Tony Pua : I Will Sue You!

I Will Sue You

Tony Pua has threatened to sue the Malaysian government, the Prime Minister, Nazri Aziz and pretty much everybody else over the Tajuddin Ramli situation.

It is our opinion at that Tony would be the best person to lead PR’s charge in court if and when the litigation takes place.

We say this NOT because he is a self-claimed expert economist or because he is an Oxford trained politician.

We say this because in his short career as a businessman, Tony has been dragged in and out of courts umpteen times by his creditors and clients. He in turn dragged them in and out of courts by counter suing and winding them up. In other words, the man is an expert in the area of business litigation and knows how to successfully hide his flaws by using the law.

His business venture Cyber Village, where he often claims he made his first million from has had various suits filed against it by disgruntled clients who felt cheated by its inability to perform their contractual obligations.

In one instance, Cyber Village entered into contract with a Berjaya Group subsidiary named to set up an e-procurement hub. Cyber Village missed deadlines and even overbilled with Tony Pua unable to justify during the trial how he arrived at the additional charges at a rate of RM800 a day.

To top all this of – the e procurement system delivered by Cyber Village to My2020 was an absolute failure!

Of course, the fact that he entered into business with Berjaya Group is now nicely hidden away in court files so that Tony can go on and on about political patronage and cronyism. What he fails to mention is the fact that he himself made his first million from a deal with Vincent Tan – an UMNO crony!

To top it off, he left Cyber Village in a lurch to return to Malaysia in the name of politics when all chips were down and the company was facing total losses of up to SGD8.26 mil.

You also no accountability-lah Tony.

Ps: There are several other law suits Tony has been involved in – we shall uncover them one by one to show what an irresponsible businessman he was and what a hypocrite he is today.

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21 Responses to Tony Pua : I Will Sue You!

  1. EM says:

    And I would like to know where is the basis to your allegations? Where did you get this information from? How do I know it is not spewed lies that came out from air?

    • Bek Sum says:

      The author should Clarify. All this comes from court summaries. Do your homework EM!

      • EM says:

        So since I have done my homework as you have replied, hence, could you then make my life easier by then showing me those court summaries.

        It should be your obligation to supply those hard evidences so that your readers would know your validity.

    • Bek Sum says:

      How is it possible for someone to run a co 4 years and have multiple lawsuits??? Either is a con man or, is a perpetual lit! Why does he sue JAIS for DUMC raid.

  2. Bek Sum says:

    Tony pua likes to give the impression that he is a hero of people. His analysis is crap. Liar!

  3. GG says:

    Even Rosmah fake ring can become a big hit among the people, what’s the talk about truth and facts? Better depend on your own discretion

  4. Love guru says:

    Tony pua you are no tony fernades .you are a fake .

  5. lextcs says:

    where have all the flowers gone tonyP
    long time passing by
    when will u ever learn
    when will u ever learn….

    • Sherlyn says:

      Herlig butikk, nå må du se til å få butikken til å bli så bra at du kan åpne en på Kolbotn også ;)Da kan jeg komme innom 1 gang i uka (til min mann sin store fr)yrtasjonuEsecandy, absolutt herlig og en farlig butikk for lommeboka ;)Ha en glitrende uke og håper ting ordner seg hjemme med vaskerommet:)

  6. ghd nz says:

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  7. Anonymous says:

    The article is pure rubbish – nothing but self gratification

  8. エッチ says:

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    for a lengthy time.

  9. Randomly Passing By says:

    Lol. This website says that it intends to provide ‘no lies’ write-up and yet doesn’t even back it with references or legal court papers. How do you intend for new readers like me to believe?

    Come on. Common journalism knows that the burden of proof is on you. Please live up to your slogan.

    • Anonymous says:

      If burden of proof is on the journalists in all instances, there wouldn’t be any newspapers. Even Washington Post had to wait years to get two of their investigative reporters finally obtain proof on the crookedness of Richard Nixon that led to him resigning the US Presidency.

      Same thing re Donald Trump, always being whacked by journalists not on the basis of legal court papers. He complained and whined all the time.

      You should Whack schizophrenic Red Bean Old Man Ang in here. He never furnishes proof, just shits all the time, lying, cheating and conning, giving loose opinions, making wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified claims and allegations.

      You are not him, I hope. He has been afflicted with multiple personality disorder, writing as Anonymous, etc.

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