Return of The I-Files: When “Pro-Jewish” Anwar Asked Washington To Back Him Against Dr M

Source: The Choice

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been telling the world this week that he is “glad to be labelled anti-Semitic.” Dr M’s views on Jews are no secret, but what we know less about, based on new allegations just published, is the way that back in 1997 Dr M’s protégé in Umno, Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, was forging alliances with prominent American Jewish politicians and telling them that he was the real friend of Israel while Dr. M was a Jew-hater.

Many of us were very young when Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s fall from Government occurred, and so for the most part all we know about it was what was in the news and what we learned at school and from our parents. We know that Anwar began to undermine and attack Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, tried to take over the Government, and then he was sacked, charged with sodomy and corruption, convicted of both, and spent time in prison.

Now ‘Jonathan Smith’, the author of the online series called The I-Files, has returned to tell that story with new revelations.

He begins by candidly explaining how Tun Mahathir — who, he claims, was grooming Anwar to take over — allowed Anwar to come so close to succeeding in what he describes as all but a coup attempt. Mahathir, the former outsider who had risen to the top by strength of will, “clearly believed Anwar his natural heir as the outsider who’d come in determined to conquer the world. It was yet another case of Anwar being Anwar, being everything to everyone. A master manipulator. He even fooled Dr M.”

He describes Dr M as an “autocrat”, whose obsession with the outward trappings of modernity for Malaysia blinded him to Anwar’s moves to overthrow him, a man who was so intent on bringing Malaysia to fully-developed status that he was willing to trample on the constitution and “tolerated corruption in his mega-projects – Anwar’s corruption, quite often – in the Peninsular and in Borneo, believing the cost was worthwhile. Anything that stood in his way needed to be eliminated or suborned.”

He does not become appreciably more generous to Mahathir through this chapter.

This chapter, which is set against the backdrop of the Asian Financial Crisis that began in 1997, takes us to the Hong King meetings of the International Monetary Fund, where Anwar teamed up with U.S. Jewish billionaire George Soros to attack Dr M, and allegedly had secret talks and meetings with Americans aimed at setting the stage for taking power in Malaysia.

The story in full begins with allegations that Anwar worked tirelessly to ingratiate himself to Westerners to prepare for his rise to the top, and how he asked key U.S. Jewish politicians including Paul Wolfowitz for backing in his quest to unseat Dr M and take over as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

“Anwar played them well. Mahathir’s open anti-Semitism was a particular affront to Western leaders, who treat that behaviour as a sickness – a view Anwar nurtured. According to first-hand reports, Anwar actually won over Wolfowitz by seeming to be pro-Jewish and by condemning Mahathir behind his back. Coupled with his bold and eloquent proclamations at various international fora – Shakespeare and TS Eliot quotes at the ready – here at last was the Malaysian for whom the world had been looking: a Malaysian who could prove charming in Washington, D.C. and right-minded in Whitehall, a Malaysian who could mutter to Wolfowitz that it was a shame Mahathir was such a Jew-hater.

When Anwar came to them and let them know that he hoped for change in his country and that Mahathir would soon be gone, they were overjoyed. Anwar made himself into a hero of the State Department and the East Coast Jewish establishment, both Democrats and Republicans.

Anwar began working in secret and in earnest with the American delegation to pave his way to the top, pointing up Mahathir’s ‘dangerous’ talk. Members of the Clinton Administration – from Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin (in Hong Kong) to Defense Secretary William Cohen – told Anwar that Washington was behind him. Wolfowitz and his allies in the Republican Congress also sent their encouragement. Wolfowitz was enthusiastic, according to one of his aides, and determined to see Anwar become Prime Minister.”

Smith then sets the stage for what he clearly perceives as the beginning of Anwar’s eventual downfall: Mahathir’s Italian holiday, an absence during which he entrusted Anwar with the role of Acting Prime Minister — and how Anwar could not see the trap Mahathir had created.

The story is particularly interesting because Smith ties his tale into allegations that have more recently come to light, including those by renegade blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin that Anwar’s faithful, longtime aide Azmin Ali was exonerated of a corruption probe at Anwar’s behest. It also tells how Anwar turned the Anti-Corruption Act into a tool for his own advancement.

One of his first major acts was the Anti-Corruption Act, a facially commendable move designed to replace the 1961 Act and to root-out the perennial corruption in Malaysia’s political system. Of course, we all noticed that he waited until the probe of his political secretary Azmin Ali had been shelved and then appointed cronies to fill every slot created or reformed by the ACA.

This part of the story quickly moves to the Asian Financial Crisis itself, and Smith’s allegations about the battle between Anwar and Mahathir over the International Monetary Fund bailout programme:

“It is here that most observers believe they know the story: Anwar sided with the IMF. He blamed ‘cronyism and corruption’ for the crisis, never explaining how his own cronyism and corruption and the system he created and maintained as DPM was not a key factor. He implemented austerity programmes, including cutting government expenditures and ministerial and government salaries by upward of 20 per cent, and stripping funding from the enormous infrastructure projects into which the country had poured so much effort for so long.

But the real story is deeper. In Hong Kong in September of 1997, the major economies of the world were working desperately to avoid an international financial collapse, and to get the Asian Tigers running again. While there, Mahathir and Soros began taking potshots at each other in the assembled international press, with everything from attacks on preferred policy (Mahathir called for an end to currency exchanges, Soros called for a variation on the IMF prescriptions) to personal attacks.

Into this free-fire zone Anwar leaped. He began immediately explaining away Mahathir’s comments, taking Soros’s arguments as his own, and even occasionally directly undercutting Mahathir with hundreds of reporters about. He portrayed this to the gullible reporters covering the event as his heroic attempt to save Malaysia from Mahathir’s ill-considered rhetoric.”

It is in this context, Smith alleges, that Anwar began actively undermining Mahathir with the Americans and with the foreign media, working to establish that he was the only one who could save Malaysia from the chaos of the Asian Financial Crisis … and Mahathir’s leadership. And of course, Anwar famously renewed his austerity programme, over Mahathir’s explicit directions.

It was in 1997, Smith says, that Mahathir finally realised the extent of the danger before him and began to act. Mahathir, Smith alleges, summoned his closest advisers as far away from Anwar as possible and discussed whether Anwar “could be saved, or whether he was past redemption.”

The story ends there, for now.

As noted above, many of us were too young and too concerned with other matters to follow this story as it unfolded at the time, and we certainly did not have the sources Smith claims to have.

We have been looking forward to this part of the story since the I-Files began, and are happy to finally be at the point of the main action.

We are very much looking forward to the next installment as the gloves came off in the epic battle between Dr M and his once-beloved deputy.

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203 Responses to Return of The I-Files: When “Pro-Jewish” Anwar Asked Washington To Back Him Against Dr M

  1. Lin Peh Kong says:

    Whether or not the story is true is up for speculation, but the fact remains that Anwar will speak from whichever side of his mouth that is most expedient. In front of the Malay he sings in Malay, In front of the Chinese he sings in Chinese. In front of western powers he sings their tune as well. It is a wonder why many still believe him after all that has happened.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is true. Newspapers of the time reported those events. Many articles, studies and analysis have been written since then, pointing to those.

      Not just local newspapers, also foreign ones like the Hong Kong-based Far Eastern Economic Review and the Asian Wall Street Journal reported heavily on the Asian Financial Crisis. Anwar, as Finance Minister, wanting to resort to IMF bailout programme (which would have Malaysia saddled with huge debts for a long time and, as implied in the loan terms and conditions, having to tow their line on the international scene – the major IMF lenders are US and the advanced countries).

      Tun Dr Mahathir stopped that, instead adopted our own way, fixed our currency rate at RM3.80 to the US dollar and the foreign exchange rate stabilized, the Jewish foreign exchange speculator George Soros could no longer meddle with the Malaysian Ringgit exchange rate. Anwar was seen as not having consulted and resolved his differences of approach with his boss privately, and even appeared to be behaving badly by going against the boss’ wishes.

      • Syed Kahar says:

        In Australia Mahathir is known as the recalcitrant ego maniac; in UK the corrupt custard because of his stupid purchase of our movie studio and the 290 million ringgit Lotus racing car plant and the shady Pergau dam loans from the UK. They are useless to us and he still want to buy them.

        What about buying British reject submarines through his agent, of course. The agent/ broker is designed to make millions out of the Malaysian government..

        His purchase of 9 hospitals from UK lock, stock and barrel does not support your local architects or your industry and the British send him obsolete medical equipment. The design is atrocious, one end to the other is half a kilometer and there is no CT-scan, an absolute necessity.

        • Anonymous says:

          Any proof? Why not state your sources of info? No sources, only figment of your imagination and opinion ah?

        • Tourist says:

          I thought the submarine was French?

        • Troopers says:

          I’ve seen through countless articles and have never come across or even heard about those at all. Agents of SUARAM?

        • akuantiPAKATAN says:

          British reject submarines? I thought we’re buying French submarine. Syek Kahar, you mau jadi “Raja Drama” ka?

        • Azneer says:

          Bekas PM Mahathir Mohamad telah mengkritik kesemua perdana menteri Malaysia dari Allahyarham Tunku Abdul Rahman sehinggalah Najib Razak, kecuali dirinya sendiri.Mahathir juga telah mengkritik pemimpin dunia yang lain termasuk PM Britain, Tony Blair dan sudah tentu George W Bush, Presiden Amerika Syarikat yang ke 43

          Setakat ini tiada yang berani bersuara terhadapnya.Ini tidaklah menghairankan memandangkan hanya seorang dua daripada PM2 ini masih hidup termasuk Najib sendiri. Bagi pemimpin antarabangsa, sebahagian besar daripada mereka tidak mahu mempedulikan Mahathir, dan ini hanya menambah kemarahannya, tetapi tiadaapa yang boleh dia lakukan terhadap mereka. Walau bagaimanapun, dia boleh menjadikan hidup penggantinya sukardan dia telah berjaya melakukan ini.
          Setelah Mahathir bersara pada tahun 2003, selepas 22 tahun menjadi PM, ada yang mula bercakap tentang legasinya yang ‘hebat’ dan dia dikenali pula sebagai Bapa Pemodenan Malaysia. Kira-kira 9 tahun selepas dia bersara, kepincangandalam perancangan dan dasar ekonomi, sosial dan politik mula mendatangkan malapetaka besar pada negara lebih teruk daripada tsunami 2006 yang melanda sebahagian besar Asia Selatan.

          Pada usia 86 tahun, Mahathir kini dihina oleh kebanyakan rakyat Malaysia, dan dipersalahkan kerana rasuah besar-besaran yang boleh membankrapkan negara jika tiada tindakan pemulihan ekonomi yang diambil, dan untuk jurang antara kaum yang begitu ketara di kalangan pelbagai kumpulan etnik di negara ini.

          Lihat sahaja Dasar Ekonomi Baru, yang merupakan idea pembuat dasar pada tahun 1960-an yang telah disalahgunakannya secara maksimum. Penyalahgunaan ini sahaja cukup untuk memastikan bahawa dia akan kekal sebagai ‘Penjahat terulung di Malaysia’ dan bukannya sebagai tokoh terbilang sepertimana yang difikirannya.

          Bagi rakan-rakan yang masih mengingatitujuan utama NEP termasuk bekas Menteri Kewangan Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, dia berkata pada minggu lepas bahawa DEB tidak pernah bertujuan untuk mencipta atau digunakan untuk melahirkan golongan kelas kapitalis Melayu, tetapi untuk menangani kemiskinan dan meningkatkan tahap penyertaan Melayu ke dalam ekonomi.Ia tidak pernah bertujuan untuk seperti yang berlaku sekarang disalahgunakan oleh kerajaan hari ini untuk memilih kumpulan usahawan Melayu yang mereka mahu, memberikan mereka projek kerajaan yang mendapat diskaun hebat dan kemudian mengharapkan mereka untuk maju dan mewujudkan peluang ekonomi yang banyakbagi membantu meningkatkan keupayaanekonomi masyarakat.

          Ini adalah kesilapan Mahathir yang pertama dan utama. Tetapi adakah ia benar-benar satu kesilapan? Mereka yang ragu-ragu dan para pengkritik menyatakan kekayaan yang diperolehinya untuk kroni dan proksi melalui skim menjanawang berselindung di sebalik DEB, dan penswastaan aset kerajaan yang menguntungkan usahawan Melayu yang dipilih, seperti bekas pengerusi MASTajudinRamli. Tidak mampu untuk menguruskan‘kejayaansegera ‘ atau tekanan perniagaan berisiko tinggi, ramai yang terjebak dalam hutang semasa krisis kewangan Asia pada tahun 1998.Tajudin dan juga rakannya seperti HalimSaad telah menjadiorang yang terbuangberbanding zaman kegemilangan mereka.Merekakerugiansejumlah besar wang dan memerlukan jaminan kerajaan bagi jumlah yang banyak pula.

          Untuk kroni sahaja tapi yang lain tiada
          Kesilapan kedua Mahathir adalah kebodohannya.sebahagian besar kekayaan negara berada dalam tangan beberapa orang yang tertentu sahaja di Malaysia. Kali ini iatermasuk jutawan bukan Melayu seperti Vincent Tan, Robert Kuok dan Ananda Krishnan. Tan baru sahaja mengumumkan persaraannya. Kuok kerana tidak berpuas hati dengan hubungankaum yang parah di negara ini telah memilih untuk tinggal di Hong Kong, manakala Ananda dikehendaki oleh pihak berkuasa India kerana didakwa telah merasuah pemberi lesen telekom untuk membeli Aircel.

          Pengumpulan kekayaan dalam tangan beberapa individu pasti meninggalkan orang Melayu dan rakyat Malaysia yang biasa dengan hanya sedikit untuk berkongsi bersama.Inilah yang menjadi pertikaian panas kerana melibatkan ketidakadilan sosial dan ekonomi. Bukan sahaja tiada wang yang mencukupi untuk biasiswa, pendidikan, kesihatan, pekerjaan dan kebajikan bagi semua, orang Melayu yang telah berulang kali diberitahu oleh pihak UMNO pimpinan Mahathir bahawa mereka akan mendapat keutamaan, telah hilang mata pencarian.

          Melayu kini membentuk 96% daripada golongan 40% termiskin dengan pendapatan terendah dalam negara.Bagi orang bukan Melayu, sudah tentu mereka lebih teruk merasakan kesannya.Ramai yang telah dipaksa untuk ke luar negara untuk bekerja dan belajar.Sememangnya peluang pendidikan dan pekerjaan amat sedikit bagi orang bukan Melayu di negara ini.Sekali lagi, kumpulan yang paling mendapat manfaat adalah golongan elit dalam parti Umno, keluarga dan kroni-kroni mereka. Jadi Mahathir – walaupun dengan pujian melambung bagi dirinya sendiri sebenarnya buta. Wang jauh lebih penting padanya walaupun sukar untuk dia akui.
          Mempercayai orang yang salah

          Kesilapan ketiga Mahathir adalah memilih orang yang salah bagi kerja-kerja yang salah.Beliau juga mempercayai orang yang salah.Semua jutawan Melayu yang beliau dipilih tidak mempunyai kepandaian perniagaan sebenar tetapi hanyalah pembantu yang dipercayai bekasMenteri Kewangan DaimZainuddin.Itulah mengapa orang seperti Tajuddin, Halim, Rashid Husein RHB Bank, Mohd Noor Mutalib dan Abdul RahmanMaidin (MRCB)berakhir dengan kegagalan.Ada diantara mereka telah diseret ke mahkamah untuk menyelesaikan hutang.

          Hanya Daim Zainudin yang kekal kaya. Ramai daripada anak didiknya berakhir dengan hutang bank yang menimbun danpelbagai perniagaan yang bertujuan untuk dipindahkan ke dalam Umno Baru.Entah bagaimana, legenda Umno ini berjaya menyelamatkan dirinya sendiri sahaja.Ini jelas mengecewakan Mahathir.Pada mulanya dia mahu ‘menipu’ rakyat,tetapiakhirnya dia sendiri yang tertipu!
          Membiasakan budaya berhutang bagi Malaysia
          Mahathir tidak menjangka bahawa hutang negara semakin tinggi seperti hari ini, ianya telah meningkat kepada lebih RM450 bilion.Walaupun beberapa kali ‘mengemis’ ke Singapura dan Brunei, dia telah ditolak dengan baik. Akhirnya, dia meminjam dari luar negara dengan mengeluarkan bon dan ‘mencuri’ setiap sen dari Petronas dan syarikat-syarikat berkaitan kerajaan yang lain untuk membiayai projek-projek mega. Sepanjang pemerintahannya selama 22 tahun, Mahathir tidak pernah menyimpan walaupun sedikit wang untuk Malaysia untuk kecemasan.Dan ini adalah kesilapan keempatnya.

          Mahathir hanya seorang doktor biasa; pengamal umum yang tiada kepakaran khusus. Pemahamannya tentang ekonomi lebih kurang sahaja sepertimana rakyat Malaysiayang lain. Ideanya dalam meningkatkan ekuiti orang Melayu begitu mudah –dengan menggunakan GLC.Wawasan Mahathir dalam menjalankan perniagaan adalah melalui kawalan saham dalam sebanyak syarikat yang mungkin tanpa mempertimbangkan kemungkinan kerugian wang.Dukacitanya,, perniagaan di alam realitijuga melibatkan kerugian, bukan hanya keuntungan.

          Dasar ekonomi Mahathir tiada asas yang kukuh dan tidak pernah diuji di mana-mana negara sebelum ini.Ia berdasarkan pendapat dan pandangannya sahaja.Jika ini terbukti baik atau berkesan, banyak negara akan segeramelaksanakan idea ini berabad yang lalu. Sistem ekonomi kapitalis dan juga komunis juga menghadapi keruntuhan ekonomi dan iaadalah sesuatu yang biasa pada hari ini, kerana ia adalah sebahagian daripada kitaran turun naik ekonomi buatan manusia. Beberapa ahli ekonomi malah menggesa negara-negara untuk kembali kepada mata wang berasaskan emas, sistem monetari kaedahkuno yang mantap.Jadi bolehkah ini dibandingkan dengan konsep ekonomi keanak-anakan Mahathir?Oleh itu, kesilapan kelima Mahathir adalah pemahamannya yangsalah terhadap ekonomi.Ianya membawa kepada kontroversi tambatan ringgit daripada dolar AS dan penutupan semalaman dagangan pasaran saham CLOB pada tahun 1998 – dua peristiwa dimana pelabur-pelabur masih belum memaafkan Malaysia dan juga Mahathir.

          Ego dan sikap tidak sedarkan diri untuk menjadi diktator Mahathir adalah kesilapan keenamnya.Dia meminda perlembagaan untuk melemahkan Agong dan Sultan dan memastikan bahawa badan-badan perundangan dan penguatkuasa taat kepadanya.Dia memecat Ketua Hakim Negara Tun Salleh Abbas dan menutup kedua-dua belah mata apabila hakim secara terbuka boleh dibeli oleh orang-orang yang berpengaruh.Ia telah menyukarkan rakyat Malaysia dan pelabur untuk mempercayai sepenuhnya sistem kehakiman negara. Ini adalah kenapa Umno-BN kehilangan integriti dan kepercayaan orang terhadap mereka dalam gabungan itu. Rakyat Malaysia akan sentiasa mencurigai apa sahaja yang dilakukan oleh Umno BN walaupun ia mungkin sebenarnya berniat baik.
          Polisi perkauman
          Untuk mengelakkan kehancuran dasar dan salah laku daripada terdedah, Mahathir terpaksa menggunakan politik perkauman yang menjadi kegemarannya.Dia terpaksa meyakinkan orang Melayu bahawa apa yang telah dilakukannya adalah perlu untuk kepentingan mereka. Dia menyimpanhabuan yang besar untuk dirinya dan memberi cebisan kecil untuk meyakinkan orang Melayu bahawa persengketaan terhadap kaum-kaum lain adalah benar.Orang bukan Melayu perlu disekat. Oleh itu, peruntukan bajet untuk rancangan seperti BTN atau Biro Tata Negara di mana graduan Melayu dan penjawat awam secara terbuka dipupuk untuk menjadi curiga terhadap kaum-kaum lain.
          Tetapi tidak semua orang Melayu terpengaruh. Ajaran itu menyalahi Islam dan juga terhadap nilai-nilai kemanusiaan sejagat. Kaum Melayu berada dalam keadaan keliru, manakala orang bukan Melayu sama sekali diketepikan. Sikap perkauman adalah kesilapan nombor 7 Mahathir.
          Jika Mahathir dan Umno telah berjaya membuat Malaysia mencapai status negara maju menjelang tahun 2020, mengapa rekod menunjukkan begitu banyak kesilapan serius sehingga kini?Tinggal hanya lapan tahun tapi ekonomi negara masih berada dalam keadaan lemah dengan hutang negara yang melambung tinggi, keharmonian kaum dan agama dalam keadaan kucar-kacir, dan keadaan politik yang semakin teruk dimana Umno-BN secara terbuka melancarkan keganasan untuk menghentikan pembangkang daripada mengadakan perhimpunan.

          Sistem pendidikan juga tidak mempunyai hala tuju, sistem kesihatan semakin teruk dan lebih mahal, dengan sistem 1Care yang telah ditolak bulat-bulat sebelum ianya cuba untuk dilaksanakan.Sistem undang-undang, dan keamanan masih dipersoalkan, penyalahgunaan kuasa dan rasuah menjadi lebih berleluasa berbanding sebelum ini dalam kerajaan Umno-BN. Daripada negara rancak menyediakan diri untuk merealisasikan wawasan 2020, Malaysia mungkin akan sebaliknya bankrap. Tidak memerangi rasuah, tetapi membiakkannya pula adalah kesilapan nombor 8 Mahathir.
          Mencampuri urus tadbir negara
          Majoriti orang Melayu adalah miskin dan masih memerlukan bantuan kerajaan walaupun setelah 55 tahun Umno “berjaya” (gagal) mentadbir. Orang bukan Melayu telah cukup bersabar dan memberi Umno peluang yang cukup. Mereka sudah menunggu sehingga generasi ketiga selepas kemerdekaan negara pada tahun 1957 dan mereka kini sudah jemu dengan Umno BN. Begitu juga dengan orang Melayu.Mereka yang tidak mendapat manfaat secara terus daripada harta kekayaan Umno, dan ini merupakan majoriti daripada mereka, juga sudah semakin bosan.Ramai mulamengundi pembangkang dan adalah dijangkalebih ramai yang akan berbuat demikian.
          Apabila Mahathir menyedari bahawa keadaan semakin parah, dia menyerahkan baton kepada Abdullah Badawi pula, dengan tanggapan bahawa dia masih boleh mengawal perjalanan kerajaan menerusi ‘kawalan jauh’. Tetapi apabila ianya tidak berjalan sepertiapa yang dia mahu, Mahathir terpaksa menyingkirkan Badawi dan menggantikannya pula dengan Najib. Badawi tidak berkaliber dan bukanlah dalam kapasiti untuk memimpin Malaysia tetapi apa kurangnya Najib? Selama ini, daripada memberikan bantuan, Mahathir terus mencampuri urusan negara.Mengganggu urusanpentadbiran negara dan tidak membenarkan pemimpin-pemimpin menyelesaikan masalah bersesuaian dengan era masa kini adalah kesilapan ke 9 Mahathir.
          Mendatangkan masalah dalam Umno dan menaikkan Mukriz
          Namun, Mahathir berdegil dan enggan menerima atau mengakui kesilapannya.Daimerupakan seorang lelaki yang enggan berdepan dengan realiti. Dia tidak berminat dalam hal kebajikan rakyat Malaysia sama sekali, bagi orang Melayu mahupun Umno. Dia hanya mahu menyelamatkan maruahnya dan memastikan anaknya Mukhriz menjadi perdana menteri tanpa mengira apa yang dia perlu lakukan bersama panglima UMNO untuk merealisasikan kemahuannya ini.
          Kejam dan mementingkan diri sendiri sendiri, Mahathir akan melakukan apa sahajawalaupun dia terpaksa melakukan huru-hara semata-mata untuk memenuhi cita-cita itu. Dia boleh medaftar masuk semulake dalam Umno untuk terus berkuasa. Bayangkan apa yang dia akan lakukan untuk mendapatkan kerusi Presiden Umno untuk Mukhriz. Tetapi perbuatannya yang tidak berhenti dari mencampuri dan mendatangkan masalah pada Umno akan menjadi kesilapan yang kesepuluh dan terakhir baginya.

          Mahathir akan menjatuhkan Umno, dan dalam kejatuhan itu, UMNO berkemungkinan besar akan membawa Mahathir bersamanya.

          • Anonymous says:

            Mengarut lah kamu. Salin panjang lebar entah dari mana, semuanya propaganda busuk.

          • Anonymous says:

            menulis comment biarlah yang logic dan diterima akal. comment yang panjang tapi nonsense yang penuh.

          • Servant of God says:

            Complete bullshit. You cannot even explain why so many people, from all races in Malaysia – supposedly the victims of racism as you described – still respect Tun Mahathir.

            They still respect him because everything you copy and pasted without shame was a lie, and you are nothing but a paid trooper who drinks right from the dick of that peliwat tua.

          • The Real Rakyat says:

            Phew!!….what a long and dreary cut and paste job…..I’m still amazed how PR fellas like this talk about the rakyat this and that and how the rakyat all love PR but yet ask most Malaysians on PR and the answer you get is….”Useless”, “Hopeless” and “Cannot be found”…..You sure that you speak for the rakyat Malaysia or you speaking for your own PR rakyat??…..remember 2 different things you know….

      • Legasi Mamakutty says:

        Pembohongan Mahathir Terbongkar
        Selama ini, apabila Dr Mahathir Mohamad mahu mempertahankan projek-projek mega yang dibangunkan di negeri ini oleh sektor swasta ataupun awam, Perdana Menteri dengan cepat mendabik dada serta berkata bahawa projek-projek mega itu dibina dengan wang kita sendiri. Malaysia tidak meminjam dari luar, kata Mahathir.Malaysia membina projek seperti itu tanpa berhutang kepada pihak luar. Malaysia mampu dan ada keupayaan. Demikianlah hujah Mahathir selama ini untuk menepis kritikan rakyat bahawa projek-projek mega kesayangannya sebagai boros, mewah dan membazir.

        Tetapi pembohongan Mahathir itu terbongkar di Dewan Rakyat (Parlimen) apabila Timbalan Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Wong See Wah membentangkan di Parlimen akan kedudukan hutang luar negara Malaysia.Sehingga akhir Jun tahun 1999, hutang luar Malaysia berjumlah RM160.9 bilion atau 57 peratus daripada Keluaran Negara Kasar (KNK). Hutang luar sebanyak itu merupakan jumlah yang sangat besar bagi sebuah negara seperti Malaysia. Bukan sesuatu yang boleh dibanggakan. Angka di atas juga menunjukkan jumlah hutang negara kita melebihi separuh daripada pendapatan negara. Malaysia meletakkan dirinya dalam senarai negara banyak berhutang.

        Dari jumlah RM160.9 bilion itu, sebanyak RM131.9 bilion (82%) adalah hutang jangka sederhana dan panjang terdiri daripada RM17.4 bilion (11%) pinjaman kerajaan Persekutuan. Berbagai pihak, baik kerajaan Persekutuan, perbadanan awam bukan kerajaan dan sektor swasta turut meminjam dari luar negara. Misalnya RM53.5 bilion (33%) bagi pinjaman Perbadanan Awam Bukan Kerajaan (PABK) dan RM61 bilion (38%) pinjaman sektor swasta.
        Dasar Penswastaan Mahathir Punca Hutang Bertambah
        Dasar penswastaan yang digalakkan oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional di bawah Dr Mahathir Mohamad telah menyebabkan banyak projek-projek mewah dan mega dibangunkan di Malaysia. Apabila projek itu mega, maka untungnya pun mega untuk kroni, tapi bukan untuk negara, yang terpaksa menanggungnya. Apabila kroni-kroni mendapat untung mega, maka komisyen rasuah kepada pemimpin besar BN juga mega. Di Malaysia di bawah Mahathir, nilai rasuah juga mega-mega.

        Sektor swasta yang mendapat projek-projek penswastaan itu kemudian mendapat sumber modal bagi membangunkan projek itu dengan cara meminjam dari luar negara. Kroni-kroni Mahathir dan Daim mudah sahaja diberi kebenaran oleh Bank Negara untuk mendapatkan kebenaran pinjaman asing itu. Kerana pengaruh Mahathir dan Daim.
        Jika sektor swasta hendak membuat pinjaman luar negara melebihi RM5 juta, maka kelulusan Bank Negara diperlukan. Tetapi kelulusan itu mudah sahaja diperolehi kerana projek-projek penswastaan yang dikendalikan oleh kroni-kroni itu mendapat sokongan dan dokongan Perdana Menteri sendiri.

        Hutang luar Malaysia bagi jangka pendek pula ialah berjumlah RM29 bilion. Hutang jangka pendek bermaksud mesti dibayar dalam tempoh yang cepat. Kerana banyak berhutang, maka setiap tahun, 6.6% dari pendapatan negara terpaksa digunakan untuk membayar kembali hutang luar negara itu. Jika Malaysia tidak banyak berhutang di luar, maka lebih banyak wang dapat digunakan untuk membina rumah rakyat, kelengkapan hospital, melatih lebih ramai tenaga pakar dalam bidang perubatan, meningkatkan tahap mutu pendidikan dan sekolah, memperbaiki mutu bekalan air bersih kepada rakyat dan sebagainya.

        Jika projek-projek yang mewah dan membazir tidak dibangunkan, maka satu kesan positif ialah Malaysia tidak perlu berhutang di luar negara. Hutang luar sekarang sebanyak RM160.9 bilion adalah jumlah yang melebihi wang rezab negara. Mahathir berdusta jika berkata semua projek yang dibangunkan kononnya untuk 100 atau 200 tahun itu dengan wang Malaysia sendiri, tanpa berhutang dan meminjam. Jika tidak berhutang dan meminjam kenapa sampai demikian banyak hutang luar Malaysia?

        Mahathir telah meninggalkan satu warisan yang membebankan rakyat Malaysia sekarang dan generasi masa depan. Mahathir akan meninggalkan hutang negara yang banyak. Mahathir meletakkan Malaysia ke kedudukan yang bahaya. Jika hutang tidak dapat dibayar, Malaysia boleh jadi bangkerap atau muflis. Malaysia akan menjadi sebuah negara pariah di dunia antarabangsa sebagai sebuah negara banyak berhutang.

        Dana Rakyat Diboroskan
        Bukan hutang yang banyak sahaja yang dibebankan Mahathir ke atas ekonomi Malaysia angkara sikap angkuh dan sombongnya membangunkan negara secara tempang dan songsang dengan projek-projek mega yang mewah dan membazir itu. Ada satu lagi kesan negatif lain. Hutang negara sebanyak RM160.9 bilion itu masih tidak cukup untuk menampung membangun projek-projek mega seperti KLIA, KLCC dengan Menara Kembara Petronas, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, MSC, Litar Formula Satu dan banyak lagi. Sumbr dari dana dalam negara juga diguna pakai. Dana rakyat juga digunakan. Wang KWSP, wang Tabung Haji, wang Tabung Angkatan Tentera dan wang Khazanah Holding serta wang Petronas semuanya digunakan untuk menjayakan projek-projek mega yang mewah itu.

        18 Tahun Di Bawah Mahathir Yang Boros
        Semua projek mewah dan boros yang disebutkan di atas tadi telah dibangunkan dalam tempoh 18 tahun Mahathir berkuasa sebagai Perdana Menteri. Tunku Abd Rahman, Bapa Kemerdekaan. Tun Abdil Razak, Bapa Pembangunan. Tun Hussein Onn, Bapa Perpaduan. Mahathir Mohamad layak digelar Bapa Pembaziran.

        Projek Mewah: Siapa Yang Untung?
        Siapa yang untung dengan projek-projek mewah dan boros itu. Mahathir untung sebab dia dapat mahligai baru di Putrajaya. Anak-anak Mahathir untung. Merekamendapat kontrak-kontrak di Putrajaya dan KLIA. Kroni-kroni Daim dan Mahathir seperti Vincent Tan, Ananda Krishnan, Tajuddin Ramli, Azmi Wan Hamzah, HalimSaad, Arumugam, Francis Yeoh, Ting Pik Khiing dan lain-lain lagi, sekadar menyebut beberapa nama. Mereka ini yang mendapat untung dari projek-projek mewah, mega, boros dan membazir itu. Mereka yang menjadi mahajutawan atau bilionwan. Yang ruginya ialah rakyat, baik generasi sekarang apatah lagi generasi akan datang. Semua rakyat secara langsung atau tidak langsung akan menanggung beban dari hutang luar Malaysia yang banyak, dana dalam negara yang merosot danwang Petronas yang semakin susut kerana digunakan sewenang-wenang untuk membangunkan pelbagai projek mega.

        Malaysia Hutang Keliling Pinggang
        Untuk membina Menara Kembara Petronas, RM2 bilion dibelanjakan. Untuk membangunkan KLCC, kroni yang mendapat projek itu terpaksa berhutang di luar negeri. Pendek kata, Malaysia di bawah Mahathir telah berhutang keliling pinggang. Hutang-hutang ini tak masuk lagi dengan bon berbilion ringgit yang dijual di Jepun, Eropah dan Amerika. Jadi Mahathir tidak bercakap jujur sebenarnya. Dia membohongi rakyat dengan mendakwa Malaysia ada wang untuk membangunkan semua projek-projek mewah dan membazir yang banyak terdapat terutamanya di Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Sepang dan Cyberjaya.

        • Anonymous says:

          Waaaa, mulai pukul 11 pagi ada beberapa komen pro-PR dan anti-BN. Panjang lebar dalam masa yang singkat singkat, seperti yang di atas ni.

          Ini semua mungkin copy & paste entah dari mana. Harakah kah kah ke, Suara Bukan Rakyat ke, Roket bengkok ke tak tau lah.

          PR, terutama DAP, memang selalu main copy paste, kadang kadang guna nama yang orang pro-BN dah pakai, nak cuba kelirukan pembaca.

          Sebab mereka tak ada ramai yang boleh berhujah, jadi main copy paste saja le.

          • Atan says:

            They all have brighter minds and better BRAINS

            Those in UMNO are morons and brainless
            Not being able to see what is RIGHT & WRONG

            Their Tok-tok gulu said so:
            For the past 22 years this tok-tok hulu taught them all the dirty tricks
            Sweets stolen from the candy stores is alright!
            It is okey, stolen from innocent kids & grandma, also okeyed!

            What we have today is a bunch of robbers and thieves, thats it.
            They will cotinue to rob, rape and ripped until they drop DEAD!

            WITH GREAT PLEASURE…..

          • Anonymous says:

            Ada 1-2 puak PR yang boleh tulis kata kata sendiri, cakap macam tahi. Macam yang nama Atan ni. Bunyi macam bebudak. Orang selalu sebut Tok Guru tu Nik Aziz. Tapi budaj ni tak tahu pun. Tak guna jawab apa dia kata.

            Baik aku masukkan sini maalumat yang berguna pada pembaca umum di sini:

            CCM Will Take Legal Action Against Suara Inisiatif

            KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 18 (Bernama) – The Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) will take legal action against Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd if found to have committed offences under the Companies Act 1965.


        • Anonymous says:

          You still want to live in a backward country? You dont want progress? You just want to watch other countries move forward? Just imagine KL without the LRT, highways, twin towers, KLIA, FI. Are you not happy with all these developments? If you are not I suggest you go live in the slums of Beijing or Mumbai and try the communal toilets.

          • Sabah Boy says:

            Allegations of widespread and systematic granting of citizenship and identify cards (ICs) to immigrants surfaced in the early 1990s, soon after UMNO’s entry into Sabah mainstream politics. The irregular citizenship allowances were later dubbed “Project IC” or “Project M” by the opposition, as they occurred under the administration of then premier Mahathir Mohamad. The suspicion at the time was that these immigrants would vote overwhelmingly in favor of the BN, cementing its electoral hold over the state.

            Entrenched poverty is another long lingering sore point. Despite its substantial oil wealth, Sabah’s rural poverty rate stands out compared with other states in the federation. Other bumiputera, indigenous groups apart from ethnic Malays situated mainly in Sabah and Sarawak, account for about half of Malaysia’s poor even though they make up only 11% of the national population.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hello!!! Get your facts right. Dont write like a stupid child.

        • moya says:

          Woi sedara! naik bangunan tinggi mana-mana di KL, tutup mata seminit, kemudian buka mata,….semua yang sedara nampak tu, di buna 90% semasa Mahathir memerintah.
          Cuma orang yang nampak kuman di seberang laut sahaja berfikiran macam sedara. Bawa-bawalah diri tu keluar Malaysia dan pergi seluruh ASEAN dahulu, termasuk Singapura, dan kemudian, balik Malaysia.
          Hantu pun suka di Malaysia ni, jumlah pekerja asing di Malaysia ini sama banyyak dengan rakyat Singaupra, kalau tidak , jumlah mereka lebih lagi…..


          • ckh55 says:

            Oh yes Mr Atan very soon we shall bury Fuckatoon the PRick into the many holes they dig in Selangor….! with great pleasure…. ye!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Itu cadangan anuwar nak bina labuan bridge tu lagi membazir !

      • Mustapha says:

        Mahathir Mohamad said, “Better the devil you know than the angel that you don’t.” What this dinosaur failed to mention is that the ‘devil’ had wreaked havoc on the aspirations and dreams of the people and their patience have grown thin.

        It’s time to choose the ‘angel’ and see what they can do to improve the lives of rakyat Malaysia!

        • Servant of God says:

          Your so-called “Angel” is a morally-bankrupt shit eater who does not even care that his promises are not kept. PR is a party for the selfish few who want to destroy Malaysia just for the sake of a few dollars today.

          Go to hell, shittard.

      • Ccscsc says:

        Really? How well is the msian economy doing today? How many wage earners are living comofrtably? Do we even have a semblance of a public transport system? What about safety? How is it that we have regressed so much? How? Funny thing is this blog and the assholes behind it continue perpetuate the bastards behind this decline.

        • Anonymous says:

          No. The bastard is you. And we never perpetuate your kind, bastard. We say, get lost to Canada, Australia etc.

          If you are in Singapore now like that Schcsn fella, whose name is also as funny as yours, finding being treated 2nd class in Singapore, serves you right.

        • Anonymous says:

          You dont know this word ‘improvement’. Are we not improving? Running a country is not instant 3 in 1.

        • ray says:

          Then why oh why are you still visiting STL blog and posting your unsolicited “views” eh sissy?

          Your toxic frustration should be directed to your ah kong who cabut china and took up citizenship offered by Bumiputeras on Tanah Melayu.

          You can’t resist the intellectual geniuses here eh?

          • Anonymous says:

            FYI, many bumiputeras are simply fed up with BN. So don’t just put your blame on non-malays!

          • Ccscsc says:

            Ah ray, the BN bitch. As if on cue, you appear. What’s the going rate these days for bastards like you? Got the balls to put where your mouth is? And really…keep it up with the accusations…just goes to show what a handycap does …..

          • Anonymous says:

            And many Chinese are fed up with DAP. Cn’t even resolve Hudud issue with so-called partner, PAS.

          • Anonymous says:

            Bastard Ccscsc has no rate at all. Zero value. Zilch. Kosong. Sifar.

            Giving opinions on Malaysian economy not worth 2 sen. Chhehh.

        • Servant of God says:

          How well is the economy, you ask? You stupid dumb fuck. Economic experts are very bullish on the Malaysian economy, and here you are casting aspersions and throwing empty rhetoric just to play with perceptions?

          You and your PR masters are first class pariahs, make no mistake about that.

        • Anonymous says:

          You cannot talk about ‘clean, efficient and trustworthy’ government and then boast about a jihad against corruption but baulk at the thought someone close to you in government may be culpable and do nothing but undermine the due process of bringing them to book.

          Ironically it will be the government not Suaram that will suffer the rapid erosion of its reputation because the public has grown weary of the administration’s unfair and unbecoming tactics in punishing those who expose corruption and serious wrongdoings in government.

          It was Bersih then and the court had the sense to throw out the false accusations of its illegality and has exonerated those wrongly charged with illegal assembly.

          Fabricated charges of illegality simply won’t work against Suaram either because the public sees it clearly as nothing more than a political vendetta against Suaram and a fair-minded judge will see it that way, too.

          It would then be difficult for a government that has a proven record of corruption in its rank and file right to the top of its leadership to be taken seriously when it seems more bent on protecting the allegedly corrupt than taking them to task through the many legal avenues available to stem corruption.

          • Anonymous says:

            Hoi Anonnymous 5:16 pm,

            Who are you replying to? From the column you are in, you appear to be replying to the Ccscsc bloke. But he is talking about the economy, nothing about Suaram, the court etc.

            Wat you talk, stupid? Another cut and paste issit?

            Bugger you.

        • tebing tinggi says:


          You and your kind’s are the same everywhere you go, It’s does showing you are ‘Malaysian angkat’ type ,not only to be thankful but denying everything ,even denying your fore fathers came to Malaya wiling to broke their back to give you a good life .

        • yk says:

          ohh slit eyes talking shit

        • akuantiPAKATAN says:

          Sissy, kalau u belajar ekonomi dari “penasihat ekonomi RM1, Selangor” dia akan cakap kita punya ekonomi teruk. Tapi kalau u baca Financial Times (Jeremy Grant dan Christian de Guzman artikel), mereka tulis yang ekonomi Malaysia berkembang di bawah kepimpinan Najib.

          Speaking of comfortable. How do you define comfortable. Most of us live comfortably. We live in a decent house, maybe not bungalow. We drive a car, Malaysian made of course. Safety wise, we never heard of Malaysian school children carry guns and shoot at the schoolmates.

          Most of us is not rich but we’ve been living happily but not now, people like you is not doing any good to the country but harping on insignificant issues. Pathetic.

        • The Real Rakyat says:

          Css…or watever your name is… how is our economy doing then??….I would love to get your expert finanacial point here……also since u are a public trans expert too…so how do we improve our public transport then… too since u are again an expert….

          Expert in so many fields…amazing really so again I ask how do you propose to improve all this then….hmmmm

      • ustaz tee says:

        Ya Allah! Sebagaimana Engkau Pernah menghantar burung-burung ababil menghancurkan tentera bergajah Musyrikin, maka kami memohon kepada mu Ya Allah….Ya Tuhan Ku turunkanlah bantuan mu kali ini kepada orang orang dizalimi, hancurkanlah regim UMNO dan sekutu-sekutunya. Amin”[Lalu bacalah surah Al Fil/ membayangkan kehancuran regim UMNO dan sekutu-sekutunya- dengan Izin Allah.

        • I.D.A says:

          dengan izin Allah do’a memohon kehancuran sesama Islam takkan diperkenankanNya. teruslah berpelukan dengan kafir harbi yang menolak Islam secara tegas dan konsisten (langkah mayat aku dulu, katanya). lama-kelamaan pelukan akan bertukar keintiman dan ostat akan diperkosa depan belakang….

        • Servant of God says:

          Haa.. ini laa ostat penipu yang datang pada akhir zaman. Bersemangat kamu nak jadi kayu api, yer?

        • akuantiPAKATAN says:

          Ostat Pee ooppss Tee adalah sama spesis dengan Ostat Badrulamin. Berkopiah sepanjang masa dengan tanda hitam di dahi, mulut nampak macam berzikir tetapi sebenarnya mendoakan kecelakaan sesama Islam.

          Kesudahnya apa jadi? Kena tangkap khalwat dengan bini orang jam 3 pagi. Kemudian bagi alasan bodoh kata tengah bagi kaunseling.

          Kesimpulannya, aku susah nak percaya dengan ostat2 dari PR dan orang PR yang pakai kopiah. Banyak sangat masalah moral. Puncanya kerana hati penuh kebencian terhadap sesama Islam yang tidak sehaluan dengan mereka.

    • Baki says:

      Pilihan rakyat Malaysia adalah jelas iaitu di antara ideologi ketuanan UMNO yang penuh dengan fitnah, kebencian, keganasan, rasuah dan penyalahgunaan kuasa yang menganiayai rakyat ataupun sebuah negara berprinsip dan bersatu padu berdasarkan prinsip kebebasan, kebenaran, keadilan, mengeratkan hubungan silaturahim dan kebajikan untuk semua.

      • andi says:

        adakah baki menceritakan sewaktu anwar di dalam umno “ideologi ketuanan UMNO yang penuh dengan fitnah, kebencian, keganasan, rasuah dan penyalahgunaan kuasa yang menganiayai rakyat” dan kini setelah anwar telah keluar dari umno, pkr pulak mengamal kan “ideologi ketuanan UMNO yang penuh dengan fitnah, kebencian, keganasan, rasuah dan penyalahgunaan kuasa yang menganiayai rakyat”

      • Mangkuk says:

        Lain kali sekolah baik baik. Ketuanan Melayu itu adalah Raja Raja Melayu.

        Kan rakyat biasa berbahasakan diri ‘hamba’. Bila pula hamba jadi tuan?

        Yang jadikan Ketuanan Melayu tu dengan menganggap orang Melayu tu tuan ialah Anuwar. Sebab dia nak sapu! dan macam macam lagi lah yang dia nak buat. Kira nak dia sendiri nak jadi Sultan atau Kaduk naik junjung.

        Ingat ya, belajar baik baik. Ketuanan Melayu hanyalah Raja Raja Melayu. Tuan kepada orang Melayu yang menggelar dirinya hamba.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mahathir has made corruption respectable.

      He took government fraud and corruption from something done in the back alleys, darkened rooms and behind closed doors of the powerful and the privilege to something that was done in Government, in Cabinet and in the office of the Prime Minister.

      What would you say if you knew that this Mahathir intended to give “fail safe” business opportunities to his cronies and families? Fail safe because if these ‘business opportunities’ went bad his cronies and family could expect a bailout using our Nations resources at minimum or no costs to them or they can just walk away leaving our Nation stuck with the losses? This is nothing short of corruption and collusion by Mahathir and his cronies and families to steal money from the Rakyat! These business opportunities had no redeeming value at all for the Nation – only profits for Mahathir and his cronies. Out of these ‘business opportunities’ have come into being wealthy and ‘respectable’ UMNO and Barisan Nasional families who flaunt their wealth and live the lives of the rich and famous! Huh! Who told them they are respectable?

      So Mahathir’s family is respectable? As respectable as a Mafia family can be when they get their wealth from corruption and profiteering! There are people in Malaysia today who think highly of Mahathir’s family but it is only because they don’t know his family as we do. Mahathir’s family become wealthy and ‘respectable’ when Mahathir reached the pinnacle of his career as a crook…err I mean as a politician (well they are both one and the same thing in as far as UMNO is concern!)

      • Anonymous says:

        “they don’t know his family as we do”. Who is “we”?

        Proof this is one of those copy and paste comments.

        From broken-down Rocket maybe.

      • Anonymous says:

        Another piece of bullshit written by a lazy bum who does not work hard and jealous of others.

      • Anonymous says:

        You must be the angel everyone is waiting for. Should you become PM all your children will be no higher than car washers at some car wash outlets or pumping petrol at petrol stations. Or probably doing surat kabar lama business. Nothing more than those.

      • Servant of God says:

        Eh, cipan. Learn your history, can? That man whose balls you lick with great relish, anwar ibrahim, is the master corruptor in Malaysia.

    • Amri says:

      Couldn’t agree more with you Lin. I once adored AI. Used to followed his ceramah as often as I could. But it seem to me, AI just wanted to play to the gallery. Kadang-kadang nak tengok jugak AI ni jadi PM. Biaq orang tahu dia ni cakap jer berbuih air liur tapi tak ada kepimpinan asli.

      Malaysia dengan AI boleh jadi macam Indonesia dengan Sukarno. Ketua negara bijak pidato tapi jadi alat dan buah catur negara lain.

    • JasOne says:

      In my life I only know the good deed that Tun M has done for Malaysian. If he spent lavishly then it’s worth every penny spent. Just look at the PLUS highway during weekend, jam packed! Penang Bridge at the cost of RM800 million and for years DAP especially LKS jumping like idiot claiming that it us not necessary. Now they asked for second bridge. Moron.
      What we as Malaysians cannot tolerate is a Traitor who works with foreign force to undermine the country. Just look at the foreign fund being channel into SUARAM and it is operating to undermine the country. Look at our NGO so pathetic and fools. They work more as political party rather then NGO. Ask MNS; WWF and SAM to go to Lojing and look at the damages done there.
      I never trust a person by the name of Anwar Ibrahim. We shall see his dark side of personality once he is in power.

      Tun Mahathir, I stand tall as a Proud Malaysian because of you. My salute to you

      • Anonymous says:

        One must experience the uncertainty of 1998 currency crisis to appreciate Tun M’s maverick move to save us all.
        Threats from both ends, first the currency crisis and second the SABI crippling guideline ala IMF and then the reformasi street movement

        • Anonymous says:

          sometimes too much propaganda on BN media has made you believing in the lies. So sad!

          • Anonymous says:

            The lies are the one cleverly orchestrated by the opposition, to win votes, in lieu of an concrete and simple development.
            Lands are sold out.
            Low and middle end rakyat are forsaken.
            Talk and talk and more deceit even after winning few states and while doing so , does nothing concrete at all.

  2. ray says:

    “They have come to fear Jewish power so much that they nearly always do exactly as the Jews tell them to do – which means, “what’s good for the Jews” as opposed to “what’s good for America” (the two very seldom coincide).”

  3. ray says:

    Ummi Hafilda should be commended for having a spine to tell the truth about anwar, even though she was tortured and harrassed.

    • Al Kisah says:

      UMMI HAFILDA ialah anak bongsu dari enam beradik, tiga laki-laki tiga perempuan. Lahir pada bulan Jun 1967 di Kampung Klang Gate.

      Bersekolah lulus tingkatan lima pelajaran agama lebih dari mencukupi umur enam tahun sudah membaca Koran dengan baik dan sudah tahu bersembahyang. Boleh menulis dan membawa jawi dan dapat melancar pelajaran agama Fekah dan Hadith

      Berhenti sekolah dia bekerja di dua buah bank sebagai kerani dan pegawai bank dalam masa empat tahun. Dia meletakkan jawatan itu dan menubuhkan sharikat sendiri. Hasil yang diperolehi dari pinjaman bank yang banyak dia telah menjelajah ke London, Australia, Tokyo dan …(tidak terang). Lain-lain tempat. Sebenarnya business belum diuruskan dengan baik. Dengan sikapnya yang angkuh, riak takbur dan memiliki kenderaan-kenderaan mewah seperti mercedes, Jeep, Isuzu, Van biasa, BMW. Tiga empat kereta dalam satu-satu masa.

      Sepanjang masa dalam riwayat hidupnya belum pernah ada ada risik dari mana-mana pihak yang bersetuju meminang hingga sekarang masih seorang andartu.

      Bila umurnya meningkat lebih 20 tahun tingkah lakunya yang aggeresive begitu menjadi-jadi. Melawan, tidak pedulikan dengan nasihat, riak, takbur, pembohong, penipu.

      25.8.98 kali terakhir dia keluar dari rumah ini. Kelang Gate Setapak KL.

      1.9.98 jam 5.20 petang saya memangil kakaknya yang sulong dan memberi nasihat kepadanya bahawa dari tarikh tersebut saya lucutkan warisan zuriat Umi Hafilda dengan tidak mengaku anak dunia dan akhirat dan berwasiat dengan pesanan jangan lagi dia balik kerumah ini.

      30.9.98 dia selitkan tiga surat layang dipintu gate besar dengan nama samaran jiran yang bersimpati.

      6.10.98 dia suruh kakaknya mengemas semua kain bajunya yang berada dalam tiga bilik di rumah ini.

      Kedatangan kakaknya dia menunggu bila saya tidak ada dirumah kerana berjumaat.

      Hasil komplot Megat Junid sampai ketangan Khalis Jafri untuk dijadikan buku 50 Dalil sebelum sampai ke PM. Kerja-kerja fitnah ini dibiayai oleh Daim dan Tengku Adnan, Ziela isteri Megat Junit menjadi orang perantaraan.

      Dalam hidupnya semasa dewasa ini hutang keliling pinggang. Pernah beberapa kali orang yang memberi hutang datang menyerang di rumah ini. Surat-surat bank dari seluruh KL menuntut hutang datang sepangjang masa pernah saya di tipu dengan lenyapnya kereta mercedes yang berharga $90,000 kerana melangsaikan hutang banknya.

      Kekasarannya pernah beberapa kali ibunya mengeluarkan airmata. Dia sanggup menuding jari telunjuk kemuka ibunya dan disuruh ‘shut up’ Jaga sikit mulut. Semenjak tahun 1988 sudah tiga empat kali lari dari rumah berbulan-bulan lamanya keluar dari rumah.

      Sifat fitnah menjadi-jadi walau pun dinasihati tetapi tidak diindahkan

      Saya telah berkahwin dengan ibunya 42 tahun tetapi pada 20.2.1998 dalam masa beberapa minit sahaja tak tahulah apa yang difitnahkan kepada ibunya hingga membuat orang itu menyerang saya dengan keadaan luar biasa sehingga terpaksa saya melafazkan talak kepadanya. Kami bercerai sepuluh hari sebelum rujuk kembali.

      Hasil kemuncak fitnahnya adalah dengan pemecatan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dari Jawatan TPM dan dilucutkan keahlian UMNO yang menggemparkan dunia seluruhnya hingga kehari ini. Dialah bertanggungjawab penulis surat kepada PM pada 8.8.1997 memfitnah Anwar berzina dengan kakak iparnya hingga mendapat anak bernama Hafifah dan memfitnah abangnya mehmed Azmin setiausaha Anwar oang yang paling kaya dengan hasil rasuah serta perpakat dengan Azizan Abu Bakar memfitnah Anwar berhomosex dengan Azizan.

      Surat-surat tersebut dengan 9.10.98 suruh abangnya Azwan buat laporan polis di Melawati dan menuduh dua abangnya Azman dan Azmin memecah masuk biliknya dan mengambil surat-surat penting dari bilik tersebut serta mendakwa abangnya Azman hendak membakar pakaiannya dan mendakwa Azmin hendak membunuhnya.

      Dua orang pegawai polis Inspektor Ramlee dan DSP Ishak datang menyiasat kes tersebut serta seorang Juru gambar.

      • Anonymous says:

        Kalau betul maklumat tu semua, awat tak tulis nama, siap dengan Bin dsbnya? Ini menyamar sebagai ayah Ummi Hafilda saja.

        Dan awat cerai bini dengan kena serang sekali saja pun?

        Hang ni mengarut kot, menulis membayangkan hang bapak dia. Awat hang tak tulih pasai Azmin pulak? Tabi’at Azmin semua betui mcm Nabi ka?

        Hang pencacai PKR kot.

      • Anonymous says:

        mengarut kelas satu.

      • ray says:

        Ish ish ish … al kisah, panjang berjuntai fitnah kamu terhadap Ummi. Kalau Ummi tak jumpa Tun Dr M, meluahkan kebenaran tentang anwar dan sifat tidak bermoralnya, mungkin Tun masih percayakan anwar.

        Dan akhirnya Malaysia mungkin dijajah semula oleh yahudi.

      • Mangkuk says:

        Anuwar sikit pun tak usik dia…. Apasal ko citer Ummi taik lalat kat mana? Ketiak hapak ke tak? Bengkok ke terjuntai?

        Fakta yang Ummi ketengahkan tu ada tak Anuwar cabar? atau sekurang kurangnya melawan.

        Ingat fakta fakta fakta yang Anuwar membisu dan dayus. Orang cerita dalam kain dia pun dia masih berdiam.

        Camtu perangai ketua… tak yah lah

      • JasOne says:

        Dengar kata emaknya ikut Ummi dan bukan Azmin yang kaya raya. Hai sejalang mana pun perempuan bernama Ummi tapi masih dapat tempat di hati bondanya. Syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu.
        Azmin kaya raya tapi ibunya sampai keluar TV minta dia taubat. Anda nilailah sendiri

  4. Anonymas says:

    But you know what happened, and history was written. Dr M proved to be an economic ‘Doctor’ too and saved Malaysia from spiraling

  5. Zaki says:

    Dr M, Malaysia will always be indebted to you eternally…

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, our nation’s debt is now 53% of GDP, and is rising….

      • Anonymous says:

        So says Lim Meng Ang, Tunggang Langgang, Lintang Pukang, Selalu Terkangkang, Penjual Bawang?

      • Mail Tunjang says:

        Compare to the US whose debt level is more than 400% of GDP and the UK who has similiar debt level vs GDP, I would say we are doing ok. What is your personal debt level vs your annual income? The point that you people are missing is that can we service those debts? All my friends have more than 200% debt level vs income especially those who just bought a house or houses but if they can service it, why make noise? That is the game you people play anyway right?

        • Anonymous says:

          Bloody good points, Mail.

          Didn’t realize that debt level of individuals can also go many times more than income. Though we have been living it.

          Hope to see you more often in here. Hitting these noisy-for-nothing Oppo hippos.

        • Anonymous says:

          Good point there.
          The most important is debt servicing capacity and the debt is used to produce more income, and not to finance expenditure.
          One must know the basic economy that government expenditure will create a multiplier effect and produce more jobs and increase income for everybody and hence more taxes for the source of loan repayment

          • Anonymous says:

            Hutang negara akan ditanggung generasi akan datang.

            Oleh itu, generasi muda patut ubah demi masa depan mereka tak digadai BN.

          • Servant of God says:

            Anon September 19, 2012 at 3:48 pm

            Hoi baghal, kamu tak faham ekonomi, jangan nak bising laa.

        • The Real Rakyat says:

          Mail…this guys only talk abt debt level and all but don’t really understand just merely parroting their leaders only….the reality is everyone has high debt levels again it’s all down to your ability to pay….Can this same jokers say that they are debt free??….I seriously doubt it in fact this guys are most probably even 200 or even 300% above their own GDP themselves and yet talk like they are running at on 10% GDP….laughabale I tell you…

      • JasOne says:

        Youre blinded by the westerner who always change their goal post. When we run into financial crisis they condemn us like hell. Eg. No bailout of MNC etc.
        Yet they did it 1000 times bigger then us like the Citi, Bank of America; Goldman and the worst they just print money. Do you remember what Bernanke said? The advantage we have is that we can print money. UK print money. So this is the western country who talk about free economy. But it is just for them

    • Pak Sako says:

      In his blog post “Change” (August 22, 2012), former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad criticised the socialist ideology.

      He then claimed that “Malaysia has no ideology”.

      This is not accurate.

      It can be strongly argued that the Malaysian government after 1980 followed the “neoliberalism” ideology, a pro-business ideology.

      This economic ideology was aggressively promoted around the world at the start of the 1980s by two pro-business world leaders: British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (elected 1979) and American President Ronald Reagan (elected 1981).

      Both leaders had strong business connections and economic advisers who were pro-business, Alan Walters and Milton Friedman respectively.

      Mahathir became prime minister around the same time, in 1981. Not long after, he officially announced a privatisation policy in 1983 (Jomo K.S. and Wong Sau Ngan (eds.), “Law, Institutions and Malaysian Economic Development”, page 42).

      Mahathir too had close business associates, and his economic adviser was a businessman called Daim Zainuddin.

      The neoliberal ideology says privatise publicly-held assets, sell them off to private business interests, entrepreneurs, corporate “captains”.

      This is what the Malaysian government did.

      The “massive privatisation strategy” carried out during Mahathir’s tenure is said to be linked to “increased competition for resources within the ruling Malay party”; it redistributed resources “in favour of emerging factions centred on key political leaders” (Jeff Tan, “Privatization in Malaysia: Regulation, Rent-Seeking and Policy Failure”, 2008, page 5).

      Privatisation seems to be a favoured economic policy of the Malaysian government till today.

      The neoliberalism ideology calls for weaker worker unions so big businesses can have more “economic freedom”.

      The Malaysian government’s development agenda subordinated labour in favour of private business interests, especially in the 1980s (Jomo Sundram and Patricia Todd, “Trade Unions and the state in Peninsular Malaysia”, 1994). Labour organisations are weak relative to business power in Malaysia.

      The neoliberalism ideology wants free labour markets, let wages be competed down if necessary, minimum wage rules are bad.

      Mahathir also lately argued against minimum wages in Malaysia, claiming it might bankrupt Malaysia (“Dr M: Minimum wage may bankrupt Malaysia”, The Malaysian Insider, March 2, 2012). He did not consider the positive aspects of minimum wage rules.

      The neoliberalism ideology supports a strong state, but not a strong state that directly provides for the public welfare, but a strong state that enables businesses and capitalists to flourish freely — corporate freedom and welfare.

      Mahathir too does not like the welfare state.

      The welfare state approach claims that basic social needs and securities must be fulfilled as a precondition to economic prosperity.

      The opposite way is the neoliberal one: to support the corporate class in the hope that wealth will “trickle down” sufficiently to fulfil the fundamental needs of society.

      In short: Mahathir complains about the injustices of the neoliberal international order, but he himself followed the neoliberal style (Johan Saravanamuttu, “Malaysia’s Foreign Policy, The First Fifty Years: Alignment, Neutralism, Islamism”, 2010, pages 202-203). Malaysia sharply switched to economic policies advocated by the neoliberal ideology under his rule. Mahathir’s personal positions on a number of issues are characteristic positions of the neoliberal ideology.

      On debt, Mahathir says Greece borrowed a lot of money and is bankrupt.

      But Europe fears Italy has also borrowed too much and is going bankrupt.

      Malaysia has now been given a financial warning: a top debt ratings agency says our public finances are weak — they are at the same level as debt-struck Italy (“Fitch warns Malaysia of possible downgrade due to ‘deteriorating’ public debt ratios’, The Edge, August 1, 2012).

      Malaysia’s debt is now more than half of the income Malaysia as a whole earns in a year. This debt is RM456 billion. This debt nearly doubled since 2007 — a matter of four years.

      This is equal to saying that every Malaysian now owes about RM16,000. If you earn RM4,000 a month, that is four months’ pay.

      Mahathir says: “Look at [Barisan’s] record… compare it even with the developed West. They are in deep financial trouble…”

      Mahathir says: “Five years to give a trial as government is dangerous. Many things can be destroyed in five years.”

      Question: Which government doubled Malaysia’s debt in less than five years?

      • Anonymous says:

        1. The post is about Anwar, the Jews, IMF etc. What has it to do about “neoliberalism” etc?

        2. Who the hell is “Fitch”? What credibility has it in “warning Malaysia of possible downgrade due to ‘deteriorating’ public debt ratios’? There’s not even a link provided. Showing that what it says and what you spin is only balderdash.

        • Mail Tunjang says:

          Fitch is one of the global rating agencies who gave Salomon Brothers, Fannie Mae and other similiar financial institutions in the US “AAA” rating just before they close for bankruptcy or were bailed out in 2008. Very credible company whose recommendation you must accept blindly without questions.

          • Servant of God says:



            Welcome to STL.

          • The Real Rakyat says:

            Yup indeed!!…You must listen to such accredited rating houses who give such high ratings to companies like these before they “close shop”….Shows how good this kind of rating houses are….

      • Tourist says:

        Sako and I quote “Question: Which government doubled Malaysia’s debt in less than five years?”

        Debt is not necessarily bad. Take businesses as example. If you borrow money from bank and put it to good use to create profit, then debt is good. But if you borrow money and blow it on Genting, then it is bad.

        • The Real Rakyat says:

          Tourist, You are absolutely rite!!…Debt is not a bad thing if put to good use but bad when you do stupid things to it….however Genting is still good provided you make money la!!…If you keep losing then you are the fool la!!…hahahaha

  6. drMpower says:

    trust the man who wanted to sell his OWN boss? how about that people? if he can do that to the man who was grooming him, and making him the boss, what makes u think he wont do that to u?

    such tragedy only be saved by divine intervention. clearly he who was greed (and still is) was failed by himself through the work of God. if God speaks so, then who you are to go against Him?

    • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        This may be the bloke who does the copy pasting of the anti-BN and pro-PR comments above.

        But the one above is his own comment – 2 words only.

        Sad, very sad. PR blokes can do only 2-word comments in here!

      • JasOne says:

        Much better then the one stayed at Bamboo River for 6 years but upon release can afford to buy bigger house and all this while the whole family never works. Where are all money come from. Sedekah hahahahahah

        • akuantiPAKATAN says:

          Collection from tabung Milo during ceramahs or maybe cilok a bit from Tabung Memali.

        • The Real Rakyat says:

          JasOne….strange rite??…..whole family doesn’t work and he so-called lost everything and yet can afford to live very nicely isn’t it??…..It’s ok if he come out and he living in some squatter housing in Pantai Dalam….but yet he lives in a nice RM7mil house and driving some really nice cars…and also his daughter’s wedding also cost a bomb too….so where does that money come from anyways??…

    • Mangkuk says:


      Wow good analogy there!

  7. Hasnul says:

    Najib forgets that the Malays in this land are not all on UMNO’s sides. He has obliterated the fact that there are just as many Malays who are also in PAS, in PKR and even in DAP. So by raising alarm bells for the attention of all Malays he has committed a serious and dangerous offence.

    That offence is tantamount (if not absolute) to racial incitement. Will the authorities who keep proclaiming that they are the fair guardians of law in this land now act decisively or will they slitter away? Will the legal minds that still have their hearts in the right place now congregate in one voice to defend the honor and dignity of this nation, i.e. justice? Or will they slip away under the musty sheet of “it’s none of my business?”

    He has also grossly insulted the Malays. If the clear minded, able minded, and wise Malays do not take offence to this totally unacceptable call by the PM to one particular race that has also driven a deep wedge between the Malays of one nation, then we would have sunk so far low that there is no future for everyone here.

    We would have sunk into the pits of animosity, divisiveness, exclusiveness and bitter enmity that in all probability would have erected the framework for a permanently failed nation.

    • DAPSter4 says:

      Hey, Hasnul… you’ve only got the story half-correct!

      Just change the name “Najib” to that of BrotherAnwar BinIbrahim in the above cut-&-paste PRick propaganda and you’d be absolutely, and infallibly correct.

    • Anonymous says:

      I definitely have read the same comment as the one under the name “Hasnul” above.

      Clearly, another copy & paste from Rocket etc. Repeating comments here and there. It’s called aping. Because behaving like apes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Malays in the DAP? Can count by the fingers? After Vice Chairman Tunku Aziz bolted out of the party calling Lim Guan Eng “biadap”, I remember only the Mongkol bloke in DAP. Even the Arpan fella not heard any more.

    • Anonymous says:

      The son of a gun says, “That offence is tantamount … to racial incitement.”

      Bloody hell, in the next paragraph he is the bugger who does racial incitement. He says, “He has also grossly insulted the Malays. If the clear minded, able minded, and wise Malays do not take offence to this totally unacceptable call by the PM to one particular race that has also driven a deep wedge between the Malays of one nation …” This is the kind of double tongued, chauvinistic and racist buggers that DAP is made of.

      Then he said, “.. there is no future for everyone here.” No. There’s plenty of future for every one here except the DAP pendatangs and their ultra kiasu cohorts who should vamoose elsewhere. “Berhijrah”,” said by Professor Khoo Kay Kim, of those who don’t like this country. “Berambus,” said by me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Saya sokong komen Hasnul.

    • Mangkuk says:

      Hasnul. You’re dreaming or drunk?

      When PR hit government they knew it that UMNO is the backbone of BN. So they attack UMNO/BN.

      Now you use the same kind of stupid PR points to sell it to us. Try to influence your brother in sister first. At least you learn something.

    • yk says:

      Malay in DAP?

      stupid fuck is that?

  8. Anonymous says:

    The very fact that Anwar was willing to sell his soul to the devilish Jews shows that he is not fit to be PM. Muslims are more than 60% of the population in this country and many know that the Jews have been making life difficult for the Muslims since the time of Prophet Muhammad – even stated so quite a few times in the Qur’an.

    The Muslims will not tolerate Anwar consorting with the Jews, wanting to protect the security of Israel instead of the long suffering Palestinians deprived of their land and ancestral homes. But many Muslims are not aware of these facts, some are blinded by political zealousness, choosing to close their eyes or keeping silent to those.

    But I believe many will come out expressing their disgust with Anwar at PRU13.

  9. Sunny says:

    The time is ripe now for our East Malaysian brethren to take advantage of politicians scrambling to the east to get their mandate.

    Many factors such as poverty, illiteracy, poor leadership, poor infrastructure, etc, had contributed to their ignorance and naivety that led to Umno-BN being able to control them for almost five decades.

    They now need a sincere and honest leader who will have their welfare and well-being in his heart to give them a rude awakening, lest they will be colonised by another political party for its own selfish political agenda.

    • AnonKL says:

      Sarawak is being colonised by DAPig, which brings up racial issues, much like what they did in May 1969.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank goodness DAP is liberating Sarawak urban folks from the lies of BN. Now the rural Sarawakians will rise!

        Taib can retire to spend time with his young wife.

        • abba says:

          No. DAP is inciting the pendatangs in Sarawak to go against BN. Even speak about separation. Then the Bumiputeras will lose their Special Position.

          So that you pendatangs can exploit them, take the wealth of the state and the Bumiputeras get pittance.

    • ray says:

      So sunny, that sincere and honest leader must DS Najib, janji ditepati, agree?

    • Anonymous says:


      Why do you people think of rudeness and are often rude? Even “awakening” also has to be rude?

      Careful when Anwar’s is awakened. It’d go straight for your xxxx hole.

      Pls note that “sincere and honest leaders” don’t exist in Pakatan Rakyat. Aplenty in BN.

      • Anonymous says:

        THEY SHALL ALL, ONE DAY STAND IN THE RUINS THAT THEIR OWN HANDS MADE…never is there a dynasty that lasted forever, never was there one race more important that another, never was there any regime (EVIL) that would last forever…

        GOD FORBIDS those EVIL-DOERS from creating more ruin…in this land…

        They will have their rightful place…….

        • Anonymous says:

          Talk about dynasty, lu China mali ha? Tatak baca itu Chinese history claim only the Chinese (“Middle Kingdom”) were civilized, others were barbarians ha? Yet China was regarded by the West as a pariah state only until 1-2 decades ago. Now economy going down again.

          You going to hell? Islam says Muslims have a chance to go to Heaven.

        • yk says:

          surely this is an excerpt from the DAP gay-priest holy book .. 🙁

        • Fredie says:

          As the polls loom closer, politicians try to fish for votes by any means possible.

          Recently, politicians from the ruling party keep on reminding the people to be grateful to the BN government.

          They tell the people what the government has done for the people all these years, how many schools were built etc.

          I don’t understand why the people should be grateful to the government.

          Doesn’t the money used by the government to build schools, infrastructure, etc belong to people?

          Do we need to be grateful to ourselves for buying new clothes using our own hard earned money?

          Further, all the ministers and all elected representatives should always remember that the salaries and all allowances that they receive every month are from the people’s money!

          The rakyat is the one who elect them to be MPs and state assemblymen. We are the ones who give them mandate to form the government.

          We are the ones who pay their salary. We are the ones who pay for whatever the government builds. So, why do we need to be grateful to the government?

          Shouldn’t it be the other way round where the government is the one that should be grateful to the people?

          It looks like these politicians have forgotten the fact that we the people employ them. Without us, they would not be where they are today.

          Therefore, I would like to remind all the elected representatives especially the government to be grateful to the people.

          They should fulfill their duties and responsibilities according to the wishes of the people and not betray them through abuse of power, corruption and passing oppressive laws like the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 and S.114A of the Evidence Act.

          They should always remember that the rakyat has the power to choose the government.

          They should not forget the trust that people gave them through the last election.

          They should be grateful to the rakyat as the rakyat is the boss.

          • Anonymous says:

            You don’t understand why the people should be grateful to the government? The money used to build schools, infrastructure, etc belong to people?

            Ya lah, belong to the people. But Fook Tan Rakyat give hundreds of million Ringgits to Talam. BN builds schools etc for the people.

    • Mangkuk says:

      Sunny yes. Just like what happen in Selangor, Penang, Kelantan and Kedah right?


  10. Tanda Puteri says:

    Tragedi 13 Mei ialah sejarah hitam negara berkaitan hubungan kaum di Malaysia dan ia dimanipulasi Umno-BN untuk mengekalkan kuasa setiap kali ia muncul setiap tahun.

    Orang politik mengaut keuntungan darinya dengan membincangkannya dari aspek kepentingan mereka, walaupun kesannya ditanggung rakyat termasuk mereka yang menjadi korban dalam tragedi itu.

    • Tanda Bodoh kau says:

      Cakap begitu kau nampak bodoh. Tak payah aku beri penjelasan. Sebab kau pun tak beri penjelasan.

    • ray says:

      Hai tanda pateri, mengapalah penyokong pakatan ni susah sangat nak terima KEBENARAN? Asyik asyik percaya dongeng peliwat tua saja.

    • yk says:

      dulu tak nak belajar pandai2, kelulusan lebih kurang, bodoh nak mampus, harapkan bantuan kerajaan, kerja untuk orang, gaji nak belanja macam cina bukit pun tak mampu …

      berani kau menyalahkan Melayu (UMNO itu Melayu) atas apa yang dimulakan oleh babi2 DAP pada 13 Mei 1969 ?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the above copy pastings of comments from elsewhere is done by the DAP cyber troopers organized by the woman Press Officer in Lim Guan Eng’s office. Hard pressed for time, cannot write anything meaningful, so just c & p.

    Or just intended as c&p right from the start. After all, products of Chinese schools are used to the Rote system of learning – repeat and repeat what is said, then regurgitate what has been memorized. In this case, no need to even memorize. Simply go to the Rocket etc, copy from there and paste into here.

    Such despicable acts. Sudah habis modal. Sign of desperation.

    • ray says:

      Then when they graduate from vernacular schools, they copy and pirate cds, dvds, branded goods etc. Already in their DNA.

    • Anonymous says:

      Pakatan Rakyat promises change for the benefit of Sabahans and Sarawakians. BN would like to maintain the status quo.

      For over 49 years, this status quo has resulted in many ‘records’ – chief among them: highest poverty rate, highest influx of foreigners and highest income disparity among the populace. Are we proud of these records? Definitely no!

      These people deserve to be better treated as equal partners and not be subjugated by leaders from the peninsula.

      Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad said, “Better the devil you know than the angel that you don’t.” What this dinosaur failed to mention is that the ‘devil’ had wreaked havoc on the aspirations and dreams of the people and their patience have grown thin.

      It’s time to choose the ‘angel’ and see what they can do to improve the lives of Sabahans and Sarawakians. These people definitely deserve better. Let’s welcome the winds of change in Sabah and Sarawak.

      • Anonymous says:

        No. The ones who “wreaked havoc on the aspirations and dreams of the people” are the Pakatan Rakyat blokes. Bikin kacau sana sini. Tipu, bohong, wild accusations, confuse he rakyat. Bloody hell kind of fellas.

        The people have been getting their dreams fulfilled even in the interior. So many long houses have electricity now. That’s why they have been returning the BN to power again and again.

        You DAP pendatangs instigate the local Bumiputeras about equal partners etc. They are not only equal partners, they are also equal under the Special Position Article 153 of the Constitution.

      • Servant of God says:

        Your so-called angel could not even keep its most mundane of promises – Malaysia awaits the announcement of PR’s shadow cabinet to this very day.

        Go to hell, jackass.

  12. nalza says:

    Banyak komen di atas hanya ‘copy and paste’ dan langsung tak releven dengan topik.Nampak sangat para pencacai KOMTAR sedang bertungkus lumus cuba ‘menyelamat’kan si penipu besar mereka.Walaupun BN masih ada kekurangan tetapi ia tetap berusaha untuk memperbaiki kelemahan sedangkan puak pembangkang sibuk mengapi api kan politik kebencian tanpa membuat kerja.Berkhidmat untuk memajukan rakyat/negara atau berkhidmat untuk menyelamatkan pemimpin?

  13. tourist says:

    All these financial engineering is beyond my understanding but I do know this. During the Asian financial crises, Anwar fully subscribe to IMF and therefore to the West’s prescription on how to resolve the crises. Amongst many things, that prescription does include letting our banks and industries go under and would definitely be sold at fire sales price to foreigner. Is that the right thing to do or not, I wouldn’t know. But I do know that in the West own financial crises years later, they do EXACTLY what they told us NOT to do, aka fully supporting their banks and industries. This is definitely a case of “do as I say but don’t do as I do”. In other word, if we have allowed Anwar to carry out the West’s presciption, we would be in the sh*t now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bravo for your valid points, sir.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well written by someone well read and well informed.

    • JasOne says:

      Give me five.
      Kuai Lo give you poison when you’re sick. Only an Idiot leader believed them

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, BLR went up sky high in 1998 to around 12 percent choking businesses, all due to IMF style policy implemented by SABI. Cost of business is BLR plus 4 percent equals to 16 percent.

      Imports were expensive as USD:RM is 1:close to 5.

      Tun M brave move to take out Ringgit from the world’s circulation (read: speculators) and peg it at 3.8 saved us.

  14. I.D.A says:

    kepada para pengomen:

    pastikan anda tidak menjadi pecacai orang dengan copy paste tanpa hujah sahih. keldai lebih baik dari anda jika anda biarkan orang keldaikan anda semasa anda masih manusia. kalau tak pandai, janganlah pandai-pandai.

  15. Anonymous says:

    A crowd of 8000 people attended the largest Pakatan dinner in Johor on Friday, 14 September, sending shivers down the ranks of the BN.

    The 800-table dinner was held at Sutera Mall near the upmarket Taman Sutera Utama residential area in Skudai, though many of those who turned up seemed to be from outside the neighbourhood.

    A thunderous roar from the multi-ethnic crowd greeted Anwar when he arrived with his entourage.

    Two observers, a veteran journalist and a former journalist, were struck my the range of people present at the dinner, with all ethnic groups significantly represented. “They were completely unfazed by the heavy presence of police. And they hung on to Anwar’s every word until midnight,” said the veteran journalist.

    Entire families were there from grandmothers to children. When Anwar spoke, some of those at the back surged forward giving the impression that some of the tables at the back were half empty.

    One of the main organisers was Chua Jui Ming, and the observers were impressed with his ability to draw in the people.

    Mat Sabu was a big hit as was Sallahudin. Anwar himself spoke about high-level corruption and the privatisation that has benefited cronies.

    How does this large turnout translate to seats?

    Johor has 26 parliamentary seats. At present, the BN holds 25 seats and Pakatan (DAP) has one. The BN’s seats are held by Umno (16), MCA (7), MIC (1) and Gerakan (1).Pakatan could bag nine seats at least – something the BN is worried about.

    • Naz says:

      keep on dreaming bro … thats all you can do … Johorians are too smart to fall for such trick…

    • Anonymous says:

      Why do you have to say “some of those at the back surged forward giving the impression that some of the tables at the back were half empty” unless they were truly empty?

      Wat talk 8,000 people dinner. Same kind of estimate by Anwar 250,000 people at Bersih 3.0 when actually there were only 25,000 ha? Going by that, only 800 people dinner lah. OK lah, give you 1,000 lah. But don’t give bullshit figures lah. Don’t masturbate (more than massage) the figures lah.

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course anwar can talk about corruption. He is the mother of corruption. Anyone there asked him about the 3B? Did you ask him how much he paid the Sabahans to unseat Ghaffar Baba? And you listened to him talk about corruption? And you believed him? Have you gone bonkers?

    • ray says:

      Kesian anon, dibayar utk kelentong bahawa pakatan diterima rakyat … ish ish ish kesian nya. Mungkin semuanya percuma – dibiayai ajen asing.

    • Macha says:

      My kampung friend who is a pig rearer hold a banquet wedding dinner for 200 tables to my surprise. 800 tables for grand leader like Anwar, Chua Jui Ming, Mat Sabu, Nasaruddin and etc. Malulah even pig farmer can get 200 tables.

    • Anonymous says:

      You say PR can bag 9 seats. No justification for saying so.

      I say BN can bag all the 26 seats, including the DAP seat. No need any justification for saying so, too.

    • akuantiPAKATAN says:

      Wow… macam baca cerita dongeng la pulak. Tapi last para dia miss satu perkataan “And they lived happily ever after…”

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      The fact he mentioned that mostly were NOT from JB is telling enough……that this are people who are either paid to attend, forced to attend or just plain attend bcoz you support PR……and despite talking about modesty and all that crap they do it in an upmarket area like this……Goes to show what they really think of the average rakyat…..He also mentioned all ethnic groups were in attendance WOW!! really even all the Dayaks, Iban, Kadazan, Murut, Semai were there too!!….Amazing I tell you!!…The fact that BN holds 25 out of 26 seats in the Tsunami of 2008 is indication that PR is not going to achieve anything significant in fact they might even lose that 1 seat that they got even…

  16. Anonymous says:

    chua jui ming. had he won the mca presidency he would be spitting at anwar. orang macam ini boleh percaya ka? dan orang bodoh macam you sanjung dia lagi. he and anwar are great at using people. pity them, i mean the people like you who allow others to do the thinking for you.

  17. Stop De Lies says:

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad wurde erzählt der Welt in dieser Woche, dass er “gerne bezeichnet antisemitischen werden.” Dr M Ansichten über Juden sind kein Geheimnis, aber was wir weniger wissen, basierend auf neuen Vorwürfen gerade veröffentlicht, ist der Weg , dass im Jahr 1997 Dr. M Schützling in UMNO, stellvertretender Ministerpräsident Anwar Ibrahim wurde Allianzen mit prominenten amerikanischen jüdischen Politiker und ihnen zu sagen, dass er der wahre Freund Israels war, während Dr. M war ein Judenhasser.
    Viele von uns waren sehr jung, als Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim Sturz von der Regierung stattgefunden, und so zum größten Teil alles, was wir darüber wissen war, was in den Nachrichten, und was wir in der Schule und von unseren Eltern gelernt. Wir wissen, dass Anwar zu untergraben und angreifen Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, versuchte Übernahme der Regierung, und dann wurde er entlassen, mit Sodomie und Korruption angeklagt, sowohl verurteilt, begann und verbrachte einige Zeit im Gefängnis.
    Now ‘Jonathan Smith’, rief der Autor der Online-Serie Die I-Files, ist zurückgekehrt, um diese Geschichte mit neuen Enthüllungen zu erzählen.
    Er beginnt mit der freimütig erklären, wie Tun Mahathir – die, wie er behauptet, Pflege Anwar zu übernehmen wurde – erlaubt Anwar kommen so nah an Erfolg in dem, was er beschreibt, wie alle, sondern ein Putschversuch. Mahathir, der ehemalige Außenseiter, der nach oben durch Kraft des Willens erhoben hatte, “klar glaubten Anwar seine natürliche Erbe als Außenseiter, die in fest entschlossen, die Welt zu erobern gekommen war. Es war noch ein weiterer Fall von Anwar als Anwar, ist alles für alle. Ein Meister der Manipulation. Er hat sogar Dr. M. getäuscht ”
    Er beschreibt Dr. M als “Autokraten”, dessen Besessenheit mit den äußeren Insignien der Moderne für Malaysia blendete ihn zu Anwars bewegt, ihn zu stürzen, ein Mann, so war darauf bedacht, Malaysia voll entwickelt Status, dass er bereit ist, auf zertreten war die Verfassung und “toleriert Korruption in seinem Mega-Projekte – Anwar Korruption, recht häufig – in der Halbinsel und in Borneo, glauben die Kosten hat sich gelohnt. Alles, was in seinem Weg stand musste beseitigt oder angestiftet werden. ”
    Er wird nicht wesentlich großzügiger zu Mahathir durch dieses Kapitel.
    Dieses Kapitel, das vor dem Hintergrund der asiatischen Finanzkrise, die im Jahr 1997 begann gesetzt ist, führt uns zu den Hong King Sitzungen des Internationalen Währungsfonds, wo Anwar gemeinsam mit dem US-jüdischen Milliardär George Soros, Dr. M anzugreifen, und angeblich geheime Gespräche und Treffen mit den Amerikanern an die Bühne für die Macht in Malaysia ab.
    Die Geschichte in voller beginnt mit Behauptungen, dass Anwar unermüdlich gearbeitet, um sich im Westen für seinen Aufstieg an die Spitze vorzubereiten einzuschmeicheln, und wie er fragte wichtigen US-jüdischen Politiker wie Paul Wolfowitz zum Sichern in seinem Bestreben, Dr M abzusetzen und übernehmen als Premierminister Minister von Malaysia.
    “Anwar spielte sie gut. Mahathirs offenen Antisemitismus war ein besonderer Affront gegen die westlichen Führer, die dieses Verhalten zu behandeln als eine Krankheit – eine Ansicht, Anwar genährt. Laut Berichte aus erster Hand, Anwar tatsächlich gewonnen Wolfowitz durch zu sein scheint pro-jüdischen und durch die Verurteilung Mahathir hinter seinem Rücken. Zusammen mit seinen kühnen und eloquent Proklamationen an verschiedenen internationalen Foren – Shakespeare und TS Eliot Zitate parat – hier war endlich die malaysische für die die Welt gesucht hatte: ein malaysischer, die beweisen charmante könnte in Washington, DC und rechts-minded in Whitehall, ein malaysischer, die Wolfowitz murmeln konnte, dass es eine Schande war Mahathir war so ein Judenhasser.
    Wenn Anwar zu ihnen kam und sie wissen lassen, dass er für den Wandel in seinem Land, und dass Mahathir bald verschwunden sein hofften, wurden sie überglücklich. Anwar machte sich zu einem Helden des State Department und der East Coast jüdische Establishment, sowohl Demokraten als auch Republikaner.
    Anwar begann ihre Arbeit in einem geheimen und ernsthaft mit der amerikanischen Delegation auf den Weg nach oben zu ebnen, nach oben Mahathirs “gefährlich” talk. Mitglieder der Clinton-Administration – von Finanzminister Robert Rubin (in Hong Kong) auf Verteidigungsminister William Cohen – sagte Anwar, dass Washington hinter ihm war. Wolfowitz und seine Verbündeten in der republikanischen Kongress schickte auch ihre Ermutigung. Wolfowitz war begeistert, nach einem seiner Helfer und entschlossen zu sehen, Anwar Premierminister zu werden. ”
    Smith setzt dann die Bühne für das, was er deutlich wahrnimmt als den Beginn einer eventuellen Sturz Anwars: Mahathirs Italienurlaub, eine Abwesenheit, in denen er betraut Anwar mit der Rolle des amtierenden Ministerpräsidenten – und wie Anwar nicht sehen konnte die Falle Mahathir geschaffen hatte.
    Die Geschichte ist besonders interessant, weil Smith bindet seine Geschichte zu Vorwürfen, die in jüngerer Zeit ans Licht gekommen sind, einschließlich der abtrünnigen Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, dass Anwar treuen, langjährigen Adjutanten Azmin Ali einer Korruption Sonde wurde freigesprochen an Anwar Geheiß. Es erzählt auch, wie Anwar die Anti-Corruption Act verwandelte sich in ein Werkzeug für seine eigenen Weiterentwicklung.
    Einer seiner ersten großen Taten war der Anti-Korruptions-Gesetz, ein facially lobenswerte move entwickelt, um die 1961 Act zu ersetzen und root-out die ewige Korruption im politischen System Malaysias. Natürlich haben wir alle bemerkt, dass er, bis die Sonde seines politischen Sekretär Azmin Ali war ad acta gelegt und dann bestellt Kumpane jeden Slot erstellt oder von der ACA reformiert füllen wartete.

  18. DAPSter4 says:

    Undoubtedly, STL has hit the major nerve of PRick control center with the recent postings.

    See the PKR-cybertroopers working overtime to cloud the issues at hand.

    Ha, ha, ha… taktik lama, beb!

  19. இருந்தது says:

    Dieser Woche, தாஸ் எர் உள்ள பீர் ‘போன்ற தேறல்கள் ஊற்றி வைக்கப்படும் பெரிய மிடா டாக்டர் மஹாதிர் Mohamad wurde erzählt டெர் வெல்த் “gerne bezeichnet antisemitischen werden.” டாக்டர் எம் Ansichten Juden சிந்து kein Geheimnis, aber இருந்தது wir weniger wissen, basierend auf neuen Vorwürfen gerade veröffentlicht, IST டெர் Weg, தாஸ் im Jahr uber அம்னோ 1997 டாக்டர் எம் Schützling, stellvertretender Ministerpräsident அன்வர் இப்ராகிம் wurde Allianzen mit prominenten amerikanischen jüdischen Politiker உண்ட் ihnen zu sagen, தாஸ் எர் டெர் wahre ஃபிராய்ட் Israels போர், während டாக்டர் எம் போர் Ein Judenhasser.
     Viele வான் UNS waren sehr ஜங், மதத்தவர் Datuk சற்று சீரியஸானவரான வீரப்ப அன்வர் இப்ராகிம் Sturz வான் டெர் Regierung stattgefunden, உண்ட் மிகவும் zum größten Teil த, wir wissen போர் darüber இருந்த குகையில் Nachrichten இருந்தது, அண்ட் டெர் Schule உண்ட் வான் unseren Eltern gelernt உள்ள wir இருந்தது. Wir wissen, தாஸ் அன்வர் zu untergraben உண்ட் angreifen பீர் ‘போன்ற தேறல்கள் ஊற்றி வைக்கப்படும் பெரிய மிடா டாக்டர் மஹாதிர் Mohamad, versuchte Übernahme டெர் Regierung, உண்ட் dann wurde எர் entlassen, mit Sodomie உண்ட் Korruption angeklagt, sowohl verurteilt, begann உண்ட் verbrachte einige Zeit im Gefängnis.
     இப்போது ‘ஜோனாதன் ஸ்மித்’, rief டெர் Autor டெர் ஆன்லைன்-சீரி டை நான்-கோப்புகள், IST zurückgekehrt, Um diese கெஸ்ஹிச்டே mit neuen Enthüllungen zu erzählen.
     Er beginnt mit டெர் freimütig erklären, wie பீர் ‘போன்ற தேறல்கள் ஊற்றி வைக்கப்படும் பெரிய மிடா மஹாதிர் – டை, wie எர் behauptet, Pflege அன்வர் zu übernehmen wurde – erlaubt அன்வர் kommen எனவே வேண்டாம் டெம் ஒரு Erfolg, எர் beschreibt, wie alle, sondern Ein Putschversuch இருந்தது. மஹாதிர், டெர் ehemalige Außenseiter, டெர் நாச் oben durch கிராஃப்ட் டெஸ் Willens erhoben hatte, “klar glaubten அன்வர் வலை natürliche Erbe மதத்தவர் Außenseiter, வெல்த் zu erobern gekommen போர் இறக்க, விழாவுக்கு entschlossen இறந்து. Es போர் noch Ein weiterer வீழ்ச்சி வான் அன்வர் மதத்தவர் அன்வர், IST த für alle. Ein மெய்ஸ்டர் டெர் கையாளுதல். Er தொப்பி sogar டாக்டர் எம் getäuscht ”
     Er beschreibt டாக்டர் எம் மதத்தவர் “Autokraten”, dessen Besessenheit mit குகையில் äußeren Insignien டெர் Moderne für மலேஷியா blendete ihn zu Anwars bewegt, ihn zu stürzen, Ein மான், எனவே போர் darauf bedacht, மலேஷியா voll entwickelt நிலைமை, தாஸ் எர் bereit IST, auf zertreten அன்வர் Korruption, recht häufig – – டெர் Halbinsel உள்ள உண்ட் போர்னியோவிலும், sich gelohnt glauben டை Kosten தொப்பி seinem மெகா-Projekte போர் டை Verfassung உண்ட் “toleriert Korruption. த, seinem Weg நிலைப்பாடு musste beseitigt ஆர்டர் angestiftet werden இருந்தது. ”
     Er wird nicht wesentlich großzügiger zu மஹாதிர் durch dieses Kapitel.
     Dieses Kapitel, தாஸ் VOR டெம் Hintergrund டெர் asiatischen Finanzkrise, அச்சு im Jahr 1997 begann gesetzt IST, führt UNS zu குகையில் ஹாங்காங் கிங் Sitzungen டெஸ் Internationalen Währungsfonds, wo அன்வர் gemeinsam mit டெம் அமெரிக்க jüdischen Milliardär ஜார்ஜ் சொரெஸ், டாக்டர் எம் anzugreifen, உண்ட் angeblich geheime Gespräche உண்ட் Treffen mit குகையில் Amerikanern ஒரு டை Bühne மலேஷியா AB உள்ள für டை Macht.
     வோலர் beginnt mit Behauptungen, உள்ள கெஸ்ஹிச்டே இறந்து தாஸ் அன்வர் unermüdlich gearbeitet, Aufstieg Um sich im Westen für seinen ஒரு டை Spitze vorzubereiten einzuschmeicheln, உண்ட் wie எர் fragte wichtigen seinem Bestreben அமெரிக்க jüdischen Politiker wie பால் அறிவிப்பு zum Sichern, டாக்டர் எம் abzusetzen உண்ட் übernehmen மதத்தவர் அமைச்சர் வான் மலேஷியா Premierminister.
     “அன்வர் spielte sie குடலில். Mahathirs offenen Antisemitismus போர் Ein besonderer அவமரியாதை gegen டை westlichen ஃப்யூரர், அச்சு dieses Verhalten zu behandeln மதத்தவர் eine Krankheit – eine Ansicht, அன்வர் genährt. லவுட் Berichte ஆஸ்திரேலியா erster கை, அன்வர் tatsächlich gewonnen அறிவிப்பு durch zu sein scheint சார்பு jüdischen உண்ட் durch டை Verurteilung மஹாதிர் hinter seinem Rücken. Zusammen mit seinen kühnen உண்ட் சொல்திறமிக்க Proklamationen ஒரு verschiedenen internationalen Foren – ஷேக்ஸ்பியர் அண்ட் டி எஸ் எலியட் Zitate parat – hier போர் endlich டை malaysische für டை Die Welt gesucht hatte: வொயிட்ஹாலில் உள்ள Ein malaysischer, வாஷிங்டனில் டை beweisen charmante könnte, டிசி உண்ட் rechts எண்ணம், Ein malaysischer, அச்சு அறிவிப்பு murmeln konnte, தாஸ் es eine Schande போர் மஹாதிர் போர் மிகவும் Ein Judenhasser.
     WENN அன்வர் zu ihnen கம் அண்ட் sie wissen லாஸன், seinem மனை உள்ள தாஸ் எர் für குகையில் Wandel, உண்ட் தாஸ் மஹாதிர் வழுக்கை verschwunden sein hofften, wurden sie überglücklich. அன்வர் machte sich zu einem Helden டெஸ் மாநிலம் துறை அண்ட் டெர் கிழக்கு கடற்கரை jüdische அமைத்தல், sowohl Demokraten மதத்தவர் Republikaner auch.
     Einem geheimen உண்ட் ernsthaft mit டெர் amerikanischen பிரதிநிதிகள் auf குகையில் Weg நாச் oben zu ebnen, நாச் oben Mahathirs “gefährlich” பேச உள்ள அன்வர் begann ihre Arbeit. Mitglieder டெர் கிளின்டன்-நிர்வாகம் – வான் Finanzminister ராபர்ட் ரூபின் (ஹாங்காங்) auf Verteidigungsminister வில்லியம் கோஹன் – sagte அன்வர், தாஸ் வாஷிங்டன் hinter ihm போர். அறிவிப்பு உண்ட் வலை Verbündeten உள்ள டெர் republikanischen Kongress schickte ihre Ermutigung auch. அறிவிப்பு போர் begeistert, நாச் einem seiner Helfer உண்ட் entschlossen zu sehen, அன்வர் Premierminister zu werden. ”
     ஆம், Mahathirs Italienurlaub, eine Abwesenheit denen எர் betraut அன்வர் mit டெர் ரோல்லே டெஸ் amtierenden Ministerpräsidenten – உண்ட் wie அன்வர் nicht sehen konnte டை Falle மஹாதிர் geschaffen hatte: ஸ்மித் setzt dann டை Bühne für தாஸ், எர் deutlich wahrnimmt மதத்தவர் குகையில் Beginn einer eventuellen Sturz Anwars இருந்தது.
     அச்சு கெஸ்ஹிச்டே IST besonders interessant, வீல் ஸ்மித் bindet வலை கெஸ்ஹிச்டே zu Vorwürfen, jüngerer Zeit ans லிச்ட் இறந்து gekommen சிந்து, einschließlich டெர் abtrünnigen பிளாகரில் ராஜா பெட்ரா Kamarudin, தாஸ் அன்வர் treuen, langjährigen Adjutanten Azmin அலி einer Korruption Sonde wurde freigesprochen ஒரு அன்வர் Geheiß. Es erzählt, wie அன்வர் டை ஊழலை சட்டம் verwandelte sich உள்ள Ein Werkzeug für வலை eigenen Weiterentwicklung auch.
     Einer seiner ersten großen Taten போர் டெர் எதிர்ப்பு Korruptions-Gesetz, facially lobenswerte நடவடிக்கை entwickelt, Um டை 1961 சட்டம் zu ersetzen உண்ட் ரூட்-வெளியே இறக்க ewige Korruption im politischen கணினி Malaysias Ein. Natürlich haben wir alle bemerkt, தாஸ் எர், பிஸ் டை Sonde seines politischen Sekretär Azmin அலி போர் விளம்பரம் அதிகாரப்பூர்வ ஆவணம் gelegt உண்ட் dann bestellt Kumpane jeden துளை erstellt ஆர்டர் வான் டெர் ஏசிஏ reformiert füllen wartete.

  20. ray says:

    Bahasa Arab takde ke?

  21. Troopers says:

    With so many PR cybertroopers doing OT here suddenly, you know that this story is very very VERY true. In fact, it is very well known already, but some people either choose to forget or even forgive Anwar for this issue, have no problems working with the money from Soros and even have the audacity to bash Mahathir after all he had done to save Malaysia from being sh1tted on like Indonesia pretty much tells the twisted and manipulated minds of these poor lads.

    The fact that Mahathir rather bow out than hold on to power already says alot, and the fact that the likes of LKS, Anwar and Nik Aiz refuse to step down pretty much says alot. The old monkeys have been harping about how Mahathir was a dictator and how Najib is becoming one. while they themselves are obviously one.

  22. Pogadai says:

    Hidup Tun Mahathir. Hidup UMNO. Hidup BN. Because of them, i had a job, money to spend, foreigner came to Malaysia to work as no malaysian like to work as labour, more prefer to be businessman and businesswoman.

    Whereas in the world where you can see malaysian shop on every festival like no worry of tomorrow. That generate the economy and bring employment to all. We have no unemployment only lazy goon who wanted easy job and money.

  23. ExDAP says:

    Initially I didn’t want to put my two sens on this topic, but after I saw the huge numbers of PROs flooding this web page, I felt that the Topic really hit their nerve center.
    THEY CUT AND PASTE SO MANY TIMES WITH ILLOGICAL LANGUAGES TRYING TO FILL UP SPACE. But no matter what they do, these PROs can’t erase the fact that their great leader is a TWO HEADED SNAKE!



    • ex-MCA says:

      Please support the call for Wee Ka Siong to resign on 26 September!

      • ExDAP says:

        DR., OOPS! Mr. YAP!



      • ExDAP says:




      • Troopers says:

        Wee Ka Siong tried to solve the issue, DAP only knows how to talk, shout, insult and pour more oil to incite more hatred. Did the DAP have any solutions? No, they only talk talk talk.

      • Tourist says:

        ex-MCA. Why are you so ignorant or so afraid to ask the real person responsible to resign? FYI, the real person you should ask for resignation is the Education Minister, not his deputy. Instead by asking Wee to resign, I think you must have an ulterior motive.

  24. u_think_i_dont_know says:

    lord jim dead? what u guys did to him? 😀

    • I.D.A says:

      lord jim dah jadi hantu anon tulis bahasa german, tamil campur-campur. lepas ni dia dan geng PR troopers masuk wad gila sebab kerja teruk tak dapat duit. dah lah tu, belakang pun kena taruh… adoyai!

  25. Sunny says:

    What more can we say………..when the Home Minister has been applying the laws of the Jungle by allowing violence to flourish in midday. Such is the devilish attitude of the DUMNO ruling elite as they know that the devil days are numbered.

    The salaries and allowances of the Police Force are paid by the malaysian tax-payers and yet it has no qualms to discarding its main duty to give maximum protection to the citizens against criminals and ensure public safety at all times. Since when has DUMNO paid the Police Force’s salary and allowances?It should only owe its allegiance to the Nation and its people in accordance with the spirit of the Federal Constitution.

    The two cousins have been demonised by the devil, their master!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sunny ah. Lu Klistian ha? Wy you talk bad one? Klistian don’t teach laik that one.

      Wy you bohong, tipu, twist and spin many times ah? Where got Police “no qualms to discarding its main duty to give maximum protection to the citizens against criminals …” meh?

      How come lu kipala talok kaki one, asking “Since when has DUMNO paid the Police Force’s salary and allowances”? Lu lulu sikolah Cina ka? Silalu mau ciakap boloh tatak butut puniya.

      Apa pasat lu silalu mau accuse, accuse, accuse, no proof one ha? Lu Cina Bukit type ha?

      Lu tau apa itu Constitution ciakap pasat undang undang negara ha? Tatak boleh subversif & sedition lorr. Tapi kalau lu tatak mau holmat itu Constitution, lu pigi berambus Australia ka Kanada la.

  26. Azneer says:

    Berapa gaji dan rumah milik PM, menteri & kroni besar-besar?

    Nak tahu jawapannya? Ianya terletak pada, cara umat Melayu berfikir. Dalam fikiran umat Melayu, orang yang berjawatan tinggi wajib memiliki kekayaan yang berlipat kali ganda daripada orang yang berjawatan rendah.

    Sebab itu, adalah menjadi satu kebiasaan apabila saya dengar orang Melayu kata,

    “Biasalah, Najibkan PM Malaysia. Orang besar, mestilah gaji dia besar. Jadi isteri dia pun dapatlah shopping!”

    “Kita orang biasa, mana mungkin ada semua yang PM ada itu!”

    Selanjutnya kita lihat bagaimana cara orang Melayu berfikir apabila melihat jalanraya dibuka untuk VVIP.

    “Alahai, biasalah tu. Orang besar, mesti ada laluan khas. Sebab itu polis buka laluan untuk kereta dia.”

    Nampak tak? Inilah cara orang Melayu berfikir. Dengan ini, sahlah bahawa pemimpin berjiwa rakyat takkan wujud.

    Kenapa pemimpin berjiwa rakyat takkan wujud? Kita lihat lagi bagaimana cara orang Melayu berfikir.

    “Pemimpin Malaysia, adalah pemimpin berjiwa rakyat. Cuba Google dalam Internet, mesti jumpa video mereka naik bas dan LRT.”

    Nampak tak lagi cara orang Melayu berfikir? Tadi dia kata polis buka laluan untuk VVIP. Buka laluan untuk bas atau LRT? Kalau naik pengangkutan awam pun, naik untuk sehari atau hari-hari?

    Bertenang. Sesetengah daripada anda, tentu dah lemas dengan karangan saya ini. Sebab bagi kebanyakan orang Melayu, ini merupakan satu penghinaan pada otak mereka. Ya! Mereka suka berfikiran seperti ini. Walaupun separa sedar, tapi percayalah bahawa setiap benda yang ingin kita lakukan didorong oleh pemikiran separa sedar.

    Untuk memudahkan anda, pemikiran separa sedar ialah berangan.

    Katakan anda berangan tentang orang biasa. Apabila orang biasa jadi PM saja, mesti dia akan kaya. Nah! Dekat situ fikiran anda sudah tertatu dengan angan-angan bangsat itu! Sering anda berangan sebegitu.

    Maka tidak adalah PM kita wujud sebagai PM yang makan atas lantai macam orang biasa.

    • I.D.A says:

      kalau hang jadi PM macam mana pulak? jangan kata hang, pok nik, hadi, ustaz azizan yg alim ulamak pun kalau jadi PM tentulah kenyangkan kroni dulu… apa ke bangang, berpijak di bumi nyata. sembang pong-pang tapi kalau hang jadi PM aku rasa, semua adik-beradik, sepupu-sepapat hang bawak pi shopping sakan. kalau hang jadi PM naik basikal ka pi parlimen macam sekor beruk PKR tu… bila malam naik mercedez pakai drebar. toya mat amin! sembang deraih. tulah kecik2 minum susu lembu.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Azneer the Sneer,

    Nampaknya kali ini kamu tulis sendiri – tidak salin tulisan orang lain.

    Tapi bodohnya apa kau tulis. Macam budak budak calap saja. Kamu budak ke?

  28. Alan Newman says:

    Najib: “I would like to stress here that I have never interfered in MACC’s operations. They are independent and free to carry out their investigations on anyone.” “You help me I help you.” Then likely to Musa, Taib, MACC, Shahzirat, Baginda: We saw nothing heard nothing.” Perhaps to the Dynamite blasters: “Finish her off & shut her up”. “ Promises fulfilled.” Are these the thoughts and words of an honourable, ethical leader with the country’s interest at heart or someone bent on sabotaging opposition, human rights NGOs, on deceit, gangsterism & crimes?
    Answer it yourself. I speak from NZ, rated one of the world’s top for human rights, transparency, and democracy. If we has a National oil company we won’t have one race occupying 99% of the jobs. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God Mahathir! I pity Malaysia, one can write a book on its losses and tragedies. When will you the Rakyat wake up and vote BN out?

    • I.D.A says:

      go screw your own ass, or better let malaysian best bi-sexual politician do that. are you even malaysian, or malaysian tak sedar diri. good for nothing. don’t come back, stay forever in NZ. good for you. bengong!

    • Anonymous says:

      Alan New, Old or whatever man you are,

      Stay put in NZ old chap. You no understand Malaysian Constitution Article 153 Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, you shut up lah.

      Or you are Chen Mang Kui using a Mat Salleh name but know the word rakyat etc. If so, pls don’t come back to Malaysia. Get lost in New Zealand and scold the locals there about the Constitution of New Zealand etc. When frus, play the sheep backside, write to Anwar about it.


    • Anonymous says:

      You cannot even write proper english and you want us to believe you are in New Zealand. Check your grammar. Line 10.

    • DAPster4 says:

      I speak from NZ, rated one of the world’s top for human rights, transparency, and democracy

      ha, ha, ha… got tired talking to the sheep, what?

      no wonder their rating is so high for human rights because there are more sheep than humans in NZ.

      hey, Alan, son of Alfred E. Newman… what me, worry?

      God Almighty… you are just a big joke!

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      You sure you are New Zealander??….The english grammar is broken and all over the place and the use of punctuations is incredulous!!…..Therefore I conclude that you are NOT from NZ aren’t you??……So you must be one of those DAP troopers in Komtar level 28 rite??……As this kind of speaking is common among the Chinese who are chinese school educated and who speaks fair to moderate English but can be easily spotted by people who speak it as a first language…..

  29. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was Najib who in 1987 in front of a gathering of UMNO youths then and just before the Operation Lalang was launched and more than 100 Malaysians were arbitrarily arrested under the ISA, who was reported to have said, something like Let soak the kris with……blood! Then he went off to Australia after that. So if we are discerning enough, there is an established racist pattern shown in his behaviour and character. His 1Malaysia slogan is just simply a slogan to fish for our votes!! Pakatan (PKR and PAS leaders are the truly multi racial and multi religious leaders in terms of behaviour, character or words and actions.

    • Anonymous says:

      Aiyyo, Mista, the word racist, chauvinist been reserved for DAP, the Lims etc lah. Like the words anti-Malay and anti-Islam, also reserved for DAP only. Trade mark. Cannot be used for others!

      And the word biadap reserved for Lim Guan Eng. Labelled by DAP Vice President Tunku Aziz as he stormed out of the party a few months ago. Dodn’t read ha?

    • The Real Rakyat says:

      PKR & PAS multi racial??…..You dreaming or what??…..Can plain as daylight see it’s a damn Malay party and you say multi racial and multi religious???…..the same fellas who protest against Christians when building their church and all??……Have you taken your meds yet??

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