Guan Eng Sees Red Over the Use of Red Colour for Polls?

The talk is that Dear Leader has ordered DAP campaigners and workers from wearing red colour shirts during the elections campaign.

This is because the DAP secretary-general does not want Penangites to poke fun of him over his affair with his former assistant Ng Phaik Kheng aka Rainbow aka Xiao Hong.

Guan Eng, who is known to be super sensitive, thin-skinned and unable to
take criticism, is unhappy that Hong could also mean red colour in Mandarin. So the instructions have already been ordered that the Boss does not want to see any DAP cadre wearing the Red colour.

The problem is that red is part of the party symbol. His ridiculous order, we are told, has upset many party workers, especially the veterans, who think he is making a fuss over a non-issue.

The DAP has a problem – if they can’t use red, they only have blue – which is the BN colour! The last choice is white which is sensitive to the Chinese chauvinists in the DAP as it means surrender and also used for mourning, besides black.

But please do not take our words for this gossip. This report is from which makes no secret of its disdain of the DAP – which professes to be multi-racial but only has token Malay and Indian representations.

It claims to be against hudud – at least only Karpal Singh dares to speak up – but encourages the Chinese voters to put PAS MPs into Parliament – the very party that consistently and openly advocates the setting up of an Islamic state.

The DAP tells its supporters that it wants to kill off Umno – but has never contested against any Umno candidate but instead kills off MCA and Gerakan  Chinese leaders.

The DAP, in short, chooses to kill off Chinese moderates in the government and have them replaced with PAS and PKR leaders – knowing fully well that there are only about 45 Chinese-majority seats!

The DAP, in other ways, is responsible for continuing to reduce the Chinese representation in Parliament.

The DAP, for all its bull shit of practicising multi-ethnicity, has dangerously alienated the non-Chinese population in Penang.

The state government has no economic or housing plans for the Malays and has failed miserably in race relations in the state.

No wonder Dear Leader is now seeing RED all over. Shame on him!

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84 Responses to Guan Eng Sees Red Over the Use of Red Colour for Polls?

  1. AnonKL says:

    I guess he’s not supporting the RED Devils! Hahahahahaha…

  2. Servant of God says:

    Then ask him remove all his blood and replace with worship oil. You know, the type they use at the tokong.

    • ExDAP says:

      Ha….Ha! That was a GOOD one.

    • Equalizer says:

      Maybe he got yellow blood like the type of chameleon in Nat. Geographic. Must be, as he changed colors very often to different surroundings. Say this today, deny it the next day. Twist this today, untwist it tomorrow.

  3. abba says:

    “Elementary, Watson, elementary,” said the famous novelist Arthur Conan Doyle’s smart detective Sherlock Holmes to his loyal Assistant.

    And it’s not only elementary but also logical and plausible – those points raised in the blog STL referred to and those put out by STL himself.

    I might add: red is also the communist colour. The Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Zedong had “Red Guards”, carrying little “Red Books” containing his quotations like Bibles, during the so-called Cultural Revolution in 1960s when the traffic lights in China were changed to red meaning go!

    So, Guan Eng may not want that association with the communist red. Especially when he has been called Dear Leader, associated with the undemocratic, autocratic, dictator, communist North Korean leader.

    • Anonymous says:

      Talk about thin skin…

    • DAPster says:

      “Elementary, Watson, elementary,” said the famous novelist Arthur Conan Doyle’s smart detective Sherlock Holmes to his loyal Assistant

      There are 2 glaring errors in the above:

      1. If, indeed, Sherlock Holmes were to say it, he wouldn’t have said “elementary” twice!

      2. Sherlock Holmes never said “Elementary, my dear Watson” in any of the stories by Conan Doyle. However, that phrase has been used frequently in the movies and was even mistakenly cited in Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations for 1937 and 1948.

      • abba says:

        Since we are going for the bush, not the trees, I’d say let it be.

        But have you any comment on the subject of the post?

  4. Anonymous says:

    You don’t want RED, use BLUE la YB

    Choose BLUE!

    • Anonymous says:

      They will choose yellow. Yellow for Bersih and yellow for penakut. They will run with their tails between their legs.

      • DAPster says:

        … most definitely yellow

        … as in banana… yellow outside, white inside!

        … very apt description of Joseph Lim Guano Eng… Chinese man, a Christian, a Fascist and an accomplished hypocrite!

        I rest my case!

  5. Ex MIC says:

    Look who is talking. Utusan published that DAP is taking over when PR wins the PRU 13. Some said DAP will be the dominant party after PKR and PAS. Now this article said it is reducing Chinese representatives in Parliament. How so?

    • abba says:

      You do not provide the link to the Utusan report. You are the one who wants people to believe what you say and therefore the onus is on you to do that or explain further, or at least give the date of the report. Since you do not and I’m too lazy to google, what you say becomes merely an opinion. Since you only give an opinion, I will also do so when responding.

      What Utusan says may be in the event DAP wins more seats than the other component parties. What is said in this article is the result of DAP actions in the scramble for seats – conscious or not on their part.

      What I think will happen is the helter skelter (tunggang langgang/ lintang pukang in BM) the PR component parties will be closer to PRU13 when deciding on seats allocation.

  6. abba says:

    And Ng Phaik Kheng aka Rainbow aka Xiao Hong looks nice in the photo above. No wonder Betty got sidelined.

    And Guan Eng literally got plastered. By the ash tray flung at him or the fingernails lunged on to his forehead. Blood may have come out – red. It may be stretched to his shit being red and his policies or non-policies being red shit.

    But I suspect Guan Eng wouldn’t care a damn about the colour or other preferences of his underlings and supporters. They all know his style. When fedap, he’d just tell them to shut up. Gag Orders. Even to his Chairman Karpal Singh and Deputy CM Ramasamy. Do as I say, not as I do, he’d say. I’m Tokong and you all must obey.

    He cares not about one branch here and another there packing up in protest. Like the one in Klang a few days ago, the Branch Chairman saying the leaderhisp won’t bother addressing the issues they have raised time and again. And the leadership sack here, sack there. Last I read was in Johor Bahru – 2 Indian DAP members.

    I’m waiting for the rakyat to sack him. I don’t think the members ever would. Because they are made up like him. And he grew out of their kind. Protest here, protest there, no matter what. Right from the time of his father. Street demonstrations without any permit, making wild unsubstantiated accusations. When flushed with chemically-laced water or thrown gas canisters, they accuse the Police of brutalities and what not.

    He has been losing confidence. He said the chances of retaining Penang are only 50:50. They became desperate, resorting to terror and gangster tactics. Throwing red paint and smashing the windscreen of the BN Youth Chief’s car. For digging out his and DAP shit in Penang. Further alienating Penang voters. I think the Penang voters will vote DAP and PR out at PRU13.

    • I.D.A says:

      yea, vote out CM who use gangsters as his bodyguard & pasukan sukarela. vote out before his head become bigger & bigger…
      vote out racist
      vote out monkier than you
      vote out putar belit
      vote out liar
      vote out cocky
      vote out arrogant…

    • AnonKL says:

      my guess is that Penang people will kick LGE and biaDAP out of state government but keep them in the parliament.

      • Anonymous says:

        Can we give them just 2 seats in Parliament? Like Lee Kuan Yew did to the Oppo in Spore.

        Anyone got law firms and willing to sue DAP MPs to bankruptcy like LKY did? No wally Karpal Singh, he already in wheel chair, got hell a lot of Anwar and other problems olely.

        • Servant of God says:

          Cheh! Toilet seat also I don’t want to give them.

          • Anonymous says:

            Then how Azmin want to have ice cream?

            Kesian sikit la SOG. Otherwise berteraburan lorr.

          • Anonymous says:

            Don’t blame me for what I say. I was only talking about ice cream maa.

            Sometimes the fault lies not in the idea, but in the interpretation, correct?

            Just like saying Guan Eng arrogant, cocky and tokong. You never know what I think he does in the tokong, do you?

            You need to pay me to tell. I’ll donate it to Nurul Izzah’s Tabong Tak Di Pilih Lagi.

    • ExDAP says:

      From what I normally see from friends and associate, if the wife is like a tiger in the house the husband is normally mild and timid around the house. BUT once out of the house, he tends to BULLY subordinates or those underneath him.


    • anonymous says:


      vote them out


  7. atok says:

    In this forthcoming election, I will put on ‘handyplast’/ plaster on my forehead when walking to the poll station, just like LGE. I idolise him, you know.. it would be looks like me, sound like me ,but not me. Ha.ha.ha. Trademark for thin skinned mis-leader.
    Let them think and suggest whatever color they prefer, but one thing I must suggest to their supporter is that they must wear RED underwear so to bring them luck… (but not sure good one or bad one..).

    • Anonymous says:

      I like that idea, bro.

      Ooops, calling Atok bro makes me also Atok. I’m not old, maybe orang lama!

      But seriously, if many of us come out voting in Penang with plaster on our forehead, senyum sana senyum sini, that’ll make other voters remember Tokong’s “unTokong behaviour” and decide not to vote him.

      Anon Penang wat d’ya think? You are the only one who’s declared from Penang in this blog. Wanna hear your opinion, pls.

      • Anon Penang says:

        i hate the thick skin baboon…
        hate everything about him, even his plaster…

        • Dennis Penang says:

          Hi! Anon Penang.
          Can share with us why you hate LGE personally so much ?
          Was he your personal enemy previously ?
          Thanks reading my reply.

          • Anonymous says:

            Hi Dennis,

            While waiting for Anon Penang to respond, can I chip in a bit.

            I assume you like LGE. Do you mind telling me why. I am curious to know how his supporters have not seen his weaknesses. And what kind of strong points are there and how they find his strong points outweigh his weaknesses.

            I dislike him for all the reasons stated in this post. In fact in this entire blog. His father LKS, too. Thanks. Sincerely.

          • I.D.A says:

            while waiting anon penang answer, gimme a reason (s) to like him, or tell me why you like him. eager to know…

          • Me, A Reader.. says:

            Errr… Dennis,

            Y so silent?

            Got plaster, mehh?

            Or if talk, Tokong Lim aka Plasterman will SUE, SUE, SUE you till kingdom come?

            Answer, lah Bro!

  8. Troopers says:

    Dear LGE, let me suggest a colour for your costume, RAINBOW.

    • Ex MIC says:

      If not rainbow colours, the most fitting costume is those that taoist wear when they chant for the dead. PR death!!!

  9. Paul Warren says:

    Guan Eng don’t be cocky. Please read this article by Jaleel Hameed from Malaysian Insider!!!

    BUTTERWORTH, Oct 10 — The sleepy town of Kepala Batas, far removed from the hustle and bustle of Penang state capital George Town or Butterworth, is a growing township in northern Seberang Perai with Dewan Millenium as its one main landmark.

    Despite the increase in new housing developments and the sprucing up of infrastructure in the small town, the people there remain a close-knit community that looks after their own. And one of their most famous “sons” is of course former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    Abdullah, more affectionately known as Pak Lah, has been the MP here since 1978.

    The soft-spoken former prime minister is still very much respected and looked up to by the people of Kepala Batas, according to a local Barisan Nasional (BN) member.

    “In fact, even if he is not a candidate in the next general election, all he needs to do is to make appearances in support of whoever is running and BN will still retain the seat as in previous years,” he said.

    Yes, there has been talk that Abdullah will not stand for the seat in the next general election and a few names have been mentioned as likely candidates to replace him, particularly that of Kepala Batas Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican.

    In fact, the confidence which has led to the seat being considered “a direct route to Parliament” has resulted in an internal tussle within Umno ranks as to who should replace Abdullah. ”This is a sure-win seat so of course a few top Umno leaders are now vying for it,” said a source.

    The Malaysian Insider had previously reported that Reezal is Pak Lah’s choice after the former prime minister decided not to continue contesting the seat despite an offer from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    He said these Umno leaders are not even concerned about the possibility that PAS may just wrestle the seat from them come election time.

    “Kepala Batas, despite its many developments, is still very much a rural area and in rural areas, the people think differently so it is not entirely wrong of Umno to think that this is a sure-win seat,” he said.

    He added that people in rural areas, especially the Malay community, are a loyal bunch and once they feel that they have been well looked after, they will vote for the one they feel indebted to. For the past 34 years, that person has been Abdullah.

    Reezal seems to be the most likely candidate to replace Abdullah.While Reezal seems to be the most likely candidate to replace Abdullah, former Bertam assemblyman Datuk Hilmi Abdul Rashid is also lobbying for the seat. There is also talk that Datuk Zainal Abidin Osman, all the way from Nibong Tebal, may be parachuted in due to his close relationship with Abdullah. Among other names mentioned was former Penang deputy chief minister Datuk Ibrahim Saad

    “Of course now that Abdullah is no longer in charge, Zainal won’t have as much chance as Reezal or even Hilmi especially when the decision is up to Umno chief and prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak,” a party insider said.

    Obviously Abdullah is disturbed by all this in-fighting. In a recent speech he made, he urged Umno members to place party interest above self-interest to ensure BN’s victory in the upcoming elections.

    He reportedly said that he doesn’t want to see in-fighting among members because it could weaken the party, cause chaos and portray Umno as an arrogant party.

    If Umno leaders do set aside self-interest, Reezal would be the best bet because he is young and appears more than capable to serve the constituents.

    “The constituents want to see change as promised by the BN so it will be wise for BN to put in some new faces to show that they are changing leadership and giving way to the young to lead,” another source said.

    Reezal will likely be going up against Penang PAS Youth secretary Ustaz Afnan Hamimi Taib Azamudin who is tipped to contest the Kepala Batas parliamentary constituency.

    In the last general election in 2008, Abdullah was challenged by PAS’ Subri Mohd Arshad and won with a 11,246 majority.

    Almost 75 per cent of the voters here are Malays so one of the important factors to capture the seat is to win over the Malays.

    A local political observer noted that the rural Malays are easily pleased and now with all the handouts in the new Budget, they are sure to be even more pro-BN.

    “They are simple folks so with all the handouts given to them such as BR1M and the smartphone subsidy, they will be very happy and will vote accordingly,” he said.

    However, he pointed out that those in the Bertam area, a predominantly Chinese area, votes for BN will be harder to come by. The Chinese make up about 21 per cent of the voters in the constituency.

    But Bertam only makes up a small portion of the 21 per cent as another predominantly Chinese area, Kampung Selamat, is very much a BN stronghold. This is because there are over 80 pig farms in that area and many pig farmers are still worried about PAS and its Islamic policies.

    Afnan indeed has his work cut out for him to convince the non-Malay voters that PAS, as a component of the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition, could serve them as well as BN.

    Unknown to BN members, Afnan has already made his presence felt by making the rounds in the constituency, in predominantly Malay areas; organising regular community events that range from giving talks to handing out aid to the needy.

    This young businessman, who is in his 40s, is affable, friendly, down-to-earth and quite well-liked by some of the residents in the area despite the fact that he’s not from Kepala Batas but from Bukit Mertajam.

    “We have been getting quite good reception from the voters so far so we are optimistic that this time, we may just be able to take this seat away from BN,” said a PAS member. Whether this growing popularity for his on-the-ground approach can translate into votes remains to be seen though.

    • DAPster says:


      who the duck is Jaleel Hameed?

      firstly, is there any sane reason why we should bother reading the drivel by him?

      secondly, is there any sane reason why we should want to choose to believe Jaleel Hameed?

      … only IF you’re an ardent PRick diehard…

      … which, we aren’t!

    • Servant of God says:

      Isn’t Jaleel Hamid a commentor here? Copy and paste artist, right?

      Why the heck should I believe what he said? Hell, I didn’t even read what you pasted.


    • abba says:


      1. What are you trying to say? You began by telling Guan Eng not to be cocky. Then you copy a comment by Jaleel (whoever he is) log, stock and barrel. Without saying what or which of the points the man makes that you agree to or want to point out.

      2. Be fair lah. Anybody can copy lengthy comments into here and the blog becomes cluttered with comments that don’t belong to the participants in this blog. Let’s observe some decorum and decency when participating in this blog. It’s a respectable blog and very well read – the visitors counter shows 1.8 mill visitors and STL hasn’t operated long, have they?

      3. That writing was published in Malaysian Insider, known to be a pro-Opposition blog. The writing sounded to be not pro-BN, ended up with a pro-PAS paragraph. Yet you sounded anti-Lim Guan Eng by telling him not to be cocky. Are you pro-PR or pro-BN? It’s OK either way. But not OK if you try to mislead or confuse the readers.

      4. Jaleel himself appears to be neither here nor there in his stand. I have seen him whacked in a pro-BN blog and I suppose he’s well received in MI which won’ t even print pro-BN or anti-PR comments.

    • Anonymous says:

      go and lick LGE balls while carying it la Paul Warren or is it sounds Pol Wallen, cina bukit prick…

    • Edwards says:

      The father is Taib Azamudin.

      If this Taib Azamudin the ex Imam of National Mosque and now a PAS MP, then this is the same guy who was video taped listening to a confession by an aide or guy sodomized by Anwar Ibrahim. From the video recording, Taib seemed to believe the confession, but God knows why, this typical PAS leader choose to align themselves with the Sodomizer.

      Just like Haron Din, he chooses to lie to himself about Anwar.

      • Anonymous says:

        Politics, maa. Haron never got any position in PAS. Only Deputy Murshidul ‘Am. That also appointed innit? Maybe no balls to contest. Or elbowed by Erdogan group, Anwar’s boys.

        But I like the fella. TV talks before. But not fiery kind. Don’t want to kafir mengkafir. Too principled, where got chance to naik in politics. But completely no priciple also tak boleh naik. Example – Anwar Al Juburi. And Lim Guan Eng. And Kit Siang. DAP since 1965 didn’t get much what.

        Try coalition but fighting endlessly. Good. I want it pecah. Anwar go teaching in US.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Psssst, actually he wants to see another red, la. That which Betty cannot produce any more. The monthly red. That’s why he went to Rainbow.

    Foul ha? Below the belt ha? Too personal ha? Not fair ah?

    In politics where got personal kind. In politics and in war, no such thing as foul, fair and such thing. In love and hate there got Rainbow and Betty. And BN.

    That’s why we whack the Tokong like nobody’s business before the election. Until he gets no erection .. I mean, election .. I mean votes. (The Japanese will scold me – for confusing the l and the r. But with Betty, he may not get election, too! I mean …

    • Ex MIC says:

      Anon 3.59 I like your ‘erection…..election’ If there is a ‘LIKE’ button, I give you millions of likes.
      In the field of politics, there should not be any sentiments or compromise. It is either them or us. Country’s honour at stake.^_^

    • I.D.A says:

      haishhh. melawak kasar nampak. hehehe

    • Ccscsc says:

      There you go. BN and this blog at it’s best.

      • The Real Rakyat says:

        But cissy isn’t this the trademark of pro PR sites?? All foul but no substance

        • I.D.A says:

          why foul? salah lubang ka? ekeke

          • anonymous says:

            curi ayamlah

          • The Real Rakyat says:

            I.D.A. i meant foul languge is a trademark pf pro PR sites. Look at those pro PR fb and blogs all have the same feel of no manners, foul language and just no decency but when it comes to putting their money where their mouth suddenly fall dismally short. A good example is nurul izzah election donation campaign after so many pro PR sites highlight only can collect rm50k++ only after so many months. My goodness so disappointing!! Btw i am always on their sites whacking all the time have managed to make a few of their troopers tersentak dan terdiam for months before they dare post again as they know me and a few others will whack continuosly. Hehehe

          • Anonymous says:

            Even the RM50,000 “donation”, betul ke? They only say type. At most, promise only. Have their kind been known to keep their promise?

            BN use slogan JANJI DI TEPATI also marah. Guilty consence they say.

        • I.D.A says:

          I understang the meaning of it. I just like to add some humor into it. hehe

          Good, you consistently visit their sites and wack them nicely. Those empty can sounds very loud kan? but hollow inside…

          syabas for your good effort. tabik!

          • The Real Rakyat says:

            I guess i’m doing good as there is 1 particular PAS trooper on fb after all the wacking me and a few others give continously all this tranny from sarawak can do is just call pondan gemuk?? Huh?? Btw i call him/her tranny sarawak coz fb profile say girl but writing is guy hahaha. It calls me that coz in fb i fight using my real name and profile so my pic was myself and i’m a large guy and btw that pic was taken by my daughter dun understand the pondan part coz just wearing shirt and pants where it got the pondan part is beyond me hahaha. But really la a lot now all diam but got a few persistent ones. Luckily got one guy who is in komtar helping out to hantam kiri kanan hahaha

          • I.D.A says:


            I gave up fb. still got twitter hehe… I got a poem abt this:

            The Social Networks Headache

            Get your privacy tighter
            Beware of identity hacker
            You may end up bankrupt
            When volcanic debts’ erupt

            One day, you will be in agony
            Wondering when you dine in Tuscany?
            Bite your nails, unpleasantly surprise
            When E-bay and Amazon bills arrive

            Sharing photos and contacts to no ends
            With friends of friends of friends of friends
            One day you will have to surrender
            To serial killer or copycat murderer

            The networks owned by no man
            Some men masquerade as woman
            The intention is in question;
            Be careful, whatever the reason

            Let me be frank o brother and sister
            Can’t live without facebook and twitter
            But don’t just leave it open forever
            To the hackers and internet pranksters


            exaggerated a bit but…lebih kurangla kan. hehe

      • I.D.A says:

        go & read pro PR blogs if you fancy name calling & cursing. compare to this, nothingla

      • Anonymous says:

        Ccscsc is complimenting us. Thank you for the compliments funny name fellow.

        He’s a nice bloke. Compliment us twice olely. Never mind lah – he has nothing else to say. He can’t say anything else. Cannot argue so many points said in here. Say only kena kerumun.

        There goes arrogant and cocky me. People complimenting oso I say all sorts. But I arrogant only. Against Anwar I maybe cocky. But I sure not Tokong one.

      • Me, A Reader.. says:


        Go buy plaster many2, ok?

        • Atok says:

          Since we have high demand of plaster besides poster in coming GE, we need to look for new suppliers. We need the plaster with more trendy design, with Rainbow design, I think.. Please spread the words to get potential suppliers. And, to reflect CAT policy, we will call for open tender from pintu belakang. Any irregularity, LKS will call for setting up RCI…

  11. ExDAP says:

    If Penang folks wears a plaster on their heads during GE, I think selangor folks should be licking ice cream to the polling stations or better having their chinese chicken rice meal in the queue.

  12. anon says:

    There are still people believing DAP is a multi ethnic party now?
    Should change name to LAP la, this is not democracy action at all. everything up to the Lims.
    Name of party already a big lie.

  13. Mangkuk says:

    Dear leader Tokong LGE is like Vanilla Ice . Only one time hit Ice Ice Baby song. After that gone!

    He will never be Head Minister after next GE let alone Deputy Prime Minister till he die.

    You want one time chance. One time. Rakyat give it to you. So only one time chance lor, Tokong! Next time think before you pray.

    • ExDAP says:

      The last GE rakyat voted the opposition NOT because the rakyat loves them but rather the rakyat was FOOLED by them. Now rakyat has seen for themselves the INCOMPETENCE and LIES the opposition spilled out during the last 4 years.


      • abba says:

        And many were fed up with Tun Dol. They thought PR was a better alternative. But just 1-2 years in power in the states concerned, they saw that PR had the same weaknesses as BN. Many realized that if they are allowed to stay longer, they would be much worse.

        Imagine MACC investigating Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Exco expenditure until MACC witness Teoh Beng Hock died. The RCI didn’t say so but many have a lingering feeling that he jumped out of the window to protect his DAP boss from corruption charges. DAP Ronnie Liu’s Exco letterheads were used to influence tenders and it led to him losing the DAP Selangor Chief’s post. And the biggest corruption scandal of all was Talamgate using hundreds of Million Ringgit of rakyat’s money to bail out an ailing company.

        Many scandals in Penang, too, including sale of 100+ acres of State land at RM1.07 billion (RM20 -30 mill commission going into yet-to-be-verified pockets), until no more land to build low cost houses on the island, nearly an acre of land planned by the previous government for low cost housing sold to a company allegedly linked to Lim Guan Eng for a hospital hotel or whatever strange concept it was.

        And even so-called pious NikAziz accepting a RM500,000 Haji package for him and family from a Kelantan government contractor. Imagine that.

        Tun Dol has for years no longer been in power. Many of those who voted PR in disgust with Tun Dol’s government in 2008 have said PR has certainly not proven to be a better alternative, even worse, considering the mess they did in just a few years. Many have said publicly that they would return to voting BN at PRU13.

      • abba says:

        PR may not even be a mark on Malaysian history. They are in power in a few states for a very short period of time. And not likely for much longer. In Kelantan PAS ruled for 22 years but no progress to be recorded in history. They built one big mosque in all those years, even that, Nik Aziz asked Chinese architecture be used (it inspired him during a visit to China) and named it Mesjid Cina. Yet there are only a handful of Muslim Chinese in Kelantan.

        Surely the Malay Muslims who form the overwhelming majority in Kelantan feel bitter in silence that their presence all those years in the State was not even recognized by Nik Aziz when building a solitary big mosque. One Kelantanese I know asked the very same questions I am asking. Would their future generations feel proud of that mosque and want it remembered and recorded in history? No, I don’t think so.

        Yes, they’ll go to pray there in silence. And the vast number do not even understand Chinese architecture. But more of the future generations will be better educated and nationalistic. Nationalism, especially in Kelantan, is Malay based. The Kelantanese are said to have been among the earliest Malay civilization in Malaysia, even in the Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu or the Malay Archipelago. The Kelantanese are descended from the ancient Kingdom of Langkasuka that existed over a thousand years ago. Those interested may read the books, “The Malay Civilization”, 2007, and “Tamadun Alam Melayu”, 2009, both published by the Historical Society of Malaysia – available at their own 5-story building opposite IJN, Jalan Tun Razak.

        Nope, I seriously doubt that PR would be a mark in Malaysian history. Remember, even the Portuguese and the Dutch who actually ruled what was once called the Malacca Empire are hardly mentioned in Malaysian history. And people reading any mention of them simply skip over to the meaty stuff.

        • I.D.A says:

          I wonder why kelantanese still vote for PAS after so many years of lies and empty promises. I think they really buy the ‘ticket to heaven’ story that has been told by PAS leaders for many decades. taksub people can do all sort of crazy things…

  14. Ex MIC says:

    Like itor not, this is history and letting the new generation know about it will deter them from making the same mistakes the earlier generation made. The Portuguese and the Dutch only colonised Melaka and not the whole Tanah Melayu. Only the English made inroad to other states.
    So I don’t see why we should not let the younger generation know about the short stint of PR and have them aware that choosing the wrong parties will destroy this country.

    • I.D.A says:

      “So I don’t see why we should not let the younger generation know about the short stint of PR and have them aware that choosing the wrong parties will destroy this country.” -Ex MIC

      I am with you.

      if they don’t write that in history book anywhere, I’ll make sure, I tell my kids and my grandchildren about that. and after I die, they will tell the next generation…

    • Anonymous says:

      Not cannot write or tell. But maybe history will forget it. Future generations will forget it. Because PR rule only few states and too short a time.

      And when we talk history, it’s hundreds of years.

  15. Mangkuk says:

    Anuwar dreams of becoming Nelson Mandela, Jose Rizal and not to forget Han Su Kyi (She’s a woman!). How his unconscious bisexual mind betrays him.

    He like his name to be in Malaysia history badly until he is now comparable to Hang Jebat or worst. He is the worst person in Malaysia history that we try to forget. I don’t think his name is in Malaysia history for school syllabus after his UMNO days.

    • AnonKL says:

      As a Muslim, I’ve been ‘trained’ to think ‘good things’ of others. But it is difficult to do it for Anuwar.

      • anonymous says:

        If one had experienced the economic turmoil in 1997 due to tightening of economy ala IMF (though no loan taken from them) on the back of currency war when he was helming MOF/BNM, one would not think kindly of him.

        More so if one had witnessed the unsettling reformasi movement on the streets.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Alamak, if they cannot wear red, ask the DAP grassroots to wear maroon and fake colour blind lah.

    Ask the Dong Zong Chairman Yap Tian Sin to lead them because he is PhD blind – he uses 2 fake PhDs according to the Chinese-owned papers during the Dong Zong rally in Kajang some months ago. Dong Zong fellows are DAP supporters, too, maybe.

    But don’t be tokong blind. Otherwise get cock-ed. (Boy, I love that Mansor guy for the arrogant etc remarks).

  17. Many thanks for insightful put up. I am happy confident this publish has served me conserve a lot of hours of browsing other comparable posts just to locate what I was searching for. Just I want to say: Thank you!

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