MalaysiaKini Gets Over RM1.8 Million in Foreign Funds!

Everyone knows that Suaram has been getting over RM1million from a US-based NGO involved in discrediting the Chinese government in Xinjiang and Tibet and in the case of Malaysia, the NGO wants Suaram to do the dirty job.

But Malaysiakini is also in the same category. This Pakatan Rakyat propaganda arm, is trying to pass off as a news portal, but has also received serious money from George Soros and friends of Anwar Ibrahim.

Malaysiakini – which was started off by its CEO Premesh Chandran – a leader in Suaram – started with a grant from the Media Development Loan Fund, which is financed by George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

The first grant given was RM188,000 but soon, the amount snowballed to an additional whopping RM1.3million!  Many Malaysian publishers have had to borrow bank loans to start off their company. It also received RM385,000 from another foreign NGO.

The question is why is Malaysiakini, which has virtually no revenue from advertisements, are able to operate on a monthly budget of between RM80,000 and RM100,000 a month? Who is financing this outfit to carry out their anti-Malaysia agenda?

Throwing RM2 million a year to the traitors at Malaysiakini is nothing if it serves their agenda. The editors at Malaysiakini are also happy especially when many Malaysians think they are the only independent and objective journalists in town now.

The Malaysiakini CEO and his chief editor Steven Gan were all fellow anti-Malaysia agents in Australia, during their student days, with PKR leaders like Tian Chua and Elizabeth Wong.

For more of details of Malaysiakini’s dirty work, we reproduced an early posting in this portal.

Read here…

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50 Responses to MalaysiaKini Gets Over RM1.8 Million in Foreign Funds!

  1. Servant of God says:

    For these bastards, nothing is ever right in Malaysia. Even if you do everything they ask, most likely they’d call it insincere, since if we were sincere about it, they would not have to do the asking in the first place. You just can’t win with them until you give them everything and have nothing for yourself.

    If you do that, we know what would happen laa kan. Their masters would fabricate a story, and we’d be under their heels, colonized all over again.

    These bastards’ nationality should be officially changed to persona non grata.

    • I.D.A says:

      bastard + bangsat.

    • ABAI says:

      Asyik-asyik China dan India jugak. Orang Melayu angguk juga sebab secubis kuasa. Lepas tu jadi boneka dan Barua bangsa sendiri. Orang dia gak yang kaya-raya. Lepas tu bagi sikit gula-gula terus je lebai PAS filing atas Jalan.
      Kalau bab pemimpin kita dia kata rasuah tapi bab pemimpin bangsa depa itu Pembangunan namanya.
      Pemimpin seperti Aljuburi lah paling munafik

    • Equalizer says:

      Servant of God. I think you will agree with me if I hereby challenge Suaram, Malaysiakini, Anwar and all his ball carriers in Pakatan who are named by STL to sue STL if what is revealed is not true. Sue and make sure it goes to court for hearing asap, not sue and then keep on postponing for 100 times for drama and withdraw later. Have the balls to sue otherwise what is revealed will be considered the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. To all the people out there,think carefully who are the real traitors of this country? Use your brain. Forget about dirty politics. Just use your brain.

      • Servant of God says:

        While I am confident on the veracity of the content published by STL, I have to admit that I am not so keen on having Anwar and co. start suing them.

        My reasoning is that it would be a travesty of the justice system. Malaysia has recently transformed its court system into one of the best in the world. The World Bank could not believe that we managed to clear the backlog of thousands upon thousands of cases. On top of that, the procedure itself has become highly efficient. For civil cases, a nine months is the targeted maximum duration.

        So you’ve got a highly efficient court system, your judges are impartial (no one should be questioning this anymore; if it weren’t Anwar should be in Bamboo River again), so what do you do with it? Main pondok-pondok with it? C’mon!

        I understand the satisfaction of winning over the other side, but I think it’s time for everyone to focus on nation-building. If we need some the Hammer of Justice to smoothen things out from time to time, so be it, but let’s not become the jokers that the Fuckatoons are.

        • Jeana says:

          Inofrmation is power and now I’m a !@#$ing dictator.

        • “Ha nem csak a rinya működik, akkor nosza, válassz egy kritikát és bizonyítsd be róla, hogy nem igaz.”Olvasni is szoktad Å‘ket – azt a 10-15 % valóban értékeset leszámítva?Belenéztél már a többibe? Amelyiket nem a két viszonylag hozzáértÅ‘ SzerzÅ‘d írt?Nem az a kérdés, melyiket lehet megdönteni, hanem az, melyikre érdemes egyáltalán szót vesztegetni!ÉbresztÅ‘, buzmbikám!Utóvédharcos

    • Anonymous says:

      Servant of god,

      You are right that do good also they would find fault.
      One must appreciate how good our country is.
      Cheap good medical treatment from RM1.(heard that even the private hospital refer and send patients to the govt hospitals as a last resort)
      Cheap petrol, for so many long years now.
      Free schools,cheap varsities, assisted farmers fisherman entrepreneurs etc

      But all we hear from them is that
      Its our money…….(funding the low end or medium class for free)
      Country is going bankrupt due to the ‘extravagant” nature.
      Lower than acceptable standard product(for the Kedai runcit)
      Benefiting the cronies..
      Taking away farmers’ land(Felda)
      And many other SOP accusations.

      Little do they know or never do they reveal that expenditure will create multiplier effect for the economy growth, and in the end everybody wins.

      Let’s choose Malaysia
      Choose stability for all

  2. abba says:

    Hitting at the Chinese government in Xinjiang and Tibet is understandable. Because the Chinese were and still are communists. And they occupied territories that didn’t belong to them. Tibet clearly was, and still is, a non-Chinese state. The Tibetans are a separate people, a separate race. Books have been written about that. By historians, professors.

    But the bloody US NGO has no business in asking Suaram to hit the Malaysian government. Except as vengeance by the bastard Jew and Zionist George Soros who got whacked by Tun Dr Mahathir when Soros tried to destabilize Malaysian and other Southeast Asian currencies in order to make tons of money in the foreign exchange market about 2 decades ago. Damn the Soros bugger. And the traitors in Malaysia who played into his hands.

    Not clear how much the bastard went for the money interest and how much the Zionist interest in weakening all Muslim countries. Clearly the Zionist Jews (the non-Zionist or non-politically motivated Jews are not so bad) cannot stand any sign of Muslim countries supporting Palestinian efforts to regain their homeland that was occupied by the Jews in Israel and in the West Bank. All Muslims supported the Palestinians. TD Mahathir was one of the vocal ones.

    I support the call for Malaysia to clandestinely carry out acts of sabotage against such people who have done us harm. Never mind whether in the US, Israel or elsewhere. Never mind the size of such sabotage operations. Even just “pin pricks” or merely irritation-level kind of operations. Irritate them, sabotage them in return. I hope the Malaysian 007 agency (which I think exists, as all independent nations worth their salt have such agencies) has an espionage department.

    And I urge the Malaysian secret agency (American CIA or British MI6 equivalent) to counter those bloody deeds done by the son of a gun Soros and his likes. We cannot take those dastardly acts by them lying down. Blast them. Or prick them. Irritate them. Give them a dose of their own medicine.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, look for a few popular American, Israeli etc blogs, give them money to write bad about Soros, and those agencies giving money to Mlaysiakini, Suaram like that.

      • Anonymous says:

        I missed the fact that Suaram is not registered at all – as anything at all. But good of Ismail Sabri asking that to be investigated –

        Malay Mail – ‎2 hours ago‎
        by Andrea Mathew.

        DOMESTIC Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has called on the registrar of societies to investigate why human rights NGO, Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) is not a registered body.

        • Anonymous says:

          Suaram is haram, anak haram, illegitimate, an illegal organization, whatever you want to call it –

          Suaram Not A Registered Society
          Bernama – ‎34 minutes ago‎

          KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 11 (Bernama) — The Registrar of Societies (ROS) today confirmed that Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) is an unregistered organisation.

          So, can the Government tell them to bungkus?

          Even prosecute them for running an unregistered organization? Put Ka Siong behind bars maybe.

          I would love it if those are done.

        • Anonymous says:

          Talking about registered, isn’t it PR is also not a registered entity. If so why do the 3 Abdul did not want to form an official alliance?
          Also no mirror cabinet till now, after so many talk.

    • IT.Sheiss says:

      The US NGOs are not funding critics of China because they love the Tibetans or people of Xingjiang. They do so because it serves US geo-strategic interests, either to de-stabilise China or if these regions become independent, US companies can then enter and exploit their resources.

      As for Malaysia, even though Malaysia has close relations with the US, still the US obviously would prefer a more compliant government in Malaysia, which would open up more opportunities for US firms to exploit.

      For example, while Mubarak was a US ally and so was its military, still they were not playing ball with the US as much as it wanted, so the US also backed groups behind the so-called “Arab Spring.”

      Don’t view it in simplistic black and white terms but in more convoluted terms such as making moves in a chess game, where you may sacrifice a pawn to take a knight, a bishop, a rook, a queen or checkmate a king.

      That’s how the geo-strategic game works in today’s neo-imperialist, neo-colonial world.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you in general.

        But regarding Malaysia, I think Soros’ nasty vengeance and Anwar’s dastardly connivance with the Jewish Neocons starting with his consorting with the Jews William Cohen, the US Defence Secretary, and Paul Wolfowitz, the Deputy Secretary of State under George W Bush, gained momentum and led to the funds being provided to anti-government organizations in this country.

        Agree that the same be done to US and wherever Soros has his base(s) of operation.

        • IT.Sheiss says:

          “But regarding Malaysia, I think Soros’ nasty vengeance and Anwar’s dastardly connivance with the Jewish Neocons starting with his consorting with the Jews William Cohen, the US Defence Secretary, and Paul Wolfowitz, the Deputy Secretary of State under George W Bush, gained momentum and led to the funds being provided to anti-government organizations in this country.”

          I agree with you here and nowhere did I attempt to justify what they are doing.

          To state it clearly.

          I oppose any US interference in China, Malaysia or any other country for whatever reason through any channels foreign or domestic- FULL STOP.

          The countries being interfered with may have objectional leaders or governments but the US, European or any other imperialist country are not interfering because they have any love for opponents of these governments, regimes or their cause, but to use them to gain a foothold in their country, their economy and resources.

          Why do you think the west backs Aung San Su Kyi so much – because they love her or care about democracy and human rights for Burma’s people?

          No. They back here because if she comes to power, she will open the door to entry by US companies and enable the US to face China through Burma.

          Of course the people of Burma may get some benefits initially in the form of democracy, freedom, human rights, job opportunities, etc but the US and the west will gat their hands on its resources, markets and economy.

          Like Timor Leste (East Timor), they may welcome the “liberation” initially but later find that they are being exploited by a new master, albeit more gently.

          As for Anwar’s friendship with the likes of Paul Wolfowitz, I have never been comfortable with that.

          While I don’t support the BN, still I am more opposed to the US and other imperialist powers getting a hold on Malaysia’s economy, strategic industries and resources by proxy.

          While we have our own internal problems, these must be solved internally without foreign interference.

          • Servant of God says:

            Your comment reminds me of a time during Tun M’s time. I don’t exactly remember when, but during the time Western forces were sending in their lackeys to create trouble.

            Tun M knew what was happening, but needed a simple of explaining to the orang kampung why foreign meddling was not wanted. So, he said that “Orang asing cemburu dengan kejayaan kita.”

            So shit hit the fan laaa. People everywhere, especially writers yang perasan pandai sangat, ridiculed Tun M. They said many things, but most were along the lines of “Yeah right, the Americans are jealous of a nation that’s just launched its first car factory.”

            The dumb fucks didn’t realize that the white man didn’t care how many factories we had. All that mattered was that we kept buying from the white people, and buy as much as possible. Forget having our own industries, it’s much easier to buy ready-made stuff!

            Oh, how foolish we were back then. People were trying to rob us blind, and we didn’t know it. Some of us even got angry with the person who tried to save us, who tried to convince us that it’s better to give our money to our brothers and our sisters and not some neo-colonialist somewhere.

            So they made fun of Tun, and some continue to do so today. Do excuse my ranting. You can draw whatever conclusion you want, but for me the message has always been clear: Beware the person who is not like you who wants you to win.

  3. ExDAP says:

    This is the sort of NGOs in Malaysia funded by unseen sources for their own agenda

  4. ExDAP says:

    This is why they lied…..they benefits and the other side looks bad. Nothing to do with reality.

  5. I.D.A says:

    woaaaa… banyaknya duit modal untuk jual M’sia….

  6. Kim King Kong says:

    Special Branch has been sleeping all this while. If I were the Head of Special Branch, I would shoot these people in the head. Trouble makers have no place in our society, especially those who cohort with our external enemies.

    But our pariah BN government is so chicken-shit without balls. While I hate the subversive elements in our society – disguising themselves as democracy reformist or freedom fighters – I am also tired of gutless Najib. Bring back Mahathir will ya !!

    • Servant of God says:

      Ohh, now you know how good Mahathir was, eh?

      Actually, the SB grew very capable under Tun M. They still are. But, thanks to the attacks on the police by kiasu people and their pet dogs, police are forced to use kid gloves on the people who deserve very bad punishment.

      ISA also flushed away, padahal it is very effective against human traficking, etc.

      Don’t blame Najib only. Blame his attackers laa, the kiasa bastards and their dogs.

  7. DAPster4 says:

    Democracy ala Pakatan Rakyat at work here… a.k.a. sell the country to the highest bidder. PRick leaders don’t mind being puppets on strings as long as they get to rule Malaysia.

    Transparency ala Pakatan Rakyat at work here… a.k.a. only believe in what PRick tells you to believe in… even though PRick only tells you bullshit.

    Freedom ala Pakatan Rakyat at work here… a.k.a. the freedom to sell the country to the best paymasters.

    Fair elections ala Pakatan Rakyat at work here… a.k.a. voting for PRick is fair but not voting for PRick is unfair.

    Justice ala Pakatan Rakyat at work here… a.k.a. injustice is ONLY when the verdict is against PRick.

    Pakatan Rakyat = Malaysia’s expert hypocrites!

  8. IT.Sheiss says:

    These are the funders of the Media Development Loan Fund, some of which are foreign governmental bodies.

    The MLDF is a kind of angel investor or venture capital provider to startup “independent” portals.

    And these are the recipients (clients)

    Malaysiakini is the poster boy of many new media “consultants” who tout it as an example of the profitability of online-only news portals and yes, it is about the only alternative news portal in Malaysia which breaks even, thanks to subscription and ad revenue, as well as its other businesses such as its New Media School, syndication revenue, etc.

    Also, while Malaysiakini has been fairly up front about its sources of funding, the other alternative online portals are very secretive about who is financing them and most are not earning enough to cover their costs, which I understand run up to RM200,000 per month, so if the investor or investors decide that these sites have served their purposes, they will have to close down, like The Nut Graph had to.

  9. Razali says:

    Be warned.
    If your computer has no anti virus software, stay away from this website.
    It has many malicious virus and spyware!

    • Anonymous says:

      Scare tactic, ha? Politics of fear, said Lim Kit Siang. Tactics of scare, said Razali of yare.

      Bullshit, you bastak. Kalau betul a friendly warning, you’d have provided some proof, or some justification for saying so, la, bugger.

    • Servant of God says:

      Ehh… my pc has got anti virus software lah!

      So go screw yourself lahh.. Razali konon.

      If you don’t want to screw yourself, go tadah your bontot to that sivaji-wannabe. Same results.

    • Troopers says:

      Damn, you are right. Now my PC named Malaysia is infected with Anwar worm, LGE butt trojan and PAS virus. My hard disks tagged Kedah, Penang and Selangor are already raped by those malignant viruses and now i have to throw them away into the bin where Kelantan has been for a long time. Need to find a better antivirus so i can save them.

    • ray says:

      Poor Razali, after working so hard with copy and paste political instigations, he realised that his master’s chosen method did NOT work, he now resorts to simplistic IT scare tactics.

      Pathetic to the max …

  10. Anonymous says:

    Malaysiakini simply cannot be “the only independent and objective journalists in town” as a few Malaysians may think.

    Heck, they can’t even report accurately – they twisted what people say. They got warned some time back by Home Minister Hishamuddin for reporting what he said wrongly.

  11. Megat says:

    Not surprised really. There was no way Malaysiakini could have survived on online subscriptions alone given their output. Look what happened to copycats like Nutgraph et al, when they tried to ape the Malaysiakini “model”, bungkus terus.

    Still, I think Malaysiakini has an important role to play: the comments section is quite informative of the depth of the sheer, naked hostility towards Malays and Islam harboured by their readership.

    I leave it your imagination on how they would act if empowered.

    • Anonymous says:

      Beg to differ.

      They only spew hate. They have no role to play.

      If they want to be a responsible opposition, quit the hate posture. Otherwise they draw hate in return. Opposites attract.

  12. abba says:

    On further thought, George Soros might not have funded anti-Establishment organizations to destabilize this country as a vengeance against Tun Dr Mahathir blasting him for his currency market raids and causing havoc on our exchange rate.

    It is Soros’ natural tendency to do that when he and his goons want to go for a big kill and gain billions of dollars out of the foreign exchange market in a target country. Something to do with economic fundamentals which I’m not familiar about. I think it’s about buying when the rate is low and making huge gains when the market goes up. Or buy “forward” when the market is up, make it go low by sheer billions of dollars they pour into the market, plus depress the market further by creating an atmosphere of political instability in the target countries. Soros talked about “a ripe situation” for market raids. That ripe situation might be created by him and gang.

    And the foreign exchange fiasco was not only in Malaysia. Thailand and other countries of Southeast Asia, too. One after another. Bullies like Soros care not about the adverse effects of his group’s speculative actions. They just hit and run. Speculation in that they do not “invest” – certainly not long term anyway. They just brought in the billions, made the additional billions in profits, then absconded bringing their money elsewhere. To them it’s just “business”. Who cares as to who suffers. Damn them.

    It’s only people like billionaire car manufacturer Henry Ford who could teach them a lesson or two. Ford detested the damn selfish Jews. Books have been written about his attitude towards them. Alas, Henry Ford is no more. Jews overseas and Zionists in Israel have been having field days all this while. Just look at what Israeli PM Setanyahu says about the Arabs and the Palestinians and the continuous building of settlements in Palestinian territories.

    We therefore must never allow Anwar Ibrahim to ever become PM of this country. He’d let Soros and the Zionists rape this country. Imagine, he supports the idea of protecting the security of Israel. When clearly it’s the security of the Palestinian people that should be protected from the marauding Zionists.

  13. Troopers says:

    Oh, how would PR dogs even forget their history, forget about how Soros single handedly caused the 97 Asian financial crisis, how he made the lives of Malaysians hard, how he was the most hated person in Malaysia at that time, and throwing in another fact, how Anwar got manipulated by certain US elements to push for IMF bailout that would have put Malaysia in serious debt up till today.

    Thats the very same Soros that a bunch of braindead monkeys are idolizing for providing funds for their “struggle for freedom” right now. I’ve struggled through that period, experienced the hardship at that time and will never ever forgive the asshole called Soros.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mebbe they don’t idolize. They just want the moni. If no Soros moni, mebbe they close Malaysiakini after few months and jobless. That kind don’t know about thank you.

    • DAPster4 says:

      struggle for freedom

      The narcissistic jokers at Malaysiakini wouldn’t and couldn’t even begin to understand the meaning of those words.

      They are narcissistic jokers because they, erroneously, think they are a good news outfit… when, in truth, they are nothing more than mere gossipmongers!

      They thought they deserved the “grants” they received from their “sponsors…”

      … well, think again Malaysiakini…

      Malaysiakini = news and views that matter to narcissists!

      For them, this struggle for freedom is the freedom to cause chaos, distrust, hatred and, ultimately, WAR!

      For them, this struggle for freedom is the freedom to destroy Malaysia.

      For them, this struggle for freedom is the freedom to be idiots!

      for info, I was a contributor to the letters section of Mkini, when it was a free-news portal. I had my fun with J.Mallot and RPK… J.Mallot was, and still, is an idiot. The then budding blogger, RPK, couldn’t even write to save his life… but, there he was, feebly, attempting to “sensationalize” the arrest and “mishandling” of Anwar… it cracked me up reading the first couple of installments that was published in Mkini. But, when Mkini started to charge money for their news-portal… that was the time I stopped visiting Mkini’s website. Heck, I’m not paying good, hard-earned money for trash… trash because they published all that I wrote! Ha, ha, ha.

      • Anonymous says:

        I won’t pay even easy-earned money to read Mkini trash. They really are trash, sir, nothing more, nothing less. Opinions, not facts.

        Not constructive, often destructive, opinions that are not in accordance with values inherent in the Constitution of the country. By blokes who don’t respect and abide by the Constitution.

        The kind who History Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim said should “berhijrah” but I say should “berambus” from this country. We don’t want blokes claiming to be Malaysian citizens but do not respect and abide by the Constitution.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Have to aware of possible some musuh dalam selimut, more so when they are suspected of having a deep pocket.
    Some may show true face come near election, some may work undercover behind to sabo, and some may flow along as sleepers.
    This is one of their SOP, standard operating procedure.
    Banyak duit mahhh.

  15. anon says:

    Very nice traitors.
    Take money from the man who almost destroyed Malaysia’s economy.
    A bunch of shameless bastards, only idiots pay to go to Malaysiakini’s hatesite.

  16. ray says:

    What these naive and blindly ambitious people don’t realise, is that free and easy money comes with ‘handcuffy’ strings attached. No way are they going to be let off scot free for failing to deliver their pet project which is to subjugate the Malay-led government.

    If I remember Shylock correctly, he exacts a pound of flesh each and everytime. So beware.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shylock got only the sounds of money by way of the currency in metal form dropped to the floor in court. But the Judge didn’t allow the actual money be handed over to Shylock.

      We may do the same to these goons. Allow them to hear only sounds, not the actual things.

      I hereby call for Judges in the Court of Venice that tried Shylock, the Jewish Mercahant of Venice, to sit on the Malaysian Bench!

  17. bourne identity says:

    Tak malu ke…agree to receive funds from outsiders? Not much difference from being rammed from behind…..takkan terima duit without offering something in return kan?
    Both these Malaysiakini co-founders look jambu…LOL….
    Apa macam? Sedap tak Jewish konek? hahaha….

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