DAP’s Politics of Vulgarity

We have seen the politics of hate, segregation, extremism, divisiveness and fanaticism.

Now we have the politics of vulgarity propagated by Pakatan Rakyat’s alliance, the DAP.

It is unfortunate and most unbecoming that DAP are condoning the culture of vulgarity to take its course.

The use of  filthy language when they urged Malaysians to castrate the 15 Members of Parliament from MCA in the coming general election (GE) is most uncalled for.

MCA Bentong Division Deputy Chairman Woong Choo Yak said the politics of immoral language shows the peak of DAP’s arrogance which must be criticized in no uncertain terms.

He said other than promoting the politics of hatred, DAP is only good at accusing and defaming MCA leaders and to instigate the rakyat to be angry and hateful of the government, whether for the right or wrong reasons.

This time, DAP’s behaviour has taken a turn for the worse when they openly use foul language to earn political capital.

DAP had misleadingly misuse the Pahang Menteri Besar  Adnan  Yaakob’s words of cutting his ears and jumping into the river in order to achieve their purpose, which is none other than to destroy the reputation of MCA Deputy President Liow TIong Lai.

Although Dr Adnan’s sentences were just a figure of speech, DAP continued to use crude language to attack Liow. This is pathetically ridiculous and DAP sinks to new lows.

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang and Secretary General Lim Guan Eng must apologize to all Malaysians, and promise that DAP members will never stoop so low as to using such lewd words to harm the political atmosphere of our nation.

It was reported in Chinese newspapers that the Ex-Publicity Chief of DAP i.e. Hew Kuan Yaw had uttered vulgar words on 11 Dec 2012. This had insulted MCA leaders and aggrieved all Malaysians, especially Bentong residents.

According to the residents who attended DAP’s ceramah, Hew had allegedly described himself as the President of the Movement to Cut Off Male Genitalia  and wanted to spay MCA’s MPs.

Simultaneously, Hew had allegedly deployed obscene gestures, reportedly saying that he wants to severe the reproductive organ of an MCA leader and all MPs, and that a woman leader does not have an organ which males have.

Sinking to further lows, Hew also said that he wanted to sponsor a  glass box with preservatives to store the ears of MCA MPs and reproductive organ and hold an open tender in Bentong.

Compared to Adnan’s ear cutting statement, DAP’s statement of chopping off reproductive organs is far more disgusting. DAP should reflect on themselves before they make any criticism.

I believe that this is the first time that someone stood on stage to represent the pride of the Chinese community of Bentong and uttered such degrading remarks.

MCA’s track record of serving Bentong versus DAP’s harmful tactics

For many years, MCA leaders hold a good track record of serving Bentong residents from Tan Sri Chan Siang Sun to Tan Sri Lim Ah Lek and now Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai. Each has continuously served Bentong electorates very well.

While MCA assists Bentong residents to obtain a better future, DAP has no contribution at all but uses dirty tactics to attack their opponents. On the other hand, DAP obeys PAS which intends to establish a theocratic state.

Typical Hew Kuan Yaw who denigrate others with obscenities

Hew is representation of DAP which harms the political culture of our country.
He had described SUPP state Assemblymen and MPs as orangutan, and the Kit Siang-Guan Eng clan had agreed with  him in using explicit strategies in order to help DAP at battle, which includes belittling Dato’ Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen’s name.

DAP’s dirty politics should be treated seriously by the media corp. Hew is not a superman. Labeling him as a rude person is to his honour as he is an epitome of bottomless vulgarity and impropriety.

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42 Responses to DAP’s Politics of Vulgarity

  1. Retro Blue says:

    If the story is true, I hope we will never see PAKATAN running the country. God save Malaysia.

    • ExDAP says:

      For the benifits of readers, please also read this article by syed, it shows the strong resembles of tactics by DAP to control and instill fear on dissidence.


    • Anonymous says:

      Due to the extremely corrupt system set in place by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia according to reliable independent sources, is said to have lost a mind-boggling RM871 billion from 2001 to 2010.

      If the same corrupt BN is given the mandate to rule the country for another five years up to 2018, it would be reasonable to assume that a similar or a larger amount would be lost from 2011 to 2018.

      Knowing all this, only an absolute idiot would be taken in by Najib’s talk and vote for BN.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seemingly, this is the advice Sharizat is giving to Ropiaah.
      Seemingly, before she boarded Malaysia One to head to the Land of the Rising Sun, the grapevine has it that FLAMBOYANT FLOM dared the MACC Mules to touch her two SIDEKICKS!
      Seemingly, its business as usual: “Let the rakyat eat cakes!”
      Seemingly, after this remark a head was lopped off.
      Seemingly, heads will roll…..whose….it’s becoming seemingly obvious.

  2. Anonymous says:

    PR parties are just doing things they learned from each other.
    Why bad things?It’s not like any of them has anything good inside, that’s why.

  3. Atok says:

    Memang DAP dah jadi sangat Cocky selepas menang besar dalam PRU12 dan di Sarawak.
    DAP dah take for granted orang Cina adalah FD bagi mereka.
    Sebagai balasan atau faedah, mereka akan hadiahkan sesuatu kepada masyarakat Cina :

    # budaya Hatred yang disemaikan, tanpa upayaan mengnilai fakta dan keadaan sebenar.
    # budaya agresif menuduh pihak agensi sebagai pesalah dahulu seperti yang berlaku kepada PDRM, SPR,MACC, hospital. Yang kemudian mereka sengaja memberi persepsi kerajaan BN gambaran yang buruk. Realitinya, kita mungkin tersalah pandang bahawa kes musnah Altar Hindu di Sepang adalah bukti DAP berdiam diri dan tidak berani memikul tanggungjawab bila benda yang sama terjadi di kawasan undi mereka yang berkuasa.
    # budaya biaDAP seperti yang disahkan oleh Tunku Aziz ini akan terus disebarkan Dan di’perkasakan’ kepada masyarakat Cina dan tidak hairanlah satu hari nanti Budaya Biadap akan jadi satu budaya baru kaum Cina di Malaysia. Kalau Cina mencarut, itulah adalah normal ?!?

    • Funniman says:

      To be honest, DAP big win is partly contributed by the Malays and Indians who backed Pakatan Raayat. The Malays were sick of the Umno cronies and the Sleepy head. The Indians were mislead by Hindraf. The Chinese did not support DAP 100%. But all were taken by the “sweet talk” and promises of the Opposition gang.

      Now that Najib and Co had reformed and changed things and they realised things in the past were wrong. This wake up call is very normal. After walking for 50 years, surely one or two would deviate a bit.

      I feel very lucky that BN was not completely taken over in 2008 and replaced by these DAP gangsters. Tonight I am going to make a New Year Resolution and one of them is to make sure my members of my family vote for BN.

    • Anonymous says:

      DAP tak “menang besar” di PRU12. Dia orang menang lebih kerusi sahaja.

      BN masih “majority besar”. Hanya hilang majoriti 2/3.

  4. linpehkong says:

    Lets see if they can still sing the same tune after GE13. We will then know who has been castrated. These useless DAP clowns and their stooges have done nothing for the country other than criticize and try to tear the country down. The Chinese should wake up and vote every last one of them out.

    • Funniman says:

      If LGE is not careful, he will be the first one castrated by Betty!!!
      These DAP clowns are really dickheads…..I know I cannot be so vulgar..but just cannot tahan these people.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are polite by their standard.

        The words used in their blogs like MalaysiaToday.com (note the dotcom – different from RPK’s Malaysia Today) are much worse than what the DAP bloke said per the post above. Damn rude and plain crude vulgarities all over the place, by practically every one of the DAP and PR goons there.

      • Anonymas says:

        “No Betty! Noooo!!! I promise I’ll be good!”

    • Anonymous says:

      Malaysia can be so much better if there are good and proper governance, accountability, prudent financial and fiscal management of resources and clear transparency.

      We are short of such leaders in the past leading to much wastage, improper allocation of resources and poor financial accountability, not to mention rampant leakages.

      For now the Finance Ministry, Treasury and Bank Negara must explain to the public the reasons for the massive outflow of illicit capital from the country that has earned Malaysia the ignominious distinction of being the world’s second highest country in illegal capital flight.

      Remaining silent and pretending that everything is well and good is a sin and grave injustice to all honest and hardworking Malaysians who strive to make do on a daily basis.

  5. Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

    now, even reporters are assaulted. the Guang Ming Daily reporter Ang Kean Siang was attacked in Jelutong for snapping photos at the scene of an incident that alleged that a woman fell from the 19th floor.
    you must be wondering who assaulted the reporter ? well, he was assaulted by a Volunteer Patrol Team of the Penang state government. as some of you know, these Volunteer Patrol Teams were set up by the Penang state to “reduce the crime” rate in Penang. hahaha ! they are hooligans, thugs, gangsters in disguise. apparently, too many of these miscreants are looking for an avenue to turn legit and the Pasukan Peronda Sekarela are their tickets to go legit with their activities. as we all know, the Penang state government is a DAP led government. DAP + criminal organizations. ah what a perfect fit.

    • Anonymas says:

      Wow, a secret police? LGE has his own Kempeitai it seems

      Here in Selangor, Khalid wanted to make one too. He said he wanted to replace the entire police force with his own thugs but the plan was shot down by a pissed off Police Chief. hahaha~

  6. ray says:

    Hew Kuan Yaw sounds like Lee Kuan Yew.

    DAP and pakatan’s basic principle of resorting to “instigations, violence, disrespect and vulgarity” is a time-bomb to social harmony and unity. This spells trouble for the future, if the youth adopts this destructive behaviour as a culture.

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      it has been going on for quite some time in Singapore, so I m not surprise that its happening in Malaysia. Chinese Malaysian youths take their cues from their peers from across the straits. they emulate them.
      back in 2010, some teens in Singapore sprayed cream on each other and some passersby at Clarke Quay during Christmas eve. not only that, they also blocked traffic at the bridge.
      taking the bus in Singapore is also some experience. Singapore youths are known for their inconsiderate attitude toward people around them. a couple of years ago a friend of mine told me that there was this boy taking a row of seats on a bus. he just lied down on the seats with his slippers on the seats. such uncouth demeanor.
      then there’s also the constant harassing of people at eateries. once in a while, you’ll encounter a few youths coming over to your table and whistling at you, like for instance “hey boy ! what are you doing here ?”
      the DAP government loves to style the Penang state as the Singapore of the north of Malaysia. no wonder the politics of vulgarity and uncouthness is tolerated, in fact these scums are the proponents of such politics.

  7. Anonymas says:

    “chopping off reproductive organs”

    Ah, they can make stew or soup out of anything…these DAP fellows

    • Anonymous says:

      Out of Anwar’s anu, too.

      Theirs have long gone. Chopped off by the Emperor of China. They have been eunuchs and behave like eunuchs for generations, these DAP buggers.

  8. Harimau says:

    Memang satu kumpulan kanak-kanak ke? Adults read this comments will laugh as all the same pendatang la, crocky lar… give some better constructive comment lar…

    @Pakatan Puak Pembohong, we r lucky then our singaporean because we can buy cars we like. So, we cut queues we like, we dont give way to ppl so we built pedestrian (good biz, each pedestrian project in KL can earn 400-500k from government), we park cars we like (car park monopoly by that Haji and Mohd fellas depending which boundary you sa) , we give way to old people??? Dont make us laugh lar… want to compare other country chinese, compare our Malaysia lar.

    Mat Rempit, can anyone deny here no Mat Rempit??, oh no, must be the pendatang Chinese or Indian lor, no Malay involved…all these Mat Rempit from china and india wan. those bicycle of mat rempit come from japan one, china one, indian one. Ppl ride jaguh kampung dun mat rempit …haha … (u guys r funny)

    @linpehkong, wow, nice words. first what u hv done for ur country? pay tax ar? dont make ppl laugh ok. everybody does. or maybe u r in BN party, so ur ancestor (in Party) fight for independence, then u also feel u involved? BS lar… u r not even born yet.

    Really guys, this blog Stop Lies have no post a single thing about BN… LOL. The lembu case, the Anthanthuya/Submarine case, the Lynas case?? Oh no, again, this is not LIES, so not in this blog… aiyo, so sorri ar, i forgot ler…. next time i will say other cases…

    • Anonymous says:

      STL is a blog just to hit at DAP, not BN. Especially LGE.
      So when anyone talk about lies from BN they were ignored. They will not post any negative news from BN.
      They will not post the rice for vote in Perak.
      They will not post the BN gangsters disrupting peaceful ceramah from PR.
      They can get away for injuring civillians because they are from BN
      They can pee and stamp on PR leaders and not get arrested.
      They can buy land at RM1 for community development but built condos.
      They can evict local traders for development but PR cannot.
      They can promised you anything but must vote for them.
      They are immune from Police if you can showed them your party card.
      So STL is only to post news from DAP but not lies from BN.

    • Anonymous says:

      Pakatan Puak Pembohong just do not like Singaporeans because they are more disciplined than him. No Mat Rempits in Singapore. Cannot be above the Law and cannot kacau peaceful ceramah. For him, Singapore is a prison country, no freedom to do what he can do in Malaysia under BN.

      • Aaron says:

        Hello 5.19
        Whats wrong with u?of course they are a disciplined bunch when they r in their freakin country singapork. Just look at the way they drive once they r in malaysia. They break every traffic rule there is. Just take a stroll in johor bharu. Then u know wat i m talkin about. Discipline, singaporeans??? What nonsense r u talking about. they r so rude when they r in malaysia.r u a singaporean?

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      Harimeow, your english is simply atrocious and shows the vernacular chinese school tongue of those fellas who just plain refuse to learn english properly and expects everyone to go your way or no way. Hate to break it to you but the world just doesn’t revolve around your kind. Singapoeeans can just plain get lost I had lived ther long enough to know you all are really a bunch of assholes. Why in singapore so respectful of the law but come out of singapore is like a wild herd of animals released from the zoo!! Hahahahaha

      about the lembu case i think you need to ask the failed accountant LGE on what does the word loan means! The sub case well also u need to ask the accountant cum submariner bcoz he went all the way down wit the king and surprise surprise he is still alive!! Lynas hmmmmm tats a toughie but u know wat last week i went back to kuantan my hometown and went to lynas plant and u know wat?? I’m still alive and haven’t grown any extra arms or eyes!! Hahahahaha

      oh yeah btw please donate your ipad, macbook and all other electronic gadgets to me bro!! Bcoz it’s thru Lynas you have those gadgets so i mean if it is so toxic please do donate them to me i will gladly give you my address to poslaju it to me. Also your car as well since the ecu uses rare earth too unless you’re using an old jalopy from before 1984. If your car is new just tell me where u live i will gladly drive over and pick it up!! Dumbshit talking from his ass that is you!! Hahahahaha

    • linpehkong says:

      More times than you know how to count. Yes I pay taxes, and more taxes than you too. If you have to ask you probably don’t pay — keep money and hand it through back door for Anwar Got give to DAP or not. I don’t care to give half a cent or any of my time to DAP traitors and liars.

    • Anonymas says:

      lol at you generalizing Mat Rempit = all malays in defense of you calling out malays as ‘pendatang’ (and utterly destroyed). That’s just like saying all Arabs = terrorists, all Americans = shooters, all Japanese = sexual deviants, and all Chinese = MLM scammers. You generalize a race based on the lowest common denominator. What a racist fag you are, Harimeow

      Also, mat rempit used to be a derogatory term but now it’s a joke term, thanks to our local movie scene.

    • Servant of God says:

      Lembu? Well, you’re on the internet, so even dumb animals have an opportunity under a BN-led government.

    • Little Dog says:

      No one disagrees with the PM’s aspirations but in reality these are rhetorical statements. There are just too many public scandals (PKFZ, NFC, MRT, etc) and abuses of public funds that have gone on for years.

      Besides, the country continues to see erosion of its human rights, environmental degradation and electoral frauds, on top of its worsening of public education, social services, and overall competitiveness.

      There isn’t a good reason why after 50 years of rule, the public should give this ruling party a mandate. It’s time for a change.

      Rakyat Malaysia: A change does not destroy the country. Other countries change their ruling party without much problem. Why is BN-Umno so scared of losing?

      The opposition parties have lost elections many times and accepted their defeat. Only selfish sore losers who can’t accept defeat will destroy the country.

      Onyourtoes: Najib, there is no future left for us to gamble away. You probably can’t imagine how despondent and hopeless the people feel now.

      You are in no position to say anything until and unless you have extricated yourself from all the allegations and accusations levelled against you and your family.

      This is the basics of leadership even at Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe’s level. You know what, for most part of my life I made it a point to listen to the country’s leaders when they gave New Year messages. Not anymore.

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  10. ExDAP says:

    Dear Harimau,
    The STL is to counter the other pro PRs sites that keep spitting lies and deceits on the net, that’s is why it carries issues on PR.

    All your lies are now being exposed and countered with logics and facts. That is why you PRos are scared. We all knows that BN has its short comings, at least they acknowledge the problems and transforming themselves. Whereas the PR don’t even admit when shown videos of their misdeed. PR even has the audacity to blame others and sue those exposed their misdeed.

    PR claims to be saints and gods, when reality they are wolf in sheep clothing or worse devils in disguise.

    That’s is why STL is here to inform and counter PR lies and deceits.

    • Anonymous says:

      And some of us here, like me, add shits. Remember Harimau, the shits we add are also facts.

      Example: we say the photos shown above are taken not just by reporters, but also by Police people not in uniform.

      By shits I mean we make the facts given in the blog post smell and look very bad.

      • linpehkong says:

        These people are by definition blind when they refuse to see, and also quite deaf, because they do not seem to hear very well – unless of course that LGE fellow and other DAP fellas are there spewing lies and vulgarity.
        If they can just tell the world one thing? — what has DAP done for Malaysia and or Malaysian Chinese? If criticizing the government is considered as “doing something”, then they should be sorry they exists. DAP made the most amount of noise when Dr M started NS highway, DAP supporters should have and should continue to boycott the highway — but no, they are enjoying the pleasure of being able to drive from Penang to Taiping or Ipoh for breakfast and still return to Penang for lunch.
        None of us supporters are claiming that the establishment has done no wrong but all considered, they have done well for the country. Much more than DAP has ever done for the country. But the blind will never see.

    • Anonymous says:

      Now where is that anti BN bloke? Has he cabut lari from here?

      He should see above – one nasty comment from the Harimau fler drew 7-8 counter-comments shitting him.

  11. Anonymas says:

    Talking about vulgarity, the one still making my ears feel hot is the word “Hitam Metalik” thrown to Perak MB Zambry. What a racist. And it’s in a PAS ceramah…oh well, that kind of thing is expected. Zambry came from a poor fisherman family and had a hard time growing up in poverty. That kind of insult does nothing to him.

  12. Kenton says:

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