DAP Ubah Style – Ubah The Results!

make_your_vote_countThat’s what happens when the DAP starts horsing around.  All the Gangnam parody and all the poking fun at the Barisan Nasional has now fall flat.

The comedy of errors over its party elections manipulation has now become a national issue.

A purported mistake in the vote count – revealed only after 19 days – has now pushed Zairil Khir Johari, the blue-eyed boy of Lim Guan Eng – into the 20 elected central executive committee posts.

The purported error has been blamed on the returning officer and even Microsoft Excel has been blamed.

But everyone knows that the DAP was under pressure to put a Malay candidate into the CEC.

So from the 39th spot, Zairil has now been placed on the 20th position!

This comes from a party that shouts about transparency in the electoral system.

Maybe Ambiga should hold a protest outside the DAP headquarters to demand a clean-up of the DAP’s voting method.

In fact, any decent party would have held a fresh election!

If the DAP cannot even conduct a decent party polls, one must then question how can the DAP be entrusted to run bigger things?

The party polls smacks of rigging, manipulation and tempering by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng to push his boy into the CEC.

It’s a disgrace because there are others like Ahmad Ton, a veteran, and Zulkifi from Penang, who deserves to be into the CEC.

Why should Zairil –a newcomer with no track record – be accorded this special privilege!

So we now know that what DAP is capable of when they talk about Ubah DAP Style – it’s Ubah The DAP results!

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94 Responses to DAP Ubah Style – Ubah The Results!

  1. Ugly Betty says:

    Very-very weird lah. How come the “error” was only “discovered” after the party was severely criticized for not having an elected Malay?

    Count also don’t know ah? Then how to govern whole country?

    Also another very weird one, how come “error” only affects Zairil but never affect LKS or LGE? For over 40 years LGE voted as emperor of DAP, never got “error” one ah?

    • JasOne says:

      Hello where is the Bersih organiser. Hello Ambiga dan Pak Samad Bahlol. Where in the world got election result audit took 19days to verify for only 1800 votes. If Zairil votes error is 500 in different then other CEC candidate counting also change.

      I AM NOT STUPID. 1800 votes audit took 19 days see how slow those bastard works. Next time don’t do delegates voting. Just put up the list an announce. At least it save members money. Hello is that possible that LKS; LGE, KS and his son votes also being UBAH.

      • kiasu says:

        Tokong probably instructed that poor officer to just ubah ngam ngam just to make Zairil malay celup into no. 20 position.

        Tokong made sure not to ubah ngeh ngeh so that the no. 19 position which is held by Ngeh Ho Kam the Jutawan Balak Investor is not affected, otherwise the Jutawan would get upset.

        But to push Zairil to no. 20 must ubah and tambah 500 votes. 500 yeah 500 not 5 or 50 so said the poor officer. Tokong probably said he dont care how, just do it, just make sure Zairil got no. 20 by hook or by crook.

        The poor officer did it by hook and Tokong then fired him by crook.

        Haiya, Ubah DAP manyak belsih….manyak tipu maa

      • Dunggu says:

        If they take over SPR, it will take full 5 years to complete the vote counting for whole nation!!

      • anonymous says:



    • Equalizer says:

      I fell out of my chair laughing when I read the report that after 19 days , they have found out the ” mistake ” and promote Tokong Lim’s donkey from 39th place to 20th.so as to be a CEC member.

      The greatest party election joke of the century. This make many DAP members cry with laughter even at coffee shop.

      Tokong Lim, you are a “God of Manipulation”. Congrats.

      Please do this for me Tokong Lim. Only you can do it.

      My youngest son is always doing very bad in class at Form 2 .Always around 38th position in C class (3rd class from A lah you idiot)

      Please change his school record so as to promote him to the TOP 20 in A class. Make sure is A class eh… Only you can do it even after many many days as told by many of my friends in coffee shops.

      For your help, I will dedicate 3 songs to you, Mr. Tokong Lim.

      “ONLY YOU”, ” THE SNAKE KING” & “BLACK MAGIC WOMAN”. Oops, sorry Black Magic Man.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hohoho, best joke of the century!
        EQ, I fell out of my bed and the jaw of my UBAH Bird dropped until can,t laugh anymore!!

      • Farid says:

        The mistake was genuine, although not a very forgiving one. But to claim that DAP has engineered it just to get a Malay elected into its CEC is moronic. If DAP had wanted that, they could have done it in a more refined way.

        Of course, Gerakan may say that it was an afterthought given the criticism levelled against the DAP delegates for not electing a single Malay when the results were announced.

        I think DAP as a party would probably accept the criticism but certainly not to the extent to change the election results just to accommodate the criticism.

        Apparently Gerakan and the rest of BN have never learned the principle of lying. If you lie, you need another lie to cover the earlier lie, and soon enough you can’t keep track of which is which.

        What DAP has done, no matter how painful, is the correct way to go.

        • Anonymous says:

          oh boy. it is because the DAP can’t do it in a more refined way that they have had to wait for so long to come up with such a script. and what a bad script.

        • anonymous says:

          how sure are we the “mistake” is genuine

          or ever if there is any “mistake” at all

          can any 3rd or independant party validate this

          ngam ngam pulak malayu celup naik pulak

    • PW says:

      Black eye for Tokong. Time to put another plaster on his head.

    • Anonymous says:

      It shows DAP got guts to make amend.

      That’s the true spirit of Ubah.

      That’s why we should support DAP!

      • Anonymous says:

        you amend the wrong way. now the people know they must UBAH. they know they must UBAH PR. they know they must reject PR.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why should Zairil –a newcomer with no track record – be accorded this special privilege?

    Because he is a Chinese pretending to be a Malay lah. The anti-Malay and anti-Islam DAP can exploit him to the maximum to give the impression they have a Malay in the CEC etc.

    • Farid says:

      Why then should Ridhuan Tee be getting bumi privileges?

    • Calvinsankaran says:

      being a normal malay is perfectly fine. being a Dumno malay has the privilege of being perceived as lazy, stupid and greedy.
      Always harping and riding on others’ hard work.

      • anonymous says:

        there you go again
        the alarrogantthinking

        macam dia saja hardwork
        always putting others down

        problem is that they have not seen closely who does the hard work allover

  3. Me, A Reader.. says:

    PKR had it own internal cabang and ranting elections. We saw chairs flying around, gangsters from rivals clashing, departure of Zaid, blue-eyed boy ice-cream fellow elected as no 2, rigged ballots paper and such mockeries happened.

    PAS = No money, no religion craps!

    Now with this DAPigs selection with wrong count issues?

    Yepp. You got it right, STL. Blamed it on that Excel!!

    Hell, blame it on UMNO and BN coz they never teach DAPigs morons on how to use Excel.

    Zairil? Malay candidate?

    Which part of his DNA showing that he is a Malay?

    You guys know what?

    I had a field day last nite whacking those that I know from DAPigs during our teh tarik session. Both of them simply looks like idiots peringkat GABAN for this blunders.

    Cakap sahaja lebih. Komplen macam bagoss sangat yg BN tu tak boleh pakai. Baru menang 1 kali GE, dah keluaq macam2 skandal and sheer stupidity tahap dewa!

    Let me see what idiots comment those DAPigs troopers about my posting. Nak tukar topic, deviate from subject lagi ka? Or hit and run 1 liner?

  4. Funniman says:

    Did I post last time ” So clever, why don’t they organise the elections?”
    2 phrase in my mind for them ” Still wet behind the ears”, “Out of their depths”

  5. forrestcat says:

    Maybe this is how apek do their acounting, hide things and fabricate data.

    • kiasu says:

      Now we know how the Ubah DAP top three, Tokong’s Father, Tokong and Taubat Singh got the highest votes….ubah gangnam style.

      Ubah 500 votes and then Tokong just meekly apologized. Wtf this racist hypocrite party!

  6. Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

    The Directive Action Party. all it takes is a directive from the top and everything and anything changes.

  7. man on da street says:

    Dap ubah kepala bapak mereka lah, maybe nak ubah otak orang melayu tak mau nak ubah bolih lah. Jangan nak main drama konon salah kira. Dah kena expose parti dapigs babi ni yang memang chauvinistic, tiba tiba pulak si anak khir ni bolih menang. Khir johari who? si kaki botol dan isteri beliau yang mengamalkan hidup sebagai orang melayu islam? Ye ke? Biar betul bro. Sapa si anak khir ni kepada si failed accountant lim guan eng anak lelaki lim kit siang? Awat tak kasi ngan si professor bahlul melayu dalam dapigs tu menang ,salah kira undi, instead ? Jikalau ada local standing, si bahlul professor memang ada jawatan tinggi dalam dapigs, tiba tiba pulak si bahlul anak (si khir ni yang ada scandal ngan murid sekolah , sewaktu jawatan menteri , ada buku pun, orang lama UMNO tau lah ) bolih menang. Hairan bin ajaib.! Woi parti babi DAP , Pergi le melalak kat SPRM untuk ubah sistem pilihanraya supaya setiap pemilihan parti PKR, PAS dan juga DAP di pantau olih SPRM sebelum mau kritik orang lain. Dah komunis tu komunis lah jugak. Padan muka kepada semua orang melayu yang bersekongkolkan ngan mereka ni. Mana ketua pembangkang, ketua murSHITdul am, ketua menyampaikan fatwa haram yang kechut teloq pabila di cabar sekian ulamak untuk muncul dalam tv bersama. Jawab jangan tak jawab, !

    • Anonymous says:

      a bad movie. a bad movie because of a bad script. and the actors, they are bad actors. Zairil a Malay ? oh come one. when his mother married Khir Johari this Zairil, he was already another man’s son. this Zairil fella is Khir Johari’s stepson. he has no Malay blood at all. in short this Zairil is a fraud. a phony Malay.

  8. Funniman says:


    Even Pakatan Raayat controlled media shoot DAP.
    The cracks are showing.

    • man on da street says:

      Funniman says:
      January 5, 2013 at 10:37 am

      Even Pakatan Raayat controlled media shoot DAP.
      The cracks are showing.—

      The cracks are not showing in all their postings towards that shamble. The are being apologetics, towards their own party leaders. In fact they are not even angry, or even accepting it as a failure in their own party . They are just a loyal party dogs, not admitting to any wrongdoings! What if its other than the dapigs would have done it, then its a whole different scenario, the comments would have been universal. Thats what makes a big differrent being a lap dog to dapigs , they are blinded, race n being racists to the core. To them their masters can do no wrongs others would, my foot! Their masters are not corrupted, their masters are not hippocrates, their masters does not practice croynism, their lapdogs are fools, thats a fact!

    • Equalizer says:

      “DAP PRESS OWN BALLS !!! ” http://www.equalizer.com/news/218129

  9. ray says:

    By “electing” a pure chinese masquerading as a Malay Muslim, DAP has sealed the FACT that they are a truly racist party.

    No more denial – confirm and double confirm RACIST to the core.

  10. Anonymous says:

    an open letter from PR to the voters for the upcoming 13th GE

    we PR have promised a lot. our promises :

    competency, accountability, transparency. free tolls. free water and electricity. Selangor and Kelantan water fiasco. free education. free housing. welfare state. 20% oil royalty for oil producing states. rebates for car purchases. equality for all races. clean and fair elections. freedom of expression, freedom of speech.

    what we PR have delivered so far :

    no competency, accountability, transparency. just look at the dealings of our elected reps. for instance Ngeh and Nga and the land controversy in Kelantan. we have yet to tell the people where Ngeh and Nga got their money to participate as investors in Upayapadu Plantations. and also until today, Nga has not properly explained the debacle that is Tailorgate.

    free tolls. so far still no free tolls.

    free water and electricity. what hoax ! 700 Shah Alam residents filed suits against us for our empty promises of providing free water.

    Selangor and Kelantan water fiasco. Selangor is already in the midst of a water crisis. the KL city center and Gombak had already experienced water disruptions. in Kelantan no clean water for the villagers of Kampung Petaling, Bunut Payung, Kampung Che Wan, Bechah Batu Besar, Kampung Dalam Gelap, Kampung Telekong Baru and Kampung Ulu Geh.

    free education. Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has admitted that Universiti Selangor (Unisel) is facing debt woes for several years.
    He said the tuition fees paid were not enough to pay outstanding hostel maintenance and operation costs to Jana Niaga Sdn Bhd (JNSB) as Unisel had to pay rental even during semester breaks.
    “The state government has told Unisel to focus on university operations and not to worry about the payment,” he told reporters after launching the state-level Tadarus and Tadabbur programme here Sunday.
    He was commenting on Selangor Barisan Nasional deputy chairman Datuk Noh Omar’s claim that Unisel owed almost RM15 million to JNSB, which was responsible for developing and managing hostel facilities at the university’s main campus in Bestari Jaya, Kuala Selangor.
    It was alleged that Unisel did not pay the company maintenance fees for 17 months and payment for hostels managed by JNSB for eight months.

    free housing. nothing so far.

    welfare state. single mothers in Selangor suing the state government for failure to pay them RM100 a month since April 2008.

    20% oil royalty for oil producing states. this one is a non starter. how can we say we are going to pay them 20% since we’re not even in the government ?

    rebates for car purchases. this is also a non starter. how can we say we are going to give rebates since we’re not even in the government ?

    equality for all races. The DAP elected a overwhelmingly Chinese CEC. if at party level we have such an outcome, who knows what’s its going to look like at federal level.

    clean and fair elections. look at our party elections. the PKR elections of 2010 and the DAP elections of 2012. we failed on both counts.

    freedom of expression and freedom of speech. when Tunku Aziz said he’s opposed to Bersih 3.0, our great leader comrade Lim Guan Eng chastised him. gag orders. suing newspapers if they dared to write stuff we don’t like.

    and our rivals the BN have thus far given the people :

    BR1M 1.0 and 2.0. PR1MA. 1Malaysia Clinics. Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia. 1Malaysia Youth Fund. hottest IPO scene for 2012. 5% GDP growth. Felda windfall for Felda settlers, RM1.68 billion. RM100 billion in investment achieved for Iskandar Malaysia. abolishing ISA. ! gold 1 silver at the Olympics. ETP. GTP. and so many more.

    we plead to the people. please vote for us in the coming 13th GE. please vote for us. we are just asking for 5 years as the federal government. please people.

    why ? because the BN government’s various programs for the people and nation will start to produce the results if you the people let the BN rule this nation for another 5 more years. in fact, a significant number of the BN government’s programs have already produced the desired results. 5 more years of BN rule and we PR will have no hope, no chance of ruling this country.

    yes we PR are desperate. who’s not ? we have the 13th GE coming up soon. please people. vote for us PR. vote PR to save PR. please people. please.

    • anonymous says:


      thanks for the long well prepared text

      Oppo cakap pandai
      tohmah pandai

      tapi buat kosong

      end of the day,its the intention that counts
      do you think that they have well meaning intention for all of us rakyat?

    • Gempak says:

      BN is desperate, that’s why DPM has proposed to increased BR1M to RM1000.

      • Anonymous says:

        you are getting desperate here. DPM never said anything about increasing BR1M to RM1000. it was Lim Kit Siang who insinuated that BR1M should be increased to RM1000.
        oi budak ! kalau tak pandai putar belit, pergi belajar dahulu. nak bohong pula kat sini.

  11. UbahResults says:

    1. Just 1800 votes and they cant count correctly….so expect them to get it correctly for millions of votes?
    2. Normally after votes counting, they will need to counter check that everything is right before announcing the results…do they do it?
    3. If they dont do a counter check on the results or tally with the number of votes….how reliable is the voting process?
    4. Fine, error was detected on the very next day, why not announce about it and take an immediate action or hold a re-election again? Why wait after the hu-ha on the Malay candidates only announce the error? Eating so many fishes on that day I guess.
    5. So rocket supporters…..dont you feel that they serve too much fishes to the delegates or you have eaten a lot of fishes but refuse to admit it?????
    6. So do we know which will be better choice….a fishy angel which is unknown or a better devil that you know????

    • anonymous says:

      maybe they serve kambing/sheep

      the sheep’s wool can be reused mah to cover the wolves while doing their nomal camouflage works

  12. Bruce Fam says:

    Ubah CEC election results DAP style. Bunch of incompetent assholes. My son can orgainse a class monitor election better. DAP like Lim KS and his son Lim GE only know how to talk big, criticise but when implementing themselves all kosong. How can a simple election like this can go wrong? The only remedy is all the unelected CEC members to resign and call for a fresh election maybe EC official to supervise. This election results null and void because of this a serious mistake and the only Honorable thing is to order a new election. Period.

    • linpehkong says:

      Great idea — the only proper thing to do is to null and void the last election and then get EC to help them do the next poll. If not these bungling idiots will do it and get it all wrong again. Now we wonder about past elections. Maybe that Tokong guy was never even had the vote the last election.

    • Equalizer says:

      Bruce Fam,
      Please don’t praise them by calling them to do a fresh election. 1800 votes and they can’t do it properly. What accounting graduate do they have there??? My Form 2 son can do better, with both eyes closed.

      From a 39th position, can jumped to 20th position after 19 days of checking and recounting. They must have at least 500 millions votes to recount.

      The only honourable thing to do is for Tokong Lim, Big Shit Lim and Karpal Link to resign and stop playing politics. SHAME OF THE CENTURY.

  13. linpehkong says:

    Biggest joke of the century. Vote count out not by single or double digits — the count is out by multiple times. Easy to explain it by saying error.
    How many votes were there in total — was it done manually or else how were they done.
    That ugly witch Ambiga -ous she send in bersih and clean out the dirtiest election in the history of Malaysian history.
    And they bitch about the EC when they have to count ten of million of votes.
    Lets hope this shed some light into the mind of those DAP worshiping idiots. Maybe they are blind and deaf – so no amount of light, sound will help.

  14. Anonymas says:

    “DAP Ubah Style”


    “even Microsoft Excel has been blamed”

    Haaaaaaaahahahaha oh god

    Thank you STL for bringing a smile to my face this Saturday afternoon. Just 1800++ ballot paper only, they can make a huge margin of error? How dare they criticize E.C. which deals with millions of ballot paper, with witnessed and confirmed counting of votes? (Very tedious process, lot of manpower needed). The staff in charge is also sacked? Is this a means of cover-up?

  15. m.gandhi says:

    Stop the Lies ! Read the Financial Times London’s Gillian Tett ‘Chinese Lessons For America’ today. Saturday 4 January 2013. She proposed the melding of the Chinese meritocratic and the American democratic systems in governance.

    Her proposal is precisely what the BN as led by the UMNO has been PRACTISING since 1957 as opposed to the PR’s proposed governance which apes Lee Kuan Yew failed policies and failed Singapore after 54 years of one man rule with a starred Double First in Law from the University of Cambridge and probably a Third Class in the Bar Finals London.

    We do not need a genius to be the Prime Minister – only just a normal person like us.

    The moment the BN as led by the UMNO reverts to normality, Malaysia will bounce back for its Rakyat and we Malaysians will stand proud, tall and strong.

    We do not need a CHANGE in government to do this. We do not need the PR

    What we need is that DAP, PAS and PKR to join the BN as led by the UMNO to be recognised that the BUMIPUTRAS as unique in history together with all Malaysians so that the spirit of compassion, tolerance and accommodation resonates across the world to the benefit of Humankind even for the embattled Palestinians, Syrians and the Israelis.

    There is nothing we can learn from Lee Kuan Yew and the DAP. What our beloved parents taught us is more important !

  16. Tee S Cee says:

    Ambiga, Pak Samad, Maria Chin, Haris Ibrahim & their ills should now organize BERSIH 4.0 in front of KOMTAR & at all state DAP HQ.

    On another note, a few years back, some DAP leaders talked about bringing Chin Peng back to the country. Today at Datuk Kanang’s wake DAP leaders Ching Chien Jen, Wong Kim Wei; Christina Chiew & a few others I don’t recognize paid their last respect to a man who fought the commies CP led in an almost 3 decade long insurgency. If I had my way, those two faced DAP traitors should have been barred from even approaching the hall where the hero lays in state.

  17. JasOne says:

    DAP really fcuk up this round. Why is Zairil so special? Can some one please pull a piece of his hair and do a DNA test. Who know he might be from Lim Dynasty also. Otherwise why want to change the result. DAP delegates must be the stupidies people ever live on earth. Why the DAP delegates never demand a fresh election.

    I never trust all those DAP leader. Now people are talking that Ngeh Who is owning almost 99.99% shares of Upayapadu Plantation Sdn Bhd is paying RM31.5 million for the shares purchase. If it’s true then where the he’ll he got the money to buy cash. Toyogate only RM3.5 million with RM3.0 million HSBC housing loan that also after becoming MB for 6 years. Ngeh only been an EXCO for a few months but is alleged to pay RM31.5 million cash. DAP should ask for Royal Commission to be set up to clear Ngeh and DAP reputation. Ngeh have to come clean to explain this allegation.

    BN politician sleeping already ka. Korek; korek korek

  18. shanmugam says:

    In an act of magnanimity, the MCA President should personally invite Khairil Khir Johari, a honourable and highly principled gentleman, to be his Special Advisor (General Duties). He is now a rose amongst the thorns. And further magnanimity should be shown by inviting Tunku Abdul Aziz (Specialised Duties) to be a Special Advisor too. By these acts, the MCA has thrown open its books to scrutiny by taking on board 2 of Malaysia’s illustrious sons.

    • A says:

      Tunku Abdul Aziz called Malaysia’s illustrious son OK. Zairil, naaaaaaaah. He was not even Khir Johari’s son. Khir married his mother when he was 8 years old.

      Contrary to what you said, he is now a thorn among the factions that are torn! There must have been sabotage among members of the various factions in DAP causing havoc to counting only 1,800 votes!

      • Calvinsankaran says:

        But Umno and MCA dont even dare to have party election.

        • Ahmad Fadzil says:

          You are such an idiot. UMNO and MCA are just postponing their party election. They already announcing long time ago. You said like both UMNO and MCA never hold any party election before. Go back and read more lah. Dun buat malu yourself only. Now you beloved party DAP can’t even to hold proper election with only 1800 casting votes. 500 votes miscount? It means more than 30% errors and it took 19 days to find out!!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Aiyo, UMNO and MCA dah tukar tiga ke empat Presiden, Dap?
          Lim Kit Siang and Kapal tak retired lagi walaupun sudah cecah 70!
          Kira 1800 undi pun tak pandai!! Pandai sabo dan Kritik Babi buta aje..

        • Servant of God says:

          You are an impostor using Calvinsankaran’s name.

          My fellow Rakyat, please see that this is how PR does things, through lies, deception and falsehood.

          Reject these people. Reject PR.

  19. Nenek LGE says:

    Cucu Aku,
    You kan dah jadi Tokong. Kelulusan cucua AKAUNTAN pulak., you know, I am so proud of him!
    Tapi, Nenek ‘percaya’ ini mesti sobataj UMNO or MCA or SPR or PDRM or MACC and/or all of them!!
    Tapi, Cucu Aku, why you take 19 HARI untuk kira undi tak sampai 2 ribu??
    Belum lagi 200 ribu!!
    Kena mintak cucu ambil kelas tuisyen Matematik dan jugak Microsoft Excel, tau!!

    P/S: KitSiang, anak u ni buat malu la Dinasti Lim biaDAP..

  20. shanmugam says:

    OK Mr A! I respect your comments. In diverse Malaysia, beauty should only be skin deep ? Hence, the success of the BN as led by the UMNO !

  21. ray says:

    Oh my! Scandals after scandals hitting both DAP and PAP. Power, money and sex will always be the downfall of arrogant and incompetent men.

  22. Anonymous says:

    If the results could have such a big change from 39th to 20th spot, what is there not to suspect about the entire results? Those DAPpigs screaming and joining the bersih rally should just drown themselves.

  23. ProBN says:

    If Zairil has gained 500 votes more than what was previously counted, these 500 must have come from somewhere…..which means others in the CEC would have less votes and may even affect their position in the top 20. So, why is it that no DAPigster is DEMANDING a re-election (not a recount) be held because it seems to me the results are already tainted. But then again, this is DAP…anything is possible if the Tokong says so!!! Memang CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN!!! Orang-orang Melayu yang menyapu bontot DAPig ni mesti buka mata dan gunakan otak!

  24. JasOne says:

    So next time you see Ambiga; Maria Chin; Pak Samad Bahalol and any of Bersih supporters please remember to show them your Middle Finger.

    To DAP members it’s not that your leaders want to cheat you but it’s just that you are not clever enough. In other word you are plain stupid. If the vote count changes by 500 or about 30% then it’s very obvious that other CEC votes also change already. Just swallow it as you are just plain stupid. I am not smart but I never believe DAP

    • Equalizer says:

      Nicely put JasOne. The trouble is that these plain stupid fellows think that they are very smart like their Tokong Lim.

      So all of them are equal in DAP, just “PLAIN STUPID”.

  25. anonymous says:

    keadilan also got such issues, did they not?

    Can we get the Bersih zombies to sit in front of both their doors, with moonlight , candelight, street or whatheverlike parade?

  26. anonymous says:

    why the recount only now?

    some theory has it that it is meant to sway attention from the Kelantan big land gift issue

    BTW what happened to it?
    Any internal inquiry or somethinglike that yet?

  27. MalaysiaTakKini says:

    Possible statement from ….to LGE&LKS :
    CSL : Now, Shame on you !
    Teng Chang Kim : OMG !
    LKS’s nightmare : Set up RCI !! Ahh.. Oops sorry..
    LGE’s nightmare : I will sue you !
    DSAI : Ini semua konspirasi UMNO !

    • linpehkong says:

      There was a statement from that senile LKSai.
      He boldly pronounced that this was a “salutary lesson and reminder to party leaders and to always remain honest and humble”.
      Reminds me of the conmen working around hospital and eventually end up cheating the relatives of critically ill patients. The worse kind of all – pretending to be out there to help and do good but having one and only one intention — to enrich himself.
      Remember Mr Chen Sui Bian (Ah Bian) of Taiwan. Was a human rights lawyer, ask people to think of him as a humble person. Got shot without even knowing he was shot to get sympathy votes.

  28. shanmugam says:

    The DAP does not know how to count manually ! And they want to ape Lee Kuan Yew with his starred Double First Law degree from the University of Cambridge and probably a Third Class in the Bar Finals London who is the more than 50 year one man ruler of Singapore which is now a runaway failure as compared to Malaysia’s runaway success in human terms over the same period. The hare and the tortoise !

  29. linpehkong says:

    It takes a thieve to know a thieve, that is why biaDAP and PKR

  30. PW says:

    Want to share this comment of reader from RPK’s blog. So funny and real…..

    Hahahah so funny la this DAP. Non of Malay candidate successful in the election vote and everybody attack DAP saying that DAP in only for Lim Dynasty and not Open Door for Malay. And all the sudden after 2 weeks later Malay candidate got win because there is a mistake or technical glitch ? WTF ? What you think Malay are stupid meh ? Why after 2 week ? its not 20,000 vote. its only 2000 vote. How come DAP election committee didnt do the double checking of the voting result after all you said you are better fit and BERSIH for the election. Even your own election with only 2000 vote you cannot handle and make mistake…how you want us rakyat to believe on you Pakatan? Dont fool us as we are born yesterday. You guys keep attacking EC and now you in your own face make mistake even though you admit your mistake but it show to rakyat how not capable you are to conduct even a small election. Its ashame for DAP and PAKATAN. Next time like Malay said …Jaga Tepi Kain Sendiri Dulu dari Sibuk-Sibuk Jaga EC…and dont talk cock when you yourself are not perfect and far from it. Hey Mr Karpal…i wanna ask you…why i took almost 3 week to rectified or double check the election result when the total vote only around 2000? You said this dont have hidden agenda ? Haiya….blind people also can see la this. Simply DONT LIE and STOP LIE. The key is simple…just to bring Malay inside the system so that you can stop people from saying DAP only for crony …lim dynesty…..and not for Malay or Malay tiada tempat di dalam DAP. Now when this happen…PROBLEM SOLVE. Elected those lose to the committee and maintain those win also in committee and ask those resign to withdraw resignation and back to the office because he look honest in action. Hahahah what a drama. By the Mr… That elected guy is not 100% Malay and You Think we Malay really believe on this ? Hahaha we are not stupid.

  31. Tanpa Nama says:

    Tu lah penyokong DAP, kuat sangat copy and paste, sekarang copy and paste hasil election sendiri pun dah silap, MACAM MANA NI?

  32. Primary One says:

    Joke of the Year. DAP does not know how to count and want to rule Malaysia !

  33. linpehkong says:

    See how good these biaDAP are at twisting things around. Making big screw up is now strength and not weakness. Anwar denying his involvement in those video is cowardice – he should be strong enough to come out and admit that it was him — then he would be as strong as biaDAP. He should also admit that he has been entering in and out freely from the backdoor – then he will be hero in biaDAP’s eyes. They will then definitely come out and argue with PAS that Anwar must be PM or maybe even GOD/Allah.
    How can 2 trained lawyers and one failed accountant think that people are so stupid that they will accept any and all trash they dish out.

    They should now bring out all the ballots and get BN witnesses to sit and witness the count. Then and only then can the numbers be believed. But they will not do that because if they allow that, they will find that LKS and LGE were never #1 and #2.
    They did not only have a “Chai Tan” they had a committee already decide what numbers they wanted to put out there for the idiots biaDAP members to see. When there was complain that no Malays were elected — they had to redo number lah.

  34. Bruce Fam says:

    I am disappointed that Karpal was reported to say in the STAR that DAP did not need to call for fresh election. I hope STL can take case to ensure that the flawed CEC election be declared “null and void”. Similar call to those Bersih people like Ambiga, Pak Samad, Bar Council, ROS to seriously investigate this flawed election results for the following reasons:
    1) During this 2 weeks where were the election voting papers kept? Could somebody tamper, alter, add, subtract those voting papers?
    2) All the current CEC committee members are participants of this election, how can they decide on the election results without being prejudice. This is basic fairness and transparency. An independent party should be appointed by ROS or DAP delegates.
    3) How can the losers be sure that really lost or being cheated. Were they present when the re counting or tallying of votes were done?

    They are too much uncertainties in this election results and if DAP strong believe in CAT, they should declare this election null & void immediately and appoint a care taker committee to conduct the election. Failure to do so ROS must bring them to court and de-registered DAP. There is no 2 way about this.

    • Anonymous says:

      don’t get mad Bruce. get even. come election time, show them your power. vote these scums out.

    • linpehkong says:

      Agreed – unthinkable. I have been an observer in GE before and you sit there and roughly know the number of votes that goes to each candidate. When the tally comes out, they are close to what one observes. In this case, how come nobody said anything and there was not even a bit of suspicion – and then they found out 3 days later. I wonder how much that Victor guy was paid to allow the numbers to be changed against his favor. Otherwise if I were him I will scream my head off.
      And they blame Excel. Excel is only as smart and or as stupid as the party entering the input.
      And wonder of all wonders — how come excel was so smart as to only err in the result of exactly 2 people. And Excel also knew who was a Malay. If there was a error will not all the numbers be suspect?
      But easy for biaDAP to announce “here is MY FACT” — eat it all you idiots” and it is a pity that there are still many idiots lapping it all up gleefully. And as LKSai and Kapala PuSingh says, they are strong therefore they can do whatever they want.

  35. ExDAP says:





  36. Anonymous says:

    oh please lah DAP, dont play play.
    he could end up to be our next PM if roket win big.

  37. Evergreen Forest says:

    Are you sure there are no more land scandals perpetrated by the DAP gents ? 4 years is a long time for multiple scams.

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