MalaysiaKini – Pakatan Rakyat’s Propaganda Arm

It’s about time that Malaysiakini stops pretending to be part of the media and admit that it is a propaganda machine for Pakatan Rakyat. Definitely not the free media as it claims to be.

Anyone who has been into the portal the last few years knows that Malaysiakini has actively campaigned for Pakatan. That is okay actually. It’s their right to take sides. Just don’t claim to be free and fair, and condemn the mainstream media as biased, one sided and controlled.

The news there is not only 90% about Pakatan, the slant and the spin is ridiculously anti BN. In fact, its CEP Pramesh Chandra openly tweets against the BN. Negative news about Pakatan does not see light of day but negative news about Najib and Umno and BN, in that order, are given big play up.

So if you are a reader of Malaysiakini, you will think that 80% of Malaysians support Bersih, Ambiga is a saint sent down to save Malaysia from unfair and unfree elections, Najib and his wife are murderers, everyone in Umno is stupid and corrupt, and Anwar Ibrahim is God’s gift to mankind and Nurul Izzah should be PM. And Malaysiakini is the only unbiased media in the country.

Everyone hates Utusan Malaysia but the truth is that Malaysiakini is Pakatan’s version of Utusan. It is unshamedly pro Pakatan, it has no qualms about twisting stories about the BN and when they are wrong, they quickly pull out the story and behave like it never existed. Can you blame the Umno people if they hate Malaysiakini the way the Chinese hate Utusan?

Their columnists do not even pretend to be professional. They write as though they are card carrying members of DAP, PKR or PAS.

One columnist Dean Johns is a Mat Salleh who writes from Australia where he claims he teaches writing and mentors writers.

May God help them because he writes like he is on drugs, using wild language and making even wilder allegations.

For him, political writing and fiction is the same thing. Yet he is a top columnist in Malaysiakini. They must be paying him with ganja leaves.

Another columnist Josh Hong leads demonstrations on behalf of Pakatan. He was the ring leader together with Wong Chin Huat in a demo in the Twin towers but the coward wore a handkerchief over his face. His favourite topic – anything that is anti-government.

We like to read critical stuff about the government too but not from people who spew hatred, rant and rave and do not bother to do any research and who base their writing on their hatred.

Then there is Mariam Mokhtar, a first class Malay apologist on behalf of the DAP. Always eager to attack the Malays as incompetent, corrupt, lazy. Mariam, your English is better than that stupid white guy from down under, you do not need to stoop so low like him to please your audience. Some intellectual honesty, please.

As for KJ John, he is an academic who is looking for his share of fame and who obviously is not spending enough time on his students’ welfare.

People say he is also anti-government in an inconsequential way but most of us have never been able to finish reading what he writes – he is utterly boring – that we cannot really comment. So we shall not pass judgment on him.

But Mr John, if people are not really reading you, maybe you should give up the space to some who has more consequential stuff to say?  Like Ong Kian Ming? Both teaches at USCI.

Which brings us to Ong Kian Ming. He is not a columnist but he writes sometimes for Malaysiakini especially during by-elections and he is more often wrong than right. He gets consultancy work from the Selangor government, so we cannot blame him for being a spokesman for Pakatan.

We could go on about the Pakatan cronies in Malaysiakini but that’s all for now, folks. Watch this space for more…

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61 Responses to MalaysiaKini – Pakatan Rakyat’s Propaganda Arm

  1. Jeffrey Din says:

    It is damn clear that Malaysiakini is anti BN. It is a bloody biased news site. Malaysia Chronicle is run by a former Msiakini staff who was sacked. It’s financed by Tian Chua. A bunch of snakes are running these two sites.

    • Abduh says:

      Being anti BN or any other political entity is just a natural thing to be in Malaysian or universal politic. I’m UMNO/BN and no beef with that.
      The RAW lying and the intellectuals (supposedly) highly educated followers that believe in the RAW lies stumped me. Something must be wrong with the teachers who taught comprehensions in schools and for that matter universities in our Malaysia.
      FYI everyone in Malaysia Kini were students of The Goebbel’s Propaganda Center Of Excellent Lying.
      Professor Serba Tahu

      • Anonymas says:

        And they’re the ones claiming FREE AND INDEPENDENT PRESS.

        Wake up, you’re not free and independent when you’re a mouthpiece. And PR’s constant ‘Gag order’ doesnt help either. look at what happened to RPK. the moment he touched on Anwar, he got booted out.

        Free….freee….like Selangor free water? Nope. There’s always a catch.

    • Jamri says:

      Thank goodness Malaysiakini is not anoteh BN mouthpiece.

  2. Riduan says:

    Penipu Rakyat, mana ada Pakatan Rakyat. Berpakat tipu rakyat kot?

    • anon9 says:

      pakat means conspire(to deceive)

      barisan means line up (to cooperate and work together)

    • Muruku says:

      UMNO masuk kampung orang Melayu dan berkata PAS kuda tunggangan DAP manakala MCA masuk kampung baru Cina dan berkata DAP kuda tunggangan PAS. Sekarang masalahnya ‘siapa tunggang siapa’? Jawapannya, dalam Pakatan Rakyat tidak ada siapa yang tunggang siapa. Setiap parti dalam Pakatan Rakyat mempunyai prinsip perjuangannya yang tersendiri. Tetapi, ketiga-tiga parti PAS, DAP dan PKR menaiki landasan yang sama untuk membawa kebajikan dan keadilan kepada rakyat serta menyelamatkan Malaysia daripada kronisme, nepotisme dan korupsi. Tidak ada ruang untuk mana-mana parti untuk tunggang parti lain seperti mana yang didakwa oleh Barisan Nasional.

      Barisan Nasional tidak ada modal yang mantap untuk kempen pilihanraya kali ini. Meraka sudah tercicir daripada landasan perjuangan untuk membela rakyat jelata. Tambahan pula, Barisan Nasional telah hilang hala tuju. Setiap hari sokongan rakyat semakin terhakis kepada Barisan Nasional. Tindak-tanduk Barisan Nasional yang menggalakkan budaya samseng dan fitnah yang berterusan juga melemahkan lagi kedudukannya.

      Akhirnya, Barisan Nasional mencaturkan taktik kotor untuk menuduh PAS kuda DAP di satu tempat dan DAP kuda PAS di tempat yang lain. Walau bagaimanapun rakyat Malaysia lebih pintar dan tidak mudah terpedaya dengan fitnah dan tipu muslihat Barisan Nasional. Sentimen perkauman sengaja diungkitkan untuk meraih undi daripada kumpulan sasaran mereka.

      Tohmahan Barisan Nasional terhadap DAP dan PAS adalah tidak berasas. Tetapi, jelas sekali dan tidak boleh dinafikan oleh mana-mana pihak bahawa MCA dan MIC merupakan kuda tunggangan UMNO sejak merdeka sehingga ke hari ini. Budaya ‘Pak Angguk’ telah diajar oleh UMNO kepada MCA dan MIC. Jangan lawan ‘Tau Ke’ jika terus mahu kekal dalam kedudukan politik dan jawatan-jawatan yang dipegang oleh mereka. Oleh yang demikian, polisi ‘yes boss’ ini telah terpahat dalam semua pemimin-pemimpin MCA dan MIC sehingga hari ini.

      Sebagai kesimpulan tradisi naik kuda ini adalah merupakan amalan parti-parti politik dalam komponen Barisan Nasional. Jangan membawa budaya itu untuk dibandingkan dengan parti-parti politik Pakatan Rakyat yang berdiri sama tinggi, duduk sama rendah.

      • bourne identity says:

        tradisi kongkek ikut belakang pulak…..siapa Raja dia? Anwar Al JUBURI LAH….
        tradisi kafirkan orang islam sendiri pulak…siapa mullah dia? Nik Aziz Nyanyuklah….
        tradisi anti melayu xselama2nya pulak..siapa maharaja nya? Keluarga Lim Kit Sial tu lah….
        Yang ini pulak kamu tak nampak? Mata kamu penuh ngan tahi ke?#kah kah kah

      • tatz says:

        Ayo!! Mr. Muruku- apa ni lu tulis, lu kasi baca balik dan kasi cek ada betul ka semua lu cakap. Kasi tau sama gua itu PKR sapa punya parti, itu DAP sapa punya parti, itu PAS/PIS itu sapa punya parti.
        sebab gua ingat itu PKR itu Anwar anak beranak dan kawan2 kongsi bini punya. Itu DAP LIM anak beranak punya, lain orang tak bolih lawan sama dia orang. PAS/PIS itu Nik Ajis punya, mana orang lain bolih lawan sama dia- nanti tak bolih masuk surga

  3. Suzy68 says:

    Ong Kian Meng – dont pretend to be a scholar lah. You are in the DAP think tank, so stop pretending to be an academic. You should be sacked from your university together with that KJ John.

  4. Anonymas says:

    Anything that is negative to PR, are all slapped with ‘UMNO/BN’ label even if it involves NGOs or independent MPs.

    They see things in black and white, but the truth is there are shades of gray.

  5. allmall says:

    Please make serious observation on BFM radio. Another bloody anti-government operator. And it is amazing their programs are sponsored by GLC.

    • ergo says:

      in BFM, my observation is that the anti-government slant is more pronounced among the mat-salleh DJs, while the local seems to “try” to keep it professional.

      • bourne identity says:

        thats what brother Anwar Al Jubur wants…SELL..SELL…SELL and SELL Malaysia to the mat sallehs.#I think one of the mat sallehs have taruh Anwar from behind and he likes it kot?

  6. Aidil Yunus says:

    admin please send me an email, i need to send you something about tmi

  7. Islander says:

    They began in a good way. I think they believed in something. But along the way, they got infected by the Sept 16 disease. They started to believe their propaganda that PR is going to be the next government. They crossed over to the other side. Fine, that’s their democratic right. But not to invent stories, make up wicked stuff about Umno, supress negative stuff about PR and Anwar and cmlimguaneng. That is not what free media is about. A so called free media that censors. Wrong, wrong wrong!

    • Well 7 says:

      Islander, It is not, on the way, they start to believe in PR, it is on the way, certain dirty politicians bought them over and used them as their propangandist. Why of course they need money to survive and they have the right to write for anybody but they started to call themselves very very neutral and some claimed to be NGOs but they acted otherwise by twisting and spurning issues for their masters. When they have done well, of course their masters will pay them more and even promise them certain post if they get to Putrajaya but they must keep on lying and brainwashing the people. If at anytime they realised their mistake and wanted to turn back, they will be branded as being bought over by UMNO and Barisan. This is the standard order. They have been turned into rotten, shameless mercenaries not by choice but by their greed. These type of people are always ashamed of their shadows and will always cursed themselves to sleep.

  8. tan joo bok says:

    nothing to comment specifically, just a bit on grammar…. It is time/high time/about time…….must be followed by the Simple Past tense, not the present ………most ppl make mistakes here. Tengkiu.

  9. BFF says:

    Err Mr Tan, this blog is not about Mind Your English. Maybe you have strayed beyond your domain. Have a nice day.

  10. Charles F. Moreira says:

    In reality, there are very few truly independent media anywhere, since the editorial policies and slant of a media organisation depends upon the political inclinations of its owners, sponsors, financiers and advertisers.

    Sometimes too, their political slant is to differentiate themselves from the competition through a marketing strategy which targets a particular type of reader, much like products and services are designed to address certain types of customers.

    For example, in the U.K. in the 1970s, papers such as The Guardian and the Daily Mirror tended towards Labour Party supporters, while The Times, the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and others tended towards Conservative Party supporters.

    Even a non-political technology publication won’t publish something critical about its key advertisers, while it can be critical about others until they buy and ad, so there’s no real media freedom unless someone runs their own blog but then again, once the ads come in, independence, like virginity is lost.

    The only value of press freedom, even in the liberal democracies, is that one has access to many different positions to independently arrive at one’s own conclusions.

    However, journalists can’t expect to be able to write whatever they want in a particular publication and if they find their inclinations too restricted in one, their only choice is to join another which better fits their inclinations.

    • ray says:

      Ya ya … so much for your theory. Bottomline for any journalist is INTEGRITY – the dissemination of news-worthy articles for the masses must be based strictly on the truth.

      To claim the they are targetting a certain particular type of reader, therefore their “slant” is justifiable is pure HOGWASH. In all news reporting, “honesty is the best policy”.

      If you are writing to explain the features of cars aimed at car purchasers, your writing should focus on technical aspects. That is integrity. But if Lexus manufacturer pays you to praise their brand skyhigh, even though it is not true, then that is NOTjustifiable.

      That charlie dear, is sheer SPINNING, hence lying, cheating, manipulating – zero integrity.

      • Charles F. Moreira says:

        Have you ever worked as a journalist, Ray?

        In an ideal world, you’re right but what if the editor suppresses or heavily edits reports which go against the publication’s editorial policy?

        That my dear is what many journalists with integrity face in many publications, including what I have faced many times in my career as a journalist.

        Unfortunately, the journalist gets the blame, since what people read is not their original draft but the edited version. Their only option is to request that their byline not be used.

        And yes, automotive, computer, phone and other specialised magazines do regulate what journalist can say about a product reviewed or featured and more so if the product is from a major advertiser and more so if it’s a small publication such as a magazine which has a small number of advertisers compared to a newspaper.

        I’ve often wanted to write that a product I’ve reviewed is “a piece of absolute rubbish which is fit for the dustbin” but can’t because that product is by a major advertiser.

        Do you think going freelance is a way out?

        Well, freelance journalists who depend on their clients for their ricebowl are least likely to write anything negative about their client and may be forced by necessity to accept any client, even one they despise in private.

        Do you think that writing for an alternative publication is the answer?

        Well think again. Journalists there will most likely not be allowed to write anything too positive about the BN or too critical of the opposition, even if they have a valid point.

        It’s not the journalist but the editor who is the gatekeeper of what is published and the editor is accountable to the owner of the publication. That’s the bottom line.

        My former editor dared to defy top management by not publishing an article about a company which he felt was not being truthful about a service it had claimed to have launched. That company was a major advertiser and my editor was kicked upstairs so to speak, then sidelined for several years in some obscure part of the company till he resigned.

        That buddy is the reality of the media world, not the ideal version in your mind.

        • ray says:

          So money talks eh? Are you willing to break your journalistic ricebowl to stand up for integrity? That Charlie is the ‘soalan cepumas’.

          The main point is this – Malaysiakini must never PRETEND to be “free and fair, and condemn the mainstream media as biased, one sided and controlled.”

          If you are paid to SPIN knowingly then you are part of the cheating team. You can always work as a padi farmer or a fish rearer. Clean souls, dearie.

  11. AryaStark says:

    Malaysiakini makes the US’s tabloid National Enquirer look intellectual.

  12. ray says:

    Mkini is more like the propaganda machinery for pakatan. I remember reading about a neighbour’s media and IT personnel being involved in elections campaign as well as providing logistics support to pakatan.

    Not sure how this can be ascertained and proven. Even Channel News Asia was quickly set up after Tun Dr Mahathir commented about the foreign news agencies being biased against Malaysia. He also mentioned about having news about Asia being reported by Asians.

    Then out of the blue, CNA was set up almost overnight literally.

  13. Keep the Lie says:

    So, Stop The Lies admit that they are pro-BN? Great, what a truth!

    • ray says:


      The truth sets you free, la la la la la …

      You should give it a try – pure nourishment for the soul, you need it.

    • whatever says:

      So, you just realized that now?
      Real slow aren’t you?

    • Dave says:

      I think Stop the lies are not Pro anyone, most ppl here are PRO-BN, because we are not dumb enough to believe the lie from PR.

    • Anonymas says:

      Just like how the Bar Council says they’re ‘neutral’


      • spy says:

        yes, they are neutral when the innocent on duty policeman get clobbered by Beshit hooligans

        They are also neutral when they see blood remnants all over the streets.

        Guess it comes from their training

    • akuantiPAKATAN says:

      They are pro BN, so what? I don’t have any problem with that. In fact I like it. You can “keep the lies” to your self and bring it along to the grave and ask your relatives to chant lies, lies, lies at your graveyard.

  14. rick says:

    Well BN has utusan, star, berita harian, tv3, rtm, astro and numerous UMB blogs ,this blog. PR has malaysiakini Still BN has more ways to reach the people so relaks lah!No problem BN wins the media war hands down

  15. Mad Piscean says:

    Stoptheliews professes to tell nothing but the TRUTH, no? So what’s with all the LIES? Live up to your billing lah. Those poorly-concocted stories like the chess grandmaster being molested… er, all you scumbag cybertroopers never thought that people would uncover who she is ar… why so amateur one… I thot BN pays you people millions to d a good job? No meh? Haih.. bloody embarrassment.

  16. Moo says:

    Mad Piscean,
    2 wrongs do not make a right. Just because one side does something wrong, it does not justify the other side doing the same. Its just like PR accusing BN of corruption government, then they say what’s wrong if we are also corrupt. Please use your brains when defending your political beliefs. Don’t talk like your DAP clown Ng Wei Aik.

    The other thing is media like NST, Utusan, Berita harian, Star and The Sun never claim to be the beacon of press freedom. They are quite open about being owned by political parties and having to observe boundaries. Malaysiakini is proclaimed as free, fair and uncensored but it has become so one sided and biased because it is financed by pro Pakatan financiers. No one is perfect, least of all malaysiakini aka PR propaganda machine.

  17. Mad Piscean says:

    “Defending your bosses” is one thing. Making up stories to please your bosses is something quite different. Moo, are you saying that in order to defend one’s owner/boss, it’s quite alright to make up lies and fabricate stories? Attack the parties based on their poor policies or corrupt leaders, but stopthelies is proud to make up lies in order to protect its boss. Shameful. Have some sort of standards at least. People like you (tony et al) at one point years ago seemed just ever-so-slightly more articulate than those slimeballs on twitter (parpukari, papagomo) but sadly, you choose to wallow in the same mud as those low-class specimens. Sad really.

    • Moo says:

      Mad Piscean, please try to stick to the topic. We are talking about news portals, specifically, Malaysiakini. Who is papago and parpukari and tony et al? Are they your relatives? Thank you.

    • ray says:

      aaahhh …

      and mad piscean is the genuine true blue specimen of the honourable kind eh?

      Based on your comments, dearie, you also swim in the mud – home to the slimeballs, scumbags degenerated, definitely low-class homo sapiens.

  18. Anonymous says:

    CEP Pramesh Chandra,Dean Johns,Josh Hong , Wong Chin Huat,Mariam Mokhtar, Ong Kian Ming, you guys should be doing your “on job training”in GUANTANEMO BAY, to live, eat, sleep and treated as an imate without freedom to be presented and freedom of speech,that’s real democracy being practiced by the leaders of the most democratic country . Why dont you guys takes a swipe at them? Why ? afraid your boss loses money? Or a simple shot at down under, not even to able to chew chewing gum! Thats democacry to your kind of lot isnt it , mate?

    • Dave says:

      The reason they do not attack OZ and the USSA, is that these 2 countries are progressive (liberal) much the same as PR. BN is like the GOP in the USA, conservative.

      • ray says:

        Yup liberal to the core …

        free to engage in child prostitution, rape, murder, cannibalism
        free to gay and lesbian relationships (against religious beliefs)
        free to walk naked, indulge in orgies, sex in the parks
        free free free, liberal lah konon

  19. man on da street says:

    CEP Pramesh Chandra,Dean Johns,Josh Hong , Wong Chin Huat,Mariam Mokhtar, Ong Kian Ming, you guys should be doing your “on job training”in GUANTANEMO BAY, to live, eat, sleep and treated as an imate without freedom to be presented and freedom of speech,that’s real democracy being practiced by the leaders of the most democratic country . Why dont you guys takes a swipe at them? Why ? afraid your boss loses money? Or a simple shot at down under, not even to able to chew chewing gum! Thats democacry to your kind of lot isnt it , mate?

  20. Bruce Fam says:

    I have stopped reading Malaysiakini for many months now because the articles are all anti BN with full of hate and pro PAKATAN. Even Anwar’s fart will be defended & twisted to be same as perfume smell. I treat MK as similar to “Rocket” which is Pakatan propaganda machine similar to UMNO online, MCA online. They should come clean and admit that they are 100% PAKATAN and stop BS as free and fair. STOP the Lies should continue to expose their ulterior motive.

  21. Felda Kena Cilok? says:

    At the launch of the FGVH prospectus on 31 May 2012, the Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Razak said that the company’s listing will turn the “domestic organisation into a global player”.

    “This fulfils our aim of transforming FELDA from a domestic and local organisation to making the quantum leap as a global player that is important and successful,” he said when launching the prospectus for the initial public offering (IPO) that is set to raise around RM9.96 billion.

    However, if it is indeed the case that FGVH will make the “quantum leap as a global player”, why is the Government massively cashing out on its ownership of FGVH?

    Out of the RM9.96 billion to be raised, only 40% of the money will accrue to FGVH for the company’s operations and expansion purposes. The prospectus had listed that out of the RM4.46 billion expected to be raised for FGVH, 87.7% of the funds will be utilised for investment purposes such as acquisition of plantation assets, oil and fats manufacturing facilities and businesses as well as other upgrading capital expenditure.

    However, the balance of the 60% of the IPO proceeds will go towards the Government, via the FELDA statutory body. The amount raised by the Government will be even larger than the amount raised by FGVH at RM5.5 billion.

    There is absolutely no mention of why the Government would need to raise as much as RM5.5 billion by cashing out on its shares in FGVH in the listing prospectus. The only known use of the money to be collected is to distribute a “windfall” payment of RM15,000 to each Felda household, expecting to cost RM1.69 billion.

    In fact, the Government is selling out so much that its ownership of FGVH is reduced from 100% to only 40%.

    In contrast, using the recent Facebook IPO as an example, the founders and investors of the company only sold a 25% stake, retaining 75%. However, for some strange reason, the Government sees it necessary to immediately reduce its stake massively in FGVH by 60%.

    The above action by the Government therefore begs the question, if FGVH is truly going to be “transformed” into a massively profitable global company, why is the Government cashing out as if it cannot wait to get rid of its stake? If the words of the Prime Minister were to be believed, shouldn’t the Government hold its shares in FGVH for as long as possible to reap the “quantum” returns expected in the coming years? In addition, the Government is selling its stake at a time when global investors are viewing the markets negatively, which means that it will not get the best price for its shares.

    Such desperation, compounded by the devious manner by which the profits of FGVH are padded with cannibalised income from Koperasi Permodalan Felda (KPF), which represents the interest of the Felda settlers to the tune of more than RM500 million annually points to the fact that there’s much more than it meets the eye.

    Given the huge sum of money involved as well as the interest of 112,635 settlers at stake, we call upon the Government to be completely transparent and accountable in the FGVH IPO exercise that is inundated with question marks.

    • Dave says:

      More copy and paste, did you get this BS from Lieskini?
      This is proof positive that PR is against capitalism.

    • akuantiPAKATAN says:

      Another mentally retard DAP Cybertroopers, so good at copy and paste only. You tak maluka orang panggil you retard?

    • bourne identity says:

      agaknya orang jual dia minyak felda campur kurap lembu kot? kah… kah.. kah…
      if you have balls..and that is IF you have lah…go and scream anything BAD about FELDA in FELDA itself but do make sure you take a very good medical insurance beforehand ya
      Your balls..IF you have lah…might end up atas pokok kelapa sawit.
      Berhenti dengki boleh tak? For once, stop looking and behaving like a langau tahi!

  22. Andrew Ho says:

    You claim M’siakini to be one sided. I agree with you.

    But do you also agree with me if I say you are one sided and keeps on attacking PR and not reporting much about BN also?

    So that makes Malaysiakini a stupid website. And Stopthelies an equally stupid website.


    • zack kitaro says:

      But this website is open for both side to condemn each other…that’s the difference. MalaysiaKini is more i can say coward…hit n run…

  23. Dave says:

    Here is something for all the Bershit ppl than want to be like Obama’s USA. The link is

    And the story; (Yes copy and paste)

    The Department of Justice thinks it can “order” Florida to stop removing illegal non-citizens from her voter registration rolls. The Sunshine State announced it will ignore the “order.” Let’s see Barack Obama and Eric Holder back it up.

    The fight over States’ rights versus the strength of an all powerful central government has been set in motion; the fuse is lit.

    Since Barack Obama and his Chicago thugs forced, bribed, and tricked Obamacare into “law”, real America has been on a collision course with him. This latest attack on our freedoms will likely only be settled by a courtroom showdown centering on whether the 10th Amendment to our Constitution has any meaning.

    This powerful, 28-word Amendment is the enduring gift James Madison left us to balance the voracious appetite for power he recognized central governments always have. It says: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” It is a clear and potent weapon for justice against Obama’s fraudulent charge.

    By bringing its attack on Florida, the Department of Justice (DoJ) is virtually acknowledging the Democrat Party’s reliance on voter fraud to win close elections. DoJ statements on the matter acknowledge it centers on noncitizen “voting rights.”

    So far, Florida has removed 2,700 noncitizens from her voter rolls and reportedly has another 182,000 on her “must purge” list.

    The Obama Administration is using a section of the 1965 Voting Rights Act (1965 VRA) to single out five counties in Florida for scrutiny over their voter registration procedures. DoJ wants to scare unenthusiastic minorities into voting by erecting a straw man for their hero Barack Obama to “defeat.”

    Given the era in which the 1965VRA was passed, it unsurprisingly went into law without a 10th Amendment challenge, but one will be coming shortly.

    The 10th Amendment makes it clear that since maintenance of accurate voter registration rolls is a state matter, the DoJ in any court action will have to argue A) it has the power to maintain these rolls; B) the manner in which Florida is conducting her purge of noncitizens voters violates these noncitizens’ rights to vote because almost all are black, hispanic, and Democrats; or the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution is unconstitutional.

    Eric Holder and Barack Obama have made America sick. The 10th Amendment is powerful medicine that can quickly cure our nation. Let’s see if Holder wants to argue the Constitutionality of the 10th Amendment.

  24. WPY says:

    News in Malaysiakini IS independent. They have never been known to twist words and facts (unlike mainstream media), and have the clearest reporting of news in Malaysia (including news against opposition leaders). They do have articles from Bernama, Idris Jala, and other pro-government writers from time to time. However, most if not all of their columnists are anti-government. Those are the personal opinions of the columnists and attacking them just because they think differently from you is just … unproductive.

  25. I appreciate you sharing this article.Really thank you! Great.

  26. BN mainstream is filled with utter nonsense propaganda and is so one sided supporting BN so the independent news like Malaysiakini has no choice but to offer more news of the opposition because it is severly if not non existant on mainstream news. I think this as very fair since the mainstream news is completely controlled by BN dicators!!!

  27. What about the mainstream news which is completely biased to the rulling goverment? What do you say about that

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