Singapore MP Penny Low has created a ruckus in Singapore.

She was caught fiddling with her Blackberry while the Singapore national anthem was being played at the recent National Day celebrations.

Well, it goes to show that despite Singapore’s claims for having clever and efficient leaders, there are actually idiots among the ranks.

Despite being screwed by the public for her indifference towards the national anthem, displaying total disrespect, she had the audacity to give more crap to the people.

She claimed that she was busy sending out messages, sharing the joy of the celebrations with the people.
What crap!

Caught ignoring the national anthem, why couldn’t she just admit her mistake but instead tried to get away by attempting to bluff her way through.

Or is it because she can’t sing the national anthem, which is in Malay?

Penny, 43, is founder and president of Social Innovation Park Ltd.

She was elected in 2001 to the Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC and re-elected in 2006.

Like all Singaporean MPs, she has superb credentials, graduating from NUS majoring in economics and sociology.

She is also a chartered financial consultant.

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