At the Brink of Disaster for Pakatan Rakyat or the Realisation of Hudud in the Not Too Far Future?

It is the first time that PAS has put on record the party’s desire to endorse its leader to be the Prime Minister.

This time around they are dead serious in wanting to take the lead if Pakatan Rakyat came to power in the next general election.

Initially PAS have been evasive in making its stand, perhaps for fear of reprisals but now they seem to have an upper hand and a strong grip of what they want.

Clearly there was a resounding voice at the recent PAS 58th Muktamar with the delegates making no qualms of their intention for its party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang to helm the country’s leadership.

Bear in mind that the Muktamar is the highest decision making body of the Islamist party and such an endorsement meant the party means business in wanting the big piece of the pie.

Certainly they wont budge nor settle for anything less. They feel that they are on track to grab power from the Barisan Nasional government and want to pursue their ultimate agenda of Islamising the country’s administration and judicial system.

And their unwavering Islamic cause is reinforced by the firm statement of Ulama Council vice-chief Datuk Dr Mahfodz Mohamed at the Muktamar that it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE to implement hudud if they have the most parliamentarians.

This is despite the assurance by DAP’s deputy chairman Dr Tan Seng Giaw that the party had not agreed for hudud to be part of Pakatan’s common framework policy due to lack of consensus.

Even if there was a common framework, it is merely a loose term to outline an understanding which is not cast in stone. It does not stipulate that it is mandatory that all parties should adhere to it strictly. It is ambiguous and not binding.

Further more, it is a known fact that PAS had disregarded the views of its Pakatan allies when introducing its ala Taliban style of administration. What is there to stop them from implementing hudud then.

What can the DAP do. The party had been told off before that the exit door is open for them to leave anytime if they continued to speak up against hudud. It was deafening silence since then, with the exception of its lone leader Karpal Singh speaking up.

PAS would definitely have the upper hand. Hadi had said it before that PAS would contest for 80 parliamentary seats and that DAP would contest 50 to 60 seats in the coming elections.

In the words of Hadi : “PAS being the Malay-Islamist party is the backbone of Pakatan Rakyat”. In other words, he is telling the rest of its allies that PAS is the dominant party in Pakatan.

With the general election looming, PAS is already flexing its muscle now by staking claim of the country’s premiership.

They don’t give two hoots about Anwar being the supreme leader of Pakatan, what more the fate of the minority voice of non-Muslims when it comes to pushing through its Islamic principles and ideals.

In fact, the endorsement of the PAS Ulama Council is a strong signal that the party is adamant in taking the leading role in running the country.

It is a big slap on Pakatan Rakyat’s supremo leader Anwar Ibrahim who all along has been confident that he has the backing within its Opposition grouping in Pakatan to be the choice Prime Minister-in-waiting.

Furthermore Lim Kit Siang had just a few days ago declared at a Pakatan rally that the coalition partners were unanimous in Anwar being the PM candidate if they take over Putrajaya.

Anwar seemed shocked when asked how he felt. His reply was “Its okay. No problem. We will discuss in a nice matter,” he said with a distinctive worried expression written on his face as he hurriedly got into his car after launching a convention on national education at Universiti Selangor.

The atmosphere at the Muktamar clearly reverberates the political innuendoes and the possible outcome of a scenario where there will be jostling of the premiership.

Although there is no victory of the elections in sight yet, we are already seeing cracks developing within the Pakatan coalition.

Given the scenario on Anwar’s tainted image, especially with the morality issue hanging over his head, there is no way the PAS hardliners would ever pave the way for him.

Although he has vehemently denied that the man caught on video having sex with a China doll was not him because he did not have that big a stomach, it would not exonerate him.

We will see the clash of the titans very soon with the Talibans and the Anwarinas clashing for the coveted premiership trophy.

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83 Responses to At the Brink of Disaster for Pakatan Rakyat or the Realisation of Hudud in the Not Too Far Future?

  1. Troopers says:

    PAS party getting delusional with the “support” they are getting, not realizing that PKR and DAP supporters are forced to vote for them for their “greater good”. No matter who get to to be PM, non-Muslims be warned, your future = Iran

    • ExDAP says:

      The PR troopers are twisting the fact to say non Muslim is AGAINST HUDUD, for their political agenda.





      • ExDAP says:




      • Anon says:

        We have Islamic Banks(set up long long time ago).
        Commercial banks can offer Islamic loans via a special windows/accounting arrangement.
        Arab countries set up Islamic Banks here.
        We have issued big time Islamic Bonds.

        (for the record non muslims also go for the Islamic loans due to its practicality – interest rate fixed hence cash flows/profits for projects financing are ascertained upfront)

        Other countries look up to our Islamic banking system

    • Edwards says:

      Why not create 3 Prime Minister posts for Pakatan, one for Kit Siang, one for Anwar and one for Hadi.

      3 PMs….does it sound great!!!? BN can’t do that!

      Every time the 3 PMs disagree on an issue, they can always come out and say “dear people, we agree to disagree”.

      You people must then agree lah.

      • agree says:

        Agree. Malaysians must agree to let them disagree and allow them not to agree to agree. So we must not disagree to let them disagree or else they will not agree to disagree. It it only when they agree to disagree will it show what is it they agree not to agree and not disagree as to how to agree. It is only right for them not to be placed in putrajaya because they can never agree to agree on anything. They cannot even not to agree to agree or disagree.

      • Joe cool says:

        Good post Edwards

  2. Anonymas says:

    It will never happen, Hadi. I remember when you rallied your supporters to throw stones and harrass PLKN trainees in a bus you deem ‘Phantom Voters’. Was in Marang.

    You are unreasonable.

  3. Funniman says:

    It is a trick cleverly designed to get voters support. What they are whipping up is news to say that they are relevant. They are targeted at the FENCE SITTERS.

    PAS says Hadi is PM material , so the Muslim fence sitters would vote for him. Then you have DAP who say Anwar is PM material, all the PKR fence sitters would support DAP. PKR would of course have PKR and DAP supporters too.

    Let’s not get gaga over these. It is just wayang. PKR/PAS/DAP are as solid as ever.
    Do not UNDERESTIMATE them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Must put in a quick one – I’m afraid I don’t agree with you.

      They are not solid. Even turning to liquid judging from comment even in pro-Pakatan blogs.

      • Servant of God says:

        Can you give us a heads-up on what the pro-PR blogs are saying? Nowadays I have hardly any time to comment even here, what more going through PR blogs.

        Would really appreciate it.

        • Anonymous says:

          For now I can only repeat what Mkini, MI, MC and MT say as follows:

          Chinese unease over Hadi as PM: PAS can lose votes & drag PR down
          Malaysia Chronicle – ‎2 hours ago‎
          The just ended PAS annual general conference (Muktamar) has landed Pakatan Rakyat into troubled waters again. What started off on the right footing with Hadi Awang’s presidential address that reflects PAS as a matured partner in solidarity and harmony …

          Divided PAS spells trouble for Pakatan
          Free Malaysia Today – ‎12 hours ago‎
          PAS has been ‘penetrated’ by elements with ‘foreign’ ideologies while its only ‘national’ policy is the implementation of hudud in Malaysia. COMMENT. Is PAS in a riddle? Or has it turned into a “maze-runner”, lost in a battlefield where survival is only for the …

          Hadi Awang’s compelling straddle in PAS divide
          Malaysia Kini – ‎10 hours ago‎
          COMMENT The way PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has straddled the obvious divide in his party between those who are untroubled about their participation in Pakatan Rakyat and those who are uncomfortable with it compels attention. It’s a divide that has …

          Pakatan, don’t put the cart before the horse
          Malaysia Kini – ‎Nov 18, 2012‎
          YOURSAY ‘Before you try to hatch eggs, you must first get the eggs. And then, think deeply on who should be mother hen to sit on the eggs.’ Hadi as PM? No problem, says Anwar your say Giudice: Pakatan Rakyat is falling into a trap by putting the cart before …

          WHY SO SCARED: Jittery MCA says ‘no’ to Hadi as PM
          Malaysia Chronicle – ‎11 hours ago‎
          As if convinced that Barisan Nasional’s defeat at the coming general election was imminent, MCA today stated its strong objection to any plan to appoint PAS president Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang as prime minister. And among the reasons cited by the …

          Hudud-leaning Hadi won’t do in Sabah
          Free Malaysia Today – ‎12 hours ago‎
          Abdul Hadi Awang’s ‘willingness’ to be the prime minister has rekindled a previous controversial call he made for a ‘unity government’ with Umno. KOTA KINABALU: Late last year there were speculations filtering out of Umno corridors in Kuala Lumpur that …

          • Funniman says:

            If Anwar stand up and say “I am the ONE”, then I agree that Pakatan is in shambles. So far, he is keeping quiet. In fact all the PKR people are keeping very low profile on the new about turn.

            I still smell fishy somewhere.

          • Anonymous says:

            But, my friend Funniman, Anwar has said to PAS people “can discuss”. But what to discuss when Hadi was reported as delighted to have been proposed as PM candidate for PR.

            And Lim Guan Eng has said DAP supports Anwar as PM candidate. Much to the chagrin of PAS who had even sacrificed their maruah (dignity) trying to be nice to DAP yet spitted at by Karpal Singh every time Nik Aziz uttered Hudud. Of course, Lim Kit Siang, Teresa Kok etc may have kept quiet. But tokong represents them and what tokong says, goes for them, too.

            To my knowledge, about the only one not speaking up against the happenings at PAS Muktamar last weekend is Karpal Singh.

            Maybe they are not in shambles, but looks like they are in disarray. Somewhat lintang pukang I think.

          • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:


            in the back of his mind, he already thinks HE IS THE ONE and he thinks they all agree with him. He is already Anugerah Tuhan, so him being THE ONE is just a formality.

          • Servant of God says:

            Hey, that’s nice to know. Thanks bro.

            It seems they’re upset, but trying to act all cool about it. Heh.

          • What , Me worry ? says:

            stop the copy and paste….

          • Anon says:

            actually this Hadi for PM whole thing may be just a stage show play AGREED amongst themselves, to push up the ratings of PAS among the doubtful or fence sitter (in view that they have shown a tidak apa attitude for the apostacy issue, doa issue or little development for rakyat(no water, infratructure etc).

            Some more they have started the ball rolling for a gameplan to hate the competitors, a simple way to refocus the attention outside to taichi any weaknesses and solidify agitated members.

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      Funniman…the way I see it is that hardcore PR fellas will vote for their respective party of choice be it PAS,DAP or PKR…..their comment is more to appeasing the malay fence sitters who are yet undecided between UMNO or PAS….this group is more to the religious aspect as you can see from their suddenly persistent again stance on Hudud….To me i see them in disarray with each party wanting their own piece of pie and PM post…Trust me you honestly think LKS will give PM post to Anwar??…Not likely he will find a way to make sure he sits there and brings along his relative LKY too…

      • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

        well, LKS could give the PM post to Anuwar. then he, LKS, will have his henchmen/hatchet men surround Anuwar, to make sure Anuwar does his bidding.
        the analogy is thus, just like LKY had Goh Chok Tong as PM of Singapore, GCT found himself surrounded by LKY’s men, and after almost 14 years as PM, he gave way to LKY’s son, but with Anuwar, you know well that LKS is not going to give him that much time, at most Anuwar will warm the PM seat for someone else, maybe LGE, after LKS found a way to circumvent the Federal Constitution.

        • The Real Rakyat says:

          PPP, that shud be DAPs MO they will definitely surround him with his people and when the time comes it will be off you go butt man my son is here with himself as minister mentor ala singapore

      • Anonymous says:

        I think the Malay fence sitters do not have much affinity with and care for PAS. Otherwise they would have joined PAS. I don’t think they go for hands chopping, 4 witnesses to rape cases etc either.

        But I’m hoping they see in Anwar a dangerous man. One who’d do anything for the sake of becoming PM. Not like Maggie mee, cepat di masak, sedap di makan. Anwar is sedap di dengar tapi sakit perut di makan. Not just diahorria (whatever the spelling), but stomach blisters, ulcers and cancers of all sorts.

        • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

          its the Chinese that see The Butt Man as the catalyst, someone that can help them end UMNO’s political dominance.
          Chinese support for PR is based on the premise that as long as UMNO is destroyed, PR leaders of dubious, questionable characters like The Butt Man, they will support them.

          • What , Me worry ? says:

            so what the chinese support buzz man…anything wrong with that ??

          • Anonymous says:

            What , Me worry, you are that Mad magazine guy aren’t you? So, I won’t treat you seriously lah.

            You shy ah people call him Butt man, you call him Buzz man?

            Only 1-2 chinese support him, I don’t wally lah. OK lah, I give you some more – 2.5 Chinese support him. OK lah, you can carry on supporting him, I’ll not hold it against you what.

        • The Real Rakyat says:

          Anon 11:27, u have a point there but from wat i’ve been seeing wit those PAS troopers they are all out to win those malay votes. Changing tunes to different crowds harsh punishments for muslims who say no but soft supposed gentle law to non muslims but the thing is Taliban has no soft rules do they?

          • Anonymous says:

            No they don’t. All sorts of real cruel life stories and atrocities have been carried out by them in the name of Islamic religion in north eastern Pakistan and in Afghanistan, reported in the newspapers.

            When Taliban ruled Afghanistan, there were even secretly filmed videos showing them applying Hudud punishments on the local populace on the open field – even those women who don’t cover their faces adequately.

            I don’t mind them catching Anwar sodomizing, but the fella won’t dare visit such Taliban places as Waziristan.

      • Funniman says:

        My right hand don’t even trust my left hand let alone LKS trust anyone. Everyman for himself when the time come. This fella will make sure the Rear Admiral be “protected” by DAP generals to ensure that no one comes near him.

        Anwar will become the PM and LKS also become PM (Puppet Master)

  4. Funniman says:

    What’s there to discuss when there’s a written document, signed by Hadi himself that Anwar is the PM? Is Anwar version of “can discuss” means he is willing to trade on what is agreed earlier? Why are the PKR grassroots not vocal about all these happening? Where is Azmin, Tian Chua, Tony or Rafizi?

    Tokong couldn’t care less as long as he has Penang. What’s the difference between Hadi and Najib anyway?

    I really hope Najib call election tomorrow.

    • Servant of God says:

      Me too. Damn it I’m sick of these PR shitheads.

      But then, the longer the elections are put off, the more shit rises to the surface. What next?

      Nurul Izzah had her day spouting shit from her mouth.

      PAS surprised everyone with their nomination of a guy who wants to become a fisherman.

      So it’s Karpal’s turn? Or Tokong’s? Who?

      • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

        Najib should just serve out his term. no need to rush for elections. the longer he delays the elections, the more mistakes the Pakatan Shits will make. Nurul Izzah on religious freedom for Malays, Hadi as PM, Hudud for Malaysia by Harun Taib, etc.
        in their desperation to fish for votes, they will say anything. just make sure that BN operatives are there to film and record anything and everything the Pakatan Shits say.
        then there’s nowhere for these Pakatan Shits to hide.

        • Funniman says:

          I reaaly hope for the day where you have all these big screens playing the bloopers of Pakatan at the election ceramah. Pure fun entertainment.

          • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

            and also make sure all BN controlled media like Media Prima, RTM, all BN blogs, Facebook etc, make sure they have all these bloopers in place. it will be blockbuster entertainment.

      • The Real Rakyat says:

        SOG, I would prefer to have the elections well when the time is up really…why not??…..more shit frm them will rise and more of the truth will come out…..and it will be so fun watching them scramble to grab as much before they go…..and believe me when that time comes you will see more shredding of documents in the respective PR state govts…..

        • Servant of God says:


          But, for me, there is another reason. An elected government has a duty to the rakyat, so by all means, govern to the completion of the govt’s term.

          Only morons and anak ikan who are kept for their butts think that elections are just about having balls.

        • Funniman says:

          Kill your enemy before they do damage control.

          • Anon says:

            No, they’ll do more damage. Let them sink their own ship. Then we lord over their carcass and repeat PAS prayers, but against them, not to float again.

        • What , Me worry ? says:

          so it is now confirm..BN controlled all the media…where is the fairplay ?
          thank goodness there is still the internet…

          • Anon says:

            with due respect, what talk you?

            there are many printed media is controlled by oppobutt gang, either glaringly, suspectingly or on undercover basis.

            It is a known secret. Its amazing so much resources the oppobut has.

            And google news is giving more and more headlines to the whatkini rantings.
            When near election the headlines tempo may increase

          • The Real Rakyat says:

            Wah so clever leh!! So harakah,suara keadilan, roketkini, selangor times & tv, buletin mutiara, mi, mkini, mc and etc are bn funded and controlled too?? My goodness wat terrible tentacles of power bn has!! So just abt every govt round the world are bn controlled too?? Stop watching porn and melancap!! Comment also dumb so i assume you are dumb too??

    • Troopers says:

      All these PR commotion is making Sarah Palin and Donal Trump look like angels instead.

    • Anonymous says:

      I might have missed it, but wd you kindly give details (and links if possible) on the “written document, signed by Hadi himself that Anwar is the PM”?

      • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

        written document ? better yet, find a video recording of Hadi saying that he agreed that Anwar is PM candidate. nowadays you need video recordings to prove your claims.
        but even video recordings are inadequate. as an example, Anwar’s sexcapades with prostitutes. even after he was caught, he insisted it wasn’t him.

        • Anonymous says:

          Txs PPP. Now I know I didn’t miss the “document”. There was no such document.

          Hadi may not be clever but he’d be damned stupid to have signed a document saying he agreed Anwar be PM candidate. The 2012 Muktamar delegates would have skinned him alive … maybe not, but just pulled his sarong from under him.

          • Anon says:

            alibaba arrangement normally would have presigned prerequite, no?

            This is how the “baba” would normally protect their interest upfront.

            And how would anybody think the “ali” would senang senang main main later?

            This is a contractual world lah

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  6. ray says:

    The Malay Muslim fence sitters should take the recent attack on Gaza by the Zionists as THE SIGN to vote for UMNO/BN.

    DAP = PAP
    LGE = LKY
    AnuWar supports Israel
    NoRole supports murtad
    PAS = Hudud
    PAS = BN KO
    Hadi = fisherman
    Nik Aziz = rape for skimpy clad women
    Singapore = Israel

    In Tun Dr M’s words = better the devil you know ……..

    • Anon says:

      Anyone knows what was on Nik Aziz’s mind when he said the lady wearing skimpy dress deserve to be raped? Only God knows. But we sure can guess.

      Don’t think the old man only think good. The body may not be able to do what the mind wants. Otherwise no such saying as “dirty old man”!

      • I.D.A says:

        the bigger the serban, the bigger godaan.
        satan get the highest reward, (maybe Tun’s title) if can sesatkan the man with serban, (not turban ya)…

        but TGNA case, he willingly to accept devils aid for putrajaya. so dunggu one. putrajaya, take cab also can go one…

        • The Real Rakyat says:

          IDA, Putrajaya take cab ah?? Hahaha but for him cab mahal wor!! U know he gives 45% of his salary to charity and live in wooden house!! Well according to a chinese pas trooper lah!! But then u know bulshit coz where is he gonna park that s class merc?? But then i think better he take erl to putrajaya then take cab?? Hahahaha

  7. Anon says:

    Free Malaysia Today said, “PAS has been ‘penetrated’ by elements with ‘foreign’ ideologies”. Wonder who they are. And what foreign ideologies.

    I can think only of Anwar. So called ideology of liberalism etc. But his PKR is not democratic. A Family and crony party. Maybe his sodomy ideology. Traceable to the ancient city of Sodom, now in Jordan.

    And the Erdogan faction trying to sodomize the Ulama faction?

    • Penang Mari says:

      lucky nick ajis old fella, if he still young… nuar will aim at him… then only “PAS has been ‘penetrated’ by elements with ‘foreign’ ideologies”. ideology from people of Sodom!

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      Anon, i thot pas long time ass banged by the taliban?? Now with the anwarinas and anwaristas too?? Damn this anwar gets alot of ass!! Hahaha

  8. Mangkuk says:

    PR playing a primitive game on reverse of divide and conquer. Each party try to get as much vote as possible on their ground. PAS try religions mad guys and PKR try to get on Malays sinner LGBT or free sex kinda of Muslim.

    They forget this tactic long gone because news travel faster on internet. See what happen to free sex Nurul Izzah.

    I remember of US troops who give a can of candy to children and it turn out the can is used for Booby-Trap. So voters, if we vote for them is just like we contribute to bigger Booby-Trap prepared by PR to destroy our peaceful nation.

  9. Anonymous says:

    “free sex Nurul Izzah”? Is she available?

    I know, I know, you mean somethin’ else.

    But I wish she is somethin’ else, too. Not for me, but for my friend, hehe. He’d be glad to do it coz of political vengeance.

    What “to do it”, I’m not sayin’.

  10. salhas says:

    Whoever you folks prefer to be PM, my choice of Prime Monster for Malaysia still is AnuWar. Why? I’d be proud to parade him as the man man enough to display to the whole wide world his instrument of copulation. Show me another leader who dares to do that…none. Aren’t you all proud, too?

    Maybe this will set a precedent worldwide when people would clamour for candidates to the highest posts in organizations and states, even international bodies like the UN, IMF, World Bank, etc. to prove their bedroom prowess before they can be considered to fill up those lofty positions that can make or break organizations and states.

    And for mass entertainment,we can introduce another contest like body-building and beauty contests: instruments of male glory contest.

    • Anonymous says:

      Has he got one … I mean has he displayed his instrument? If he did on the China doll video, I sure missed watching it. They have removed it from the Internet, didn’t they? Damn.

      • Equalizer says:

        You should have seen him in action. Tak dah sakit belakang langsung. Have very strong back and neck. No need collar support or wheelchair.

        Greatest pretender…should be given an Oscar for pretending.

    • Anonymous says:

      ” instruments of male glory contest.” Nik Aziz will sure fail one, hehe.

  11. What , Me worry ? says:

    UMNO says Pakatan wins DAP becomes the leader…..(MCA says it is the other way round , meaning MCA is lying)
    so why worry…..i will still vote PAS….

    • U? Otak udang says:

      You, no brain one. Go and read about Hadi’s “Amanat Hadi” on Memali incident. Of course being a no brainy guy like you will vote for PAS and get your potential PM whom will bring Malaysia to “Holland”..

    • hear only says:

      its suspected the backbone holding all the strings is DAP
      seelah what happened under Perak in their days last time

  12. Apolitical says:

    How would the Chinese vote in light of recent PAS Islamic state agenda and Hadi as PM.? Part 2. In part 1 , I concluded that voters in Malaysia are generally emotion based.

    Traditionally, the Chinese has always been fearful about PAS, about their Islamic state agenda. PAS literally has zero support from the Chinese. Hence during PRU 11 in 2004, when Barisan alternatif was formed, the Chinese even voted against DAP for cooperating with PAS. This is to teach DAP a lesson for sleeping with PAS. This election also saw DAP has one of the worst results. During PRU12, most Chinese do not vote for PAS either. The only time the Chinese actually supported PAS was during the parliamentary seat by election in PERAK won by Nizar, the ex MB of PERAK. The Chinese felt angry because of the way BN took back the state government because of 3 pakatan state assembly man crossed over to BN.

    Will the Chinese vote for PAS come PRU13? Generally no but PAS will gain some Chinese votes because of their trust for DAP. I will go to further details in part 3 tommmorow.

    • Anon says:

      Glad to hear you think the Chinese will generally not vote PAS in PRU13. PAS will only gain some Chinese votes because of PAS trust for DAP. Maybe the some DAP Chinese living in PAS contest areas?

      Waiting to hear your next comment on this.

  13. Anonimo says:

    About Anwar asking for Australian support:

    Title: Australian foreign minister Bob Carr cool on Anwar request

    “It is important that we follow what happens in Malaysian politics and our commission there does it. I think their analysis of Malaysian politics is very, very good. Very high quality. But I’m, and it’s useful in that process that we talk to opposition forces as well as people in the government.”

    “We can’t comment on that. An opposition leader is entitled to say that to us. But we discussed the elections with him, I’m aware of his concerns.”

    Full radio interview and transcript here:

  14. ExDAP says:


    “He knows the electoral reforms that have taken place here. He knows that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is a man he can talk to (they met at the start of the month). And as he told the Australian Senate in October, he also knows that GE12 was free enough for the Government to “lose its two-thirds majority in the parliament”. Bob Carr is no ignorant mat salleh.”



    • Anonymous says:

      All those probably because of the Xylophone or whatever the name of the Aussie Senator bloke who took part in the Bersih 3.0 Rally, a friend of Anwar Al Juburi, interferring in the internal affairs of our country, using his social visit pass to take part in the political affairs of this country. Bugger the shit senator.

      But good that the Aussie Foreign Minister said what he did. He should have shitted the uneducated and rude Senator for abusing the courtesy shown by the Malaysian government in granting him a social visit pass on arrival here.

  15. Lin Peh Kong says:

    Said it before and will say it again.
    If Pakatan ever gets to Putrajaya – -not that they will.
    There will be a big tussle for power and when the dust settles, the stupid Chinaman who voted for DAP thinking that it will be better for Chinese will be sorely disappointed to find out that the ice-cream cone they are holding is empty.
    What did PAS say — you are their friend until your knife is sharp enough and their backs are turn before you act.
    And I wonder what credential Hadi has to even think he could ever be PM material. Shiok just to think people even suggested that he could be PM.

    • ExDAP says:

      Dear Lin,





  16. salhas says:

    I travel quite a lot in the country, especially back to my home state. I’ve observed newspapers aligned to BN have gained circulation amongst the Malays, especially rural Malays and a decline in readership of opposition parties’. My assessment of the upcoming GE results would be the BN would get back its two-thirds majority in Parliament and wrest Kedah from the opposition. The PR can take a bus to Putrajaya and enjoy the scenery.

    • Anon says:

      Well done salhas for putting that comment. Glad to hear your observation the Malays have got back to BN friendly.

      I think in Selangor also. Especially after Talamgate, sampahgate, watergate Selangor style (no water).

      They have seen PR not a better alternative to BN.

  17. STOP says:

    Today 22/11/2012, yesterday 21/11/2012 doomsday no exist. If Malaysia rule by Taliban PAS that will be doomsday for Malaysia ! For our future don’t vote Taliban PAS !

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