SEPAKAT – The Five Best Friends of Pakatan Rakyat

1. Malaysiakini

For Malaysiakini, everything that Pakatan Rakyat does or say is right and noble even when wrong and immoral eg Anwar and China Doll, PKR ustaz counselling woman at 3am in hotel room, wrecking police car and kicking policemen, sacking of ex-Transparency International Malaysia chairman from DAP etc etc etc.

The website is unashamedly pro-PR yet claim to be paragon of journalistic virtue. It is populated by commentators who are racists, sexists, chauvinists, who spew hatred against anyone whose views do not fit into their narrow minded brains.

Even its writers are weird like that mat salleh Australian, Dean Johns, who writes rubbish about Malaysia and Malaysians even though his wife is a Malaysian.

Who’s he to spit dirt on our country? We are told he tried to get a job in New Straits Times but he was rejected. Following that he turned to Malaysiakini.

We are also aware that Msiakini CEO Premesh Chandra and his editor Steven Gan were comrades of Elizabeth Wong and Tian Chua while studying in Australia and were known for staging anti-BN protests.

2. Merdeka Centre

The think tank claims to be professional but its director Ibrahim Suffian is doing one sided polls.

He is also an advisor to PR leaders. He is banking on PR forming the next government and his think tank will become the new ISIS, advising the government on everything and earning big bucks and jet setting all over the globe.

As the general election gets nearer, Merdeka Centre’s survey have begun to become more negative for BN and leaning to PR. Congrats Ibrahim, your dream of wealth and fame is coming true.

3. Dr Ong Kian Ming

The UCSI lecturer used to work in Insap, the MCA think tank. He failed to impress, so he moved to Sedar the Gerakan think tank. That also didn’t work out for him. What a loser! Now he is the brains behind the Selangor government and also the Bersih group.

His latest masterpiece was his paper on the electoral roll which Ambiga relied on in her debate with Khairy Jamaludin.

Unfortunately Khairy shot it to pieces. Sorry Ong Kian Ming. He has also send signals to Putrajaya, offering his expertise.

You are nothing but a scheming snake. UCSI, you are playing with fire hanging on to this lecturer, who spends more time protesting than teaching. For his pathetic polls predictions, just check his records. He always gets its wrong.

4. Ambiga and the Bersih bunch of sorry looking blokes.

They are determined to overthrow the government through street protests and opposing everything that comes from the BN.

They have effectively destroyed the reputation of the elections commission just as DAP has destroyed the MACC.

Well done Ambiga. Very sure they will make you minister in charge of street affairs when they come to power.

Wong Chin Huat will be minister of education and Maria Chin will be women affairs minister.

5. Lim Chee Wee, Bar Council

But the newest best friend of PR got to be Lim Chee Wee.

The Bar Council chairman has been bending over backwards to defend Anwar Ibrahim and the non-elected, ketua umum’s buddy Ambiga.

Remember how shorty Lim Chee Wee asked the government not to appeal after Anwar was acquitted of sodomising Saiful.

Shocking statement considering lawyers would usually appeal against every decision be it for those convicted of rape, murder, theft or corruption.

Now he is condemning the government left, right, centre over Bersih as though the violence was only coming from the police. Shorty Lim is a lawyer who advocates breaking the law on behalf of PR. What, a great friend!

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32 Responses to SEPAKAT – The Five Best Friends of Pakatan Rakyat

  1. Makmur says:

    Lima Sepakat

  2. Suria says:

    CSL: “LGE mau potong!”

    Jib: “Good work, ah lek. Now I shall consider allowing a visa for your darlin’ Angela to come and join you again. This time take care your hotel room is not videotaped again!”

    CSL: “Thanks, master. Chin tien poo hui chia!”

    • KiNA says:

      Citer aper nie sayang oi?

      Oh nak ngaku laar, LGE tu pon main kayu 3 cam CSL?


      • adieu1999 says:

        at least CSL got the BALL to admit, Yes I’m the Man. What about ur Big Bro Anvar ? Ini fitnah UMNO. LGE? U put it on ur paper I’ll sue u. And then denied having affair but the denial is off record~

        • bourne identity says:

          anwar dah tak ada balls…..i heard he couldnt withdraw everything from the many asses he taruh…and left his ball in some unlucky victim… :-))))
          anwar’s strength is he knows how to talk – only think is that he talks bullshit and the only walk he knows is when he sees a good ass and he will walk towards it.
          Hmmmm…i wonder….. has he done…er…er onto Ambiga’s ass? Hmmm…. i wonder…..rasa kari kot? LOL…

  3. Simon says:

    Ah Ong Kia, u r such a loser!

  4. Anonymas says:

    So if ‘Enam Jahanam’, Lima is….?

  5. Well 7 says:

    Like I have said earlier, those 5 Sepakat fellows have ulterior motives doing what they did. Money talks, if there is no money/power involved, no talk, no action. Money makes the world go round and everyone (all human included) has a price. Of course some are more costly than others. Cheap one only cost a few ringgits and they will demonstrate in any corners of KL. Expensive one will cost millions. I of course will only cost US $1 million with certain conditions. Any takers??? Oversea sponsors accepted. Aiyah, can bargainlah. There are many who cost more than me mah…

  6. Thinker says:

    Do you know what I find despicable and disturbing about these people?. They project themselves as righteous and  principled but deep down, we all know they have their own political plans and ambitions. I am particularly disgusted with the Bar Council, acting as an arm of the Pakatan Rakyat and they have the cheek to talk to us about neutrality of the Bar. My foot. Let’s cut this crap. It’s the same with Ambiga. She attends meetings and plots with Anwar Ibrahim. She want to lecture us on fair elections. I will tell her to start with Anwar, Kit Siang and Nik Aziz. All of them are appointed and holding on to their posts till they died. So please save your cock and bull excuses. And then there is this asshole Ong Kian Meng, he is known to serve in the DAP think tank. Sodo  we expect his supposedly surveys to be neutral. Suck your own dick, Kian Meng, You are a fucking disgrace to your bloody USCI, which I know is filled with Pakatan lickers.

    • spy says:

      yes. go to the streets for keadilan’s own funny-stuff-filled internal voting process first

    • Well 7 says:

      Thinker, you put in all right in their faces. I only hope they read what you have written but I know they only read all those blogs praising them as their faces are thicker than the old- fashioned coffin cover.

  7. Johnson says:

      Neutral, LOL LOL

  8. Malcolm says:

       Malaysiakini journalists should be arrested. A bunch of pigs.

  9. Vicky says:

    A case of pot calling kettle black rather!

  10. fefef says:

    What utter drivel. You sound like a 5 year old with access to the web. Grow up will you?

  11. ray says:

    These opinion shapers rely on ignorant and gullible readers to create a herd mentality. They believe in spreading misinformation through skewed polls to influence the masses.

    Part of their tactical management of perception is to spread half-truths and downright lies as often as possible, to achieve this effect – “if a lie is told often enough, people will eventually believe in them”, especially those who are too lazy to ascertain the truths.

  12. Islander says:

    They are free to support whichever party or coalition they like. That is their democratic right. But they should not pretend to hold the moral high ground while all they are up to playing politics. The Bar Council is like the background dancers to the tango between Ambiga and Anwar Ibrahim. Malaysiakini is the orchestra, Ong Kean Ming is the opera singer and Merdeka Centre is writing the script. Very good show going on.

  13. Moo says:

    Tragic fate of mkini. It used to be a credible news site. Now just mouthpiece to Anwar Ibrahim and DAP. So one sided and shameless. When that gatal ustaz was caughting making love to a woman in hotel, they didn’t dare to carry the news. They are not even pretending to be fair anymore. And the people who comment, my god, the language they use. Even ah long and mat rempit are not as vulgar, insulting and biadap!

  14. BFF says:

    What is your problem with malaysiakini? If NST and Utusan are pro Umno, Star is own by MCA, The Sun is owned by Vincent Tan. What is wrong malaysiakini is taking money from DAP and Anwar Ibrahim, pro Pakatan Rakyat? That is their business. It is their right. Just shadup.

    • Korean Fan says:

      We have no problem. But read the first line of the 2nd paragraph of this post. “The website is unashamedly pro-PR yet claim to be paragon of journalistic virtue.” period.

    • ray says:

      “Just shadup” – Typical pakatan modus operandi.

      Point fingers at others with no SOLID evidence. Claim to be “angels of mercy” and “freedom fighters”.

      Then when others see thru their faults, they go GAG ORDER. Genuine hypocrites.

  15. Dave says:

    The Star is not owned by MCA. The owners are however MCA members.

  16. spy says:

    They have no track record, or unable to prove them even in the states “accidently” won.

    So what do they do?

    Attacklah guerilla style.
    Fully utilise the new media -web coverage like crazy (with spins, half-truth, half lies, make believe, syok sendiri comments purportedly by own people). Yeah they won thru the new media back in 2008, when the govt was a sleeping beauty

    With international support, based on their master’s long established links, their new media coverage is boosted like anything

    What more, they become innovative. Using the face of idealism for sabo purpose with an ulterior motive. Namely bershit.

    Using the age old tactics of infiltration.
    Seelah what happened to PAS, some parts of UMNO, STAR, etc

    They must have a deep pocket
    They use image advisors and install tactics parallel to that.
    Recall the sudden colored haired?
    Suddenly missing spectacle, replaced by contact lenses

    Well, just stating the obvious here,
    There has been so many tell tales or “besi” proof of dubious characterism, which their ardent followers will still gaily deny.
    Perhaps the evidences may reach a threshold which will break their confidence and belief dam one day

  17. anon says:

    They can spin all they want, and preach to the choir for years on end, but come GE13 — be it in June, July, September or Whenever — I will vote for Barisan Nasional.

  18. Ricky says:

    Where’s Malaysian Insider?

    • Well 7 says:

      Has it been bought over??? As far as I know, foreign funds have been pouring in as news of the GE is near. Bersih 4 is coming soon. More issues have been and will be created and old issues will be doubled up.

  19. Funniman says:

    It is normal to have your grouping supporting you. Do not fault them.
    Just like BN, you have NST, Utusan, Star, Nanyang….supporters. Therefore it is absolutely normal to have their own fans.

    What we have here is level of integrity and principles of these individuals. Do we trust them or are they just “shylocks” acting in concert.

    Democracy is about freedom to do things that one thinks fit. Whether it is right or wrong, it does not matter. I personally don’t give a damn to what they do as long as they don’t hurt someone else. They can do what they want in their own privacy but when they try to advocate their beliefs to the masses and make use of the public to sway opinions…I would have this to say….


  20. Anak Kenyalang says:

    In the 1960’s there was a popular TV programe,The 3 Stooges .Now in Malaysia we have The 5 Stooges.

  21. Anonymous says:

    you guys are a joke.. get a life

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