DAP a ‘Towkay Party’ now?

towkaySource: Apanama

Well the latest development in ‘holier than thou’ DAP proves that the socialist party has transformed into a ‘Towkay Party’, a term which DAP leaders had lavished on the MCA for a long time.

While the cunning DAP secretary general still goes around creating confusion trying to pit Muslims and non-Muslim (esp Christians) DAP chairman Karpal stands firm not to be easily duped by the ‘dear leader’s CAT shows.

Guan Eng appears to be trying hard to divert people’s attention (particularly the attention of unassuming Chinese DAP supporters and sympatisers) away from the shitty ‘towkay’ deals by Perak DAP leaders.

Guan Eng has to jump in to defend cousins Ngeh and Nga as a wrong turn could shift the spotlight to the Pearl of the Orient where wealthy towkays are said to be sitting around Khalifah Umar’s throne.

The controversial Bayan Mutiara could just be the tip of the iceberg as some sneaky businessmen would begin exposing soon.

The value of actual business transactions/deals involving DAP leaders could be sky-high, putting the Perak cousins to shame with their mere RM30million odd land/timber scandal in Kelantan.

BUT, the ‘dear leader’ had kept his promise that DAP elected representatives would not be involved in businesses or apply for state land in Penang.

Just that Perak DAP leaders would do business and grab land in Kelantan while those from Penang could be investing in Selangor or logging in Kedah.  Some could even be flying high in Singapore for allowing the island republic to ‘invest’ in Penang.

Would these ‘towkays’ in DAP be shown the door by their no-nonsense chairman or could it be the other way around?

The end seems very near though, while ‘dear leader’ tries hard to out-maneuver the Lion of Jelutong.

At stake is the DAP’s ideals, principles and the very core of its struggle as a socialist party… and the old guard who holds firmly to these doctrines.


STAKE IN COMPANY: It’s against DAP’s principle for elected representatives to be involved in business

IPOH: EMBATTLED Perak DAP chief Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham has been asked by the party’s leadership to decide on his directorship in Upayapadu Plantation Sdn Bhd.
Sources told the New Straits Times that Ngeh, who had admitted that he and his cousin Nga Kor Ming have stakes in the company, was given until today to do so.
Sources also said the party leadership had also grilled Ngeh, who is also Beruas member of parliament and Sitiawan state assemblyman, in a meeting on Tuesday on his investment in the company that had been awarded a timber project in Gua Musang, Kelantan.
The meeting, it was learnt, was held following the call by party chairman Karpal Singh for Ngeh to be hauled up to explain his venture with the company which had been reportedly given 4,359ha of land for the project.
A party insider yesterday, confirmed the matter and said Ngeh and Nga’s involvement in a business venture went against the grain of the party struggle.
Nga, who is state DAP secretary, is also a director of Upayapadu Plantation Sdn Bhd.
“It is not that we want to be a poor man’s party but politics and business just simply do not mix,” said the insider.
He said since the revelation of the duo’s involvement in the timber project, people had been asking whether the party was now a “towkay party”.
“Party members are angry. They are also asking if community leaders are joining DAP to get rich.”
Gerakan deputy president Datuk Chang Ko Youn said Ngeh and Nga had become a political liability to Pakatan Rakyat.
He said DAP leaders, when forming the Penang government in 2008, had promised that their elected representatives would not be involved in businesses.
“But, see what happens now,” he said, adding that he wondered how the cousins from Perak could have their hands on the project instead of the Kelantanese.
DAP has been under pressure to act against Ngeh and Nga over their admissions at the sidelines of the state assembly sitting last month that they had invested in the company, allegedly given the project as an appeasement for Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin to hold the Perak menteri besar’s post, despite DAP’s state seat majority after the 12th general election four years ago.
Comments in the social media regarding the cousins were less than flattering, with many of the commentators asking them to decide whether they want to remain in politics or to be involved in business.
Ngeh, however, had said that there was nothing wrong with him and Nga being investors as they had done so according to the law, saying that they had been invited by the company to invest in the project.
He had also said the Inland Revenue Board and the Federal Government were aware of the of the transaction. – NST
Perak DAP chief Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham (right) and his cousin, Nga Kor Ming, have admitted they have stakes in Upayapadu Plantation Sdn Bhd. The company was awarded a timber project in Gua Musang, Kelantan

Perak DAP chief Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham (right) and his cousin, Nga Kor Ming, have admitted they have stakes in Upayapadu Plantation Sdn Bhd. The company was awarded a timber project in Gua Musang, Kelantan

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78 Responses to DAP a ‘Towkay Party’ now?

  1. linpehkong says:

    The difference between biaDAP and political parties that are already is power in 2008 is that they had not had the opportunity to be dirty as yet. But they have been studying all the way and means of being corrupt in a sneaky way. And it looks like they have learn well.
    biaDAP supporters are stupid beyond believe. Just because the party had not had the opportunity, it is easy to tell on others. In the quick couple of weeks before they formed the Perak state government, they managed to work that deal with Kelantan and have a PAS MB. Then there was that tailoring contract – see how efficient they are.

    • Tee S Cee says:

      They seem pretty efficient at helping themselves considering their short tenure in office. Imagine the feast they would have if you hand them the keys of Putrajaya… It would be like leaving a kid to do what he wants in a candy store…

      • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

        if you give them the keys to Putrajaya, game over in 55 days. the opposition fans love to say that BN has been robbing this country dry for 55 years. trust me. if you hand Putrajaya to PR, it will be over, high and dry, in 55 days.
        how ? even before they are in power, they are colluding with Neocons, Zionists, Jews, property crooks, triads, you name them. once they have the keys, they will give this country to those I mentioned. they have the papers ready. all they have to do is sign the papers with those I mentioned and its done and dusted.

        • Equalizer says:

          Agree with you PPP.

          After drying up the coffers, they will then blame BN as usual and their stupid supporters will again agree. That’s their modus operandi.


        • Anonymous says:

          How long for tailor man to appear?
          Less or more than 55 days?

      • Anonymous says:

        I doubt they would feast in the normal sense. I fear they would celebrate the thugs and gangster kind.

        When they won big in 1969, DAP members plus thugs and gangsters went on a victory parade passing by sensitive Malay areas like Kg Bahru, KL, past Police barracks in Pudu, Jalan Travers and Brickfields, shouting “Melayu balik kampong lah”, making rude and vulgar gestures, even unzipping their trousers on the convoy lorries, utterly embarassing the men, women and children, and those led to the 13 May riots.

        These are told in detail in the White Paper “13 May 1969: A Tragedy, by National Operations Council, October 1969” – google those words and you’ll get there.

        Let’s hope they won’t do any of those things again.

        • Anonymous says:


          Let’s hope they won’t do any of those things again. If they ever get to Putrajaya. Even if they merely win more seats than they now have.

        • Anony says:

          Why do you repeatedly harp on May 13.Razak regretted his actions when he was about to die in a London hospital. The Dap had nothing much to do as regards May 13.MCA threatens to pull out of the Alliance after the May 10 elections and throw their lot with Ahmad Boerstaman’s Socialist Front. That was the excuse for the May 13 race riots.Most of the killers were Harun’s Boyanese Indon thugs and the Army personnel who were given air jambi to drink.The NOC’s version is the official version put out by Razak’s henchmen and not the truth.

          • Anonymous says:

            Not harping. Merely reminding, periodically. Fluid state of political situation now before PRU13, when you blokes exploit each and every issue you can find.

            Even sensitive issues such as the kalimah Allah, which is before the Appeal Court, and should not be raised. Subjudice or whatever, the lawyers say.

            And don’t you say it’s scare tactic, even when DPM TS Muhyiddin said it as and when he sees it fit to do so.

          • Anonymous says:

            And who the hell says “Tun A Razak regretted his actions when he was about to die in a London hospital.”? Seditious rumour-mongering, eh?

            Subversive and anarchistic blokes like you fitnah here, fitnah there? You understand the word fitnah? Read up if you don’t. Otherwise you’ll get whacked again if you do that again.

            Hahaha, “The Dap had nothing much to do as regards May 13.” Big joke. You trying to plug the Kua Ka Siong whatever-the-name line? Note that the bloke wrote the opposite-version book for DAP when he was a DAP MP, then quarreled big time with DAP leaders, bolted out of the party. How to trust with what he said? Wrote only for convenience, didn’t even have loyalty to DAP. Probably wasn’t even convinced of what he wrote.

            Then he went to be headmaster of a Chinese school in Kajang. Quarreled big time again. This time with PhD-tipu Yap Tien Sin, President of Dong Zong, the very organization that runs Chinese schools. How to believe what Kua says?

            Finally he went into Suaram. That has admitted receiving money from US organizations supposedly promoting democracy but don’t even acknowledge that Anwar, the fund raiser, does not even run his party, PKR, democratically – he as boss, his wife President, his daughter Vice-President, his crony Azmin Ali as Deputy President, rigging party election rules such that Zaid Ibrahim, a lawyer and former Minister, stormed out of the party in disgust.

            And recently the Kua fler was in Paris, saying there was an on-going trial in France on the alleged Scorpene submarine sales commission. But was slapped in the face (I wish literally) by no less than a French Public Prosecutor who said there was no such thing, when he was in KL on an anti-corruption conference.

            And you want to believe the Kua fellow? DAP not involved in 13 May race riots? They caused the riots, stupid. Only you and the subversive minded like you do not believe in official explanations given by governments.

            If you are in China, you’d be shot dead. Don’t you know that so many offences in China carry the death penalty? You better thank your lucky star you are in this country!

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      electing PR to lead our government is akin to hiring monkeys to police the banana plantations. you know what’s going to happen don’t you if you hire monkeys to police the banana plantations eh ?

    • KY says:

      MCA – mahu cari angpow?
      Patutlah jadi kuncu Umno!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very good question. I have long been asking myself that after the commission from the RM1.07 billion sale of the Penang state land at Bayan Baru (kamon DAP, don’t say no komisen was paid by a property developer so used to paying commissions for land purchases), kickbacks, profit shares and what have you for the RM1 billion turn-key sPICE project that the Chinese owned newspapers say the decision on which Lim Guan Eng “bulldozed” and was awarded to his crony, the contractor and Penang Chinese Chambers of Commerce President.

    What more the DAP towkays Nga and Ngeh of Perak – tokei balak! Hope it’ll become the kind of balak that PAS knows well but still engage in the “bribing” of the two for Nizar to become Perak MB Sekejap.

    Will read the details of the post later and comment some more in due course.

  3. ray says:

    I always suspect a Singapore link in DAP’s dealings. The proposed “new” flag also resembles that red dot.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wasn’t the after-so-many-years-only low cost housing proposal is ala Singapore’s structure?
      Didn’t they get a few consultants from there?

      • The Real Rakyat says:

        but wait they still haven’t built any yet but as one trooper pointed out to me last year there are plans!! plans i see but houses i no see!! how??

  4. ray says:

    Caption for the photo:

    “Grinning Tigers flattering Gullible Prey”

  5. 1India says:

    A DAP list of what we know. What we don’t know, we don’t know !

    1. The hundreds of millions of debt of Talam deal with a staunch supporter of UMNO and the MCA.

    2. The N and N Kelantan megaland deal. So soon, Ah ?

    3. The ‘ no need to check ‘ vital election fiasco of DAP office bearers.

    4. The destruction of the beauty of Pulau Pinang, the Pearl of the Orient with concrete jungle like Singapore. Soon, the cemeteries will be dug up.

    5. The establishment of the political security guards or Hitler’s Stormtroopers the Brown Shirts or the Roman praetorian guards. These guards to be trained and supplied with arms by Singapore and several divisions to be created to stomp around Malaysia. Each division equals 25,000 personnal. Then, secession and join up with Singapore. Bye ! Bye ! Malaysia !

    6. Maybe more land deals in Perak.

  6. Anonymas says:

    CAT? More like cat in heat, so full of ‘nafsu’ that they want everything to satiate their lust! Semua dia ‘makan’

  7. Lord Jim says:

    10(ten) things we want to hear from Anwar Ibrahim :

    1. I never engage in homosexual activities.

    2. I will not abolish DEB when Pakatan comes to power.

    3. I don’t support Muslim rights to renounce Islam.

    4. I will defend the royal institution/constitutional monarchy system once Pakatan comes to power.

    5. I have never received any money/fund from foreign institutions for my plitical activities.

    6. I don’t have any master accounts from established now or before to fund my political activities as claimed by Murad.

    7. I have performed Haj.

    8. I never use money when I defeated Ghafar Baba before.

    9. I swear I never had sex with the china doll, shamsidar and any other women except with Azizah.

    10. I never have sex with Hishamuddin Rais.

    Feel free to cut and paste everywhere.

    • linpehkong says:

      The butt man is very good at avoiding answering these items – he will never respond. And yes, his back problem was so bad that he could have died if it was not treated. His rehabilitation/treatment must have included doing the back side and tryst with China doll. Do you see any sign of that back problem.
      Good liar and still is.

      • Tee S Cee says:

        Aiyah… He’s God’s gift to the country maaaa… He embodies Malaysia Boleh spirit…

        He’s like the Pied Piper, whose words entice all those rats from the trash, sewers & gutters to be so enchanted that they’ll follow him even to their doom…

        His idol when he was at the cusps of ultimate power in UMNO is none other than Bill Clinton. His hero worship started after hearing Bill saying “I DID NOT have sex with that woman…”

        His “active private lifestyle” is styled after the self proclaimed messiah, David Koresh. You know, the guy who led a cult whose teaching amongst others was to get wives to divorce their husbands & to procreate with him, exclusively. We all know how that ended – fiery death…

        • Anonymous says:

          This one may not be fiery death. But residence in Istana Sungai Buluh. After Sodomy II appeal.

          I don’t mind being accused of hopeful thinking. It’s in fact is prayerful thinking.

  8. Key Poh says:

    Just to recall :
    LKS objected furiously to have MB from PAS in Perak soon after 308–>
    Ajis offered thousand acres of land as a deal —>
    LKS in the name of fuckatan, agreed.

    Don’t you see that Dynasty Lim and Ngah & cousin are having common interest here ?
    That’s why, both Lim become mute instantly when the scandal exposed.
    Now, LKS and tokong are not credible at all to champion and shout about Anti-corruption. If the do, they are like putting shit onto their own mouth!

    • linpehkong says:

      Shit comes out of their mouth so it is not difficult for them to put shit into their own mouth. They are total hypocrites — what they say is totally empty.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It is so simple…

    What have the PR done to serve ours or voters interest these 4 years or more?
    have the promises been fulfilled, or at least initiated to be fulfilled?
    Have they walked the talk?

    No need to talk about the bad part, just sit and think what good they have done or initiated FOR US.
    It would be good to list it down, honestly.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Guys, though off topic, please allow me this early morning service of printing here what was printed/ attempted at on the so-called “freedom of expression” MalaysiaToday.com blog earlier on:

    Anonymous on January 12, 2013 7:38 am

    Varsities discourage students from tomorrow’s rally (from Malaysiakini)

    UPDATED 5.12PM UM tells its students the exams are more important, while UPSI urges undergrads to stay away from the meeting points.

    Anonymous on January 12, 2013 7:51 am

    This comment appeared just now but disappeared, thanks to MalaysiaToday.com so-called “freedom of expression” –

    Teachers, students warned to avoid Saturday rally
    Bernama | 4:19PM Jan 11, 2013 | 58

    Deputy Education Minister Mohd Puad Zakarshi says the ministry did not want them to show a bad example to others.


    Anonymous on January 12, 2013 7:54 am

    This one also disappeared, thanks to MalaysiaToday.com’s so-called “freedom of expression” –

    Civil servants advised against attending rally

    7:44PM Jan 11, 2013

    Civil servants are advised not to be involved in the rally scheduled to be held tomorrow at the Merdeka Stadium in the federal capital, said chief secretary to the government Dr Ali Hamsa.





    • Anonymous says:

      When I submitted the above again 2-3 minutes ago, it appeared.

      And found that the previous disappeared 2 comments also re-appeared.

      The Lord works in mysterious ways, they say.

      • Tee S Cee says:

        Biasa lah tu… You are free to express your views & opinions if you are governed by PR, if & ONLY IF your views are viewed by the party’s reviewers to be a view that will make others view PR in the correct viewing light. If you wanna criticize, I will issue you a gag order if you’re party member. If you’re a member of the press, I ban you from all functions. If you’re a member of the public, I will call you buta huruf/stupid/idiot/moron/dungu/suku kia*

        * Please delete whichever that is not applicable or substitute with your own degrading & insulting word(s)

  11. Eagle says:

    The oppo devoid of any solid excuses to oppose or provide better any better off ideas as the govt is good on fulfilling all levels of rakyat need, falls back on street march, hate spewing, personal attack and jabbing at sensitive issues – true or false?

  12. Mangkuk says:

    Eagle, doing things properly take a lot of effort. Who from opposition want to work hard ? The simple way is demonstration while they siphon money from states.

    Never since merdeka opposition have a record of defend Malaysian. Never…. Theirs more on personal struggle like today for Shamsidar. Shamsidar who?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me off topic again but wish to share with you 2 comments in MalaysiaToday.com which are very current hot topic:

    New Straits Times says Dang Wangi police chief Assistant Commissioner Zainuddin Ahmad said –

    On the rally, Zainuddin said as of 1pm, police estimated that there were about 20,000 to 25,000 inside Stadium Merdeka, here, while about 15,000 to 20,000 were gathering outside.

    “The stadium’s security officers and organisers had closed the stadium’s door temporarily. They are managing the seating of the crowd inside to allow more to come in,” he said.

    So, by Police estimates, 30,000 people? 40,000 tops?

    What happens to the “1 million” Pakatan Rakyat said they wanted at the 112 Rally?

    And on the rally day itself 10:08AM Jan 12, 2013, Malaysiakini already revised the figure to one tenth that figure – they say

    “100,000 at Stadium Merdeka for ‘Uprising’ rally”.

    The rakyat didn’t rise? They couldn’t get even 100,000 to rise? Only their coxx rise? Did the BOOBS especially gurbuk singh rise?

    Maybe the Police were already liberal in their estimates of 40,000 “risers”.

    Habis lah Anwar. His also won’t rise. Looks like he’ll have to retire after PRU13 like he said he would if PR loses. One million asked, only 40,000 turned up, how?

    • anon says:

      Are the protestors really genuine come-by-own-expenses or sponsored with buses and hotels to boot?

      Does those present really knows why they are there or for what cause?

      What are the oppo fighting for anyway?
      Always creating non issues to fish for votes.
      Are they really preaching for us rakyat, or for theirs and family’s political seats?

      Economy all well taken care off by BN Govt. Education (BN Govt) is almost free(books as well). Healthcare(BN govt) is almost free. Jobs also aplenty(and more than enough to spare for foreign workers including illegal ones). Business opportunities abound (including for foreigners-look at Masjid India, Medan Pasar, Kotaraya, Pasar Besar Selangor. It seems like buyers are now buying from mostly foreign traders there). There is enough for everyone including kampung people(particularly the 1st and 2nd generation oil palm settlers whom are definitely living better off than their counterparts in the city- sustained income of plus minus Rm5k pm while Felda fully take care of their palm estate with foreign workers. Where would they be now if the ingenious Felda scheme hadn’t existed?). Worldwide basis, we are a respected country and a model of successful Muslim country (alongside with other faiths)

      Now can the oppo really emulate BN’s achievement?
      Or match genuine commitment to rakyat?
      Look at what is happening in Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan, rakyat’s welfare wise. (At all levels of rakyat-not only the higher end or developer end)

      Are the protestors been taken for a ride?

      • Funniman says:

        Malaysia kini reported:
        4.24pm: Those outside the stadium begins to leave.
        The people, mostly in yellow and green, are walking away from the stadium and heading towards Jalan Maharajarela. (Before Anwar ended his sppech)

        The Star live coverage:
        3.55pm: Some people are beginning to leave the stadium, while others are staying on to listen to PAS president Hadi Awang, who has just started speaking. (And before Anwar started)

        Malaysia Kini on this rally:
        Where were the rest of the non-Malays?

        The answers are obvious….

        • Anonymous says:

          There’s a good write up titled “KL112: Where were the rest of the non-Malays?” at http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/218761.

          This one is free – don’t have to subscribe etc to read.

          The Oppo hippo blog itself realizes the huge Oppo problem.

          • anon says:


            orang lain yang di tunggang,
            (dan bawak anak kecil dan baby pulak tu )

            yang untung(kalau lah adaaa) duduk rumah selesa jee tunggu hasil…..

            this may be the biggest proxy event of the year


  14. linpehkong says:

    This is a slap in the face of the idiot leaders of F$%$katan Rakyat.
    How come all these leaders The old goat, Kapala Pusingh, LKSai, butt man are at the gathering and they can only muster 40000 people,
    The people are disillusioned now that they know what these clowns stand for.

    • Bruce Fam says:

      I believe today rally is a failure for Pakatan for the following: 1) less than 5 percent of the boasted 1 million 2) 95 percent are Malay ie PAS Taliban hardcore members 3) this means DAP members and Chinese are boycotting this rally despite the presence of Lim KS, Kalpal, Ambiga, Bar Council President? Anti Lynas, Green blue and everybody, ver few Chinese and Indians. Compare with Kotor 3, close to 200,000 people. So Pakatan in summary, is in big trouble and Mat Sabu you you and your partners fail miserably. Last May Ummo alone rally at BUKIT Jalil exceeded 120,000 people. No wonder PM Najib is smiling.

      • Anonymous says:

        Agree with you on practically all, except “Kotor 3, close to 200,000 people.”

        Nowhere near 200,000, mate. That’s the figure near Ambiga’s 250,000 and Anwar’s 300,000, ridiculously high bloated ones.

        The Police said only 25,000. And they have static cameras on tall buildings including their own Bukit Aman Police tall building, the Dewan Badar Raya multi-storey building etc, PLUS mobile cameras on helicopters moving around during the rally.

        And they have their Anti-Riot Unit for ages, trained and experienced in estimating crowds. That’s their bread and butter, they must know how to estimate crowds because of the possibility of such crowds turning riotous any time a few blokes start being nasty, like Anwar Al Juburi giving the hand signals.

        So, 25,000 they were. No such mad estimates like Malaysiakini saying the Pasar Seni car park could accomodate 10,000 people. No, not even if packed like sardines or lying down one on top of the other, with Anwar on top of every one!

  15. Zendra says:

    Only 40,000?
    That’s bad for PR. Najib should call for election now since PR is so weak now. What are you waiting, Najib.
    Photo in Malaysian insider shows the stadium was empty!

  16. 1India says:

    The DAP definitely did not live on fresh air and sunshine since 1968 !

  17. anon says:

    whatlah had these PR leaders…

    rolling out merdeka rhetorics desecrating the historical Merdeka Stadium

    and such an irony too, considering their international allegiance.

    Are we able to stay merdeka, past GE 13?

  18. Abdullah 37 says:

    Money. Money. Money. brings out the crowds !

  19. Funniman says:

    PR supporters are super confident of their leaders. They do not need to come…even if they don’t vote, their leaders will still win hands down. Their support base is extremely strong….Penang Chinese, Kelantan Malay and the Christian groups.
    Even when it is 40,000/1000000 ( 4%) of the target rally,no worries, some one will vote PR somehow in someway.

  20. anaksabah says:

    DAP stinks high heaven !

  21. Mangkuk says:

    Where the non-malays?

    They’re there ,off course as jockey for PAS Malays stupid horse stable.

    DAP only need only one shepherd to herds those stupids Taliban goats of course with beard. Allah is the shepherd according to LGE. PAS believe it!

  22. anon says:

    actually, it may not be the number of attendees that participated in the gathering at the stadium.

    Its the cause they are pushing for.

    What cause are they fighting for anyway?

    Based on the profile of attendees, they have been well taken care off, are they not?
    (including the children attendees)

    Just benchmark our country to the rest in Southeast Asia, and just rejoice how blessed we are…

    apa nak ubah ubah….
    those calling for ubah ubah should look at their own backyard
    ubah their own party first (instead of just election result)

  23. Indiawallah says:

    Please LGE do not turn the Pearl of the Orient into a concrete jungle like Singapore !

  24. Zendra says:

    Yes, have the GE13 now. Tan Sri Muhyiddin says BN is stronger and stronger now. Palanivel says the indian are back to MIC.
    What are you waiting, Najib?
    come man, PR is weak now. Attack them!!

  25. Zendra says:

    Anyway, we dont need the Indian votes. They and their pariah Hindraf can go back to India. Like the Chinese, they are the useless kaum pendatang. Datuk Najib, please hold the GE13 as soon as possible. Anwar and his comrades only managed to get 40k people for their latest rally. An obvious sign that their pact is cracking.

  26. funniman says:

    “Anyway, we dont need the Indian votes. They and their pariah Hindraf can go back to India. Like the Chinese, they are the useless kaum pendatang. Datuk Najib, please hold the GE13 as soon as possible. Anwar and his comrades only managed to get 40k people for their latest rally. An obvious sign that their pact is cracking”

    These are the words of pro DAP propaganda. Pakatan Raayat do not need Indians and Chinese votes. Hindraf got screwed big time by PKR & DAP. It is the Indian members who fight against DAP elections results calling a re elections.

    Barisan Nasional NEVER said these words. BN is for everybody. BN practise inclusive leadership unlike DAP.

    • Calvin Sankaran says:

      Barisan Nasional ONLY said they want to soak the keris with BLOOD!
      correct me if I am wrong.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bloody wrong. You are using Calvin’s name – he has complained about it before. Just like the bloke using Zendra’s name.

        It’s bastards like you who want to create trouble, bring about ill will and bad racial feelings, spreading malicious and seditious rumours. The kind that caused the 13 May 1969 race riots.

        Read the comments to the previous post on comments like yours – probably also written by you. You ought to be dragged to Kamunting under ISA – or under the ISA replacement laws now that ISA has been repealed. You seditious and subversive buggers.

      • funniman says:

        Were you around when May13 started?
        Did you witnessed what DAP did in the political funeral along Chow Kit Road?

        I did. I was there. I watched it from the overhead bridge in Chow Kit Road itself. Did you know what those DAP supporters were chanting? Don’t even try to instigate racial sentiments.

        As a Chinese, I felt too shameful to state it here.

      • Anonymous says:

        still calling yourself Calvin Sankaran. don’t you have your own name ? you are indeed shameless !

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