All in the Family in Pakatan Rakyat? Cronyism for All!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And they all talk about democracy. Bloody hell.

  2. Ex MIC says:

    Nice work, STL. Why no photos of Rainbow-Mistress?

  3. Servant of God says:

    Which of these people above can accept criticism from party grassroots?

  4. abba says:

    It’s utter nonsense that these people criticize others of the very same thing they are doing – even worse still. Tun Razak may have his son as PM now, but DS Najib was never in politics during his time. Tun Dr Mahathir may have a son as Deputy Minister now, but never during his 22 years rule.

    Those are not cronyism – they are NEPOTISM. Especially the DAP. Clearly Lim Kit Siang had appointed his son Guan Eng as Deputy Secretary General during his tenure as Secretary General. Thus paving the way for the son to become Secretary General.

    Then one thing after another – wife Betty getting a seat in DUN Malacca, the sister being on the Penang state DAP cttee. It’s OK, it’s OK, said Karpal. All others must be prepared to forgo one elected post, but Guan Eng can keep both his Parliamentary and State seat. The others keep quiet. Won’t dare squeak against it. Otherwise will get Gag Orders. Worse still, maybe expulsion from the party.

    Now, where in the world do you get that kind of situation. Except perhaps in not-yet-enlightened communist countries like North Korea. No wonder people sneer at him by calling him Dear Leader. But I want PKR Penang Chief and Deputy Chief Minister Mansor’s words “arrogant, cocky and tokong” repeated endlessly of Lim Guan Eng. The fellow who DAP Vice Chairman Tunku Aziz called “biadap” as he bolted out of the party.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t forget, their mentor is down South, across the strait, known as LKY aka senior Minister, that’s how they learn and copy. Here, it called as Supremo, PR style, Self-Appointed or Self-Elevation, without Undi.. And,now! Where is BERSIH? Suaram? Go and protest and reprimand these group of dynasty first.

    • Lim Lynn says:

      Seriously what’s the difference between Kim Dynasty North Korea with Lim Dynasty Penang?

  5. Pakatan Puak Pembohong says:

    a Patriarchal Regime a.k.a PR. patutlah tak nak umum kabinet bayangan. tengok tu, kalau umum kabinet bayangan, nanti orang akan kata Patriarchal Regime. yang dapat jawatan ahli-ahli keluarga DiRAJA dan budak-budak suruhan.

  6. bulu kaki says:

    Betty’s face is the ugliest. Macam tengah teran berak. Pitty lge.

    • I.D.A says:

      hadoiii… jauhnya imaginasi si bulu kaki 🙂

    • ExDAP says:

      Thats why GREAT LGE run around in PENANG when wife help to keep the seat warm in MELAKA. Wife far away, ma! then only he has the BALLS to chase other good looking gals.


    • LimKitSial says:

      That’s the reason why Lim Guang Taik preferred RAINBOW for romance than the ugly betty

  7. I.D.A says:

    dengar kata (gosip) anak DSAI lagi sorang pun nak join ANWAR DYNASTY. terbaik!!!

  8. kerelbort says:

    Its not politics, it juz family

  9. Anonymous says:

    PKR = 3 + 1
    DAP = 4 + 3 + 2
    PAS = 2

    Therefore of the unregistered pakatan, DAP has the highest nepotism.

    • I.D.A says:

      waaaaw…. such an eye opener… DAPster the highest in nepotism. sokonglah D A P (Depa Anak-beranak punya Parti) demi masa depan rakyat pulau pinang. ptui!

  10. ExDAP says:




  11. Mac David says:

    Nepotism is the word.
    Guess who first use this word in the UMNO General Assembly. Of-course the ‘Rear Admiral’.
    Cronyism is treading amongst relatives, friends and supporter only.

  12. abba says:

    There’s a lot of body language shown in the photos. But I have not been able to figure out what body language is that of Wan Azizah. Other than being in awe of her anugerah Tuhan.

    I feel sad for her in the light of Sodomi I & II. And the missing Omega watch of China Doll fame which she had not declared was in her custody. Only said so by her errant husband. Errant he was. Because two of the Sodomy I Appeal Court Judges had it recorded that Anwar did sodomize.

    Therein lies the danger. If PR comes into power, the 3-in-the-family hold cabinet posts and one would protect the lies and deceits of the other. Righteous Anwar will always be be projected to be, no matter what. The country will go to the dogs if Pakatan Rakyat is allowed to reach Putrajaya.

    • ExDAP says:



    • I.D.A says:

      aku tengok foto depa, muka ada tokoh…,
      tokoh Ass Hole of The Month blog STL 🙂

  13. Mangkuk says:

    If we look carefully they’re practising dictatorship, Communist Politburo system and truly undemocratic.

    On PKR Anuwar not even PKR members but he is an advisor and the trusted one by PKR Members. Being non member simply tell that he didn’t believe in PKR.

    In DAP is Lim Kit Siang and in PAS is Naik Aziz.

    In Singapore is Lee Kuan Yew.

    What kind of clean democracy they talk about when majority voice vetoed by one person?

    Do they need a party? or simply blind suppoter

  14. Me, A Reader.. says:


    Where the hell is all pathetic Pee Arr cybertroopers??

    Wanna see their copy paste responses or hit and run no substance 1 liner daa..

    I know DAP people do browse through this webpage. I know few of them here in Permatang Pauh/Bukit Mertajam area. Having a hell of on going priceless moments when we go for teh tarikk together and no response from them!!

    Tu pun masih BUTA dan PEKAK sampai sekarang – outsiders running Penang’s DAP!!

    • I.D.A says:

      ya lor, sunyi betul lah sekarang ni kan….
      semua troopers tingkat 28 MC ka atau dah mogok?
      payment lambat kot?

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe they think no point coming into here and get knocked left right and centre. They might as well syiok sendiri among themselves in Malaysia kuno, Malaysian Outsider, Malaysia Chronic news.

      That’s alright. We can also say out our opinions here against them – takda orang kacau, no blokes trying to hijack post topics, with their stupid Pakatan Rakyat propaganda lines, talking about hell when we’re discussing heavenly bliss, haha.

      Only thing we miss – menyekel kepala diorang!

      I see the same happen in a few other blogs I know. They get clobbered and cabut lari. There are more of us these days and especially the DAP blokes – they now cannot just say anything they like, any time they like, unchallenged, like some years ago.

      Bravo, guys.

      • Me, A Reader.. says:

        Anon 7.55pm,

        Menyekel… Lama dah aku tak dengaq perkataan nehh..

        Dolu2 mak aku rajin gak sebut tuh nak nyekolahkan aku supaya cerdik!

        Alhamdulillah. Masyehh mak.


        Raya nanti nak salam lagi!

    • anon says:

      they are watching, friends

      They are paid
      surely they are watching and observe
      sure got weekly report to their paymaster
      to find mistakes, look for weak points then they will strike
      itu hantu mana boleh percaya

      not fair huh
      they are paid to ‘surf’
      while we do that on our own

      own our strong belief
      and sense of right
      to save our beloved Malaysia from them

      kudos comrades

      • Servant of God says:

        Oh, they watch alright.

        Not only that, they cry too.

        Two days ago, an anonymous here was outraged, saying I insulted his friend over in GAP.

        How does he know that an anon in GAP was his friend? I wouldn’t know it if any of my friends posted anonymously. Could you tell?

        So yes, they watch, and they talk behind our backs. They kutuk a bit, then they keep quiet again. Sad buggers, one and all.

  15. Atok says:

    Wow!! Gambar itu memberi sejuta cerita yang sebenar. Itulah career path yang dirancang dan terlaksana melalui parti mereka, yang diurus seperti Syarikat Sdn Bhd. Sumber pendapatan dari pencen sebagai MP dan wakil rakyatdah menjadi kesemua mereka senang dan mewah. Pemimpin yang bergelar supremo itu, dah capai Malaysia Book of Record kot dari jumlahnya pencen yang diterima berbanding dengan bekas wakil rakyat yang lain.Atok yang cuma bersekolah rendah ni tak pandai nak research, Harap-harap ada cucu atau kawan STL yang cuba menghalusi itu nanti.
    Kutipan minta balas kesian dari rakyat oleh mereka ini lesap tak tau ke mana? Tak ada akaun yang dibentang.
    Sejarah bermula dari kempen oleh LKS dalam drama Bukit Cina di Melaka satu ketika dulu masih menjadi misteri.
    Tapi tengoklah sekarang, bukan main lantang lagi bersuara dari Lapuran Audit disedia oleh kerajaan BN.. Tapi, konon-konon mereka lah pembela rakyat!

    • Anonymous says:

      Txs Liza for the links to that beast Anwar. They are really good reading. Factual, too, I think. And the opinions are well substantiated.

      Well written, too, by an English speaking expatriate, sounding British or American – more likely British, because of reference to American spelling. The I File sounds like a foreign group, finding Anwar being a hell of an unprincipled bloke, wants to help prevent him from becoming a leader of this country and messing things up. I appreciate that.

      About the only thing I disagree is the unfavourable reference to the king of fruits, durians!

      They are long articles but maybe STL can print chosen paragraphs from time to time for readers here to wallop Anwar some more with. If not, I’d be interested to c&p a paragraph or two every time the dirty bugger Anwar’s name comes out here.

  16. hehehe says:

    stl running out of ideas…cooking fantasy stories as political fodder…brainless cybertroopers

    • ExDAP says:

      It is people like you, hehehe, that perpetuate the WARPED doctrines and
      DO NOT want to listen to others. In fact you ONLY wants other to SUBMIT to your warped ideals.

      As Yoda proclaimed in STAR WARS,

      • Me, A Reader.. says:


        Yoda would said that differently kott, as like:

        ‘FAILED, YOU HAVE…’

        Hehehe! Yoda suke cakap terbalik..

    • Anonymous says:

      The stupid dumbass bugger calling himself hehehe – he hasn’t even got the brains to think of a more suitable name to use.

      Calling others running out of ideas kepala hotak dia. He deserves that as much as Lim Guan Eng deserves to be called “biadap” by Tunku Aziz and “arrogant, cocky and tokong” by Mansor.

      How’d you like that – he writes 1 line, I write 6, eh?

    • ray says:

      Aiyoyo hehehe

      Photos in colour, complete with full names and political details are considered “fantasy stories”??

      STL is very kind in choosing smiling and pleasant expressions – could have selected ugly moments, you know!

      hehehe is the classic embodiment of pakatan perpetual denial syndrome …

    • Hahaha says:

      Hehehe ini sebenarnya Eunuch yang dibela oleh Dinasti Lim. Tengok komen engkau ini tak ada isi, terbukti engkau yang brainless. Yang sedihnya, mata dan minda pun rabun. Jengok sekali lagi gambar-gambar yang terpapar itu. Itu bukan realiti ke apa?

  17. KiNA says:

    Pehal pulak special blue eyed boy.. Bukan ker dier tuh madu jijah?

  18. The Economist says:

    If MCA wants to talk about this then let’s talk about it. We in the Malay Chamber of Commerce have been talking about it for 30 years since Dr Mahathir first became the Prime Minister of Malaysia. And it has not improved. In fact, it has become even worse. (Even Dr Mahathir tried to solve it but failed, as he admitted).

    This has nothing to do with Lim Guan Eng, DAP or Pakatan Rakyat. Maybe they are guilty of not addressing the problem since they took over Penang four years ago. But the culprit is not Lim Guan Eng, DAP or Pakatan Rakyat. The culprit is CAPITALISM.

    Yes, that’s right. When property prices go up, only the rich can afford to buy them. And those who happen to own property in areas where prices have spiralled will sell their property when the price is good. That is called CAPITALISM.

    So how to avoid this? How to avoid the ‘de-urbanisation’ of the Malays (and poor Indians and Chinese as well) in the big/main cities of Malaysia?

    One way would be to not develop these places. Do like what you do in Kampong Baru in Kuala Lumpur. ‘Gazette’ the land and leave the place poor like an urban slum. Then the land will have no value and the Malays would remain living there because their land has no value. Once it has value and they can get millions if they sell their land then they would sell their land. I would! So I don’t know why the others wouldn’t.

    Chua Soi Lek and MCA are trying to get the Malays to become angry with Lim Guan Eng and DAP/Pakatan Rakyat. That, I agree, is what politics is all about. I would do the same if I were a politician.

    But this strategy can backfire. The Malays, in particular those from the Malay Chamber of Commerce, have been angry that the Malays are being slowly ‘ousted’ from the city centres. And we have been angry about it since way back 30 years ago. But 30 years ago it was Barisan Nasional that we blamed, not the opposition.

    Hello, Mister Chua, this did not happen since only four years ago. This has been going on since 55 years ago. And we blame Umno, the Alliance Party and Barisan Nasional for this.

    Actually, I am no longer in the Malay Chamber of Commerce. So, many of us have given up talking about this matter. Yes, we no longer talk about it. But now that you have resurrected something long ‘dead’ and have reminded us about something we talked about 30 years ago but have now forgotten, you have just opened a Pandora’s box.

    So now I do want to talk about it. You have just reminded me about a matter we talked about 30 years ago but have since forgotten about it. And that matter is the Chinese have kicked the Malays out of the city centres.

    And those Chinese who kicked the Malays out of the city centres are the rich Chinese, the capitalist Chinese, the crony Chinese, the Chinese aligned to the ruling party — Barisan Nasional, Umno and MCA.

    So let’s get angry. Let the Malays rise up in anger about being kicked out of the city centres. Let’s see the Malays outraged about the Chinese taking over all the expensive property in the cities. And when that happens they will hate the government and the rich Chinese from MCA for this ‘injustice’.

    Be careful what you wish for. The Malays get angry very easily. The Malays suffer from what we call the Amok Syndrome. But just because the Malays are emotional this does not mean they are stupid as well. They know who to get angry with. They know who these people who ‘rampas’ all the land in the cities are. And this was precisely one of the reasons (I said ‘one of the reasons’) why the Malays ‘mengamok’ in May 1969.

    These MCA people are so stupid. They start a fire and end up burning their own house down. Just remember: we didn’t start the fire.

    • Atok says:

      ‘The Economist’ ini cuba nak menyamar sebagai intelek Melayu dari Dewan Perniagaan Melayu. Taktik ini dah basi lah. Kalau tak faham budaya orang Melayu, jangan cuba buat pandai.
      Come on, you are just another orang suruhan dari DAP yang nak putar belit dan menghasut dengan fakta yang memesong. Nampak sangat kamu guna perkataan bombastik – Capitalism… To justify wrongdoing of their tokong.
      Apa kena-mengenanya MCA dan CSL dalam highlight oleh STL dalam dinasti PR ini? Economist konon, tak sedar yang dia tu out of topic dalam komen yang main tembak babi butanya itu.
      Itulah ajaran sesat DAP : yang putih itu dikatakan hitam!

    • anon says:

      Isn’t that is happening in Penang, race or no race factor?

      and atok, you have a valid point there. Kudos.
      These people are indeed tricky.
      STL is now a threat to them
      Kudos STL

  19. Lin Peh Kong says:

    hope that log jam animal is not dead from starvation. Cannot survive if cannot cari makan by occupying space in dissenting blogs. Have not seen it around for a while.

  20. MyMY says:

    Oh dear, is it Halloween already?

  21. Troopers says:

    Sitting down in the living room, 3 families were watching TV news that quoted their own speeches that BN practiced nepotism and put their own families in power. Everyone in the living room agreed and started discussing how to step up their rhetorics, not realizing that these 3 families are the biggest bigots the nation have ever seen.

  22. repost says:

    stl running out of ideas…cooking fantasy stories as political fodder…brainless cybertroopers

  23. Apolitical says:

    I see nothing wrong if any of them is able, capable, willing to serve and are democratically elected . The whole family can serve. Nothing wrong.

    The issue is kit Siang, anwar and nik aziz are not democratically elected to hold position in their parties, yet these are the most powerful figures in their parties. They have the final say in their parties. It’s time they CLEAN UP democracy in their own parties rather than shouting about BERSIH.

    • Anonymous says:

      Since they already partake in nepotism, it’s wrong for them to serve in a public post. It’s OK if they want to serve as toilet attendants. Especially in toilets big enough for two!

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