Anwar – You are an Incredible Smooth Talker! Salute!

Even his own face cannot decide if he is smiling or frowning...

We have got to salute Anwar Ibrahim for his ability to convince his listeners. He makes a good salesman. He can sell a fridge to the Eskimos, as they say. He was caught on video having sex, watched by millions and they believed it when he said that he isn’t the man. Salute lah, bro Anwar.

His wife and daughters are still standing behind and next to him. We are not sure whether they believe him but the fact that they are prepared to be still with him is also incredible. Most wives would have filed the divorce papers. But not with bro Anwar, the smooth operator.

So in 2008, he announced that his Pakatan Rakyat government would form the new government by encouraging defections.

Many believed him. Many believed the BN government would collapse with many Sabah MPs eyed with suspicions.  He can encourage defections and millions would not blame him. In fact, it was Anwar who started getting a Perak BN Adun to defect. Yet, no one blamed him but when the BN retaliated, the BN was blamed.

So now, he is telling his listeners he would win the coming general election comfortably. He is now telling his listeners that there must be a smooth transition of power handing over.

But wait a minute! The electoral roll is supposed to be flawed, the BN is supposed to plan to cheat, so how could the Pakatan Rakyat be winning?  Oh that line is supposed to come when the BN wins.

If BN wins, it means cheating. If PR wins, the rolls are clean. PR has also won in FT, Penang, Kelantan, Selangor and Kedah.

You removed the crosses from all the mission schools as Education Minister and the churches/Christians think you are the Saviour now! You tried to close down the Chinese schools and the DAP now tell their racist listeners that you are the greatest Malay leader.

During the financial crisis, you wanted the IMF to come in and you wanted to increase the interest loans, you almost kill all the Chinese businessmen, until Dr Mahathir stopped you, but many Tan Sri and Datuk Chinesemen, who benefited, are now hero worshiping you!

You delivered khutbah in mosques, showing off your Arabic and acting religiously but you love to screw China Dolls and Thai women, and yet many Muslims still think you are Super Holy! You got to be incredible lah.

Well, if Anwar sees a red and says it is blue, his brain fried supporters will believe him. If he says jump, they will jump.  Good luck Malaysia!

We can be sure Anwar will ask his supporters to go to the streets when the results showed that the majority of Malaysians prefer to stick to the BN.

Bro, we know your script well. But your supporters from PKR, PAS and DAP will buy the excuses that you will give.

You can count on Malaysiakini, Ong Kian Meng and Merdeka Center to do the propaganda for you.

Gua Caya Lu lah bro Anwar. Memang hebat!

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35 Responses to Anwar – You are an Incredible Smooth Talker! Salute!

  1. rico says:

    Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon…

    • Ali Sobri says:

      Whose right hand and whose left hand is the accidental mca video star talking about? This guy talked like the samseng MB from Jibbie home state. That fellow was trying to justify the high bidding for another “special number plate” by the state government some time back claiming that its the money from the state government to another government department, JPJ, the so-called “left hand to right hand.” In this case Liau Dont Lie just happened to be the little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. It doen’t matter whether its his right hand or left hand. The main point is the bidding exercise of “special numbers” by the JPJ is one way for the government to earn extra revenue from those “egoistic and vain” members of the public who could afford and are willing to pay for the so-called special numbers. The MCA Minister of Transport has been making a lot of hoohaas about the revenue generated from this bidding exercise before the “successful bidders” were announced. Now if that 24K is actually from another “hand”, it means that the total amount collected by JPJ is being shortchanged. There would be actual revenue income if its from member of the public, whether VVVVIPs or ordinary rich folks. Looking from another angle, someone has been pilfering from the kitty bank of the government coffer, no matter it’s with the right hand or left hand. Would MACC care to take a look at all these pilferage and leakage? Or this is the practice of “you help me I help you” so there would no case? BTW PEN15 may be a good number for him. 15 seems to be his favourite though he “hedged” this because he seems to mention about his grandfather was once having that “special number”. For all we know, this guy is actually paying for the number and the amount is within his capability to pay. He could actually justify that “all the past accumulated total income” could afford him for that little vanity and egoistic craving. But apparently in this time of the days that is just “politically incorrect” showoff. Now his dilemma is how to get his one hand out of the cookie jar without letting go all the cookies in his hand.

      • Ahmad Yatim says:

        PEN15 may be good for him yeah….and PUK1 perfectly matched for YB.ABI?…..boleh apek Ali Sobri?

        BAB1 already owned by a Chinese actress, do you know that apek? Maybe Brader ABI interested too.

  2. Shirly says:

    Anwar plays poker. Many Malaysians were fooled when he said that Putrajaya was going to fall in the hands of Pakatan on Sept 16, 2008. Can we trust a person who has cried wolf for so many times.

    • Ccscsc says:

      Just how did the lawatan sambil belajar to Taiwan go?

    • bourne identity says:

      i think you spelled wronglah…its not poker but puki. Anyone’s puki as long as it is a puki or looks like a puki including puki tahi :-))))

  3. Azman Ali says:

    I would not trust him with my wife or worse still my boys to be around him

  4. nik says:

    my vote still persist for PR

  5. Lan says:

    Where’s your OMEGA watch?

    Oppss… Azizah is having it.!


    • Tipah says:

      Saya confirm Belalai Bengkok tu si Nuar punya. Jijah pakai belalai tapi tak tau beza. Pakai gasak je kot

      • Yusoff Aw says:

        New SOP for the police to recognise culprits..

        1. Check the belly sama tak? Kalau sama, goto 2 otherwise release
        2 Check belalai, sama tak? Kalau sama, goto 3 otherwise release
        3. Check the face, sama tak? Kalau sama, goto 4 otherwise release
        4. Check the DNA, after asking permission from the culprit..No permission, release

  6. ray says:

    Actually most people believed the faded video porn star is anwar himself. The pakatan members also knows he’s a cheat, a liar, a fake and an unfit husband, father etc. He was also convicted for sodomy, power abuse and corruption. He’s also been proven time and time again to deliver EMPTY promises.

    But his coalition partners needed him for political inroads. The only saving factor is his deep-pocketed financial sponsors.

    There are people who will do almost anything for money.

    • Well 7 says:

      Don’t think that DAP and PAS are so stupid. They know what is happening. They wanted to make full use of him and his funds to gain power, then expose him and kick him out. It is just a struggling game of dirty politic going on.

  7. akuantiPAKATAN says:

    Once I believe he is clean. I believe Tun M framed him. I believe he will be the next PM. But that was a long long time ago. After his good friends and supporters in PKR left him for good, I don’t believe him anymore. I remember watching a video “how to know if Anwar is telling the truth or if he’s lying”. He said if Anwar touches his head or hair then he’s telling the truth but be careful, he’s lying the moment he speaks.

    • Anon Johorean says:

      It is not coincident that I felt the same way about Anwar all these years.

      I felt like knocking my head on the wall for being deceived by Anwar during his ‘stint’ in BN.

      Now I feel he is more dangerous to the stability of the country when compared with the now-defunct CPM (Communist Party of Malaya).

  8. Ernie says:

    I will remember Anwar, among others, as the man who has caused racial divide that was once negligible, to widen that I weep for this beloved land. He is a destructive narcissist and only has his own interest at heart! And yet there are people who worship and idolize him!!? (I am not talking about the opportunistic “kawan pura-pura” type).
    Am I missing something here? Why some want him as a leader is beyond comprehension.

    • Well 7 says:

      Simple reasoning. His wife said he is god-send. Nik Aziz asked others to kiss his feet and asked for forgiveness to go to heaven. Teresa Cocky manipulated the churches to support him. DAP already appointed him as the PM. Of course there will be supporters but remember there are also many who hated him like hell and hoped he will go there for all the sins he had committed. Those who supported him will always think he will and cannot do any wrong as he was god send just like Jesus. Enough said as when it comes to religion, I do not want to commend further as I might hurt someone.

  9. peterlotf says:

    Yong Teck Lee was the casualty of his 916 bluff. Now must be kow beh kow bu for pulling out from BN .

  10. Hj Man says:

    Walau apa pun Anwar buat Allah takkan makbulkan hajatnya untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Bala dan Musibah Akan diturunkan nanti.

  11. Bruce Fam says:

    When Anwar was sacked by Mahatiar when he try to overthrow him, Anwar immediately launched street protest & reformasi, was arrested for sodomy1 and corruption. Later the famous “black eye” which is the symbol of PKR. At that time many sympathised with him and his popularity soared. However over the last few years after PAKATAN won 5 states, many evidence such as 1) Sodomy2 2) Video & his famous Rolex watch 3) Damaging exposure from his buddy like Nalla 4) Bersih 3 subtle hand gesture & subsequent pathetic press conference 5) Famous 916 lies 6) Azmin Ali, his closest ally & allegation & affairs have proved beyond any doubt that Anwar is not a trust worthy leader and in my book he is written off long ago. As long as PAKATAN is led by him, it is not going to make inroads to real reforms, but on contrary lead to total chaos for Malaysia. I beleive the silent majority of Malaysia knows this and will act accordingly in GE-13.

  12. Toni W says:

    Hmmm.. put Anwar side by side with Salman Rushdie and Satan… You will find something similar and very disturbing …They look very similar.. Scary

  13. Dr Lee says:

    He is good but he is not God

  14. lee bodoh says:

    he is good at butt fucking …. hehehehehe

  15. lee bodoh says:

    dr. lee manyak siok kena butt fuck kah !!!!! hehehehhehehe

    • Well 7 says:

      lee bodoh,
      Dr. Lee is just giving his opinion. Of course you can disagree with him and ask him for his reasoning but not butt fucking him lah. If you go around butt fucking everybody, who is going to give differring opinions and in the end this column by Stop the Lies will be very dull. Relax..lah bro’..

  16. lee bodoh says:

    dr lee will “ta fei kei” everytime he thinks of brader BABI before sleep …… hehehehe

  17. lee bodoh says:

    dr “ta fei kei” man man lor ….

  18. Lucifer says:

    Young kids must be taught to recite Aa’uu zubillahi minas Anwar nirajim.

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