Few Good Men in Pakatan Rakyat – More Steamy Affairs!

Let us from the start say that we cannot vouch the accuracy of this information.

This piece of information is from www.huawiki.com.my – a Chinese political portal – but since there are many Malaysians who are unable to read Chinese, stopthelies.my feels that it is our responsibility and obligation to share this gem of information.

The portal has claimed that five top Pakatan Rakyat leaders in the northern states have extra marital affairs.

The portal makes no reference to which political parties or which particular northern state – Penang or Perak or Kedah.

It said one of them, an MP, had just got married and the other had become a father.

The portal has listed the names in pin yin – the romanised Chinese names – to give us the hints.

There is a certain Lo, who is said to be an ardent tennis lover but courting goes beyond tennis.

He is said to have entered into a relationship with a beautiful part-time model.

Then, there is a Liu, whose marriage is heading towards a bitter divorce. He, too, also has a girlfriend.

The third is a certain Wang who is said to maintain a low profile but the best part is this – his girlfriend is his wife’s best friend.

The portal also exposed one Shen, who had reportedly helped four China masseurs to return home recently but he fell for the charm – or seduction – of one of them..

Stop The Lies does not pretend to know everything. We can’t expose everything but we hope Malaysians who hate hypocrisy will send us comments and information on these scums.

But this is leadership by example. Anwar Ibrahim screws a China Doll but he claims he isn’t the man in the video and there are probably millions of idiots who believed him.

His deputy, Azmin Ali, gets a series of blow jobs but can only gave the lame excuse of hating gutter politics.

Then, there is Baby God Lim Guan Eng of Penang. The Dear Leader is involved in a tricky relationship.

We all know he is a mere mortal and human being – with a weakness for women –  but of course, there are millions of Penangites who think he has achieved Nirwana and sitting on a lotus.

Or more accurately, has he already walked on water, like Jesus?

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17 Responses to Few Good Men in Pakatan Rakyat – More Steamy Affairs!

  1. ray says:

    Wow … the hand that rocks the cradle rules the Pakatan world!

  2. kuda2 says:

    Hedonisme rules!

  3. Anonymas says:

    Hmmm, Huawiki looks like a chinese version of Mykmu.net

  4. kassim ong says:

    aiaya, itu biasa ma. itu barang cannot stand unless good/ attractive one comes along, baru naik ma. hahahaha

    • Well 7 says:

      Like I said, they are all only human but they always think and behave as if they are “Semi-God”. Human as they are, always have a weakness for beautiful thing. As for politicians, don’t act like god if you are human. People look up to you and when your morality is bad, you are no good as a leader. The worst is those who go for prostitutes. As a politician, how can you lead the people when you go for prostitute or you prefer the dirty abnormal sex of sodomy. Don’t blame gutter politics if there are traces of truths.

  5. Macha says:

    No you are wrong they’re all from the FUCKatan party lol

  6. Rabbit says:

    Pakataners are ready for General EREction!

  7. Shirly says:

    I would not want sex maniacs in wolf skin to rule the country

  8. jal says:

    Parti Memantat and Saviour of PRC hoes !!

  9. Ah Beng Kia says:

    Semua ini orang karut and pembohong. Tahu “kong keh” sahaja . Jikalau negara jatuh sama mereka, “free sex” tidak akan diharamkan tapi di harumkan .

  10. Scandal-less says:

    whoever got info on these ah lo ah wang ah shen ah liu’s naughty stuff, share share a bit lah. so sick of the usual blaming games in non-issue issues and the i-help-u-u-help-me stories…

    • couch potato says:

      yes, boring la always see DSAI’s face and hear about his brokeback mountain role… the chuacd also nothing much to tease already since that old man admitted.

      new actors new stories please… it’s time for azmin to come out of his best supporting actor shell. haha

  11. cina_patung says:

    ni biasa la laki-laki semua ni… dah ade kuasa dan wang, tu badan nak cari awek garu-garu.

  12. mahua says:

    Support MCA if you are agaisnt independent chinese school in Pahang!

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