Tommy Thomas, Felled by His Flawed Arguments

Tommy Thomas-whitebgAfter reading Tommy Thomas’s ‘Voting for the Future’ in Malaysian Insider, I am tempted to say to him: Go back to Canada.

Born in Malaysia of immigrant parents, Tommy Thomas set up legal practice in Kuala Lumpur in the 1970s.  Malaysia was good for him until the 1980s when he uprooted himself, his family and his extended family and migrated to Canada, looking for greener pastures.

Alas, he found that Canada was not the land of milk and honey that he thought it was. Life was tough there.  Not long afterwards, Tommy Thomas packed his suitcase again, and returned to Malaysia where he resumed his legal practice.

So, Malaysia was good for him before he left for Canada and Malaysia was still good for him and that’s why he returned. But now he wants to change what was good, for what is at best, uncertain.

And, if things go wrong, he may run to Canada again.  After all he did it once.  He can do it again.

But I shall control my impulses to ask him to take flight, and instead take a closer look at what he has been saying in his article published on 15 Jan 2013.

In his opening salvo, he says the next GE is the people’s chance to vote out the Barisan Nasional government that has been in power for 55 years. Thomas makes the assumption that a change in government is imperative for democracy to flourish. There is absolutely no basis for such a view.

Thomas then speaks at length about Umno’s dominance of BN since the 1970s.  There is nothing strange about this because Umno simply had more MPs than any of its partners in BN. Is he implying that there is equal power-sharing in the opposition? Where is the equal power-sharing in the PR-controlled states? Penang is DAP-controlled, Kedah is Pas-controlled, Selangor is PRK-controlled.

Thomas then goes on to make the mind-boggling and ridiculous claim that the Iranian revolution of 1979 was inspired by events in Malaysia.

Thomas continues “Perhaps the most unacceptable consequence of a lengthy rule by Umno is its control over all the nation’s public institutions, like the media, the universities, the civil service and the police.

Here Thomas displays his woeful ignorance of governance issues and of the role of government.  If the government does not exercise fiduciary duty over public institutions, public universities, the civil service and the police, then whose duty is it? Notice here that Thomas also mentions the media.  How little he understands the workings of free enterprise in a free society.

Thomas contends that ethnic-based politics has outlived its use, but has it really? Look at the loose coalition that is now waiting in the wings.  Pas is nearly 100 per cent Malay-based, DAP is nearly 100 per cent Chinese based, and PKR is, well, mostly Malay-based with a sprinkling of Indians and even fewer Chinese.

Thomas reserves his most vile accusations on matters that Malaysian courts have already dealt with. Is he suggesting that the judicial system in which he has a lucrative practice, is tarnished?

On Malaysia’s unprecedented economic growth, Thomas compares Malaysia unfavourably with South Korea.  Well, Malaysia and South Korea share few similarities and fewer common challenges. South Korea has a homogenous society. They are also largely of one religious persuasion. In such an environment, there are far fewer challenges there than in a multi-racial, mutl-religious, multi-cultural nation like ours. Why doesnt Thomas compare Malaysia with North Korea instead?

Or with Canada? The following data might explain why comparison was not made with Canada.

  • Consumer Prices in Malaysia are 43.90% lower than in Canada
  • Consumer Prices Including Rent in Malaysia are 47.93% lower than in Canada
  • Rent Prices in Malaysia are 59.08% lower than in Canada
  • Restaurant Prices in Malaysia are 66.84% lower than in Canada
  • Groceries Prices in Malaysia are 48.27% lower than in Canada
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154 Responses to Tommy Thomas, Felled by His Flawed Arguments

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hesitated to write the following, but after reading the Calvin Sankaran imposter’s racist comment against the Malays in the earlier post, and one other by a so-called Alfred in there, too, decided to risk it and write it all the same –

    There’s the Malay saying, “Jumpa ular dengan ……..”. I won’t complete the saying, though – out of respect for the sensitivities of other participants in this blog. But I do want to drive home the point that we sensible people do hesitate, and even couch in innuendos and veiled language, our expression of unusual thoughts we might have, even when we find it fitting to do so.

    And hope that blokes like the Calvin Sankaran imposter would do the same every time he wants to show his displeasure against other races.

    I certainly agree with the post article. Many of those who have absconded the country regret their action and feel a longing to be living in Malaysia again, but do not return because of having uprooted their families, disposed whatever physical links they had with this country. They end up writing vengeful comments against this country from Australia, New Zealand etc. Some have openly admitted to being ex-Malaysians now migrated elsewhere. We don’t lose anything with them vamoosed.

    • AnonKL says:

      Lee Kuan Yee branded Singaporeans who migrated elsewhere as ‘QUITTERS’.

      • The Real Rakyat says:


        We also have those here…..called….Firsters…..but yet surprisngly they have yet to leave??….I vote to ask Haris Ibrahim to start the migration first followed by the rest of the PR fellas

        • Anonymous says:

          nah they are first in everything. that’s why they say they will change the government. they hope they will make history by being the first generation of “Malaysians” to change the government since independence.

        • Anon says:

          I vote ask Calvin Sankaran imitater to migrate first.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wonder how many “quitters” migrated from Singapore. Wasn’t there a recent survey showing that the quality of life there is worse than in Malaysia?

      • Anon says:

        Thomas guy is worse than a quitter. This class of people are filthy rich, their kids go to international school and speak like mat salleh. They drive expensive cars, live in posh neighbourhood. Eat and drink like kings. Travel first class. Yet they complain and whine and condemn.

        They are scumballs of the worst kind who do appreciate the conditions that enable them the luxurious lifestyle. They say change change change because no matter what happens to this country, they are cushioned their money and can just pack their bags for Canada. hame on you Thomas.

        • Anonymous says:

          I doubt those migrating to Canada are rich. Those genuinely migrating to Australia may be. FFC said they have to have A$750,000 before they can get Permanent Resident status. Many of course just went as tourists and overstay in Australia.

          The Aussie TV series Border Control tell of the fellas admitting being cooks etc to airport Immigration Officers, hardly with money, intending to work upon arrival in Australia but sent back losing their airfare costs. And those caught when the Aussie Immigration Officers conduct raids on work places from time to time.

          But Australia being such a huge “continent”, many “tourists” continue to live there “permanently” without being caught. And somewhere down the years, having saved enough money and known enough “contacts”, they bribed officials to have their stay legalized. Like they do in UK. And who says no corruption in Australia and UK?

          In Canada, however, it is very easy to get permanent stay there. They are also a huge country but are more open in their policy of wanting manpower to open up the outback, like Alberta, and develop the country. I know even one Malay family from Singapore migrating there.

          The Canadian High Commission announced last year that they even issue “Temporary Permanent Stay” passes while the applications for permanent “Permanent Stay” are being processed and formalized.

          So, this guy Thomas needed not have been rich to have stayed in Canada “permanently”. He came back while many others continued their permanent stay. That should be the case. Develop new friends, fit in with the social life there, respect the laws, rules and regulations of the adopted country – forget about the country you have left because you don’t like the laws, rules and regulations here etc, etc.

          So, I would urge those who don’t like this country to go to Canada while they are welcoming anyone to stay permanently there. They don’t have a “White Australia” policy in Canada.

    • Calvin Sankaran says:


      Can you tell us which part of your following comment in Ridhuan tee’s blog show that you are polite and sensitive towards others? It’s a case of a pot calling a kettle black? Talking about polite and sensitive, you have none!

      ” Dia Associate Professor. Kau apa? Nak kata dia “tak mengetahui apa yang menjadi isu” pulak. Kata kau bodoh, boleh ke? Tengok, aku nak kata kau bodoh pun, aku tanya kau dulu. Kau buat macam aku le. Tak main tuduh liar saja.

      Kepala hotak kau tak tahu ke Perlembagaan mengatakan agama negara ini ada lah Islam. Dari situ, nyata lah bahawa tingkah laku dan sopan santun rakyat tak boleh mencanggah agama Islam, tau tak? Bukan so’al “orang Islam mencampuri urusan Bukan Islam”, kamu faham tak?

      Yang kau kata “pergerakan .. puak pelampau mengawal Bukan Islam” tu PAS lah. Keluarkan saman kapada salon potong rambut Cina, saman pasangan khalwat Cina di Kelantan. Kau hentam PAS lah, bodoh. Hah, kena kau, pagi ni aku naik stim sikit sebab kau mula komen kau dengan ngata orang tak tentu hala.

      Kupra warak kau mengatakan “Masalah dengan orang bukan Islam mereka ini terlalu lembut.” Kau tak tahu ke jenis yang kurang ajar tu isu kalimah Allah dah ada di Mahkamah Rayuan pun Lim Guan Eng keluarkan kenyataan mahu jolok lagi perkara itu. Sampai Majlis Syura PAS – “rakan seperjuangan” dia – keluar kenyataan bahawa kalimah Allah bukan Islam tak boleh pakai.

      Korang bukan Islam nak tentang PAS korang punya fasal le. Aku takda masalah kalau kau kata “PASlah parti pertama yang menganjurkan supaya orang Bukan Melayu dihantar balik.” Aku mahukan yang tak hormati Perlembagaan tu di nyahkan dari negara ini. “

      • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

        cut and paste again. well, I have a question for you. who wrote that ? you can’t name the person eh ? there you go again. you can’t name the person, therefore you just pick on someone and attribute that comment to that person. nice try. but nobody is buying your story. try harder. maybe try being smarter next time. perhaps you’ll sound a bit convincing. but I doubt it.

        • Calvin Sankaran says:

          How much you know about this ” bloke “?
          Do your homework before throwing the question.

          • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

            I never said I knew him. I was asking you that question. now I m going to ask you again. do you know that person ? but as always, when confronted by questions that you cannot answer, you will twist them until God knows what. now, I m going to ask you again. do you know that person whom you said wrote that comment ?

          • Anonymous says:

            That’s all this Calvin Sankaran impostor could say –
            How much you know about this ” bloke “?

            He has no argument, no facts, no nothing. Simply gibber out whatever crosses his mind. Often it’s shit.

          • Anon says:

            He doesn’t know. He just bluff only.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are kurang ajar again, eh, Calvin Sankaran impostor? What the hell has comments in Ridhuan Tee blog got to do with the subject of the post in Stop The Lies blog?

        And what proof have you that the person(s) writing those comments in RT are the same as the one at 8:22 am above?

        You anarchistic bugger not following rules and norms of behaviour when commenting in other people’s blogs. You have no sense of decency, bringing matters that are not relevant to the subject post. Right from your very first comment in this post. You are communistic and gangster like, aren’t you?

        The usual shooting from the hip anytime you want, every time you feel like it. You could have done that a long time ago. Not now. There are enough of us with reasonable education who are able to shoot you back with a blunderbass spewing nails and broken steel pellets on your backside every time you try to do so.

        Remember those.

        • Pemuda Umno Kubang Pasu says:

          Anon 10.11am,

          Kamu tak potong kote, melolong dan menyalak bukan saja macam anjing gila, tapi juga macam orang gila!

          Keluar pulak dengan kata kata provokasi nak siapkan paku macam gengster. Emak bapak kamu tak ajar, tak bimbing kamu, maka kamu jadi maanusia yang tak berguna. Kenapa lah Tuhan jadikan kamu di dunia ini.

          • Anonymous says:

            Sebab ada maanusia tak guna macam kamu dan penipu pakai nama Calvin Sankaran.

          • Anonymous says:

            Kalau kamu betul Pemuda Umno, sepatutnya kamu perangi lah Pemuda PAS, PRU1 tak lama lagi.

            Tapi aku ingat kamu Pemuda PAS. Cuba kamu baca ini:


          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            Sikit sikit potong. Sikit sikit potong. Potong je yang celah kangkang ko tu. Nampak sangat geram nak kena rodok MP Permatang Pauh. Ko ingat ni zaman baru ke sikit sikit nak potong je? Balik lah ngaji jangan nak tambah dosa

          • Calvin Sankaran says:

            How come 5.36pm and 5.48pm spelled ” manusia ” as ” maanusia ?

            Hahaha, same person impersonating penyokong and Pembangkang

            Pakcik, we caught you!


          • Anonymous says:

            This Calvin Sankaran impostor must be so stupid, shallow minded and even childish.

            Instead of thinking out arguments to use specific to the points raised in the comments, he comes out pointing out the spelling mistakes or mistyping in the comments.

            This is a clear case where the harsh words like stupid, empty head, childishness justify the description of him. So damn stupid bloke.

            And now he probably is happy at being called a bloke. Having been pointed out that the dictionary says “bloke” also refers to a ship captain. But he should know that it also means a number of other things. Stupid bloke.

      • Anonymas says:

        “Ridhuan Tee Blog” shenanigans? Hey aren’t you that butthurt chinese guy who posted there (and here, with different name)?

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, at one time he commented there as PENYOKONG DAP etc, putting out DAP propaganda and at times calling the Malays stupid and lazy.

          Every time he came out, he got whacked with historical facts and solid arguments by a fellow using the name PEMBANGKANG DAP. That made him look like a stupid fool and, after some time, he disappeared.

          Now surfacing here as Calvin Sankaran impostor. He needs to be whacked again and again until kingdom come.

          • Calvin Sankaran says:

            That Pembangkang DAP is YOU, is it 😀
            Hello pakcik, you can lie to the whole world of Dumno, but your IP address never lie.

            Stop the lies, arse hole.

            Learn how to check IP address. But then again, you are too old and dumb to learn IT.

            All you are capable of is this ” bloke
            ” and that ” bloke ”

            Hahaha. Stupid ” bloke “!!

          • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

            and your IP address is located in Penang, Komtar 28 to be precise.

          • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

            and that’s not all. you are also on the payroll of the DAP’s Stasi secret police. the 21st century cyberspace Stasi secret police. you just have to come here to troll. you had better wake up. we’re in the 21st century. you think we are going to get intimidated by goons like you ? Calvin Sankaran Imposter a.k.a Mr Alphabet A 2 Z, you tirades are getting tiresome. try something new. didn’t your handlers say that you must be competent, accountable and transparent ? yet you continue to use other people’s nicks.

          • Anonymous says:

            There he goes again. Merely saying to learn about IP address. As if he knows the IP addresses of people who comment in here or there.

            Only 1-2 blogs out of the many tens of thousands publish IP addresses of comments on their blog page. This blog doesn’t, Ridhuan Tee doesn’t. Obviously he’s trying to bluff us and bullshit again. Son of a gun.

            And he has to show proof that he can have access to the IP addresses of everybody who
            submit comments here or anywhere. He can do so only if he operates the blog – as a blog owner or blog administrator.

            Shit of him to claim or even imply he is the blog administrator of Ridhuan Tee or Stop The Lies blogs.

            See, this kind of Pakatan Rakyat goons – the extent they go when cornered and cannot produce effective or valid counter-arguments. They lie, mislead and cheat.

          • Calvin Sankaran says:

            Oh, forgot to mention, you are also self appointed ” Police ” in Ridhuan Tee’s blog, aren’t you ? 😀

          • Anonymous says:

            calvin sankaran palsu. kamu terdesak ke ? tak ada duit ke ? dah berapa banyak komen dah kamu pos setakat ni ?
            kau tak ada duit beli makanan ke ? dah berapa komen ?
            kalau tak ada duit, cakap sajalah. tak perlu segan. kan orang macam kamu ni tak kenal apa tu segan. ha cakap, berapa kamu mahu ? kami semua kat sini boleh derma duit kepada kamu. cakaplah oi !

          • Calvin Sankaran says:

            You and god knows whether you are lying. of course, your dumno comrades will believe your lies.
            Like I said, IT is too complex for you.

          • Servant of God says:

            Dear Visitors,

            As you can see clearly, if you do not agree with them, you’re stupid.

            If you do not know IT, you’re stupid.

            If you do not support them, you’re stupid.

            Even if you ask them things, you’re stupid.

            If you’re wondering where this kind of behaviour come from, it is from their leaders. Their leaders love to condemn others as low class, even when people are genuinely trying to voice their concerns or understand an issue better.

            Is this the type of people that you want to vote into power? Do you want your concerns to be turned on its head and spat back into your face?

            We are given no explanations.

            We are given no reasonings.

            But when we don’t know, we’re called stupid.

            When we ask, we’re told to shut up.

            I am sick of these people. I’m sure you are too.

            Please, reject them.

          • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

            I know that for people like the Imposter, it is too complicated for them to engage in rational debate. even the names they used, they had to hijack them from other people. everything has become too complicated, even the names. they can’t come up with their own names, so they had to steal, to hijack from others. too complicated. they say “too complex”. even a junior linguistics student will tell you that when you refer to something that’s abstract, you don’t call it “too complex”. its grammatically incorrect. the correct reference is “too complicated”. this imposter obviously has never been properly schooled. that’s why this imposter found employment as a cybertrooper.

          • Anonymous says:

            See how stupid this Calvin Sankaran impostor or PENYOKONG DAP bloke is – he assumes Anonymous 11:15 am (me) and Anonymous 11:23 am (some one else) as one and the same person.

            That’s because these blokes so often blog under so many names that the first thing that strikes them is that several comments that hit them are by one and the same person.

            The bugger can’t even tell the language difference – no doubt one is in Malay, but there are shades of differences in the tone, the line of argument etc. Being stupid, they are incapable of analysis and have very poor perception.

            Sad, very sad. But then, many Pakatan Rakyat blokes are stupid. Instead of taking issue over the word “bloke” that I used, he should be thanking me for at least allowing him to be thought of as a ship’s captain. Because the Oxford dictionary does say that one of the meanings of that word is a ship’s captain. But of course, if he is one, it’s one of the sinking DAP ships.

          • Anonymous says:

            True, SOG, they keep coming out with rude words so much that I have succumbed to the weakness of following their style a bit.

            But I try to justify it by saying they need to be given a dose of their own medicine, which sometimes is necessary coz no other methods may work. The kind of vile language, rude and vulgar words used in the blog sometimes defies belief.

            But we have to go on disabusing their abuses. Tit for tit or Machiavelian style even.

            Got to go now.

      • Botol kicap says:


        Macam baca paper lama terjumpa dari tong sampah. Ko kena samsu tali merah ke?

        • realSubangite says:

          It is actually near impossible for Mr/Mrs Calvin Sankaran the Imposter to check IP addresses here.

          Unless you filter “packets” accessing to this website. But still, knowing the number of viewers access, its like playing that old card game Memory/Pairs where you just have to guess who is who.

          Which i doubt Mr/Mrs Imposter is capable of. Typical of DEMOCRATIC? ACTION? PART-L-Y

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            Oh yes!!!! Now let’s see what will our dear Calvin’s response to that. Mist likely, he’d fall back to his routine; either ignore the elephant in the room or post something totally unrelated as diversion. And I thought PR attracted hordes of intellectuals…

      • man on da street says:

        I’ll donate fifty cents for each your comments here in this blog When you’ve earned enough for breakfast, take ahike will ya!

  2. DJ Ignatius says:

    I share Thomas view. I am in Canada now and living quite comfortably knowing that here I am not judged by my religious persuasion or my ethnicity.

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      if that’s the case why are you here writing, then posting your comment ? I doubt you are living in Canada. but seriously, I do think that in your imagination, you think you live in Canada. I get that. after all, all PR goons are known for daydreaming.

    • Servant of God says:

      Good for you. If that’s what you want, have a pleasant stay in Canada.

      I, and most Malays, are fine with how things are here. This is our country, and we want it styled in our mould.

      Anyone who wants doesn’t like how Malaysia is, Canada is so wonderful, isn’t it? Or New Zealand or wherever.

      • Ex MIC says:

        Now that Gomen wanted to attract back some of those that want to come back to Malaysia and you all do the opposite. At least support our Gomen effort and give a good chance for them. Some of them are disillusioned with what they see in another country compares with ours.
        So if our comment said they can stay and don’t come back, it will defeat the purpose of our Gomen and they will think twice before coming back.

        • A says:

          Aiseh, kawan, we don’t care two hoots about those who don’t have a sense of belonging to this country. Those who have no idea about loyalty to the country. Those who badmouth this country when abroad, including Anwar Ibrahim.

          We don’t want those who treat this country lightly. They want to go, go. They don’t want to come back, let them. What do we lose if they don’t come back? All the talk about brain drain is purely politics.

          They are diseased brains. Saying this country not democratic etc. Don’t even respect the Constitution of this country. They can blah for good.

        • A says:

          But if you know of Malaysian nuclear scientists who have experience in building nuclear bombs like in Pakistan, tell me. I’d like to go persuade them to come back myself.

          I want them to build nuclear bombs in this country. And parade them in front of the Pakatan goons when they are lined up in some God forsaken island in the South China Sea or something.

          And I hold the detonation device. A few miles up in space.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good for you. But you should not be peeking at Malaysian blogs. You should focus on Canadian blogs. Participate in discussions about the development of Canada. Give your views and suggestions there. Be loyal to your country of adoption.

      Chou En Lai, the communist Chinese Premier, said that to the Overseas (Nanyang) Chinese, with particular reference to those in Malaysia. That’s one of the reasons for Tun A Razak deciding to start diplomatic relations with China. Chou En Lai’s advice is also applicable to you.

      You no longer have roots in this country Malaysia. You have uprooted them when migrating to Canada. You have no sense of belonging to this country. You should now try to develop a sense of belonging to Canada.

      But be liberal when you visit Quebec. There, even the so-called emancipated ones of French and English descent may harbour unwholesome feelings of one another, traceable to the days when they divided themselves into the French and the English speaking. That situation exists until to day.

      Wakaru? That’s not French, that’s Japanese.

    • Anonymous says:

      We are like-minded, aren’t we, SOG – we began our comments with the same words – “Good for you.”

      But just now I saw a flash of the impostor Calvain Sankaran’s comment up above. The bloke needs bashing right away I think.

      • Servant of God says:

        The impostor? Don’t mind him.

        I’m not a trained psychiatrist or psychologist, but even I can see that the guy just wants attention. He thinks just because he’s getting paid while doing what he loves – calling attention to himself – he’s in a win-win situation.

        He doesn’t realize that the majority of blog readers are here to get information that help us make decisions. We’re not here to glorify ourselves.

        But instead of getting information from him, we are either insulted, belittled, or lied to. If do not believe him or disagree with what he says, then he calls us stupid, but he doesn’t tell us why.

        When he does tell us some “facts”, we can see the giant gaps in his story. Where is his proof? What are his reasonings? How could we conscientiously believe him when what he says border on the nonsensical?

        The thing is, visitors to STL in general have a high cognitive need. (Sorry for using technical terms. I usually prefer not to use them outside work, but I’m trying to make a point.) We are here to evaluate for ourselves the issues that surround us so that we would know, when the time comes, who we would support. STL visitors are always thinking and thinking, and the thing that enables us to form our opinions are logic and valid reasonings, which we accept or reject.

        That impostor, however, will only dispense either insults or poor arguments. He and the other PR troopers just want glory.

        Well, I’m not giving it to him, which is why I haven’t mentioned his name here at all.

    • Anonymas says:

      Hi, I live in Malaysia. I am living comfortably. I am not judged by my religious persuasion or ethnicity like the PR politicians blab about in their ceramah, My government gives me so much subsidy.

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        Hi! I’m Malaysian too! Had the opportunity to broaden my horizon with postings in London, Melbourne & Singapore. Decided Malaysia is where my heart is & returned. My fiancee & soon to be wife is a Malaysian too who served as a trauma & wound management specialist in Glasgow & HK. She too returned be wise for her, there is no place like home. We are Chinese by ethnicity but we have no problems whatsoever with racial discrimination. Catholics by faith & we still get to worship in church on Sundays & feast days. Despite paying the highest tax bracket rates, it is still lower than what we paid before. On top of that we get subsidies for fuel etc. If you truly feel that this country is hell on earth, why not try seeking pastures green elsewhere? Try it for a year or two before deciding. Like the fella Tommy, he found out life wasn’t all that good there in Canada so he came back. No harm in trying right? For me, the country’s nice, the weather a bit hot at times & the drivers’ a little loco but I’m ok with it.

        • Anonymous says:

          We have no problem with any one who respects and abides by the Constitution of the country fully.

          It’s the Pakatan goons and others who don’t that we resent.

    • ray says:

      DJ Ignatius’s body is in canada but left his heart in Malaysia, which is why he visits STL blog.

  3. seksi LGE says:

    Come all to penang..
    I am the Tokong will not judge you on your race and religion..

    • Anonymas says:



      • Anonymous says:

        I sue ! I sue ! I sue ! you hear me ?

      • anonymous says:

        what about Penang Chow Kuew Tiau?…how do I make the order from now on?…I mean whithout risking myself of being sued by Tokong et al?..damn…there goes one of my favourites Malaysian dishes. Malaysian..we need RCI for this….or better still a Referendum!

        • Anonymous says:

          just change the state government. vote for change. vote for BN.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hahahaha, good one there, brader. I need the amusement and entertainment after whacking the Pakatan blokes endlessly.

          They may want to disrupt or hijack the post discussion by bringing in “extraneous” (otherwise called shit) issues, but I certainly welcome distraction of the humorous kind that you bring in. Lowers the blood pressure momentarily, hahaha.

        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          Now you say Island CKT when you order *wink wink*

        • Anonymas says:



      • anon says:

        how about the word “Malaysia”

        can it be used in Malaysia kuno, and what not Malaysia whatever that the oppo use to spread their teachings


    • The Real Rakyat says:

      STOP!!!…..from now on the word Penang is the copyright of the DAP (patent pending)…….

      From now on since the use of the word Penang is banned and only can be used thru authorised distributors…any and all descriptions of Penang and its food or heritage will now be referred to as

      Island & Mainland – That island that has a famous long bridge over the water In M’sia or mainland no one wants to go to
      Ferry – Ferry that brings people to that famous island with the long bridge in M’sia
      Char Kuey Teow – Fried noodles from famous island in Malaysia
      Prawn Mee – Soupy noodles from famous island in Malaysia
      Nyonya food – Chinese malay food from famous island
      Cheap Minister – Famous Tokong of famous island

      Thank you….Please take note of the changes if not I will sue…..sue….sue…..

      • Anonymous says:

        and now I officially declare the entire state of Penang and anything, everything that’s associated with the state of Penang, as the property of the DAP. even if you move your Penang food to other states, they are still, and forever will be, the property of Penang state. and let me make this clear to all of you. if you refuse to submit to our demand, we will sue you. you hear me ? we will sue you ! oh by the way, even “I will sue you !” is now our property. whoever uses this “I will sue you !” without our permission, we will…………….you know what we mean !

        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          I heard pretty soon, Lé God is planning to take over control of immigration in the state too. His brown nosed, errrr brownshirt Gestapo, I mean voluntary patrolling gangsters will administer entry into the island-which-must- not-be-named. All who do not worship his Tokongness will be denied entry.

          Something on the side, can share the word Allah but cannot use the name of the island-which-must- not-be-named. Mind boggling idiots!

          • A says:

            No, they cannot take over Immigration in Penang. Not in states other than Sabah and Sarawak. Only those 2 states have powers over Immigration in their own states.

            If Penang has the power, former communist terrorist leader Chin Peng would have been living in Penang already. Brought in by the Tokong’s father, Kit Siang. Instead of being ensconced in the jungles of the Betong salient, south Thailand until now.

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            I was being sarcastic bro… Then again with Lé God, you cantbe too sure can you?

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            Chin Peng is living a life of luxury in Bangkok as we speak thanks to a few rich benefactors. Last I heard, he has a specially converted Alphard with a wheelchair lift & he has his own driver plus a personal assistant. He seems to take a liking to premium whiskies too. And these benefactors (md of a plc amongst others) are quietly lobbying for him being allowed to return, if not permanently then just for a visit.

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      Your tokongness. Are you not Johorean by birth?

  4. Satu says:

    Err.. stopthelies no more FB like icon? 🙁

  5. Anonymas says:

    He has a pretty skewed observation of things to come. I think he should have liven in Selangor between 2008 and now to see that the ‘change’ is not always good. Things have gone to shit here in Selangor. Garbage collection, water woes, PKNS being sold, sand dredging, Talamgate and many more. Pakatan Leaders are not as saintly as he thinks, they all think for themselves.

    Malaysia trumps Canada so much in a lot of aspects, btw. Greyson Chance and Justin Bieber like it here.

  6. Apolitical says:

    I had the opportunity to stay in NZ for six months 10 years ago. Managed to send my sons to a government school for a couple of months.

    My experience was pleasant because the Caucasians treat you with politeness. But the real truth is there are lots of racial prejudices ,only that it is done very subtly. Many Asians that I spoke to who have much higher qualification such as engineers and accountants were getting jobs far below their qualifications. A friend of mine who was a CFO in a PLC in Malaysia has to content himself with an assistant accountant in Auckland.

    My sons found himself fighting in school because some white boys constantly belittle him and call him a chink! After complaining to his cuacasian teacher, he was told to ignore those teasings and try to behave like a piece of dead wood. The reason being a dead wood won’t have feelings and will not response.

    The truth in life is ,there is racial prejudice wherever you live.

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      yep and most people get on with it. a few will complain about it. I tend to see those who complain the most as losers. everywhere we go, we meet these people, regardless of race and religion. nothing ever works for these people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hear, hear, hear. Apolitical has seen and heard it all.

      Those who absconded this country in disgust, not liking this country, its laws, rules and regulations – especially the Constitution – are not welcome back. Should be shooed out. Does not matter what ethnicity.

      History Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim said “Berhijrah lah” to those who trampled on the national leader’s photos and made fun of the Malaysian flag. I support what he said – and at least one of those shown in the newspaper photos doing so was a Malay. I would even use the word “Berambus lah”. It carries the same meaning as the Professor’s word.

      • Calvin Sankaran says:

        Oh, khoo kay kim’s turn now.
        Next might be c. P Fitzgerald. Oh forgotten, Fitzgerald already out yesterday. May be next one will be encouraging Dumnos to learn panca silat, or article 152 & 153 of federal constitution.
        Repeated in Ridhuan tee’s blog more than a thousand time. One thing that features anywhere and every where is ” Anwar Al Juburi “.

        Hahaha… You are so predictable pakcik 🙂

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      That happens in Australia as well where the Orientals are normally shunned and/or discriminated against especially if they have PR passes or are 1st generation immigrants. As for the work permit holders, we are generally treated well probably knowing that our postings are not long term or permanent. Chinks, slit eyes, pigtails are pretty normal insults thrown at Asians especially amongst the younger ones in school or college. If you’re looking for a place where there truly is no discrimination on the basis of your ethnicity, skin color or religion, good luck to you. And if you find it, do share with us readers

      • Anonymas says:

        When I was in the UK, as a Malay it was either “Curry People” or “Paki”

        (I was a tourist though)

        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          Especially in London. I find the Scots to be respectful, friendly & nice though their accent can be thick. The Londoners, be it white or black are equally discriminatory towards Asians

      • A says:

        They will never share. They are not called ultra kiasu for nothing.

        They might already be in Mars now. Only pretending to send astronauts to the moon.

  7. RCZ says:

    “South Korea has a homogenous society. They are also largely of one religious persuasion. In such an environment, there are far fewer challenges there than in a multi-racial, mutl-religious, multi-cultural nation like ours.” AND they also have a common enemy NORTH KOREA that keep them united. Their COMPULSORY military service of 2 YEARS also helped shaped their men to be more disciplined.

    Malaysia baru introduce 3 months national service pun dah complain.. We are breeding a new generation of whiners!

    • Anonymous says:

      you forgot to say that despite 2 years of military service, South Korean men are still whiners. while serving for 2 years, some of them have to resort to cheating. look at Rain. he was caught shopping with his girlfriend while doing his military service.
      we don’t have to look far. just look at our neighbor Singapore. their men are whiners of the worse kind. they are so pathetic that they needed their maids to accompany them to their military compounds when reporting for duty. how pathetic.

      • The Real Rakyat says:


        Oh yes whiners indeed!!…this is what you get when your army is made up of people who look at it as a requirement or as a career a job to earn money only…..There is no love of country or doing it bcoz you want too!!…..Which is why me and some friends have said despite their tech and weaponry if there was ever an invasion of that red dot…….their army will be wiped out in just days maybe even hours as they lack the basic requirement of a soldier which is love for your country……

        although I have to say those trainees dying in NS due to heart failure and respitory failure is like……what??….are malaysian youths so unfit??….and I’m a big guy and yet I can still easily run up and down flights of stairs without any problem……

  8. Selvin D says:

    In Malaya, the chinese and indians are discriminated. Here in Australia, the Malaysians are discriminated. I rather be discriminated here in Australia because I got welfare…

    • Anonymous says:

      so now you’ve become Selvin D. L O L !

    • The Real Rakyat says:


      PLEASE if you feel that way then PLEASE do feel free to migrate to Australia or wherever you wish……But yet somehow your comment lacks actual fact really…..if Indians and Chinese are really as you say discriminated here….how about me??….I’m neither Indian, Malay, Chinese (despite my birth cert saying so as well as my name) or even lain-lain……since I am of mixed parentage and to make matters worse I’m mixed parentange of mixed of mixed of mixed… how??….Wouldn’t I be discriminated more since I have no actual ethnicity to begin with??

      • Anonymous says:

        careful there buddy, this Selvin D fella could well call you a mutt. PR goons are trash. they will call people anything when they cannot argue properly.

        • Servant of God says:

          Now, now.

          Let us give him the benefit of doubt. Maybe he isn’t a Pakatoon, and he’s really in Oz. Let’s ask him nicely.

          Remember. Good questions are like poison to Pakatoons. They tend to give BS answers, mostly because they can’t keep track of the lies their multiple personalities have spewed.

          Welcome to STL, Selvin.

          • The Real Rakyat says:


            Ok we give him the benefit of a doubt then….

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            So how did you get there in the first place? On a sponsored work permit? Or on a professional work permit? Or perhaps by investing in properties in Oz? Either way, how did you end up being on welfare? Isn’t it the land of opportunities? Or did you stowaway on a smuggler’s boat? So as an alien awaiting deportation, yes, you do get welfare in terms of lodgings, food & basicamenitiest in the detention center. Waaaaa… Now they let you aliens awaiting deportation surf the net too huh?

          • A says:

            Good one, FCC.

          • Servant of God says:


            There we go. Just look at what FFC’s asking.

            Ya know, I was wondering from the moment I read it from Selvin, just how does an immigrant get welfare in Oz?

            I mean, as far as I know, they have quite strict immigration policies there. I don’t think “freeloader to Aussie taxpayers” would be among the list of qualities they look for in people who want to migrate to Oz.

            So you’ve really piqued my interest, Selvin. How did you end up on welfare in Oz? Do share you experience with us.

    • Anonymas says:

      “I rather be discriminated here in Australia because I got welfare…”

      So the price of your honor as an immigrant is cheap meh?

    • Mangkuk says:

      Selvin, you just born yesterday?

      Did you know as long as you live you will face all sort of problems. No heaven on earth. Heaven if you have believe in it is only one and only heaven have heaven facilities.

      When you’re in Australia you will face Australian problems. Different from what you found in Malaysia but its a “problem” too.

      You think nobody knows that Australia is among racist country? It’s must safer Malaysia compare to Australia. Go googling…

      Wake up especially when you’re in Kangaroo country… We only have a kangaroo in zoo. See how different it is.

  9. Mangkuk says:

    Thomas. Your mind full of hole here and there.

    1. “In his opening salvo, he says the next GE is the people’s chance to vote out the Barisan Nasional government that has been in power for 55 years.”

    Why attack UMNO? He barking the wrong tree. Suppose to be BN. He himself don’t know which is his foe. UMNO or BN. How is he going to strategise his war. If he attack UMNO alone he didn’t realise MIC, MCA and others will attack him from behind.

    2. About Iranian revolutions is starting from Malaysia are bullshit. How come he belittle Ayatollah Khomeni who is started since he is in exile. He spread cassettes among Iranian people to influence their mind.

    Thomas maybe good of writing cock and bull story but his facts is jumping up here and there.

    • Anonymas says:

      But PAS claims to be inspired by the Iranian Revolution itself. It showcases the power of a scholar who toppled the pro-West Shah of Iran, and PAS wants to do the same to the ‘infidelistic’ federal government (and the Kings).

      So this Thomas guy doesn’t read world history? Does he know the circumstances leading to the Revolution? Does he know that Iranians are Shia and Malay Muslims are Sunni? Why this generalization? Looks like he secretly hates the Islamic influence in his own nation, which is a hundred times not like any regular Islamic state. Iran and Malaysia are stable in its own right. Their political system even includes ethnic Iranian Jews, and we have a multiracial cabinet.

      (He thinks that we’re like LALALALALA KILL THE INFIDELS type of fundamental Muslims)

      • Servant of God says:

        “So this Thomas guy doesn’t read world history?”

        Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. But it seems he’s banking on the ignorance of his audience.

        Even if some of his audience knew the truth, the trend in PR is that “screw the truth, just hate UMNO!” so there are people who are willing to be lied to, just so that they could hit their goals.

        So damn sad.

  10. The Real Rakyat says:


    Oh yeah ah!!!…how does an immigrant get welfare in the first place?? friend has tried applying a Oz PR for what 8 years and just got it BUT he can’t go just yet….why he has no money to invest there, no business interest either and no job waiting for him there as he is working for an Aussie co here but it’s just in case they transfer his ass there instead……so until then Malaysia it is then…….but I do have some friends who are already Aussie PR and have given up their Malaysian citizenship and yes they are pro-PR fellas……..My advice to them……just stay out out local politics you already given up being a malaysian let it be decided by the people here and not ex-citizens….just concentrate on your own new country instead….

    • Servant of God says:

      I hope Selvin can answer these questions. After all, part of this article is about comparing our beloved Malaysia with other countries around the world.

      So it would be really education. Tolong ya, Selvin?

    • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

      If you’re a professional below 30, getting a visa which leads to permanent residency is easier. Those above 30 will be subjected to stricter terms. In terms of investing, you either have to purchase a property worth at least AU$750k or have the equivalent amount in liquid assets.

      As for sponsored work permit, you need to be holding a high enough position in a big enough company before they even consider offering you permanent residency status. Either way, you’re either financially self sufficient or good enough that unemployment will not an issIt’s for you. So to find him saying that he is on welfare is either A BIG FAT LIE or there’s a plausible explanation which I would like to hear about. If it is the latter, that Calvin, fake or otherwise will get an apology from me. Hell, I’ll post 100 times the apology on this thread.

      That said, a lot of Malasians are living on welfare literally. Kids are given primary & secondary education almost free. Everyone gets a subsidy on fuel, gas, electricity, rice, sugar, flour etc. Some 10% pays for income tax annually. We’re still not implementing a consumption tax through GST yet like many countries worldwide. It’s not perfect but it is a far cry from the hell that some Malaysians seem to make it out to be.

      • anon says:

        True enough Faking Fake Calvin

        Would say all Malaysians are on welfare irregardless of affluence and political leanings.

        No need to repeat the welfare goods as everybody would be able to list it down , if they try and think carefully.

        A Terimakasih would be sufficient for starters.

  11. Mangkuk says:

    All these because of Anuwar. he may be look like making an effort but doesn’t bring impact to the core of problem. For example bad mouthing about Malaysia in Indonesia. What make he think Indonesian will make a different on our General Elections? If Indonesia as powerful as US then he at least have a chance.

    Using this stupid concept those Malaysian turn foreigner try to change our GE. On what basis? Can they? It look like those stupid ass only changes nationality.

  12. Jun says:


    looks like we have another Jim boy here

    try not to get distracted by the clowning

    stick to the core issue

    vote them PR out

    save Malaysia

  13. bourne identity says:

    Self respect is the most hardest thing to comply…. imagine one hentam the federal government – duly elected by malaysians from all backgrounds – and yet this one kaki hentam has no self face valkue and esteem to ;
    1. Accept all the bantuan rakyats from the federal government
    2. Sends their kids to schools paid by the federal government
    3. Crosses the bridge and uses the roads built by the federal government
    4. Works in a federal office and gets paid
    there are a million reasons as to why kaki hentam MUST NOT use anything that is a result from a federal initiated and run programme.
    Kalau BENAR2 muka tak malu – show a good example to your kids and keep on using and accepting federal help while condemning the federal government.
    And when your children also behaves like a TAK MALU like you – don’t be little or discipline them too.
    So to this muka tak malu would be dark asian skinned mat salleh from Canada – lu tak rasa malu ke ke sana ke sini like a pin ball?
    Youre like something inside your throat which you cannot swallow nor spit out….
    True blue malaysians will stay here…work here…and fight for malaysia. true malaysians will not sell their honour too.
    Maybe this dark skinned asian mat salleh from canada wants to emulate that great johor born tokong…kicked out by malaccans and now allowing blind penagites to suck his dick.
    Shame on you…you blind Penangites!

    • Calvin Sankaran says:

      You pay tax or not? Talk so much.

      • Mangkuk says:

        Calvin, what an intelligent question. Bravo!

        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          Mangkuk punya soalan dari mangkuk sorang tu kan Mangkuk? Kalau bayar cukai pendapatan boleh bersuara. Takda bayar boleh blah. Macam tu kalau bayar lebih cukai suara lebih kuat la? Mangkuk betul la mamat ni…

          • Kelepuk says:

            Tu lah si mangkuk tu. Apa punya soalan bodoh. Mana dia tau orang jawab betul ke tak? Diri sendiri pun tak jelas dalamSTL ni. Lagi nak minta penjelasan orang.

            Soalan menunjukkan kebijaksanaan orang bukan menjawab saja.

            Ertinya dia ni Al-banganggggggg…

      • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

        Can ask you the same question too. Do you pay taxes on your income? I’ve been paying taxes for more than a decade but that don’t give me more right to say things. If only tax payers have a voice we’d see an election with 10% of the populace eligible. So much for democracy ala PR

        • Mangkuk says:

          Good one Fakin! Now you be Shakin’ Steven he he he
          That how proper mind should work.

          May be you should teach Kelvin one or two about “How to Think”. It depend whether you have time to waste

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            No point bro. We just hit him with facts & he’ll run away like a dog with the tail between the legs. Then he’d come back again with his incessant barking before he gets another hiding. The vicious cycle goes on which is why his brain don’t develop further. After all he probably makes around RM50 a day trolling the web. On that count he makes 1500 a month, above poverty level but not enough to be taxed. As such, by his own twisted logic, he should SHUT THE F**K UP!

            But… Then again we practice democracy & freedom of speech here, so the running dog comes running back eventually anyway…

          • Jun says:

            for all that matter, the bugger may be just a student

          • Jun says:

            living off his/her parents income
            and maybe taxpayers’ 50 sens

          • Anonymous says:

            Jun says, “the bugger may be just a student”.

            Food for thought there.

          • Anonymous says:

            But whack him all the same. He needs to be taught lessons.

            In here – University of Stopthelies, Stopthe Impostor-ing etc .

          • Servant of God says:

            Pegh.. FFC sudah ganas!

          • Anonymous says:

            I know SOG said it in a light hearted manner, but I support FFC, there. I would do the same as FFC.

            But I think let them Pakatan buggers come in here. They talk, we whack. Without them, less fun lah. We need them as punching bags.

            Hoi Calvin Sankaran imposter, where are you? Sudah mati ka? (Sori guys, a bit spirited after a meeting since morning, haha).

      • bourne identity says:

        i always declare my income tax and sometimes I kena bayar and sometimes I don’t because my income is not stable. At way past 50… life can sometimes be hard for me and sometimes it isn’t but I do not complain.
        How can I complain when I still have old squad mates who have lost an arm, 2 feet and even blinded because of booby traps in the late 70s to late 80s…
        At least I can see, can walk with my own legs and can hold my grandchildren using both my own hands!
        You see my friend, I believe I have paid my other tax serving from 1977 to 1993 as a member of vat69 which actually rescued me from the poverty back in my kampung ulu!
        I do not complain that people are paid a lot to work in air conditioned offices and even a known national kaki buntut who has no job, still is dreaming to be a PM but can afford to travel overseas many times in a year and lives in a huge bungalow in the upscale part of KL.
        I think and I hope on behalf of my old vat69 unit to have served the best to the peace, stability and prosperity of Malaysia.
        And for an MCE Grade 3 pass student, I hope that my written english can be understood by people like you too.

        • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

          You have my gratitude sir. My uncle was a member of the 8th Rangers & he died of two bullets to the chest at the age of 26 in Parit Buntar on 2/4/80 leaving a young widow & 4 year old son. Life was tough for them but they never complained. My cousin is now a deputy director in a government department thanks to the veterans association who helped him with a scholarship for him to complete his degree.

          I come from a family filled with army personnel who served 21 years before being discharged with a gratuity but without a pension. Again, they don’t complain as the gratuity is used to build a house in the kampung. Even my dad was with the field force who hunted for communists in the 70s-80s before being sent on island sentry duties for 6 month at a time in islands of the coast of Sabah.

          The younger generation have only fired M16s & MP5s on their computer games whereas for the older ones, they fired the real deal. And that makes them appreciate what we already have in this country. A peace hard earned, hard fought now being threathened by an enemy from within. An enemy willing to promise the moon & the stars that the eye can see but cannot touch. As part of their deal, they tell you the rocket can bring you there but you’ll need to give them 5 years to do it. For all you know, the rocket is just a mirage & if you do vote them in, you still see the moon in the sky but is no nearer to touching it as you did before.

        • Anonymous says:

          In the zealousness to look for and hit at the unreasonable dissenting voices in here, didn’t read in detail what bourne identity and FFC wrote up there.

          Now I want to say the same to bi as FFC has written – my gratitude, too.

          We must continue to hit at the ungrateful buggers who never thought of the sacrifices of those who fought for the independence, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of this country.

          If not, the damn communists would have brought us under the suzerainty of communist China and the disloyal would have brought us under the maddening rule of Sukarno and his so-called Konfrontasi.

          • bourne identity says:

            about 2 weeks after mat sabu declared that the civilian killing communist insurgents were the real heroes…we had a small gathering with old friends from the unit as well as old friends from E1B. There was also 2 ex rangers, a few exroyal malays and also from army engineering… 2 of our friends had tears in their eyes when we discussed about mat sabu’s comments which were warmly and blindly received by PAS members.
            KC – a malaysian chinese exE1B operator said that”… apalah ni. Kita sama2 susah untuk orang semua, kita kena ambush, kita kenan cari depa balik selepas Haadyai agreement dan escort depa bawa keluar masuk town. Itu pun kalau hangpa ingat, hati kita semua sudah frust sebab kita kena tengok musuh tukar jadi orang awam. Sekarang pulak, ni PGK sudah jadi hero sama itu Sabu. ”
            No medals…no certificate of gratitude from the government but we did not care @ all as we CHOSE to do violence on behalf of everyone.
            But to see our blood, sweat and tears efforts wiped out in a single sentence by Mat Sabu and embraced quickly by PAS members… some of us felt and are still very, very sad.
            Apa ni…. kami tak kisahlah kami di lupakan sebab kami yg pilih kerja ni tapi janganlah meludah ke atas service kami dan usaha kami.
            Who we vote is our business….we have fought for the same country that kindly gave the chance and trust to fight for and we will keep on defending this country which we will never expect it to be perfect.
            No one perfect and nothing is perfect.
            I personally hope voters can see the elements now that potrays itself to be perfect than others, holier than others and trust worthy than others.
            Terima kasih lah sebab still ada yang ada gratitude to people like us.

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            There’s a prominent corporate figure, a Tan Sri who is currently lobbying the government to allow CP’s return. He flew in a well known writer for an English publication to interview CP in Bangkok a couple of years back. This writer who specializes in human interests features decided that she was not all cut out for the task as she needed help to capture the essence of CP’s plea & put it in words to touch the hearts of readers.

            She knew the very person who could add that humane touch to the story & contacted him. The Tan Sri approved of the plan & offered to fly the other writer in with the next available flight. He was also offered a princely sum just to do the piece plus the possibility of writing an exclusive memoir/biography of CP.

            This writer, he turned it down without a second’s thought. He was not going to betray the members of the security forces who placed their lives on the line so we can live ours. The project is currently suspended as they’ve yet to find a writer able & willing to do it.

            Don’t take my words for the story above. Be creative in googling & you’ll have the identity of the Tan Sri & the writer who went to Bangkok to interview CP at Lord Jim, a well known luxury restaurant.

          • Anonymous says:

            Looks like some of them have not changed since British Malaya times.

            Here’s what British MPs said in their Parliament during the debate on the Independence of Malaya Bill:

            Extracts from the British Hansard – Record of British Parliamentary Debates:

            FEDERATION OF MALAYA INDEPENDENCE BILL, HC Deb 12 July 1957 vol 573 cc633-715

            LORD SHEPERD: ……….. Tunku Abdul Rahman, Prime Minister of Malaya. He is already a man of great stature and a respected Prime Minister of the Commonwealth. ……. I think we must recognise, too, that under his leadership the Federation of Malaya has made a number of concessions which took a good deal of heart-searching to make.

            SECRETARY OF STATE FOR COLONIES, MR ALAN LENNOX-BOYD : Now, a word about the balance achieved between the rights of Malays and Chinese. The special position of the Malays was recognised in the original treaties made by His Majesty in previous years, and Her Majesty Queen Victoria and others with the Malay States. It was reaffirmed when these treaties were revised. It was confirmed in the 1948 Agreement, and reference was expressly made to it in the terms of reference of the Reid Commission. So the Malay privilege clauses in the articles of the Constitution do not, in the main, introduce any precedent, but give recognition in the Constitution to the existing situation.

            SECURITY POSITION IN MALAYA. HL Deb 01 July 1948 vol 157 cc267-84

            THE EARL OF LISTOWELL: ……Consideration has also been given to the best method of ridding the country of, those who abuse its hospitality. This was referred to at some length by the noble Viscount, Lord Elibank. The law in force at the moment in the Malay States permits the deportation of any person in a State from Federation territory.

            MALAYA (SITUATION), HC Deb 06 April 1950 vol 473 cc1368-404

            Mr Snow: …….I am very disturbed by the fact that, by and large, this trouble in Malaya is Chinese. The Malayans themselves, so far as I can gather from reading such documents as I can find, are not in this rising; it is Chinese in origin. If that is so, is it not time that we provided more and more scope for the native Malayans—I use that term advisedly—to participate more in the economic life of the country? I think the hon. Member for Hornsey will agree with me when I say that many of these Chinese merchants who live a very ostentatious life and who provide a sort of social provocation the whole time, are at the root of the trouble.

            Mr FLETCHER:………I believe that as we have recognised Communist China it would be perfectly in order for us to ask that the ports of Amoy and Swatow should be opened, so that we can send back these people, who clearly should be welcomed there for their political attitude, and who clearly are not welcome where they are at the present moment.

        • Servant of God says:

          Wooo! VAT69 rocks!

          Pak cik Bourne Identity, you have my respect and sincere gratitude.

          May Allah SWT shower you with blessings.

          • Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

            They even have liquor named after them mate

          • bourne identity says:

            I think today the current PDRM personnel rocks bigger as they are always blamed by the keras kepala opposition including their step brothers and sisters in Bar Council and SUARAM for doing their job of maintaining peace. When the PDRM do something good – they never remember but when the PDRM makes an honest mistake – they never forget.
            My time – it was very hostile in the jungles but taking the PGK on and eliminating them wasnt a task that difficult as the PGKs were easy to be identified. No double tongues like an was a straightforward fight in the jungles.
            But when the fight was over – it was over. And when there was peace, it was everlasting. Those who refused to join themainstream, decided to retire in the kampung 500’s in Thailand. Those who agreed to follow the rules here, gave up and became reborn Malaysians. Until now, sometimes, I myself meet them as friends, they have earned honest living and will not trade the life of being an alien in another country.
            Nowadays, opposition leaders potray themselves
            as democratic, religious and open minded but Id rather trust an enemy like Chong Chor and his 6th assault group in a fight.
            vat69 was coined by the 22nd SAS which created us – the 22nd SAS has created many special units all over the world including the famous DELTA group of the US. But, vat69 sahaja allowed and given the honour to wear the same colour of the berets worn by the 22nd SAS.
            Orang luar puji banyak kelebihan orang2 Malaysia dalam banyak bidang tetapi sayang sekali, nehara kita masih lagi mempunyai ulat2 memakan daging diri kita sendiri. Satu Parti Ajaran Seleweng, satu pulak Demokrasi Aku Punya dan satu lagi Parti Kencing Rakyat!
            Sayang…ada juga generasi2 sekarang dah buta hati dan mata. Tidak lewat lagi bagi depa ni sedar…

        • The Real Rakyat says:

          bourne identity,

          I SALUTE you and your sacrifices for this beloved country!!…..S A L U T E ! ! ! !


          I SALUTE your family too for their sacrifices for this beloved country too……S A L U T E ! ! ! !

    • RX7 says:

      If the schools are not managed properly, if the bridge & roads are built with no tender and much of the money going into some crony’s pocket, then don’t we have the right to voice our concern?

      So what do you expect people to do? Just blindly obey the government??

  14. WShanmugam says:

    So this is the Tomie Thomas. Ancient say ‘ A good horse does not return to old pastures.’

  15. ray says:

    Hmmm … why didn’t he migrate to India, land of his forefathers?

    Wonder what made him return to Malaysia? Maybe he can’t compete with the Canadians?

  16. anónimo says:

    Anonymas, you mean pariah!

    Don’t worry it is in standard English vocabulary.

    pa·ri·ah   [puh-rahy-uh] Show IPA
    1. an outcast.
    2. any person or animal that is generally despised or avoided.
    3.( initial capital letter ) a member of a low caste in southern India and Burma.

  17. mgandhi says:

    He should go back to Cardiff, Wales.

  18. rattusrattus says:

    Rats desert a sinking ship.

  19. ray says:

    I used to look forward to christmas for the “spiritually” festive air and I’ve always liked the image of friendly and generous gift-bearing christians.

    Somehow that has changed now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seriously, I have no problem with the Catholics and the longer-established Christian denominations (correct word?) that have leaders with authority over the churches and who are well respected.

      But I think the Evangelical churches are free-for-all and likely to be the ones causing the feelings of unease in this country. I don’t mind being proven wrong on this. But do prove it, anyone interested to do so.

      It’s people like Tokong Lim who don’t even have the Christmas spirit, let alone observe the age-old tradition of mutual respect and religious tolerance at Christmas. Heck, the bugger issued a statement bringing out the Kalimah Allah issue on the very eve of Christmas. Stirring counter-comments by Muslim groups all over the places. How to have a “festive air” like that?

      • Jun says:

        when there is a lack of modal, and good track record as BN has performed well,
        they might bank on religion, the easiest way

  20. man of harlech says:

    Send this fella back to Wales where he belongs

  21. Capt. Bligh says:

    Thomas Thomas does not belong to Malaysia. He is not wanted.

  22. blackholeofCalcutta says:

    He did’nt know Canada is a socialist state, ngah ?

  23. Anon says:

    All these lawyers talking cock. But the biggest cock is Lim Chee Wee. He is talks like a politician. Hope he will contest election then he don’t need to pretend he is a lawyer. Imagine this short ass actually said it is human rights for children to attend political rally. What cock he talking about? Soon he will say it is human rights for children give ceramah and campaign for anwar Ibrahim. Can the Bar Council please tell him to shadup.

  24. Pingback: Voting for the Future | Stop The Lies

  25. OSU MALAYSIAN says:

    You are clearly bad at presenting arguments.
    1. Your comparisons between the economy of Malaysia and Canada lack economic fundamentals. You cannot merely compare the costs of food, groceries and rent without comparing the average income of both citizens. World Bank figures set our per capita income is around USD11000 while its USD 51000 for Canada. Putting it in layman’s terms, the average Canadian earns five times more than the average Malaysian making it justifiable, yet very affordable for Canadian goods to be around 50% more than Malaysian goods.
    2. You do not compare Malaysia with North Korea because North Korea’s economic failure is because of it’s leaders struggle to control the world resulting in numerous economic sanctions by many countries and organizations alike. Even Malaysia has very little trade with North Korea making it irrelevant to compare. South Korea is a good example as they were almost in a similar economic state during the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997. Being multicultural is hardly a challenge as it is no deterrent to economic growth.

    So, brush up before writing or some young student like me may hit you hard.

  26. I keep trying to subscribe towards the Letters thing, but there’s nowhere to do so! After i sign in, under the MANAGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION hyperlink, there’s only my Book Club subscription. How do I add the Letters thing for $5?

  27. Keep up the remarkable job !! Lovin’ it!

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