Our ‘asshole of the month’ is non-other Penang deputy CM Mansor Othman. He really fits into the bill for cocking up so many lies and gimmicks about what he had said about his ‘tokong’ boss Lim Guan Eng.

Less than three days after sitting next to LGE during a rebuttal media conference which saw him reading the notes prepared by the CM’s office, the Penang PKR chairman came up with another boiling statement that Pakatan Rakyat was far from reaching a consensus on the list of candidates for the next general election.

And that sent shivers down Anwar Ibrahim’s backside as he is now under tremendous pressure to provide an answer to his own party PKR and allies DAP and PAS.

Remember how Mansor looked like during the press conference?

Each time when he wanted to say something, he would pause and look at LGE, afraid to err. Under the table, LGE would ‘play legs’ with him to ensure that Mansor say the right thing.

LGE was staring at him all the way. Reporters who attended the event noticed that. Maybe LGE was thinking of whacking Mansor should he say something wrong about their relationship as No.1 and No.2 when in fact there was actually no No.2 or No.3 positions in Penang Cabinet.

What a shame!

The DCM 1 was forced to eat humble pie and reduced to reading from a prepared text as he tried to appease Lim Guan Eng over his ‘cocky and arrogant’ remarks against the chief minister.

However, Mansor’s explanation was baffling at best as he wavered from outright denial of having uttered the words to then claiming that he may have said it, before going on to state that his ‘tokong’ remark against Lim had been taken out of context.

Lim, who was earlier seen scrutinising the six-paragraph statement, kept silent throughout the 10-minute press conference at the chief minister’s office in Komtar. Present were state DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow, state PKR vice-chairman Abdul Malik Abul Kassim, state Pas commissioner Salleh Man and state DAP Youth chief Ng Wei Aik.

Hahahaha! Who are you to kid, Mansor! Everybody saw how your balls dropped before LGE. You are a man without principle and you forsake your standpoint just because you want to safeguard your position.

During the Q&A session, you could not provide a straight answer when repeatedly asked whether you had indeed uttered the negative comments against Lim.

You fumbled when pressed for a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ about what you had uttered about LGE and the only thing you said was: I don’t think I ever said that. I don’t think the CM is cocky and arrogant. I don’t know where those words came from. I only used the word ‘tokong’, and that was not done with ill intentions.”

You also said the state PKR was still trying to find the culprit responsible for leaking what had been discussed at the meeting.

Wah-lan-ney! You don’t admit that you are actually the culprit! Psssttt… what have you got against LGE? Why not share it with us here!

Watching you on TV that day, you looked so eager to end the session quickly. Your big boss was also heard uttering the words ‘masih teguh’ as both of you locked arms with the other state leaders and posed for photographers.

What was that for? A sign of unity or just a mere public relations exercise to help contain the fallout from your leaked memo!?

Everybody knows that the whole episode was a drama, a disastrous effort to buffer public perception of the deep distrust among the parties in Pakatan Rakyat and among their leaders, especially in the states that they govern.

What is more apparent is the widening cracks between Lim and DAP leaders in Penang, and between you and Lim and other state PKR leaders.

Both parties have publicly and privately complained about Lim’s dominance in the running of the state and his attitude. Apparently some veteran DAP leaders had Anwar to try to advise Lim to change his ways but LGE is too proud to listen.

Would you like to deny this, Mansor? And would you admit that your boss is not LGE but Anwar?

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31 Responses to ASS HOLE OF THE MONTH – Mansor Othman

  1. jojo45 says:

    It used to be BN leaders that werent able to take criticism. How things have changed with power…

  2. Anonymas says:

    He’s in hot soup….just wait for something big to happen to his career in two months. Either being sacked, or resigned

  3. abba says:

    The problem with PKR is that they don’t have leaders with caliber, with balls and all.

    Even in Selangor, Anwar chose Khalid who had a RM66 million debt for which the bank had got a Court Order but postponed enforcement because he is MB. Khalid knows that his political and business life depends on that MB post, therefore wants to hang on to his job as long as possible. Hence, he danced to the tune of DAP Teresa Kok, Ronnie Liu etc who breathed down his neck everywhere he went until he gagap-ed and apologized to Pastor Ho of DUMC even before JAIS completed its report on the Muslim proselytization attempt.

    What more Mansor, who is not the Chief Executive in Penang. He can’t even control his own PKR crowd in the State, even in the group that attended the meeting. One report said that a PKR bloke keen on his post of PKR Penang Chief had caused the leakage of the discussion where he called Lim Guan Eng arrogant, cocky and Tokong, designed to embarass, cause a DAP-PKR fight and Mansor is ousted.

    Ass hole or shit asshole, the fact remains that PKR senses the DAP attempt to ease them out. The story of squabbling for seats among PR component parties is a long, drawn out but still kicking affair. From Penang to Johor, to Sabah and Sarawak.

    It is not far fetched to think that maybe it’s Anwar’s overall design to get a message through to DAP heads by asking Mansor to say those and had them deliberately leaked out. Anwar must have the PM’s post. It’s his last chance, if his talk of giving up politics after PRU13 is believed. He must not allow PKR’s representation in terms of seats in DUN and in Parliament sliced off by DAP. Enough talk about DAP wanting to field 100 Parliamentary candidates leaving only 120 to PKR and PAS. What Mansor did may be orchestrated by Anwar to drive sense into DAP leaders.

    Mansor of course “gigil lutut” at the prospect of being kicked out of the DCM post some 6 months before due date. That’s why he behaved like explained by STL above.

  4. ray says:

    It’s obvious that cracks within pakatan are widening, no matter how many “press conferences” they have.

    Their noisy claims of freedom of speech is a sham, what more freedom of thought! Tunku Aziz has spine when he bolted out of biaDAP. Mansor should ask himself if position and power is worth the lack of “jatidiri” and “amanah” he displayed.

    As days go by, biaDAP is showing their Dictatorial Autocratic Pompous true selves.

  5. Servant of God says:

    Seriously, it looks like Penang is having a circus every day. Is any work being done over there, friends?

    • I.D.A says:

      circus is oso cho-kang what. entertaining people…

      pantun dua kerat hokkein utk Tokong kita:

      wa cho-kang, lu bo cho-kang
      wa pang kang, lu ki kang-kang

      • abba says:

        Good one, I.D.A.

        I only know they are all
        tunggang langgang, lintang pukang
        kena tendang terajang, jadi kera sumbang
        PRU13 naik tongkang, kita tengok dia orang punya belakang.

        • Me, A Reader.. says:

          I. D. A. ,

          Nasib baik aku tengah keje baca pantun hang..

          Kalau kat umah, mao nya terguling2 aku gelak nehh!


        • I.D.A says:

          thanks abba.
          tokong cuba cover line dari press, buat2 senyum. padahal dalam hati nak terajang si mansor tu.

          pantun 4 kerat:
          jalan-jalan di sungai pinang
          sampah sarap busuk pekung
          naik marah tokong penang
          muka manis cuba selindung

          betul2 ho liaw, lakonan PR Penang.

  6. I.D.A says:

    mak ai, this one got sooo big ass hole he can be voted ass hole of the year. sapa sokong?

    • akuantiPAKATAN says:

      Tunggu dulu, ada lagi a few candidates such as Mahfuz, Mat Sabu, Khalid Samad, Manoharan, YB Zaki, Tony Pua and a few more. Come 31st December baru kita bukak vote. Nanti Mahfuz Bean kecik hati pulak, langsung tak nak bagi komen apa2 lagi.

    • Servant of God says:

      Ehhh… don’t like that laa. Like thechoice said, this Mansor helped expose the ugly side of Tokong Lim.

      STL fans might have known Tokong Lim’s greasy, unattractive sides all this time, but there are many out there who still need the wool pulled away from their eyes.

      So give him the title for one month cukup laa. Besides, I’m confident that it won’t even be a month until someone else from PR tries to take away the title from him.

      I must admit, given the crap we have on TV now, Malaysian politics is my source of entertainment. Reality TV? Yawnnn… Better watch tokong with greasy hair giving another dude the evil eye.. hehehe

  7. jackal says:

    Bukan Ketua Umum PKR minat asshole ker?

  8. Down Memory Lane says:

    These people from PKR & PAS never learn a lesson….Tokong LEG is a bitch .

  9. Ken says:

    Hahaha.. looks like DCM1 got a dose of what is ketuanan…

  10. AnonKL says:

    BiaDAP supporters say MCA is UMNO’s lap dog.

    Now, this Mansor and PKR Penang is fast becoming DAP’s lap dog.

    Dua2 sama jer laaa…

  11. Angry Citizen says:

    can u all pls stop commenting and train your guns and cannon amd whatever at the state of Negeri Sembilan….this state government and excos are not doing their job to the best of their ability…nothing is neat , clean and in orderly fashion here in NS…roads r in horrible condition…rubbish everywhere…the backlanes of housing estate/industrial area ,pelekat kuat lelaki PASTED EVERYWHERE…and many many more….nowhere near wawasan 2o20….pls come to NS and see for yourself…

    • Anonymous says:

      Aiyyo, Angry man,

      Worse in Pakatan Rakyat Selangor lah. Even water oso a big problem. Hujan, drain clogging (unending sampah problem) causes flash flooding, then water treatment projects not given go ahead, not enough water already experienced.

      Can write yards about rakyat complaints in Selangor lah. Ah Long advertisements pasted everywhere by you know who lah. Unlicensed massage parlours, budget hotels, gambling dens, sprouting like mad lah.

      Who you think causing all these ha?

      • wan learn english says:

        Aiyo wat water problem we have in Selangor? Mooyudin said we don have problem so what fuck u talking?? Wah now Pahang got water problem you know or not stupid prick??

        • Anonymous says:

          Waaa u lost your ur way and get into here ah? Which gang you come from talking laik dat one? Ur parents no taught you how to talk ah?

          U talk obscene words often at home ah? Pakatan Rakyat home ah?

  12. anonymous says:

    notice there is no jim bb and their kind lately.

    hence can deduce that they move as one.
    Probably within same room and same boss.
    Maybe under instruction to lay low – as kena hantam kau kau(thanks abba and gang), and making a fool of themselves exposing the true face of their masters.
    But also maybe sitting back and reading the postings see how to attack

    baguslah these people…

  13. javintan says:

    Ang kong of Malacca but now in Pinang

  14. The Real Rakyat says:

    Jimmy Babi now already become siew yoke (roast pork)…hahahaha

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