Hiding Behind Christianity to Campaign for Pakatan Rakyat

Many Malaysians have not heard of this portal named The Micah Mandate.

It is a Christian-based news portal that claims to advocate love and justice.

However, if one would take a closer look at the contents of the portal, it is essentially dedicated to campaigning against the Barisan Nasional government.

The convenor and founder of this portal is one Goh Keat Peng – who is a member of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat disciplinary committee and at one time, a member of the party’s supreme council.

He is also a confidante of Wan Azizah.  He has also been arrested and charged before for taking part in an illegal demonstration.

Besides his active involvement in PKR, he is also actively involved in World Vision and in church activities in Klang Valley.

A well-known figure within the church community, he does not hide his disdain for the BN and regard Anwar Ibrahim as the saviour.

The website is regularly filled with articles and comments praising PR parties and personalities linked to the opposition.

The use of the pulpit, calls to church goers to pray and fast in the name of change with subtle messages of helping to bring PR into power and sarcastic remarks made by some church leaders during church sermons and masses have put the neutrality of the church in question.

The church leadership should come out and state that it is not taking sides in the coming elections.

By keeping silent, it has given the impression to many Malaysians including Christians who support the BN that it is a political player.

Previously, PAS politicians claims to be ulamaks and claims to be men of God, claiming to speak on behalf God.

Have Christian pastors and priests now join the ranks of these politically ambitious PAS leaders using God’s name?

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98 Responses to Hiding Behind Christianity to Campaign for Pakatan Rakyat

  1. ray says:

    I guess the foreign funds allocated for anwar to be PM is depleting. So Ambiga with the NGO mask and now politicians with church mask are continuing with the mission.

    The southern sheriff is chipping to support in all ways.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, the exposure of the Neocons, Jewish and Zionist funding to Malaysian NGOs have shied away the funds somewhat. But that may be the more reason for those anti-national elements to make noise and show they are active all the same. To try and convince their funders to get the money flowing in again.

      But I think the authorities are keeping close tabs on their bank accounts. Personal and Suaram’s so-called company accounts. We don’t have a system of numbered accounts (no names) like in Switzerland. Or laws that allow the banks to refuse completely to reveal banking information to the relevant authorities.

      So, keep on exposing their foreign remittances, please. Let the rakyat know the basxxxxx behaving like “Imperialist running dogs” that Mao Zedong commies used to shout at. And we will shout those now.

  2. Pro BN says:

    the best to counter any lies is to have a debate between leaders of both side on NATIONAL TV……






    • ray says:

      Actually all the lies by PR is proving that BN is the right party to govern.

      • Anonymous says:

        prove on National TV all the lies by PR are all lies…..

        would that not be effective …….

        instead of hiding behind National TV why not make full use of National TV with debate and shame all PR leaders and supporters with full guns blazing and live on TV1 ,2 ,3 ,4,5, 7, 8 and what not….
        1 kali kaw kaw …. instead of wasting our breadth here….

        the sentiment on the ground is just not with BN even with all the lies , fitnah and gula gula being thrown here and there…

        • Pakatan Puak Pembohonh says:

          there is a risk, that in a debate, between the PM and The Butt Man, that The Butt Man will try to manipulate the situation to his advantage. so I would caution that the PM be well prepared, with all the facts, before engaging in a debate with The Butt Man.

          • Lisa says:

            You can always ask Tun M. to do the debate. This would silence the Butt Man.

          • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

            I don’t think The Butt Man is interested in Dr M, judging from The Butt Man’s tastes, preferences, only a younger man/woman can satisfy his craving.
            then there is the issue of the settings, the location for such a “debate”. the lighting, the color of the background. last time, when The Butt Man had his “debate”, he needed some people to do a recording, thus we ended up watching a “debate” that featured him with a woman, with an Omega watch missing, the color in black and white. the “debate” was, to say the least, well, let’s just say we only heard about some moans here and there, sometimes loudly.

          • Anonymous says:

            Bloody good idea, Lisa.

            But they won’t ask TDM. Butt Man kecut bola facing TDM.

            He and his supporters know TDM has the time to squeeze the fellow to his last drop of … whatever.

        • Anonymous says:

          No, I don’t think PM will bite you people’s bait of a debate. And I agree with the PM.

          Anwarul Al Juburi has been known as crooked and unprincipled man, sodomizing and China dolling, willing to go to the extent of running down his own country to the Neocons, Jews and Zionists in US etc, even of saying he wants to defend the security of Israel much to the chagrin of his PAS supposedly partners.

          Where got sense in engaging him in debate. He’ll twist and spin, and get the Neocons-paid Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider and others to have a field day with further twisting and spinning.

          No siree, no bite the poison bait. You fellas can provoke him to kingdom come. Or until Anwar comes on you. Whatever kind of come it may be.

        • ray says:

          Only thing to convince me is for that sodomite to swear on the Quran, which he is VERY afraid to do until today.

          Saiful and DS Najib have done it because they have clear conscience.

          No need for debate – waste of time! All that is generated is hot air especially by the forked tongue.

    • Troopers says:

      For every fact that the gov posted, PR could summon out 10 reasons/stories/lies to either contradict the fact, made fund of the fact or avoid the fact altogether and start story telling otherwise.

      Besides, look at the debate between LGE amd CSL. CSL havd used facts after facts againsts LGE and what did he get in reply? Lies, stories, personal attacks, attacking the gov when it was not related at all, sidetrack from issues and the best, somehow managed to find the time to campaign for PR right in the middle of the debate. And how about CTY vs Khalid for Talamgate? Tat PAS weasel run off to Thai with no reason and instead ask Mr storytelling Pua to debate for him instead.

      Requesting for more debate would be futile and a waste of time and money and would probably be hijacked by PR to do some cheap campaigning.

  3. snow says:

    Pro BN,
    Oh Please …You are everything but proBN…Stop all these childish charade..most (if not majority) of people are smarter than you lah..We can see through your deceit and lies like a flash.
    Debate is a waste of time, no positive outcomes at all. Its only serve as advertisement for vocal and rude leaders from oppo side who didn’t do any iota of work for the public – hence the free time for debate, ceramah and ‘counselling’..etc
    How about trying some new tactics when giving opinions in here i.e write your rebuttal with facts, figures, graphs, videos ( not edited)..etc..then stay and fight like a man(or woman).
    Your camouflage is tadika level only.

    • Anonymous says:

      When you wrote more than 1-2 lines, I thought you are not the usual Oppo hippo. But reading on, I find that you are clearly the same as those 1-2 liners blokes who make wild, unsubstantiated allegations. You are loathsome and despicable.

      Asking to “write your rebuttal with facts, figures, graphs, videos ..”, you come in here trying to argue against what we say, yet you provide none. What balderdash are you, man.

      • Servant of God says:

        No, seriously, debating is a waste of time.

        • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

          for PR, debating is publicity. I seriously think they need all the publicity they can get, after more than 4 years of ruling 4 states, yet with nothing to show, instead the longer they govern, the more skeletons show up, they could need some cheap publicity with a debate.

          • anonymous says:

            free publicity will give them mileage

            One would suspect that the so called religious bloopers are more anything than accidental or impromptu

            What happened to the Chinadoll issue, or bathroom picture?
            Nothing ie no negative ramification, so far…
            Instead they may have gotten free publicity…

            More than off and on, we have many many “bloopers” from their part. One would really suspect that it may be a “Lakonan” to get free publicity-ie wouldn’t it be good to have people repeating their names.
            Product name reinforcement – basic marketing rules

            serve people they do not
            get free publicity banyak

    • Me, A Reader.. says:


      You read my mind.

  4. abba says:

    Using places of worship for political ends is a recipe for disaster. It’ll lead to religious animosity and can spark violence. PKR, DAP and PAS must be held responsible should anything untoward happens to peace and order in the country as a result of such acts.

    PKR as shown in the above article. DAP and the Rock Hotel meeting of pastors, Jeff Ooi and others in Penang some time back, allegedly wanting Christian to be one of the official religions of the country, when the Constitution says Islam is “the” religion of the country, leading to Police investigations and a DAP Malay member attending the gathering revealing some information some time back. PAS allowing mosques for DAP penetration, photographs appearing in the Internet of a DAP woman leader who was not properly dressed speaking from beside the pulpit in a mosque in Selangor last year or so.

    More Malaysians must come out denouncing and lambasting such acts, like Joseph Sta Maria did in the previous post. PAS people should particularly come out doing that as they are the ones claiming to promote Islam and the purity of the religion. Bringing politics into mosques certainly corrupts the system.

    PKR we know are the biggest culprit, the latest being Nurul Izzah being walloped left, right and centre for saying freedom of choice of religion applies to Malays as well – blatantly disregarding the Constitutional position of Islam, the laws enacted by Parliament in pursuit of that Constitutional provision, such laws prohibiting proselytizing of Muslims etc. And all of us, including the Christians and Muslims in PAS should condemn PKR which now, per the STL post above, clearly use the Church for political ends.

  5. joseph sta maria says:

    I am sadden that the Church has been drag in the political debate in the country. The Church must always be apolitical and not used its pulpit to give political speech but preach only the gospel. My ancestors who brought the Catholic faith to this part of this part of the world particularly to Malacca in the 15th. century and as such I am fully qualified to give an opinion to the present position of some of the Catholics and the Christians churches. As custodians of the Catholic faith my community, the Malacca Portuguese community urge all Catholics Churches to stop allowing politician from using the premises of the Church and its congregation for their political ends. It is sad that some Churches ground are been used by irresponsible politicians to spread their ideology rather then respecting the church. As a Catholics we must never allow the church ground to be used by these irresponsible politician the Church must always be apolitical and what is been going on in some churches in the country is indeed sad because many of these church leaders are been used for certain irresponsible politicians . The Church will be taking a big risk by being political and showing or trowing their support to any political party for politics and religion must never be mixed especially in Malaysia where its sensitivity is at a boiling point and if anything goes wrong, the Malacca Portuguese community, as custodians of the Catholics faith will never hesitate to hold these people fully responsible. If these trend continues, as advisor of the Melaka Portuguese community I wish to remind all churches to be mindful of the possible consequences and the irreparable damage to the religious harmony we have been enjoying all this decades in Malaysia. As individual, we can decide who we want to support but to allow the church to be used and its church leaders openly trowing support to the politicians can cause serious problems to the Church. The Malacca Portuguese community traditionally has been giving its full support to the BN government and I urge all Catholics to give their support our Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib in this coming election. The alternative is sadly very divided themselves and won’t not be able to provide a stable and progressive government to govern the country. Catholics and Christians can never accept PAS islamic state policies, giving their support to the present BN government is the only alternative for all Catholics and Christians in the country. However, I reiterate the premises of the church is a house of worship and it must be allowed to be misused politicians whether they are from the BN or the Opposition parties for the repercussions is very serious.

    joseph sta maria

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you missed the word “not” between the words “must” and “be allowed” in the 3rd last line. Though the average reader gets your message all the same.

      • joseph sta maria says:

        Thank you sir, yes the word is “never” . ” However, I reiterate the premises of the church is a house of worship and it must NEVER be allowed to be misused BY politicians whether they are from the BN or the Opposition parties for the repercussions is very serious.”

    • Equalizer says:

      Hello Joseph,

      It is with regret that the pastors and power-holders of certain churches were involved directly in campaigning for a particular political party.

      The churches are always look upon with respect as a place for the teaching of God’s words and love for humankind. Those dirty pastors and power-holders have dragged the churches into the political webs of distortion.

      Politics are power play of blames, insults, lies , curses etc… etc..

      The standings of churches are supposed to be very high above the power play of politics. So sad now these churches are equal in standing with these political parties.

      Because of that, now these churches are open to blames, insults, lies, curses etc etc.. as they have behaved in tandem with a political party. They have now stooped so low like a political party.

      The churches are not there with that intention. Now anybody who disagree with the political inclinations of that church , can curse, insult, blame etc etc the church. Fair game, I suppose.

      The good name of those churches had been dragged down the drain by those dirty politicians, pastors and the power therein the church.

      Now the respect of those churches had gone down the gutters, look upon as a place of politics, to be spat at by those who hated their brands of politics.

      Christians should wake up. Don’t let those dirty pastors drag your church into the gutters. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of a church or for that matter a religious place of worship?

      Worship GOD or worship the politicians ???.

      • joseph sta maria says:

        Thanks for your comment. Im thinking of organizing a movement to generate this awareness among my community the dangers the church leaders are undertaking and with hope many will realize its serious repercussion that will befall upon the Catholics and Christians if this approached is continued by the religious leaders.

        • Anonymous says:

          Bravo again, Joseph. Your sense of responsibility and civic consciousness is admirable.

          Best of luck to you in your endeavours. God bless you.

  6. Lord Jim says:

    I have small dick

    • Anonymas says:

      That, dear sir, is one of the rebuttals presented by Butt Man’s supporters during Sodomy 2.0


      And then you see the China Doll video and you see the ‘little soldier’ standing ready and erect. At ease, soldeir

  7. ExDAP says:


  8. Lim Lynn says:

    Have Christian pastors and priests now join the ranks of these politically ambitious PAS leaders using God’s name?

    World Vision CIA Front Connection. Thanks for exposing founder Micah Mandate Goh Keat Peng since I never heard about him. Ecumenical between confused, uneducated Protestant and Catholic Pope. All I can say Anwar Ibrahim Jesuit Freemason connection. Strangely Anwar Ibrahim did send a letter to Barack Hussein Obama a Homosexual. Siti Zubedah Kasim merupakan salah seorang komiti yang menganjurkan Festival Seksualiti Merdeka tempoh hari.

    Though many of the state margins were narrow President Obama ran the table winning every swing or battleground state with the possible exception of Florida where votes are still being counted as of 5:30 this morning.

    President Obama also won the popular vote by 2 million votes. The President won 303 electoral votes to 206 for Romney. We knew about 11 pm that the President had won when Ohio was called for him.

    Democrats also held the Senate. Elizabeth Warren won with a good margin in Massachusetts. Claire McKaskill won in Missouri beating Akin-he of the legitimate rape comment. Joe Donnelly also won in Indiana beating Republican Mourdock. Warren won by eight percentage points. Donnelly won in Indiana by 6 percentage points. Sherrod Brown won re-election. Tammy Baldwin won becoming the first openly gay Senator. Democrats picked up seats in the Senate.

    Progressives like you worked their hearts out all over America for our people, our country, our president, and progressive Democrats. We fought and beat the tea party, the oligarchs and massive rich, Karl Rove’s strategy, ALEC, the Koch Brothers, and all those who would tear down democracy and destroy the middle class and the labor movement. Women spoke strongly. Latinos spoke strongly. The LGBT community spoke strongly. And AFRICAN-AMERICANS fought back against the neo-poll taxes and disenfranchisement.

    And as always our labor movement provided the President a foundation of support, energy, and strong presence.

    The truth for progressives is that we are slowly winning the battle of ideas, future constituents, policies of justice. This election was won with progressive constituencies and a PROGRESSIVE AGENDA.

  9. Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

    don’t hide behind Christianity, if you want to campaign for PR, then do it openly. this country is today open and free. no more ISA, so why still hide behind religion ? what are you lot afraid of ?
    afraid that the Malays will come after you with knives and machetes ? if that’s the reason, then don’t campaign for PR. if you want to do something, please do it openly. don’t play hide and seek. this is a free country, open to all.

  10. ExDAP says:




  11. Anonymous says:

    What pleases me most is to see many sensible, responsible comments and good arguments in here. Especially on a weekend. It’s very entertaining. It’s the cheapest form of entertainment. And exercise on the fingers!

    Particularly when the 1-2 Oppo hippos get thrashed. Only 1-2 dare come in, the rest fear to tread. One Oppo comment gets clobbered by 3-4 pro-BN comments.

    Yet, as Pakatan Puak Pembohong says this is a free country, open to all. This is a free blog, not moderated, no need to log in or whatever control procedures that Mkini and such blogs use to prevent pro-BN voices entering there.

    The short story is: the Oppo hippos get scared to enter here. Still, it’s entertaining to bash them, with or without their presence in here. Enjoy your weekend, folks. I’m basking in an Obama win. Otherwise Anwar Al Juburi would be brought by the Neocons, Jews and Zionists to meet their man, the Romney fellow, and start promoting Zionist interests sommore.

  12. ExDAP says:

    We Malaysian MUST STOP these rogue religious people from using their position on the pulpit to spread heat and anger for their political agenda, may it be in the mosque, temples, or churches.

    We have seen how the PAS ulamas turned the peace loving religion into a fanatical extreme version for their political gain.
    The same will eventually happen with these rogue pastor, warping their followers to be extremist with hate and anger.

    This will eventually slip down the road of racial and religious conflicts, once their common focus is over.



  13. Mangkuk says:

    The Churches knows well they’re playing with fire but they have a followers to sacrifice on the name of martyr may be.

    They believe Anuwar goal. Create chaos and take the power by force or ‘people force’ and new people government will draft a new constitutions just like what happen in Egypt.

    Roughly The Republic of Malaysia new constitution will left out Malays/Bumiputra rights, Malays Sultan and Islam as formal religion.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, I think the ‘people force’ will comprise of BN people and the likes of PERKASA members and they’ll clobber Anwar. They’ll not allow any “new people government … no draft of a new constitution”.

      Remember that what happens in Egypt is that, now coming to 2 years after putting down Hosni Mubarak ruling for 30 years under emergency powers (in Malaysia we have been having elections every 4-5 years since Merdeka), they have not even come close to agreeing on a new constitution for their country.

      Never will the vast majority of the Malays allow a Republic of Malaysia be created – they won’t even tolerate a discussion on that, it’s seditious to do that. Any party talking about a new constitution that will leave out Malays/ Bumiputra Special Position, Malay Rulers and Islam as the religion of the country will be torn to bits.

      We must not talk such things even in here. It is seditious. Can be taken to court under the Sedition Act 1948.

      • Anonymous says:

        Heu dude, go get a life or go commit hara kiri….

      • tiggerkayu says:

        Well……let’s see now.

        There was Charles II in Britain, Louis XIV in France, the Tsars in Russia, the dynasties in China……

        Not to mention the American War of Independence. Rather apt when Barack Obama comes visiting in the region.

        The pages of history are replete with examples of instructive lessons and the dangers of hubris and schadenfreude.

        • Anonymous says:

          Wat are you talk, man?

          This is the 21st Century, not the lawlessness of the Medieval period or the cruel and exacting communist regimes, or the eunuch-driven Manchu dynasty.

          And hell, the Constitution of this country was debated and passed by Parliament, the country has had elections ever 4-5 years for 55 years now.

          You wanna argue against the sensitive clauses of the Constitution? You no agree with History Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim that those who don’t like this country should migrate elsewhere? You wanna be at the rear of the Rear Admiral Anwar?

          What hubris and schadenfreude are you talk? High sounding, eh? Nec gemino bellum trojanum orditur ob ovo.

  14. Anonymas says:

    For PAS:


    For BN:

    “Oh man, another religious nutcase?”

  15. Troopers says:

    Remembered reading an article about how US’s GOP love to misuse religion for political purposes and i present:


    PRdogs, if you have read this, you are no better than the GOP is US.

    • tiggerkayu says:

      LGBT rights and gay marriages, anyone?

      I can imagine certain Asean leaders holding their noses when shaking Barack Obama’s hand at the upcoming East Asia Summit.

      Alas, geopolitical realities dictate that Asean has to make nice with the US, no matter how distasteful the latter’s mores and norms.

  16. Apolitical says:

    What Joseph Sta Maria wrote I fully agree and concur. I am equally shocked and saddened. I visited Micah Mandate website. Yes , whoever started this website has an agenda to use religion to propagate PAKATAN.

    I don’t mind people start website to promote their political believe. Like STL which is. Pro BN or Malaysiakini which is pro PR. But having a religious based website which pro any political parties is totally wrong.It is a misuse of the name of Religion.

    Yes, Sta Maria should start a movement to warn all churches being make use of by some power crazy selfish individual who is out to make use of the church for selfish gain.

  17. bourne identity says:

    churches are supposed to be sanctuaries…for who? Seems like desperados in the form of fakatan rakyat politicians are the only ones seeking sanctuaries in the form of churches.
    Ti all christians – kick out all those who with authority who use churches for political uses.
    Or do you intend to put the face and shape of anwar buntut on your cross instead of christ? If you do…just make sure you dont pick up anything from the floor each time anwar buntut visits your church…..bahaya! His dick may come out from your mouth!!!! Amen….

    • Anonymous says:

      We need to respect the symbol of the Christian religion – the cross. We are not against Christianity, the religion. We are against the pastors and others having authority but allowing the use of churches for political ends.

  18. Atok says:

    Amat sedih kalaulah kumpulan dari Kristian cuba memperjuangkan hak mereka kali ini melalui sokongan kepada PR. Hakikatnya, andai kata keseluruhan Kaum Cina menyokong PR, tetapi Kempen dari puak gereja akan menjadi counter productive sebabnya masyarakat Islam yang umumnya Melayu akan dan mungkin bersatu demi mempertahankan hak dan maruah Melayu kali ini memandangkan ancaman yang melampaui batas. Sebenarnya, kaum Cina dan Kristian dalam keadaan ” Zero Sum Game”, iaitu tidak ada lagi faedah yang akan diperoleh sebabnya sampai satu tahap, pihak yang satu lagi, iaitu Melayu terasa mereka tertekan dan mungkin bertindak balas yang akhirnya merugikan pihak yang demanding beyond level of reasonableness and fairness to all. Kita kena ingat ingat dalam dunia ini ” You can’t win ALL”.
    P/S : Maafkan Atok sebab terpakai beberapa ungkapan bahasa orang putih.

    • anonymous says:

      not so tok…
      unless if they can have a controlling harness over the PASters

      one would always suspect that the wet glue man has controlling stakeholding in PASters, as can be seen through past patttens

      this is why they are so gungho.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I think the main culprits are the Evangelical churches that have sprouted up in this country like mushrooms. Operating anywhere they like, even in shophouses kind of premises. I think a number of them are run by unscrupulous people who want an easy life by living on the donations of the unsuspecting followers, like many pastors of Evangelical churches in the US do.

    Remember that the Gereja Methodis Damansara Utama that attempted proselytizing of 12 Muslim women didn’t even have permission to use their rented premises as a church, contravening the Dewan Bandaran building bye laws. It is that kind of Christians that influence Nurul Izzah to come out with the irresponsible remarks on freedom of choosing religion covering the Malays as well.

    According to the 2007 Statistical Abstract of the United States, a publication of the United States Census Bureau, the US population was 28.6% Evangelical, 24.5% Roman Catholic and 13.9% mainline Protestant. In May 2012, the Economist estimated that “over one-third of Americans, more than 100m, can be considered evangelical”. They grow very fast in the US. So do they in Malaysia. But they may not be connected with the US churches beyond similarity in names – and there so many different names. The gay pastor went to US to marry his New York boyfriend, not on his church business.

    They may in this country, like in US, have exceeded the Roman Catholics in numbers. And apparently no one to control them. Therefore, the Government must take a serious view about this phenomenon. The Minister in the PM’s Department in charge of religious affairs really must discuss with the Catholic Archbishop and others in the Inter Religious Committee on how to curb the problems caused by those allowing the churches be used for political purposes.

    Then the Minister must call the various departments and other bodies set up under the Act of Parliament for the administration of Islamic affairs pursuant to the constitutional provision of Islam being the religion of this country. Discuss and decide on actions to be taken.

    Anyone with any suggestions or views on the above, please chip in.

    • Anon says:

      People say things messy now and to act before the elections will make things messy some more. But not to act will also allow them make things messy some more.

      Whatever it is, must take action sooner or later. Before or after GE13. If after, must be soon after the elections. Situation very bad already. Got racial, now religious issues. Made by bad politicians and followers.

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      anon 7.09

      you are right in your assessment it is mainly due to evangelical churches really….as they are profit based businesses and not really religious in order….if not why living in nice houses and driving nice cars??…

      religion or profit??

  20. Lin Peh Kong says:

    This Goh Keat Peng another Chua Jui Meng. Using Christianity to justify its own end.
    CJM says one day that he will stay in MCA and the very next week he is in PKR. Wonder how they justify defending and supporting AI sodomy and whore seeking ways.

    • Anon says:

      Chua Jee Ming a Christian? How come no Christian name? Malu mau pakai ha? Like Lim Guan Eng? Or pretend pretend only. For the sake of votes. Terrible.

      • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

        Jimmy Chua. that’s his Anglo Christian name.

        • Anon says:

          Txs bro. But not seen that in papers etc. He didn’t tell press people? Or press people don’t like him by that name? Old traditional ones like Chua Soi Lek don’t use Christian names – not Christian? Or Chua not much in news after outing MCA. Or I didn’t read names in detail.

          • Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

            Chua Jui Meng has always been a Christian. even during his days with the MCA, he was a well known Christian.
            his Christian identity became more apparent after he joined PKR. some people from MCA I know of told me that he emphasized more and more of his Christian beliefs because that’s the only political capital he’s left with, the only way he can reach the crowd.
            as for Chua Soi Lek, not much is known about his religious affiliation. maybe someone could shed some light on this.

  21. ExDAP says:

    It doesn’t matter what religion one person is. But it matters if he uses the church, temple and mosque to spread his or her political agenda.


  22. Appleman says:

    Ustaz Goh Keat Peng, time to take off your rose tinted specs and take a good hard look at PAS. You feel so happyuntil kencing also cannot justbecause a few PAS guys go to your church and give talks. So happy you want to campaign and vote for the. Ask yourself, will they invite you to their surausothat you can speak about your holier than thou views on religion, Christianity, brotherly love and spreading the Christian faith? Go ahead and vote for whoever you want, that is your right under the constitution. Butdon’t preach and behave like you are better than those who don’t share your views, don’t condemn them. Don’t make us hate Christians like you.

  23. Mangkuk says:

    Wow! Now PR got more funding from overseas ‘friend’s via legal multiple legal channels. Priest got commission too.

    The statements by Nurul Izzah is just to get government and Home Ministry informal endorsement that they’re now using churches as their political campaign wing.

    There are loop hole in constitution to govern other religious activities. That’s why they flooded Malaysia with American churches.

  24. It is sad to see reports from time to time talking about the Opposition invading our holy and religious places for the sake of their political advancement.

    Like our page at https://www.facebook.com/BarisanNasionalFanpage

  25. Apolitical says:

    There is nothing wrong with religion. Nothing wrong with God.

    I remember the late Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee khoon, being a very commited Christian himself, never make use of Christianity to become one of the most respected opposition in Malaysia during his time. He was so well respected as an opposition that even BN MPs look up to him during palimentary debates. His debates are well researched and well articulated. Even though he was an opposition leader, his contribution was appreciated and recognized and he deservedly earned to be bestowed a Tan Sri. After his retirement from politics, he continued to write for the star paper under a weekly column called Wihout Fear Or Favour.

    So, to all aspiring politician, the late Tan Sri Tan has shown that you too can win the respect of friends and foes without the need to use religion to manipulate others.

    • Anonymous says:

      His famous quote: You never realize the value of good health until you don’t have it.

      He was a medical doctor. Yet he died before his time. Cancer. The good die young.

      But those fellows making use of religion don’t die young. Wish they would. For a peaceful country. Maybe they’ll die a thousand times. When facing prosecutors. When facing Judges. When facing the voters. They are not like Mitt Romney, cocky and confident but lost to Obama. The butt man tried katak lompat, failed. Now talking about retiring if fail again in PRU13. Lost confidence already. So he and his gang die many times. Figuratively speaking.

  26. Lin Peh Kong says:

    Many forgot this CJM character praising God when his son escaped being kidnapped in petrol station. All religions preaches good — unsavory characters using religion for their own ends disgust many, me included.

  27. ExDAP says:

    As some has mentioned, these rouge churches should state if ….

    A Leader goes around town frolicking with call girls is gods callings.
    A leader seeking ice cream in toilet is god callings.
    A leader like to butt another man is god callings.
    A leader having extra marital affair in office is god callings.
    A leader who constantly lies is god callings.

    What the position of these churches?
    What is right and wrong?


  28. My honour and pleasure to have made it to your Hall of Fame. Thank you, kindly!
    My name is GOH KEAT PENG. Sorry I didn’t get yours. Between you and me, WHO is actually doing the hiding? Why and how and where are you hiding? Yes, STOP THE LIES indeed!

    • Lin Peh Kong says:

      You made it to the hall of shame congratulations. So what if it is your real name, nobody can shame you except yourself and it looks like you are pretty good at that. Can you leave your politics out of your religion.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are not the blasphemous Goh Keat Peng bloke. Clicking your name doesn’t lead to his blog or anywhere truthful. You are a masquerader, an impostor. Son of a gun.

      While on the subject of blasting him, I wanna blast you by asking the same of you – why the hell are you hiding. Yes, the hell. Coz that’s where you should be, you impostor. And Goh Keat Peng too. Coz he uses religion for political ends.

      You blokes must realize that the age of the Crusades has been over for many hundred years. Not only Stop Your Lies but also Stop Your Blinkered, Warped and Demented Thinking.

    • Troopers says:

      Are you the real guy? No matter whether are you the real one of not, burn in hell for politicizing religion and may God have no mercy on your soul.

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      GOH KEAT PENG…or whoever you are….the fact you conveniently hide the truth and yet somehow try to use religion as a cover is truthfully despicable…as a Catholic myself I find it distasteful, shameful and just plain useless on you and your portal…

    • bourne identity says:

      Can i call you Kong Kek Peng instead of Goh Keat Peng? Are you a bi-product of Anwar Buntut’s liason’s with the china dolls? If we can’t find this idiot…there’s only one place to hide…deep inside the china doll’s backside and only the all conquering backside king can find him – anwar 🙂

  29. William de Cruz says:

    I refer to those who claim to speak on behalf of the Church, and condemn Mr Goh.
    But a bit about myself first. I was born a Catholic, but do not believe in today’s Roman Catholic Church, as it is watched over the Vatican in Rome. I do not believe in a Church that takes the money that is collected every Sunday for the poor, and sends portions of it away to Rome, to pay for the PopeMobile, winter cloaks of the richest, purest wool for the Pope himself, and red leather shoes. Is this the Church you all claim to speak on behalf of so righteously?
    Then I must be a sinner in your eyes, because I am a Christian. Let me spell that out clearly for you: Christ-ian. It means, as imperfect as I am, with all my sins, I try to follow in the example of Jesus Christ, not your Church. Get it?
    Now, allow me to suggest some home-reading, all you Bourne Identitys, Mangkuks, Anons, and great defenders of the Church – go and read the story of how Jesus wrecked the temple. You will see how he took on the priests, because he did not believe in their ‘church’, and then he turned his eyes to Rome, the very seat of government.
    My friends, Jesus Christ was a politician! And they crucified him for his beliefs.
    Finally, even sinners like me believe there is One above all others who will judge me when I die. I walk very carefully on this mortal earth. Peace and goodwill to you all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whether you, “born a Catholic, but do not believe in today’s Roman Catholic Church” or not, is your business. You want to follow the example of Jesus Christ, is also your business. But if it goes against the Constitution and the laws enacted in pursuit of the Constitutional Clause stating Islam is the religion of this country, laws enacted for the administration of the Islamic religion, that’s our business. Because the Constitution and all laws emanating from the Constitution cover everybody living in this country. Get it?

      Now, don’t you try to teach us Muslims whatever your religion says as the laws prohibit that. And you yourself do “some home-reading”, about the Constitution and the above-said laws, you whatever your name is – how do you like me following your way of saying so far?

      If you want to talk about “how Jesus wrecked the temple … how he took on the priests, because he did not believe in their ‘church’” etc, you can, but do it among yourselves, will you? Not to us Muslims. And I don’t think other non-christians are also interested, get it?

      Finally, we don’t even mind how “sinners like (you)” will be judged when you die. But do “walk very carefully on this mortal earth” and mean fully and prove it when you say, “Peace and goodwill to you all.”

    • Troopers says:

      Trying to related Jesus’s experience to current political affairs are totally irrelevant. The reasons you stated why Jesus was crucified are superficial and nonsical at best. So i do suggest you use the great website called Google to check for hard facts first before you start preaching PR-style sermons to us. We do not wish for US Republican style politics in M’sia.

    • bourne identity says:

      wah…now we have a spokesperson for Jesus….did Jesus sms you or emailed you what to respond to? Or maybe you dreamed about him?
      Bet youre partially blind to realised that before Anwar @ the reverse man hijacked the political stability of OUR country….you wouldnt hear any political massages nor condemnations in mesjids, temples nor churches….and if youre IQ is less than the short tailed macacques living in the jungles of Bukit Belacan, let me explain to you as briefly and as plainly english as possible – anwar@reverse man with his starring partners the Lims, The Punjabi lawyers led by Karpal and the senile turbaned mullah called Nik Aziz wants to destabilise OUR country by getting and mixing religion with politics.
      While politics is a way of life – it has its own hours for anyone to play with.
      Using the church – a sanctuary like a mesjid or a temple – for political ambitions and lies is revolting …especially for people LIKE me as we spent years and years away from our loved ones to track down, harrass and ” remove ” communist insurgent threats of CPM/CPT and PARAKU so that people like you, your BAPAK2 and EMAK2 and all your kin folk can claim peace on our behalf.
      STOP shaking the political stability….unless your otak is unstable, i cannot advise you anything except go and see a doctor otak.

      • Anonymous says:

        Waaah, exvat69, good to know one of the pahlawan negara is here fighting for peace and order, reasonableness and stability in the country in the Internet as well.

        You guys are the real pahlawan negara – not the Mat Inderas and the nonsensical Mat Sabus creating terrorism and political mischief in this country.

        I’ve seen a TV documentary about you guys, you all made a huge contribution to the peace and stability in this country against the likes of the blasted communist terrorists, the terribly misled Ma’unah blokes robbing weapons from a military post near Temenggor Dam, etc.

        Onward, bro. Together we’ll hound and whack them blokes who are out to create mischief, going against the Constitution of our beloved country in the Internet. I may not have officially sworn to defend King and Country, and the Constitution of this country like you guys did, but like hell my blood has that spirit flowing in it.

        • bourne identity says:

          and yet, very…very sadly…tehre are malaysians, if they truly are, making noises to allow chin peng to live in Malaysia and recognise the bandits as true independence heroes.
          Itulah….these people BUKAN kurang ajar….sebab their parents, school teachers and religious teachers, from different religions, have already provided enough teachings. Its just that these kurap and corrupt malaysians want to ape the west…liberal this and liberal that….and we sometimes ask ourselves when we meet up for teh tareks or during kenduris…. did some of us lost their lives for nothing?
          We never asked to be recognised or idolised or even emulated or even remembered….all we ask is remember what we have NOW and what we WILL NOT have if we let a mixture of racists, liberals and religious fanatics rule OUR Malaysia.
          Anwar buntut was ALWAYS against serving servicemen and women as well as PAST servicemen and women getting increased salary when he was the Minister of Finance – his alasan was…perang tak ada buat apa nak bagi lebih2 when during those period he was slowly going up the ranks, the rank of defence attaches in certain western embassies became higher plus the number of ” public and cultural ” officers also began increasing.
          That is why we can NEVER EVER trust someone who wants to look religious….speak very well with the ability to easily captivate his audience – hitler, mussolini, lenin, mao tse tung are examples of leaders who rose quickly through the ranks because their ability to speak and capture the audience but in the end, the countries they led was either was destroyed or cut off from the outside world.
          Kalau Anwar buntu, his family and his starring partners – the racist Lims and Singhs plus the weird fanatics of PAS want to win PutraJaya – win it for ALL Malaysians and not for the US, the jews and Singapore.
          A weak Malaysian government means anarchy, return of the post May 13th mayhem ,m return of insurgents again and possibly the take over of Malaysia by foreign interests keen to own strategically located Malaysia.
          MAAF….kami tak rela lihat Anwar buntut dan kuncu2 dia jual dan hambakan orang2 Malaysia kepada barat dan Singapore.
          Bukan orang melayu sahaja yang berjuang hancurkan kominis CPM/CPT dan PARAKU…malahan rakan2 kami dari semua bangsa samaada darivat69,PPH, cawangan khas E1B, ATM-ATCK serta sukarelawan2 RELA dna UKK pelbagai kaum.
          This IS Malaysia…..

  30. Troopers says:

    And not to forget, you, stating that Jesus was a politician………..i am pretty sure your statement is pretty blasphemous itself. There, +1 sin for you now.

  31. Lim Kean Ghee says:

    I read all these blog posts with great dismay. Somebody writes a supposed ‘expose’ of who Goh Keat Peng is and everybody jumps on the bandwagon to vilify him. It gives me shudders to think how name calling emotions like these take control of people as if forming a mob to lynch him.

    I am a Christian, and believe I have a right to the political discussion space just as anybody else.

    • ExDAP says:

      Dear lim,
      No body is denying you your right to speak and comment. The problem is NOT that you can’t speak, but rather using the PULPIT to entice hate and anger amoung it’s followers.

      Once you stand onto the pulpit, you should be talking about god and its message. NOT TO USE AND MANIPULATE GODS WORDS FOR YOUR POLITICAN AGENDA. Then you are the same as PAS using mosque as a political tool.


      You can do that away from the pulpit, NOT on the pulpit.

      • Malaysian says:

        Shut up.

        • ExDAP says:

          Dear dear….
          It took you about a week to come back to this web page after going around condemning BN in other web site.

          It is indeed more works now since alot more netcitizen are questioning PR and their misdeeds.

          You should ask for more pay….its getting longer for you to come around.


          • Anonymous says:

            Well said, ExDAP.

            No need to shut him up, his mouth simply shuts up by itself because of the shit he has gobbled up.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you list out the items or statements that you are dismayed at? Or state the reasons why you disagree, provide explanations. Then we can discuss. Instead of you vilifying us for stating what we feel.

    I presume a good Christian will state the facts, then give opinions. Not just state opinions without giving the facts. Am I vilifying you for saying that?

    But I’m only giving the reasons why you should state facts, reasons and explanations on what you disagree on.

  33. BFF says:

    Have any of gone to see the Virgin Mary image at SJMC? Mass hyteria going on. But the pro Pakatan Rakyat Catholic Bishop (best friend of Goh Keat Peng) tell everybody it is a sign that we should pray for peace and unity. Talking rubbish as usual.

    Methinks otherwise. It is a sign to the church and the preachers to stop playing politics in the pulpit or they end up in SJMC. Or worse, in the fires of hell. The Herald their catholic newsletter sounds like a campaign pamplet for the DAP. They should just change the cruxifix sign to the Rocket.

  34. The Real Rakyat says:

    BFF, i went this morning to see and it can be seen clear as day.

  35. Malaysian says:

    From what I read, those who attacked Goh Keat Peng on this blog are nothing but just a bunch of pro-BN idiots. Stop the stupid argument of using religion blah… blah…blah. No one is better at this than BN. Everything in our lives is directly or indirectly affected by politics and government.

    • Anonymous says:

      Any one using the name Malaysian is a lowly, complex stricken bloke. Doubting himself being a Malaysian so much that he has to use the name Malaysian. He is not certain whether he is a Malaysian or not, maybe because his heart and mind is in Australia or Canada to which he may be thinking of migrating.

      He thinks he is big by using the name Malaysian. Just like the small boy trying to push himself into the the company of big boys. Or the not important bloke fussing around making it appear he is important when in fact he is not. Sad, pitiful case.

      And of course he has no valid points, no cogent arguments, only the usual wild accusations. He can’t even explain what he says in the normal 1-2 line sentences. Because he simply has no explanations, can’t find the facts to explain them with. They are otherwise called duds. Sometimes politely referred to as dudes.

    • ExDAP says:



      joseph sta maria says:
      November 10, 2012 at 10:38 am
      Thank you sir, yes the word is “never” . ” However, I reiterate the premises of the church is a house of worship and it must NEVER be allowed to be misused BY politicians whether they are from the BN or the Opposition parties for the repercussions is very serious.”

  36. ablogsmith says:

    When anyone including the church sees injustice, bad governance, corruptions, abuses of power, one have to speak up. Goh Keat Peng is an individual who happens to be a Christian. He is speaking as an individual and not on behalf of the Church. However, even if the Church speak on matters of the nation, it is their duty to do so for they are beholden to speak against injustice.

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