Another Picture of Anwar Ibrahim Inside His Private Jet!

We have obtained more information about this Great Chameleon’s trip to Sabah and Sarawak on Sept 16.

The private jet is operated by Bresnan International Aviation of White Plains, New York.

It’s an aircraft charter outfit and is the only aircraft they operate.

The aircraft owner is registered under Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, Salt Lake City. Either this Dassault Falcon 900 with the registration N990BB belongs to an American friend of Anwar Ibrahim or some rich fat cat is paying for the rental.

But we have more info of the passengers on board. They include PKR vice president Tian Chua who posted pictures via Instagram proudly to show DAP vice-chairman Tan Seng Giaw talking to Anwar inside the jet.

The pictures were obtained because these Pakatan Rakyat leaders were proudly showing off their photos via Facebook and Instagram. Talk about glee! Is this a gay term?

But these PR chameleons who tell the Rakyat they are financially strapped and collecting donations at ceramahs are busy flying everywhere in style.

From a RM1 million luxurious bus fitted with massage chairs and toilets that can fit in two persons, we assume for Anwar to let off steam, to this private jet, we can only wish good luck to the many groupies and zombies of Pakatan Rakyat who cant wait to vote in their PM who has appeared in the most number of sex DVDs.

Oh, we didn’t forget his deputy, Azmin Ali, and that’s also on DVD. Just wait.

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159 Responses to Another Picture of Anwar Ibrahim Inside His Private Jet!

  1. ExDAP says:



    • Lebai MelePAS says:

      Siul betul. Kite yang sibuk guling-guling atas jalan beralas tail lembu. Dia orang siok habis. Kurang-kurang RM100,000 habis pergi balik tu. Grand betullah bakal PM kita. Besok jadi PM dia pakai A380, bagi hebat Dari Aur Force One.

    • Lebai MelePAS says:

      Hari ini Anwar kata jet itu dipinjamkan kawan beliau. Begitulah kalau berkawan Anwar selalu dapat pinjam. Bini kawan pun boleh pinjam pakai. Hebat. Kapalterbang harga puluhan juta boleh pakai pinjam. Takkan duit minyak, sewa landasan dan pilot pun pinjam kot. Pramugari boleh pinjam pakai kot.
      Kata orang benda pinjam kena bayar balik. Bukan apa takut nanti bila dah jadi PM baru tahu Kapalterbang pinjam tapi bayar kira bunga Ah Long.
      Mampus semua Rakyat Malaysia kalau tak mampu semua nak dipinjam

    • Anonymous says:

      Anwar kata dia sakit pinggang kalau naik bot di sabah. Terpaksa naik jet. Ha Ha Ha. Kongkek china doll tak sakit pinggang!!!

    • stopyourlies says:

      come on, nak dekat pilihanraya je mcm2 cerita keluar psl kepimpinan pkr.
      think guys, isn’t it weird?
      Berita Utama tv3- always menyiarkan kutukan2 terhadap pkr daripada mulut2 kepimpinan BN. isu air selangor pergi interview kepimpinan BN. Why not interview kepimpinan selangor? think.
      same goes to berita harian and all the medias out there.
      don’t speculate people, buat kajian dulu.

      • Servant of God says:

        I don’t watch TV3, so I cannot comment.

        However, if you could tell me that the PKR Selangor govt has decided to come clean about Talamgate, water issue, then I’m willing to listen.

      • apek lim says:

        err you think in Pakatan media they will interview Syabas and tell the truth ??? cut the crap laa .. even this luxury jet photo was taken by Tian Chua .. beb we dont watch TV3 okay , its online now laa . Jangan ketinggalan beb

      • stopyourlies says:

        well you guys should.
        for one week, and I can assure you that BN news monopolies the entire show.
        I was once a BN supporter, but been fed up by this berat sebelah attitude.

        And if you guys are sceptical of what I’ve just wrote, you should be sceptical of this article too. We don’t know for sure everything that has been wrote here represents the whole story.

        Hence getting to my first point, do some research first.
        read multiple sites. not just this only one.

        • Servant of God says:

          BN monopoly apa nyer? Do you realize how few people yang masuk blog nih tgk TV1, TV2, TV3 etc? It’s all online now for us laa.

          If you think you’re getting credible news, so do we. We compare what is being said inside Malaysia with outside, so we know laa.

          PR ngaku boleh turunkan harga minyak seminggu lepas menang GE. Kepala bana laa. Mana dia nak cari duit berpuluh billion nak turunkan balik harga minyak mentah tuh? Kau ingat harga minyak kat Malaysia nih tak terikat dengan pasaran antarabangsa?

          PR kata Tun M kuku besi, mahafiraun, dsb, tapi kami tengok kat luar. Kalau betul kuku besi, dah dengan anak beranak kamu kena cincang bagi anjing makan, kamu faham tak?

          PR kata BN salah sebab harga barang makanan naik. Memang korang berfikir guna kepala kontol betul laa. Korang ingat Malaysia jek yang naik harga barang makanan? Ini semua berkait rapat dengan trend investment syarikat2 gergasi di US dan Europe, dan dorang pun terikat pada cuaca. Kamu tak tahu sekarang ada global warming? Kamu tak tahu sekarang pelbagai tanaman makanan diserang penyakit? Kulat serang pokok pisang dan macam2 lagi. Laa ni pulak orang dah nak tanam pokok untuk biofuel, sebab lebih untung dpd tanam makanan. Bila tanaman makanan kurang, harga makanan naik laa. Camne lak salah BN?

          Sebelum ko bukak mulut tuduh BN, ko ada faktorkan benda2 ni tak? Ce-ce-ce-citer.

          • Servant of God says:

            Opps.. ralat. Kami dah TAK tgk tv laa. It’s all online.

          • Servant of God says:

            Dan jangan sebab aku bagi contoh pokok pisang kau ingat tanaman lain tak kena impak lak. Pikir beb, pikir! Korang suruh kami pikir tapi rupa2nya korang otak tak on pun!

        • apek lim says:

          Hey about about Malaysiakini , MalaysianInsider and many blogs pro Pakatan . thats monopoly many lies about Lynas , Suaram and everything .. im also once a Pakatan supporters . But they doing are contradict what they saying , hipocrisy and its insult my intelligence if im keep support them , only people with no brain and no rational thinking

        • akuantiPAKATAN says:

          Macam ni lah bro, kalau dah mainstream media controlled by BN definitely cerita diorang lebih kepada kebaikan BN dan tunjukkan keburukan opposition. Kami pun tahu benda ni.

          Tapi, pernah ke Harakah, Keadilan Daily or Roket ceritakan kebaikan di pihak kerajaan. Mereka pun berat sebelah juga dan berita diorang lebih kepada memfitnah dari memberikan kritikan membina.

          Memang blog ni incline untuk hentam PR, we know that but what PR has done to counter those allegations. If you feel that this blog is all about fitnah then prove it. We’re open to discussion as long as it’s factual. But sorry to say, most of the time the PR cybertroopers fail to explain and to counter. They are good at spin and divert only.

          • Anonymous says:

            dia orang dah tak larat nak jawab. ramai benor kita di sini balun dia orang.

            yang pandai berhujah antara dia orang 1-2 saja. keluar saja kena balun, keluar saja kena kerumun. letih lah, tak dapat bernafas lah diorang.

            korang pun tak kesian. aku lagi tak kesian. tak boleh bagi chan, kata bebudak masa aku kecik. sekarang pun mcm tu juga. aku baru dewasa semalam.

      • needa a.i says:

        u think! u wake up!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like that bit about “fitted with massage chairs and toilets that can fit in two persons ..”

    Gawd, dunno what goes in, what gets out. “What”, mind you, not “who”!

    Did you say glee? More like the Malay word geli – yekkkk!

  3. abba says:

    New York charter company, New York-based operations, New York owner.

    Close to the Washington-based National Endowment for Democracy (NED) that gave money to Suaram, Mkini Dotcom Sdn Bhd, Southeast Asia Centre for e-Media, Southeast Asian Press Alliance and the Centre for Independent Journalism, Bersih, Merdeka Center for Opinion Research, Lawyers for Liberty, Liberal Banter Sdn Bhd, International Republican Institute (see NST recent report) … Washington is only 40 minutes flight away from New York.

    And New York-based Open Society Institute, the administrator for programmes under the Open Society Institute founded by Jewish currency speculator George Soros.

    Well, the connections are there. Those are more likely the bastards who arranged for the jet, rather than a rich Malaysian bugger who’d risk his wings, if not his head, chopped when discovered and Anwar doesn’t get to Putrajaya at PRU13. Don’t underestimate the ability of our security agencies in tracing those buggers, though they may leave the matter of what action to be taken on the culprits to the political masters.

    So, let us make as much noise as possible, so that some action will be taken. At least in terms of exposing in a big way their working in cahout with nasty foreign groups interested in destabilizing this country and/or in helping Anwar Al Juburi bring this country under the direct influence and control of the Jewish Zionists. Huge press conference, all MSM and foreign press agencies present, Bernama splashing the hot news everywhere – “interference in Malaysia’s internal affairs”, etc.

    • abba says:


      The owner is Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, Salt Lake City. But the aircraft rental operation is Bresnan International Aviation of White Plains – New York based.

      It may also be partly or majority Jewish owned.

      • Poon Deq Mai Rek says:

        But PAS is always issuing statements that they are anti- jewish and anti-zionist. How come they allow their murtad partners accept gifts from zionist jews?

        • Anonymous says:

          They are all a confused lot. Marriage of inconvenience.

          One says dislike Jews and Israel. Another collaborate with Jews to destabilize this country and says want to protect the security of Israel.

          One says want Hudud. Another very strongly anti-Hudud.

          Habis lah negara if they come into power.

        • yon76er says:

          Kesian Pak Lebai2 PAS , tak dipelawa ker naik Jet bersama2…..Duit koleksi Ceramah PAS pon dia sapu utk dia bermewah2………

    • Lim Lynn says:
      Aung San Suu Kyi Nobel Laureate Receives 2012 Global Citizen Award. Next, we will see who else in the circle will get Global Citizen Award.
      I think he get funding from UN/Labor/Jesuit/Vatican/Mormon/Anarchist/Liberty/Democrat/Socialist/Communist/Freemasonry just like Barack Hussein Obama back by Jacob Rothschild and George Soros in 2008. Unsure why Bank Negara delay so long checking SUARAM issue. LGBT parades every year in Israel Rothschild Freemasonry strong hold just look at the pyramid with G Compass and Square. Jacob Rothschild, John Paulson and George Soros want to destroy countries economy and currency around the world.

  4. Servant of God says:

    That Wells Fargo is the owner of the aircraft means that Bresnan took a bank loan to buy the aircraft. So owner no hal lah.

    The question is, who is paying for the plane? How much is being paid? If Anwar & co, which money are they using? If other parties, why are they sponsoring Anwar?

    Questions, questions. Any Anwar bootlicker want to answer?

    • abba says:

      Anwar had been looking for foreign support to further his own personal ambition since his fall out with Tun Dr Mahatir. He went to the US, met Jewish William Cohen (long-time bachelor, believed to be as “that way inclined” as Anwar) then Secretary for Defence, and Paul Wolfowitz (also a long-time bachelor, maybe similarly inclined) then Assistant or Deputy Secretary of State, later President of World Bank.

      Those two, who must have been close to, if not silent members of, the powerful “Israel Lobby” in Washington, must have arranged for Anwar to meet key members of American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a lobbying group that advocates pro-Israel policies to the Congress and Executive Branch of the United States. They must have bought Anwar’s bad-mouthing of so-called undemocratic Malaysia etc, and saw in Anwar a good opportunity to extend their arm and Zionist interests in this region. From there on, those Washington NGOs like the Jewish influenced National Endowment for Democracy (NED) started to play an active role.

      All those fit in well with George Soros’ vengeance against Tun Dr Mahathir who had verbally whacked him in no uncertain terms for destabilizing the Ringgit and causing economic chaos in this region in the 1990s. It’s a matter of conjecture whether NED and Soros’ organization co-ordinated their efforts in destabilizing this country, but it is a fact that it’s in the interest of the Zionist (politically active) Jews to get Muslim countries weakened, Arab Spring or whatever style.

      Yes, we’ll wait for Anwar’s bootlickers or other kind of lickers to reply. Hopefully with facts.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ni kepala berita pasai Nuor nak jadi Pok Dogo:

        Foreign funders want to push for regime change in M’sia: Mahathir

        The Sun Daily – ‎47 minutes ago‎
        KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 23, 2012): Some foreign powers want to push for a regime change in Malaysia by funding local-based, pro-opposition organisations, said former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

        George Soros »
        Dr M: Soros wants to install puppet PM Free Malaysia Today

        Drive out the enemy at the gate New Straits Times

      • Anonymous says:

        Anwar’s people won’t reply. They are even scared to enter here. They’ll get clobbered.

        Interesting that even in US they try to track down private aircraft ownership, travels etc. One website finds a lot of private aircraft parked in Salt Lake City. Believed connected with many Jewish millionaires and billionaires supporting right wing presidential candidate Mitt Romney, trying “to buy a US Presidency” having a meeting there.

        If so, any connection with Jews wanting to “buy over” a Malaysian Prime Ministership?

        Anyone interested in the website –

  5. Anonymous says:

    ………and he says if he becomes PM he will lead a humble life. anyway, he has always been a good liar. he can always say its not him and there are people who will believe him!

  6. MOO MOO says:

    wang lembu RM 250 juta mana sudah pergi ?

    • booyah says:

      RM 250 juta tu pinjaman bahlol.. kena bayar balik tiap2 bulan dkt bank. bukan lesap…

    • Nuau says:

      ko mmg lembu.taktau beza antara pinjam dgn songlap.kena dgn nick ko tu

      • Anonymous says:

        Lagi budak budak kecik masuk.

        • DAPster4 says:

          … bukan setakat budak2 kecik, lembu pun boleh masuk PRick dan menjadi ahli.

          syarat mau jadi ahli PRick hanya satu saja… mesti *bodoh dan ikut cakap dewa aje.

          *orang yang otaknya di jubur saja layak untok memohon… tak payah pohon pun, secara otomatis layak!

    • Anonymous says:

      Bukan tak boleh orang orang muda masuk beri komen. Boleh.

      Tapi jangan lah

      1. komen yang takda kene mengena langsung dengan tajuk pos. Orang bincang fasal jet Anwar, kau nak masuk fasal lembu, marah lah orang,

      2. keluar sepatah dua yang menomah saja, takda penjelasan atau penerangan pun. Menyindir fasal masalah NFC dengan tak beri fakta atau pendapat yang munasabah pun, marah lah orang juga.

      Macam masa orang menyambut malam Merdeka dulu, pergi berhimpun membantah apa apa pulak. Dahtu, buat tak senonoh kpd gambar pemimpin, persendakan bendera negara. Marah lah orang juga. Kena tangkap, ada yang di buang tempat di kolej Cheras. Orang cakap padan muka, marah pulak.

      Cuba lah tunjuk bertanggung jawab, keluarkan komen yang bermakna. Boleh tak setuju tapi cakap dengan semenggah, bersopan santun, beradab. Supaya orang tak panggil budak kecik atau budak bodoh atau kurang ajar atau biadap.

      • Servant of God says:

        Betul tu bro!

        Lagi satu, kepada orang2 muda atau yang baru nak belajar komen mengomen tuh, buat laa homework dulu. Kenalpasti mana kes yang tengah menunggu waktu untuk dibicara, mana yang tengah kena siasat, mana yang tengah kena rayu.

        Dah ada fakta tuh baru laa bukak mulut. Baru laa orang layan dengan hormat, bukan nak bagi penerajang jek.

        • glassman says:

          saya setuju kedua-dua komen yang di atas ini.. Ikhlas kerr idak mengomen ni?

          • Servant of God says:

            Ini bukan pertama kali saya komen. Sama ada saya komen di STL, atau di GAP, atau di mana2 saja, insya Allah komen2 saya konsisten.

            Kadangkala bahasa saya mungkin terkasar sedikit, tetapi segala hujah saya berdasarkan kebenaran dan mengajak rakyat untuk berfikir secara logik, seperti yang dituntut ke atas kita oleh Allah SWT.

            Semoga kita semua beroleh rahmat.

          • akuantiPAKATAN says:

            Setuju dengan Servant of God. Saya sudah mengikuti komen2 dia dalam STL dan GAP. Memang komen dia konsisten dan berdasarkan fakta. Tak macam komen MooMoo.

        • Anonymous says:

          buat apa melayu gaduh sesama bangsa? anwar dok joli naik private jet kesini kesana.

      • AnakLemb says:

        Tak abis2 pasal lembu NFC. Yang dah kena charge kat Court dah proceed. Yang dan letak jawatan menteri pasal kes laki dia pun dah letak jawatan.
        Yang songlap PR kes Talam, Unisel, Kuis, Air, Sampah, tender terbuka terkatup dll tak ada yang letak jawatan. Tak de maruah betullaaa diaorang niee.

    • apek lim says:

      PRdogs kids , they think can came here and play with their small brain hahaha

    • potonglancau says:

      moo moo …..u r really stupid cow

  7. Mangkuk says:

    Budak2 bodoh macam tu Anwar suka tipu. Gay pulak. Memang lauk la

  8. Troopers says:

    Talk about economy, the only thing PR is going to do is splurge as much taxpayers money as possible if they get into power while giving out another round of speeches saying that the previous government’s spending is out of control, laden with heavy debt and they have no more money left.

    And the best thing to come? Selling off national assets to foreign entities. Mark my words.

  9. Anonymas says:

    “Wells Fargo Bank”…I think this is one of his proxies, as clarified by The I Files. He may have kept his funds in there and maintained a relationship with the owner himself.


  10. moya says:

    Biarlah DSAI sewa private jet, apa salahnya. Macam sewa bas mini tapi boleh terbang. Lagi pun, memang trend sekarang orang travel sewa private jet. Tak dapat sama-sama naik, tengok video udah le yop.

  11. Ex MIC says:

    Kalau mereka nak pakai jet Yahudi, biar la. Amerika tu ramai Yahudi kaya kaya belaka. Kalau pakai jet Yahudi dari Amerika pun kena kutuk, baik jangan beli barang Amerika. Manalah tau kompeni tu Yahudi yang punya. Mc D ke? KFC ke? Boikot barang Amerika sebab mereka Yahudi Amerika! Anuar, Baik sewa jet kau kat kedai 1 Malaysia. Tak payah kena kutuk pakai barang Yahudi.

    • Servant of God says:

      Hei manusia.

      Kalau beli dari Yahudi, dah jadi hak milik engkau, apa kau kisah Yahudi cakap apa.

      Tapi kalau dapat sponsorship dari Yahudi, itu bermakna terhutang. Bukan saja terhutang budi, malah kalau si sponsor tuh keluarkan invoice untuk kos penerbangan, nak bayar camne? Kalau dah jadi PM, terhutang budi dengan Yahudi, camne? Apa kat Malaysia nak dia gadai?

      Fikir laa sikit.

      • Anonymous says:

        Betul tu. Kalau dah terhutang budi kpd Yahudi, nanti dia bawak Malaysia serang Iran! Jadi proxi Zionis Israel le.

      • Lim Lynn says:

        Bukan Anwar Ibrahim terhutang budi kepada George Soros dan Brother Worshipful Master Mormon/Freemasonry yang lain; dia akan jadi macam Barack Obama atau Romney di suruh buat dasar negara atas arahan George Soros, Jacob Rothschild, IMF dan World Bank.

    • Anonymous says:

      Macam mana kau nak ambik hati pengundi? Orang cakap pasal Yahudi nak lemahkan negara ni, kau kata bior le.

      Nanti Yahudi berkuasa di Malaysia ni melalui proxi dia Anwar, kau tak risau ke? Di bawa nya Malaysia tolong Israel perang dengan Iran ke ape ka, macam mana?

    • apek lim says:

      dasar tak faham bahasa macam ni laa , orang cerita pasal perkara lain di sebutnya perkara lain , sangat tipikal laa deyyy

    • Anonymas says:

      Aku rasa jet ni memang jet dia, tapi dia beli ‘atas nama orang lain’.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Tengok dari komen komen di sini, sudah tentu BN menang besor di PRU13. Tak berapa ketul saja orang PR yang komen. Yang komen, tak berisi, nyata tak boleh ambik hati pengundi. Mencacai saja.

    Di blog blog yang aku singgah pun banyak yang macam tu. Pulaknya ada beratus, kalau tak beribu, blog yang pro-BN.

    Blog Pembangkang banyak yang tak berapa ketul saja komen, pelawat pun tak ramai, ada yang tak tunjuk pun Visitors counter – malu gamaknya.

    Yang ramai hanya di Malaysia Kuno, Malaysian Outsider, Malaysia Yesterday, Malaysia Chronic ler. Itu dah memang lubuk diorang. Banyak yang komen pakai banyak nama tiap satu orang. Cara Pegawai Akhbar Lim Guan Eng ajor DAP cyber troopers dia.

    Aku rasa BN boleh menang besor di PRU13 tu.

    • Servant of God says:

      Insya Allah.

      Tapi, selagi kita tak menang, harapnya janganlah kita terlalu yakin. Politik ni bukannya tentu.

      Saya jemput diri saya dan semua rakyat yang pro-BN untuk mengutarakan hujah2 yang rasional dan logikal kepada rakan-taulan yang pro-PR. Bila mereka boleh menerima hujah itu, dekatilah mereka dan cakap baik2 kat dorang supaya mereka tertarik sokong BN kembali. Kita semua rakyat Malaysia, buat apa nak gaduh2.

      Kalau nak cakap baik2 dulu lepas tu baru nak bagi hujah logik, pun boleh. Terpulang kepada saudara saudari. Janji kita ikhtiar. Ingat, jangan kita merempat di bumi kita sendiri.

      Semoga Allah SWT memberkati usaha kita dan memberi kemenangan mutlak kepada UMNO dan BN.

      • Anonymous says:

        Setuju, tapi hanya kapada yang bukan “hardcore”. Yang hardcore, bantai sampai pecah kepala pun, pikiran & tabi’at tak tukor. Tapi kena bantai jugak supaya jangan melanda landa nak naik kepala.

      • akuantiPAKATAN says:

        Pada yang hardcore tu kita doakan supaya dia diberi hidayah untuk “berhijrah” semula kepada UMNO/BN. Insyaallah.

  13. Kim King Kong says:

    Aiya people, what is the issue? Are you saying Leader of Opposition cannot travel with private jet? My boss sucks taxpayers money for his projects all the time, and he owns a private jet too.

    And don’t make this a big deal, a Boeing Business Jet costs only around USD 35 million, pretty much within reach of all government cronies. If you cannot have it, go sulk somewhere else. Bunch of losers!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Tell us who owns a private jet???? I want to know. Otherwise dont make unfounded accusations.

      • Ex MIC says:

        What can you do if you know who have a private jet? It will make you all even more “mata merah”.

        • Anonymous says:

          Mata merah will be your kind. The others will just try to tell the voting public the kind that gets sodomized by the anti-Malaysia Jews.

          Remember, sodomy is 2 ways. You do I do kind. Some call it give and take! Take semen! Anwar like that, I hear.

        • Mac David says:

          Mau mata merah, pi hisap ganja la, ex-MIC.

          Ini Anu war, olang panggil ‘Rear Admiral’. Dia ex-ABIM lepas tu masuk UMNO. Dia yang mulakan gejala rasuah dalam UMNO. Sebagai Education Minister dia yang mulakan ‘mengIslamkan’ sekolah-sekolah, untuk menandingi pengaruh PAS. Sebagai Deputy PM + Finance Minister, dia sapu wang rakyat 3 Billion. Kena pecat dari UMNO kerana salah guna kuasa & meliwat. Pasal tu olang panggil ‘Rear Admral’ dan Bapak Rasuah Malaysia.

    • Servant of God says:

      Waahh, you talk like buying Boeing is like buying Honda. Hebat laa luu.

      Eh, Ah Kong ahhh… you still wash your arse with Tesco mineral water ahh?

      • Kim King Kong says:

        Tesco mineral water is cheap. That one is to bathe my dog. I wash my arse using Evian mineral water – you know, the one that came down from melting snow of Mont Blanc.

        Hey Anon 12:13, go find out how many car-import-AP-holders own helicopters and private jet, ok. Just sit at Subang Airport hangar and see yourself.

        • Servant of God says:

          But why should I go find out?

          I would rather spend my time figuring how to do my part so that more rakyat can get more money. Better than I just talk and talk only like PR.

          • Kim King Kong says:

            Yeah right, figuring out how to help rakyat to get more money? By rambling and whining in the blogs? Ha ha…you are so delusional, perhaps with a brain size of my Chihuahua dog.

            At least I don’t pretend to be someone ‘with people’s interest at heart’. I just wanna annoy people in the blogs with my alternative views. And I don’t care whether people agree with me or not.

          • Anonymous says:

            There you go, the anarchist kind.

            This bugger sounds familiar, innit?

            And I also don’t care about bastards deliberately wanting to annoy others here. I’ll just wallop him back whenever I got time.

          • Servant of God says:

            @Kim King Kong

            By talking sense, you ignorant jackass. By appealing to the better side that is present in every decent person.

            If you don’t believe me, that’s up to you. But once upon a time, PR dogs like you barked with impunity at GAP. Now all you have to do is sound a small “Yip” and you’d get dogpiled by a whole bunch of people. People who used to be silent, bitch.

            Did I do it alone? Nope. There are lots of concerned Malaysians out there, you just need to let them know you’re talking to them.

            Which is why PR is losing support. Cuz PR bootlicks talk down to people who don’t agree with them. People get tired of being treated like shit all the time.

            By the way, “Get more money” is a multi-layered goal, dumbass. It means repairing the system we have, getting rid of corruption and making sure the rakyat really get served. No, PR is capable of none of these things. PR leaders don’t even know how to relate to everyday people. They’re too dense.

            Just like you.

          • Anonymous says:

            Bravo. Well said, SOG. Kasi dia kau kau.

          • Anonymous says:

            Bravo SOG.

          • Datuk Anda says:

            Nicely said SOG..tak cukup tanah lahanat tu lari

        • Ex MIC says:

          They wont dare to go for they already know what they will find. Then they will know how the cronies “songlap” their money and leave them poorer.

        • Anonymous says:

          Now the King Kong bloke is talking mengarut, behaving like an ape, fitting his name. How to have an intelligent dialogue with blokes like him? Just wallop only lah.

          • Servant of God says:

            You’re right.

            But remember Lord Jim with the microscopic penis?

            Some of us, especially abba, argued our best, using facts and reason, against his warped logic and narcissistic ramblings. Made him and PR look like a bunch of dorks, and now he’s history. Probably didn’t get paid.

            Others bantai him left and right. I suddenly remember that I was one of the kaki bantai.. hehe

            Now this King Kong says he just wants to annoy people with his ‘alternative’ views. Yeah right. Same case of compensating for microscopic, inverted penis.

            Oh well. What to do.

        • Lebai MelePAS says:

          Your sugar daddy must be filthy rich. Washing your asshole with Evian water. Only one fella can afford and willing to pay for that. BABI

          • Anonymous says:

            Bluff only, the bugger. Mana ada basuh berak type? Sit 5 miles away from him – full of shit smell. Next he’ll be claiming he owns all sorts of properties. He actually stays in rumah atap di Kampong Attap, KL!

          • ray says:

            actually his culture is the sengkelet type no washing with whatever water

    • Anonymous says:

      This King Kong fella also the cannot understand what people talk kind. Sounds good English but can’t even see people not talking cannot use private jet but using Jews-sponsored jet.

      Or if his own jet, produce proof of wealth or income lah. Tell us how much tax paid etc. He’s a politician wanting to rule the country ostensibly. No known income since Finance Minister days now owning private jet ha?

      • Kim King Kong says:

        For the record, I have never said I support Pakatan. But yes, I do hate that woman named Rosmah Mansur.

        • Anonymous says:

          Another familiar stand, innit?

          Never mind that he doesn’t support Fook Tan Rakyat. When he goes seleweng, kita keluarkan taring.

        • Servant of God says:

          Hei Ah Kong,

          At least have the guts to admit you’re a PR dog laa.

          If you support neither BN or PR, what for you bising2? Why not give your arguments why people should take your stand?

          Is it because you cannot articulate your thoughts, and really should get back to school? Or is it that your thoughts are really crap in the first place?

          • Kim King Kong says:

            Perhaps you are the one who should go to school, and relook at what you have written. Maybe admit that you yourself are as stupid as other BN dogs. I for one, never claim to be either PR or BN supporter. Bodoh.

          • Servant of God says:

            Then why are you here, einstein?

            “To offer my alternative views”, you said. For what purpose?

            If your views are so good, then just share it nicely with other people lah. It might surprise you that some people might agree with you.

            But you come in here insulting this and that but don’t offer anything concrete. So what are you trying to achieve?

          • Anonymous says:

            Good points, SOG.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Triple K, there is nothing wrong buying Jewish products. The problem now is your ‘God’ leader is always accusing the current government of supporting Israel or Jewish in all his ceramah without any proof. But he himself actually benefiting from his Jewish friends, taking donations and flying in their plane(please see photo yourself). So please wake up and see clearly. Who’s the one who didn’t walk the talk? Who’s is taking u for a ride? For example, it is just like your ‘God’ leader tell you everyday don’t eat McDonalds/KFC because there are owned by Jewish but he himself ordered McDelivery every meal.

    • potonglancau says:

      lu cakap saja cerita kedai kopi tapi tadak proof omong kosong. org lain cerita siap dgn proof. siap gambar video lagi…..

  14. SD says:

    aiya, this private jet better than our own 1Malaysian airplane ? Ours can be used for (concealed) side trip to Milan so this private jet can or not?

    • DAPster4 says:

      Kim King Kong and SD are cyber-twins… and, are the same person as that eunuch bipolar useless twit.

      Deception 101… when the position of your masters becomes untenable, then, use the power of deflection.

      taktik lama, beb!

      • Kim King Kong says:

        Don’t overcompliment yourself, what is there to deflect? Nothing in here sounds close to truth.

        We all know One Malaysia shit will last as short as One Israel party in the ’80s.

        • Servant of God says:

          “what is there to deflect?”

          Hahahaha sendiri mengaku his words go not isi.

          Bangang rupanya dia nih.

          • Kim King Kong says:

            Your argument is so shallow and stupid. Not even worth a comment. Sorry, I did make a comment. Never mind, at least I am not as stupid as you.

          • Servant of God says:

            You say you’re not a PR supporter.

            But you have all the characteristics of PR bootlick.

            You believe yourself to be very smart.
            You believe other people to be stupid.
            You insult other people without even stating your case.
            Your case is unclear, and then you say things like “not even worth a comment.” Yet you comment.
            And still you believe yourself to be very clever.

            My word, you’re bright one, yes you are.

            Bright as coal.

          • Anonymous says:

            I like that “Bright as coal”, bro.

          • Troopers says:

            So PRdogs can complain all they want about PM using taxpayers money to travel in lavish aircraft (duh, you are not the PM for nothing). But when evidence of Anwar and his dogs on private jet appeared, he n his daughter said his “friend” loaned/sponsored whatever while TianChua has another idea of saying the “chartered” aka used their own money for it.

            So where’s the truth here? Soon, there will be more version of the story appearing. But of course at that time, he would be DEFLECTING those questions again.

          • Anonymous says:

            This is typical of the high and mighty syok sendiri arrogant attitude of the oppo nowadays. Its like everybody owes them.

            Just awhile ago, I witnessed some old man yellng in TNB office that they are out to rip everybody. Just came in and at the reception. Have not even seen the TNB officer yet. He even added better to change the govt ……all this before even getting to the root of his electric bill problem yet.

            His words change the govt…rings a bell ain’t it. Its like their national anthem. This is what they have been brainwashed day in day out by cyber warlords and ceramahs.

            What they never realise is that the opposition is worser off. Many times worse – skin deep. Change is for the worse.

            Can’t you see for yourself in the states won by them?

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you. Using all sorts of name bugger. Not much meat in what he says oso.

        Now making fun of 1Malaysia. He is actually the shit, not 1 Malaysia.

        • Kim King Kong says:

          And you are saying you speak with much meat?

          That is indeed stupid, surely a product of Sekolah Kebangsaan.

          • Anonymous says:

            This bloke must be vernacular school. Estate labourer or dulang washer ancestry?

            I see limited vocab there. Maybe the result of associating with secret society members, thugs and gangsters.

          • ray says:

            Yeah but you are the descendant of coolie kangs

  15. warisan tmk says:

    Almost 20 years ago, Malaysians were ‘entertained’ by stories of Al-Arqam leaders travelling around the country, and even in Phuket Thailand, in a luxury coach.

    Today, we have Anwar and his PKR leaders travelling in a luxury coach, plus luxury private jet too.

    I believe, both set of people were destined to similar fate….discovered, and rejected by the rakyat.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think so, too. The earlier the present menace goes the better. We must reveal as much as possible their dirty tactics. Collaborating with Jews and Zionists to destabilize the country sure dirty tactic. Damn them.

    • Hisham says:

      Al-Arqam source of incomes were not from outsiders. Their income mostly from selling halal consumable goods such soya sauce, mee etc. At one time, it benefited Muslims at large. It is undeniable, that they were the pioneer in halal food industry in South East Asia. They set up their own settlements like Felda are doing. They are source of inspiration for many Muslim businessman in Malaysia. Since they really showed some important results in their way of thinking in Islamization of the Nation. They had to face the fitna (tribulations)

      When Anwar + Tun M realised that they were potentially would gain supports from UMNO members (in fact many their simpathizers were UMNO members), then both them (Anwar & Tun M) started to label them as deviant group. And use UMNO ulamas and thier machineries ie Islamic Dept (so-called Pusat Islam) to wage psychologically war at them.

      UMNO members supported Arqam because Arqam was a place for them to show their support to Islam in rival to PAS supporters.

      They were actually a most respected and memorable Islamic group for those age 30s and above compared to PAS/ABIM/JIM.

      They actually had a midas touch.

      • Anonymous says:

        Agree with some of what you said.

        But when the leader thinks he is the Imam Mahadi, how not to label the group as deviant?

        Can you justify that, pls.

        • Servant of God says:

          True, true.

          And I reject that part about Tun M feared losing support to al-Arqam. They were deviants. It was the duty of every Muslim to grind them into the dirt.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree. Agree. Agree.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hah, the blokes took the bait. Provoked that the Opposition don’t come out here tak berani kind, 1-2 did come out. Now let’s have fun, guys.

    But I promise. Any reasonable, decent, merely dissenting opinion, I’ll not hantam.

  17. Anonymous says:

    meroyan aje la hangpa pak cacai syaitan yg dikenali…
    Aku tak kisah pun jika ada sesapa yg bermurah hati nak sponsor PR.
    Yang paling penting pada aku dan aku majoriti rakyat sekarang adalah untuk “menghicitkan” Umno/Bn dari kuasa mereka pegang selama ini..
    untuk pengetahuan hangpa semua jika hangpa masih lagi lena la…
    umno dah tersangat terdesaknya sekarang…so..goodbye umno forever for good..

    • Anonymous says:

      Hang kata “aku majoriti rakyat”?

      Dari situ saja aku dah tahu hang jenis mengarut. Tak guna nak cakap banyak kat hang.

      • Bakar Najib says:

        Hang ingat BN majoriti rakyat? Jgn perasan la. Tengok ni:

        Secara keseluruhan jumlah pemilih berdaftar dalam PRU12 berjumlah 9,212,069. Secara purata, yang keluar mengundi seramai 7,070,862 (76.8%).

        Komen2 puak kau semua dgn fakta palsu atau dipalsukan. Itu saja lah kehebatan BN yg ada. Kesian aku.

        Daripada jumlah 7,070,862 undi, UBN mendapat 3,444,386 (48.71%), Pakatan Rakyat 3,461,318 (48.95%) dan Bebas hanya 11,403 (0.16%) undi. Undi rosak sebanyak 153,755 (2.17%).

    • Servant of God says:

      Ini laa rupanya mentaliti penjilat PR. Otak cetek. Janji boleh menang sikit, habis kampung halaman dia gadai.


      • Kim King Kong says:

        You call yourself Servant of God and yet going around and insulting people who disagree with you. Why not call yourself Servant of Satan. Bodoh.

        • Servant of God says:

          I insult people who do not bother to explain themselves. Like you. You say that you’re here to express your “alternative views”. But so far, how many comments you’ve put here, what views have you offered?

          By the way, I am Servant of God, not Sinless Malaikat. Can differentiate or not?

          Still want to call other people bodoh.

        • Anonymous says:

          Stupid, bodoh, often used. Earlier declared his intention of irritating people here. Son of a gun.

        • apek lim says:

          what else we can call them ? Pakatan supporters openly admit they dont care , if its from rasuah or unsuspicious the source of the money from and who’s sponsor them .. your expect this kind of BASTARDS want to run the country ?

          Pakatan supporters openly admit how moron they are and will support all Pakatan leader wrongdoings

    • apek lim says:

      Sudah terbukti inilah contoh ahli Pakatan dan Penyokong Pakatan

      Pemimpin mereka makan rasuah , takde masalah
      Pemimpin mereka buat maksiat , takde masalah
      Pemimpin mereka melacurkan agama , takde masalah
      Pemimpin mereka mengamalkan sodom , takde masalah
      Pemimpin mereka berzina , takde masalah
      Pemimpin mereka dapat sponsor dengan mewahnya takde masalah

      Asalkan dapat tumbangkan UMNO .. hahaha lawak betul , orang macamni yang nak mentadbir negara ??

  18. Sang jasad says:

    Seems to me that this website is totally pro-government, despite it saying that it will expose “both” bad side of PR & BN… And with all these anti-Jewish statement, it’s not hard to guess which religion the author is from… Couple with the fact that this website has no other shit to say but bitch about countless unproven crap, the owner must be of UMNO tropper who sux in money from M’sia itself but spew contradicting statements on corruption.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not “all these anti-Jewish statement” but anti-Anwar collaborating with Jews to destabilize Malaysia statements.

      Not “contradicting statements on corruption” but contradicting Fook Tan Rakyat cakap tak serupa bikin statements on corruption because PR has also been corrupt in just 1-2 years in power, now Talamgate and all.

    • apek lim says:

      and you show nothing in here just with your stupid membebel ??? the post itself show how Pakatan ledaer life in luxury and many Pakatan supporters here supports their leader living with that and they dont care how they get the money – by rasuah/sponsor/taken from Rakyat Selangor or Penang .. all they want is take over Malaysia . we can see the lowlevel of Pakatan members . They same just like you , just talking shit without any fact or decent comments .

      All i see is they will support all they leader wrongdoing !!! hahahaha

    • ray says:

      sang jasad

      What is “countless unproven crap” is this statement of yours –
      “the owner must be of UMNO tropper”
      “who sux in money from M’sia itself”
      “but spew contradicting statements on corruption”.

      See you have concluded, based on presumptions not with factual data. Also please check your atrocious spelling.

  19. Lin Peh Kong says:

    This greatest of liar and best tale spinner now says that it was lent to him by a long time friend. That Chen Sui Bian look alike said that it was rented. So which is which?
    We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. It is either already paid for or will be paid for eventually. By the way what happened to his back problems. He faked it and even managed to get an expert to say that his life was at risk if not treated. Pity so many still believe.

  20. Anonymous says:

    This is corruption in its truest form! Even if it is free of charge or RM1 , this is still corruption! Don’t they know what the anti-bribery law is all about? Every government servant have to know the guidelines in accepting favours, even multinational companies have to report them and get prior approval on accepting favours and gifts. There are strict rules on this!

    • Anonymous says:

      Kerrrruppsyen you say!
      I’ll get my coffee boy to sic on you!

    • Anonymous says:

      PR promote themselves as a NON CORRUPTION party. They run around town shooting their mouth that ALL CIVIL SERVANTS AND POLITICIANS should NOT ACCEPT gifts or any kind of gratification from the public.

      This is EXPLICITLY noted to all Majilis. But they, leaders of PR, themselves TAKE GRATIFICATION from public.



  21. Putra The Game says:

    “Tengok dari komen komen di sini, sudah tentu BN menang besor di PRU13. Tak berapa ketul saja orang PR yang komen. Yang komen, tak berisi, nyata tak boleh ambik hati pengundi. Mencacai saja.” Ha ee leek, poyonya ayat. Setakat dlm blog ni, yg mana korang boleh menyamar, boleh la nampak ramai. Anonymous je berapa puluh, entah2 dgn “Servant of God” semua tu orang yang sama. Kenapa ko tak tengok dalam akhbar bebas, malaysiakini ke, Sinar ke. Tgk berapa org sokong PR, berapa kerat komen BN. Kalo ada yg BN pun, semuanya bernada seks, lucah dan kuat mengutuk. Kemudian penyokong BN semua tak pakai gambar sendiri. Guna gambar ultraman la, Gaban la. Tapi supporter PR siap tunjuk gambar sndiri, anak2, ramainya Dr, Profesor. Ko jangan nak poyo la setakat berkubu di kubang sendiri.

    Ttg jet ni DSAI dah kata ada rakan bagi pinjam. Susah sgt ke nk faham. korg dh takde isu ke? Najib naik helikopter mewah dgn Rosmah ko x persoal, naik bas mewah x persoal? Rosmah beli cincin 24juta ko tak persoal?

    Apala cybertroopers UMNO ni. Kamon la. Kita skrg nk perjuang nasib rakyat, isu harga barang, minyak tapi dlm masa yg sama, puak2 UMNO boleh joli wang rakyat buat rumah terbuka berjuta2 la, beli scorpene bagai. Kita hanya nk perjuang rakyat. tpi korang takde keje lain, asyik nak dedah aib orang.

    Aku cadang korang buka Sinar atau Mkini nk pantau berapa pengikut PR dan BN, sebeb diorg bebas. setakat blog sampah ni, x payah le

    • Servant of God says:

      Uiks? Camne lak aku tetiba terlibat? Lubang hidungmu tidak pernah menjadi pujaan hatiku!

      Hai… camne nak cakap ngan orang camnih?

      OK lah, kami bukak Sinar dan Mkini, ok? Jangan marah lagi, ini dah malam, nanti tak dapat tidurrr… Haa, kan dan bukak Sinar nih.. pegh, merah laaa! Cantik! Gebu!

      Dah gembira? OK, sleep tight!

    • Lim Lynn says:

      Malaysiakini similar to SUARAM was funded by George Soros NED. Submarine can be used in the future to defend Malaysia coastal area from enemy if WW3 started by Israel by attacking Iran with or without US.

  22. Lim Lynn says:
    What is Anwar Ibrahim doing with Salt Lake City Mormon Freemasonry populated State in United State?

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