Pakatan Rakyat’s Cabinet Lineup

This is the team of good people you will be voting for...???

This is the team of good people you will be voting for…???

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45 Responses to Pakatan Rakyat’s Cabinet Lineup

  1. Anonymous says:

    Aiyyo, only 3 Deputy Prime Ministers ha? Not 5, or 13 – one for each state?

    This is PKR proposal ha? Like the Budget put up by PKR? Then got told by the others that it was not discussed with PAS and DAP?

    How can PAS agree. They want Hadi to be PM, man. Said so no less than at their Muktamar 2012 held only weeks ago.

    This is forcing the issue of Anwar as PM ha? Trade-in with DAP ha? DAP said they want more seats to contest. Said so at their Congress 2012 held only last week. Quiet quiet PKR-DAP deal ha? Where got PAS agree one.

    • Anon says:

      Anybody said this line up already agreed to by PAS and DAP? Don’t think anybody did.

      Only “proposed” by PKR, correct or not? But not even say it’s Kabinet Pakatan Rakyat. But they cheeky people say it’s Kabinet Rakyat. Crazy people.

      • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

        Kabinet PR = Kabinet Pesta Ranjang

        • The Real Rakyat says:


          Kabinet PR = Kabinet Penyula Rakyat

          • tebing tinggi says:

            I dont think PKR or PAS will manage to get majority seat’s in the coming GE considering the split’s of Malay vote if PR manage to form the government .
            I supposed this line up is a dream’s view of PKR without much considering that Chinese vote is solid behind DAP that and will be very much assured that DAP will have the most number of seat’s and by number they should lead’s the collation .

  2. Anonymous says:

    Three Deputy Prime Ministers – what would be the duties of the two others?

    Gaji buta ka?

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      Anon 8;30,

      The other 2 DPM is the cheerleaders lah!!….bcoz the other 2 need to hide under Hadi’s sarong for protection…hahahhaa

    • Anonymous says:

      Jangan risau, not to worry. They will be given sufficient duties to earn their keep…. Let’s have faith in Anwar’s discretion, he is experience enough in government and governing..

  3. ray says:

    Looks more like Pakatan Rakyat’s CRONIES Lineup.

    • Anon says:

      Jawatan jawatan penting yang PKR nak bolot:

      1. Perdana Menteri
      2. Timbalan Perdana Menteri
      3. Menteri Dalam Negeri (Azmin? Tak masuk toilet dengan dia, tangkap!)
      4. Menteri Pertahanan (Nak jaga askar, takut rampas kuasa dari Anwar)
      5. Menteri Kewangan (PKR dan DAP saja – PAS melopong tak dapat apa)

      PKR anggap PAS tu bodoh betul ke?

      • Anonymous says:

        alahai Pas ni. tengok tu. PKR dah keluar senarai ahli kabinet mereka. Pas ni tidur lena ke ? dah tak buat kerja ke ? bila Pas nak keluar senarai ahli kabinet Pas ?

        • Adi says:

          PKR is doubtful PAS leader has the capabilities to be Cabinet Ministers. Most of them look like dump, no brainer and up in the list is Mahfuz Bean.

          PAS on the other hand don’t think that PKR should hold important post in Cabinet, including prime minister, either because PKR’s are corrupted, depan belakang sapu, toilet expert, Zionist affiliated.

          DAP says none of above should. Except Anwar. The rest should be DAP guys. They have the best people.

          Kalau tak percaya sesama sendiri, bolehke pengundi memberi kepercayaan kepada mereka?

  4. a says:

    And they claim the current Cabinet being oversize!!!

  5. Servant of God says:

    Thank you for posting this. Looking at the job titles, and then seeing the faces under the tiles, made me realize that they are a truly incompetent bunch.

    Name me what these bunch have been able to achieve, please tell me. Tony puaka and Rafizi as menteri kewangan?? Fuck, we might as well just burn all our money, there’s no difference.

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      with Tony as Finance Minister, we are broke within 2, 3 years. he’s a failed entrepreneur who fled Singapore after his company went kaput. truly, utterly kaput !

      • Anonymous says:

        Tony sold his company, intended to just retired early and live easily… If his company was not successful, how could he sold his company for a tidy good amount of money to retire early ?… Such negative & unproven comments will lead the fence sitters & the undecided to vote against BN…. Trying to help BN with such comments will hit back and unintendedly work against BN.. Even most Malays nowadays are well informed including the kampong type.

    • Anonymous says:

      That Fizi fellow only knows how to korek sini, korek sana.

      About the only people he hasn’t korek yet are Zizah, Nurul, Teresa Kok, Eli Wong, Ambiga …

      I mean, korek yang smelly .. I mean, korek yang kotor .. I mean, whatever you people want to think la …

      • Anonymous says:

        you sure dia belum korek ? manalah tahu, dia sudah korek, tapi Anwar dapat tahu, sebagai hukuman, dia kena korek oleh Anwar. kan PKR ni banyak rahsia. boleh tolong cari penyiasat peribadi siasat ?

    • The Real Rakyat says:


      Tony Pua has achieved so many things you know….he is slated to be the first Finance Minister in history who actually has lost money not once but several times and nearly bankrupted himself if not for Justin Leong (Goh Tong’s grandson) help to buy over his failed company…he is a man who truly understands how easy to lose money so in his case he just will siphon money lah so the bankrupt himself part won’t come back again lah….hahahaha

      Rafizi on the other hand will pick up a book of Country Economics for dummies or he will just take the book his boss used years before him when he was Finance Minister…after all what do you expect from a normal civil servant with no economic or financial background??…..only peanuts you get lah…

      • Servant of God says:

        Eh, Rafizi got Bachelor of Accounting what?

        Second class lower degree.

      • Anonymous says:

        Tony sold his company, intended to just retired early and live easily… If his company was not successful, how could he sold his company for a tidy good amount of money to retire early ?… Such negative & unproven comments will lead the fence sitters & the undecided to vote against BN…. Trying to help BN with such comments will hit back and unintendedly work against BN.. Even most Malays nowadays are well informed including the kampong type.

  6. Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

    I’ve counted, 75 in total, including The Butt Man as PM. 75……… wonder the opposition pact is known as PR. PR = Pesta Ranjang. the moment Eli Wong and Teresa Kok are included, man, this becomes a PKR = Pesta Ranjang Kabinet.

  7. Abdullah says:

    Then it is the other pot of gold, the GLC’s
    Chairman Petronas
    Chairman MAS
    Chairman PNB
    Chairman Felda
    Chairman KWSP
    Chairman MIDA/Matrade
    Chairamn Water authorities
    Chairman Railways
    Chairman Ports Authority
    Chairman Iskandar
    Chairman ECER
    Chairman PLUS
    Chairman Perumahan Negara
    Chairman Museum
    Chairmn Libraries
    Chairman Zakat
    Chairman Masjids
    Chairman this and that and Co chairman and board members will all be filled by Anuar cronies and henchmen and rabble rousers . There will be gay churhes and ministers looking after LBGT and gay activities.There will be free conversions of all faiths from one religion to another .Malaysia will be what the West always wanted, a gone case …

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      you forgot to mentioned that male and female escorts will also occupy these GLCs. the next time you go to the offices of these GLCs you will find male and female escorts of various shades of colors waiting for you. they will ask you “Sir, Madam, which, what would you prefer ?” if you don’t know what an escort is, let me clarify. an escort is a hooker, a call girl/boy, a prostitute.

      • Anonymous says:

        We can see that all as what you mentioned above had happened & is still happening with Umno/Bn…. Let’s give the PR a chance and see what will happen… Remember, new broom swipes clean…. If these new people are found to be lacking, then we will stop them.. In the past, and even in the present, we find that the Umno dominated BN team are far below standard required from them, comparing to countries that started out around the same time with us….. e.g. Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong(recently).. Speaking about Hong Kong, in 2012/2013, every resident in Hong Kong- citizens & residents stayed over 5 years- and above 18 years of age are given by the HK government HK$6,000.000 each.. On top of this those who do not own and properties/house are given HK$3,000.00 each.. Each Hong Kong citizen over the age of 60 receives monthly HK2,000 until they die, & a lump sum ‘Fruit Money’ at 65…. All senior citizen need to pay only HK2.00 per day to use public transports to every where i.e. combination of bus, ferry, train or tube…. If state like Hong Kong, which do not possess natural resources like timber or oil can provide for its citizens at this challenging global economic scenario, why is that the BN government giving such miserable sum of Rm500 for BR1M ?.. Why are we witnessing billionaire politicians who started with almost nothing at the beginning of their career ? Why is it that so many of our ‘university graduates’ are unemployable? Why is it that many of our talents have to find work overseas ? ….. Why is it that our civil service & GLC is make up of mostly one ethnic ?.. Why is it that our tin couldn’t find a lucrative market where else tin mined in Belitung, southern Sumatra find willing buyers in Japan, Taiwan, China & Korea ? …. Is because of the Umno dominated BN government’s policies ?…. AS it is now, even kampong peoples are realizing the current going on’s in our country….

  8. Shirly says:

    Hapus la Malaysia if these people were to lead the country. I wonder what the world leaders will look upon Malaysia then.

    Will these people be able to represent us at the international arena. We cant have monkeys represent us at the international platform.

  9. Mat says:

    Selain Baru Bian jadi TPM, wakil Sabah, Sarawak, tak ada langsung jadi Menteri. Mat Sabu Timbalan Presiden pun takat jadi Timbalan Menteri je. Haram jadah betul diorang ni.

  10. Servant of God says:

    PR saying that this lineup is actually not theirs, that someone else made this (UMNO laa kena tuduh, who else?)

    They said that the creators of this false poster intentionally mismatched the people with the portfolio so as to create a negative impression and scare people from voting for PR.

    WTF? PR leaders, get this straight. There is nothing that I want to vote you in for! NOTHING! Not even to take care of 20sen toilet, not even to jaga traffic to let kindergarten kids cross the road, not even washing windows!

    You PR leaders are liars and opportunists of the worst kind. Don’t bother to deny, we have proof laaaa shitheads. You said the submarines couldn’t dive. You bribed to get confidential bank statements. You lied about your boss’s role in the financial crisis of `97. You lied about Kg. Buah Pala. You enrich your cronies even worse than the people you’re supposed to be better than. The list goes on and on and on…

    So get your facts straight, shitheads. We ain’t gonna vote for you!

    Except that sissy fler, that is. He thinks his one liners make him look cool, but doesn’t realize how pointless he comes across. That one memang PR idiot.

    • Anonymous says:

      ah that flier where is he ? been waiting for him to show up. where are you flier ? too scared to come in here to defend your “cabinet” ? where are you ?

    • A says:

      Agree with you 110%.

      That sissy scccse fella sudah kena jubor. Metaphorically so far. Come Anwar to him, he’ll kena physically as well.

      Haha the fler belum keluar in this post pun sudah kena. He must be fuming mad. But his brain is so small that he can write only one liners.

    • Ex MIC says:

      Come on fellas, this is just a farce line up. Ambigah and cindia also in the lineup? Don’t think PR want them to get elected. They might turn on them for more Bersih demos.
      Now that this line up is out, we know who not to vote for. Cabinet is for elected Parliament Representatives. They can’t appoint everyone to be senators.
      So, come all. we deny these people from elected and there wont be this lineup next year.

    • The Real Rakyat says:


      hahahaha….yeah that sub part is hilarious till today those PR fellas still in denial the sub can dive….despite the former Agong and LGE and his deputies in tow no less!!…..they came and went bt then silent and still saying cannot dive…hahahhaha…the bank dokuments also bribe but just hope the Johari fella family can survive la after this when he has outlived his usefulness to PR ……but he definitely can no longer work in the Finance world and even as an accounts clerk either….in short any job that involves money is a no-go……

  11. Mantul says:

    Mat Sabu dan Mahfuz jadi Timbalan Menteri, kah-kah, orang lain dalam DAP/PKR baru setahun jagung boleh jadi menteri. Mereka samakan MatSabu/Mahfuz same level with Ambiga…..kih.kih.kih

  12. Anonimo says:

    Wah the color is the one prefer by Anuwar after he climax from behind. Once climax that the color Anuwar see…. Yuck!

  13. SETUJU says:


    • Anonymous says:

      sebab itulah kita kena pilih yang bagus
      vote pakatan out

      ubahnya adalah bukannya ubah untuk tambah baik
      tapi kelongkang

      kuasa memilih ditangan kita
      jum kita pilih untuk kebaikan

  14. JasOne says:

    Lim K S sebagai Senior Mentor Minister. Karpal sebagai Duta Besar ke Punjab??????

  15. Anonymous says:

    Check out this letter to editor.
    True story.
    Echoes everyone’s feeling as well

    The truth, nothing but the truth

  16. Anak Kenyalang says:

    Sabah and sarawak contribute 55 parliament seats,why only Baru Bian as Deputy PM.Baru comes from a very minority group in Sarawak ie less than 3% of Sarawak’s population.where arethe Ibans,kadazan/Dusuns,Murut.In short this cabinet is Kabinet Orang MALAYA not Malaysia.

  17. danial says:

    Its simple, any future cronies in the coming. They are no better than BN in power now. At the end, choosing PKR wouldn’t make any difference to the people of Malaysia. PKR only want power and use the people as tools to get into power.

    BN is much worse but i rather select those idiots over another idiots.

  18. danial says:

    Damn, with the cabinet minister line up like this, Malaysia is going broke fast. Maybe civil war will erupt i guess. Because the Malays will become more poorer. All the important post have been lost. Anwar has given those post to non malays because the wanted it. Why they wanted it? There must be some reason behind it

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