Lim Guan Eng, The CM Who Can’t Take Criticism

Lim Guan Eng is losing the plot. Everytime something goes wrong for his government in Penang, he blames Umno or the previous government.

If that does not work, then he resorts to this: The BN government also do the same what. Why don’t you blame them? Why you only blame me? Not fair! Media lynching!

Well, @cmlimguaneng, we expect more from you because you and your party are so good at criticising others for corruption, incompetence, environmental mistakes, lack of transparency etc.

Now that you are in charge and with overwhelming powers to do the right thing, you instead do what the BN used to do – allow the developers to do as they like. Grab state land and rape the hills.

He blames the papers for playing up the hill projects but the media is merely reporting the complaints of Penang residents who have protested against landslides near their homes because of hill projects.

He claimed his government had not approved any hill projects but the landslide caused by the hill project was found to have been approved by his government. He lies as well as his opponents in the BN.

On World Environmental Day, two of Penang’s most established NGOs, CAP and SAM, protested against Lim Guan Eng’s policies on hill development.

Residents in Sungai Ara in Penang island have held so many protests about the environmental threat from landslides near their homes. In Tanjong Bungah, the middle-class residents have been complaining about the concrete jungle and the traffic jams.

What media lynching is he talking about? The media was merely reporting what people in Penang are saying. Does he expect the media to be silent on these issues just because it does not favour him?

Lim Guan Eng keeps saying that his government has not approved any development projects that are more than 250 feet above sea level since he took over. He has said that only 38 hill projects were approved by his government.

That’s a lot by our standards. How about showing the list instead of just talking and blaming and threatening?

This man is famous for talking about transparency and good governance. But his government has been less than transparent.

He is angry with the media for highlighting the issue. He wants to know why the media does not subject other states to the same scrutiny. Welcome to the world of Penang where people are conscious of their rights and take their issues to the media.

He is angry that the paper called it the dying hills. He said the hills are not dying because no project has been approved above 250 feet. Poor fella, no wonder he’s a failed accountant.

Even projects taking place on slopes below 250 feet can cause landslides and erosion and that is exactly what is happening now. 250 feet is higher than the Petronas Twin Towers for your information.

He should answer for the hill projects now causing so much problems to people even though these projects are on heights of less than 250 feet and come up with corrective action.

The two presidents he appointed to be in charge of the municipal councils in Penang Island and Seberang Perai are terrified of him.

They did not even dare say No when he insisted on going ahead with the SPICE project even though no environmental study had been done.

Penang island is a very small place with a fragile eco system. Small things can result in big consequences. But he does not know that he gate-crashed into Penang in 2008 after being chased out by his own party from Malacca.

He is accusing the media of a political agenda. But anyone who has driven along Tanjong Bungah and Batu Ferringhi the last few years would agree that the Penang island is like a beautiful woman who has had too much plastic surgery.

A lot of it began under Koh Tsu Koon and Lim Guan Eng is doing a grand job of continuing the legacy.

Please stop blaming Umno, BN, the media. Look into the mirror and find out who is to blame since March 2008.

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  1. ray says:

    He’s a CM in a hurry much like PAP in Singapore. Only that Penangites are aware and vocal about their environment and exercise their rights.

    He’s got to be several steps ahead of his observers if he wants to achieve his political agenda. Syabas Penangites, keep vocalising your rights.

    • alberto says:

      This tragic case for Alytantuya and her family, has so many twists and turns involving romance, betrayal, murder and most importantly CORRUPTION. The question is, will all the culprits appear in the French court where bribery does not exist, or will the crooks hide behind the curtains thinking that French court has no jurisdiction in Malaysia? If Najib is as innocent as he professed to be, even to the extent that he swore by the Koran that he never met then Mongolian model, then he should appear to clear his name once and for all. If, for reasons known to us, that he refuses to attend, then he is guilty of corruption, among other things. It will be interesting to find out who the other beneficiaries of the kickbacks are besides Baginda, the flamboyant playboy who betrayed his lover.

      • Joepublic says:

        Bro, we are talking about LGE, how come u drag Najib into the picture? Create your own blog, and write whatever u want in it. Dont simply post unrelated topics in unrelated issue.

        • Mat Jastis says:

          KUALA LUMPUR, June 11 — The High Court today struck out Penang Umno liaison chairman Datuk Zainal Abidin Osman’s defamation suit against Lim Guan Eng, saying the Malay party leader had no legal right to sue the Penang chief minister.

          Lim had allegedly suggested that Umno had raised public tension that sparked an attempt to set fire to the Penang DAP premises on August 18 last year.

          Lim was alleged to have said the defamatory words on August 18 last year.

          “Judge said plaintiff had no locus. He had sued as office holder of Umno (but) there was no proof he is an office bearer of Umno,” Jagdeep Singh Deo, one of Lim’s lawyers, told reporters outside the court.

          “Judge allowed (our) preliminary objection, struck out suit with costs.”

          Zainal Abidin, who filed the suit on behalf of Penang Umno, said he only knew about Lim’s allegation on the attempt to set fire to the DAP office from newspaper reports.

          He said the statement by Lim had angered Muslims.

          Zainal Abidin said he was informed that Lim had uttered the defamatory words when interviewed by a reporter from The Malaysian Insider, Clara Chooi Ai Leng, in front of other journalists on August 18 last year after the National Finance Council meeting.

          Zainal Abidin, represented by lawyer Datuk Jahaberdeen Mohamed Yonoos, filed the suit on October 24 last year.

          Apart from Lim, who is also DAP secretary-general, the other defendants named are Parti Keadilan Rakyat as the owner of the electronic news portal Keadilan Daily and newspaper Suara Keadilan, Segmen Fleksibel Sdn Bhd as the publishing company of Keadilan Daily, and Suara Keadilan chief sub-editor, Fazallah Pit.

          In his statement of claim, Zainal Abidin alleged that on July 3, Lim had released a press statement via email and later published it in Keadilan Daily on July 3 and Suara Keadilan on July 5.

          Zainal Abidin said Lim’s statement, among others, meant that he was purportedly involved in trying to overthrow the Penang chief minister through illegal means as well as conceal his involvement in a demonstration at Komtar and the Penang Bridge on July 1.

          He said that on August 18, Lim allegedly issued another hurtful statement in front a group of journalists, which was published on news website The Malaysian Insider on the same day.

          Zainal Abidin had sought RM30 million in compensation, interest, cost and other relief deemed appropriate by the court and an injunction to prevent all the defendants from continuing to issue or publish the allegedly defamatory statements.

          “The court is of the considered view that the plaintiff, Zainal Abidin Osman… is not authorised to commence this action on behalf of the Penang Umno state liaison committee.

          “The court hereby rules that the plaintiff has no locus standi to commence this suit,” said Justice Amelia Tee in a written judgment made available to reporters.

          Lim said today’s ruling was a victory for “freedom of the press” and the “right of reply.”

          “This is the first time Umno has had its comeuppance. But the battle is still long.

          “We are astonished with today’s judgment, happy that right can be done,” the Penang CM said.

      • Anonymous says:


        • Ordinary Malaysian says:

          how much did Penang government own Federal government?

        • Yap Dong Zong says:

          Goggle Translate:-

          Jumlah pekerjaan yang diujudkan kerajaan DAP di Pulau Penang hanya 5526 iaitu jatuh 65.2% sejak tahun 2009 berbanding jumlah pekerjaan 19,516 semasa kerajaan BN tempoh yang sama jadi anda fikirlah sendiri mengapa translation DAP ini menipu?

      • Edwards says:

        Altantuya and Shamsidar@ice cream??? are these names of the hills in Penang being discussed in this topic?

        Halo apek, try harder if wanna divert maa…and copy paste same comment over and over again, haiya….why so desperate?

        • bourne identity says:

          Nama alberto sebenarnya Albutoh…….thats why he cannot read well :-)))#

      • Aidil Yunus says:

        Ahhhh DapTroopers or as Tunku Aziz called them stormtroopers.. in 2008 they play significant part to ensure the tide changes and yes they are doing the same things again this time it is not favorable to them

      • Gopal Raj Kumar says:

        When truth is so obvious, everyone can see it except the players who stage the show. No BN parties dare to talk about corruption, they know it and being a party to it, they will keep side-tracking that issue. They will bring out STUPID issues to mis-inform the less informed Malaysians in the rural area. They know they could NO LONGER mislead the average thinking Malays in the urban locations, they are certainly trying their luck with the majority of Indians, many of whom are easily misled because they are desperate for ANY Solution; so long the printed media is willing to print and sadly there are no shortage of such headline grabbing “Indian leaders” around! In the West Coast States, unless more rational Indian leaders can convince a good portion of Indians to focus on long term objectives, things could change. Notwithstanding the support the more active Chinese Malaysians has for change, a great many of them is still indifferent. We can only hope they wake up! It is good to see that bloggers have stopped trying to form their versions of Cabinet when the change comes about, let the elected leaders find a workable solution in the light of the current scenario and emotion of the majority of the voters.

        • Macha says:

          Raj poodah dey Thambi. Are trying to say the Indians can justify what is right and what is wrong. Don’t looked down on your own race. We know who can deliver and who is just talking. HINDRAF helped Pakatan to a trumping victory in 2008 but why Pakatan never bother to help Indians.

          • Mohan says:

            Rais now want Indian votes and is willing to give a RTM TV channels specailly for Indian shows.

            Very desperate indeed.

        • ray says:

          Gopal says, “When truth is so obvious, everyone can see it except the players who stage the show.”

          Are you referring to anwar’s video shows? Ya everyone knows it’s him except himself, family and cronies.

      • Macha says:

        Stupid comment. Can’t even put proper arguments on the topic. Idiot fella

      • paul says:

        Dear Alberto, You should read Rocky bru’s article of yesterday (7/6/2012) you will realise there’s no such on going Court case in France-what’s happening there is exactly whats happening in malaysia, an investigation. except that there in this instance its the court appointed investigator who is a judge, here the MACC is tasked on the same job.. Also, the Corruptors are French (DCNS-Thales). Let’s see is the french investigators want to interview The Prime Minister and his Ministery of Defence people…My bet is they will NOT be interviewed as the documents presented by Suram are based on hearsay

      • ray says:

        al, DS Najib has better things to do in the name of Malaysia’s progress and well-being, than to be side-tracked by nincompoops.

      • Jebat says:

        Alberto,lu ada pigi sekolah ke,I think you must have failed terribly,stich to the subject that ks being discussed.Orang cerita pasal itu cibai Lim bukan itu lancau Lee,haiyahh.

      • Anonymas says:

        Still selling that ‘Mongolia’ story ah?

        So 2008 la bro

      • BFF says:

        You must be one of the 20 officers working the Penang CM office. We were wondering what he needs so many officers for. Now we know. You fellas are there to post out of context remarks in anti CM blogs. Please put your talent to more honourable work. Your salary is paid by taxpayers’ money.

      • A. Matin says:

        Alo apek alberto
        wanna spin no problemo but must relevant to the topic. This is about Penang & the environment. Not Najib or the French connection. Such a narrow minded fool….

  2. Romeo says:

    The Umno-BN government has always been charged of protecting its leaders, ministers and cronies from accusations of corruption, including abuse of power as well as criminal activities.

    The MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) and PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) are manipulated for this purpose.

    This latest episode of the number plate bidding is a classic example of such protection accorded to a cabinet minister. One day he is unable to give a satisfactory explanation to queries on who is paying for the bid, and the next day he confidently says it is free.

    The lapse of time in coming up with a terse explanation and a very contradictory account of the issue clearly reveals a conspiracy of his political masters to protect him.

    • Edwards says:

      Haiya Romeo, why change name from Alberto? One name enough maa

      Macc and Pdrm also name of hills in Penang? And some more, DAP guan eng approved hillside projects but UMNO got blame also maa, haiya….

      Overdone la this DAP trooper’s diversion, spinning and blame game. Errr, you forget to mention Rosmah this time….and her 24 juta rupiah gold ring

    • Anonymas says:

      Cool story bro

  3. 国阵养牛优先 says:


    • dugo says:

      Goggle Translate:-

      The DAP leaders Father and Son Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng have confessed and admitted that they fully supported PTPTN loan. They agree that Anwar was so stupid to promise abolishing the loan scheme.

  4. sissy says:

    bro, i manage to pull this info from Roger (Jackass) Mitton tight anus;

    1. anwar (babi) ibrahim suka main backdoor lelaki dan perempuan, kemut keliling, lebih geli dia kata, confirmed!
    2. anwar (babi) ibrahim dengan pemimpin2 beruk dalam UMNO 2×5
    3. masih ramai lagi pemimpin2 UMNO suka kelentong dalam pilihanraya dan some of them akan terus mengelentong dalam pilihanraya akan dtg (PKR pun sama, 2×5)
    4. sabar bro, ni bukan cite kosong, saya bagi example ….
    5. dulu pada zaman pak lah, ada satu company called precision portal sdn bhd, dok menanag segala direct nego. IT project,
    6. salah satu project yang diaorang menang namanya ekadaster @ JUPEM, nilai RM287Juta,
    7. kos buat project (termasuk some margin) dalam RM125juta je.
    8. yang lebih, separuh masuk akaun “retirement”, hehehehe, separuh lagi digunakan untuk beli undi kat kelantan pada PRU12 (tapi sebab umno kelantan BODOH kalah gak, heheheheh),
    9. berbeg-beg duit CASH diisi dalam bag dan dihantar ke kelantan.
    10. ramai pekerja-pekerja kat precision portal semua tahu, nampak, bukan diaorang nak sorok pun ….
    11. <- blogger mamak ni yang mengaku syed conpem UMNO fella, impartial konon, cit pegidah, pandikutty !!!!!!
    12. ini baru saru example, so Anwar (BABI) Ibrahim is SHIT but UMNO also still full of SHIT HEAD!!!!

    • Godfather says:

      I like to go around the pro-UMNO blogs (like rockybru or Outsyed the Box) to drop what I call “truth bombs”. I talk about corruption, about the scandals like Scorpene, BMFL, Perwaja….the continued spending of money like there is no tomorrow. They have no answers, and then they employ their trolls to try and counter with all sorts of non-relevant accusations. Then, as a last resort, they refuse to publish my comments and rebuttals.

      That’s how UMNO works. They ignore every crime they have committed, and then they try to censor us if they find that the heat is getting unbearable.

      • Aidil Yunus says:

        I would like to go around to all this so called unbiased and fair media like Malaysiakini, TMI and more wait I actually did that but they never published my comments… hmmmm

        • ministerofsin says:

          that’s a good one bro…

        • Zack Kitaro says:

          me too..they never publish my comment….so so Godfather called 2×5….. but did he aware that his comment seems to appear here?…

        • fd says:

          u are abosolutely correct….hmm, when will these dumbasses realize it is all the same, see, umno may be corrupted. afterall, which political organization/gov isn’t….just think realistically. at least the umno ppl realize that and knows for sure, nothing is beautiful. and will never get the promises u got from the always opposition. everywhere in the world, no body is happy with whatever they vote. just look at the things around u, why….thaaat bad is it….

      • Kopi Plus says:

        After drinking the 100+ cans with Najib’s image, we can recycle the cans by 1) crushing the cans in your hands 2) kick it about and crush it with one mighty step 3) put it under the car wheel & crush it 4) use the cans for target practice – bulls eye if it hits Najib’s image.5) emergency urine can if need to go in a traffic jam, 6) a mobile spitton if need to spit out green/ yellow / sireh mucus. Rakyat Malaysia -LET’S RECYCLE NAJIB’S 100PLUS CANS FOR A BETTER & CLEANER MALAYSIA.

        • Azreen says:

          Cannot understand what you are trying to say….tin cans or tin kosong?

          • bourne identity says:

            Kopi Plus means kopi campur Anwar’s semen which this fella likes. Thats why he or she calls himself/herself Kopi Plus… 🙂

        • Macha says:

          Hopefully Anwar and Azmin not to desperate to put their dick into their mouth at the can. No just felt so worried that they will try something funny. Cannot imagine if AA dick stuck at the can drinking holes.

      • akuantiPAKATAN says:

        Truthbombs? What a joke. You fail to comment on subject matters yet you claim you’re dropping “truthbombs”. Oh My English. You’re so typical DAPsters.

    • Anonymas says:

      But when we do the same to LGE and his DAP administration in Penang, whoops gag order! Whoops suddenly newspapers are banned!

      C’mon la, even the thing about his bungalow is still not settled until now. He is just 2×5 as the BN politicians. Wait, no, scratch that. At least BN did perform and kept their promises. So LGE’s even worse.

  5. Rempahman says:

    To whoever 11.09….no translation for PTPTN ka,,?
    This LGE guy favourite is to blame others. Heard there is a scandal involving a certain female, wonder who is he going to blame…his wife..??

    • Daud says:

      I appeal to you to stand up against the unreasonable, corrupt and UMNOPutra Malays. Please stand up for a better Malaysia. We need you now more than ever. Let us all stand together to defeat the unreasonable corrupt UMNOPutra Malays. The future of Malaysia is in your hands. We saw some of you walking with us in 428 / B 3.0. Please continue to stand up and stand forward.

      • dugo says:

        Ya ya ya Daud, marilah kita sama-sama berdiri dan stand up dan walk together for the future of Malaysia.

        Sama-sama lah kita terus menyokong transformasi Kerajaan BN dan menolak hipokrasi Pakatan China Doll.

        Eh, eh saya silap taip kah apek Daud?

        • spy says:

          Pakatan China Doll?
          Thats a fresh one…

          Anyway, is it obvious that PCD is thousand miles ahead in raping the land they are supposed to protect(by their own jargon and ideal what not)?

      • ministerofsin says:

        say what??? boy!!! are you out of ya mind??

      • ray says:

        “We saw some of you walking with us in 428 / B 3.0.” – must be in a scary nightmare.

      • Temujin says:

        Yelah Apek..Umnoputeras are unreasonable and corrupted… if they are unreasonable, how come you Apek n family anak beranak are still here and your family is living in bungalow and drive several BMWs… It does not make sense, kan Apek…

  6. Anonymous says:


    • Yap Dong Zong says:

      Goggle Translate:-

      Anwar Ibrahim has caused enough trouble for this country Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat. Anwar have caused more than 10 issues that were despicible, shameful, disgusting and unbecoming of an opposition leader. Anwar was in the CD video with the china doll, and in the CD video in Thailand, what else he want to hide from the people

  7. sissy says:

    anon 12.07 pm – jgn guna itu babi language lah apek, ta fei kei lor !!!

  8. Aidil Yunus says:

    Calling PIZZA HUT/DOMINO/MCDONALDS Please make sure all lunch delivery to KOMTAR CyberTrooper office are on time.. today we cannot go out for lunch la.. busy spinning.. damn this stop the lies kacau orang punya lunch time

  9. imp says:

    i agree with the issue but not the statement

    ” 250 feet is higher than the Petronas Twin Towers for your information.”

    might be an oversight. please check and correct it.

    • Dave says:

      The Petronas Twin Towers are 1,483 feet. 250 feet would be about the same as a 25 story building. So your facts are a bit off, but so is LGE as they have built on hills taller than 250 feet.

  10. Hantu Laut says:

    I hope you don’t mind I am posting this on my blog with link-back to your blog.Thanks.

  11. Mac David says:

    I use to comment on PR align blog. They keep me out most of the time. Usually if my comment does not suit them. What democracy are they talking about. No evidence, only hearsay, yet they dare make allegation on Najib. What about Anwar & Azmin, when they are with UMNO? They have done nothing wrong? Why do they seems to have a lot of money?

    • Anonymas says:

      lol, same on their facebooks and twitters. So much for freedom of speech. They’d censor everything if they’re in power.

  12. sharifah says:

    Nama betul dia Kim lah …. Kim Guan eng! Aisey!

  13. Joseph says:

    LGE has become very cocky and arrogant. What does he know about Penang? He is not even a Penangite. Half his exco and MPs are non Penangites.

    • TK Wong says:

      You just can’t blame when the Hokkien people said that Penang Pig and Kedah Cow. Hahahahaha. In football we got import players and coach but worst Penang got imported CM and EXCO. Hahahah everyday Asam Laksa that’s why no talent and cannot vote properly.

  14. Surfer-Tweeple says:

    He’s the only one who uses the tweet handle @cmlimguaneng. You don’t see Najib using the handle @pmnajib! Speaks volume of this aksi CM.

  15. Bantung says:

    Kalau kaurang pandai cuba lah tanding jadi Penang punya CM kalau kau rang boleh menang tentang LGE. Kita orang ni pandai komen je. Brapa lama BN pegang Penang, tak banyak buat. DAP baru 4 tahun buat banyak yang baik tapi kamurang ni asyik cari kesalahan saja. Saya nampak kaurang ni cemburu sangat dengan apa yang dia telah buat. Tiada orang perfect di dunia ni. Bagi dia chance lah.

    • Aishah says:

      Kalau kena batang hidung Kau orang alasanya tak semua 100% perfect. Tapi hak orang lain Kau orang FITNAH sampai tak Cukup lubang ye.

    • Well 7 says:

      If that’s how LGE run Penang by blaming the Federal Govt. and the previous govt everytime he faces a problem he doesn’t know how to resolve, I am sure any beggar found in any street of Penang can also be the CM of Penang. Any thing good done by previous govt, he will claimed as done by him. Give RM 100/- to Penang senior citizens also must have a condition that they must be able to vote for him, otherwise no money. Worst still, cannot take criticism and banning certain journalist which he didn’t like. A beggar in Penang road can do a better job. Don’t treat Penang people like fools “Dear Leader” a name given by his ball-carriers.

      • Badrul says:

        I hope UMNO will STOP TARNISHING the NAME OF ISLAM AND MUSLIM like the way TALIBAN or Osama did to the name of ISLAM.
        STOP USING RELIGION to campaign for your wicked desire.

        UMNO do not equal to MUSLIM or Islam, you are NOT GOD and stop behave like “ONE”

        politically corrupted, morally corrupted,……the more you use the name of ISLAM or MUSLIM, you only bring SHAME to the good name and reputation of many REAL MUSLIM.

        • Servant of God says:

          Wei Badut.

          Yang menyalahguna lencana Islam ialah parti pimpinan n. ajis.

          Yang jual kalimah Allah pada orang kafir, yang menyokong orang menyekutu Allah SWT, yang menyokong pemurtad, yang suka hati keluar fatwa, yang dipenuhi ustaz-ustaz instant tanpa tauliah, yang setiap hari keluar fitnah, dan bermacam-macam lagilah.

          Sebut betul-betul… PAS.

          Bukan UMNO.

          Kalau mabuk sangat tuh, pi tido jek. Kan dah membodohkan diri.

        • akuantiPAKATAN says:

          Badrul, your comment should go like this.

          I hope PAS will STOP TARNISHING the NAME OF ISLAM AND MUSLIM like the way TALIBAN or Osama did to the name of ISLAM.
          STOP USING RELIGION to campaign for your wicked desire.

          Tuan Guru do not equal to MUSLIM or Islam, you are NOT GOD and stop behave like “ONE”

          politically corrupted, morally corrupted,……the more you use the name of ISLAM or MUSLIM, you only bring SHAME to the good name and reputation of many REAL MUSLIM.

          Baru kena bukan?

  16. Hj Man says:

    Kabinet Bayangan PR kalau saya Ketua Umum.

    1. Mentor Advisor. – LKY
    2. Mentor Minister. – LKS
    3. Prime Minister. – AI
    Finance Minister – AI
    4. DPM 1. – HA
    Unit Amal Dlm Negeri Minister
    5. DPM 2. – LGE
    CM/MB Senior Minister
    6. DPM 3. – AALi
    Tourism Minister – curi-curi Ais Krim
    7. DPM 4. – GDS
    Law Minister
    8. DPM 5. – Babiga
    Special Sit On Minister
    9. DPM 6. – Mr Jamban
    MisInformation Minister
    10. DPM 7. – YTLi (Sabah)
    Abu Sayyag Minister
    11. DPM 8. – CJM
    Running Dog Minister
    12. Road Minister. – TC
    13. Spirit Minister. – NA

    You all may continue the list or guest who is the person. All post is Deputy Prime Minister with Minister portfolio otherwise there will be infighting

    • akuantiPAKATAN says:

      13. Spirit Minister. – NA.
      Hahahaha… tak boleh tahan la bro. Casper The Friendly Ghost can become the Deputy. Alamak… tak sesuai la, itu Western ghost. Hantu Mak Limah is a better choice.

  17. yo says:

    LGE = Pak Lah Chinese Version~

  18. Anonymas says:

    “On World Environmental Day, two of Penang’s most established NGOs, CAP and SAM, protested against Lim Guan Eng’s policies on hill development.”


    That, made my day. S.M. Idris would have been called ‘UMNO guard dog’ by now.

    And also, I remember when he said that “In Johor, Singaporeans get kidnapped”. lol

  19. sissy says:

    Sunnah of the UMNOs

    perhaps Syed K @ and kekawan of this fake syed kat UMNORIA boleh jadikan kiraan dibawah masuk akal ….. hehehehehehe

    MEMANG PATUT DITUKAR LAIN @ PRU-13, do you expect ppl to vote for you again !!!


    Kakitangan Felda layak terima saham 2.5 peratus – Ahmad Maslan

    KUALA TERENGGANU 10 Jun – Kakitangan Felda layak menerima saham 2.5 peratus hasil penyenaraian Felda Global Ventures Holding (FGVH) di Bursa Malaysia, kata Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Ahmad Maslan.

    Menurut Ahmad pemberian itu wajar dilakukan setelah mengambil kira beberapa faktor yang dianalisa secara mendalam oleh Felda tanpa mengabaikan nasib mana-mana pihak.

    “Kakitangan dan peneroka Felda masing-masing menerima saham sebanyak 2.5 peratus, namun disebabkan bilangan peneroka lebih ramai berbanding kakitangan, agihan saham yang diterima peneroka kelihatan lebih kecil berbanding kakitangan.

    “Kita mempunyai 112,635 peneroka di seluruh negara manakala bilangan kakitangan hanya 23,000 orang,” katanya kepada pemberita dalam sidang akhbar selepas menyampaikan Seminar Pemahaman Wasatiyyah dan Gagasan 1Malaysia di Wisma Darul Iman di sini hari ini. – BERNAMA

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