A Record 51 pixs of Guan Eng in One Issue of Bulletin Mutiara!

Click to see all 28 pages

We would like to congratulate Helen Ang on her latest blog posting. The eagle eyed Helen has proven without a shadow of doubt that Lim Guan Eng is publicity crazy and a megalomaniac.

She counted a total of 51 photos of Lim Guan Eng in the May issue of Bulletin Mutiara, the state newsletter. Yes, you heard us right – 51 photos! And the bulletin has only 28 pages.

The man either loves looking at and reading flattery about himself or the editor is one hell of a kaki bodek.

We hear the editor is this woman named Chan Lillian. She is also the Chief Minister’s chief publicity officer who follows him around with a camera, clicking at everything he does.

She is also said to be in charge of all the DAP cyber troopers. She orders them to go for certain newspapers and bloggers and writers.

According to Helen, this Chan woman loves to write puff pieces on Dear Leader. We love the word puff, Helen. So apt.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bulletin Mutiara, it is a state publication paid for by taxpayers money.

Its logo is three little tigers representing the main races. We feel it should be changed to three monkeys who do not see, hear or speak anything bad against Dear Leader who cannot tolerate criticism.

Back to the 51 photos of Lim Guan Eng in 28 pages. There are photos of him with:

  • babies and more babies ( if only they could vote)
  • with handicapped people (the poor things could not run away from him)
  • with foreign VIPs and businessmen (his BFFs)
  • with developers (also his BFFs)
  • with squatters (wonder if they know he has not build a single unit of low cost housing in 4 years)
  • with durians (not Koh Tsu Koon bo hoot durian – no seed durians in Hokkein)
  • with Karpal Singh (whom he is trying to get rid off)
  • with Dr Ramasamy (whom he is using to get rid of Karpal)
  • with plants and vegetables (thank God they can’t vote)
  • with religious figures (who also mistake him for God)
  • with DAP people (why are they trying to hog the limelight with him, he is thinking)
  • with dead people (sorry, Toh Puan Mrs Lim Chong Eu, no offence, we love you but there were 6 pictures of your funeral and he was in 5 of them. Orang mati also he wanna overtake)
  • with former MCA assemblyman Dato Lee Hwa Beng (er, Has Been Confused Dato … Nothing better to do ah?)
  • with a basketball (no, no, we don’t mean Dato Seri Ong Tee Keat. That one is basket case)

Anyway, just go to Helen’s blog and look . If we have to list all the photos we won’t have time to watch football. Besides, if it is not his photo, then it is Betty Chew who has spruced up her aunty looks ever since catching hubby having a fling with his special officer.

Good move Betty. You should buy a leash for your hubby.

After going through the photos, we don’t know whether to laugh or cry. How can someone be so gila publicity! We used to think that Koh Tsu Koon was the most gila for publicity, always trying to be photographed with the PM.

But this guy is worse than Koh Tsu Koon. Or should we say better at publicity seeker than Koh? 51 photos in 28 pages!!

The North Koreans will kiss the ground he walks on the day he lands in North Korea. Meanwhile, we cannot believe this is the man whom Penang people want to reelect in the next general election.

Chan Lillian, you are first class apple polisher.

Datoship coming your way. But please, tell your cyber troopers not to come our way for criticising your beloved Chief Minister.

As for Helen, keep up the good job!

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86 Responses to A Record 51 pixs of Guan Eng in One Issue of Bulletin Mutiara!

  1. rolansmile says:


    lan si lan yan!

    i got a proposal for him. he should put up his photos on every lamp post and building in penang. it will be more glorious, better than any communist and socialist leader in north korea, cuba, iraq, iran, russia and china.

    • Mac David says:

      That’s what they are doing with their MB’s face in Selangor. All over the lamp post.

    • BFF says:

      They must line Penang Bridge with his photos so that everyone knows they are arriving at the Kingdom of the Lims. Never mind, we taxpayers will pay for it. We love him so much.

      • Azura says:

        The only way to safeguard and guarantee a better future for the nation is for Malaysians of all walks of life to carefully and thoughtfully cast their votes and for political parties to present credible and capable candidates to champion the wishes of the people.

        It is imperative that Malaysians choose wisely and weigh carefully their choices and for political parties to make a serious bid to secure and win votes by offering the best possible candidates up for election.

        A 13th general election that is free and fair can only do a lot of good for the country.

        Sticking to democratic principles and abiding by the rules of fair play and justice by political parties, their candidates and voters will reflect well on the maturity of Malaysians.

        If Malaysians gamble on their future by subscribing to anything other than playing this 13th general election by the rules of the game, they are set to witness the country descending into chaos.

        The onus of responsibility to ensure the well-being and to safeguard the future of Malaysia is with the voters, election candidates and political parties. In the spirit of a true and united Malaysia, may the best candidates win and the best political party rule to the satisfaction of all Malaysians.

        ABU is the way!

        • Edwards says:

          Here comes the first copy paste recycle DAP apek komtar with a malay name.

        • Mac David says:

          Yes, I agree almost all that you write, except for that ABU thing. Is it Abu Kassim, that SPR man?

          All, these politician are the same, on both the divide. Not all of them, really desire to serve the rakyat.

          This GE13, we hope the Election Commision could provide a space, in the polling slip, where we could choose none of these politician, if all the contesting candidate are not credible. So we do not need to spoil the voting slip. Usually, spoilt votes, means mistake or carelessness on the part of the voters. This does not serve any purpose, at all. With this new criteria, we hope political parties would be more cautious, who they choose as contestant.
          This is democracy. The govt. cannot force us to choose between politicians. Like in exams, ‘Choose which is best or All the above is no good’.

        • ray says:

          Azura ABU means dust – you mean rest in peace?

        • think says:

          well said Azura

          What you said lead one to conclude that it is wiser to
          vote BN
          Hence we can
          a) “safeguard and guarantee a better future for the nation afeguard and guarantee a better future for the nation” – it has a proven track record.

          b) ensure “A 13th general election that is free and fair can only do a lot of good for the country.” just like the 12th GE which was also fair and seen the oposition wrestling many states away

          c) “If Malaysians gamble on their future by subscribing to anything other than playing this 13th general election by the rules of the game, they are set to witness the country descending into chaos.” Yes do not gamble away by pure rhetoric and sweet talk and hype of the elite. Stick the safe BN which has a proven record. Would we want to main main and gamble with sweet salesman talk whom are very good at selling refrigerator/freezer to Eskimos?

    • Bawal says:

      i think Khalid Gagap oredi beat him to that.. there are lots of the khalid gaga tersengih photos all over Subang Jaya Lamp Posts..

    • JasOne says:

      Other EXCO not working la. Only CM Work hard. Wife now look more like Rosmah. Banyak sangat kutuk kot – the Malays said Kenan/ perkenan.
      From baby to dead people he service. You all cannot see ka. He go around and give roses. Wondering how many Rainbow he hurt already.
      Maybe after Rainbow the First Lady want babies. That’s why keep hinting. But how to make love when dead people also his business.
      If Anwar slogan was Anak Melayu anak saya, Anak Cina anak saya, anak India Anak saya, dan Anak Sidar juga anak saya. CM is more powerful. New born baby open eyes see me as their CM and dead people before they be bury 6 feet under also see their CM. Mana hebat

    • nasri says:

      It is a DAP newsletter, not Utusan.
      So what is the fuss all about?

      • Ahmad Yatim says:

        Buletin Mutiara “DAP newsletter” bukan saluran berita kerajaan negeri rupanya.

        Menipu sungguhlah kerajaan Pulau Pinang ni kononnya ialah kerajaan Pakatan. Barulah tahu hanya DAP yang memerintah dan boleh bersuara.

        Pas? Jawatan Pengerusi Majlis Ugama Islam Pulau Pinang pun tak dapat. Patutlah pas ni menikus saja.

      • Edwards says:

        So you mean to say Lim Guan Eng is DAP CM not for people of Penang but for DAP members only lar?

        Why then publish the bulletin under the CM’s office bearer?

        Think before you talk la nazri, otherwise you make a fun of yourself. Malu la!

        • 马华心 says:


          • Goggle translate says:

            Penang people already angry, Penang people start not like “Malacca DAP”, why Chief Minister from Malacca, why not local DAP people in Penang appointed Chief Minister, DAP leaders heads now angry with Lim Kit Siang, next election must get out!

      • apek lim says:

        u dont know between Bulletin Mutiara and DAP bulletin kaa , tak malu punya DAP cybertroopers komtar hahaha

    • Sabri Che Lah says:

      PM Najib & TPM Muhyddin spent RM51.5 million public fund in their 138 times oversea trips within 4 years.
      Rakyat didahulukan?

      • Mac David says:

        Anwar Ibrahim amass 3Billion as TPM & Finance Minister, also about 4 years, when in BN. Already 13 years, nobody can do anything, against him. He got a lot of ‘cables’ he can get away, even with murder, you know.

        So you suggest PM & TPM, go overseas by tongkang, to save public money. They go there, looking for night life, like your Ketua Umum ?

        They go to woo investors, you fool.

        • Fareez says:

          So you suggest PM & TPM, go overseas by tongkang, to save public money – don’t insult my intelligence la please. Macam budak sekolah emo

      • JasOne says:

        Bagi tau pulak berapa Anwar belanja duit kerajaan Selangor. Gaji Penasihat RM1/sebulan tapi perbelanjaan berapa pulak?

  2. ray says:

    I think his quota is 2 photos per page = 56.

    Perhaps 5 photos had to be removed, coz they captured the sequence of a certain flying object that hit the target (dear leader’s forehead).

    • Brandon says:

      Below was the best the DAPsters could reply:-

      “4. Sally  |  Jun 25, 2012 at 5:15 pm

      Got your paycheck from BN yet? Belanja us, ok?

      5. Helen Ang  |  Jun 25, 2012 at 5:31 pm

      Didn’t they teach you how to count in school? There are 51 photos. That’s verifiable fact. Whatever I post can be counter-checked by any reader.
      But on what basis do DAPsters like you slur others?”

      Pity ms Sally. She would have wished she was the Rainbow.

    • Penang God. says:

      Aiyoh, you people why must bluff one. Where got 51 pictures of me. Only one mah… The rest 50 pictures only look like me, not me lah. You BN people always so trouble one. Photoshop my face. Pictures only on paper mah.., easily burnt, worst than metal, where can use as evidence. I’ll sue you, sue you, you know. I’ll get you, get you???

    • Kimma says:

      What to do, people are tired of photos of BN flers.

      • John says:

        Hello Kimma,
        I stay in Sri Damansara.
        For the past year I keep seeing the faces of these Pakatan fellas on some banner or other.
        Raya-lah, Selamat hadapi Peperiksaan-lah, Air-lah, Terima kasih sokong saya-lah, …
        When this was under BN, no stupid banner change every other month.
        If you want tired, it’s tired looking at these Pakatan faces all over the place.
        Ease off lah bro.
        There is such a thing as over-kill

  3. Mac David says:

    All these Pakatan (Conspire) people, trying to run down the majority elected gomen, out of the ballot box, are all the same, publicity crazy. In Selangor, the stuttered MB’s face is all over lamp post, street junction, banners & posters. Come GE13, it will be worst.
    Selangor Kini which is a state publication, is also paid for by taxpayers money. As usual, many picture; with mangsa kebakaran/banjir/orang tua/kurang upaya/dapat geran tanah/Jom shopping and all that crap. No need to ask who or which printing company got the contract to print. The rakyat, like us, of-course we can take as many copies that we want, since it is free. You can find it at any bookstalls selling normal newspaper. Initially they print them on thick, high quality white paper, which is very durable if use as a mat to sit, especially for picnic by the river or sea. After use, discard properly or recycle as ‘surat khabar lama’. Do not litter. Now, they already change to normal newspaper type, to reduce cost, maybe. I still keep many copies in my van, though. Come cempedak or jack fruit season, I could still use them to wrap those sticky latex, oozing out from its broken stems & skins. I might go back hometown, fetch cheap, and sell them by the roadside, where I live. RM3 per kilo. Isi tebal punya lo. Supermarket is around RM5~7 . Who knows, I might even give some to my neighbours, for free, both the cempedak & Selangor Kini.

    • Moo says:

      Mac David,
      you gotta understand who the editor of Selangorkini is. He used to work for Malaysian Reserve but could not hack it, then he got a job in Selangorkini. The deal was that his wife Debbie would also join as a senior writer. Hubby and wife outfit. that is the PKR culture. No need to grudge them. One big happy family type of politics. But if its other party doing that, it is nepotism.

      • Mac David says:

        Well, at least the Pakatan side is worst when it come to nepotism & cronyism. Infact, Ketua Umum PKR, was the first to use these phrases, in his effort to oust Mahadick, when he was in BN. I have no grudge against that either, so long as it does not shortchange the rakyat , excessively.

        • nasri says:

          Do you want to see more Ibrahim Katak photos?
          Then go buy Utusan!

          • Mac David says:

            I never miss buying Utusan, especially on Sunday. I have to wake-up early, to buy it. If not, I have to search for it, at all bookstore & mamak shop, near the place I live.
            Ibrahim Katak is not handsome. Why do I need to see his face?
            He use to be Anuwar’s best of friends, in the old days. In fact, they shared a cell together, under ISA, in Kemunting, Taiping for 2 years, I think. Their friendship so good that in1998, he dash to Dr.M’s official home, to plead on Anuwar’s behalf, against dismissal as Acting Prime Minister.
            If not for his short stubby body & ugly face, I bet, Anuwar would already hoodwink this bugger’s behind.

    • Ah Huat says:

      I follow Najib on Twitter and Facebook because I want to see what non-sense he is talking about. I never have intention to vote for him. Did you account for people who purposely follow on these UMNO politicians just to spy and stalk on them?

      • Mac David says:

        I don’t have Twitter or Facebook account. Never like these syiok sendiri, tell the whole world, every thing I do, how I look today, what I have achieve for myself or for the rakyat, show every Tom & Dick, what my wife & daughters looks like with all the make-ups, hairdos, eyelashes, fake dimple & mole, make & meet friends, old & new, here or everywhere and all that crap. With all that sex maniac/sodomite, out there, better be careful, who you make friends with.
        Never trust anybody I don’t really know.
        E-mail is just fine for me.

        To me, people who use this medium to gauge their popularity, are fools. Surely, the ‘kaki bodek’ like to use it, to polish the master, they serve.

      • JasOne says:

        Hello Ah Huat, this really show how stupid you are. Total Idiot. To spy and stalk a Prime Minister through Facebook and Twitter. Then your leaders is worst showing with photo evidence some more. I think the God Leader wife want a baby but your God Leader loss the ability maybe ken a Nasi Kangkang Rainbow la

  4. ED says:

    As the article says, either dear leader is gila publisiti, or the editor is one hell of a kaki bodek (ball bearer).. either one, it is kinda evident that this steps looks like a damage control move. Aiyah dear leader, keep some space for your sweethearts too can or not?

    • Well7 says:

      Please lah you people, leave my Chan Lillian alone. She is not kaki bodek. She just do her work as instructed by the master. Everything is instructed by the master. What DAp troopers do also instructed by the master. Only thing, she is quite jealous of Rainbow as this ” Penang God ” never stop camparing Rainbow with her. Everytime it rains in Penang, he will look out from his Komtar office for a “Rainbow” in the sky but only found black clouds. I ‘ll sue you if you write. I’ll get you, you know get you??

      • ED says:

        Sue means sue laa.. sue in Tamil means pissing wan.. kaki kencing la this sue fellow.. sikit sikit sue.. until now no sue.. see rainbow maybe got ‘sue’ la..

  5. seksi LGE says:

    i want to see LGE’s sexy butts…

    • Nitemare says:

      Cinamen ( and their nyonyas) where got butt (and tits) lah. U must be really desperate 🙂

    • Mac David says:

      You have same sexual alignment as that of Ketua Umum PKR?

      No offence, though, Just joking.

      • anon says:

        Just to share with cyber comrades and troopers alike

        Please be informed that there are jerks in men toilets standing by the urinal pretending to do business but in actual fact they are waiting for victims or other players.

        just standing there surveying/waiting

        you would notice, if you are aware.

        And they seem normal, not mak nyah type.

  6. kimaks says:

    simple! that auntie chan know how to bodek! she not even have any qualification to write! only from masak-masak blog then try to write about politics! after few writing in the bulletin already want to make a book of herself. not to worry, cm will jaga her. cm sumore buy macbook for her using the taxpayers money. her reason, her mac been rampas bcoz of stupid sedition status on twitter by police. isn’t that is her personal matters! why cm so sayang her! even propose herself to join press association in penang! hamsap! even chinese press know his jilat punggong cm! if not all press in the assocation everyday must put cm face. her claim every month at level 49 was even twice her basic salary. so easy job. just jilat-jilat then got a lot benefit from all the taxpayers. even her colleges in office know her bodek-virus. she is even nothing. what has she done to the people of penang? why cm so sayang her. but end of all this it is good for her. hentam2.

  7. Brandon says:

    What will the DAP komtar troopers say this time? Well, i am anticipating a flurry of recycled copy & paste malay names comments soon. That is their expertise.

    • kimaks says:

      surely they will silent bcoz they don’t like this ah-so do no where come from. not only Komtar DAP. DAP HQ also don’t like her. always want credit her name everywhere. hahaha

  8. boleh berfikir says:

    BN leaders all over TV1/TV2/Tv3………that one not publicity crazy ????

    nasib baik saya pandai berfikir dan tahu banding baik dengan buruk….

    • JasOne says:

      Mana Ada orang ambil gambar ziarah orang mati kemudian papar dalam buletin 5 daripada 6 gambar. Nak tunjuk pemimpin prihatin konon. Takut kena badi nanti. Letak gambar dia pulak depan kereta. Tak ke bala.

    • boleh berfikir lebih sikit tak? says:

      Publisiti berlebihan oleh Lim Guan Eng menunjukkan betapa hipokrit dan double standard nya kelakuan pihak DAP dan Pakatan. Mereka gah menonjolkan diri kononnya memperjuangkan kebebasan akhbar dan bersuara.

      Yang terbalik berlaku. Bukan sahaja mereka tidak memberi ruang kepada mana2 pihak yang menyuarakan pendapat berbeza, malah mereka menghalang sesetengah pemberita menghadiri sidang akhbar, menutup mulut ahli dan pemimpin mereka sendiri daripada mengkritik atau memberi pandangan berbeza.

      Dalam banyak kes, mereka menghukum dengan membuang pemimpin2 mereka sendiri terutama yang berbangsa melayu seperti Tunku Aziz, Hassan Ali dan Zulkifli Noordin.

      BN sendiri tidaklah sempurna dan mempunyai pemimpin2 yang bermasalah. Namun BN telah dan sedang berusaha untuk transform dan mendekati rakyat. Pemimpin bermasalah seperti Khir Toyo dihadap ke pengadilan, Sharizat Jalil diketepikan walaupun beliau tidak terlibat langsung, malah mantan Perdana Menteri Pak Lah pun dibersarakan kerana tidak cakap.

      Sebaliknya, pemimpin2 Pakatan pula yang gila publisiti, yang bermasalah peribadi disanjung, yang dahulu menjadi liabiliti dan sampah dalam BN sekarang dikutip, yang expired seperti Sheikh Kadir dan Jenderal kena pecat pun dipungut.

      Ramai sekali pemimpin2 Pakatan yang masih menjadi ahli parlimen dan ahli dewan undangan negeri telah keluar meninggalkan Pakatan berbanding tidak ada seorang pun dari BN yang melompat ke Pakatan. What does this tell us?

      Nampaknya anda belum dapat berfikir dengan lebih rasional dan terbuka pihak mana yang lebih kredibel dan tiada pihak yang sempurna.

      • Macha says:

        Best Yeo

      • think says:

        Actually hah, its the better the devil we know

        Think that Riskatan is very very much worse off.
        We have seen only the tip of iceberg these 4 years.
        Keep on pusing pusing but never serve us, but instead serve other development companies or individuals

        Also haven’t we seen gangster like behaviour, either on the street or during shop raid.

        That apart, there are so many not so apt behaviour ethically and morally, both in yellow and blue.

      • Mac David says:

        boleh berfikir lebih sikit tak?

        You have said it, perfectly correct, loud and clear.

        Tun Dr. M never gave his blessing for his picture being paste on billboards & posters, although some bodek minister do it for him. He don’t want people, portraying him as a cult figure, I guess.

    • Moo says:

      Boleh berfikir,
      You are not thinking. All politicians are publicity crazy. Don’t try to defend your Dear Leader by pointing to the other side. Two wrongs do not make a right. Just admit that your Dear leader is not what he claims to be. He is just as bad as the rest. Even his wife is trying to out dress the Datins in MCA.

  9. JasOne says:

    Where is Lord Jim la. Got fired already. Missed so much when cannot read this DAP Idiot cyber trooper writing.
    Democracy At Pussy (DAP) supporters please come out. Encho; encho; encho

    • Mac David says:

      Miss him too.
      Or already, change his name to someone else. Like that ‘backdoor’ chameleon, who can switch personality & character, according to the herd, he command & preach.

    • Edwards says:

      He is always on the move trolling all corners of this world. Corporate satay seller with close connection with OCBC Singapore maa.

      Currently on international flight from Holland to Nederlands.

      • ray says:

        Heh heh

        He’s off to recuperate lah, got overly excited!

        • JasOne says:

          Lost in currency trading last week la maybe. RM250,000 billionaire just enough to buy a Merc C Class only la. But he got fleet of Mercs here and oversea. He is on the run because Ah Long is chasing him. His boss Democracy At pussy decided not to pay him so where got money to pay Ah Long.
          Really missed this Idiot DAP cybertrooper la

          • Lord Jim says:


            Typical blind and spastic scUMNO/BN running monkeys!

            Haven’t you seen me elsewhere on this site?!

            Lazy, half-awake wonders – keep it up I shall rank you among the two famous sleeping PMs!

  10. Well7 says:

    Their troopers are all having a meeting in Bangkok with their big boss. Why in Bangkok?Always Bangkok?? Favourite place. Ask NIk Najis. Kapal Sink also knows why.

    • Macha says:

      Bang Cock?

      • anon xy says:

        Bang cock bengkok?

        • Mac David says:

          When I was young and single, very shiok one, you know, go diving, mabuk2 in Siam border, Betong. 3,4 hari talak balik rumah. Emak tanya, cakap pi tidoq rumah kawan, Alor Setar. Dulu, talak HP ma, senang mau tipu. Kalau olang tau, laki-laki p Siam, manyak malu lo. Sana, talak olang agama mau tangkap, ma. Olang macam itu Anugerah Tuhan, ha, depan ka, Belakang ka, semua bole, lo.
          Sikalang, sikit susah la, pasai HIV manyak. Itu pasai, khalwat manyak, rogol sana, rogol sini. Wang pun, tak payah bayar, ma. Sikalang ha, budak pompuan pun manyak gatai punya lo. Tak macam dulu, tudung pun talak pakai, tapi talak sangat gatai.


  11. Kimma says:

    BN and MCA policies are generally reactive in nature. They only give you a little bit and expect you to vote for them. After that, they will tighten the control until next election. Then in next election, they will give you little bit more just enough for them to win another 5 years. There is no end to the education mess in our country. All for political reasons and continue to be so until we change the govt and chart a new route without political influences.

    • Edwards says:

      “they only give you a little bit”

      Dei, if you want more, like a bungalow house, a mercedes s-class or an original manchester united jersey, work hard and smart la.

      Then, that little bit that BN gives you, you can pass it the poor and needy la. I am sure you are not poor la, thats why you have computer, ipad, astro, internet at home so you can baca Stopthelies and post comment here, and no need to work at this hour 11.50am. Or you ponteng kerja ka?

    • Mac David says:

      What Edwards said is true.
      If you are lazy, join Politics to become rich. All you need is sweet talking (very good at that), bodek a bit, here, there, everywhere lah.. When reach the top, bring all your families & cronies in, built an empire. Many cables already, hire gangster to protect you, your families & cronies. Idealist, like Teoh Beng Hock, also you can kawtim, then blame gomen. No problem.

      GE13 coming. Everybody seems generous. My son got 7As. Last Monday, PAS gave him RM1500. Last month, an UMNO Adun, also gave him RM100. Damn this BN. PAS bole bagi manyak, BN talak bole ka?

      About that education mess, I will try suggest to, Pak Din, Education Minister, to re-establish English Medium Schools, such that exist in the 70′s. Or they can set-up SRJK(E), as another option. In the early 80′s, vernacular schools, almost ‘close shop’ due to lack of students. Many Chinese & Indian parents choose to send their children to English schools.

      English language, very important you know. That is why, politician & rich people, send their children to International schools.

      1981, after Tun Dr.M brought Anuwar Ibrahim (The 1st. President of ABIM – Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia) into gomen, racial integration started to fall apart, especially when he was appointed Education Minister. He started to mess politics & religion with education. He is the main culprit who started the Islamisation of schools, just to win over the hearts of Malay/PIS supporters. That’s when demands for vernacular school began to increase, until now.

      I do not blame Dr.M, though. Anybody could be fooled, by the pious image, this beast portrays, in public. I guess Tun Dr.M will never forgave himself for bringing this dirty politician into BN.

  12. Janji Ditepati says:

    Toxic legacy in Malaysia rare-earths village

    BUKIT MERAH, Malaysia: Thirty years have passed since Japan’s Mitsubishi Chemicals opened a rare-earths refinery in the Malaysian village of Bukit Merah, but although the plant is gone, its toxic legacy persists.

    The facility was embraced by authorities as an advanced foreign investment that would help create jobs in poor Perak state in the country’s north.

    But a rise in leukaemia and other health problems has left the site, now abandoned, as a silent warning to Malaysia as it touts a controversial new foreign rare-earths plant being built in the country’s east by Australia’s Lynas Corp.

    “Look at my hands. The skin is peeling,” said a 68-year-old local resident who gave only his surname, Ng.

    “When I go to a local bar, the women just take off, afraid that if I touch them they will be infected,” he said angrily of a mystery skin disorder he has endured for years.

    Ng, who ran a hauling business, was awarded a contract to dispose of radioactive waste from the then-new facility in 1982. The plant’s Japanese operators told him it could be used as fertiliser.

    But the waste that he casually hauled away and disposed of in fields and rivers around Bukit Merah, home to 15,000 people, contained thorium, a carcinogenic radioactive chemical.

    Lynas is putting the finishing touches on its US$800 million rare-earths processing facility in Pahang state, a project billed by the government as an economic boost for the relatively undeveloped east coast.

    Analysts say the plant, which will refine rare-earth ore brought from a Lynas mine in Australia, could help break China’s stranglehold on the mineral elements, which are used in high-tech gadgets ranging from iPods to missiles.

    China’s control of about 95 per cent of world supply has raised concerns.

    But Lynas has been dogged by protests by environmentalists and residents who fear a repeat of Bukit Merah, and the anti-Lynas sentiment has galvanised a nascent “green” movement in Malaysia.

    Lynas vows the facility will be safe, but opponents say the risks are clear at Bukit Merah, a once-idyllic farming community that today is marked by dilapidated brown wooden houses and a falling population.

    Residents and activists say the village and surrounding areas have seen increased rates of leukaemia, birth defects, infant deaths, congenital diseases, miscarriages and lead poisoning in the years following the plant’s opening.

    “Mitsubishi’s rare-earth refinery is Malaysia’s worst industrial tragedy,” said T. Jayabalan, a public health consultant who lived in Bukit Merah in the late 1980s, fighting for the plant’s closure and documenting leukaemia cases.

    Jayabalan said he had documented at least 11 deaths due to blood poisoning, brain tumours and leukaemia.

    When the plant opened, villagers immediately complained of a stinging smoke and foul odour. Local ignorance meant that waste disposal was carried out with shocking recklessness.

    “At one time, we dug a pit near a river in Bukit Merah and buried the waste,” said Ng.

    “Occasionally, lumps of wet thorium sludge would fall off the lorry and school children would walk pass it.”

    Mitsubishi Chemicals closed the plant in 1994 after a mounting public outcry, but the government has neither admitted nor denied radiation poisoning in the village.

    The only payout by the company was a 500,000-ringgit (US$158,000) lump sum to the local community to aid victims in 1994.

    A tacit understanding was reached under which Mitsubishi Chemicals would shut the facility in exchange for a moratorium on lawsuits.

    The plant has since been dismantled, cows grazing on grass where it once stood, surrounded by a crumbling concrete wall.

    Radioactive waste that was previously kept in rusting metal drums has been removed and buried in an isolated limestone hills nearby. But environmentalists say the dump site remains a health threat.

    Bukit Merah spotlights the conundrum surrounding rare-earths processing — consumers clamour for the products that contain them but there are major concerns over the environmental impact of processing the minerals.

    Opponents of the Lynas plant have seized upon such fears to challenge the new facility.

    It was due to open late in 2011 but has been delayed in part by government hesitation in granting an operating licence to start production following protests by thousands.

    A licence was awarded in February but the government froze that pending a review by a parliamentary panel.

    The panel, dominated by Malaysia’s ruling party, ruled on June 19 that the plant was safe. It was not immediately clear when the licence would be issued.

    “We should not repeat the mistakes made at Bukit Merah. There is no such thing as a safe threshold for radiation which is cancer-causing,” Jayabalan said.

    S. Panchavarnam, 56, remembers vividly the pungent, choking smell she endured working at a timber mill adjacent to the plant in 1987. Pregnant at the time, she frequently fell ill.

    “The Mitsubishi factory has caused a lot of pain. We are suffering in silence,” she said.

    Malaysia’s frequent heavy rains caused carelessly dumped waste from the refinery to flow into the timber yard. She cleaned it up with no protective gear and soon suffered swelling in her legs and hands.

    Panchavarnam said her daughter Kasturi, now 24, has been plagued by health problems since birth, dropping out of college at 19 as a result.

    Kasturi was born with just one kidney, has short neck and a pair of low set eyes and continues to undergo treatment for persistent headaches.

    Panchavarnam said Kasturi suffers from frequent dizzy and fainting spells.

    “The rare earths factory has brought pain to our lives. When she comes home from work, she will just sit in the corner of the room quietly,” said Panchavarnam.

    • Mac David says:

      How can you expect us to believe this shit when there is no source, where you got this article from. What kind of a fool, are you?
      I rather read what RPK write, then look at yours.

    • ray says:

      Aiya, Janji Ditepati (copycat from Najib)

      Who in the world is Ng, T. Jayabalan, S. Panchavarnam, Kasturi? For your enlightenment, read this:

      KUANTAN, May 9 (Bernama) — Foreign rare earth experts have described the Lynas Advanced Material Plant in Gebeng, Kuantan, as one of the top state-of-the-art rare earth plants in the world.

      Alastair S Neill, a leading rare earth expert from Canada, who is also Executive Vice-President of Dacha Strategic Metals, said he was impressed with Lynas Corporation”s production facility which was of world class standard.

      “I”ve seen a lot of rare earth separation plants and I would put this at the top of the list comparable with one state-of-the-art plant that I have seen in France,” he told Bernama during a visit to the plant in Gebeng, Kuantan, on Tuesday.

      The visit was in conjunction with the recent International Rare Earth Symposium, organised by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM), where Neill was a guest speaker.

      Other experts in the team included Professor Chun-Hua Yan from Peking University, Christoph Wilhelm from the Karlsruhr Institute of Technology in Germany and Jack Lifton, co-founder of Technology Metals Research LLC from the United States.

      Lifton said Malaysia would be the second largest producer of rare earth in the world after China, once the plant was in operation.

      “This is a perfect example of the state-of-the-art, probably more smarter plant of its type in the world. I do not believe there is a radiation problem, not at all. What I was looking for was safety in handling large volumes of liquids,” he added.

      Lifton, a consultant and lecturer on market fundamentals of technology metals, said the plant could draw more business, with companies locating here to use its products and in turn multiplying the impact on the local economy.

      Meanwhile, Chun said the facility and layout of the plant was well constructed due to good investment.

      He said while China could have the best rare earth technology in the world, the industry, technology and sciences should be developed by all.

      Wilhelm, on the other hand, said the plant looked safe as everything had been taken into account including its waste residual management.

      ASM Vice-President Datuk Ir Ahmad Zaidee Laidin said it was clear from the foreign experts viewpoint that the plant was almost of the latest technology available in rare earth extraction.

      The team earlier had an open discussion with the management of Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd on the challenges, thus far.

      — BERNAMA

      • Mac David says:

        Dear ‘Janji Ditepati’.

        Yeah, like this, got link to credible source, then can read & percaya one.

        • Mac David says:


          Dear “ray”.
          Yeah, I like & trust your comment. Come with link to credible source, some more. Then only can read & percaya one.

          Not like that “Janji Ditepati”, make-up sad stories to smear other people’s pot of rice with sand.

      • Lord Jim says:

        You can always trust the scUMNO/BN monkeys to do the right thing –

        they always quote the Banana News Agency!

        It is better than the bunch huddling together and saying their intellectual:

        Ugh ugh!

        Better than their vandalising the neighbourhood like Mat Armpits!

        And scratching under there too!

        That why site is called stopthelice –

        they are nestling in the Mats’ armpits!

        Very itchy yaaah!

        Ugh ugh!

    • JasOne says:

      Hahaha this is the type of person Pakatan is protecting. Ng said that the operators told him that the waste can be use as fertilizers but he just hauled up and throw into rivers and pit. See the lies he told us. If it can be use as fertilizers then why not put at palm oil plantation. Since Ng has admitted to the crime he committed 30 years ago by dumping the toxic waste everywhere. Then the authority should charge him now. He is a contractor to handle the waste product but decided to make fast profit by dumping it everywhere.
      Ng, you and Pakatan leaders who protect you can go toHELL.

  13. shahril says:

    Janji Ditepati,

    You better make fiction novel lah deiii….that’s why in blogs, they put ‘comment’…

  14. lord jizz says:

    hahaha, somebody should make a blog similar to this one using every LGE pictures: http://kimjongillookingatthings.tumblr.com/


  15. blueble says:

    Lolz, soon he might ask the people of Penang to stick a protrait of him at every single building and be worshipped like Kim Jong Un.

  16. apek lim says:

    it not for rakyat actually , its only for LGE family bulletin , that why laa

  17. Michael from Penang says:

    Dear Editor,

    I am a new reader from Penang. Can you please just write the story as it is? Writing paragraphs that goes like this doesn’t do your website any justice unless you are pro BN website which you claim you are not – jut being pro rakyat.


    “Anyway, just go to Helen’s blog and look . If we have to list all the photos we won’t have time to watch football. Besides, if it is not his photo, then it is Betty Chew who has spruced up her aunty looks ever since catching hubby having a fling with his special officer. Good move Betty. You should buy a leash for your hubby.”

    Just get it straight to the point. He overdid it on the Buletin Mutiara – and that is true. Can we avoid the petty references to the wife and allegations of whatever alleged fling – unless you have solid proof in black and white – till then, it is just another Cinderella story to me.

    Please clean your article and stick to the news at hand. Insinuating affairs does not make your news – news. It makes it cheap and I am sick of the tirade from both sides – whether BN or the DAP. I just want real news. Last but not least, it does not do justice to your website which claims that you are impartial to any political party.

  18. 50 years of lie and still counting says:

    Woow, this web site is the biggest lie in Penang history

    • Mac David says:

      Please tell us what we have lied to you or anybody. We do not frame anybody by fabricating evidence, like what Tian Chua did.
      If you cannot highlight the lies we wrote, how can we tell you the truth.
      Please elaborate.

  19. Mac David says:

    Please tell us what we have lied to you or anybody. We do not frame anybody by fabricating evidence, like what Tian Chua did.
    If you cannot highlight the lies we wrote, how can we tell you the truth.

  20. Cornelius says:

    Thanks in favor of sharing such a fastidious opinion, piece of writing is pleasant, thats why i have read it fully

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