Guan Eng’s RM 75 Billion Dealings Exposed but he Pleads Ignorance

lim-guan-money1If there is an Academy Award for best actor (politician category), Lim Guan Eng would have won hands down.

Not only he is a good pretender, he has also mastered the art of “tai chi” in pushing blame and passing the buck to others.

The RM75 billion development project in Balik Pulau, Penang which was exposed by an English daily recently has somehow earned him those unwarranted titles.

As soon as the details of the project were highlighted, the Chief Minister of Penang, in a hurriedly called press conference chose to distance himself from the issue by stating that the project “simply does not exist”.

Then of course he activated his “tai chi” stunts by saying that he is not aware of the project and that the state would now not consider at all even if the project gets the approval from the Federal Government.

So now he is shifting attention and blame on the Federal Government as if he has forgotten that he is now the Chief Minister of Penang and the project was in his state.

Further more he dared to lie through his teeth that he was not aware of the project. Never mind that the project is so massive that he is not aware because he is just a “kuching kurap Chief Minister”, never mind that even his exco member Phee Boon Poh has said on record that the state authorities were aware, never mind that Guan Eng says the project does not exist but letters were already sent to the stakeholders by the project consultant and all.

Ah, never mind again that the project consultant Dr Nik Zamri Majid had said that the project proposal was presented to the state government and they had a meeting with Guan Eng, his deputy Datuk Mansor Othman and state officials last year.

Perhaps Guan Eng’s twin brother attended the meeting.

Never mind again that the Penang government was presented with a 22-page proposal in October by Malaysian-Hong Kong joint venture company Al Cube Sdn Bhd for an offshore concrete industrial development on the west coast of the island, just 5.5km from the shore near Kuala Sungai Pinang in Balik Pulau.

The project covering a 2,833 ha site would feature electrical and electronics industries, oil and gas R&D labs, residential areas, hotels, parks, schools, government offices and an artificial beach.

Who is Guan Eng trying to bluff. All of these can only point out to one thing. Guan Eng has been keeping this project under wraps until it was exposed by the media. Shame on you.

If he has any decency left in him, he should be honest and own up that there was in fact such a project being discussed.

What has happened to his favourite CAT slogan for Competency, Accountability and Transparency.

Guan Eng, Please stop the lies.

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100 Responses to Guan Eng’s RM 75 Billion Dealings Exposed but he Pleads Ignorance

  1. funniman says:

    CAT = “Cunning” “Annoying” “Tak Tahu”

    “Count your fingers after you shook hand with this man”… a very short idiom, that is the type of person LGE is. This guy just cannot be trusted, no matter how loyal is supporters said about him. He does everything within his whimps and fancies. That’s why he control the press and control the central committee to make sure they do not expose what he is doing.

    He is afterall the LORD of Penang.

  2. Ex MIC says:

    All hail to Lord Tokong!!!! Something as big as this and he can say he is not aware? The rakyat are all 3 years old?
    Lord, either you have been sleeping too much with Rainbow or your people are doing something behind your back.
    If BN take back Penang and raise the project, he will claim it is HIS effort. Damn his CAT and all.

  3. Fakin' Fake Calvin says:

    The accompanying photo should be caption thus; SHOW ME THR MONEYYYYYY!!!! Cuba Gooding Jr would have been proud at the way Loathsome Godlike Entity delivers the line…

  4. Red Fort says:

    A transparent Chief Minister does not travel to Hong Kong and Singapore.

    • Freeman says:

      Enlighten me on your comment.What do you mean? Is travelling to S’pore and Hong Kong wrong?

      • Anonymous says:

        nothing wrong with traveling to Hong Kong and Singapore. the question being, what was he doing over those 2 places ? for business or something else ? ke ke ke !

      • funniman says:

        Nothing wrong except he traveled one time in economy class and made newspaper headlines saying he need to be thrifty in spending people’s money. After that it is millions after millions in dodgy projects. Does he still travel economy class or is it in private jets?

      • The Real Rakyat says:


        Nothing wrong with flying to HK or Singapore but rather the frequency of his trips…..I heard Singapore weekly and HK every 2 weeks…and he doesn’t fly econo class…..Business class all the way baby!! so in your mind how much does that add up to??…..remember he did say that MAS upgraded him to Enrich class rite??….and how do you suppose you earn those?? Is it by some wonderful miscalculation MAS decides to upgrade someone just for the sake of it??………In any case I blame Excel for the miscalculation…….

        • shing_ccd says:

          lol…technical glitchhhh.. use 1malaysia laptop la.. hahaha

        • linpehkong says:

          Remember that dog Log Jam. Disregard him and he will find that his one liner (or 3 liner triple spaced) does not deserve the space it occupies. The people who contributes to the discussions here are mainly people with good head on their shoulders. Occasionally we cannot by come across a turd. Don’t kick it – it will not smell.
          The one liners will throw an accusation without any back up and or make a nasty comment about someone or BN. They are hardcore PR supporters who cannot see wrong when it comes to PR clowns. Don’t waste time on people like that. They will then find that it is not fun playing with themselves.

  5. funniman says:

    LORD Tokong is much appropriate as he is very much supported by the Christian groups. Tokong alone sound very limited to the temples alone.
    The LORD’s head and ego is bigger than the heart (if he has one after how he ditched Rainbow). That alone will bring this man down to earth. Nothing personal but that will teach him how to be a better human being.

  6. Pkr for rakyat says:

    Heyya! Where is the proof? Like picture of the proposal itself. No? Then i will take this issue as another lie by umngok

    • ray says:

      Rakyat dah jelak dengan pkr – muka satu satu tak seri,

      asyik terpekik pekik, tuduh sana sini, tipu sepanjang jalan, janji tak ditepati, sentiasa demo jalanan, takde program yang baik untuk rakyat, semua harga turun, percuma kiri kanan …

      habislah Malaysia boleh bankrup dipimpin pkr/pakatan

    • noname says:

      Yes, blame UMNO for everything, retard.
      That’s all you know.
      You want picture?
      There’s video of your leader fucking Chinese prostitute also don’t want to believe, what’s the point of proof for you?

    • Servant of God says:

      Do what you want. PR dimwits believe what they want regardless of the proof before them.

      They can even believe that 700,000 people gathered at Stadium Merdeka.

      Having said that, no wonder you can believe whatever your leaders tell you.

      • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

        actually, less than 30,000 showed up that day. when Anwar took to the stage, PAS people went out of the stadium in droves.

        • Anonymous says:

          And when Hadi went on stage, the non-Malays left the stadium in droves.

          • funniman says:

            And it was reported in Malaysia kini itself that the crowd start to go home before even Hadi finish his speech. LGE’s turn is after Hadi, so you can count your fingers on what’s the crowd for this Lord Tokong.

      • noname says:

        How can their mathematician comes up with that number?
        Is he lying intentionally or did he suddenly turn stupid?

        • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

          their mathematician was fooled by photoshop edited pics. then they will blame their mathematician for the error, just like the way their component party member the DAP blamed Microsoft Excel for the error in their CEC election results.

          • noname says:

            That doctored photo also they put in their media?
            Are they really that stupid?
            What do their supporters say about that?

          • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

            yes but their supporters are not stupid. they are just delusional. and their supporters will say “so what ? even the DAP CEC election results were doctored to allow a phony Malay to be placed in the top 20. so what ? what we do is legit.”
            these Pakatan supporters. when they are desperate they will do anything.

        • Freeman says:

          You do not need a mathematician to know the truth .

          • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

            yes, a video tape will tell the truth. just ask The Butt Man. we all know his escapades through his tapes.

          • noname says:

            Tell that to PKR laaa…they’re the one who quoted a mathematician that came up with 700 000 number, it’s on their media site laa.


          • Servant of God says:

            No, you don’t have to be a mathematician. You just need common sense.

            Stadium Merdeka could accommodate 45,000 max. If you wanted to fit in 700,000 you would need 16 such stadiums (15.5555 actually).

            If you arranged 16 stadiums, you could get a 4×4 grid. According to google Earth, Stadium Merdeka is about 140 m wide, so multiply by 4, the grid is 560 m wide. The stadium is 215 m long, so multiply by 4 we know the grid would be 860 m long.

            560 m x 860 m to accommodate 700,000+ people.

            560 m wide westwards is almost reaching Jln Tun H S Lee. 860 m northwards would’ve reached Jln Pudu.

            Did we observe that many people? Half as many? Quarter? Hmm?

            So what is the truth? Definitely not what PR is telling us, that’s for sure.

          • anon says:

            Right on SOG

            Common sense is what voters need

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      your nick Pkr for rakyat. what are you driving at ? as in Pelopor Kelibat Ranjang for rakyat is it ? are you trying to indoctrinate the rakyat that its okay to openly engage in kelibat ranjang in public places ?

    • rico says:

      i am one of the rakyat… hell no i’m going to let pkr stand for me…

    • Troopers says:

      Go to Penang and hear those stories for yourself, then personally travel to that place and see it for yourself as well. Whatever posted online to prove will just be debunked by PRdogs as fake/forgery/photoshopped/conspiracy? etc anyways.

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      pkr for rakyat,

      ypu guys want proof ah?? wah so suddenly only want proof….dun you guys just bantai with no proof all the time??….

  7. ray says:

    High time MACC investigate dear daddy’s boy boy.

  8. Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

    well, he knew about it. he was waiting for the right moment, maybe after the GE13, after PR retains Penang, to make an announcement. he will then say his administration has managed to attract an investment worth RM75 billion.
    but sadly for him, Dr Nik Zamri Majid, the consultant for the project spilled the beans and it was later backed up by his own exco member Phee Boon Poh. so with the genie out of the bottle, he had no choice but to deny at first that the project didn’t exist. when that failed, he cooked up another story saying that his administration would not approved the project even if the project complies with all the requirements under the Environmental Impact Assessment. he went further by saying that he will not approve the project even if the federal government gives the green light.
    we have seen this movie many times. first he will say “I don’t know.” then he will say “no way, we will not allow this.” then we will hear him say “I sue you, I sue you if you write this”.

    • anon says:

      “….maybe after the GE13, after PR retains Penang”
      no no no no no no pls no

      save Malaysia

      vote them out

      we need genuine govt, committed to the betterment of all levels of rakyat

  9. Anonymous says:

    If and when he “wins hands down,” watch where he puts his hands.

  10. Hong Kia says:

    Tokong Tokong, remember I pray for you unlike Pulau Tikus assemblyman Koay Teng Hai.

  11. Lan says:

    LGE cannot even manage his party election and you expect him to rule the country?

  12. cina_patung says:

    “does not exist” because the project hasn’t yet.. does not mean “won’t exist”

  13. Troopers says:

    Makes you wonder did Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim left DAP because of Bersih alone or because he knew there are too many stinking fishes in DAP?

  14. cina_patung says:

    does not exist does not mean won’t exist…

  15. concerned citizen says:

    let’s not forget those hillside development in Penang and Lim’s promise in the 2008 DAP general election manifesto to “preserve our forest, wetlands and bio-diversity”

  16. Anonymous says:

    after close to 5 years in opis, appetite also bigger la. but didnt expect to be so big

  17. pelangi says:

    hopefully Phee won’t kena marah from the cocky, arrogant tokong

  18. CEO Penang says:

    development is good for the state.. but please don’t forget to build affordable housing for the poor… the bayan mutiara issue and taman manggis cases are good reference points.

    • A says:

      Cannot hope one. Only BN can deliver promises. Najib has made the promise to build low cost untis in Penang. Janji DiTepati kind.

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      CEO Penang,

      DAP in penang gt build low cost homes…how can you say never build!!…They have built a total of 204 units in the whole Penang you know!!…204 units i tell you!!…and tat also by a private developer in a high medium cost development of 700+ units….dun say DAP never build low cost houses!! DAP plan to build 40,000 units in Penang…….and we have been planning for the last 4 years till now to build…….

      hahhahahahahaha what a joke this DAP fellas…..

  19. Terminator says:

    Clearly he has no one to push the blame on this issue as the proposal came up last year, and not pre-2008… so he can’t use the “previous government” argument..

    so what to do? say not exist lo…

  20. Toto says:

    MACC, please check on Lim Guan Eng. The number one liar in the country

  21. susan says:

    If he has any decency left in him, he should be honest and own up that there was in fact such a project being discussed.

    hahahha…. in your dream. Tokong has do no wrong.

  22. Lin Lin says:

    LGE, stop running the state like your family business.

  23. Norfifi says:

    Blame BN, Blame PM but cannot blame it to Tokong

    • Pat says:

      No one dare to criticise Tokong. If you go against Tokong, you will end up like Koay Teng Hai.

      • Anonymous says:

        At least Koay guy dares to stand up and declares become independent… go observe election cannot, come back kena suspend. like this better go sell kuih…

  24. Darran says:

    LGE is the God.

    • humble_servant says:

      Tokong translate to God meh… don’t simply translate.. no extra points.. l8r become like the allah issue, backlash to PR.. all thanks to smarty-pants LGE act like hero

  25. Laura Cheng says:

    Guan Eng will distance himself from all the faults make by his Rocket party and blame on others.

  26. Rainbow says:

    Shame on you Guan Eng.

  27. Ruby says:

    Guan Eng cannot stop lying. This is the only thing he is good at.

  28. Philip Tan says:

    Who is Guan Eng trying to bluff?
    Malayisans and the whole world.

  29. Bunn says:

    Good photo!

  30. observer says:

    and i wonder did they lie about the cec election

    • shing_ccd says:

      nolar, where got lie. it was a so-called technical glitch ma…

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      CEC election was a Excel error…..caused by a faulty laptop….which was bought from BN crony company HP……whose software was created by another BN crony Microsoft…….which is 30% owned by UMNO……and in turn UMNO owns 55% of ALL the companies, govts and anything else that can be owned and thus the whole world is UMNO’s crony……..

      maybe next election they will use Apple Macbook instead since UMNO only owns 2% of Apple??….

      Rubbish statements from rubbish fellas in PR……

  31. Ajafar says:

    The tokong is getting big headed, he taught he is now bigger than the tokong and can rule as he wish, that’s why he wants the government to allow the use of the word “ALLAH” indiscreetly so he can address himself as one and only “A**AH”

  32. ExDAP says:

    The pertinent question is WHY he denies that there is such a BIG project for Penang.
    If he announce it, it may be good publicity for him.
    But instead he denies he even knowing any thing about it.
    He denies meeting with the prospective developer.

    So I guess there were some hanky panky handiworks involved.
    That was why the lawyer involved immediately said that their client wishes to get the project in a transparent manner.
    Why say this when no body questioned them if there were any impropriety involved.

    Their respond open up even more questions, especially since the CM denies he knew or met the developer.

  33. Sundramoorthy says:

    Many Penang infra-structure developments depend on the Federal Government till the Chief Minister turn the whole island into concrete to raise revenue.

  34. King Edward VII says:

    To count 1800 votes took 3 weeks to realize, they want to count this country’s money in billion… Oh…please LGE get real man!!!

  35. W. Shanmugam says:

    Who says Chinamen in Penang do not like money ? Who ?

  36. Mau kasi tau sama ini Guan Eng, lu jangan tunjuk samseng lanti lu jadi lempeng. Lu punya olang cakap lu Tokong, kita punya olang cakap lu Tongong. Jangan ingat lu s/u Dap lu bole lansi, bole bikin suka hati. Lu ingat lu sifu lain olang ingat lu hantu. Sikalang China India Malayu manyak talak suka sama lu. Lu butut-butut muka talak malu. Dikat 5 tahun lu kontrol Pulau Pinnang lu cuma bikin lu punya pelut kenyang, tapi lakyat punya hilup lu bikin talak sinnnang. Lu punya balan pun sulah kembang misti makan dipan blakang sampai lu bikin P. Pinang sulah talak wang, ekonomi talak kembang, plojek manyak kulang, investor tak mau latang pasai lu kaki tembelang, mulut slupa longkang. Sama lakyat lu tak mau tolong, lu lebeh suka kong kali kong, cakap kosong manyak bohong laigi mau sombong, mengong. Lu cuma tau bikin plojek sama Miss Lainbow tapi sulah jadi Lojak Pasembor, hohoho!!! Lakyat kasi lu Kitua Menteli mau lu jadi lakyat punya kuli bukan simpan amoi atau tambah bini. Lu mana mau tolong olang miskin pasai talak untung talak komisen. Lu laigi suka kasi kloni bikin plojek busat-busat pasai wang juta-juta lu bole lapat. Kasi lu punya kloni laigi kaya pasai alak undertable maaa!!! Sumua lu mau ngap, sumua lu mau songlap manyak hamsap. Itu pasai lu sulah gumok wang manyak masuk!!! Lu mana tau bikin keleja, lu cuma tau makan gaji buta, bila lu bikin salah lu tak mau kalah lu malah-malah lain olang lu kasi fitnah, halamjadah, tengok lu punya muka pun lasa mau muntah. Skalang bible Malayu lu mau taluk nama ‘Allah’? Apa… Lu ingat bole kasi suka-suka? Kasi lu punya olang bikin main-main ka? Lu jangan kulang ajar, kita tau lu punya ajenda. Lu sindili pun tak tau apa agama tak tau apa lu sembah, itu pasai lu silalu kina sumpah laigi mau cakap ‘Allah’ lu siapa!!?? Pigi settle itu CEC punya hal la!! Lu cakap sulah salah kila. Lu akauntan pun tak tau kila ka? Sinang punya calculation pun bole salah, mau tipu cakap salah kila, ceh…manyak malu la!!! Lu silalu hantam Utusan pasai lu sama Dap/Pas/Pkr suka Fuckatan. Dap cakap pasai Demoklasi, lu punya parti pun sulah jadi Lim Dynasty pakai itu sosialis/komunis punya idiotloji laigi mau cakap demoklasi, phoooeeeyyy!!! Pas cakap pasai Islam, apa…ingat dia olang saja Islam ini dunia punya lalam. Tapi dia olang punya hati manyak hitam, punuh dindam bikin fitnah siang malam tengok itu lubai-lubai punya muka pun bikin olang asam, bolo…kasi malu olang Islam bikin losak itu Islam. Pkr cakap pasai Keadilan, dia punya Punaisihat pun pelangai laigi teluk dali setan suka hantam amoi sama jantan, angkat itu Yahudi bikin kawan bikin negala talak aman, dia punya family pun sulah jadi 69, my foot…Keadilan. Lu cakap pless fleedom tapi Penang lu bikin slupa lu punya kingdom. Lu cakap kompitensi, akauntabiliiiti, tlanspalensi (CAT) lu sindili talak integliti. Apa…lu ingat lakyat slupa cat/kucing sinang-sinang kasi makan ikan keling. Sama lu punya olang lu bole la pak chu ching, tiuw nya sing. Lu silalu hantam Umno, dia olang cakap kasi paluli sama itu olang bolo, itu tektik olang talak telor lanti pru13 out you go. Lu suka hantam BN, dia olang pun cakap kasi paluli sama itu hantu nenen pru13 dia olang mau make sure lu punya career will come to an end. Jangan ingat lu bole eksyen tengok lu punya muka dikat itu elemen alak slupa olang ka atau Dog And Pig…understand!! Lakyat sulah manyak ngang lu laigi mau luluk sana P. Pinang? Lu kalau balik Malaka dia olang tintu talak suka pasai lu talak guna. Laigi baik lu luluk Pulau Malaka sana punya hantu misti manyak suka pasai dua-dua saudala maaa!!! Gelenti ngam punya. Atau lu pigi telebang naik itu loket sama Anwat, Nik Ajis, Hati Awang pigi bulan sama bintang. Sana lu olang bole bikin buku jingga bole nyanyi Middle M’sia bole main M’sian M’sia, suka sama suka, sama lata sama lasa dipan blakang sama saja maaa!!! Tapi aaa!! Itu loket bole telebang ka? Alak safe ka? Tengok itu loket pun talak konfiden laa!! Laigi pun lu ampat olang manyak belat especially itu kaki liwat sama itu dua olang tua sesat tambah sama lu cilaka musibat. Itu loket punya enjin misti sangkut-sangkut sekelu pun bole cabut lama-lama loket bole jatuh lalam laut, itu jam lu olang misti kilang-kabut pelut misti kicut balan misti sumput-sumput. Tapi jangan takut lanti alak maaanyak ikan jelung latang sambut.

  37. AK47 says:

    Two Wongs don’t make a right according to Prime Minister Curtin of Australia, the favourite home of Malaysian politicos.

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