Free Sarawak or is it Free Sex Peter John Jamban?

Free Sarawak Radio presenter Peter John Jaban projects himself as a righteous defender of human rights. He proclaims himself to be a God fearing man who never misses Sunday mass in church.  To his friends in Pakatan Rakyat, he is the man that the Sarawak people deserve.

Well, John Jaban – who has admitted that he staged his own abduction – is hardly the kind of person the people of Sarawak would want to have after they have seen his pictures. He is, of course, closely linked to Anwar Ibrahim.

After all, they all lead the same kind of decadent lifestyle. Azmin Ali is no different, so why should John Jaban be any different.

Blogger Benchmark has posted some fantastic pictures of this free sex animal to show what a scum he is. There is also a picture to show he is closely linked to Anwar.

But the blogger has also made some serious allegations against John Jaban – saying this self-proclaimed family man has married seven times and produced 23 children.

He could have also fathered 10 illegitimate children out of wedlock.

He is said to have operated an illegal pub in Kuching – perhaps that explains the compromising pictures with some budget travelers.  He is certainly a real party animal.

He also calls himself Papa Orang Utan on air. Free Sarawak? Forget it. Free sex is more like it.

We wish to congratulate blogger Benchmark for exposing hypocrites like Peter John Jaban. Watch this space for more expose.

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28 Responses to Free Sarawak or is it Free Sex Peter John Jamban?

  1. dcruins says:

    That’s what u get when u let “free wills” roaming without preventive measures……i wonder which mass he attended each weekend, free wills church mass perhaps???…..

  2. Anonymas says:


    is for Decadence!!

  3. bourne identity says:

    should call him peter john jamban instead of jaban…

  4. Rajan says:

    so, if a man takes pictures with so many ladies, does that mean he is engaging in free sex? COme on lar…Nazir’s son’s pictures are all over with so many ladies. Does that mean he engages in freesex? Don’t make baseless assumptions. I am getting to enjoy your postings until of late. If you are the paid cyberblogger, go sign up for an english class. Your content is full of grammatical errors…just like the writer himself

    • Macha says:

      Dey Thambi poodah. This Jamban fella going around telling people how bad is others and trying to portray how good he was. But how can he be a good Christian it clearly show otherwise. How to right people when you have so much wrong. This Jamban fella plan his own abduction. Just like Anwarstyle.

  5. Akmal says:

    wow. that was totally unexpected bro. holy shit this is hilarious hahaha

  6. Teh Chee Seng says:

    If you have the people and resources to do some spy work, you may find that some DAP leaders are decadent too…

  7. TK Wong says:

    He look like a Gigolo or a Bapak Ayam to me

  8. Well 7 says:

    Why you people do this to him? He is very holy one, loves his wife very much, very family man one. Why all the pictures? Only looks like him-lah but not him. Why you people jealous kah? Play with girls same same like, where got offence. People play backside , play play with prostitute, also you all put up pictures and video. People give ice-cream in toilet also you people disturb. People play play with special secretary, wife found out also you people put out pictures. Aiyah, pictures where can be evidence. Not human lah only paper mah. Paper got no life, cannot walk , how to talk in court. These people you all put pictures, all very good one , never do bad things one, only enjoy themselves where got hurt you. Your backside ah? Your sister ah? Your mouth ah? Your girlfriend ah? All god-send one, will only go to heaven . You can ask Nik Aziz mah…

  9. sebun says:

    ada gambarn dia main bontot dengan anwar ka? dia memang kuat minum dan kuat sex

  10. funniman says:

    This what we called: “When the SHIT hits the fan…”

    It is okie if you said you are a party animal, you had many gals, you are a greatest lover on earth and even if you loved ice cream. But it is very wrong at least morally to try to portray that you are a freedom fighter, a kinda saviour for your people and you are a good man…when essentially you are a bad example.

    Great work, Benchmark!! Any more damming pictures?

  11. ED says:

    He is flashing his middle finger??? or is it a ‘come get me’ sign of invitation for his Ketua Umum?
    I am a Christian, and i do not believe that a Christian’s life should be portrayed this way. And i thisk this fellow is a freedom fighter indeed, freedom for free sex, sleep with anyone’s wife, ass-banging and free ice creams as you wish..

  12. Azila Che Mat says:

    Despite the lack of spirituality in the Islam practised in UMNO/BN and the hypocrisy with which the leadership practise Islam, these hard line Muslims are still pushing
    hard line policies on the administrative front of government. The
    politicians and leadership (at most levels) have drained the Islam in
    Malaysia of spiritualism (i.e. obedience to Allah) leaving only its rituals
    which become meaningless without its spirituality. To be a Muslim has become
    a status symbol for these politicians and therefore empty of any meaningful
    content. How can one offer prayers to Allah not in worship and abject
    humility but to pray for political success and great obscene wealth? How can
    kenduris where prayers are held to Allah be doubled up as a platform for
    political recruitment? How can they claim to be practising Islam truly if
    they take money while they are in positions of trust? For myself, with
    Malaysia being found so lacking in the perception of corruption index of
    Transparency International year after year, I would be embarrassed to tout
    ourselves as an Islamic state. What does that say about the practice of
    Islam in this country when most of the organs of government (where most
    significant instances of corruption take place) are dominated by the Malay

    • ray says:

      The only Che Mat I know is Khairul Fahmi Che Mat (born 7 January 1989 in Kota Bharu, Kelantan) is a Malaysian goalkeeper currently playing for Kelantan FA in Malaysia Super League and the Malaysia national football team. He is also a member of Malaysia national, Malaysia U-23 and former Malaysia U-20 squad.

      P.S. Why not do a research paper on the Islam practised by PAS and PKR? They promote hotel counselling for other people’s troubled wives.

    • Korean Fan says:

      I agree that there is some truth into it. But the problem is not with UMNO, but it is with the Malay in general.

      In my opinion, UMNO (and the majority) version of Islam is more of Islam adat, which blends the Malay culture with Islamic values. Some are fine, but some turned out to be totally mess where the adats that contradict actual Islamic values become more superior and result in a lot of confusion.

      The PAS version of Islam, in my opinion is more conservative in nature and closer to Islamic values, if we care to evaluate it objectively. But the real problem with PAS is the politicians and the followers who are going against all the teachings of Islam to gain political mileage. In the end, PAS is just like a political party where Islam is just a political tool to gain support from people who can be easily con when religious is use as a premise of argument.

      • Anonymous says:

        More islamic mean more arabs wanabees?

        • Korean Fan says:

          Arab wanabees is not only a problem of PAS, it is in many Malays’ blood, whether they are PAS or UMNO. It is a common norm that people dress like Arab tend to look more religious. This is the public perception which take years to develop. Politician of PAS capitalize on this perception to the max as they understood that the general Malay population always look upon dress.

          I have been in Saudi for quite some time. What I observed is that the Pakistani and the Indian Muslim has very low tendency to dress like Arab. The prefer to dress in their traditional dress.

          But as for Malaysian, if their flight landed in the morning, in the night they already put on Arab dress.

  13. moko says:

    Hell yeah….I think you need more than a few rounds of tuak to even start to like that face enough to take a pic with ….muaahahaaa.

  14. Profesor K3 says:

    Malaysians’ joy in having the ISA and four emergency declarations abolished were short-lived. Najib in enacting SOSMA retained the power for arbitrary arrest. He swapped detention without trial under the ISA to detention without a proper trial under SOSMA.

    Under SOSMA, the police have powers to arrest and detain any person whom they have reason to believe is involved in security offences for 28 days. The person detained is not entitled to challenge the legality of the detention. The definition of “security offence” is broadly and vaguely defined. It includes “activity which is detrimental to parliamentary democracy”. This may make those holding demonstrations for or against certain legislation to be committing a security offence. SOSMA allows the police to gather information in violation of privacy laws, statements from dead persons or persons that cannot be found to be admitted as evidence, to secure a conviction by lowering the standard of proof and creates a court procedure that does not meet the requirements of a fair trial. The Act allows the accused to be detained pending appeal even after the High Court has acquitted the accused. SOSMA is an affront to due process. It is a degradation of the rule of law and a return to the rule of men.

    There is no adequate provision in SOSMA to prevent the authorities abusing the powers of arbitrary arrest and detention. Dato Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department admitted in Parliament:-

    “…the then Deputy Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak had promised in 1960 that the ISA will only be used against communists but it was not the case all the time.”[3]

    Malaysians know the draconian powers of the ISA were used to stifle political dissent, silence critics, suppress the opposition, prevent public debate on important issues and to instill fear amongst the populace. Malaysians know those incarcerated under the ISA posed a threat not to the security of the nation but the security of the nation’s political masters. The 109 detained in 1987 under “Operation Lalang”, the Hindraf leaders after 2008, Seputih MP Teresa Kok, Sin Chew reporter Tan Cheng Hoon, Sungai Siput MP Dr Michael Jayakumar and the 23 PSM members for Bersih 2.0 had nothing to do with national security and everything to do with politics.

    Nazri claims the provision in SOSMA that no person shall be detained because of his political beliefs shows the Government’s sincerity not to abuse the powers of detention. However, the provision is inadequate and impotent to stop the police abusing their powers to arrest and detain persons “whom they believe is involved in security offences”. It takes very little for the police to have reasons to believe that opposition leaders and human right activists are “waging war” and it will not take much for them to believe they are “involved in security offences”.

    The recent police statements that Bersih 3.0 participants intended to cause death and are Marxists show the police’s propensity to believe in the slightest pretext has not been curbed.

    The police charging Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali, Chegu Bard and KEADILAN members under the Peaceful Assembly Act, the government’s suit against Ambiga and Bersih 3.0 organizers for damages, the police allowing beef burger stalls in front of Ambiga’s house, desecrating her as a Hindu and permitting butt dancing insulting her as a woman, do not instill public confidence that UMNO/BN will not manipulate and use the laws for their own ends.

    The police have also allowed thugs and goons to heckle speakers and harass those attending Pakatan Rakyat rallies. In the recent Lembah Pantai rally, bricks and stones were thrown into the crowd injuring innocent members of the public. The police did not stop this violence. In preventing the public from making an informed decision as to whom they wish to vote, the people’s fundamental democratic rights have been violated. The Prime Minister has not spoken against nor taken action to stop these violations. By his silence he condones them. This can never be the conduct of one who truly believes in reform and champions democracy.

    Najib has retained the tools of oppression under SOSMA. Even Nazri dare not give parliament an assurance that a Prime Minister will not use the powers for his personal advantage. Najib has retained his mentor’s medicine, only the label is changed. The climate of fear continues.

    • akuantiPAKATAN says:

      Errr… prof K3 (kangkong x 3). I think you’re in the wrong class. We’re discussing about John Jamban not ISA, SOSMA, sos cili, Najib or Altantuya.

    • Well 7 says:

      Professor K3,
      You should be a lecturer in Pakatan School of Brainwashing and Issues Manufacturing, Twisting and Churning. They will pay you very well, maybe offer you a senior party post without any party election. Good luck. Minister quality.

  15. dcruins says:

    maybe he attend those “Do what thou wilt,Shall be the whole law” kind of mass every week perhaps……

  16. masing says:

    John is my hero!!!

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