviceman is calling others pukimak! Stop insulting and disgracing your mother and all other women, including your wife(s) and daughter(s).

        • Calvin Sankaran says:

          By the way, where is your next butt dancing performance destination together with your other ex servicemen?
          I can get some Negro men to give you multiple dose if you need since you like to perform butt dancing in public. Bill on me, don’t worry.

          • Anonymous says:

            Now at nearly 3 am, he cannot sleep, his head always full of dirty thoughts, angry with society, always feel misplaced, no friends to go out with, self-isolating Chinese school product, cannot join the communists in the jungles coz they are already ensconced in the Betong salient, south Thailand, so he terrorizes in blogs like here.

            Sheer waste, time and energy spent in the wrong direction.

          • realSubangite says:

            Quote from yourself Mr/Mrs. Imposter Calvin Sankaran.

            “Stupid, lazy and useless. But certainly good at cursing and vulgar”.

            I pity you. You really sound like a buta tuli racist chink who lives nearby to Subang. Hmmmm…

          • anon says:

            Does si Calvin tipu tu ada superiority complex?


          • bourne identity says:

            sounds like youve already tried negros giving you multiple does if youre recommending me yourself… ha ha ha….

          • bourne identity says:

            apa macam… tell lah to everyone what the negros did to you? berapa dose? must be multiple dose since you yourself wrote multiple dose? how many boyfriend negros you had?
            Cakaplah..everyone here is waiting to hear….
            and do you also know who your mother was too?
            Your dad mustve been one of the negros…and were you created belakang or depan too?
            Cakap lah… 🙂
            and jangan marahlah….

  16. Sundramoorthy s/o Thomas says:

    All read http// on Thomas Thomas.

  17. legoland says:

    Punggol East Singapore rejects the PAP by a winning margin of 55%. All Malaysians unite and vote BN as led by the UMNO and 14 component parties against the PAP Singapore reject DAP !

    • tiggerkayu says:

      Sorry, lah….. Najib described Singapore as the “Manhattan” of the region.

      See quotes from Fareed Zakaria’s interview with the PM at the WEF meeting in Davos.

      • Anonymous says:

        If so, it matters little.

        But you should vamoose to Singapore – if you haven’t already done so.

        But don’t come back to Malaysia like that Thomas fler in the previous blog post. Where you gonna put your face if you do. But of course blokes like you often have no face.

    • anon says:

      yes vote for BN
      vote for progress, peace and stability

      everybody knows what the oppo is capable of, can do
      or maybe in other words have not do

  18. bourne identity says:

    Can someone please inform Tommy Thomas there’s a job waiting for him – in Zimbabwe….their finance minister announced that the government had only about 138 british pounds in the bank after paying government staff’s salary and only a last minute injection of 30 million pounds rescued the government.
    Bet you dictator Mugabe would LOVE to embrace this would be matsalleh two legged botol kicap if he offered his ” expertise ” to the Zimbabwe government…

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