Dear Aunty Agony,

I do not know who to turn to since StopTheLies revealed about my relations with Dear Leader. I hope you know who Dear Leader is as he is popularly known in Penang.

I am depressed because I cannot tell anyone about my frustrations. As you are aware, almost everyone I know in Penang is a worshipper of Dear Leader. He is a like God to them. I fear this fanaticism would lead to a temple or a church being built soon.

They cannot imagine he is a mere mortal capable of love, or at least, lust. I thought there was a good thing going on between us.

There was so much we share. We love politics. Unlike most Penang men with their ugly dark skins, Dear God has white porcelain skin. After all, he is not a beach bum from Penang.

We also share a dislike for Koh Tsu Koon, my utterly useless ball-less ex-boss. It was good I quickly switched support to Baby God, another of his nickname, when the Rocket won. He noticed me and I noticed him. The rest was history.

There was love. I know, most people do not see him as a human being. But we knew we were made for each other.

He always teased me about “the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” in reference to my Rainbow nick name, and I love it. He was such a romantic.

He even abandoned his father’s ugly, 1950s slick back, Tan Cho cream, hairstyle for the more modern hair do.

But I guess it was my mistake. I regretted encouraging him. That gave way to suspicion. But I only wanted the best for him. He deserves to look better than his father.

Soon, the ugly bastards, sorry for my anger,…Soon, office politics came in. The DAP snakes, I suspected tipped off the Malacca First Lady.

Why would she drop by in Komtar? The place is a rot. The shops are all shut down. I knew they wanted me out of the office.

They got they wanted. I felt pity for Baby God, who has now stayed away from me. I feel used, discarded and abandoned.

I do not know how the Chinese media knew about this. I rather suffer alone as no one would believe me. If I talk about it, I would be branded a traitor in Penang.

I feel lonely. I am told he sometimes listens to Robin Gibb’s “How Do You Mend A Broken Heart” secretly but I am not sure anymore. Maybe I am imagining things.

I trust no one but I know only a Transformation Plan will work for me. I need to remain sane.

Yours Truly,


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24 Responses to Dear Aunty Agony,

  1. oh rainbow dear,
    keep on spilling the beans…tell us more

  2. Richard says:

       Dear Leader is incredibly silent on this matter. It’s so super sensitive that he talks about nothing else but to sue, to sue, to sue. It seems to be the only subject that rattles him. Ada apa apa ke?

  3. Hashim says:

      Dia pun laki, dia manusia, bukan Tuhan, Tak paham pasai apa, orang Penang sibuk nak menyembah dia. Ada tokong LGE ke?

  4. Shirly says:

    As a woman, I understand how she feels. After being used, now being scorned and cast aside like a rubbish.
    That goes to show that Dear leader is a person who puts his interest first above anything else. Like the Chinese saying, he is wiping his mouth clean after eating kuih.

    • Moo says:

      I have never heard of this kiuh saying. Are you sure you are Chinese? Did you go to Chinese school? If not, you are not Chinese, according to the rules of the DAP chauvinists.


      Shirley, I share every word you say and for that I have to ke po chi and get her message to the irresponsible man who used her and throw her like a use tissue paper …let all woman come out and say out piece to him and force him to compensate her for all her has taken advantage from her …she is being dismiss just because this useless man wants to hide his doings…DARE TO DO DARE NOT FACE IT….

  5. Joshua says:

    I would have fallen for her, she looks good. Too bad Dear God can only see.

  6. Barbara Cartland says:

    Ehrrm…excellent material for my upcoming romance novel. Thanks Rainbow!

  7. funniman says:

    It is tough being the other woman. Reality is somehow sometime the first lady would know about it. So don’t blame others. You walked the road and you have to be prepared to face it whatever the consequences. Love is blind. I am sure both of you felt the pain but just could not do anything but to face reality.

    The real problem is the man and his position in Penang. He tried to project himself as a role model and this is where it blew up in his face. Then you have all the in fighting to push him down. If he does not fall, how is others going to go up? In all organisations, it is about the same game. Greedy and cunning tactics rule the day. There’s no pure and honest party. Even the Vatican is not spared, let alone in this part of the world.

    If this man is humble enough and admit his mistakes like a man and take responsibilities, I would respect him more. It is no longer just a simple man and woman relationship. It is not just a used tissue scenario. It is a matter of principle of a guy who is supposed to have the integrity and honesty of being a leader and holding the office. He is supposed to set the example for others to follow but he acted dumb. He threatened. He failed!!!

    • kiasu says:

      Kim Guan Eng will sue Lim Guan Eng if the latter admits his mistake. They are two persons in one body. One is a Dear Leader, the other a Wife Cheater. But DAP will forgive him because this chauvinist racist party is full of hypocrites!

      Sue sue sue

  8. Dave says:

    So in Bershit 4.0 they will chant sue sue sue.

  9. Moo says:

    Rainbow, You have competition. I heard Chan Li Lian is also in love with your fantasy man. She follows him everywhere, taking pictures of doing everything from kissing babies to petting the dog. But dun worry, you are prettier. Her body is like a hippo and her hair looks like Moo of the 3 Stooges. That’s why Mrs God does not suspect the one-way love affair going on between them. Anyway, a hippo with a mob hairdo is no threat. Sorry if this news depresses you. But that how true love sometimes end – in frustration.

  10. Dave says:

    Shaggy wrote a song that is all about Pakatan Riot, “It Wasn’t Me.”

  11. Rajan says:

    Only sick people exist in this world….once the truth is out…pray your come out of the hole Tony Y…

  12. Well 7 says:

    Dear Rainbow,
    Move on in your life. You are young and beautiful and there are lots of eligible man more worthy than that Dear Leader who has no balls. ” Dear Leader” is usually used in North Korea to describe their leader who always want to be treated like god. The stupid people will always think that their Dear Leader is correct and that’s why he will behave like a dictator BUT will be very scared of his wife as only his wife can expose him. All hypocrites are the same. You are more worthy than to have a hypocrite as a lover. Move on dear, move on.

  13. Macha says:

    Ada bau Baycream pun baulah. Kalau you setuju you boleh ikut i

  14. bourne identity says:

    Can someone put a picture of Dear Leader’s first lady and compare with this pretty (L)ass please? Then we’d know Y dear leader main curi curi makan…

  15. spy says:

    The causes of man downfall are gambling, drinking and women.

  16. abdullah says:

    No wonder the new hair style and the macho look ..ha ha ha got nice and tight fitting concubine…ha ha ha..enjoy.Mr Khalifah..!!!..

  17. Macha says:

    Matter settled already la. They won’t becseen in public already la. You think I am so stupid meh. WTF, but get Nalla to fetch and ferry her to Tivoli Villa. Now we do Touch N Go already la

  18. Pris Law says:

    There are Chinese women in history whose fate is to love a man who is not her own.
    You have to be ready to pay a heavy price for it.
    The Four Great Beauties of China lived their glory and die while still in their youth,
    They are just like flowers blossoming in the light of dawn.
    Smiling only for brief moments and then they are gone,
    On the other hand you have the three Soong sisters of early republic China,
    They fought for their happiness with their chosen men and won every lasting love,
    In Muslim religion a man can have four wives,
    In Chinese culture a man can take up to 10 wives,
    Many of the famous names of Penang are descended from the smaller wives,

    Write to me email :

  19. Pris Law says:

    You relationship is in stormy waters,
    Hold on to the piece of wood of hope,
    Living in borrowed love is never easy,
    Read up the biography of the three Soong Chinese sisters,
    It will encourage you..

  20. Pris Law says:

    If you want to play the role of a loved second women,
    You must be very strong and have perseverance in your stormy relationship with him,
    The fate that he loves you means that you have won the war,
    and you may win some stay on if you still wants him,
    Read up Tan Khoon Swan and Penny of MCA.
    No woman has won and love war for Nerd Kho of former CM

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