Diminishing rights of non-Muslims under PAS rule

PAS has once again pushed for its Islamic agenda and not giving a damn for the feelings of people of other faiths.

This time, it is making it compulsory for all new buildings in Kelantan to incorporate Islamic designs or else plans will be rejected.

The “or else plans will be rejected” tantamount to be a threat that is democratically wrong and draconian in nature.

Malaysia is a beautiful country blessed with diverse cultures, traditions and multitude of races and beliefs.

PAS has failed as a political party in realising and accepting the realities of the racial structure of the country in pushing ahead with its Islamic ideals down the throat of non-Muslim Malaysians.

Such policies as set by the PAS led government in Kelantan clearly reflects its incorrigible and one track mind of pursuing its Islamic agenda which will see laws such as Hudud being introduced as well.

It would be most insensitive and an infringement of the rights of non-Muslims for wanting to ensure that all development are based on Islamic principles and features.

Any regulation that is structured along racial or religious lines would have a divisive connotation and it would not serve the best interest of the masses.

And yet when we have such laws being introduced, we have the DAP who are brothers within the Pakatan Rakyat coalition watching at the sidelines and being helpless and voiceless.

Just like the hudud law issue, PAS had threatened DAP to leave the coalition if they talked too much or continued to harp on the issue.

And of course DAP would as usual bow down to the threats of their PAS “tai kor” and be an obedient partner.

To the idiots who still believe that PAS gives a damn to non-Muslims, please read some of the below pointers : –

  • In 2009, the Alor Star sole pig abattoir was demolished. To date, there is no new replacement abattoir being built in Kedah.
  • In 2010, a temple was demolished in Sungai Petani on Wesak Day in the  presence of local council enforcement officers.
  • PAS has also banned rock concerts, the big sweep lottery, the selling of beer in Kelantan and has restricted women swimming alongside with men.
  • The traditional “Tomoi” boxers have been ordered to ditch their skimpy shorts and good-luck talismans.
  • Taliban Hadi Awang had also said that he would ban gambling including the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, now renamed Bursa Saham, if PAS forms the government.

The unimaginable can happen when PAS takes over Putrajaya.

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38 Responses to Diminishing rights of non-Muslims under PAS rule

  1. FanaticPAS says:

    Pas is danger parti. They use religious for politic create a lot of problem to non-Muslim. If Allah help them why they always lose in election? Don’t trust PAS !

  2. Dave says:

    PAS reminds me of the Taliban, soon they will remove all non-muslim building and statues, plus men will have to grow beards, and women will not be allowed outside, girls will not be able to go to school, women will not able to drive, etc etc. But please put PAS in Putrajaya, if you want to go back to the stone ages. BTW I have heard that they will change the federal Constitution so the only up standing (Their party people) Muslims will have the right to vote. So all you PR People if you are ready to loose your right to vote, you know what you have to do.

  3. cam says:

    PAS a party with no knowledge of islam, especially the top leaders, are now trying to fight and defend islam itself.
    what a joke.

  4. StopPAS says:

    Incoming new election stop elect PAS ! PAS is fanatic religious party like Taliban ! Malaysia should ban party use religious for politic because is no fare to non-Muslim. All human is equal but some politician use religious make human difference. Danger…………

  5. Temujin says:

    PAS is not an Islamic party… but they used religion to project them as a religious party. Their leaders (Mat Sabu and few ADUN members in Kelantan) were famous for screwing other people wife.

  6. Dr Lee says:

    What the non Muslim doing now is very risky. DAP especially must guarantee the non Muslim voters that they will make sure PAS will not in any way implement Hudud Law or Islamic Enactment. They be held fully responsible if PAS implement it and it is grossly misleading to quote that the Hudud Law will only enforce to the Muslims.

    The is a lots more Muslim who will oppose them. So those who really want to vote Pakatan must really think carefully for the future. I am not exaggerating but just look at the housing Bumi quota. Even the Bumiputra don’t want to buy them because of the Bumi lot. So do you think they will vote for PAS or Hudud? Hahaha it is fool if the non Muslim vote for PAS and think that the Hudud is only for Muslim.

    YB Karpal Singh is so scared that over the times he want guarantee from PAS leadership on the Hudud issue. LKS and LGE is contended with the CM post. So they don’t bother.

    BN is not 100% good but neither that Pakatan is God

    • Bruce Fam says:

      PAS from beginning is a political party which potray itself as more Islamic than UMNO and other Malay based parties. PAS is controlled by Ulamas who profess radical & fanatic ideologies based on the Ayatollah Khomeni of Iran revolution and lately the Taliban. Over the years majority of Malaysians including Malay muslims, Chinese, Indians, Ibans etc has rejected PAS for their narrow interpretation of Islam which we all know it will not work in multiracial, multireligion and multiculture country like Malaysia and Singapore. As such our wise leaders during independent has chosen a secular, monarchy based democratic constitutional system where Islam is recognised as the official religion of the country and minorities can pratise their religion freely. This win-win situation has worked well for all Malaysian until over the years UMNO led BN has abused their power and become corrupted in many aspects until the Rakyat cannot take it anymore. To continue

    • Bruce Fam says:

      BN under UMNO has also done alot of great development for the country and brought up the living standard, education level of many Malays and other races, over the last 50 years Malaysia has transformed from a agricultural based economy to a modern industrial economy and this is a fact that cannot be denied. Because of the corruption & abuses over the last 50 years by BN & UMNO, the rakyat are getting upset and are willing to change the BN/UMNO goverment to PAKATAN. However PAKATAN does not have any credible leader and policies to run this fragile country with PAS & DAP at loggerhead with each other on Hudud, Beer & Lottery etc and PKR try to be a middleman cheating here, bull there, shout here and there. This PAKATAN coalition is so unrealistic and doom from day 1. DAP now that LGE is the Penang CM has tasted power and are willing to sacrify their principles for power(continue)

    • Bruce Fam says:

      So PAS will continue to push their Taliban/Iranian type radical & fanatical agenda under the guise of PAKATAN where they act double face like moderates Muslims visiting temples, church es, championing some Indian temples demolition, speak up against the Government Islamic programs, Inequilties, Unjust policies etc to please the Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Pastors, Priests who are misled to believe that PAS has change to moderate Islam better than UMNO. This is a fatal mistake because PAS even in the next 100 years will never change. PAS & PAKATAN will lead this country to total chaos like Syria, Yeman, and other African and middle east countries.( Continue)

    • Bruce Fam says:

      Hence BN, UMNO need to transform itself to get rid of the deep seated corruption which existed in the Government agencies and GLC and private sectors and also reveiw and get rid of the unjust and failed policies so that all Malaysians can be proud of this country. I believe Najib is capable of transforming based on his ideas, energy and experience. However many of people out there are sceptical. Is there any other option for us????

    • anon says:

      The statement is “BN is not 100% good” rings a true bell.

      Yes nobody is perfect – your spouse, teacher, boss, worker, friend, there’s bound to be shortcomings. Nobody is 100% good. This more than true for the opposition.

      My take is that BN may be 80% only good.That’s the best we may get
      But the opposition is even worse. There’s only 20% good. That’s the best they can offer with so many double sided, antagonistic heads tied down by a thin string of a simple desire for power, which may not even be wanted to be shared end of the day as no party wants to share their loot. There may not be a “one direction” management for the country overall. Janji kosong untuk Rakyat pun habis.

      You see, they maybe good in using Names and labelling tactics. Camouflaging their ugly intention with a nice sounding names and themes. Bersih konon. Keadilan? Democracy? CAT? Transparency? Its all a simple ploy. People do not get fooled easily nowadays.

      Thinklah, as to how imperfect the BN may be, they and their moderate policies for all races have brought Malaysia and all of us to greater heights. Almost all teens have DSLR, Ipad, big cars and what not in the town area. Degrees are considered common now.

      The oppositionleh, cannot even service us rakyat well in the few states won. Are showing their greedy face now in terms of wanton land conversion/development, among others(not to mention garbage and incoherent policies). And thats only state level.


      Don’t play play ohh.
      The world big recession is coming close.
      Nobody wants to gamble with an unproven ship captain.

    • Well 7 says:

      If BN were to make a ruling as that required by PAS for the building designs, I am very sure these people like Teresa Kok, Tian Chua, LKSiang, LGEng, Ambiga, certain leaders in Bar Council and all their stooges will go around shouting and protesting including having demonstrations all over the country. Where are they now?? Very quiet!!! Dare not talk!!! Suddenly become dumb??? Wake up people, this is what I always called “Dirty politics twisted by dirty politicians with dirty motives”. The losers are the people who are manipulated left, right and centre.

  7. Aishah says:

    Apa yang penting pada PAS adalah hanya menonjolkan imej Islam. Kemudian berlumba-lumba menambah bilangan bini.

  8. Anonymas says:



    Does he live in a cave?????????????

  9. Bah Kut Teh says:

    The silly Chinese voters, angry with BN, will throw out the MCA and Gerakan candidates, and increase PAS MPs. They think the PAS MPs are all liberal ppl. The DAP pastors are already busy campaigning for PAS. In the end,  the Chinese will find they are in opposition and the Malays/Indians with the BN. Good luck to you all you stupid Chinese voters. You know how to make money but when it comes to politics, Chinese are simpletons.

    • Anonymas says:

      Hey…! I assure you that most Chinese aren’t simpletons like that.

      The ones supporting PR are the ones still mesmerized by LKS’ fifties racial segregation credo. Still stuck in that pre 13th May era. Also, the ones voting as a protest because they are angry at the MCA candidates (ugly fish head).

      Voting PR would be ruination for all.

  10. Croc says:

    The reason why they keep pushing the hudud agenda is that

    1) they believe its the duty of all muslims. But in reality, the Prophet didn’t have a country at first, he just concentrated in preaching. The whole ‘need for Islamic nation’ came from the Wahhabis

    2) they believe that they have the right to impose the rules towards non believers. They believe that either the non believers will submit, or else death (like in Medieval age) because they are the ONLY islamic authority here. JAKIM etc didn’t count because PAS believes them to be ‘secular’

    3) they believe that by implementing the regime, they (PAS scholars) can finally get their rightful place as ‘Ayatollahs’. Supreme unquestioned leaders. No need for parliament, no need for ‘dewan rakyat’

    • Anonymas says:

      hey didn’t Hadi Awang backtrack in his hudud plans and said that “Hudud was never mentioned in the Qur’an”

  11. Joseph says:

    The church pastors and priests also busy praising PAS. How to say? Church helping to set up Islamic State. what a joke! Thanks to the priests at St Francis Xavier at Jalan Gasing.

    • Well 7 says:

      Pastors or priests or monks or ulamas, most of them have a price tag. You tag it right and you have bought it.Anwar is famous for tagging politicians. He will say on certain certain date, so so many numbers of MP frogs will jump over to his party, eventhough we know it didn’t happen, but certain MPs came out to say they were approached etc etc. Don’t think that pastors or priests etc etc are god. They are only human and they have their weaknesses. Once hundreds of thousands of US$ are banked in , it makes their world go round and what they say also go round. Most important is that we must be patriotic to our country and not go around to other countries and condemn our country from there. It only shows that, that type of person is a traitor who has been paid by foreign agent and a traitor of the worst kind. Don’t give excuse that it is for democracy. All bulls.

      • Spy says:

        Well said Well7. Thank you

        You hit the bull by the horn

        That’s all it about.

        Problem is where the source of funding comes from.

    • Moo says:

      If only some of the catholic priests know how the Pas ulama talk about Christianity – their No 1 enemy since the Crusades. But it’s not only the priests who are infatuated with Pakatan. Consultants pretending to be journalists doing the same. Was following a podcast of one Oon Yeoh of The DAP Malay hero Zairil. Sounded like pure PR interview. So unprofessional. Overselling Zairil who reminds me of a half cooked pau.

  12. cdcds says:

    THis is supposed to be balanced view site, why now more and more anti-opposition article and less on BN ?

    This site sounds like MCA sponsored site coz never criticize MCA also.

    Oh btw, we want update on the Chai Hong scandal lah!

    • Scandal-less says:

      oh ya, the rainbow scandal is interesting, got potential to adapt into tvb drama :p

    • KiNA says:

      Because more and more truths are digged and most of them are not lies? This is the site that want to stop the lies anyway.

      So Oppositions maybe stop lying and this site will stop posting stuffs about them ^^

  13. ray says:

    PAS and Hudud Laws make good advertisement for UMNO/BN.

  14. TK Wong says:

    The pastors have done that since GE 2008 with the hope they get the PAS support to use the word ‘Allah’ for God. This was supported by Khalid Samad but others PAS Ulamak keep quiet. Do all our Christians friends think that PAS will be more liberal than UMNO. Those who does really still day dreaming.

    Let me quote an example. One day one young Christian man who just lost his girlfriend got very annoyed and later met Nik Aziz. When asked by Nik Aziz he reply ‘ I don’t believe in God anymore. God is dead’ then Nik Aziz said ‘young man you must believe in Allah’. A Harakah reporter who pick up the conversation write his news. The next day splashing all over Kelantan in front page of Harakah. “Seorang pemuda Kristian yang kehilangan kekasih bertemu Tok Guru Nik Aziz dan berjaya ‘Saya tidak percaya lagi kepada Allah. Allah dah mati’. Pemuda itu kemudian dinasihati Oleh Tok Guru agar percaya kepada Allah’.
    Can we all imagine the state of confusion among the Muslims in Malaysia. Frankly do you sincerely think PAS will allow this to happen Mr Pastor. Stop dreaming. The will definitely be religion tension and confusion among the Muslims and Christian. BTW if we check the Pakatan especially DAP & PKR non Muslim leaders. Majority of them is Christian. We can even list them one by one like CJM, Theresa, LGE and the list continue. There actually a big hidden agenda of the Pastors supporting Pakatan. But will their effort be pay off. The way I see they will be biting their finger and should be held responsible. So stop using churches to promote religious ideology.
    The Muslims know that some opposition leaders have been pushing very hard to built a Christian school in Puchong but in our National Education Policy there is only 3 types of school that is Sek. Keb; Sek (J) Keb. China and Sek (J) Keb. Tamil. So now do we know the reason behind all this pastors support. So to those non christion voters, you must think hard before you vote the candidate. Are championing the right course or just their religion ambition. Will they do the same to the Buddhis or Hindus temple. Some frustrated friend told me that eventhough the supported PR but there are still lots of the shrine or temple demolish. I not sure how true is their accusation but if it is true than we should now avoid voting leaders that is more to championing religious course.

  15. Dave says:

    Why don’t we call PAS what they are so people will know and/or remember. PAS is really PMIP, if you do not believe me, look up the MP’s on the Parliment web site and it tells each members party, all the PAS guys are listed as PMIP. These are the same people/party that TAR was fearful of.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Tun Dr. Mahathir blogged that the Bersih 3.0 rally was a “preparation” and “warm-up” by Pakatan Rakyat for violent demonstrations to reject the results of the 13th general election should the opposition fail to win it.

    He said: “Their defeat will be followed by violent demonstrations that will go on and on so that the election results are rejected and a new government is put in place, that is approved by the opposition.

    “After that, they will attempt to hold an election again that they can manipulate.”

    Mahathir must hold the Malaysian record of having made the most number of outrageous and preposterous statements in his political life, before, during and after his 22-year premiership (1981-2003) but what he blogged yesterday must rank as among his most outrageous and preposterous statements.

    It was a complete figment of his imagination as there is no truth or basis whatsoever – like Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s ludicrous allegation that Bersih 3.0 was an Opposition coup d’etat attempt to topple the government (an idea probably inspired by the discredited Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Rahim Noor) when all that the peaceful protestors were armed with, if at all, were salt and water bottles to protect themselves against any indiscriminate police teargas and chemically-lacked water cannon.

    Apart from Mahathir diehards who will accept and support whatever outrageous and preposterous statements made by the former premier, two immediate and foremost reactions among thinking and rational Malaysians to Mahathir’s blog yesterday must be either to fume and rage at his vile statement or to dismiss it as a sign of senility.

    Mahathir is not senile as there is a dangerous pattern and design behind his blog yesterday, which is undoubtedly his most irresponsible and reckless statement since stepping down as Prime Minister nine years ago.

    Instead of raging and fuming over Mahathir’s blog, may be Malaysians should commiserate with him.

    Unlike Najib and the other UMNO leaders, Mahathir seems to have realized the full import and implications of the Bersih 3.0 rally with some 200,000 to 300,000 Malaysians, regardless of race, religion, class, region, gender or age, coming out peacefully for a common national cause for a clean election and a clean Malaysia despite all the high-powered and futile campaign in the past month to vilify and demonise Bersih 3.0 and Pakatan Rakyat.

    After Bersih 3.0, the writing on the wall has become clearer – that UMNO and Barisan Nasional can be voted out of power in Putrajaya by the Malaysian electorate in the 13th general election!

    This realization has created in Mahathir a new sense of desperation reflected not only by his blog yesterday but also his scare-mongering in Kedah last week that the defeat of UMNO in the next general election would be akin to Malays losing political power in their own country.

    Mahathir should know that it is not true that the Malays will lose political power with the defeat of UMNO, as replacing UMNO and Barisan Nasional in Putrajaya will be the Pakatan Rakyat comprising PKR, PAS and DAP; and the new Prime Minister will be Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim instead of Najib.

    What is evident is that Mahathir has a personal stake in the outcome in the next general elections as to cause him to do his utmost, including concocting lies and falsehoods that Bersih 3.0 was a “warm-up” by Pakatan Rakyat for violent demonstrations to reject the results of the next elections if the Opposition should fail it or that the Malays will lose political power in their own country if UMNO is defeated.

    What is Mahathir’s personal stake in the next general election?

    Could it be that it has sunk in on him after the Bersih 3.0 rally that UMNO and Barisan Nasional can be voted out of power in Putrajaya in the next general election, and this meant that the long list of financial scandals and abuses of power in his 22 years as Prime Minister could finally be the subject of a full inquiry and he is doing his utmost to prevent the full story of his 22-year premiership from being told?

    • Dave says:

      Wow what a cut and paste job, BTW this has nothing to do with PAS/PMIP.

    • Ed Nar (Ibiza) says:

      Wow… Someone just got his head smacked! BERSIH has been bersih at all? When it turned violent and the organiser disregarded the public law enforcer, i do not see BERSIH at all… And the funny thing is that, it is led by someone whi read law, but seems cannot apprehend when it doesnt favors her. What a shame!

      • BeBanished says:

        Please do not talk about Bersih nor mention the term.
        It is sickening. Make people sick. As though they are a gooody goody people out to help everybody

        Actually, its all rubbish dirt ploy, masqueraded by nice name.

        Should be called BeShit.
        And its leaders should BeGone out of this beloved country.
        BeWar and BeGa should repent

      • Moo says:

        I read in malaysiakini that Ambiga cried when she heard testimony of people who were beaten by the police. Yet she has not say a single word about the policemen who ended up in hospital or the wrecked police car. Or the people who went against the court injunction around Dataran Merdeka. How would she feel if her opponent defied an injuction granted her bybthe courts. She will be yelling Sue! Sue! Sue! like her friend Lim Guan Eng. There is something very wrong with this lady. Cannot believe she is a lawyer!

        • Bruce Fam says:

          There is nothing wrong with Ambiga, LGE, LKS, Anwar, Tian Chua(stuntman) and the PAKATAN lot. Their deep seated hatred against BN led by UMNO and their great ambition to bring down so call BN regime grab power. Due to this hatred, they are using socialist/communist propaganda strategy of continously condemming/discredit the enemy(BN), through repeatative lies/propaganda. Teory is if you repeatedly tell a lie as “truth” enough times, people will believe the “lie” as truth. That is why PAKATAN controlled or friendly news blog such MK, FMT, MC etc will not report anything good about BN. They will keep quiet or defend on all wrong doings by PAKATAN leaders even shown by video. They lost their sense of balance due to power greed or deep hatred and they will attack the enemy for the slightest issue and many big noise. But their problem, sweep under carpet, close eye, gag order or “agree to disagree shit.(To continue)

        • Bruce Fam says:

          Take the BERSIH 3 riot, video evidence show Anwar & Azmin hand-sign to subtlely order the barricade breach, clear as water, but look at the response of Anwar, Ambiga, LKS, LGE and the PAKATAN lot. Anwar said hand sign means “nego, nego”. Ambiga selectively not to comment.

          • Macha says:

            What can you say when his dick fucking a China Doll also he denied and the other one who was enjoying blowjob. You think they bother about truth and morality.

            All this while I Only respect YB Karpal Singh but off late I think this fella also cannot think strait la.

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