Part 5: Hiding Behind Christianity to Campaign for Pakatan!


Our latest expose is Free Malaysia Today writer Selena Tay. She is a blatantly anti-Barisan Nasional activist who uses a blog – to fight the BN.  It will not be wrong to say that Selena Tay is a Christian extremist.

She has openly equated Umno with the Satan and a check of her writings would show the kind of venom she is spewing to ensure that Umno is wiped out.

She is dangerous because she uses the church circuit to campaign for Pakatan Rakyat, especially the DAP.

The is filled with the propaganda of the DAP and all this is done in the name of God, which is dangerous.

She is said to belong to a radical, independent church and her views are often extremist in nature. She is so warped up in her thinking that she has credited Anwar Ibrahim, who was then Finance Minister, during the Mahathir era.

She has advocated that it was Anwar – and not Dr Mahathir – that deserves the credit.  She is certainly psychotic and in need of treatment.

Everyone knows that when Anwar Ibrahim was made Finance Minister, he picked up a copy of “Economics Made Simple” to understand basic economics.  He is after all a Malay Studies graduate who didn’t even get an honours degree.

When the financial crisis hit Malaysia, the first thing this serial adulterer and prostitute goer did was to increase the interest rates.

All the Chinamen with their many bank loans screamed in protest. The civil servants, of course, had no bank loans, only government loans.

But it’s not just Melayu cepat lupa, even the wealthy Chinese businessmen.

Today, many praised PKR, and have forgotten that it was Dr Mahathir who saved their asses!

And this stupid Selena Tay probably has no deep knowledge of what has happened and has allowed her hatred of BN to blind her.

We have an advice for you, your file has grown thicker and please do not think the security boys do not know what you are doing.

We are serving you notice that you are being watched closely. Stick to God and church, leave politics alone.

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40 Responses to Part 5: Hiding Behind Christianity to Campaign for Pakatan!

  1. ray says:

    What a shame! A Christian spreading lies and venom … tsk tsk tsk!!

  2. abba says:

    Not knowing her other than being a nasty columnist in blogs that I detest and don’t touch, I googled her for more than 5 minutes but couldn’t find her cv or resume, but saw a lot of websites that hit her hard – Hantu Laut, Helen Ang, etc.

    Then looking at the synopsis of the websites appearing on the google page, one gets an idea of the kind of venom spitted out from her nasty and dirty mouth, making nasty thoughts cross one’s mind in turn – like how often Anwar’s anu must have gone into that.

    Goodness, she must be one hell of a frustrated woman to be doing those again and again – hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and scorned she has been by so many people.

    One gets the impression that she is descended from the always fighting Ghee Hin and Hai San clans of old, of the secret societies, thugs and gangsters that keep uttering damning words, pushing and shoving her thoughts and opinions all over the places, stabbing and shooting when she can get away with it. Yes, in the Internet, she can get away with murder.

    Now our job is to murder her – verbally, that is. That may not be possible, but we can certainly maim her. Within reason, decorum and decency, of course. Let’s do our utmost here, there and everywhere possible.

    • Adi says:

      Yes, very true. Its a natural equation.

      Really look at her. She is so skinny. She has no appetite to live in this world. She don’t enjoy living in this world. She want to go to heaven. Why she is not happy living in this world. The more she damn other people the more she suffered. More more negative reaction coming toward her, and its hurt and make her the more unhappy. Then she say more nasty thing. And it goes on and on. At the end the day she might end up behind bar. Ultimately she will go to hell. Forever…..

      • Anonymous says:

        You know, miracles can happen. The Subang Jaya Hospital had its glass window showing a miracle.

        Who knows a miracle can happen where this skinny woman gets called to Heaven early. Cancer or something.

        Bad to think of that? Ask her – she treats the Church that bad, isn’t it? Anyway, I used the words “called to Heaven” – maybe she’d like that.

        • Rich says:

          Guys, come on. To quote Elvis, Don’t Be Cruel. Not niee to wish cancer or calamity on this frustrated looking woman. God already punish her by making her look like crazed and obsessed bitch.

          She thinks she is brilliant writer with a big following. But she is writing from the air, letting her hatred and bias come out instead of intelligent ideas. Yet Free Malaysia Today publish all the trash she produce.

          Come on on Free Malaysia Today, have some standard. Drop this broomstick witch and find better writers.

          • Anon says:

            God not punish her yet, Rich. If punished, she would realize it and change ways. But she get terrer and terrer.

            The authorities also not punish her. ISA no more, but there is the replace law. Also there is Sedition Act. She knows GE13 coming, the authorities don’t want to make huhu haha, so she naik kepala lah.

            Free Malaysia Today etc also won’t bother your call. So, we call for God’s help lah. Maybe not cancer but anything that will get her to Heaven quickly lah.

            After all, PAS made mass public prayer calling for UMNO to KO. Didn’t ask for them to Heaven also!

          • The Real Rakyat says:


            i think safe to say pretty much everyone knows the so-called “huge following” and numerous malaysians in support of PR and their news portals are nothing more than multiple accounts by just a small group of devotees. I have seen many of the same comments but under many different names that alone is the first clue to their so-called huge following. Just drop by the many PR supporters FB pages you will see the same people in all those pages i know bcoz i myself am in those pages whacking them although i am always overwhelmed but yet none has broken me!! Hahaha

            They try to convince people they are a better choice but if going by the standards set by their supporters and writers here and elsewhere i rather take my chances with BN.

  3. abba says:

    If one photograph of a woman wearing a DAP T-shirt on her flat chest siting beside Nurul Izzah is her, then she must be a DAP member. She can be that 1000 times over but it’s her thinking and method of achieving her purpose must be abhorred and detested to her last breath (on paper).

    Her use of religion and the church for the spread and achievement of political objectives must be condemned. We cannot wait for the Church to condemn her because, other than the Catholic Church and 1-2 others, the rest may not have any high authority in this country to do the condemning. Neither can we wait for God to condemn her because it’ll take too long for her to reach the after life. So, we are the ones who must condemn her – here, and now.

  4. GOOD says:

    Christian is Good Good compare to Islam ! If Malay convert to Christian that Malaysia will be very very Good Good Good !

    • abba says:

      What utter stupidity, man. You don’t even know that the laws in this country prohibit Malays from converting or even renouncing Islam.

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      ha ha ha ! if its so good why then do you use the 1 number in ? you copy other people’s stuff ha ha ha ! and then you come her and say you are GOOD. yes you are bloody GOOD indeed. you are a typical bloody coward, hiding behind the curtains, and throw pot shots at people. that’s what people like you are good at.

    • Servant of God says:

      Good good ha?

      Only DAP Christians would say this, and they are the same class of people as PAS “Muslims”.

      You prostitute your pulpit for the material world, and you have the gall to say that you’re “good good”? You’re good for nothing laa, jackass

    • The Real Rakyat says:


      shameful lah got christian like you ler. The way u talk also know u are those snakeoil salesman style churches. Those profit driven con-job businesses masquerading as churches so-called seeking enlightment while living the millionaire lifestyle driving flashy cars, big houses, overseas holidays and women by the truckloads. If this is the path to enlightment yes you are correct!!!! The path of enlightment straight to hell!!

      Btw i’m a catholic and i feel so sien looking at your silly comments

  5. abba says:

    “She is said to belong to a radical, independent church and her views are often extremist in nature.”

    No wonder. It must be one of the Evangelical churches that have sprouted up like mushrooms in the US (and now in Malaysia, too) , some of the pastors making demagoguery speeches to attract crowds and cash donations on which they live luxuriously, the Amish do not allow cutting off beards like the Talibans, and one Christian sect allowing polygamy like Islam, and one church in Malaysia is run by a gay pastor who not long ago married his New York boyfriend. These churches may mix religion with politics and the authorities should act on them.

    Yes, this Selena Tay must be warped and demented in her thinking to be holding Anwar in high esteem when Anwar’s record, both as a person and as a politician, has been atrocious. He is an ex-convict for crying out loud. Not just on sodomy but also on corruption.

    I agree that she is psychotic and in need of treatment. Those who are perpetually scorned, cursed and get carried away with so much venom and vitriol in their system have the psychotic tendencies.

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      these Evangelical Churches are not proper churches. pray how, they are not even Christians. they are pseudo Christians, or just Christian wannabes. more accurately, they are Cult Churches. if you have been to one of their services, you would notice that they are more like an entertainment club, with a sprinkling of “opiate” here and there. and the person leading the “prayer” is more like a pop star. going to their Sunday service is like going to a rock concert, pop concert. that’s not proper at all. a religious service is suppose to enlighten people. but then again, without an element of entertainment, how are they suppose to bring in the crowd ?

      • Anonymous says:

        Txs for the info, my friend. Agree that the authorities should take action on them when they cross the line.

        Police Special Branch should plant spies in their congregations to know if and when they break the laws of the country.

      • Mangkuk says:

        Good one : Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:
        December 15, 2012 at 9:51 am

        They’re only Christmas Christians. For them Christian is about Christmas celebrations that’s all and Christmas celebrations is truly Christian believe… he he he

      • The Real Rakyat says:

        PPP, you are absolutely right those churches are just a front for business activities pretending to be churches. God’s work does not include rah-rah sessions with pastors living the high life. A particular one comes to mind a famous church in damansara heights with a pastor really living it up the flashy cars, nice house and good paying positins for his children in his network of churches. He even has titles which are dubious to say the least bcoz last i checked this name and titles cannot be used unles you really are royalty. Imagine this here i go Reverend Tan Sri Prince Doctor!! Can you even have such titles??

    • kenny says:

      watch Leap of Faith by Steve Martin or Guru Yahya drama. both used, organised christian or Islam for their own purposes. both have a lot of magic, clever in talking, persuade etc

      i believe all religion dislike curse, hate the others including enemies

  6. FFF says:

    PAS and UMNO use Islam as politic but no problem but why other party use their religious got problem ? What the F !

    • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

      you’re here just because you want someone to whack you ? okay let’s see. you said UMNO used religion. UMNO speaks about about Islam. there is a difference between speaking about Islam and using Islam. but of course people like you cannot tell the difference. now have you ever heard of UMNO equating their rivals with the Devil ? the answer is NO. has UMNO ever gone to mosques to talk about politics ? the answer is again NO. have you ever heard UMNO telling people that voting for UMNO can secure them places in Heaven ? again the answer is NO. have you ever heard UMNO people telling people that their leaders are God’s Gifts ? again the answer is NO.
      you use FFF as your name. guess what, FFF happens to stand for Falling For Falsehood. Falsehood planted by people from the opposition for suckers like you. well done.

      • anon says:

        good one PPP

        and btw, UMNO has implemented a world class level and succesful islamic banking institution/bonds etc here in our country which other countries try to emulate.
        And while doing so the conventional banking are left untouched and prospers like anything for the past 10 over years under the policy of low cost of fund of +-2% while BLR is at 6.6%. Thats why we get quite low interest rate. That and the confidence in Malaysian economy(under BN) would be why the property market got so high and lots lots of people make lots of lots of money..that is despite the restraining lending guideline issued by BNM.

        Somemore share market is good while other countries suffer.
        Give credit to BN’s stewardship, including by the oppo people as surely they also made lots of fortune.

      • The Real Rakyat says:

        PPP, good one there!! There is no such thing as a party or person having direct line to God except His Prophets!! To say Nikki has direct line and can promise heaven is as good a promise as Bin Laden promising you 72 virgins in heaven in exchange for your life. Yes you will go to the afterlife just not whee you were promised but too late to realize you just screwed in the ass ala buttman style!! Hahaha

    • Anonymas says:

      Nah, PR supporters even blame Islamic and Hindu NGOs to ‘use religion as politic’ due to the reason that the cause they fight for opposes PR’s cause (Makkal Sakti, JIM, Perkasa).

      Just like when Hindu groups oppose PR’s destruction of temples and Muslim NGOs oppose the non muslim MPs going for ceramah with not covering up INSIDE a mosque. When that happens, PR supporters would link them to UMNO/BN although these NGOs are non-aligned.

      But when PR-sponsored NGOs say something, it’s considered ‘neutral’. Two faced Pakatan

  7. Anonymas says:

    lol Selena for regarding Anwar as a messiah.

    Anwar = wants to ban Christmas celebrations / ban missionary schools as an ABIM hardliner.

    He’s just a two-timing chameleon. he won’t perform his promises.

    • The Real Rakyat says:


      yes that is true although i was just a kid back then in primary school i never like the man he always had that uneasy look in his eyes and behaviour. Yes i knew him way back then one of the perks of going to a particular prestigious school back then.

  8. Anonymas says:

    Also, yes, I remember this blog. This was the infamous blog which was the first one to report Nurul Izzah’s pro-apostasy statement in the ‘Islamic State’ forum. Right out of the lion’s mouth. So this is why this 1Christians blog never got sued although it reported the same thing Utusan did. It’s a PR-sponsored blog!

    (P.S. BTW look at the comments section of the Nurul Izzah post. There’s a lot of PAS supporters who can’t take a hint

  9. ExDAP says:

    All these so-call “Christian” has foul this great religion by using its name for their political interest.

    I wonder how in the world that these “Christian” would put such venomous comments on the ruling party but NOT A SINGLE comment on their partner PAS regarding HUDUD and extreme Islamic laws.


  10. Rich says:

    U people sure she is a chirstian? She look like witch. All she need is broomstick to fly to the moon aka Pas

  11. Anon says:

    Ya lah, the same thought cross my mind but I couldn’t find the word for it until you said it. And the name Selena isn’t even Christian.

    Just like the name Teresa. Yes, Mother Theresa is Christian but spelt with an “h”, not like a name picked by a seamstress from Chemor just Christianized in a PJ Church, who proudly claimed to her room mates, “My new name is Wendy Mah, Father say I go to Heaven!”

    Selena Tay from a New Village in Kamunting, near Taiping, belonging to the clan called Ghee Hin?

  12. Chinaman says:

    She wrote a lots in Malaysian Insider and lots of her articles also publish in MT. She is just a cheap Slut and Bitch. Never interested in her writing but love to criticise her for her nonsense view.
    STL can you list down DAP leaders who is christian like the Lim dynasty and others.
    Just look at her face it was so dry. Maybe nobody want to fcuk her anyway

    • Anon says:

      Pssst, don’t offer her to Anwar. He’ll sapu anything, including Scotsmen in skirts/ kilts.

      • Anon says:

        Maybe that’s why she behaves and writes like those. In love with the Butt Man.

      • The Real Rakyat says:

        Anon 7:58

        Aiyoo buttman so ganas ah?? Hahaha even the brutish scots aren’t safe!! One bend over next thing u know buttman is humping the whiteman alredi!! Hahaha

        Wonder how was prison whether anyone dropped any soap bars?? Buttman humping the poor dude for dropping the soap?? Hahaha

  13. Mangkuk says:

    Good one : Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:
    December 15, 2012 at 9:51 am

    They’re only Christmas Christians. For them Christian is about Christmas celebrations that’s all and Christmas celebrations is truly Christian believe… he he he

  14. sri hartamas says:

    Ther’s no intelligent analysis to rebut her: only pure garbage and filth. Very sad.

  15. anon says:

    think they are resorting to religion now
    as they are desperate
    that and ugly/hate/name calling politics etc

    nothing to show even after years of maintaining a few states, won by fluke
    no water gotlah
    land under water also got
    many suspicious deals as well

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