Scorpene Issue – Where’s The Beef? Potong Steam lah!

If we are to believe the Pakatan Rakyat-linked Suaram group, they would be releasing serious expose with details of what they termed as “damning evidence.” That’s the words, they chose, or maybe it’s the words of Malaysiakini, another Pakatan Rakyat outfit.

In the end, PKR MP Sivarasa and Suaram director Cynthia Gabriel could only implicate a certain Mohd Ibrahim Mohd Noor . No one has ever heard of that name and he was quickly referred to as someone “closely linked to Daim Zainuddin.”

Well, Malaysians must have expected big, big names at the press conference, which was dramatically held in Bangkok, and carried live by some pro-Pakatan portals. Potong steam lah, where’s the beef?

If you want to use the “closely linked” argument, then we can also say that both Sivarasa and Cynthia are closely linked to Anwar Ibrahim and surely they would have big vested political interest to make these allegations.

They have been claiming to have evidence for months and until now, all you have are the names of this Mohd Ibrahim and Razak Baginda. Come on, where are all the evidences, besides casting doubts and suspicions, which all the Malaysiakini fans would only believe? Or all the comments from readers made up by its editor Steven Gan?

Cynthia has been making claims of papers and documents being seized by the French police. The only problem is that the French police have said nothing and since when does Cynthia become the spokesman of the French police?

The fact is Cynthia Gabriel is a municipal councillor appointed by the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor state government and is also secretary-general of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia, which works with the PKR, PAS and DAP.

Now, that says a lot of her so called credibility. Why is she hiding behind Suaram? Be open, tell the foreign journalists that you are an active opponent of the Najib Administration! Be decent, please!

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80 Responses to Scorpene Issue – Where’s The Beef? Potong Steam lah!

  1. rainbow dick says:

    Where got beef one with these people. Babi got laaa… they look like babi, behave like babi, write like babi. If they really got beef, then go charge the mofos la coz the rakyat also want to whack the curropt. They can go to the same court which cleared Anwar from the butt-fucking charge; like that sure can win one. If they got the beef laa.

    • Qabil says:

      A bombshell was dropped at the Suaram’s press conference in Bangkok on the Scorpene case which is on trial in Paris, France.

      French lawyer Joseph Breham, who is acting on behalf of human rights NGO Suaram, revealed that the company paid 36 million euro (RM142 million) to Terasasi (Hong Kong) Ltd, ostensibly for “commercial engineering” works. However, the company was paid for selling top secret military intelligence on the Scorpene submarines to the French company.

      Breham, who based his expose on the French prosecution papers, said the act of “selling” top secret papers to a foreign country such as this is considered treason.

      In France, he stressed, it would be absolutely illegal to sell such reports as it could either be considered a breach of defence secrets or high treason.

      “It’s treason because you are selling to a competitor or a foreign country what you think about a specific weapon, and your plan on how to use this specific weapon,” replied Breham, when asked by a journalist if it was legal for an individual to sell such reports.

      “In France, if you release them (secret documents), you can be punished with up to 10 years in jail,” said Breham

      Hong Kong-based Terasasi had been accused of funneling money through its accounts to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak as “commissions” for the sale of the submarines.

      Two Terasasi directors are Najib’s close ally Abdul Razak Baginda and his father Abdul Malim Baginda.

      Reform credentials

      If the report is true, it is going to shatter Najib’s reforms credentials which have been weakened by several questionable decisions and lack of action to curb abuse of power, corrupt practices, growing politics related violence and poor governance.

      These allegations, that Najib and his party had profited from the corrupt proceeds, pose serious challenge to his leadership and personal credibility.

      Silence is not a good choice for the embattled premier. He must stand up and speak up to clear the doubts.

      His ex-advisor, Abdul Razak Baginda, must be summoned back to answer to these allegations. Otherwise, it would appear to be very difficult for Najib to continue to claim the moral high ground with his 1Malaysia: People First, Performance Now agenda.

      It is unprecedented that a serving Malaysian premier is caught in such quagmire and controversy rising from an abuse of direct public procurement. The government has ignored repeated calls for more transparency in its procurement system and to stop using direct negotiations.

      Now, the premier must answer why we should pay more than RM500 million on commission to a middleman? Where does the money ended up?

      Why aren’t our MACC springing into action and investigate those personalities mentioned in the Paris trial?

      Why is the so-called independent anti-corruption commission choose to ignore such huge controversy and allegations against some of the biggest personalities in Malaysia?

      Malaysia’s image is surely going to take a harsh beating if the ones connected to the investigation do not cooperate and come clean on the allegations.

      • Hj Man says:

        WTF are you talking about Qabil. If Breham really obtain the infos from French police he should held the PC in France or Malaysia. Stop spinning because now more Malaysian understand the course of laws. His story telling is mere accusation. This SUARAM is just another MF who just talked nonsense or like the kampung fella said AUTA KELING

      • Paul says:

        Dear Quabil, Despite the long comment, You have failed to undestand that this is NOT a court trial in France…what is taking place there is that the Judge is appointed as a Prosectuing investigator and his job is to go through the papers submitted to him and then call the necessary witnesses if deem fit (suram can submit the Pope’s and if they like even GOd’s name as possible witnesses) The Bar Council,which is pro opposition is extremelly silent on this matter-they know better..Also,Dont forget the French Govt had closed this case some years ago and are re-opening on Serpa’s and Suaram’s urging…note there is no mention of this Supposed “court case” in the French News papers…The majority of the people who posted their comments can see the Wool that’s being pulled by Cynthia and gang…

        • Anonymous says:

          The leaked Navy papers is already common knowledge now the world over. Pretending not to know about it and saying ‘no comment’ only makes the dpm look extremely stupid ,dumb,idiotic and foolish. Actually this is Muhee’s chance to politely tell Najib to step down as PM. Do exactly like what you did to Pak Lah. Didn’t mamakthir tell you about this?.

      • Dave says:

        Why is it that PR ppl forget that this all happened under Pak Lah’s time as he was the PM, and najib has been PM for less time than their god (LGB).

      • ray says:

        Malaysia’s image under the premiership of DS Najib is sterling, no worries there. It’s only desperados with evil intent who are trying to character assasinate him without the prerequisite solid evidence.

        Razak Baginda is not DS Najib, therefore there is no guilt by association.

        • Dave says:

          Razak Baginda was an advisor to Pak Lah, and has had nothing to do with Najib. but I guess that somehow the Pakatan Rioters forgot this.

      • kuda2 says:

        Copy paste apa ini Qabil?
        Hebat la u

      • SuaraHaram says:

        SUARAM, sebuah pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) yang ditubuhkan oleh keluarga bekas banduan ISA iaitu pesalah yang mengancam keselamatan negara, sering menggambarkan pertubuhan itu sebagai telus, bebas dan berjuang demi hak asasi manusia dan keadilan. Ia ditubuhkan pada 5 Ogos 1989 selepas Operasi Lalang dengan perjuangan utamanya adalah untuk menghapuskan ISA yang bagi mereka menafikan hak seseorang untuk dibicarakan.

        Namun, bagi rakyat Malaysia yang rasional dan bijak menganalisis maklumat, SUARAM adalah pertubuhan yang berjuang untuk memastikan negara sentiasa terdedah kepada bahaya dengan memberikan hak, masa dan ruang kepada penjenayah atau pengganas untuk beroperasi.

        Bagi rakyat Malaysia juga, SUARAM hanyalah salah satu dari berbagai-bagai bentuk penyamaran pembangkang, atau lebih spesifik PKR dan DAP dalam usaha mereka untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan. SUARAM sama sekali tidak bebas, tidak telus dan tidak memperjuangkan keadilan mahupun hak sesiapa.

        SUARAM hanya memperjuangkan politik pembangkang yang bermatlamatkan negara republik, pemikiran liberal dan menghapuskan bukan sahaja hak dan kedudukan istimewa, tetapi segala-galanya yang berakar dan bertiangkan agama Islam dan budaya Melayu.

        Warna sebenar SUARAM terserlah dengan jelas sekali apabila NGO ini begitu beria-ia menjuarai isu kapal selam scorpene yang kononnya dibicarakan di mahkamah Perancis.

        Ia bermula dengan SUARAM membuat aduan di mahkamah Perancis berhubung DCN, iaitu syarikat pembuat kapal selam negara itu kerana kononnya membayar sejumlah rasuah kepada syarikat Perimekar Sdn Bhd dari Malaysia. Aduan ini diperbesarkan dengan pembohongan bahawa Perdana Menteri dan isteri terlibat dalam pembunuhan Altantuya yang didakwa sebagai penterjemah dalam urusan jualbeli scorpene. Altantuya dikatakan dibunuh kerana meminta sebahagian dari rasuah terbabit. Lanjutan itu, SUARAM juga memainkan cerita kononnnya PM akan akan disapina oleh mahkamah Perancis.

        Semua ‘butir-butir’ kes disebarkan oleh SUARAM melalui siri-siri sidang akhbar, antaranya pada 3 Mei dan 26 Mei baru-baru ini.

        Walaubagaimanapun, perlu diingatkan bahawa sehingga hari ini, maklumat mengenai kes hanya didapati dari kenyataan atau ‘air-liur’ SUARAM dan para peguam mereka tanpa memberikan apa-apa bukti langsung.

        Air liur SUARAM itulah yang diambil oleh para blogger dan pemimpin pembangkang sebagai bukti sahih hatta seolah-olah keputusan penghakiman, dan kemudiannya disebarkan sebagai ‘makanan minda’ kepada rakyat Malaysia.

        Kerajaan telah bertindak bijak dengan tidak melatah dalam kes ini. Sebaliknya PM membuat penafian secara tenang, bersumpah secara Islam dan memberi penjelasan secara baik di dalam Dewan Rakyat. Langkah yang berhati-hati diambil agar tidak mengganggu proses mahkamah yang dikatakan oleh SUARAM sebagai sedang berjalan di Perancis. Hanya SUARAM yang tidak sabar-sabar menunggu keputusan mahkamah dan ke sana ke mari menghebahkan membuat berbagai-bagai kenyataan.

        Kesungguhan SUARAM mendahului mahkamah dalam isu ini tidak sukar untuk difahami. Memandangkan SUARAM adalah pembangkang dan pembangkang adalah SUARAM, maka sudah pastilah pilihanraya yang semakin hampir menjadi punca isu ini dimainkan dengan bersungguh-sungguh oleh mereka akhir-akhir ini.

        Bukti bahawa SUARAM adalah pembangkang tidak sukar untuk dikemukakan. Lihat sahaja senarai nama orang-orang penting NGO tersebut, dan kita akan mendapati bahawa mereka adalah juga orang-orang penting di dalam pakatan pembangkang Malaysia. Antaranya:

        1. Cynthia Gabriel, Pengarah SUARAM dan juga ‘key-person’ dalam pembohongan isu scorpene. Beliau juga adalah Ahli Majlis Daerah Petaling Jaya, dilantik oleh kerajaan PKR negeri Selangor.

        2. Dr. Kua Kia Soong adalah bekas Ahli Parlimen DAP

        3. Sivarasa Rasiah adalah Ahli Parlimen PKR, Subang, Petaling

        4. Irene Fernandez adalah Ahli Majlis Tertinggi PKR.

        5. Dr. Syed Husin Ali adalah bekas Timbalan Presiden PKR.

        6. Tian Chua adalah Ahli Parlimen PKR, Batu.

        7. S.Arutchelvan, Setiausaha Agung Parti Sosialis Malaysia

        8. Dr. Nasir Hashim, Presiden Parti Sosialis Malaysia

        9. Elizabeth Wong, bekas ko-ordinator SUARAM dan sekarang adalah ADUN PKR di Selangor

        10. Premesh Chandran bekerja dengan Malaysiakini dan rakan karib Tian Chua. Kedua-dua mereka adalah ahli Network of Overseas Collective of Australia bersama dengan Elizabeth Wong.

        Kesimpulannya, SUARAM tiada bukti penglibatan Perdana Menteri dalam pembunuhan Altantuya. SUARAM juga tidak bukti bahawa rasuah telah berlaku dalam pembelian scorpene.

        Tetapi, kita ada bukti bahawa SUARAM bukan bertindak sebagai badan bebas dan telus kerana SUARAM adalah jelmaan pembangkang yang matlamatnya hanyalah untuk memburukkan dan menjatuhkan kerajaan. Justeru, tidak hairanlah SUARAM tidak langsung teragak-agak untuk menipu, memutarbelit malah mereka-reka cerita mengenai rasuah hinggalah pembunuhan, semata-mata untuk mencapai matlamat mereka.

    • Ali Sobri says:

      Najib was referring to Bersih 3.0 when he said he would crush anyone who threatened law and order. Didn’t he know that the greatest threat comes from the person in charge of defense, who sold the country’s Navy secrets to foreigners?

      • Macha says:

        You also believed yea. Then Malaysian is still the best for being able to dig deep into the French Intelligence Services. James Bond also cannot do. No worry la next time just send all this SUARAM monkey to do the spying. Sighing don’t forget Tian Chua ok

      • belang says:

        You’re better than this sobri. Give your brain a chance.

      • bourne identity says:

        wah ali sobri…..orang kata geng aku hebat…rupa2nya you are above all of us… ” us ” means my men and I – exvat69ers serving from 1977 to 1993. You can even korek deep into the french DCRI or the DGSE….
        I think you had a very good korek teacher….. who is en expert in korek the rear parts of pretty boys…Anwar Al Juburi.
        My advise to you…grow up and stop watching all those super spy thrillers lah….

    • shahir says:

      Suaram = Suara Haram …… hehehehe….

    • Garam says:

      The fact of the matter is that the MSM in Malaysia has effectively blocked any coverage of the scandal!! So, of course Najib is sitting pretty at the moment!! I hope the case before the judicial system in France will expose all the corruption involved -then let’s see how he can avoid the tarnish!!

  2. BFF says:

    Hello Cynthia, you talking like crazy woman since Pakatan Rakyat gave you councillor post in MPSJ. You even look crazy. No, actually you look as scary as your crazy aunty that Fernandez woman who goes around in a wheelchair. Your hair also as bad as Teresa Kok. Don’t be so cheap. Just a councillor post and you are ready to say all kinds of crazy things to make your ketua umum happy. Suaram salary tak cukup ke?
    Or are you going to be a calon in PRU13? Please God, not Cynthia. We don’t want scary looking YBs. We want Hannah Yeoh type of YBs.

    • spy says:

      Is this what the opposition good at?
      Trying to carving support from imaginative unsupported issues?
      Shifting goalpost as and when it suits their ulterior motives.(Beshit)
      One would wonder whether they actually have the interest of rakyat in their heart to begin with and wishes to serve us well.

    • kiasu says:

      Hannah Yeoh type of YBs?

      I thought she is a journalist with The Star or Selangor Times? Her face and news in these papers almost every day….and facebooking her Facebook even during State Legalistative Sitting, and her attendance record at the State Sittings was pathetic….always ponteng!

      So this Hannah Yeoh where got time to serve the people? Some more she’s getting so chubby now, probably attending too many makan2 function.

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  4. anon says:

    Cakap tidak serupa bikin.
    Bikin tidak serupa cakap

    Latest is that they have barred reporters from main media.

    Also leading/taking part in local council raids with uncouth and becoming behaviours
    Suspicious development record for the PKNS padang bola (
    Believe that these are just tip of iceberg

    Rakyat should be wary and scared

  5. Anonymas says:

    lol ‘Suaram’ and ‘Bar Council’

    Why not just combine all and rename ‘Anwar Ibrahim Fan-Club’ or ‘ Anti-Najib Club’? There’s no neutrality at all on those organizations. How dare they call themselves ‘NGOs’

    They’re AGOs. Anti Governmental Organizations more like.

  6. Well 7 says:

    As usual “closely linked”. This is a word used to twist and spurn those weak brained people and it is usually used by lawyers who themselves are always closely linked and those who have no balls to expose the truth by giving documentary evidences and lodge police report and therefore just to play around with words as they themselves know they have got nothing, except they got something from somebody who wanted them to do the spinning. Shameless creature. I also have loads and wheelbarrows of documents closely linked to the dirty work of certain politician, but I would not stooped so low as those lowly creatures to come out and talk “c_ _ k”. Same old Scorpene story to be repeated by different clowns.

  7. kuda2 says:

    Stupid ppl flock together. Pls send this message to anuar babi tu

  8. ray says:

    If you look closely at her eyes, they seem to have difficulties focussing. Perhaps that’s the reason how Cynthia could “see” evidence of Najib’s wrongdoing.

    Mata macam juling aje.

    • BFF says:

      Cock eyed la. that’s why blind to faults of ketua umum anugerah tuhan.

    • Gagak Hitam says:

      Ask the MACC to investigate the sale of defence secrets by an Umno man and they say their hands are tied. Publish some shallow allegations against an opposition leader and MACC swings into action even if the allegations are 14 years old. How can believe that the MACC is impartial? They appear to be BN’s cats paw.

      The people of Malaysia have created this monster called BN by feeding it with 2/3 majority during the previous PRUs’ over the years. BN has grown into a monstrous blood-sucking vampire. It’s now up to the people of this country to undo what we done……we need to drive the spear of death into the heart of BN in the coming PRU13!!!!

      • anon9 says:

        There is a bigger monster that rakyat should be more scared of.
        Impose of GAG order when things not in their favor.
        Barring reporters when they are so called publicly fighting for “press freedom” at every opportune moment. Funny method of internal party election or voting processes when they are seems to be always “‘committed” to bersihkan jalanan even though demands are met.
        CAT, internal hearing, tailorgate, pknsgate,padang bolagate, developerventuregate, councilgate, localraidgate, massageparlourgate, toiletgate, moneygate, front and backgate, sharenjoymentgate, promisetipugate, wayangkulitgate among the many faces/differing factions of water and oil and many othergates which may not be exposed yet.

        Lets not jump from an imagined kitten’s mouth to a real and vicious wolf mouth all for a sake of a few well versed and rehearsed rhetorics designed to put a wool over our eyes.

        The wolf in disguise has begun to show more and more of the true colors as they have probable grown tired of camouflaging.

      • ray says:

        Black crow, the only spear of death will be shot thru the hearts of pseudo islamic PAS, undemocratic DAP and penipuan rakyat PKR.

    • Lemboo says:

      Of course, Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil didn’t have a hand in the award of the project to her family.

      In fact, she never even bothered to ask her husband how the brand new Mercedez CLS suddenly appeared in their porch, where he got the money to buy the tracts of land in a prime area, etc.

      Right from the beginning, you (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) and the police were not really anxious to investigate the matter, were you? You were passing the buck to one another.

      And, later, did you not announce your so-called raid in advance so that incriminating evidence could be removed or destroyed? Even journalists were already at National Feedlot Corporation’s (NFC) office to take shots of your men sauntering in.

      • NFC Utd says:

        its like saying we share the same bed.. at night and bathe together sometimes but I didn’t know you had a big tattoo on your ddddicky and a big fat ugly mole on your left breast…… of course these things wouldnt influence my desire to have sex with you…… hmmmmm hence I didn’t influence the people awarding the money to my husband I was in the backyard shoveling shit into the booth… of my umno provided benz you know…. what cow shit ….. this shows how corrupt our officials in gomen are when it comes to fixing documents….. I am sure the ordinary civil servants just do their job for fear of losing it…. hence they just are like Orwel’s dumbbasssss workers…… it is happening in Malaysia Today….

        • Macha says:

          You better ask Jijah about that. After so many years of marriage and with 6 childrens, what she can notice about her husband is only his stomach. She can’t recognised or maybe don’t want to recognise his husband ‘Belalai Bengkok’. Hahahahah

          • kuda2 says:

            These ppl so bodoh la.. Don’t hv bullets then suddenly use cow dungs to throw to others.. Lembu becomes the issue..

            Anwar kote bengkok mcm german sosej

      • ray says:

        Aiyaya, brand new Mercedez CLS bought thru instalment plan lah, why so suspicious one?

      • akuantiPAKATAN says:

        What the f**k are you mumbling Lemboo. We’re talking about Scorpene or to be precise submarine. We’re not talking about you aka lemboo. Pathetic mentally retard DAP cybertroopers.

    • bourne identity says:

      orang cakap kalau mata juling ni samaada as a result in breeding atau a result of REAR GUARD penetration – Anwar is a specialist in this rear guard action 🙂

  9. bourne identity says:

    SUARAM means Suara Anak Haram….thats why they were in Bangkok…looking for their mothers in Patpong!
    If you dont trust your owncountry – feel free to apply for citizenships somewhere else. Though thick and thin…you stay as Malaysians… love your flag and you respect the government that is in order of the day.

    • spy says:

      Wasn’t there some huh hah about changing the flag should they come to power, in the past?


      Not all people may love the Jalur Gemilang, or perhaps the country even, as we do

      Maybe thats why the SOP badmouthing in the international arena

      • Dave says:

        I am not even Malaysian and I love this country, and respect the flag and the men and women whom fought for and died for it. I respect the founding fathers and yes they are mainly from UMNO.

    • Shukri says:

      Our beloved PM was at his Umno best today at the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s birthday, threatening to crush anyone who threatened law and order (just for clarification, he was not talking about the million illegals in Sabah who pose a law and order threat or the foreigners being given documents so that they can vote in Selangor but I suspect his ire was directed at Pakatan Rakyat and Bersih).

      One line in his speech caught my attention: the ends must never justify the means, said Najib.

      That is a good joke coming from the prime minister who has watched/encouraged/stayed silent as:

      1) Perkasa/Pekida and other thugs encouraged by Umno have started a wave of violence against political opponents and Malaysians who don’t support the current regime.

      2) Mat Rempits and other groups are funded and encouraged to beat up and harass anyone identified as a threat by the BN government. Ambiga Sreenevasan, Nurul Izzah and Lim Guan Eng come to mind.

      3) The cops abused their power and strength to fire upon and assault citizens of this country on April 28. Where were you then, Mr PM?

      4) A systematic campaign of defrauding the electoral system by padding up the voter register with foreigners. And we are having a discussion about the ends never justifying the means.

      If my memory serves me correctly, Najib famously declared that Putrajaya must be defended come what may. And he has spoken that same desperate message to silat groups, Pekida and other unsavoury groups.

      • Dave says:

        Fire upon????? Do you know what that means? When you say we were fired upon that means live rounds, ie the ones that can kill you dead, It does not mean the use of non-lethal CS gas and H2O. But hold 4.0 and maybe the citizens will show you what fired upon means.

        • anon9 says:

          heh heh dirty bersih 4 has been ingeniously sabotaged already.
          they have to adopt a new label of 4.1

          or 4.1 of 100

          something like that

          opposition is at its innovasi level gameplan
          When dirt can be called bersih
          blatant wrongdoings with hard evidences can be simply brushed off as conspiracy hence placing them above the law and any ethical standard

      • Macha says:

        Shukri, why only accused. Show us the evidence. Even Anwar shown with his video clip directing Azmin to barricade crash during Bersih still denied it by saying he is asking Azmin to negotiate with the police. Immediately after that Thangam barricade crash. Poor Thangam fella b’cos how he might be sentence to jail.
        If only you use your brain to think than you will be more reasoning.

      • ray says:

        heh heh

        Poor shukri is scared stiff of Mat rempits, Perkasa, Pekida, cops and other thugs.

        Ini belum apa apa lagi, dah kecut. Memang mat shukri ni jiwa lembek, pandai menuduh tapi takde bukti yg kukuh. Penuh dgn drama hollywood, kollywood and bollywood …

        • dugo says:

          Nama melayu, but actually these shukri, ali sobri and few others actually the komtar DAP comrades….and could be same fella too

      • bourne identity says:

        Ni mesti tengok banyak cerita tamil….. at least Najib wants to defend the country! Anwar and his monkey mates? All they want is to condemn and condemn the country….and they call themselves malaysians?
        Id trust the stray dogs across my street rather than kaki bontot, kaki langgar law, kaki kafirkan orang and kaki perkauman…..and Im taking about Al Juburi, Ambiga @ babiga, Nik Aziz nyanyuk dan dear leader Lims….

      • kiasu says:

        If my memory serves me correctly, PAS President Hadi famously declared that Putrajaya would be Lelong-ed come what may when Opposition form the Gomen. But now he has stop speaking that message.

        Dumby hypocrite Pakatan

      • kuda2 says:

        Defend our country means defending our sovereignty from
        kacang hantus like u la shukri.. Ppl who can sell their own mother for sure can sell their own nation.
        Ppl like u who without shame spreading concocted lies just to suit your own selfish fucking agendas that are without an iota of truth to substantiate them.
        Pergi mampos dgn agenda bodoh korg ni.. Aku nk ckp dlm bhs pasar.. Babi sepatutnya duduk dalam kandang.. Tuan babi mana yg lepaskn babi2 mcm korg ni kuar?

      • Dave says:

        PR never won the last election. BN only lost the election, and this was due to the last PM trying to be like god within the party. So this next election will prove if ppl are happy with current PM, but as for putting PR in Putrajaya, no way Malaysians are way to smart for that.

      • bourne identity says:

        your memory serves you right…so does my memory and the many men that has served before, during and after me. We WILL defend peace in Malaysia both from foreign and domestic threats.
        Mob like behaviour WAS never an eastern culture until Anwar and his Babiga friends allowed the west to sodomise their bodies and minds nd created western styled mob behaviour.
        Remember….we WILL defend Malaysia…#exvat69…1977/93

  10. Hj Man says:

    Auta Keling

  11. Islander says:

    Just read about her in Bangkok bad mouthing the country. That’s the trouble with PKR politicians, always saying bad things about Malaysia. They not only do that at home but go out of the country to rubbish us. That is not right. Going for political power is one thing but not at expense of the country’s sovereignty please!

    • Dave says:

      Simple you want to go out of the country and talk shit the revoke here passport, and if she still leaves then it means she does not want to be a citizen.

  12. Gagak Hitam says:

    As we could see from the latest Merdeka Centre survey, the educated, the knowledgeable and the financially-independent segments, which are not dependent upon the mainstream media and government welfare, have spoken loud and clear.

    The less educated and welfare-dependent are still not getting alternative information. For Pakatan Rakyat to win, they need to get their message across to them.

    Stop preaching to the converted urbanites and spend the rest of the period in the rural and semi-rural areas to get the message through this segment of Malaysians.

    Looking at the statistics, the higher income non-Malays are not with PM Najib Razak’s leadership.

    This is the segment of society who are affluent and very well-informed and they keep themselves abreast with current issues affecting the nation.

    These are the ones who will not be bought over by Najib’s feel-good policies as they are clearly aware that his economic transformation and indirect corruption will one day make nation indebted for generations to come.

    • Hj Man says:

      Dear Sirs,
      Who is the Merdeka Centre survey respondent? What is their background? What is their age and etc. This is the key factor for the outcome of survey. If the survey is done during Bersih 3.0, then as expected the outcome is 99+ prone to pro opposition.
      Well from my observation most of the so call ‘educated readers’ of alternative media is usually never filter or analyse the truth of the news.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hj Man should shaft his !@#% with a rolled-up Utusan to syok sendiri!

        • akuantiPAKATAN says:

          I believe Hj Man is married man and he can consult his wife to syok sendiri but I believe you must be single and you must have done what you’ve said to Hj Man. Pity you. I’ve a better idea. Why don’t you perform the “5 pukul 1” ritual.

        • Macha says:

          Just another PMR failure student. Do you know how survey is done? The way you write the answer is NO. In every survey the researcher must be non partisan otherwise they can adjust the result by altering the significant data

        • ray says:

          Wow … this is the pakatan cybertroopers level of intelligent rebuttal – must be born an idiotic and retarded imbecile.

    • akuantiPAKATAN says:

      You’re talking about the higher income non Malays are not with PM Najib leadership. Well I’m not so worried about it. Anywhere in the world the lower income is the majority so the lower income must be with Najib right. I’m not so impressed with Najib but I’m not going to vote for PR because PR is not doing better than the current government, in fact PR has done worse and keep blaming UMNO for everything. Pathetic.

    • ray says:

      Black crow, these groups are the ones who should just pack their bags and surrender their Mykads and go back to their roots in India and China. And be prepared to accept third class citizenships.

    • Hitam Legam says:

      No wonder so many people want to Shoot you Gagak Hitam. You not only Dirty but also Damn Bloody Stupid.
      Hahahah how many respondent? 1021 to represent 28million? Tembak Gagak Hitam yang Kotor lagi Bodoh

      • Edwards says:

        Gagak hitams used to be in Klang areas. Nowadays, these gagak hitams are aplenty in Shah Alam….thats right, Pakatan Gomen are bringing in lots of FDIs into Selangor, the sampahs, the gagaks, the aedes, the massage parlours…

        Kudos to our rm1 Selangor Economic Advisor, the Anugerah Tuhan…..

    • Dave says:

      Please quote more surveys done by PRO-PR groups.

  13. papahomo says:

    A former Bank Negara insider has named four powerful elites as main players to have caused the central bank’s massive RM30-billion loss in the international foreign exchange speculation scandal some 20 years ago.

    In his explosive revelation, retired Bank Negara deputy manager, Dr Rosli Yaakop named former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed, ex-finance minister Daim Zainuddin, ex-Bank Negara Governor, the late Jaffar Hussein and current Minister in Prime Minister’s Department in charge of Economic Planning Unit Government Nor Mohamed Yakcop as the “forex scandal elite club masters.”

    Rosli told a forum here yesterday Jaffar and Nor were biggest culprits by going overboard in the speculative foreign currency venture.

    He said the duo speculated and they gambled recklessly and irresponsibly with no regard to the safety of Bank Negara’s assets.

    He revealed that they wanted to beat George Soros, perhaps, to impress their bosses that they were experts in forex dealings.

    The former high ranking Bank Negara officer said the forex speculation activities were against the very grain of central bank principles.

    He asked on how a central bank can be heavily involved in massive forex speculations when its task was to stamp out excessive speculations?

    “Bank Negara’s duty was to protect and strengthen the value of ringgit, not to gamble ringgit in forex market.

    “I think it was a deliberate attempt to make money for certain people using Bank Negara as piggy ride,” Rosli hammered home his conclusion during a question-answer session later.

    He accused Nor to have directly caused the forex losses given that the Tasek Gelugor MP was the man tasked to speculate, and ultimately gamble, Malaysian Ringgit against foreign currencies.

    He said Nor, then Bank Negara advisor in charge of investment department, would use his computer and other staff computers to speculate and gamble in foreign exchange market.

    This has led international forex players to believe that Bank Negara had many aggressive market traders.

    “But truth is it was Nor Yakcop did it all,” Rosli told the forum titled: “Bank Negara Forex Scandal – When Government Becomes Speculator.”

    With ex-banker Julian Candiah as moderator, Rosli and Opposition Leader and former finance minister Anwar Ibrahim were two panelists at the full house forum held at a meeting room in Dewan Sri Pinang.

    • Dave says:

      BNM trades forex all the time, plus other investments. Plus you say DSAI remember he was the MOF at one time, but I guess you think he is clean. All I am say is IDIOT

    • ray says:

      Aha “former finance minister Anwar Ibrahim” – that’s the SMOKING gun, enough said.

      Is papahomo nurul’s pet name for daddy?

    • Dr Lee says:

      Are you saying that this revelation is by a former Deputy Manager of BNM? A mere Deputy Manager in BNM, right? Aiyo, please ask your policeman friend la, this Deputy Manager is just like a Deputy Supt of Police (DSP) posted to Bukit Aman. A DSP can become a Officer In Charge of District (OCPD) but to those attached to Bukit Aman is just like ‘Tak Sempat Tangan Rehat hanya Tabik saja’.
      A Deputy Manager in BNM is just a Small ciku la. NOBODY. Do you think that he know anything major in BNM? What about the SD by. Deputy Director of BNM who alleged that Anuar stacked away billion of RM in a few major account, then we can say that this fella testimony carry more weight.
      Grow up my child. Stop from saying nonsense

    • kuda2 says:

      Anuar belalai bengkok is so clean ke? This dish is sooo sooo overcooked

    • Garam says:

      The crooks must have regretted not paying Altantuya, and blowing her to bits. If they had paid her the commission, which is only a tiny tiny fraction of the dirty money, none of this would have surfaced. Truly the ghost of Altantuya haunts.

  14. Islander says:

    This whole thing is so confusing. Why is Suaram championing Pakatan’s vendetta against Najib? Or is this Cynthia woman misusing the Suaram platform to promote herself as a candidate in the GE? It makes no sense to hold a press conference in Bangkok on an issue about Malaysia that is taking place in France. Cynthia, please take your submarine from underwater to the surface. The lack of oxygen below is affecting your brains. Oui?

    • Dave says:

      Yes I cut this translated with google and pasted because they want to talk about issues i France then lets do it in French.

      Tout cela est si confus. Pourquoi est-SUARAM champion vendetta Pakatan contre Najib? Ou est cette femme Cynthia abusant de la plate-forme SUARAM pour se promouvoir en tant que candidat dans le GE? Il ne fait aucun sens de tenir une conférence de presse à Bangkok sur une question sur la Malaisie, qui se déroule en France. Cynthia, s’il vous plaît prendre votre sous-marin sous l’eau à la surface. Le manque d’oxygène affecte ci-dessous vos cerveaux. Oui?

  15. Charles F. Moreira says:

    Since when did Cynthia Gabriel become secretary-general of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia. That’s news to me.

    The sec-gen of the PSM is S. Arutchelvan and the sec-gen of Parti Rakyat Malaysia is Al Jafree Md Yusop.

    Unless they haven’t updated their websites, that’s who the respective sec-gens of these two parties are.

    The Parti Rakyat Malaysia was not de-registered when most of its members left to merge with Parti Keadilan Rakyat, so a rump of PRM loyalists reformed and revived their old party.

    Otherwise, I’m keeping an open mind on the rest of what you and the commentators have written here but you should get your facts right.

  16. Ustaz Azaharin says:

    To those who spread lies on this website (you know who you are). Please heed my advice here.

    Allah drives every beat of our hearts. He does not sit in some remote corner
    of the universe staring out with two eyes through a pair of powerful
    telescopes with a chance of us escaping his gaze. He is closer to us than
    our own selves. So He knows everything whether we know it or not. And just
    because something is done in the name of Allah does not mean Allah approves.
    All these registration and administration on earth is not for Allah. It is
    for flawed human beings, sometimes good sometimes bad, claiming to be Muslim
    and trying to figure out and do what is right.

    Stop corruption. ABU is the way!

    • akuantiPAKATAN says:

      At first I thought this ustaz is for real. Then I realized he’s full of hatred to UMNO. Relax ustaz, patient is part of iman (if you have any). Please continue your dakwah to Malaysiakini, Harakah Online, Suara Keadilan and etc. There you will be upgraded from ustaz to “ulamak tersohor”.

      • bourne identity says:

        tak baik kutuk ustaz..nati tak dapat SMART TAG masuk syurga.
        Ustaz ni ustaz keluaran sekolahno9k aziz nyanyuk – yang haram di halalkan dan yang halal di haramkan dan yang makruh di OK kan.
        PAS kan? Parti Anak Syaitan….

  17. bikin panas says:

    Malaysia’s Scorpene scandal appears to have widened all the way to the Mediterranean island of Malta, with an opposition member of parliament alleging that a French-owned, Malta-based financial consultancy is being investigated for its role in the controversial US$1 (RM3.1 billion) purchase of two submarines by the Malaysian government.

    Isn’t it premature to say the Scorpene case has not affected the PM’s popularity when the French Court has even started to open the case for public hearing? This case could might end up as BN Archilles’ heel going into GE13.

    Najib, Razak and the latter’s wife and father are not likely to be the only people involved. Most likely, there is least one more. That someone was then even more powerful than Najib in his capacity as the defence minister. That someone may now still be even more powerful than Najib in his capacity as the prime minister. The bribes paid come up to a staggering amount. RM570 million paid to Perimekar and RM142 million paid to Terasasi = RM712 million.

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