Merdeka Centre – Think Tank or Spin Tank?

Merdeka Centre is another vehicle that Pakatan Rakyat is riding on to get to Putrajaya. Some call it a think tank but we prefer to call it a spin tank because that is what Merdeka Centre is doing for its PR master and client. Surveys and polls done by the so-called think tank are aimed at twisting people’s mind and opinion about Umno, BN and Najib. Their chief target is Najib because he is the big factor standing in the way of PR winning big in PRU13.

Every now and then, the spin tank releases its polls – Najib popularity down, Najib rating up, Najib down, Najib up. Like playing computer games, you know. They are trying to psycho Malaysians into believing that their survey is real and professional. Then when election is announced, wham! A new “survey” will be released to say that Najib popularity down, going to lose, kaput. All a mind game to control the views and thinking of voters out there, to create an impression that PR is on the way to power.

Merdeka Centre’s chief client is the PR government in Penang and Selangor. The spin tank conducts periodic polls for Lim Guan Eng and Khalid Ibrahim for big bucks. It monitors public opinion about the two state governments and the leaders in the states. Yet have you ever wondered why they don’t release information about the two states and their MB and CM?

How about showing us some opinion poll on PM to be Anwar Ibrahim? Why no poll on Anwar after sex video incident? After every Bersih protest there will be a poll on Najib up, Najib down. We would love to know what Malaysians think of Anwar Ibrahim after Bersih 3. Of Nizar Jamaluddin, after www1 incident. Of what Penangites thinks of Lim Guan Eng after the death of the hills. Of Ambiga, after the street violence. So unprofessional and biased!

Well, let us tell you why. One of the client instructions to the spin tank is to twist and distort the image of Najib and Umno. They have done that very well in the last three years. They also have lots of information about Lim Guan Eng and Khalid Ibrahim. Unfortunately, the polls on these two leaders have been showing negative results – down, down, down. The popularity rating for them was at an all time high after March 2008 but it has been slipping about one fiasco and scandal after another. That is why they cannot release info about their clients. If it is a really professional think tank, it should release information of leaders whether PR or BN. Why target only Najib?

The spin director of the spin tank is Ibrahim Suffian who has just returned from America where he was given a grant by the US government (read CIA) to do a course and give talks to American officials. He is the man who Umno blames for wrongly advising Sleepy Abdullah to call for early elections in 2008. Mr. Sleepy had commissioned Merdeka Centre to do a survey and based on the survey results, Mr. Sleepy decided to call for election even though he still had a full year to go. Let’s just say Mr. Sleepy sleepwalked into the trap.
After that, the BN did not want to have anything to do with Merdeka Centre. Since then, Ibrahim Suffian has become more than just a spin doctor for PR. He has become an adviser to the PR and he had a big say on some of the candidates in the string of by elections after 2008. That is how big a political player the spin doctor has become in PR. We hear he is the one advising them not to hold the state elections if Najib called for PRU13.

In America, every political party has their own think tank. Merdeka Centre is PR’s spin tank. Well done Merdeka Centre! You have served your masters very well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great video & song for all to enjoy:

    • Melodi Panas says:

      Adding to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s growing list of headaches is a New York Post report today which claims that his prospective son-in-law is a conman.

      The daily cited court documents which claimed that Daniyar Nazarbayev, who is engaged to Najib’s daugther Nooryana Najwa, “swindled his gloriously connected Kazakh stepfather out of a US$20 million Plaza condo and also conned his way into Columbia University.”

      The court papers also stated that Daniyar – whose stepdad is the brother of Kazak President Nursultan Nazarbayev – obtained a place in the college using “fraudulent and fabricated” paperwork from a high school which he did not attend.

      “When applying, Daniyar allegedly claimed he had graduated from a high school in Kazakhstan. He actually went to high school in Switzerland — and never graduated, sources said,” wrote the Post.

      Daniyar, now 24, graduated from Columbia in 2010.

      The Post reported that a knowledgeable source claimed that the allegations were reported to Columbia but it was unclear whether school officials had taken action.

      “Daniyar’s name is still in the school’s alumni directory,” it stated, adding that a Columbia spokesman refused to comment on the matter.

      ‘Mother wanted for kidnaping, extortion’

      Meanwhile, the Post report also stated that court documents claimed that Daniyar’s influential last name was not real.

      “His actual surname is Kesikbayev. His mother, Maira, allegedly had his birth certificate changed after she married Bolat Nazarbayev in 2001. The marriage was annulled last year,” the report read.

      The allegations were part of Bolat’s suit against Maira and her son in the Manhattan Supreme Court.

      Bolat had accused them of taking advantage of his trust to allegedly swindle the Plaza condominium as well as two other multimillion dollar apartments on Wall Street.

      Bolat claimed that he discovered that Maira had several aliases and was wanted by the Interpol and Kazakh authorities for crimes such as kidnapping and extortion.

      While Moira could not be reached for comment, the Post said that Daniyar, meanwhile, was missing.

      “In court filings, Bolat’s lawyers said they searched for him in five countries – including Malaysia, where he’s reportedly engaged to the prime minister’s daughter whom a source said he met at Columbia.

      “Bolat had been looking to buy a New York apartment in 2008, and Maira and Daniyar got him to give them power of attorney so they could close the deal without him present.

      “The suit says Daniyar was supposed to put the apartment in his stepdad’s name but added his mom’s. About eight months later, she sold it to Daniyar for $1, court papers say,” stated the report.

      • Birkhin says:

        No worries, BIG FAT Roastmeat will ask Jibby to give you a hideout in Malaysia. No one including Interpol will ever find you. Immigration records can be erased mah! We are experts for it, no one will ever to locate you there after. By the way, USD20 million is chicken feet to BIG FAT MAMA, service and satisfy her daughter with all your mights and power she can pay it with her collections. The famous “now you see it now you don’t” diamond ring is worth more than your case. No sweat for her. Maybe take care of her too, Jibby is too tired with the French guys now.

    • Irsyad says:

      Merdeka Centre – Think Tank or Spin Tank?

      More likely it is Septic Tank

  2. Anak Sarawak says:

    The troubles started with and by BN. Anwar was prosecuted based on what many are now “convinced” were falsified evidences, otherwise mere concoccted allegations. The prosecution of Anwar in sodomy I and sodomy II are now known as the height of hypocrisy of the federal government. Any complaint and or allegation made against BN leaders are easily disposed off by their swearing before the Holy Koran. Anything of Anwar and or opposition’s leaders, howsoever minute, allegations of any wrongdoing would be detailly prosecuted or put to public scrutiny. And the worst was the conviction of the two police men over the murder of Altantuya who had no motive at all, and the setting free of Razak Baginda despite his affidavit admitting to past sexual relationship and her demand for more money from the commission earned from the purchase by Ministry of Defence of the 2 submarines from France and for her role in the said purchase by her having participated as a translator. Many see the whole trial as a “cover-up” and meant to put the episode behnd the scene. It however has left any question unasnwered. And beside the many big-time losses incurred by a number of government institutions and bodies and GLCs without any head been rolled or rank demoted for them as the government is only covering up one mistake and disastor in using nation resources after another, and which whereby our economy suffers, the government even under Najib as new PM did not change. And worst recently BRIM 500. 00 was made merely to shore up public confidence in the government before GE13. Now Najib is considering another BRIM as GE13 is looming closer. This using of public money to shore confidence in the government and in the Barisan Nasional as the GE13 is looming closer is very bad practice albeit the majority of poor people are in need of money. Not only it is an abuse of power the whole spirit of it is wrong because peoples are told that the money is from the Barisan Nasional government. In other word BN is campaigning for GE13 using public money beside their free use of RTM TV and the mass media, onesidedly at that.

    The Barisan Government is telling the nation that unless it is BN in PUTRAJAYA this country will go under. BN is also saying all over the place, using the means at government disposal, including the ketua masyarakat, rela, kemas, and even civil service that this country belongs to BN led by UMNO, and warning all others to keep away. Yet all these while they are saying that Malaysia is a democratic country. Why, if only BN can rule this country, should election be held at all? And Is it not a pure waste of time and money if election means people must vote for BN only? It should not. Election time is when the people are free to choose their leaders. With the playing field must be of same level for all parties willing to particpate in it. And it is not enough to say that Election Commission is free to conduct the election because it is not seen as being free in the face of all the obstacles set up against opposition parties, and all the favourable circumstances put by the government to benefit the party in power. The general perception is that it is not!

    Having said as above it is pretty obvious the DPM’s comment of adverse perception by the people against the government and it leaders, while he acknowledges it, he should know the reason why it has come to this, won’t he?.

    Why is it so difficult for the leaders to accept it that they are there by the people and for the people and for a time. And when it is time to go they should just go in peace as they first came. BN not ruling Malaysia should/is not be the end of a nation. No it is only a new era. There is always another day, tomorrow, anyway for BN should it looses the GE13. Thus I cannot appreciate the statement by DPM that is as if without him as DPM in a BN Government ruling Malaysia a calamity will befall this country. No, it is/will most certainly not. It is only a passage in time. Some other new parties taking over the rein of government will have their day, and to prove their worth. They too will be decided by the people. If not favourabe by the next day of recokoning they will pass on, as yet another passage in time.

    Lastly the greatest calamity for Malaysia is the wrong perception by BN/UMNO leaders which is one that seems to suggest that they are there by design from Heaven, that they are pre-destined to rule because UMNO brought Indeendence to Malaya in 1957. And if it persists. Come on, be renewed in yourmind’s make-up. Moreoever this is Malaysia, with Sarawak and Sabah, after their independence, had joined Malaya to form Malaysia. Such thinking must change. As mere motal like you and me they shoud return to earth and stop dreaming. Especially stop dreaming that because of the BRIM (I) and next BRIM (2) the people must vote for BN/UMNO. And come down to earth and it could be realized the huge inflation such a hand-out with political undertone will unleash unto the society which thereby will negative all its intended impact. Without anymore BRIM before GE13 this country will remain beautiful, and will prosper better.

    • Edwards says:

      anak sarawak,

      Did you write this garbage spin-a-divert shit? Let me have the link to your blog, i like to trash your bluff.

      Or is it just copy & paste is all you could muster? Wow, teach us how to do it, we need to learn your skill to copy, paste & shit all at the same time. It is sheer brilliant sarawak kid, Steve Job would have been very proud of you.

      • anak sabah says:

        Edwards, no need lah to wallop anak sarawak. If he copypaste from another writer, the writing is low standard lah, full of mere accusations and hearsay, without facts and evidences to back up those allegations. And his political observation is somewhat syok sendiri and banyak imagination.

        If it is his own writing, hmmm just too much grammer mistakes and round the bush kind of essay. It reflects his level of thinking lah, maybe he is a PHD graduate in English Literature from Penang Chinese Vernicular School and a classmate of Yap Setan that Dong Zong fella.

        • BFF says:

          It’s the DAP cyber zombies at work. They are well paid and devoted to the master’s voice …. like Merdeka Centre. But I wish they would be more original. They way they go on, it is like watching Astro, too many reruns. Yawn!

          • anon says:

            Just to add, BFF

            maybe these troopers get rewarded by the number of sentences produced.

            So maybe its the length that matters, not content

          • Grompie says:

            The volume, response time and length of the responses only gets high when you touch on Lim Guan Eng, DAP, Merdeka Centre or Malaysiakini.

            Try talking about PAS or Hindraf and you would see only one or two comments from these chauvinistic chinese cybertroopers

        • wahabee says:

          Najib is so desperate that he has to dig deeper into the government’s coffers to come up with the extra cash incentive. Since, his spouse can sfford to part with $73 for just a ring, he must be opulent enough to double the cash handouts from this wallet. After all, if he were to lose GE13, ot only he had to abscond to other countries but his cronies and their families. Mamakleen, better watch out-your past is catching up with you!!!!

          • Servant of God says:

            Oh, how I wish you aren’t this dumb. How I wish you could give compelling arguments, provide irrefutable proof and damning evidence.

            But all I get from you is stupidity and copy and paste, just like I got from your DAPig cybertrooper friends.

        • PK says:

          Ha ha.
          Now Dong Zong has cornered Wee ka Siong on the issue of 1995 secret pact between MCA and Umno!

          Well Done, Dong Zong!

          • Dave says:

            DUMB Zong, is just PR puppets. Hey PK numb nuts MCA and UMNO have been together since 1957.

      • Danny says:

        Dear Edwards,

        Can you please explain what did Anak Sarawak say that pissed you off? I just came in to this forum, and saw this posting.. Would like you to refute what anak sarawak said. From my view he just stating his view be it copy and paste from somewhere I am not sure.

        But i believe a proper response to his views in a more civil and fact based is useful. This coming election will be my first time voting and I am still unsure BN or PR. Anak Sarawak seems to be a PR supporter and he did give valid statements. It seems logical and fact based. Your reply to him does not, I wish you could elaborate further on his views so that it won’t give me a skewed perception towards BN.

    • Anonymas says:

      Heh, you stumbled on your second sentence.

      “Anwar was prosecuted based on what many are now “convinced” were falsified evidences, otherwise mere concoccted allegations.”

      You know who was the guy who presented the allegations in the first place?


      You know who found, kept and knew about the ‘falsified evidence’


      And now he is the knight in shining wheelchair for Anwar. Oh how things can turn 180!

    • Aidil Yunus says:

      Brother many are fully aware of what devil BN is but many are surprised what devil PR is also actually after 2008. I think I will opt for the first devil and be very critical with them then giving another chance to the second devil that perhaps is going to destroy this country better…

      • anoin says:

        Isn’t there as saying, its better the devil you know

      • Qabilah says:

        Have you been receiving spam emails lately related to the plight of Indian Malaysians and the lack of attention from Pakatan Rakyat (PR)? How about Malaysia’s rise in the world competitive index by Swiss global business school IMD?

        These emails appear to be from Barisan Nasional (BN) supporters who have been increasing their online activity in a battle with PR for voters’ hearts and minds.

        Most of the spam emails touch on the Indian community, featuring titles such as “Malaysian Indian Welfare Association holds protest against Selangor government” and “Betrayal and opportunism: the tales of the 3 newest Indian champions”.

      • tebing tinggi says:

        Perpatah Melayu”keluar mulut harimau ,masok mulut buaya”,for me mulut harimau could be batter becouse harimau take time to eat ,while buaya they will twist and turn while eating with no second thought.

    • Well 7 says:

      This article by Anak Sarawak had been cut and paste for so many times, it only shows he has no brain of his own to give ideas and criticisms. Same old trick using different names.

    • Dave says:

      I posted on a different topic, but DSAI was never tried for Sodomy 1, he was convicted for Abuse of Power and coruption.

      • ray says:


        The Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trials are a source of considerable political controversy in Malaysia. The first trial was held in 1998, and resulted in former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim being convicted, and given a nine-year prison sentence. This verdict was overturned in 2004, resulting in Anwar’s release from prison.

        • Dave says:

          Yes Ray, I remember them as I have been here since 94′ Check what he was tried for, the real things not the media trail.

    • Mac David says:

      What a boring junk to read. Waste time only. Better wait for the outcome of that trial which your ‘father of corruption’ Anwar sues Dato Nalla for telling the truth. This is his ex-tennis partner, from 1990.

  3. kiasu says:

    Merdeka Tak Centre’s popularity suryeys on Anwar Ibrahim were carried out quietly.

    1. Before Saiful Sodomy 1% after the sodomy 100%

    2. Before 16 September 2% after 16 September 100%

    3. Before ChinaDoll 3% after China Doll 100%

    4. Before Thai Video 4% after the video 100%

    5. Before rm3000 billion 5% after the billion 100%

    6. Before Selangor Economic Advisor 6% after all the advices 100%

    The suryeys were carried out independently by Merdeka Tak Centre from samples of 1000 people who attended Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0 demos, Bar Council meetings and during PKR national conferences.

    So, whoever said Merdeka Tak Centre is biased and otak tak senter is a dubious claim. The results above clearly show that Anwar Ibrahim’s yoyo rating is 100% popular after every achievements, and even before he achieve something ‘good for him’ the rating keep increasing. These surveys were not publish coz Anwar seorang yang merendah diri dan tidak suka bermegah dengan setiap pencapaian di atas.

    Based on a suryey on 1000 kindergarten students and using Justin Beiber’s name on behalf of Anwar Ibrahim, Merdeka Tak Centre wishes to announce that ‘After’ Parliament is dissolved for GE13, ‘Justin Beiber’ remains 100% popular.

  4. ray says:

    What they do “professionally” is actually managing perception. They also depend highly on herd mentality. The identity of those surveyed are never disclosed.

    With this modus operandi, they can tweak the responses to “prove” a certain conclusion, which favours someone or some agencies. Or they may just select “favourable” ones and discard those with unfavourable responses.

    There is no way anyone can challenge their “professional” findings if the identities of participants remain confidential.

    I for one, was never approached to participate in any survey. Have you?

    • Anonymas says:

      Yep, biased and selective sampling. Unlike the Census. Not even random stratified sampling to ensure all people from all representative communities are sampled.

      seriously. Merdeka Center = noobs

  5. Anonymas says:

    What, it’s a popularity contest now? Rating, popularity blah blah blah…has zero meaning (heh, just like Anugerah Bintang Popular). As far as I am concerned, I am content with the economic stability and overall peace (read: no demonstrations or outrage) just like most Malaysians who aren’t in Anwar Ibrahim Fan Club. It’s the quality of the leadership, not the showmanship. BN does walk the walk, while PR only talks the talk.

    And if Merdeka Center conducts a survey on DSAI among PAS members, or survey on Hadi Awang among DAP members….well, you can see the state of current things.

    • dugo says:

      ….a survey on Hadi Awang among DAP members!!!!!Lim Kit Siang among UMNO members!!!!Assmin Ali among family members!!!

      Merdeka Centre, ada berani ka?

    • Ferhad says:

      OVERDOSE of rhetorical mumbo-jumbo on etp, ptp, pwd, abc alphabet soup word-play, which makes no difference to the ordinary Rakyat but only benefits the top-layers of dumbno fiefdom; MUCH too little of commitment due to warlords and AG holding your soiled-jewels to ransom as & when they wish and lastly, TOO late for us to even consider the most remote of considerations for BN. Seriously dear sir, we have siblings too and at half a century, we know the ACTUAL history of Malaya/Malaysia and will share it by any means other than the pathetic system the BN govt has propagated. Parting note; am sure you realize that cancer, once ingrained in the system is generally incurable unless the good almighty extends a miracle. Our alphabet soup of remedy is only 2 letters. Fix the anomalies in EC. This is the miracle all Malaysians are praying for & we recognise this Angel. Unfortunately, you don’t.

      • anon says:

        Dear Ferhad
        Genuine efforts have been made to enhance the EC notwithstanding.

        One would wonder why selangor and penang were conceded should the elections were rigged

        A lot are at stake as both the states have plentiful resources

        One would also think that Bersih and all that jazz are just a creative ploy to create issue.

        Now lets talk about PKR’s internal election…..

  6. Well 7 says:

    Like I said earlier, whether you’re Mental Centre, Bar Centre, Prostitute Centre, Gay Centre, Otak Tak Centre, From-Behind Centre..etc etc. all need funds to function and therefore have a price tag. When foreign funds started to come in to “invest” in our political election, then you can clearly see the true colours of these centres. To say that you can believe in what they say at these moment, is to say that you have no brain of your own to think. Why must certain politician and certain heads of NGOs go around oversea to gather support and condemn Malaysia??? These foreign funds are not free, they have their interest but certain Malaysian will sell their motherland for money as they can then deposit them overseas and enjoy life. So to all those centres and certain NGOs, claiming they are neutral, very fair, for democracy.., they are all bullshit. Their members didn’t know what these heads of these organisations are collecting behind them and because usually only the few heads will be talking on behalf of these organisations, their members just blindly kept quiet and followed. I , as a human being, also has a price tag, but I won’t stoop so low to condemn Malaysia as I was born and bred here and I am going to die and be buried here in Malaysia.

    • anon says:

      Sakit hati, when they use the sacred word like merdeka(centre), malaysia(kini), bersih(tapi semua habuk), keadilan(untuk siapa?), selamatkan(itu ini) and other fanciful name just to put a wool over eyes.

      You know like using nice names to disguise their true intention.
      Indah khabar dari rupa
      Nama Sandy True Blue, tapi sebenarnya lelaki menyamar pakai skirt

      Also particularly when so many net sites aligned to them use the beloved Malaysia name(yet they hantam hantam the country)
      Don’t we have a patent or something
      maybe can ask the bar council
      susahlah if everybody name their product as Malaysia soap, Malaysia battery, Malaysia jelly, Malaysia chicken. Malaysia shoe…….

      Sebab itulah rakyat janganlah terpedaya dengan ayat ayat rhetoric dan pakaian cantik mereka

  7. nonymous says:

    Who funded this think tank anyway?If this site manages to find out the client’s instructions I’m sure they should put this out here as well.

  8. IT Sheiss says:

    Why not get a professional polling company such as ACNeilsen or TNS to do a poll instead of this dot org?

  9. Joe says:

    The way you write your article speaks volumes on your maturity and IQ. If you want to make an article is trying to disprove a certain faction, use hard facts not slander or accusations. Who do you think we are? Form 3 kids?

  10. rashid says:

    Does BN have a monopoly on peace, stability, harmony and prosperity? We have tried BN for 5 decades so we know exactly what to expect. The usual rent-seeking crony capitalism, the pitting of races against each other, a long string of scandals and corrupt practises, the use of thugs including police to intimidate opposition and of course, the poor dismal management of the nation’s finances resulting in losses of billions. I think we should give PR a chance at least. They are not doing so badly in Penang or Selangor. We need a change so that the judiciary can be independant again and the nation to clean up its image in the eyes of the world. Perhaps also put some ex-leaders on trial for their wrongdoings.

    • Ahmad Yatim says:

      Halo apek Rashid, either you don’t understand the topic of this subtitle or you are half past six DAP new recruit cybertrooper.

      Pakatan supporters are losing faith of PR due to garbages feed by the likes of Malaysiakini, Merdeka Centre, FMT….

      You know apek, overcooking is backfiring…so learn to swim fast

      Orang dah semakin fed-up dengan pakatan hipokrit ini

    • Ghani says:

      If the powers-that-be were in solidarity with the rakyat, nothing can topple them, not even salt and water bottles! Put into play the recommended electoral reforms and go on to win the elections, you will, then, be able to hear a pin drop. First denials, then lies, now violence, including political thuggery,what next? Our public institutions, instead of listening to the”public’s” grouses, and making an effort to improve their performance are only good at pointing fingers, one, even calling it just a “perception”. If we continue to “employ” servants like that, aren’t we the bigger fools? Let’s stop the rot once and for all by looking at alternative agencies, in the hope of engaging more effective, reliable, responsible and honest servants; value for our money.

    • anoint says:

      quote rashid @13/6/12 “think we should give PR a chance at least. They are not doing so badly in Penang or Selangor. ”

      Sorry rashid but the last was heard that rampant land grabs are going on. Developers are king.
      Say Kelana Jaya field, and other land sales below par value

      Are they mega selling away the states? How can we ensure that the sales are valid and are properly done with the developer paying the proper premium payable (at current market value)? Are the states going heavily into property development mode with JV JV basis? Are those deals transparent?

      Long term basis everybody loses.
      Congestion. Zoning issues. Oversupply.

      Are they working for the rakyat
      or with the developers?

    • bourne identity says:

      Try?U think Malaysia is a laboratory where you can breed monkeys, kaki sex, racists, kaki bontots, mullahs like in Fucktan Rakyat etc etc? Look into the experiments you are making in Fuckatan Rakyat first lah…belum control PutraJaya and already each party showing signs of not being able to accept, adapt and improvise to each other.
      Not showing badly in Selangor and Penang because non-chinese are being stepped by the DAP control government…even that silly GAGAP Menteri Besar cant control the DAP!!!

  11. Wan says:

    Please wake up all Malaysians, so much allegations appended below against your PM & family:- pm (corruption, murder, splurging tax money etc), rosmah (meddling state affairs, splurging whose money, etc), son (manipulation of share market, etc. ) and now son in law (swindler, con man, etc) & mother in law (kidnapper, extortionist, etc). Please open your eyes widely and vote wisely.

    • beng says:

      They are fond of working/hitting below the belt.

      They have an excellent cable with the mat salleh media don’t they?
      Wonder how and why?

    • Shahrul Azraai says:

      You kepoh sangat pasal son in law, mother in law, kidnapper, cowboy, nah sekarang ada sub-title yang you nak komen sangat:-

      $20M Apt. ‘Thief’: I’m Still Happily Married to Kazakh Accuser
      Posted on June 14, 2012 by editor
      Source: New York Post

      Jadi ah Wan, buka mata luas2 dan komenlah kami nak tengok bukti2 tuduhan kamu. Kot kamu ada bukti2 yang NYPost tak ada.

  12. kiasu says:

    Yes, wake up all Malaysians.

    See how desperate these Pakatan troopers making allegation after allegation against PM but cannot come up with evidences to back up their lies and spins.

    After his wife, they now go after mother in law, father in law, son in law, daughter in law……biawak in law, scorpion in law, cicak in law.

    Beware cousins, neices, nephews, step brother, step son, driver, gardener……soon they will go after you especially if you are in paris, new york, london

    • Yasin says:

      If there are 300000 people at bersih3 and if everyone carry one bottle of mineral water and if each bottle cost rm1.00 then the cost of the mineral water is only rm300000 and if that can topple the government then why do we have to buy those multi billion ringgit submarine for. The Malaysian army should stock up warehouse full of mineral water.

      • Edwards says:

        If there are 300,000 people at Bershit 3.0…so said Anwar!

        Problem is, there were only 30,000 people said CNN, BBC, Aljazeera and 30 thousands mineral water bottle cannot topple a legally and democratically elected BN Government maa.

        Haiya apek-apek ghani, rashid, wan, yasin and apek- apek DAP komtar lain, next time use electronic calculator la before spinning and vomitting here.

        • Dave says:

          It is funny each time PR gives a number it goes up, soon the number will be a 3 million, or maybe even 30 million.

  13. PASrael says:

    Think Tank ar??

    More like Septic Tank to me. Puiiii!!!!

  14. nyan cat says:

    hello, merdeka center also publish survey reports favorable to bn before.

    that time, you guys don’t make noise.

    now sentiment is going against bn you guys jump up n down n cry… ceh!

  15. Mat Benut says:

    Najib has no confidence to call election?

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