Selangor Students Suffer Because of Anwar’s Empty Promise

Unisel students are the 1st victim of Anwar Ibrahim’s big mouth and empty promises when the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government failed to provide the free education as promised by him.

He had attacked the PTPTN study loan scheme and said if PR came into power they would provide free education but the freshies going into Unisel this month are finding out it is all lies.

Unisel belongs to the Selangor state government which means it is administered by Khalid Ibrahim and his bunch of merry men and women at Shah Alam. They not only decide what courses will be taught, they also decide who gets in and what fees are to be paid.

How come then when PTPTN decides not to provide any loan for fresh students going to Unisel, the two sons of Ibrahim kicks up such a fuss? Shouldn’t this be a huge opportunity for them to put their money where their mouth is?

It would be a perfect time for them to show that they are all for free education. Let the freshies come in to Unisel for free. Hell, cancel all fees in Unisel and let everyone study for free!

But they wouldn’t do that would they? Instead they are crying unfair.

If they can do this with assets that they already control, what makes anyone thinks that they will keep any of their promises if they ever come into power.

That is the problem with Anwar and his merry people, they keep on making impossible promises and then use them to measure it to others when they themselves cannot fulfil them.

Meanwhile the hundreds of freshies in Unisel is suffering because of these empty promises.

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71 Responses to Selangor Students Suffer Because of Anwar’s Empty Promise

  1. Dr Lee says:

    Welldone Khaled Nordin. With a pinch only, the people now can see that actually Pakatan is giving empty promise. Unisel is very small maybe only about 1% of the total varsity student but that also they failed to give free education. This show that it will be more difficult to do it nationwide. PTPTN loan is not only about university fees but also helping student with their monthly expenses pocket money. What is RM48,000 loan repayment later to them as most of the parent can afford to pay for a new Myvithat cost RM51,000 when their children graduated and as transportation for them to work place.
    Maybe the government know that there is a hidden agenda in Unisel that encourage their student not to repay PTPTN loan. Khaled smelled it and take action. That’s a right move. What Anwar want is their votes la. Once they got it but fail to implement their sweet promise the excuse is simple – just blame the previous government because they already bankrupt the country and now we don’t have the money.

    • Lisa says:

      Anwar doesn’t give a shit about the students nor their students because Anwar himself was an academically-inferior student. He’s just a graduate of Malay Studies from UM when most of his MCKK peers went overseas taking up medicine, engineering, sciences and other professional courses. It’s also a well known fact that he had a good speechwriter when he was DPM; thus though he may sound clever but the truth is he’s not an avid reader and knows nothing about economics. Luckily Tun M stepped right in at the right time when he was about to sell this country to IMF.

      • peterlotf says:

        He may sound clever ?? LOL, to me he sounds stupid every time he tries to psycho his listeners esp. when attempting to wriggle out of obvious tight situations.

      • Anonymas says:

        >Get accepted to MCKK, best Malay boarding school with quality education
        >Graduate from MCKK
        >Malay Studies

        What the hell did he do at MCKK? You know, MC graduates are supposed to be engies, doctors, academics and the like. How’d this happen? For any SBP, this looks like a failure.

        • kiasu says:

          Malay studies (Kesusteraan Melayu) with 3rd class degree…..some more Anwar also repeat student (failed at least one year)….

          So Selangor gets a 3rd class financial advisor lah, and Pakatan China Doll still dreaming for this 3rd class PM.

          At least ok lah Anwar, 3rd still better than Guan Eng’s low class criteria

        • Lisa says:

          Yes, I agree with you that by any SBP standard, Anwar is a failure. All the previous PM’s (except Dolah) were overseas-trained lawyers, and one was a medical doctor (in fact Tun M is one of the earliest Malay doctors). All previous PMs (again, except the sleeping Dol) have both the brains and balls, but Anwar is obviously lacking in the brains department. But in the balls department, boy, he’s an all-star. Depan or belakang, china doll or jantan, everything can.

          Despite being schooled in MCKK (100++ year old residential school reserved for the royalties and academically superior kids), he only managed get into a “lelong” course at a local university, when most of his MCKK mates secured places in universities abroad. While at UM, he busied himself with riots and ceramahs until he had to repeat the course. If you’re a parent, ask yourself honestly:- would you entrust your children’s future to Anwar? The man who wouldnt hesitate to psyche up your children to not repay their PTPTN loans, to skip classes so that they can help distribute ceramah flyers, and to participate in street demos?

    • Man Sewel says:

      Budaya Rasuah, Budaya Polis berganas, Budaya talian punggung, Budaya jual burger depan umah orang!! Ini semua Budaya Kita?!?!?!?!?!??????

      Mat rempit, Anjing Perkasa menyalak, ajak perang salib, Halau 1.0 budak sekolah version, pecah rumah, rompak, jenaya!! Ini aman damai ?!?!?!?!?!

      Bagi Myanmar Indon IC biru mengundi, orang mati mengundi, Bangladesh Mengundi. Ini demokrasi??????!?!?

  2. Hj Man says:

    I hope it is just a hard reminder by PTPTN to show that lots of the student need their assistant and they will continue giving out the loan. Selangor is Malaysia 1st state to achieved developed state status but Pakatan government unable to give free education to their only university that is UNISEL. As a developed state they should have thx financial capacity. They boasted by saying that since Pakatan take over, their coffer has been increase with saving and the last statement they made is the state already got RM2 billion in saving. Then use it to give free education in Unisel student and will will not cost the state government more then RM100 million a year.
    Syabas Dato Norden

    • Wak Jono says:

      Lupakanlah. Sedangkan asrama Yayasan Selangor kat Kuala Selangor ditutup sebab tak menguntungkan inikan pulak nak bagi pelajaran percuma. Pakai otak sikit la Haji. Macam punggok rindukan bulan jatuh ke riba.

  3. Anwar Gay says:

    Statistik ptptn menunjuk banyak pelajar melayu menerima ptptn dan memasuki universiti seterusna graduate dan menyertai pekerjaan. Bila mereka bekerja mereka dapat menanggung keluarga dengan sempurna. Bila keluarga stabil, masalah sosial kurang seperti tagih dadah curi samun etc

    Siapa yg tak suka perkembangan ini?

  4. ray says:

    Heh heh

    anwar, kit siang, guan eng kena checkmate …

    • dugo says:

      Hadi and Nik Aziz pun kena checkmate. Pas lagi la konpius, anwar kata hutang ptptn tak payah bayar, agama Islam tuntut segala hutang mesti dibayar, azizan naikkan yuran Kuin, hadi kata tak apa, nik aziz kata setuju dengan anwar, hutang kira derma le kot.

      • bourne identity says:

        nik aziz kata main ikut belakang ikut Khalifah Al Juburi halal. Tu lah dia Parti Anak Syaitan. Orang PAS rata2nya taksub bodoh , biul dan sewel….ikut hadith2 nabi nik aiz nyanyuk.
        Lgi cepat nabi sewel nyanyuk ni pergi…lagi cepatnya umat islam di malaysia akan bersatu.

  5. Rub says:

    This whole episode highlights what utter baffons are at the helm of the education ministry. Spin it anyway you like and maybe just once dont lie? as your blog says?

    • Dave says:

      How is Min of Ed responsible for Sel State Gov’t broken Promise of Free Ed??????? Do you just copy and paste without reading, that is if you even know how to read.

      • JES46 says:

        You think the money used by PTPTN is contributed by BN people only? Suggest to your BN Govt to let the tax payer who support the PR to pay to PR Govt. Then we see whether Govt of Selangor can give free education or not. Clearly, we can see (not inclusive those are still blind) that the Minister is doing a stupid decision. He clearly jeorpadize the chances for BN to win Selangor….

        • Abduh says:

          You hit the nail on the head, syabas! The money doesn’t belong to BN people nor PR as you claimed. The money was borrowed from financially cash flushed lenders and has to be repaid. So who is the stupid one? Itulah orang suruh banyak baca tak nak dengar. Asyik-asyik nak dengar berita dari mulut-mulut biawak lidah bercabang tujuh, ilmu yang dapat tentulah ilmu biawak – penipu, pembelit, petutuh(sodomer?) dan entah apa-apa lagi.
          Such pathetic arguments devoid of facts and sense!

    • nyan cat says:

      yup, we have kindergarten mentality khaled nordin running our higher education system. people call for revamping our education loan & funding system, he acts like a budak kecik and withdraws federal funding, funding that is paid by our rakyats taxes.

      luckily they gostan on this… nanti pelajar kat uni semua protes… woo…

  6. Aidil Yunus says:

    Politic aside, I am strongly encouraging the government and opposition alike to come to common ground on having a better quality control on these private institutions. Name like MSU, UNISEL, UNIK, SEGI and more is providing below par quality education that is extremely dangerous for our survival as a nation.
    PTPTN has been the sole reason education industry boom for the last decade. For that this industry owe it to this nation to have a very good quality education. I was told Singapore banned MasterSkill student from entering their workforce for such a horrible quality.
    This is what we need to look at and not politi-KING PTPTN.

    • peterlotf says:

      Mr. 916 the pretender started the nonsense when he called on those who took the study loans not to repay the PTPTN. Don’t be surprised if he next calls on all those who owe the banks not to repay their loans…..we can use Petronas $$ for that cos it belongs to us kan ?

    • bourne identity says:

      Fuckatan Rakyat plans to create a new universiti UNISEWEL… consisting of anak2 FUCKATAN RAKYAT…. with the governorships consisting of al the FUCKATAN’s political leaders. The logo is very similar like that PKR logom except ada bulu around it – bulu cina doll Anwar.

  7. anoin says:

    since they have no cards except playing non constructive issues
    a) not paying PTPN
    b) cow jumping over the moon via rocket spaceship
    c) www wrestling
    d) dirtying (bisihkan) the roadside endlessly
    e) corruption of the world
    f) overstaffed(themselves also)

    perhaps they should look into their own backyard and Bersihkan sendiri ie
    1) improper internal voting process with few own people going away in disgust
    2) incongruent sampah collection – now providing trucking assets pulak to the appointed contractor
    3) bdeuddy bbdeudddy with developer — raping of lands and hillside
    4) non cheap housing alternative – even low cost flat also want to appoint neighboring professional to do a high class one – is it plausible in the first place in terms of costing – are they willing to subsidise at least 60% of the cost in the first place. Will it be priced at low cost standard price after completion?Some more, after so many years since takeover, now only want to talk about low cost. How many high class projects been started and completed already. Wonder whether did they impose any low cost housing condition for the developers(like normally done to avoid local govt subsidising it)?
    5) selling of premium land away
    6) much lot of income and assets despite fixed salary
    7) unhealthy extra curricular activities
    8) sprouting of night (wet) spots
    9) raiders of the lost pasar malam or kedai (macam taukey)
    10) always absent overseas for dont know what purpose – how to do proper job for locals
    11) not matching official documents to declared one. was there any due process been short cutted? Any conflict of interest ah?
    12) habit of talking the walk but not walking the talk. One hand say free press but the other hand bar some reporters.
    13) using the court process like crazy. now every body can sue (or want to dislodge the judge or delay the due process)

  8. Dear editor,

    I’m guessing you were away from Malaysia or somehow you missed the news article that reported on the Selangor Menteri Besar. Anyways, for the fact that PTPTN was blocked , MB Khalid had this to say :

    Khalid said that as a short-term solution, Unisel will be utilising its assets – namely land – to help those who are having difficulties continuing their studies.

    And here is the link to the news article

    2 things I wish to raise is,

    As you mention above “Unisel students are the 1st victim of Anwar Ibrahim’s big mouth and empty promises when the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government failed to provide the free education as promised by him.” . This is incorrect as the State Government did step in to help.

    And yes I know that you will say it was only a short-term solution, but hey that was a solution he came up with within a day, and probably if he had been given a longer amount of time he may have come up with a better plan in providing education.

    2nd issue I wanna raise is it was a very bad decision by Khaled Nordin to do such a thing. Whatever political issues he has with the opposition let it be, but never should a a politician abuse his power as a childs play and act childishly esspecially when the rakyat has to bear the brunt.

    Please do report more accurately next time.

    • Macha says:

      Siva, you make a point here. Actually most of us know the important of PTPTN and we should encourage those who has taken to pay up the loan. As a leader what Anwar did was encouraging the loan borrower to default the loan repayment.
      So what do learn from the whole episode, never disturb the hornet nest if you don’t want to be stink. Utilising the Unisel asset to help the student is good provided there is no mismanagement. What we hear today is that lots of Unisel student complains of increase the lodging fees from RM800/sem to RM1,000/sem. That’s not helping though

    • Zack Kitaro says:

      Siva…never shld the politician abuse power like opposition did during BERSIH 3.0….it shld be non political motivated movement…but some asshole make use of it for political purpose….

    • anoin says:

      This is typical of academic or rhetoric solution to appease the public or to buy time.

      1. If not mistaken the land was from a contra deal arrangement with Talam. Debt for land.

      2. Assuming there are really serious, would the timing fit in ngam ngam for the poor students.

      It is assumed that the land will be sold off to convert to cash to pay for the said students.
      -How long to find buyer. Any ready buyer yet?
      -expected sale price. Would it be below par ((like some other state’s deal?)
      -length of time to conclude the 2nd deal and get cash. Would it stretch to 3 semesters?meanwhile how would the students fend for themselves?
      -the sale proceed would definitely be much much more than the scholar short term requirement. Are we sure the eggs will be safely kept in a safe place for the scholars. Will any percent will be leaked out?

    • minachi capati says:

      Cheh, want to finance 1 batch of students of 1 university only they already need to sell land. If they want to finance every IPT student in Malaysia, which state(s) they gonna sell? Stupid.

      • peterlotf says:

        the land belongs to the people, not PKR !! So they are slapping their own face when Mr. 916 promises free uni education ‘if’ they get to form the next Federal govt. How can it be free when you have to sell state asset to ‘finance’ the new batch of students? This pretender knows nuts about simple economics. No wonder when he was Finance Minister the interest rate shot up to 15% !!

      • Macha,

        I have no problems with people making absurd claims. When one is going to promise you the moon if they get elected people will definetely know how dumb it is. Now lets forgot about the plans Anwar has to tackle the PTPTN issue as in where to get the funds from. He has every right to say so lets be clear about that. And btw I myself dont believe in free education.

        What I have a problem with though is the way the government reacted. See one of the main issue that PKR raised about the fact that there were so many uncollected debt which amounts to about RM45billion. What Muhyiddin could have done is implement a way to reduce that number for example, the government could implement how epf is implemented when a certain percentage is deducted from the salary. If that were to be implemented, it would certainly reduce the number. The point I’m trying to make is, as a ruling coallition running the government they should be ready to take on any claims put forth by the opposition and come up with constructive decisions to counter the absurd claims, but that did not happen here, he chooses to abuse his power by victimizing the students which I take very seriously.

        And more importantly, as this blog is titled STOP THE LIES, i expect the editor to be honest with all the news, he should not be only telling one side of the story, that does not make it the truth.

        And as for your claims of the increase in lodging fees, there has I am not sure about them and even if they are true, I have no problems if the government were to bring that issue up against the opposition but for now lets stick to the scope of this blog entry.

        Zack Kitaro,

        I agree with you that no politician should hijack a peaceful rally. But right now lets debate about the topic at hand which is regarding the decision of the ministry on the PTPTN loans and not veer off into something else.

        anoin, says:

        Well anoin, lets give the Menteri Besar the benefit of the doubt here as he came up with the announce within a day, and mind you he was very careful to say it was a short term solution.

        Since the plan by the ministry has been rescinded, we will not be able to know whether Selangor government is able to sustain the expenses or not but as I said lets give him the benefit of the doubt here.

        Your other points of the timing whether it wold reach the poor students or if the money can be raised in time is irrelevant here as he was not given the full opportunity to show his capability but he definetely should be commended for not complaining and coming up with a realistic solution within a short space of time.

        minachi capati

        I know you raise the issue of land being sold for something so small, what more if long term. But hey, you got to remember as I mentioned above MB Khalid himself said it was a temporary solution and he would have to find a better solution in the long run so we have to give him the benefit of the doubt as he was not given the time to do so.

        At the end of the day it should be a case of get damned if you do and get damned if you dont sticking to the context of this blog entry.
        No politician should let the rakyat face the brunt because they feel they need to prove a point to another. The rakyat is supposed to be the governments boss.

        • Dr Lee says:

          Siva, you don’t have problem with people making absorb claim and you said that you don’t believed in free education at last. You don’t but we have big problem here. If you go to bank today and ask for a loan. The bank will ask you how are you going to pay back. Then you wait until I become PM first. Welldone and then the bank also reply you, we shall waiting until youre elected as PM first before we consider your loan.

          You’re definitely unable to look beyond your narrow point of view. When Anwar said he will be giving free education and people like you said that’s very good. When Anwar encourage the PTPTN student not to repay their loan. Then again you say good and keep quiet. But yet again you said that you don’t believed in free education. PTPTN got it’s own mechanism. If you excel in your study and came back to serve your country then your loan will turn into scholarship.
          Now you blamed the government for not being able to manage the collection of the loan. What do you expect when the opposition itself condone and the best part encourage borrower to default. Khaled and Muhyddin is a very smart leader. They’re using Sun Tze Art of War simply using “Purpose behind a Purpose Methodology” to awaken the Rakyat. Now the Rakyat can rethink whether Anwar said can be implemented or not.
          Now more realise that PTPTN is very much needed by the student. And the loan defaulters need to be penalised instead of the new student. Then again all of us must support the government to use law of arm to recoup back the loan from the shameless people.
          This also proved that it easier to say then do. If Anwar cannot do it in Selangor eventhough he is the Economic Advisor with their KUIS and Unisel alone how can he do it for the whole country. Then again PTPTN is not about paying university fees alone but also the student monthly expenses money.

          So Mr Siva, the moral of the story is Anwar should wait until he become PM first and not saying something stupid. This will only enhance his stupidity to the Rakyat.

        • anoin says:

          mr siva

          benefit of the doubt

          yes, its proper to give a simple crook the benefit of the doubt privilege ie innocent until proven guilty (even though there is a 99% accurate video besi evidence)

          btw when they wanted to use promote free education to gain votes bank, there should be short and long term plan backing up the call. Now being thrown the ball sudah kelam kabut
          Never criticise without offering solution.
          This is typical of Malaysian’s opposition.
          When up in power in certain states, they keep on criticising or blaming past administrators. Cannot believe that after so many years, close to end of their term, now only they say want to look into low cost housing, even that so with a good class one(expensive?) with foreign consultant invited.
          Keep on playing image games, if attempt to serve also they would change the subcontractors(to worse ones ie sampah) and spending more money(compactors). Also what is happening in Kelana football field, and are lands being sold at subpar value to buddy developers? Extra force style raid on business premises, while on the other hand vice locales are sprouting like mushroom, and also do as i talk not as i do..

          this is why rationale thinking rakyat should be worried. We just won’t know what will happen if they are given the steering wheel, touch wood

          sorry to digress, but the above topic is just a subset event of the opposition mental rhetoric games hence must be read together

          • Aidil Yunus says:

            Ehhh temporary solutions only leh.. so all this talk about abolishing ptptn actually no one knows the permanent solutions ke??
            And Siva you got your fact wrong it is not $45 billion. Mincahi.. i gelak rolling rolling on the floor.
            But then kesian we all right.. in one hand we have government with Najib at helm trying to transform but unfortunately way to many opportunist robbing us .. and at the same time we have an opposition weak, incompetence, for sure is going to do worse job than the current one…

    • kiasu says:

      “?…but hey that was a solution he (Khalid PKR) came up with within a day)”

      hey, he was given 4 years already….but where are the free education for kindergarten kids he promised?” reduction of quit rent?’ free water for flat and apartment dwellers? Contribution for single parents, newly wed couples, pursuing tetiary education?

      Anyway, kudos to Khalid and DAP for bringing in more developments in Selangor….mushrooming of massage parlours, illegal sand mining, corrupted local councillors, playgrounds hijacked for commercial projects to cronies, Datum Jelatek debacle, more sampah garbage uncollected, highest dengue rate in the country….and to sum it up, increased gagak population even in Shah Alam capital city.

      So Mr Siva, maybe Khalid need 2 days, not 1, to achieve your so called par excellent performance. And 4 years is too short for him….

      • Kiasu,

        Hey lets stick to the topic at hand here. The blogpost is titled
        ‘Selangor Students Suffer Because of Anwar’s Empty Promise’.
        The blog entry did not report both sides of the story and I have a problem with that.

        Now you say,
        hey, he was given 4 years already….but where are the free education for kindergarten kids he promised?” reduction of quit rent?’ free water for flat and apartment dwellers? Contribution for single parents, newly wed couples, pursuing tetiary education?

        Well none of what you mentioned is related to the topic of this blog post. What you say maybe true or not but please go ahead and come up with a blog entry of it. Cite that Khalid had promised so and so as you claim and prove that he has not delivered on his promises. I promise you when you do that, I will be the first to congratulate you on your post. For now , for this topic let’s just stay within the context.

        By the way, I’m not a big fan of him either but regarding this specific issue, I believe he handled it well. Lets debate within this topic shall we? Kiasu?

        • TK Wong says:

          What Kiasu try to relate is the same person who propose and encourage this issue actually is a total failure leaders. What he is trying to say is if Anwar and Khalid unable to fulfil their election Manifesto after 4 years but instead successfully encourage the development of ‘Black Economies’ like the negative business activities.

          BTW Siva, maybe the free education budget was spent to pay for the Beautify and Reclamation Klang River Project. Heard state government already paid them RM48 million. But until today not even a tissue paper is table.

          • TK Wong says:

            That Klang River Project is RM50 billion. OK. And that amount is 5X bigger then spent on KLIA. Wow! Pakatan Super Duper Giga Project just to make the crocodiles live comfortably.

        • kiasu says:

          What i said is not maybe true, what i said is damn true, no maybe maybe maybe….this is not a place to assume things you are not sure with. These broken promises are FACTS….didnt you know that?

          If you dont know, let me be more blunt about Khalid’s bluff on education, not to mentioned others in case you got confused:-

          1. Rm75 sebulan utk setiap anak yg masuk nurseri ( bukan nurseri tanam pokok, tapi nurseri tadika)

          2. Rm50 sebulan utk setiap anak bagi pendidikan pra-sekolah (bukan pra-mugari)

          3 Hadiah Rm1000 untuk setiap anak Selangor yg dapat tawaran ke universiti (not universal studio, in case you misunderstood)

          4. Bantuan dan biasiswa biasiswa pelajaran untuk anak Selangor (in fact they partially delivered this promise, but majority were given to Malays and only very few to Indian and Chinese students ).

          PTPTN is about education. So are Nursery, Pre-education, scholarships, educational assistance i mentioned above. Where got change topic, you tell me? Tell me you said NONE is related, which part?

          And when i mentioned about massage parlour, garbage etc etc it is about non- accountability of a corrupt Pakatan leader who promised the whole world to the People of Selangor yet failed miserably….even Tadika also failed, want to gloat about free education vs PTPTN my foot.

          And selling your fixed assets or landed properties as a temporary measure is the dumbest proposition ever when the State have regular revenues in the form of savings, taxes, rents, royalties, assessments, not to mention massage parlours.

          You will be the first to congratulate me? Who need your promise for such? Just ask the Khalid to fullfill all his educational promises, afterall 4 years is more than 1 day!
          Got it?

        • kiasu says:

          ” Cite that Khalid had promised so and so as you claim and prove that he has not delivered on his promises. I promise you when you do that, I will be the first to congratulate you on your post”

          Helooo, why should i prove that those promises were not delivered? Everyone already know lah, except you. So the onus is on you to lay down the facts and figures of the “rm rm Setiap Bulan Setiap Orang” my foot promises by Khalid, since you dont believe me.

          So open your own blog maa to prove me wrong if you wish. Dont worry, i will not congratulate you, are be the first to do so if you are wrong. My son will.

        • kiasu says:

          The blog entry did not report both sides of the story and I have a problem with that –Siva

          This blog exposes bad things about the oppositions because they are not only incompetent, chauvinist, racist and prejudice in their approach, but also coz they are arrogance, do not practice what they preach, cakap tidak serupa bikin, tidur tapi makan and worst part is they are Ultra Hypocrites and Not Transparent (CAT my foot).

          Its the freedom of this Blog owner to write what he deem necessary. Its his blog, not yours….not happy with it, open your own blog. But, have you not realize that this blog would publish all your comments irrespective of whether you agree or oppose his writings. You are free to write your “the other side of the story” as you wish. He will not block you. He practise freedom of expression…

          Try doing same in opposition blogs like Malaysiakini, FMT and Anwar’s blog…..i am pretty sure you will say I HAVE NO PROBL eMO with Malaysiakini…hehehe, remember the word hypocracy?

          Stopthelies vs Malaysiakini….spot the different Mr S Hipokreet?

          • Edwards says:

            Where’s your response mr Siva? You asked mr kiasu to debate, now you lari lari.

            Or you need more time to google search facts? Ok, ok we wait

          • I was of the view that this blog views both the opposition and the ruling coallition from the same perspective. I was also of the view that this blog is ready to call a spade a spade.

            If this blog as you clame is only pro-government then I guess there is no point in debating is there. I thought this blog was impartial and hence I commented voicing out my views.

            If this blog is going to have selective reporting then I guess there is no use following it. And notice I use the word ‘if’ because I think the editor seems fair in most cases, and just for this entry I felt he missed out a point.

            Anyways the ruling coallition should always be prepared to face any claims and dispel those claims in anyway logical. But how they go about it should not affect the people. Now say as an example, the opposition claims they can provide water for the people for free. Would it be okay if the government (in the case if the government were controlling the water supply of the country) stops supplying water to the region where the opposition is in control. Is it fair for the rakyat to not be given water just because the government wants to prove a point to the oppositions claim that the opposition is lying? Is that okay? That was just an example and it won’t happen I’m sure but the similarities are there between the PTPTN freeze of loans for the UNISEL students.

            So yeah thats the point I was trying to get across.

          • Edwards says:

            Hahaha Siva, the debate is between you and mr kiasu. You asked for debate and he responded to that.

            Now you are telling this blog is pro gomen and on that excuse you now mau lari lari from debating with kiasu. Is this blog blocking or screening you from debating?

            Haiya…you asked him but you run run. Even the blog owner didnt back- up kiasu’s arguments. Kiasu put up his points refuting your comments.
            You stand by your points and debate la, dont run run.

            HELLO PEOPLE, see standard PAkatan, when they cannot hold water on their spins, they cabut, and blame this blog but themself for cabuting. Is stopthelies preventing or intefering mr Siva from debating? What la you Siva

          • beng says:

            thumbs up Edward


          • Shahrul Azraai says:

            apa ni cik Siva, dah ajak kiasu debate, debate saja la, tak yah blame blog ini lak

          • Azreen says:

            Siva tell others dont talk out of topic.

            Now Siva talk about Free Water. So if we ask what Free Water got to do with PTPTN, he will say just example. Siva is confused by his own comment. And he blame Fed Government for not giving free water. Halo, water control by Selangor State Government lah. And State Government that promised free water, not Federal.

            No wonder he wanna run away now.

            P/s :- did anyone claim this blog is pro government? I think Siva is confused between being pro-government and being critical of opposition’s indifferent attitude.And what’s wrong being pro-establishment or pro-oppo man, this is a free country, not free water, haaaaa

          • Shahrul Azraai says:

            Cik Siva nak bagi contoh pun biar le logik sikit. mana ada kerajaan dalam dunia ni yg boleh stop supply air ke pihak lawan. undang2 dunia atas dasar kemanusiaan mengatakan salah buat camne. kerajaan israel pun takleh stop air ke rakyat palestin, salah.

            tapi kalo nak stop loan PTPTN tu hak kerajaan masing2 le. kat israel takde pulak PTPTN. kalo ada kat sana Anwar akan mansuhkan juga kot le

    • kiasu says:

      So we all know by now the reason why this Khalid want to dispose off the 500 acres Unisel land on the pretext of “temporary measures” to counter freeze by PTPTN.

      Even after PTPTN reversed the decision, Khalid still want to proceed with the sale. So what temporary measures is he talking about? Its all bullshit, non other than using PTPTN as an excuse to kowtim the sale to his cronies for their gain. This astonishing “one day” crab decision.

      Imaging the value loss of the 500 acres land say, in 10 to 20 years time to Unisel if it did not sell the asset now. This is sheer daylight robbery in the name of student affairs by the Pakatan idiots.

      Can’t they use more brain rather than make a stupid one day decision. The very least, they could even lease the land for short term 20- years for oil palm or agriculture use, or jointly develop and lease a portion of the land for commercial use to generate rental incomes.

      Khalid oh Khalid, we know your ulterior motive now!

      • Peterlotf says:

        Khalid is smart because he knows BN doing their best to win back Selangor. If he does not sell now mungkin no chance lagi. Remember he has a “clever” economic adviser ?

  9. Temujin says:

    Biasalah kalau si raja hipokrit buat janji…janjikan bulan dan bintang sebelum menang…dah menang habuk pun tarak.. Ingat apa dia cakap untuk penduduk Kpg Buah Pala dan projek September 16…

    Bohong dah sebati dengan raja hipokrit ni…

  10. Prof Kangkung says:

    Hehehehehe Siva wanted to act as Chief Editor but got knocked left right instead

  11. Anonymas says:

    Ah, no problem! With the number of those ‘masssage parlors’ in Puchong with their hundred thousand $$ income/week, free education is possible in Selangor!

    Isn’t that right, MP Ronnie?

  12. sissy says:

    Sunnah of the UMNOs

    perhaps Syed K @ and kekawan of this fake syed kat UMNORIA boleh jadikan kiraan dibawah masuk akal ….. hehehehehehe

    MEMANG PATUT DITUKAR LAIN @ PRU-13, do you expect ppl to vote for you again !!!


    Kakitangan Felda layak terima saham 2.5 peratus – Ahmad Maslan

    KUALA TERENGGANU 10 Jun – Kakitangan Felda layak menerima saham 2.5 peratus hasil penyenaraian Felda Global Ventures Holding (FGVH) di Bursa Malaysia, kata Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Ahmad Maslan.

    Menurut Ahmad pemberian itu wajar dilakukan setelah mengambil kira beberapa faktor yang dianalisa secara mendalam oleh Felda tanpa mengabaikan nasib mana-mana pihak.

    “Kakitangan dan peneroka Felda masing-masing menerima saham sebanyak 2.5 peratus, namun disebabkan bilangan peneroka lebih ramai berbanding kakitangan, agihan saham yang diterima peneroka kelihatan lebih kecil berbanding kakitangan.

    “Kita mempunyai 112,635 peneroka di seluruh negara manakala bilangan kakitangan hanya 23,000 orang,” katanya kepada pemberita dalam sidang akhbar selepas menyampaikan Seminar Pemahaman Wasatiyyah dan Gagasan 1Malaysia di Wisma Darul Iman di sini hari ini. – BERNAMA

  13. Dave says:

    Simple solution. DO NOT take the loan, have your parents foot the bill, or work your lazy ass through uni. No one is forcing you to a) go to uni, b) to a gov’t to pay for it.
    If you took the loan quit bitching.
    It is like all these “victims” of ah longs, no one forced you to go to them.

  14. Anak Kenyalang says:

    All the failures in Pakatan led govt of Selangor is caused by ONE man Anwar Ibrahim.Why ?Compared to Najib who is a graduate in International Economics from Notingham University UK,poor Anwar is 3rd class graduate in Malay studies from UM and he once a repeater.So,this fellow( Anwar ),can you count on him to be our future PM after PRU 13?

  15. johnleo says:

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  16. johnleo says:

    do you need a loan if yes email:
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