Poser for PKR over case of Azrul Azwar

Will PKR and its leader take a stand regarding investigations by Bank Islam and the police into the conduct of the bank's former Chief Economist? (Graphic by Dayang Norazhar/The Mole)

Will PKR and its leader take a stand regarding investigations by Bank Islam and the police into the conduct of the bank’s former Chief Economist? (Graphic by Dayang Norazhar/The Mole)

Source: The Mole

Bloggers have highlighted a second police report lodged by Bank Islam against its former Chief Economist Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajudin, and have suggested the case leaves Parti Keadilan Rakyat with a difficult choice to make.

Datuk Ahirudin Attan, aka Rocky, highlighted a report that a second police report had been lodged against Azrul Azwar by Bank Islam over alleged breaches of internal bank policies that could amount to crime.

Rocky said Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s silence on the matter may be due to indecision over whether or not to come out in support of Azrul Azwar. Rocky wrote:

After the initial din, I wonder why Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is keeping mum on Bank Islam chief economist Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajudin’s case. Cutting losses? I can understand that. PKR lawyers, meanwhile, are at odds on how to go about this case, I hear. A case involving the compromise of banking secrecy is always tricky, more so when you already have a history, in PKR’s case the charges against PKR chief strategist Rafizi Ramli. Wawa maintains that he is innocent. But of course.

Blogger Big Dog also mentioned the Rafizi Ramli case, along with several other cases he said were examples of the opposition’s “politics of hatred”. Big Dog wrote:

It is baffling that persons of such attitude and psychological state are being employed by banks. For an employee who has been appearing actively in a certain political party’s dos which are clearly practicing ‘Politics of Hatred’…(that) the bank failed to monitor his activities is rather alarming.  Leaders of PKR are known to lie and manipulate facts in the objective to confuse the public in the ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy.

Clear examples are ‘Rosmah Mansor is behind the murder of Altantuya’, ‘Rosmah Mansor’s RM24 million ring’ and  ’The Scorpene Submarine Trial in France’. In the case of “National Feedlot Corporation’, PKR Director of Strategy Rafizi Ramli is being charged under Section 97 of BAFIA for making public account details without consent.

Big Dog said it would be in PKR’s best interest to allow the investigation into what Azrul did play out, because this case and similar ones involving financial institutions are bad for the country. He wrote:

Azrul Awar should just focus to facilitate the investigation, which should be made by the Police’s Commercial Crime Department. PKR should be more concerned about employees of banks and financial institutions contravening specific laws such as BAFIA and eroding public confidence in the secrecy within the banking system. This would eventually affect any FDIs and Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak in making Malaysia a financial hub. This is the real ‘Economic Sabotage’.

Meanwhile, Azrul Azwar was quoted by The Edge as saying he believed his former employer’s police reports amounted to intimidation.

He was quoted as saying in an email: “I cannot see why this matter is now being turned into a police case. This heavy-handedness is nothing but an intimidation and harassment tactic against me.

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41 Responses to Poser for PKR over case of Azrul Azwar

  1. Equalizer says:

    Big money buy big information to be used for big sabotage and manipulation.

    Who got money and are willing to spend for certain ulterior motive?

    If I got a lot of foreign funds and I want Putrajaya so very BADLY and SICKLY, I would definitely used it to buy informations to be used for sabotage and manipulations.
    As for the welfare of the people, they can go to hell where EVIL POWER is concerned.

    I’ll will surely want to penetrate as many Govt. depts as possible. Buy and send my people in there to sabotage and manipulate to my advantage.. …BUT..

    I AM NOT A SICKO !!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not sure that the pondan or jambu (MCKK lingo) Wawa (even the nickname is feminine) bloke is thinking only of PR and Putrajaya. I suspect that he is thinking more of the fellow who provides him with the backside pleasure and ecstasy when Anwar Al Juburi (pangkat Mat Sabu beri) di belakang dia berdiri.

      Psssst, where’s that impostor Calvin – he’d comment on my mention of Al Juburi, though on other points he might not know how to comment or simply gets angry. (Got that one to rhyme too, didn’t I?)

      But good, good, good, there was a second Police Report against the erring and now criminal-like bugger. I do wish that the charges on these blokes including Rafizi (who also looks like a jambu and also ex-MCKK) stick and they thrown to jail at about the same time. I don’t care if they do one unto the other when in prison – in the library or in the jail cell. So long as they learn to dissent by not breaking the laws. Which their tukang paku (pardon the term but it can be interpreted variously, too) does not seem to have, and still break laws as shown by the Bersih 3.0 charges on him, etc.

      • Anonymas says:

        dude have you seen that picture where Anwar was giving Rafizi a ring as a prize for being a model student in MCKK? Rafizi was form 5 I think, and Anwar was giving him the prize as behalf of the Old Boys. Come to think of it, usually prize for model students are fountain pens or watches. But rings? Is he….proposing to him?

        And yes, the MCKK connection is implied between Anwar, Rafizi and Wawa. All of them are Old Boys. Rafizi was like Wawa too, but in Petronas instead of Bank Islam.

        • A says:

          Crazy these guys. Esplly Anwar. He’s the elder Bapok.

          I’m also MCOBA member and that’s one of the reasons I have not been attending MCOBA functions.

          These fellas have made MCOBA malu. Goodness, this is not San Francisco, lah. Blardy faals them.

      • linpehkong says:

        Some people do not mind going to jail. In there he can always be somebody’s bitch. He has been a bitch to the butt man. probably likes it.

      • Haji Ismail says:

        9:50 PM,

        Pakcik Al Juburi,

        Amat bodoh kamu mengata ” I suspect that he is thinking more of the fellow who provides him with the backside pleasure and ecstasy”
        Inikah contoh cara pemikiran yang kau nak tunjuk kepada golongan muda sekarang?

        Kau yang tak faham hal sebenar janganlah megarut dan memfitnah. padah akibat memfitnah sesama umat.

        • Anon says:

          1. Kau pakai nama Haji Ismail tapi gunakan perkataan Al Juburi

          2. Pastu ku cakap “nak tunjuk kepada golongan muda ” pulak. Kau biul ke?

          3. Kau alamatkan komen kpd 9:50 PM. Aku cari takda siapa komen 9:50 PM. Kau biul ke?

          4. Pastu kau alamatkan kpd Pakcik Al Juburi, Siapa dia tu? Kau biul ke?

          5. Pastu kau ngata orang “tak faham hal sebenar”. Tapi kau tak sebut apa dia hal sebenar tu. Kau biul ke?

          • Kelepuk says:

            Ha ha bagus bagus. Orang PR ni otak dorang tak jelas mana tak di kaburi kesedapan henjutan belakang.

        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          Pak Haji,

          Beri gelaran al Juburi tu digalakkan ke dalam Islam? Jangankan Islam, rasanya semua agama pun tak galakkan pengikut gunakan bahasa macam tu. Dah lah pakcik ni dah bergelar Haji. Inikah contoh cara pemikiran yang pakcik nak tunjuk pads golongan muda sekarang?

          Kalau kami tak faham hal sebenar, pakcik patut beri penerangan untuk menyedarkan kami yang jahil ni kan? Tapi sebaliknya pakcik marah marah je. Oh ye, saya ni bukan beragama Islam, sebaliknya seorang Kristian. Kira saya ni kafir la kan? Forman menfitnah orang kafir tak jadi masalah ke?

  2. Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

    Always denying, always the victim. There must be basis otherwise info such as the date, time & email subject heading would not have been handed to the police for investigation. It just goes on to show that nothing is sacred in the eyes of PR. Confidential info is fair game in the name of political expediency. At this rate, the data protection act, BAFIA, OSA etc would amount to nothing pretty soon. The proverbial cherry on the cake is that all this violations comes from parties that imposes gag orders on its’ members.

  3. Mangkuk says:

    1. Anuwar keep mum because he got slow mind. His is two process to conclusion. First get the truth then second how to lie about it. The things that always bring him trouble is he is lazy to do a homework or work extra hard to find a truth.

    2. Wawa Belakang Mati need mental check. What is political party popularity statistic got to do with Bank Economy analysis? Why waste bank time, resources and tools at his hand on something that can’t improve bank performance? Unless PR is a thread to Bank Islam. May be Wawa darling has an impossible mad ambition just like Anuwar in turning Bank Islam to Bank Krisitan?

    • Kong Kek Kuat says:

      This Wawa is an economist or political analyst? I believe Bank Islam employed him as an economist not a political analyst.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Azrul Azwar was quoted by The Edge as saying he believed his former employer’s police reports amounted to intimidation.”

    What intimidation can that be? If is it’s deemed offensive to the laws, Police Reports are made by anybody. Let alone a responsible organization like a bank. It’s eroding public confidence in the banking system, man.

    Is he stupid, that Azrul Azwar?

    Why the hell was he recruited into Bank Islam in the first place? Done during Anwar’s time as Finance Minister?

    • Anonymas says:

      So this means any criminal who wants to get away from his crimes that are being reported can merely object by saying “The victim is intimidating me!”

      That’s bullcrap.

    • ProBN says:

      As a member of the bank’s senior management team, Wawa (what a name for a guy!) should know that what he did is criminal especially since some of the documents pertain to the bank’s corporate exercises. He’s making a fool of himself by claiming the bank is intimidating him….even a lower level employee would know why the bank made a police report. If he is proven guilty, he can kiss goodbye to a career in any organization….he has to work for Butt Man!

  5. Anonymas says:

    ….and then Rafizi would come out of the bushes, advocating “PROTECTION FOR WHISTLEBLOWERS!” But what he’s trying to change is an international policy for banking which involves trust and integrity. People won’t feel safe or secure if there’s a mole in the bank you’re putting money in. Who knows that who will get your info, and who knows if their intentions are good?

    But if you are a whistleblower in the PR camp, yo ass gon get sued!

  6. Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

    with a name like wawa, there’s no need for us to take him too seriously. wawa ? more like what ? what ?

  7. linpehkong says:

    We all know it is the butt man’s grasping at straws.
    He knows that his chances are waning and if he does not do any and everything to create chaos (and he will rise like a phoenix from the ashes) in another 60 days or so he will be banished to land yonder never to be heard from again.
    If and when BN wins big in GE13 — he will without doubt still attempt to create chaos by organizing demonstration and claim that BN cheated

    • A says:

      I sometimes wish something drastic be done. But not discussable here.

      (Damn, the spelling prompter keeps coming out. Maybe because my machine is tuned to American spelling).

  8. Orang Melayu says:

    Never compromise on those who breach confidential information that can sabotage our country. My salute to the BN government. At least they never leaks Pakatan leader financial infos.

  9. Lim Guan Eng says:

    Hahahahaha…….. Itu Amat Bontot sudah manyak takut. Manyak ploblem sudah mali. Lepas GE13, kita kasi tandang sama itu bontot kasi masuk longkang. Itu bodoh PAS punya lombu pon semua kita kasi sapu keluar Pakatan. Kita DAP yadi Laja… hahahahahahahahaha. bolo punya malayu. Semua konek lembek

  10. Lim Guan Eng says:

    Hoi… Siapa cilaka sudah pakai nama gua? Penang tak boley, nama gua lagi tak boley

  11. Jun says:

    Can Malaysia name can be copy righted?

    People are using this name for their use ie Malaysia kuno.

  12. Bro KL says:

    Wawa = anWAR ibrahim + azrul azWAR , cute kan? kan?

  13. nija says:

    Imagine a full male boarding school and someone allow himself to be called “wawa”? Euwwwwwww

    • Anonymas says:

      Konfem mamat tu ‘jambu’ senior ye dak? Muka pun jambu, malam-malam abang senior panggil masuk bilik…

      Weekend? outing bersama-sama, abang angkat belanja

  14. Mangkuk says:

    Wawa actually his bed name. Now his like walking around wearing pajama. Auw!

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      Wawa! Mari sini Wawa… Abang Anwar dah tak tahan dah tengok bontot you yang gebu tu. Abang nak ramas ramas dulu sebelum rodok bontot tu lah Wawa. Meh lah sini, jangan lupa KY jelly ye? Nanti jalan terkangkang pulak engkau lepas aku ratah & rodok kalau tak pakai jelly tu.

      • Kelepuk says:

        Ha ha. Gay network Malaysia hub di MCOBA.

        • Servant of God says:

          The sad part is that even the Old Boys who had nothing to do with it have to acknowledge that these things did happen.

          • Anonymous says:

            Sadder still that the old boys drag it on until being old men! They make it into a way of life.

            Being gay is one thing – only one way. But the old man fler does is two ways. Maybe three? Four? Azman Ali toilet style? Rosak, rosak.

      • Anonymous says:

        Abang Anwar ada pakai kondom ? kalau tidak nanti adik wawa kata kalau tak guna kondom, tak selamat.

  15. funniman says:

    There are things you can do and there are things that you cannot breach in politics.
    This Wawa crossed the line. It is not about BN or PKR any more. It is about credibility of a person. It is about leaking secrets of our national financial strategies. It is beyond the gains and justification of what he is doing. It is a matter of national security.

    HANG HIM!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      At least put him behind bars for 28 days without trial – that’s allowed under the new laws replacing ISA, called The Security Offences (Special Measures) Law 2012.

      That’d be enough time to gather all the evidence to charge him in court and put him in prison.

  16. The Real Rakyat says:

    Wawa….wow what a name indeed!!……I know someone named wawa but that was a girl……but he does have the feminine look though…..after all with that brown flowing locks….and shapely womanly figure…is it any wonder why Al-Juburi wants him??…..probably would go willingly every time he calls…….


    • Kelepuk says:

      Ha Ha ha. Kemut keliling. Geng stor kunyit.

      Betul lah perumpamaan Melayu : Ayam berkokok ekor bergelumang tahi.

      Macam orang Melayu tau orang macam Anuwar ni akan tiba dan membawa kuncu kuncu bergelumang tahi sekali.

      Itulah Anuwar dan jaringan gay yang berpusat di Kuala Kangsor

      Kira kalau MCOBA meeting tu macam meeting Gay Politburo la hehehehe

  17. Gabriel Al Iman says:

    Wa wa ni anak orang MCOBA juga ke?

  18. bourne identity says:

    why is this jambu fingering? Is he trying to explain who fingered who?
    Anwar al juburi..if youre reading this, own up lah….did Wawa fingered you or was it the otehr way around which is your modus operandi…

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